everything will be alright as long as we have our coffee and doughnut

Meet a BBC American: Kelly

Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m from Indiana, a lifelong “Hoosier” (or as a couple of my friends have pointed out, a “Who-osier” ah hah.) I work at an Irish Pub in my hometown, but my dream goal is to one day get into film someday. Working at the pub gives me a lot of free time to take part in independent film projects around the area and to work on my own videos as well!

What are some of your favorite BBCA shows, and how did you find out about them?

  • Doctor Who
  • Sherlock
  • Torchwood
  • Merlin
  • Top Gear
  • The Thick of It
  • Broadchurch
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • The Nerdist
  • Getting ready to start Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

What would you like to see from the new season of Doctor Who?

EVERYTHING. Having read the quote from Steven Moffat saying that this is the Doctor’s and Clara’s “golden age” travelling together, I am hoping to see some truly kickin’ adventures. As a fan, I’m sitting here rubbing my hands together going, “Oh yes, THIS is the season I’ve been waiting for!”

I mean…Roctor Who?! Heck yes, please.

I’m also hoping to see what sort of throwbacks they’ll throw into this season. It’s no secret that Peter Capaldi is a lifelong fan (along with many other people working on the show, I’m sure), so that combined with the show’s 50-year history, I’m anxious to see if they’ll start making even more nods to the Classic episodes.

Now that Capaldi has one season under his belt, I’m excited to see what he does to help his character of the Doctor grow and come into his own. I’m a sucker for the personal relationships and lives of the characters on my favourite shows. I’ve been watching this show for ten years now and it still never ceases to amaze me how the actors and creators can continue to bring out such spectacular and new things.

What does being a BBC American mean to you, and do you have any advice for new fans of BBC America shows or fellow Anglophiles?

To me, being a BBC American means that you have fantastic taste in television! Ah hah. Okay, but really, besides the obvious answer of “well, it’s an American who fancies the BBC” I think it’s sort of a special group of fans who not only enjoy these shows, but who are passionate about them. I’ve never met a fellow fan of any of these shows who was just like, “Oh, yeah, I like that show, it’s alright.” As for advice to new fans or fellow Anglophiles…Don’t Blink! No seriously, if you blink, you’ll probably miss something terribly important and then you’ll be lost. Forever.

You’ve travelled all over the UK. Do you have any tips for Americans who want to take a vacation across the pond?

Get lost while you’re there! Okay, not totally lost. The tours are wonderful and everything, don’t get me wrong! Definitely go on a tour or six. But my fondest memories were when my friends and I would stand by a Tube map, close our eyes, and just pick a random spot to go to next. We’d come up topside and just wander around for hours until we found the next station. It was a really great way of seeing some interesting parts of London that aren’t on the tours. Also, if you’re of age, go to the pubs all around the UK. It’s a great way to meet the locals and they always have the best food and drink.

Jammie dodgers, powdered doughnuts, or fish fingers and custard?

Jammie dodgers, all the way. I love fish and I love custard, but I still don’t think I’m brave enough to try them together. I’ll just take the Doctor’s word for it.

Tea or coffee?

Tea, definitely.

Despite what some American’s may think, it is surprisingly okay.

Do you use British slang IRL? If you do, which word is your favorite?

Yes, I do. Not only when speaking, but I’ve picked up this habit of even spelling things in the British way, which confuses my friends sometimes. (I can’t help it.) But some of my favourite slang words are bugger all, cheeky, bollocks, knackered, dodgy, ace, and of course, Cheers!

What BBCA gif describes you best?

I think that’s an apt description of me.

Where can your fellow fans find you on the internet?

Tumblr: blue-box.tumblr.com

Twitter: @KellyHodgey

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFilmWeaver (For fellow fans, I’m getting ready to begin a sort of “Fandom Show” of sorts, for not just Doctor Who, but for all sorts of fan favs!)

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