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Slowly falling in love chapter 5- Yoongi

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Y/N - your name,    Y/F/N- your friend name

Genere: Romance, Angst, Smut (in next parts)

chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, kiss scene- Yoongi pov, chapter 4,

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Summary:  He’s the worst guy in school, everyone is scared of him, he don’t give a shit about his grades or classes, still all the girls are in love with him. That’s how you would describe him- MIN YOONGI. You’re the only one that’s not into him, you are more scared of him then in love. And after that one stupid thing you did it was only worse… well that’s what you thought at first.

Part: 5/?

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Do you like him Y/N?- Jimin asked after a while.

I…. I- You started.

Y/N? Do you?- Jimin continued asking about your feelings towards Yoongi while rubbing your shoulder.

I.. I think that I do. But I don’t want to, I know he doesn’t feel the same way, that he will only break my heart and I don’t want to be broken because of him.- You answerd him, finally admitting to your feelings, and softly sobbing.

Shhhhh, Y/N don’t cry. Everything wil be alright. I know Yoongi is my friend, hell he is like my brother, he’s great,loving guy, not everyone know this but he’s not worth your tears.- Jimin said hugging you tightly and caressing your back.

You hugged him back and let the tears fell down.

Thank you Jimin.- You said with a smile after braking the hugg and wiping your tears.

No problem.- He said smiling back at you.

He got up and went to the kitchen. After a while he came back with a cup of hot chocolate and two bowls of ice cream.

Here, let’s eat ice creams and watch some TV so then you will laugh a little.- The boy said passing you the bowl and placing the cup on the table.

He was right it helped you a little, you were watching some funny show and it made you and Jimin laugh really hard. You were so thankful to him. He didn’t have to do that, he could’ve left you on that street crying and getting all soaked, but he didn’t do any of that. He cared and helped you. You felt happy thanks to him. You two spend half of night talking about Jimins and yours life. You learned that he loves dancing and that together with Hoseok and Jungkook, he made up some choreography and they spend their free time dancing. You also found out that he is the same age as Taehyung. He told you how he got close to Yoongi and the guys.

It’s really late, we should go to sleep.- He said looking at the clock.

Yeah, you’re right. Goodnight Jimin.- You said going into his bedroom.

Night Y/N.-Jimin said lying on the couch.

When you curled up to the bed you immediately dozed off. You woke up to hear knocking on the door.

Hey Y/N you up?- Jimin said quietly in case of waking you up.

Yes I am, you can come in.- You answered rubbing your eyes.

Just wanted to ask if you want to eat a breakfast or you want to already go to your place. - He stated looking down.

Why would I want to already go?- You asked carefully.

I mean you… you know you don’t really like any of us and I just thought you feel uncomfotable.- He said looking up to see you smiling.

It’s not that I don’t like any of you it’s just that Yoongi didn’t really let us talk without him begin around. And I don’t feel uncomfotable, not after how you helped me.- You said walking up to him.

Okay, then let’s go and then I can drive you back home.- He said, smile making its way up to his face.

I will just change into my clothes.- You started looking for them but couldn’t spot them.

Oh about that, they still are wet from yesterdays rain so you can stay in this and i will give it back to you some other day.- He explained.

You nodded and followed him into the living room. After you finished your breakfast Jimin drove you back to your place.

Bye Jimin!- You said happily.

Bye.- He said.

You held his sleeve and made him turn to you.

Something’s wrong?- He asked.

You hesitated for a second but then you hugged him.

Thank you so much.- You said into his chest.

He didn’t answer and hugged you back. After that he broke the hug saying he has to go meet with guys.

Sunday was simply a boring day, you would alwasy read some books or study but now you couldn’t do anything you just wanted to lay down. And you did, well until you heard your phine ringing. You knew it was Yoongi.

Hello.- You hesitantly said to the device.

Y/N!!! Who do you think you are? You can’t just run away like this, I wanted to talk to you. What the actual fuck is wrong with you. The fuck happened?- He said almost screaming to the phone.

I’m sorry but something came up and I had to leave.- You tried to keep your cool.

Oh yeah it was so important that you had to spill all the coffe on the floor and run away crying, oh and also accidentaly bumping into Jimin?- You could sarcasm in his voice when he said the last part.

I said sorry and anyway why are you so angry, I will come and clean again if you want.-You started getting annoyed.

Jeez Y/N it’s not about that fucking coffe.- He stated.

Then about what Yoongi? Me bumping into Jimin? Crying, running awayor maybe that I was with Jimin?! What is your problem!?- You screamd into the phone.


You know I have live too Yoongi and my own damm problems.- You lied, not wanting him to know that it was about him, that you cried because of him. You knew it wouldn’t affect him anyways.

You know what fucking nevermind, I don’t care.- He said and hung up.

Yoongi didn’t call you after that day. You were glad because you wouldn’t be able to look at him or even listen to him. The rest of the day you spent like you always do. Reading some books, watching dramas, eating ramen.

And Monday came again. Y/F/N didn’t call you nor texted you. You saw that she already left. It was strange she would call you so that you two would go together. But you shrugged it off, you will talk to her in school. It was only 7:05 and your classes started at 8 so you decided to take a slow walk to a school.

You were walking with your headpohones, you didn’t even noticed that you were already in front of school. You looked at the time, it was 7:30. Great still so long until your first class. You didn’t want to go in yet, not wanting to meet Yoongi. You were about to pull your headphones out when you felt someione grabbing your hand and spining around. You gasped in schock.

Sorry but there was a car coming and it would hit you so I just had to do something.- Said boy. He was handsome, dark hairs perfectly styled, deep brown eyes, and amazing plump lips.

It’s okay, thank you… - You said.

Minhyuk- He completed.

Thank you Minhyuk.- You said shaking his hand.

And you are?- He asked after a while.

Y/N.- You smiled at him.

So Y/N could you help me out too? I’m kinda lost.- He admitted shyly.

Sure.- You answered immidetly.

So I need to get to this street.- He showed you a pice of peper with a adress.

You told him how to get there. He said thank you and smiled at you. You didn’t know that Jungkook witnessed all of this. After you stopped talkinh to HIM he went to tell Yoongi and other guys. When he dissapered from your sight you felt a thight grip on your hand. You recognized it was Y/F/N .

Hey finally, where have you been all this time couse I don’t think you were sick for so long.- You joked.

I have to tell you something imprortant.-She said dragging you along the hallway.

Okay spill it.- You said as the two of you were in empty classroom.

I’m dating someone.- She said with a big smile.

Are you serious? Oh god that’s great, who is he? Do I know him?- You were excited.

Yes. It’s Hoseok.- She said smiling.

What?? The JUNG HOSEOK a friend of Yoongi?- You asked.

Yeah. He is amazing, loving, caring, funny and I love him.- She explained.

When did this happen?- You asked still shocked.

Two weeks ago.- She said.

 And I’m only finding out now.- You said pouting.

Yah don’t be so angry, I wanted to wait for the right moment and also you hate Yoongi so I didn’t know how you will react.- She said hugging you.

Yeah about that …- You started.

What?- She asked confused.

You told her everything that happened. About Yoongi and that girl, you admitting your feelings for him and about Jimin.

Oh girl. Well at least you know how you feel abou him.- She said and at that moment you heared the bell.

After the lesson your friend told you she has to go to the toilet and that she will wait for you in the hallway later. The rest of the day you spend with Y/F/N. Yoongi didn’t talk to you and you avoided him. After your last lesson you were the lat one to be in the class because your friend went to a date with Hoseok … well you were almost alone.

I don’t want you to talk to that guy.- You heard Yoongi’s voice behind you.

What?- You said turning to face him.

That fucker you talked in front of the school.- He said stepping closer.

You can’t tell whom I can talk to and  not.- You said oushing against him but he grabbed your wrist.

Practically I can. You have to do whatever I tell you.- He said smirking.]

And why I can’t talk to him?- You asked him, your voice rising.

Because.- He simply said and went out.

You were on your way home when it hit you MINHYUK. You heard this name before. It was the guy Yoongi was looking for. The guy that he wanted to find so bad. Now you understood why he didn’t want you talk with him. But you wanted to know why. Why he needed to see him so desperatly and what happened between them.

Hey Y/N!- You heard a male voice behind you.

You turned around to see who it was. Minhyuk.

Oh hey. Why are you here?- You asked. You decided not to listen to Yoongi and see why he hated Minhyuk so much and why he was so desperate to find him.

I was at the store at the corner and the saw you so I decided to talk to you.- He said.

You nodded and the there was a silence between you two. 

You wanna go grab a coffe?- He asked.

You hesitated thinking that he might hurt you.

Yeah sure.- You said.

Let’s go then.- He smiled.

You two were at the coffe shope all the way he asked about you. You didn’t want to tell him but you also wanted to prove Yoongi that you won’t listen to  what he has to say about your life.

You didn’t notice that Jimin and Jungkook were passing by the coffe shop and saw you and Minhyuk talking. Jimin got mad and wanted to come in there and punch that asshole.

Fuck.- Jimin hissed.

Hyung calm down! We can’t go in there, Minhyuk don’t know that she know Yoong yet. He will disappear again.- Jungkook hel him.

Yeah but he will fucking hurt her I know that and you know it too Jungkook. He is fucking crazy.- Jimin said turrning to Jungkook.

I know but Yoongi hyung will take care of him. Let’s go now.- Jungkook pulled JImin away.

So Y/N…- Minhyuk said as you exited the coffe shop.

See you next time. - He completed.

How do you know there will be next time?- You teased him.

Don’t worry about that. I’m sure there will.- He said walking away smirking dangerously.

When you walked away Minhyuk got a phone call.

So hyung?- A voice asked.

Don’t worry it’s her. She is the girl. I have to admit Yoongi has a great taste in girls.- MInhyuk said smiling to the phone.

But how do you know that it’s her?- The voice was asking unsure.

Yoongi’s friends, Jimin and Jungkook, were observing us and got a little angry. I’ sure it’s her. She is nice and funny and beautiful it will be really a waste but we have to make Yoongi pay for what he did.- Minhyuk continued and hung up after a while.

I wonder if Yoongi already banged her.- He said to himself.

It will be really sad to hurt her. You just wait MIN YOONGI I will make sure you will pay for what you did to me- He muttered under his breath.

A/N: Okay it’s getting spicy. What is Minhyuk planing to do yo Y/N? What did Yoongi do to make him so angry? And does Jimin have a thing for Y/N? Chapter 6 will be out this week. Probably on Wednesday. So watch out. Also I’m planing on writing a one shots with other members of BTS but still don’t know when exactly. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Sorry for any mistakes.


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