everything went out of control

Let me tell you a thing or two about tattooed volleyball boys.

Inspired by this gem of a fic by saigennaku


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lookin straight through you seeing all the broken parts

it was supposed to be just outfit challenge but then everything went out of control lmao

I would fix all of it if I could somehow have the power to mend. I would go back in time and start by fixing myself because maybe that’s where it went wrong. I’m so sorry I let everything get out of control with so many things. I’m sorry I chased you away and I came on too strong because you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get enough of you and I didn’t control myself because maybe if I had any bit of self control, any at all, you would still be here. I wish I would’ve listened when they warned me. I’m so sorry I thought I knew more. I’m sorry to those that had to put up with that and so many other things eating away at me. I’m sorry I didn’t take care of myself or any of my responsibilities better. I’m sorry I didn’t accomplish much in my life and made my problems everyone else’s. Maybe I could’ve stopped so many people’s lives from being turned upside down but I didn’t. I wanted to be a good person but I wasn’t. I’m sorry I don’t see anything being important, especially since you left.
—  I’m Sorry
Cold As Stone

A/N: This one wasn’t really requested (well someone requested some angsty stuff months ago, I hope this is angsty enough) but I wanted to write this nevertheless. I’m sorry that it’s still taking so long to write for me but I’m still getting back into the routine so please bare with me. I hope you enjoy this one and please tell me your thoughts about it! Lots of love xx


Words: 2341

Triggers: Heartache; Cursing; Harsh words? (I don’t know how to call that, oh lord, I hope you get what I mean)


You were never one of those people who liked to show their feelings. Instead, you liked to keep to yourself, deal with problems on your own and portray that everything is fine and that you don’t get easily affected. It never really was a problem; yes, your friends sometimes said some mean things about your “emotional coldness” but only because they thought that it wouldn’t hurt you – well because it always seemed like it didn’t.

Things got a little bit harder when you’ve met Josh, who soon got to be your boyfriend. He never really openly complained about your lack of emotions when things got a lot more heated between the two of you. You never told him, why you kept your feelings to yourself, how, when you were younger, the kids made fun of you for crying easily. Josh accepted it and didn’t question it further – mostly because it never really was a problem.

That was until everything went out of control. The day started off badly, Josh was in a grumpy mood and you were as well. He just told you about the upcoming world tour and of course were you happy for him and Tyler but as he asked you if you wanted to come with him and you said no because of your job, things were already doomed. He refused to talk to you for the entire evening, claiming that he was tired and went to bed early.

The only reason for Josh reacting this way was because he thought you didn’t want to come with him. Your clear “no” and the resistance you showed while he was practically begging you, made him think that.

Little did he know that you really wanted to go with him, hell, you would even quit if you wouldn’t rely on the money. Yes, Josh made enough with the band for the two of you but you wanted to have your own money and not live off him. The only reason for your cold answer was that you were practically breaking inside, making your heart ache with sorrow. You didn’t want to hurt him by saying ‘no’ but you did exactly that.

It took only some hours after the two of you woke up, for everything to go downhill. Josh sat on the couch while you were folding the laundry, something which would calm you down normally, but unfortunately not today. His frustrated voice echoed loudly through the quiet apartment as he spoke up.

“You really don’t care, don’t you?”

You lifted your head, stopping the action of folding one of his shirts, confused with what he meant. “What are you talking about?”

“The tour, me, everything in general.” Josh’s voice was cold, cold enough to raise goosebumps on your skin.

“What do you mean?” You grew more and more frustrated, what was his problem?

“You never do. I always thought you were just good at hiding your feelings but obviously, I was wrong. Really wrong.”

You completely stopped folding the shirt you just picked up, instead, you threw it on the pile to your side. You didn’t know what to say or do, never ever has something like this happen, so you just sat there, mouth wide open, surprised by the way Josh spoke about you.

“You’re cold as stone, hell, you’re emotional like a stone!” He exclaimed, voice still coated thickly with anger. “I guess, even them have more feelings than you’ll ever have.”

You blinked. Once. Twice. You were shocked, to say the least. It didn’t take long for the tears to form in your eyes, making your vision more than blurry. How dare he?

“You probably don’t even love me, you may say that you do and everything but how can I know that you’re not just with me because of the fame? I don’t even think that you’re capable of loving someone else than yourself.”

You couldn’t take this anymore; the words burning themselves deeper and deeper into your heart, resulting in a massive pain you’ve never felt before. You stood up, taking one of the shirts you just folded and threw it at his chest. “Fuck you!”, and with that, you were out of the apartment.

As soon as your heated face met with the cold air outside of the building of your shared apartment, the tears flooded out of your eyes. You don’t remember when the last time was that you cried this hard. Your entire body shook with your hysteric breathing, desperate to get some of the air into your lungs. You’ve never been this hurt in your entire life. Emotional like a stone, cold as one. Josh’s voice repeated itself over and over again, saying the same combination of words, digging the knife deeper and deeper. Not capable of loving anyone else than yourself.

You didn’t know what to do; standing in front of the building, desperately crying wasn’t really a good thing. Especially when you’re supposed to be emotionless.

You had no idea where to go, your heart begged you to go to Jenna and Tyler’s house, not only because it was in walking distance but because the two of them could help you and let you stay at theirs. Obviously, it would be the smartest and right thing to do, but Josh would think of that as well and go as soon as he realizes what he had said to them. And there was no way you wanted to see him.

 Your mind knew that he didn’t mean it like that, that he was just disappointed and frustrated with the entire situation, letting his anger out on you. Your mind knew that and your heart knew that somewhat as well, but still – it gave him absolutely no right to talk about you like that and assume things and your mind knew that too. So, even if he would apologize, which he definitely will, you didn’t know if you wanted to hear it.

Realization hit you that you had practically nowhere to go; yes, you had other friends as well but they didn’t know you like Jenna did. She was almost the only one who knew why you are the way you are and understands it. So, despite all of your worries of seeing Josh, you started to walk to her, in desperate need of emotional support. You never liked it when your emotions hit you, especially when they hit that deep. Only because you never show your emotions, doesn’t mean that you don’t feel them. Every minute you’re away from Josh when he’s on tour or just visiting his family, you miss him and you feel missing him. Every little fight the two of you have, you feel the sadness, the anger and the fear of possibly losing him. Just because you don’t show them, the way he does doesn’t mean you don’t have them.

Walking to Tyler and Jenna’s home should have calmed you bit, you thought, but clearly, you were wrong. You still sobbed uncontrollably, tears falling like waterfalls. It really was long ago that you cried that hard. This just showed how much Josh really did hurt you.

It didn’t take long for one of them to open the door after you knocked rather pitiful. The strength you were supposed to have, seemed to be gone, making it harder and harder just to stand up. All you wanted was to cuddle yourself up in heaps of blankets and to sleep, just to stop your mind repeating the same sentences over and over.

Jenna was the one to open the door, clearly shocked to see the state you were in; eyes all red and puffy, body shivering and breathing uncontrollably. She didn’t question you, why of all the sudden you stood in front of her door, she just opened her arms, letting you fall onto her, crying even harder than before.

Some hours passed; you calmed somewhat down and explained everything that happened to Jenna. You were slightly afraid that you overreacted but as soon as you finished talking, she furiously stood up and threatened to kick Josh’s ass, if you wanted her to. Despite all the sorrow you felt, you started to laugh uncontrollably, imaging Jenna fighting Josh. Tyler heard the story too and offered to stay at theirs until you would feel better and want to confront your boyfriend, while silently cursing his best friend out. You accepted his offer, relieved that you wouldn’t have to face him soon, though you were sure that he would come here and ask for you soon enough.

And exactly that happened, at 11 p.m., as you laid all cuddled up on the couch, watching some stupid movie with Jenna and Tyler, to keep your mind occupied. Tyler opened the door, already knowing that it had to be his bandmate. Your assumptions confirmed when you heard his voice, asking Tyler if he could come in so he could speak to you. To your luck, Tyler denied Josh’s question, telling him that it would be best if he’d let me sleep a little and to talk about everything the next day.

“Please Tyler, I know that I fucked up, I’ve never seen her like that before. Please let me in so I can excuse my asshole behavior towards her.” 

Jenna nodded beside you, agreeing to his choice of words. You only buried your face into the blanket you were wrapped in, not knowing what to do. Tyler wouldn’t let him in, that was clear, allowing you to sort out your thoughts till tomorrow; but still, you didn’t know if you were even able to find a solution till tomorrow.

“I’m sorry mate, but it’s the best if you go now.”

“Tyler, please! I can’t go, not knowing how she is doing, it’s killing me.” His voice broke towards the end, he clearly was regretting everything he said towards you.

It seemed like your body had the mind of his own because suddenly you were on your way to the front door, where you actually didn’t want to be in the first place.

To see Josh liked that, broke your heart; his eyes were red and puffy, meaning he cried, his hair all messed up due to its constant contact with his hands. You were slightly surprised to see him suffer like that, somehow it made you feel a little bit better about yourself, he deserved the pain he felt after he made you feel like complete shit.

His eyes widened as he saw you, standing behind Tyler, so did Tyler’s as he noticed your presence behind you. “(Y/N),…”

“Tyler, it’s okay.” He nodded and then left the two of you alone. Almost immediately, Josh tried to get a hold of your hand, in desperate need to have at least some contact with you so he could know that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. But as you flinched away and got out of his grasp, he knew just how badly he fucked up.

“(Y/N), please…” His voice was quiet, almost even afraid to talk too loud for you. He didn’t know what to do or what to say; Josh wasn’t expecting to see you like this.

“It’s really the best if you would just go, Josh.” The coldness of your voice, made him flinch this time. You didn’t plan to be like this towards him but after the way he talked to you, speaking like a complete jerk about things he knew absolutely nothing about, you just couldn’t help it. You didn’t know if you were ever able to be normal around him again, to forget what happened between the two of you. Yes, for some people it seems completely overrated and overreacted but Josh broke your trust and lost every respect you had for him.

“Okay, if this is really what you want me to do… I’ll come back tomorrow so we can talk things through, I didn’t mean to hurt you like this, I never meant to hurt you, ever.” Josh grew nervous, hoping that everything will turn out alright and that he doesn’t lose you for his stupid mistakes.

“But that’s exactly what you did, Josh. You didn’t think and said horrible things about me; I know I should have talked to you about it but it still gave you no right to talk about me like that! I don’t even know what to say to you! You’ve hurt me like no one else ever did; fuck what everyone says about me and the way I cope with my emotions and feelings but you are my boyfriend, the person I love! I thought you knew better than that.”

“What do you mean by that? I know I fucked up… but I want to make it up to you, I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Josh, but I don’t know if I can be with you after that.”

“(Y/N), please don’t do that!” Josh started to cry, breaking your heart even more.

“You just assumed things, horrible things. If you really think about me like that, you could have talked to me about it, asking if it’s true instead of throwing this at my head, just to make me suffer more. Hell, if you really do think about me like that, then why the hell are you even here?!” Your voice got louder, normally you wouldn’t want anyone to hear things like this but in this exact moment you didn’t care and wanted to let your anger and sorrow all out.

“I don’t think about you like that, (Y/N), please believe me.” Josh didn’t even know what to say anymore, it frightens him to see you determined like this, meaning that you already knew the outcome of this.

“I’m sorry Josh, but this is all your fault. I can’t be with you any longer, not after what happened.” And with that you closed the door, not caring that you just broke his heart because he did the exact same thing to yours just some hours ago.

The A-Mei-Zing Outback Adventure Chapter 19

Zǎoshang hǎo! Good morning, Roadhog,” Mei greeted the enormous man cheerfully, tossing her already-packed bag into the pile in the hallway.

Roadhog lifted one hand in response before a little movement of his masked head indicated he was looking past her, at the lanky figure rising up behind her.

“Hehehe, yeah, we had a good morning, all roight,” Junkrat said, leering his toothy grin as he reached out to goose her bottom. “Real good.”

Mei’s face reddened on cue, and he grinned all the harder when he saw the tips of her ears change color. She turned and smacked the back of his hand with a scowl. “Stop that,” she said, “I know what you’re doing, trying to embarrass me. Huài dàn.”

After spending more time with the junkers, Mei could read Roadhog a little better now. Not on the level of Junkrat, of course, who could carry on hours worth of one-sided  conversations with little more than an occasional grunt or wrinkle of the forehead as responses; but now she could spot subtle little movements of his facial muscles, little tics and tells that spoke of the man behind the mask…And right now, he was rolling his eyes at them both.

“Sorry!” she called after him, as he grumbled under his breath and ambled off back into the kitchen. She shot Junkrat a little dirty look as she adjusted her glasses, but he looked all the more gleeful for it, especially when she lifted a finger and shook it at him sternly. “Are we going to have to talk about this? Don’t make Mr. Roadhog uncomfortable.”

“Lovey, I think if we’re talking levels of ‘uncomfortable’ what Roadie and me’s had to deal with, hearing us going at it is pretty damn low on the charts.”

“Well maybe if you weren’t so loud…”

Junkrat entwined his arms around her once more, his voice going high-pitched and wavering in an incredibly poor falsetto version of Mei’s accent. “My name’s Mei, I don’t want nobody to know I’m a moaner, not even when I’m getting it good, don’t want anybody to hear me going ‘ooooooh! Oooh Junkrat! Oooooh yeees, mmmmhh’!”

“Oh my gosh! Stop!” she sputtered, shoving at his chest before trying to cover his mouth with both hands, as if to stifle his lewd noises by force.

“Ooooohhhh Junkrat! Oooh, I’m gonna-OW!” he cried a little louder, interrupted suddenly as there was a cracking noise and he was suddenly bulled to the side when Snowball appeared from nowhere and slammed into his shoulder again, smacking its antenna across his head once more. “Ow! Son of a bitch bot, I know where you sleep!”

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Let it Go

A/N: Sooo, I found this in my drafts and i honestly don’t even remember writing this LOL So i really don’t know what to expect, i just skimmed through this and it looks meh, sooooooo since i feel bad for not update one of my other fics today, you guys can enjoy this! :)

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warning: a little smut??? swearing

Word Count: 1800

September 30th 2005

“So what did John say?”

“He’s got a hunt or two to finish up, so to just finish up this one and give him a call” Dean turned his head, his eyes meeting yours directly with an evil smirk on his face “So that means we can have a little fun in the back seat if baby”

You lifted your hands to cover your now crimson red cheeks “Dean!” You giggled out

He wiggled his eyebrows at you “Come on baby, i know you want some of this”

You gave him a little push in the shoulder, being gentle due to the fact he was driving, even if it was down a back road “I always want some of that Dean”

He made a quick turn to the right into the trees, turning off baby, his pupils now fully dialated “Is that so?”

You bit your lip, trying to look as innocent as possible knowing that was always your best game play, nodding your head diverting your eyes to his bulge growing in his pants. He let out a deep groan before picking grabbing your legs and flipping you so you were laying on your back in the front of baby, he grabbed your legs wrapping them around his waist, hovering over top of you, an inch away from your face, his eyes roaming your face, before leaning down giving you a soft gentle kiss he pulled away leaning towards your ear lowly whispering “I want you….so bad” that was all he had to say to get you going, you ripped off his shirt running your hands down his chest stopping right before his pant line, biting your lip again slowly rubbing the bulge on the outside of his pants, earning another moan from him, his lips instantly connected to yours, his hands roaming your entire body, breaking apart for a split second just to remove your shirt and bra, after that his lips were back on yours.

Shortly after you unbuckled his belt, he kicked his pants of the best he could in the small space you were in, his fingers were tugging at the belt holes in your jeans, taking your hand off of his cheek you undid your jean button, as his right hand left your breast to pull your pants down, at the same time as your panties. He wasted no time with using his fingers inserting them in and out of you making you moan in pleasure, he leaned down whispering “God baby, you’re so wet” Making you moan even more, he took his fingers out and started rubbing circles on your clit.

“d-dean” You stuttered out

“Yeah baby?” Smirking down at you knowing what he was doing to you, but every time you guys ended up here, which was a lot might i add, he only wanted to hear those three words.

“I want you, god Dean, p-please”

“Anything for you princess”

And with that his underwear was off and he was in your faster than you could blink, his thrust started slow and rough, then started to pick up in pace and get gentle, you leaving long scratches on his back, and him hand prints on your waist from gripping you too hard, like always.

“Dean..” You moaned out


You bit your lip nodding at the man above you.

“Y/n” He moaned out “Now” and with that you both let go at the same time, he went limp on you, both of you covered in sweat, baby’s windows foggy, you giggled, Dean pushed himself up giving you a gentle peck on the forehead, than nose, both cheeks, before looking deep in your eyes, kissing you lips softly pulling away “I love you y/n”

“I love you Dean”

And that, that was the last time he ever said ‘I love you’ That was the last good moment you guys had together before everything went spiraling out of control.

Present Day

You’ve been sitting in your truck now for about 15 minutes debating whether or not to you were going in the dinner a few feet ahead of you.

You never were a coward or lacked confidence, but when it came to this certain time anxiety was running all the way through your veins. Not just the diner was a few feet infront of you m, but so was Dean, a man you haven’t seen in about 10 years. You mind was racing at your last time seeing him, you loved him, you still did love him it might of been 10 years but he was your first love, your first everything.

“Ow!” You mumbled when you chewed your nail shorter than you intended to, you sighed hitting your wheel a few times grumbling “Come on y/n this isn’t you” You checked your hair and makeup in the rearview mirror, stepping out of your truck slamming the door shut, mumbling curse words under your breath, you would have gone to a different diner but this was the only one for miles, and it just so happened to be the one that the demons you were hunting were meeting at.

You opened the front door the diner and the bell above rung signaling that they had another customer. The waitress was cleaning the front counter but still looked up from counter to give you a big smile greeting you with a southern accent.

Maneuvering around a few tables, you picked the booth the furtherest away from Dean, ordering a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla milkshake. You could see the demon’s conversing directly in the center of the room, you couldn’t make out what they were saying, but you could feel them grower suspicious so you looked away diverting your attention to the waitress you could see bringing your food this way, you smiled at her while she was placing it down “Thank you” Pausing to look over at her name tag “Sara, thank you Sara” She gave you a small smile “You’re welcome” before turning away.

15 minutes into your time at the diner and not much has changed, you were about half way through your burger, all your fries gone and have drank about quarter of your milkshake, your eyes glancing between both Dean and the demons every now and then.

God he hasn’t changed that much, he still had those ever so kissable lips, his hairstyle hasn’t changed and that made you giggle, his still had those crinkles by his eyes when he smiled, he still did those pouty lips when he was angry, and lastly he still did love his pie. He has aged quite a bit which is bound to happen, it has been ten years. He no longer had the twinkle in his eyes you loved, there was more wrinkles on his face than you last remembered, he looked tired and worn out but this job did this to anyone who has been in it as long as the both of you, most hunters never make it this long and you were honestly surprised you were still here let alone Dean. You heard the stories, the rumours about the Winchesters over the years, you still kept tabs on him every once in awhile, even though you knew he didn’t do the same.

The only time you stopped keeping tabs on him is when you went to purgatory or when you were in hell for 80 years, or well 8 months our time and let me tell you, was that the longest you went. Both him and his younger brother names were mentioned down in hell every now and then which was nothing new, those two were famous and well known.

You were brought back to reality when there was a loud crash and all the glassware on everyone’s table broke into a million pieces, you quickly reached for your gun shoved in the band at the back of your jeans and bringing it around to the right side of you where no one would see it, you scooched closer to the inside of the booth keeping your head down staying out of it until it was absolutely necessary for you to jump in. Not long after the demons kill everyone in sight one by one, except the Winchesters.

It seems like Dean and his younger brother had sorta the same idea, except they jumped straight to the action, both of them with their guns pointed straight at the demons who were circling the table they were once sat at in the middle, eyes black and snickering “I thought you guys knew by now, those things don’t work on us” Laughing the two of them on the outside flicked the hands motioning towards the back wall that was filled with picture frames of Elvis Presley which smashed to pieces after both brother were thrown at the wall “Fucking idiots” you mumbled, sighing decided now was probably a good time considering the other two hunters were now just as useless as the broken picture frames on the wall.

“No, but these will” You lifted up your gun letting three shots out, nailing each demon in the upper shoulder, watching them fall to the ground screaming in pain as Dean and Sam dropped to the floor, dusting themselves off.

“Thanks” Sam spoke giving you a smile, which you returned with a nod.

You could feel Dean’s eyes roaming your body all over, his eyes never leaving you.

“Would you like to do the honours?” You questioned them, but mostly directing it towards Sam.

He gave you smile and started to read out your typical exorcism, while he was doing that, you went back over to your table to pick up the other half of your burger, eating it while Sam finished up. Once he did he made his way towards you.

“So, I’m Sam and this is Dean” He spoke for the both of them, you nodded about to open your mouth to speak when Dean took the words right out of your mouth.

“Y/n…” Dean breathed out

Sam’s eyes looked between both Dean and you, lifting his finger to point between you both, “Uh you two know each other?” He questioned

“We did” You spoke up, pausing for a brief moment before continuing “I gotta get going, other things to hunt, people to save, it was nice meeting you Sam, Dean” You gave him a small smile and Dean a slight nod before heading out of the diner, once again leaving the only man you ever loved behind.

kyaruun replied to your post “i feel so conflicted over toma >.>;; at one end, i don’t condone about…”

Same here ;W; I understand you so freaking much, you don’t even know ;o; All the cage stuff and drugging the heroine… that’s a huge no. But at the same time he wants to protect her and he apologizes and… jeez ;v;

spoilers lol

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Rant about recent Mystreet Comments

NOTE: Since the last rant I did ended with a ton of witch hunting and threats, I just need to say this, DO NOT TRY AND “FIND” ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. Witch hunting is disgusting, and the fact some of you sent threats to Jess and Jason last time was gross af and it didnt need to happen. So if I find out ANY of you have witch hunted these people down, I will NOT be happy. 

Last time I did a rant about Mystreet everything went way out of control so I’m not going to be going to deep about the series anymore.  

I’m not going to go into things such as “Omg it was everyone’s fault!!” because I don’t have time to go down that rabbit hole. I’m mainly here to rant about the comments on the recent Mystreet Episode; “The Break-Up”

If you all don’t know what this episode is about, Basically to sum it up everything that has happened leading up to this, Gene was getting suspicious of Zane getting “to close to Aph” and basically complained to Aaron. Aaron ignored him, His family got involved, MIchi blackmailed his sister about “Aphmau tripped and Zane caught her”. His sister showed him the picture, he THEN go suspicious. Cafe’ got burned down by Ivan, Aphmau assumed it was Aaron, Aaron is super emotional unstable at this point and is like “I need to go home” and they basically “break up”. 

Now normally I would be ranting about Mystreet but I’m honestly not interested in this series anymore, its the comments that bug me. 

Now before I show you some of these comments, I DO NOT want to see ANY comments about how “Omg they’re just kids!!” because that excuse is so stupid, you wanna know why? Because if your CHILD is online and is saying things “OMG MY FICTIONAL SHIP IS SINKING SO I WANNA KILL SOMEONE AND RIP OUT THEIR LUNGS” then idk, maybe you shouldn’t let your kids online.


This probably the MAIN comment on this video, the whole “omg aarmau is sinking so I need to kill Michi!” Like, I feel like I dont even need to EXPLAIN why these comments are messed up, and this isnt even one the worst ones. Just look at this next one: 

Do you see how psychotic these people sound? They are SO defensive of their ship they make comments such as “ILL RIP OUT YOUR LUNGS AND FEED THEM TO YOU” over a friken FICTIONAL PAIRING AND CHARACTER. Oh lets not forget the “Am I right guys?? :D” because ya know, you’re supposed to agree with that comment about this person wanting to literally dismember a fictional character from a minecraft series on youtube. Let also not forget the constant “MIchi is such a hoe!!” because that just makes things 10x better. 


I needed to just put this one in here because it honestly makes me go “???”

You all have to understand while yes, Aarmau is based off Jess’s and Jason’s real life relationship, just because a FICTIONAL pairing “breaks up”, this does not mean that their real life relationship is affected. Just putting that out there real quick since this is a common comment on this video. 


This is going to be the last comment I comment on because this entire thing is just gross and I want to be done with it. I know I am complaining about Aarmau shippers taking things to far but there is also a few “anti-aarmau” people who are taking things way to far. I’m not “pro aarmau” or “anti aarmau”, Im more “I dont really care for it anymore”, but this does not excuse these comments. Saying things like this makes you no better than the Aarmau shippers who are saying “KILL MICHI THT HOE”. 

This isnt the first time this has happened with one of Jess’s videos tbh. This has happened with Zane (ie. Kill zane!!”) Katelyn (shes getting in the way of my aphmau ship!!!), and even other ships as well (ie. Zanvis, Garmau, Laurmau, etc.), I think its just gotten out of hand and its just beyond disgusting. 

I also want to state this: If you are sending Jess and Jason death threats over Aarmau “breaking up”, I will not be afraid to call you out. Death threats are disgusting and you could go to prison from sending them, so think twice before you type something. 

Anyways, I’m done. Like i said before, I wont be commenting on the whole “its everyone’s fault they split up” thing because its exhausting and I have studying to do, so see yall later. 

It’s Okay... (A Wanna One and Nu’est Fanfic)


Everything was happening so fast. It went out of control. And all Minhyun could do was watch it as it all played out. His heart is breaking but what can he do?

Writer’s Note:

I was inspired (an ironically positive term) by the recent shit show that has happened regarding NU’EST. None of us can truly fathom how much hurt Baekho/Dongho or the NU’EST members are feeling, but in my mind i feel like Minhyun is hurting the most. So I decided to pen what I imagined, and I hope that you all will like it. 

“I can’t handle it anymore, I have got to go home,” Minhyun declared as he got up from bed for the 35th time that night.

“What… Minhyun, what are you doing?” A sleepy Jisung groaned as he sat up on his bed.

“Hyung, I need to go. It’s an emergency. I can’t just sit here and not do anything. I’ll be back before the manager comes to pick us up I promise,” Minhyun replied as he began packing some essentials into this backpack.

“It’s 2am, none of the trains are operating anymore.”

“I’ll walk there if I have to!” Minhyun declared.

“Minhyun ah. MINHYUN AH! Wait!” Jisung called out as he struggled to disentangle himself from his blanket. Minhyun didn’t hear anything and he began marching towards the door of the Wanna One dorm. 

“DANIEL GRAB HIM!” Jisung screamed.

“Already did,” Daniel declared smugly as he came into the room, with Minhyun trapped in his tight embrace.

“Daniel, let me go. I have to go. You don’t understand,” Minhyun struggled as he tried to suppress his tears.

“Hyung, I may be a peach, but trust me I do understand. Now sit down,” Daniel arrested Minhyun’s struggling arms and planted him onto his bed, keeping a tight hold to ensure he wouldn’t escape.

The past few days have been torturous for Minhyun. He had left the Nu’est dorm with bittersweet sentiments, but he trusted that success was on the horizon for them. But within two days of his departure, everything happened. An anti-fan tried to frame Jonghyun of having a girlfriend. And someone accused Dongho of sexual assault. Everything happened so fast, and it spiraled way out of control. Like all other fans he waited anxiously for Pledis’s announcements, and when it came he was relieved, but he couldn’t get of the edge. He began to see the immense love for Nu’est being replaced by bitter hate. People were attacking them… AGAIN. People were attacking his fluffy white tiger. And all he could do was watch.

He did talk to the Nu’est members, and they assured him that they were holding on, that they were fine, but something didn’t feel right. Again, Minhyun was flooded with this immense guilt. He should be there. He should be there with his members. He should be there comforting Dongho. He should be there in solidarity with his members. He should be home. But where was he? In the Wanna One dorm. His new home suddenly felt like a prison, and he desperately wanted to break free. 

“No Daniel, you don’t… you don’t..” Minhyun protested as tears began to escape from his eyes.

By now the other Wanna One members had been awoken by the ruckus and had gathered in Minhyun’s room. They took note to create a barrier between him and the door to prevent him from escaping. Since the news broke, they noticed that Minhyun wasn’t like himself. He kept zoning out and always had this pained expression on his face. They knew that he was going through an extremely emotionally tumultuous time, but they didn’t really know what to do. Occasionally they would go up to him and hold his hand, in silence, but they knew that their presence was hardly any comfort. 

Minhyun’s love for his Nu’est brothers was deep, something that couldn’t be replaced. And to a certain extent the other boys felt guilty for somewhat ‘replacing’ their existence physically. They wanted Minhyun to rely on them like how he relied on Nu’est, but at the same time, they knew it wasn’t going to happen so soon. So all they could do was look on in pain as they watched Minhyun try to sniffle away his tears.

“Minhyun ah, we know you are going through a lot, but we can’t let you leave,” Sungwoon finally broke the silence.

“Hyung, don’t cry, everything will be okay. Don’t worry.” Jihoon comforted.

Jaehwan sat down by Minhyun’s feet and gave Minhyun’s thigh reassuring pats.

“Guys… I’m sorry… It’s just… I shouldn’t be here. This isn’t my place. I need to go home. I need to see them. It hurts too much..” Minhyun finally choked.

“There you go on again. Jonghyun told me to watch out for this. Yah! Stop blaming yourself for everything. You deserve this spot, and Jihoon is right, everything will be okay. The heaven’s don’t bully the innocent. The truth will reveal itself,” Jisung nagged.

“I know, but, the damage is done. What will happen to them. And just when they were receiving so much love… oh my god…” Minhyun replied between sniffles. “And what if the truth never comes out??!”

“Hyung, Pledis may have once given up on y’all, but now, they love you. The announcements show it, they will fight for Dongho-hyung,” Daehwi reassured.

“Exactly, hyung, if you are like this it will only make Minki hyung and the rest worried,” Jinyoung chimed.

Minhyun continued to cry. His members were trying desperately to comfort him, and he did find assurance in their words, but something still didn’t feel right. Their words of assurance were not registering. Suddenly, he found this monstrous strength and broke free from Daniel’s embrace and made a bee-line for the door.

The Wanna One boys were shocked as Minhyun flew past them. But right at the door, just in time, Seongwoo scooped him up and replaced him onto the bed.

“Jonghyun knew this was going to happen. So he gave me specific instructions to make sure that you do not leave our sight. We will not let you do anything rash,” Seongwoo declared in a rare moment of seriousness.

“Hyung, you need to think rationally. Right now you are being led by your emotions. You know everything will be alright so call down,” Woojin remarked.

“No, no, no, no, no, no this isn’t right,” Minhyun struggled to break free.

“Haish….. looks like we really need to use this,” Guanlin sighed as he scrolled through his phone. He found an audio clip and brought the phone to Minhyun’s left ear. “Hyung listen to this.”

“Yah! Minhyun ah!” a familiar voice rang from the phone. Minhyun froze, it was Dongho’s voice. 

“Guanlin was telling me about how weird you were acting so I decided to record this message. Listen carefully okay. Firstly, don’t worry. It sucks I know, but look we are fine. We will be fine. I am fine. My conscience is clear, and the truth will come out soon. Besides, sajang-nim said that they will take legal action if necessary, so take a chill pill. Secondly, stop feeling guilty about ANYTHING. I had a lot of fun back home, so did Minki and Jonghyun, so hey we lucked out, we got a break while you’re still back there working your butt off, hehehehehe. But anyway, all of us are rejuvenated and ready to meet you on stage soon, and we are all really happy, so stop feeling guilty. Aron hyung and Jonghyun are really worried about you, so stop getting stressed out. Geez, everyone is stressing out each other. Anyway, we love you, so hold on and enjoy yourself, 18 months isn’t that long! HWANG MINHYUN!” Another voiced joined in, it was Minki. 

“Don’t you dare start crying again, seriously are you a baby or something? Minki, don’t be so mean,” it was Aron. 

“Minhyun ah, it’s Aron hyung. We are really doing fine so don’t be upset okay, love you *muacks*. Aron hyun you’re really weird,” finally it was Jonghyun.

“Seriously Minhyun, why do I still need to take care of you even when you are away. Look, we know you are really busy, so stop stressing yourself out further by worrying about us. Mum, we are fine and we will be fine. Don’t cry okay, love you, stay strong. See you in a couple of days for rehearsals!” With that the audio clip ended, and Minhyun was a mess.

The Wanna One boys huddled in a circle, as Minhyun silently sobbed in Seongwoo’s arms. They maintained this silence, just to let Minhyun feel everything, let everything sink in.

Finally, Minhyun collected himself and said, “I’m *hick* sorry *hick* guys *hick*. I’m *hick* sorry for *hick* making you *hick* worry *hick* about me.”

“It’s fine, what are members for,” Jaehwan comforted. The other members nodded in agreement.

“Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god! Hyung! Hyung! Hyung! Hyung!” Daehwi stuttered as he thrust his phone forward. “Read it! Read it!”

“What is it?” Seongwoo inquired as he took the phone over. As he read the contents his eyes grew wider, and a smile split across his face. “The original poster revealed that it was all a lie. Minhyun! Dongho’s name is cleared!!”

The 9 remaining boys cheered in excitement and began hugging Minhyun who had launched into another set of ugly sobs. This time it wasn’t in sadness or pain, it was in joy. Dongho is going to be alright, Nu’est is going to be alright. He never felt so relieved in his life, finally he can rest.

His phone rang and he picked it up. It was a video call and Dongho was on the other end of the line, “See, I told you so.” In reply, Minhyun let out a small chuckle. And Dongho returned it with his signature eye smile. 

The night went on, and the boys returned to their beds and feel sound asleep. Finally, Minhyun could get some sleep, and that night’s dream was ever so sweet. He dreamnt of Nu’est winning their first award on Inkigayo, he dreamnt of their Wanna One and Nu’est performing at MAMA, he dreamnt of more happy days ahead. And he felt every so blessed. 


–I got a very vague prompt where one of the girls (I’m thinking it was either Beca or Chloe) was in accident. I hope I got this right–

Chloe had ordered another mandatory “Bella Bonding Night”. No one bothered to argue despite it being the first week leading up to finals. Everyone was too tired and already in their pajamas to fight Chloe’s puppy dog insistence at watching The Notebook for what seemed to be the bajillionth time since they moved into the house together.

“Oh shoot,” Chloe said once opening the pantry to find no traces of popcorn. Popcorn was the only thing that would convince their co-captain Beca Mitchell to buckle down and watch the sappy romance.

“What’s shoot?” Stacie asked as she walked into the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of wine.

“We’re out of popcorn. And Twizzlers for that matter,” Chloe pouted.

“Uh oh. You know Shorty’s not gonna be happy.”

Chloe nodded and looked at the time on the oven. She had enough time to run out, right?

“Hey guys. I don’t smell popcorn and Amy just said we were watching The Notebook again,” Beca appeared from the doorway, wearing her own pajama shorts and one of Chloe’s green Barden hoodies.

“Uh, yeah. We’re out. I was just gonna go grab some from the store,” Chloe said, leaning over the counter to grab her keys.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll get popcorn and the Twizzlers we’re out of,” Beca said, taking the keys from the redhead’s fingers and grabbing her phone.

“I’ll be back soon. Feel free to start without me,” the DJ smirked as she headed out into the gloomy and rather ominous weather.


Chloe had told everyone to get comfortable and take bathroom breaks before hand. This was going to be a double feature with The Notebook and The Vow.

The store isn’t that far from their house. It was maybe a twenty minute trip in total, twenty five if you count Beca’s indecisiveness and thirty if you take in the rain.

Why wasn’t the DJ home after nearly fifty minutes? The redhead, and all the girls for that matter, started to get worried with the absence of their tiny DJ.

“Guys, relax. I’m sure Beca is fine. She’s probably just caught up in some traffic. We’ll wait ten more minutes before I call,” Chloe reasoned, pacing back and forth in front of the TV.

The ten minutes never came. After four there was a call through Chloe’s phone, Beca was the flashing name.

“Oh, thank god!” Chloe said as she answered the phone, so relieved Beca called her. “Beca we were all so worried and-”

Chloe’s blood rushed cold and her face went pale as the officer on the other side of the call told Chloe everything that happened.

Rainy. Out of control. Teen dropped their phone. Went to reach for it. Swerved. Crashed into Beca.

“Is she?” Chloe couldn’t dare say the words, choked up by just the thought.

“She’s okay. You’re her emergency contact and we’d like you to come down here as soon as possible.”

Chloe nodded, shut her eyes, breathed.

“Yeah. Of course. We’ll be right there.”


Chloe took Amy’s Jeep down to where they asked to meet. Beca wasn’t out of the crash yet but she was asking to see the redhead. Apparently it was the only way the stubborn DJ agreed to be taken to the hospital. If the redhead was there too.

Amy was driving because in her words, “you ginge, are in no state to drive”.

CR was up front with her as Stacie and Emily consoled the redhead in the back seat.

Lilly, Ashley, Jessica, and Flo were told to stay home and wait for any news. They didn’t want to bring everyone in case the news was unexpected.


They pulled up to flashing lights and two completely crushed cars. Chloe gasped and pushed through Stacie to get out of the car, running into the pouring rain to see her Beca.

“Beca!” Chloe screamed, tears already leaking as her clothes were completely soaked through.

“Miss I’m going to need you to step back,” an officer said, creating a body block.

“I’m her best friend. I’m her Chloe. I’m her emergency contact,” Chloe said, rambling as she could barely make out the rest of her crushed car.

“Miss, please come with me,” another officer said, ushering the girl to the wreckage.

“Becs,” Chloe breathed, seeing the small brunette inside the wreck still, crushed inside.

“Oh. Hey Chlo,” Beca said, smiling weakly.

“You’re hurt,” Chloe kneeled down beside the girl, stroking hairs out of her face.

“Yeah,” Beca nodded with tears springing from her eyes.

“Beca I’m so sorry. I never should have sent you out in the storm.”

“I’m sorry, Beale. I wrecked your car,” Beca said as she tried to laugh. The only noise that came out was wheezing though, which broke Chloe’s heart.

“Beca I don’t care about my car. I care about you.”

“Do you care about the popcorn?” Beca asked.

“The what?”

“The popcorn.”

“No, Beca. I don’t care about the stupid popcorn,” Chloe cried silently.

“That’s too bad. ‘Cause I got your favorite,” Beca smiled and lifted her arm, revealing the perfectly pristine box of popcorn.

“Beca,” Chloe laughed through her tears, earning a smile back from the DJ.

“I’m okay,” Beca promised.

“Good. Now let’s get you to the hospital,” Chloe said as she motioned for the medics to come forward.


“Becs,” Chloe whispered as she lay her head on the brunette’s shoulder in the hospital bed.

“Hm?” The DJ lazily responded with close eyes and complete stillness.

“I love you,” Chloe whispered again, snuggled closer and nuzzling her face in the crippled girl’s neck.

“I know. I love you too,” the DJ whispered back.

“No. I love you love you,” Chloe said ever so quietly, so that it was almost unheard.

“I know. Why do you think you’re my emergency contact?” Beca said again, her eyes remaining closed.

“I want to kiss you,” Chloe said, turning her head so it was inches from the brunette’s.

“I would be okay with that,” Beca said, a small smile appearing.

“Just tell me if it hurts,” Chloe’s voice was so quiet that not even a mouse could hear it.

“I sprained my ankle, broke my wrist, and got four broken ribs. I don’t think the lips are gonna be the things hurting,” the DJ snarkily responded.

“Then clearly you’ve never kissed me before.”

That just about shut the DJ up, albeit some moans, but that doesn’t count.

Secrets//Isaac Lahey

(A/N): Reader becomes suspicious of Isaac after he gains foreign traits seemingly overnight. They decide that it’s time to get to the bottom of this mystery…

Warnings: None


There was nothing worse than when people kept secrets from you, well, more specifically Isaac in this scenario.

You have been dating Isaac for nearly a year and things couldn’t be better worse. It was never easy to tell where your relationship was headed. On one hand, you had the sweet, lovable Isaac that you had fallen head over heels in love with. On the other hand, Isaac was acting suspicious; sneaking around in the middle of the night, keeping chains in his locker, spending time with people like Erica Reyes and Scott McCall. You could only imagine what they could be doing.

Even with those facts, there were also elements that you didn’t mind. Isaac’s dad was no longer in the picture, Isaac was at the top of his game in lacrosse, not to mention the new leather jackets. But still, the bad outweighed the good.

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Going Home - Chapter 15

I’m honestly scared to post this chapter because it takes everything to another extreme and I stared at this for four months and still am not sure if it was okay that I wrote this.
TRIGGER WARNING: rape & abuse.
Just a reminder: This is a work of fiction. These characters have features of real life persons, but they are characters nonetheless. Don’t hate me.
Previous chapters.

Chapter 15: Buried Alive

I knew I couldn’t think straight, I knew I needed to go somewhere, be alone for an hour, cool down, but at the same time I knew I couldn’t do that because I needed a distraction, someone that wasn’t Val, someone that was the exact opposite of Val, and the next best person that came to my mind was Jay.

It was a bad idea, of course, especially after the last time I had gone to him in this state of mind, but this time I didn’t want to talk anyway, this time I wanted him to fuck me senseless and get me high and make me forget that I had felt something for a man that had turned out to be an asshole just like everyone else.

I walked the few blocks to Jay’s apartment, pounded against his door and tumbled past him into the small room that he called his home.

“Take your clothes off. Now.” I was already jumping out off my pants, trying to keep at least some kind of balance, and then unzipped my jacket and threw it on the floor before I realized Jay wasn’t moving at all. “I said: Take your clothes off.”

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today in class (i'm in high school) this girl went to fill up her water bottle and everything spiraled out of control and she ended up filling up everyones water bottles and i thought that u would be so proud of our hydration

hail hydra(tion)