everything went better than expected!


First test if Dabi from Boku no Hero Academia!

I was sad the piercings didn’t work, they were too big and wouldn’t adhere right so I had to settle for paint BUT I have an idea for next time so I’m not giving up on them just yet. Also not 100% happy with my wig so I’ll fix it before doing it again, but overall everything went much better than I expected so I’m quite pleased and excited to improve it even more!

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Fiancé!Hoshi (G)

Request: Hoshi wedding fluff whereby Hoshi so nervous to the point where the boys have to call you to calm him down
Requested by: @keshuasd
Word count: 1,213
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None! (ok maybe this drabble was a bit too cringey)

A/N: Sorry this drabble took way too long to write but I hope it’s fluffy enough. anyway fiancé Hoshi gives me so many feels cause he’ll probably be the sweetest ever! 

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“Soonyoung ah, is everything alright?”

You glanced over at your nervous husband-to-be who was seated next to you in the car. He was beginning to break out into sweat, and his hands just would not stop fidgeting. Quickly grabbing some tissues, you wiped off the sweat, hoping that his make up wouldn’t run off too.

“It’s just that, it’s our big day and I’m scared I’ll mess something up. Like what if I trip or I misplace the rings, it’ll be disastrous if that happens” He replied.

You chuckled. This was the Soonyoung you knew, the Soonyoung you fell in love with.

“Hey, it’s okay. Everything will be alright. Don’t worry about a thing, I know you can do this.”

Soonyoung was still nervous, but with your words, he felt greatly comforted.

You know what Soonyoung, since (y/n) believes in you, you can do it.

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A one night stand with a mafia member. (Pt.2)

Genre: Mafia!BTS

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Warnings: Explicit language and violence

Word count: 1.1k

(A/N): Again there’s no smut in this despite the title but maybe in pt.3

Here a link to Pt.1 if you haven’t read it yet: Pt.1 , Pt.3, and pt.4// Pt. 5

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You shut the door to your bedroom and slid down the door, sitting on the floor. You covered your face with your hands. “….I can’t believe I saved someone who kills people….” You mumbled. “This is what I get I for trying to have fun or be happy!”

After a while you picked yourself up off the floor and got in the shower. You couldn’t stop thinking about him though. His stupid charming smile, sweet personality, and that dumb tone of voice he got when he heard you on the phone. Maybe it was because you were painfully single but you started to think you caught feelings for him as wrong as you thought it was. Even the thought of being a mafia member’s girlfriend freaked you out. You’d basically be helping out with killing people, drug trafficking, and god knows what else. Wait. What if he came to kill you now? I mean you hadn’t seen his bad side yet.

Suddenly your phone went off and you almost jumped out of your skin. “Fuck!” You put your hand on your chest to calm down, turning the shower off. You stepped out, wrapping a towel over yourself and answered it. “Hello?”

“You picked up…Thank god..listen, (Y/N). I know you don’t want to have anything to do with me right now but I just want you to know I really like you and this really isn’t a big deal-” Jimin managed to get out before you cut him off.

“NOT A BIG DEAL?? Jimin you’re a murderer! I don’t even know what else you do and honestly, I don’t want to find out.”

Jimin sighed. “(Y/N) I’ve only killed someone once and that was because I had to. Killing people isn’t my job. That’s Taehyung’s.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

He sounded a little desperate. “Please. I promise you I will never hurt you..just give me one chance to prove it. If I even hurt you, emotionally or physically, in the slightest you can break it off with me and I’ll leave you alone forever.”

You sat there on your bed, hair dripping wet. “…Fine…”

You could hear his cute giggling again. “Good. How about a date tomorrow?”

You suddenly thought about his injured side. “Are you sure you’re okay to go on a date?” Even if you weren’t sure about your feelings towards him you still didn’t want him to be in more pain because of you.

“Why wouldn’t I be? My side? Babe, I’ve been hurt way worse but it’s sweet you’re worried about me” He assured you.

You felt yourself blush even if he couldn’t see you. You sighed realizing you were a soon to be girlfriend of a mafia member. What are you getting yourself into? I guess you were finally getting that exciting non-boring life you wanted.

The next day you tried to dress up a little, wearing a cute dress. Mafia member or not he was really attractive so you had to at least try to look good.

You tried to make him lunch the best you could, despite not being the best cook. There was a knock on your door and you ran over to answer it. Jimin stood there with his hands in his pockets. Holy shit did he look amazing. You weren’t the only one who dressed up. He smiled and kissed your cheek, coming inside. You blushed and shut the door behind him.

“It smells good in here. You made me lunch?” He asked looking back at you, happily.

“Yeah. Sit down and we can eat.” You went to go put everything on the table.

Lunch went better than you expected. He seemed so normal. He told you about his job more to explain that he wasn’t as crazy and dangerous as you were probably thinking. He mostly just handled negotiations and deals with other gangs. You felt a little relived that he wasn’t out murdering innocent people because his boss orders him to.  

After lunch was over the two of you sat on the couch. You leaned your head on his chest and he looked down at you, smiling. He reached over and held your hand. “Thank you, (Y/N).” You looked up at him. “For what?” He kissed you. “For giving me a chance when most people wouldn’t. You won’t regret it.”

“I better not.” You joked, smiling back at him.

A few weeks of the two of you dating passed and Jimin brought up the idea of you going to meet all the members of the gang. He said it wasn’t really a discussion if the two of you wanted to keep dating because Namjoon had to approve. You were a little afraid but if it was for Jimin you were willing to do anything. Well mostly anything.

Jimin came to pick you up and he drove the both of you to his boss’s house. He even bought you a dress to wear but you were starting to get the feeling it was just to show you off because of how tight and short it was. He held you hand tightly and rang the doorbell. “Don’t worry, (Y/N). I won’t let any of them mess with you ok?” You nodded and stayed close to him as you were let in by someone else who must have worked for Namjoon.

You slowly walked into the dining room seeing 6 men sitting at the table. Jungkook had also brought a girl with him, as well as someone you hadn’t met yet. Knowing that there was 3 couples, including you and Jimin, made this a little better.

Namjoon smiled at you and kissed your hand. “You were right Jimin…She’s gorgeous.”

You looked back at Jimin who couldn’t really do much since it was his boss. “(Y/N), this is Namjoon.” You smiled at him shyly. “It’s nice to meet you, sir.”

Namjoon smirked.  “Jimin, you better be treating her right. I mean that in every aspect. If you don’t…. I might take it upon myself to.”

Jimin clenched his fists but you said something before he did. “We actually haven’t gotten that far yet.” You blurted out. The room grew quiet and Tae looked back at Jimin. “You haven’t fucked her yet?” he looked at you. “Don’t worry babe, You aren’t missing out on much. On the other hand though…. I could probably give you one hell of a night.” Taehyung laughed at himself but not for too long when Jimin punched him. Tae instantly stood up, getting ready to fight Jimin. “Watch your mouth Tae!” He growled. You grabbed Jimin’s arm. “Come on don’t Jimin-“

Yoongi came over and stood in the middle of the two of them. “Yeah. Knock it off you two.”

Jimin pulled you close and took you over to sit down, as far from Tae as possible. You ended up sitting next to Jungkook. He smiled at you. “Nice to see you again. Glad to see you’re still alive.” He joked. You laughed and pushed his arm playfully. “I guess I’m stronger than I look.”

you ever feel yourself hooking your fingers around the edge of the closet doors and risking crushing them to slam it shut so fast


Everything went so much better than expected and as usual my anxiety was all for nothing lol but I’m so glad everything is over with. I can finally start unpacking woohooooo!!


One shot

Rating: M

Done in modern day.

I walked outside, laughing and chatting with Zuko. I waved good-bye to Sokka and Suki. Toph and Aang had already climbed into Aang’s truck.

“See ya tomorrow.” I called. “You’re coming after work, right?”

“Yeah.” Zuko said, unlocking his jeep. I opened my car door.

“Hold on a sec.” he said. I paused and looked at him.

“What’s up?”

“Come here. I wanted to show you this.” He said, reaching into his car and pulling something out.

I tossed my bag into the car and shut the door.

“What is it?” I asked, my curiosity overcoming me. I squinted at his hand through the darkness. I was surprised when he shoved whatever it was into his pocket.

“Hey.” I laughed, thinking he was messing with me, again. All of a sudden, he leaned forward and caught my wrists. He pushed me up against the side of his car.

“Zuko?” I whispered, my blood pumping.

“You’re so beautiful.” He murmured. I looked around. All of my friends had left already. The lights were off in Iroh’s house. I looked into Zuko’s fiery gold eyes, and was taken aback by the desire in them.

“I want you to know how much I want you.” He whispered.

“You’re hurting my wrists.” I told him gently. He instantly let go, only to place his hands gently but firmly on my hips, the fingertips of his thumb and index hooking onto the waist of my skirt. His long fingers splayed themselves, reaching towards my butt and thigh.

“What are you going to do?” I asked. My heart was pounding and I could feel my stomach turning.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked, pressing his body against mine. I nodded. I crushed on Zuko for ages. I certainly wasn’t going to turn him down now. He breathed with relief, then slowly bent his head to mine.

His forehead gently touched mine, and I could feel him shaking. I put my hand on his shoulders. He softly kissed my temple, then down my cheek to my jaw, and finally my mouth. He moaned as his mouth tenderly pressed into mine. The air from his nose tickled my face.

I slipped my tongue out to lightly flick his lips and he let out a small gasp while pulling away, but not for long. He kissed me again with enthusiasm, clumsily trying to figure out what to do with his tongue.

I opened my mouth and showed him.

He pulled away again, panting.

“You liar.” I teased softly. “You’ve never kissed a girl.”

“I kissed Mai once on the cheek in middle school. It totally counts.” He breathed, and moved his hands up from my hips to my waist, and pulled me closer to him. I draped my arms around his shoulders and let him press into me, both of us held up by his car. Suddenly, he dropped his hands, letting them trail over my body, until he was nearly bent double with his hands behind my knees. He picked me up, pulling up my legs to wrap around his waist and using his hips to pin me to the car so I wouldn’t fall. I brought my hands from his shoulders and let my fingers explore his muscled chest. He tossed his head back and dragged in a breath. The moonlight lit up the tendons in his pale neck. I picked up the hem of his shirt and slid my hands up under it, against his skin. He moaned deep in his throat, bringing his head back down to me.

“You are so sexy.” He breathed. I could feel him breathing heavily, the air coming out of his nose in bursts.

“What did you put in your pocket?” I asked, kissing his soft neck, inching my way down towards his collarbones.

“A condom.” He groaned. I looked at him, surprised. He looked at me with worry. “I’m sorry, I just brought it in case everything went better than expected. I shouldn’t have brought it. It was stupid. I’m sorry.” He let my knees go so I could stand on my own again. He took a step back, and I instantly wished he was leaning into me once more.

I watched him carefully.

“We should never have touched one another.” I whispered.

“I know.”

“But you did.”

“I did.”

“What about Aang?” I asked. I looked where he had pulled away. Aand had brought Toph home and left, never thinking that a helpful ride home would be anything more than just that.

“I wasn’t thinking about Aang, Katara.” Zuko said seriously.

“He’s your friend.” I said, more to myself than to him.

“This is so wrong.” Zuko said, running a hand through his hair. “You’re right…but where do we go from here?” he asked. I looked back to him. He was unsure of himself for the first time I had ever seen. Broad shouldered, wearing his usual black t-shirt and shorts. He was tall, so much taller than me, and muscular. I made sure not to smile, thinking of his goal to bend fire like his uncle.

“Where do we go from here?” I asked, repeating his question.

“Yeah. I can’t just stop wanting you. You’re always around. It’ll be too much, but I don’t want to end our friendship.” He said gruffly. I stared at him. It was the most emotional thing he had ever said to me. He never said what he was thinking. 

“I know what to do.” I said to him.

“What, pretend it never happened?” he asked, almost hurt.

“No. We finish what we started.” I said. He stared at me in amazement. I opened the door to the back seat of his car and slid in.

“Well?” I asked. Zuko dove in and slammed the door shut. I let him kneel over me. I was leaning back, propped up on my elbows.

“If you want to do this, though.” I said, looking at Zuko seriously. He watched me, letting his hands come down on either side of my face on the seat of his car. “You have to answer my next question completely honestly.”

“I will.”

“Is this your first?”

Zuko licked his lips and closed his eyes. I had asked him a long time ago if he had ever snuck into some chick’s bed, and of course he had said it was none of my business, but now it was.

“Yes.” He forced out.

“And you’re sure you want your first to be me?” I asked softly. Zuko opened his eyes and lay on top of me.

“Dear God, yes.” He whispered.

“Then take off my clothes, and pull out the condom.” I murmured. Zuko wasted no time. He jerked my skirt and underwear down, sliding them off the ends of my feet along with my sandals. He slid both hands up my legs. He let one hand stay between them, letting his slender fingers explore, while his other hand helped me pull off my shirt and unhook my bra. I sat up from under him, sliding away from his now slick fingers. He licked them.

I pulled his shirt off and undid his belt. I maneuvered his shorts and boxers off. With his pants still around his ankles, I licked my thumb and brought it from the head of his penis down, until I reached his balls, which I began to massage. I licked up his cock and over the tip, sucking on it gently. Zuko’s entire body went limp, his head hanging back over the seat. His fingers curled into my hair, holding the back of my head. He let out tiny gasps and groans as I moved. I came up and kissed the defined ‘V’ that marked the line between his hips and abdomen.

“Oh, jeez.” He whispered, unable to sit up. I pushed him down and sat on his lap, kissing up his chest to his neck, which I gently put one hand under. I put my other hand behind his head and slowly brought his head up for him. He looked at me, nearly dazed.

“Do you need a break?” I asked quietly, cracking a small smile.

He grinned. “Not at all.” He whispered, bringing his hands up my body and to my boobs. He pushed them together and squeezed them, making them spill over between his fingers.

“That doesn’t hurt, right?” he asked suddenly, releasing my chest.

“Nope.” I smiled and brought one of hand hands back to my breast. He groaned and brought his mouth to my breast. He kissed the inside of it, before slipping his mouth over the nipple. I took a sharp breath as he sucked on it, playing around with his tongue. The vague thought of him being a quick learner drifted through my mind. He released me.

“Condom?” he asked breathlessly.

“Condom.” I agreed just as breathless, reaching for his shorts. I quickly located it and ripped it open. I climbed off his lap and slipped the condom on. He lay me down on my back across the backseat. He was on all fours over me. I brought up my knees on either side of his waist.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Of course.”

He lowered his hips and slowly pushed forward. I couldn’t help the tiny moan of pleasure that escaped me. His hands clenched into fists on either side of me. Zuko flexed his back, arcing over me, and groans in pleasure. My hips rose as he pulled back and I cried out when he pushed back into me. He took my wrists and crossed them above my head, holding them there with one hand. With the other, he held on to the back of the seat.

He started out slow, savoring every movement, but soon we were rocking his jeep back and forth, him grunting and breathing heavily. I arched my back and let him hear my pleasure. I gasped as I felt my legs give, refusing to hold me up any longer, and begin twitching. I moaned louder, curling in my toes and my chest lifting off the seat. Zuko let go of my hands to support me under my back. He kept going, getting louder himself.

“Katara!” he forced out, and he dragged his nails down the sides of my body. He grunted and panted, sweat glistening on him. He curled in on himself, every muscle on him tensed. I finally released my breath and body; letting myself go limp on the seat. He collapsed on top of me.

“I could have never imagined…” he whispered, still winded.

We didn’t move for a while, but eventually, he sat up, we got dressed, and he pulled away. I climbed into my car and started it up. The tiny green clock said it was three o’ six in the morning. I sighed.

“What the hell did you just get yourself into?” I wondered aloud to myself. 


Part 4 to my Mark Pellegrino x Reader series. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word count: 2,039

Characters: Mark Pellegrino x Reader, minor characters

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader

Warnings: Mention of death, errr nothing else?

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: Reader has finally recovered from her coma and her and Mark are doing wonderful.

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Lord help us (A Dadster X PTALinda story)

“So…” Came the slightly distorted voice of W.D Gaster, drawing the attention of two skeletons and young human, “How do I look?” The three turned a critical eye to the old scientist, taking in his change in attire. Instead of the usual all encompassing black robe, a rather sharp black suit adorned his form, displaying just how tall and lanky the usually amorphous skeleton could be. His eyes darted from face to face, hoping to get a gauge of their reactions, nervousness clear on his alabaster face.

Frisk, ever encouraging, gave a wide grin and two thumbs up, clearly showing their approval. Papyrus, by far the most vocal of the three, declared, “WOWIE GASTER! YOU LOOK ALMOST AS GOOD AS I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS! THAT IS NO EASY TASK I ASSURE YOU!”

Sans, lounging about on the couch, both hands tucked firmly into his pockets, simply flashed his constant grin before saying, “*yeah doc, you clean up good. so, what’s the occasion? you never were the kind of monster to wear the whole penguin suit.” A hint of orange came over the face of the lanky doctor, a single hand raising to rub the back of his skull.

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Hello fellow Guardians of Tumblr! this past weekend I managed to help few people beat Skolas for their first time. It wasn’t much of a struggle at all since we knew what we were doing, Everything went better than expected! This week I’ll focus on taking new comers across Raids that they’ve never done or finished. As for this coming weekend I’ll return to helping people take on Skolas once more. If you are intereted in Raids message me on here. As for more info on Skolas, this are the requirements to join. Nothing to hard or anything really required:


Hello fellow Guardians! I come here to ask anyone if they still need help in taking on Skolas in the level 35 Prison of Elders for the completion of “Moments of Triumph”. If that is the case then you are indeed in luck! I will be helping people out all of Saturday and Sunday from 2pm PST to 9pm PST. What console? I will either be on Xbox 360 or Xbox One depending on what requests I am taking. Why am I doing this you ask? Simple, not everyone has a chance to do so or people don’t get accepted because you don’t have a Gjallarhron. That’s why I am here to help you Guardian! Requirements? A microphone in which you will need to be able to communicate with me as well as others that want to join, decent weapons at either 331 with max perks or 365 weapons, and you must be a 34 ONLY. I doesn’t matter what what class you are as long as you are able to hold you own and follow a given order so we can make the waves a little easier. If you are interested in doing so, please shoot me a message on here or on Xbox Live; my gamertag is YaBoiBonnie. I’ll see you this weekend Guardians, and remember to stay awesome!