everything we ever imagined and the only way in which we could materialise it

Staking his claim 1/1

Well it’s just fluff really.  I make no excuses and was born from that dress Gillian Anderson wore to the Halloween benefit ball. It’s NOT RPF though. Strictly Mulder & Scully set during revival between Babylon and My Struggle II

 I honestly meant to check the dress in the costume shop when I picked it up; in fact, I meant to pick the damn thing up three days ago.  But the unscheduled side trip to Texas put paid to any hope I may have had regarding trying it on before the actual of night of the FBI’s annual Halloween benefit ball was upon me.

 An FBI ball for God’s sake; this would never have happened in the old days but it seems that even the Federal Government is no longer immune to the expectation that they should do their bit in the name of philanthropy.  The fact that the birth of social media means that not only does the Bureau have a twitter account, but you can also log onto Facebook and scroll through innumerable publicity shots of smiling Agents engaged in their pursuit of protecting the country; of ensuring they are spending those tax dollars wisely and even more crucially, that they actually care what the general populace thinks of them.  I had been labouring under the delusion that the photos were posed by models but in fact, they are real live Agents with real live badges and real live guns. Every department is represented – from A-Z there is at least a paragraph or two of blurb that a Joe public hungry for information can log on to with just the click of a button or a touch of a screen.  

 So far, we have managed to fly under the radar with regards to this particular public relations nightmare and one of the few letters not currently indexed on the handy drop-down menu is X but we both know it’s only a matter of time before Mulder and I are called upon to pose enigmatically with a paper mache model of a horny-toed lizard man or some other such nonsense.  Mulder thinks it’s hilarious; but then again, Mulder would.

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So this is the ask made by @riveranddoctorsong123 Which i feel you might be exited to hear may or may not have started up a series. Not exactly the request, I hope you don’t mind. Less like River’s nickname more like each character has their nickname which applies to everyone else. So, this is the first of what may be a series, ‘Sweetie, Darling, Love’ Hope this is close enough to the request, you may have more to come! And remember anyone can request an imagine or one-shot, whatever you call them, or even another story for this series here.

Word count: 1057

Bit of a rant, anywho


“River” You whined, your voice echoing off the stone walls. “River” You huffed at the lack of response, shifting under the incredibly uncomfortable cot in your cell. Stormcage was never known to be fun, but you had honestly never thought it to be this boring. “River!” You called again, annoyed. You heard a huff from the cell next door and smirked, knowing you were the cause of her irritation. “River!” You shouted one last time.

“What the hell is it, (Y/N)?” River snapped. You bit your lip in an effort not to laugh, knowing it’d just make her more annoyed and then she would be likely to hit you next time you decided to escape for the night. Speaking of which…

“When’s your husband coming to pick us up?” You asked, not caring if anyone heard. Even if the guards knew you were planning to leave that night, they would never be able to stop you. And everyone knew you’d simply break in again later that night or the next morning.

“Sometime tonight actually” She responded easily, knowing there was no danger in saying so, same as you did. You gave a small nod before grimacing at the uncomfortableness of the cot once more. You sat up, walking over to the bars by the door of your cell, leaning on them with your arms outside.

“Any possibility he’d let me have a nap in his box for a while?” You asked, resting your head on the cool bars.

“I doubt he’d mind, but we’re not waiting for you” River said simply. You frowned.

“Rude” You muttered. You sighed, standing silent and unmoving for a minute or two.

“River” You drawled out. “River, I’m bored”

“You’re always bored” She shot back.

“It’s always boring here”

“No one ever said prison would be fun, Sweetie”

“No one ever said prison would be boring, Darling”

“I think you’re meant to assume that” River told you, her voice betraying her amusement. You heard the snap shut of a book and smirked.

“Are you writing in that diary again?” You asked knowingly. There was silence for a moment.

“No” She said slowly. You laughed, completely unconvinced.

“You were. Even if you’re not writing, you’re rereading old stuff. God, you’re mushy in love” You said, faking disgust at the thought.

“You’re just jealous” She said confidently.

“Why would I be jealous? You love me already” You shrugged, enjoying the banter. There was a reason you called her when you got bored. Messing around with River Song made everything more interesting.

“Well, that’s a little true” River agreed, her voice suddenly closer as she stood at the bars of her own cell. Her arm reached out the bars and grabbed yours.

“He’s late” She commented after a moment, making you realise she had been looking at her watch.

“When is he not?” You shrugged. Just as the words left your lips, the sound you loved the most in the universe started up, wind blowing the hair away from your face as you grinned. “Speak of the devil” The blue box materialised before you and it wasn’t a moment after she landed when the man you’d been waiting for dashed out, a grin on his face as he made his way over.

“Hello, River, (Y/N)”

“Hello, Sweetie”

“Hello, Darling”

The two of you spoke at once, grinning back at him.

“Gonna get us out of here?” River asked, and you could practically hear that raised eyebrow expression. The Doctor’s grin turned to a smirk as he looked between you.

“Still debating it” He teased.

“Oh come on, Doctor. It’s boring in here. I know a way we could have a lot more fun” You complained jokingly. He raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, really?”



“Tardis” You nodded over his shoulder at the box in question, before raising your eyebrow right back at him. “What did you think I meant?” You asked innocently.

“Tardis” He copied, pulling out his sonic screwdriver. It wasn’t very long at all until you and River were tugging the Doctor back onto the beloved ship.

“You miss me, Darling?” You whispered, leaning into the console as you stroked it lovingly.

“I did” The Doctor replied instantly, smirking as he stood behind you. You rolled your eyes with a grin before turning to him.

“Down boy, you’re married” You teased.

“She doesn’t have to know”

You couldn’t help yourself, laughing at that. His face lit up as he joined in and you heard River chuckling to herself on the other side of the console.

“I missed you, I was out last time you and River saw each other” You pointed out. The Doctor gave you a soft smile and pulled you in for a hug, which you accepted readily. He just held you tightly for a moment and rubbed your back before pulling away.

“Okay, where to? I know, there’s a great planet I found a couple centuries ago. If we-“

“Now, now, Sweetie” River cut him off, smirking at him. “I think it’s about time me and (Y/N) chose, don’t you?” The Doctor huffed, looking much like a child who was told he couldn’t have a cookie before dinner.

“Okay, fine” He muttered, moving to stand at the console between you and River. You laughed at his behaviour, taking up your usual position at the console. You looked over the two panels that were your own before looking back up as River spoke again.

“What was that?” She asked, looking up at the Doctor expectantly. He sighed before a smile broke out.

“Yes, of course, Love” He corrected.

“Much better” River nodded, looking up at you. “Don’t you think?”

“Much” You agreed, nodding.

“Plotting against me, always” The Doctor muttered, shaking his head. You grinned.

“You love it” You countered. He gave a small nod.

“Possibly, but only a little” He agreed, flicking a switch and looking up at River expectantly. She finished up typing in the co-ordinates and shot you a smirk as she pulled the dematerialisation lever.

“Here we go” She declared.

“Onwards!” You cried happily.

“Geronimo!” The Doctor followed as you took off and the Tardis shook in the unstable but always interesting manner you and the Doctor never let River fix. As it should be, the three of you, the Doctor, River and (Y/N) in the Tardis.

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there ain’t no rest for the wicked (tw)

He thought he’d escape this when he escaped Sydney, the feeling of being too small in a city too large, but the buildings and the vast blue sky make him feel vulnerable, open and fragile. He doesn’t like it, never has, probably never will. He doesn’t like the feeling of being lain out like this. At least here, in this unknown city where he has no idea what will await him, no one will know his name. He can start over, the way he’s dreamed of for so long.

Ashton moves to Las Vegas. All he wants is to start over, properly, and get away from the memories that Sydney holds. He never expected to find solace in a burlesque dancer.

it’s like catching lightning (tw)

He has to admit that the wolf is beautiful, thick tawny fur and strong limbs. There’s a certain intelligence and awareness in its eyes, like there’s more to it than Luke knows. It’s bigger than any of the other wolves sighted, in a way that Luke probably only comes up to just below its chest, though it doesn’t mean much considering how small Luke is.

The thing that strikes him, though, is the familiar, gorgeous hazel eyes. He swears he’s seen them before, and not in the wolf’s face staring back at him.

giant wolves have been seen all over sydney, and maybe ashton is keeping a secret.
with you, i feel on top of the world

Ashton yawns, perched on the rock overlooking his pack’s clearing. They’re sparring today, the regular training to make sure they’re in shape. Ashton’s overseeing everything, though he doesn’t think he can really be blamed if his eyes always pull towards Luke.

giant wolves are still being seen around sydney, but this time, luke’s in on the secret, and an empty house is all they need.

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So I wrote this in a few hours last night as a little Tayvin birthday blurb and it might be a little rough and short because it was late and I was tired, but happy birthday Taylor!
I just got really excited by this idea I came up with a few months back and I was finally able to use it. Very cliche but it’s romantic so…


‘I’ll be home before you’re up. Early flight out of Vegas in a few hours. Happy birthday beautiful xxx’ - Adam, 03:07am 12/13/15

I lock my phone. It is now 10:23am and Adam’s not here yet. I was asleep when he texted but now, I’m awake and the bed is spacious and depressingly empty of the 6ft giant. My 6ft giant.

He probably just got caught up in Vegas. Or maybe his flight was delayed because of freak weather. Or maybe he decided to come later. Maybe he was too tired to come to my house and just crashed at his.

My mind works on overdrive, flitting from possibility to possibility. I just want to hear his voice. See his face. Clear and undistorted by bad connections on FaceTime.

I could barely sleep once I came back from Melbourne last night. I was so excited for today. My birthday.

I’ve been like this since I can remember and I get excited about my birthday whether I have plans or not. This year, I have Adam. So it’s pretty special. I can’t remember a boyfriend ever being as enthusiastic with me about my birthday. Scratch that- I can’t remember a boyfriend ever being as enthusiastic about everything I did. I could talk about buying new carpets and suddenly we’re in a deep discussion about the best design and material.

And I would talk about carpets with him for hours if only to get one kiss from him for the first time in weeks.

I sigh in defeat and rise from my bed, clad in a cat-covered pyjama top and shorts and slip on Adam’s hoodie - which I had shed sometime last night - over my head. It easily drapes past mid-thigh along the skin of my slim legs.

I’m about to step out of the room when I notice a small brown wrapped box leaning against the door. It almost blends into the wood and the light, sandy carpet.

I curiously pick it up and notice that a matching coloured tag is attached to the rectangular brown paper package. It’s only the size of my hand and weighs about as much as a phone. I twist over the tag and read the unmistakable scrawl of Adam’s handwriting. A grin stretches over my lips.

'Because everything is important to you - even numbers…’

I furrow my eyebrows. What is it? I finger the edge of the present excitedly and then rip off the Sellotaped paper and tug it off the box, discarding it on the ground. It slowly reveals a glass case with a silver chained bracelet inside.

I open the box and carefully pull the bracelet off the velvety cushion it grips on to. I hear a small jingle of metal against metal and notice three gold charms outlined in black dangling from the bracelet. 13 - the date I was born. 89 - the year I was born. 26 - my age.

I all but forget about the paper I hastily threw on the ground and swing open the door, ready to stampede down the stairs and search for Adam. He has to be here.

Except, when I prepare myself to dash down the hall, I find another brown paper package - thinner this time - resting on the dark wood floor. I waste no time picking it up and reading the note quickly:

'Because you’re my muse…’

I tear the wrapping off carelessly. It’s a CD with half of the 1989 front cover on it and the other half is a body lined up to mine with a darker filter on it, giving it a gloomy and mysterious feel. My chin matches to the bearded jaw of the hidden face, lips slightly parted. The shoulders - covered with a grey top - fluidly give way to long lanky arms with clear muscle definition. Adam.

The writing on Adam’s side says: A.W. 1989. A.W… Adam Wiles. He used his real name. This must mean a lot to him. It’s personal. Anything he does with promotion is Calvin Harris but this isn’t promotion. It comes from the heart.

My interest is peaked. I flip over the CD to look at the back. All my normal tracks are squashed onto one side but opposite them are identical tracks with 'Adam Wiles remix’ in brackets. I also notice a few tracks mixed in called 'that one time you sang for me’ and 'feel so close - acoustic duet’ and a few more.

Maybe it’s the jet-lag or maybe it’s just too early, but the thought put into this gift has my eyes welling with tears.

It’s a work of art, a piece of both of us moulded into a CD. He managed to capture our personalities in the pictures, first of all and I can only imagine the songs. He didn’t just think of what I want. He thought of what I’d keep and what I’ll always remember. This isn’t any normal gift. As materialised as it is, it’s no material gift. It’s a soul and a thought, a lingering echo of the strength of our relationship.

I could get guitars, pianos, bracelets, rings, handmade anything. You name it, I’ve gotten it. They’ve all had thought and relevance… But this has to beat it all. He not only thought about this, but worked on this. How hard he works on anything to do with music is never half-hearted. It leaves him fatigued and mentally exhausted but he’s always proud of how much he’s done and what he’s done.

I know that this album isn’t a half attempt because Adam Wiles doesn’t do that. He doesn’t stop until he’s finished and somehow, he felt I was important enough for him to pour his passion into my birthday present. That means more than any material gift I ever got.

I glance around for more packages before leisurely continuing towards the stairs. As I expect, I see another package on the top step. I mull over the note once more, which says:

'Because I saw this and thought of you…’

The gift is small this time, only a fraction of the size of the album. I unwrap it and find a small charm clasped onto a small hole in a plain piece of cream card. It’s the outline of a cat face with whiskers poking over the neat shape. The eyes are drowsily half-closed and the mouth is hanging open in a yawn.

I giggle softly. It reminds me of both Meredith and Olivia. The two sleepiest felines in the world. Latching the charm onto my bracelet, I calmly walk downstairs to the final gift, trying I compose myself. Another rectangular box, just bigger.

I smile, picking it up and read the note.

'Because I can’t always tell you how much I love you, I want to always remind you…’

I rip off the paper to be met with a painted wooden frame with faded and chipped areas to give it a vintage feel. Inside the frame is a picture of me on Adam’s back during the 4th July celebrations I had earlier this year. We were facing the camera with our bodies, but our heads were turned to one another trying to see each other as best we could.

My smile almost split my face and I had never seen my eyes so genuinely happy. Adam had his head tilted towards mine and had a small smirk playing on his lips. It was such a loving moment. It was so personal and vulnerable enough for people to pick at it and warp it into something else. I could never post this online. That would change more than it should in our relationship.

How strong we are but so weak to public exposure.

I remember the day this picture was taken. The commotion of all these people around us but it felt like it was just us for a few moments. I had posted a picture of us taken a few minutes before this picture was captured, but that was from my phone. This was taken on a proper camera. I think it was Gigi who was madly snapping pictures of everyone and she got some amazing shots too; but this has to be my favourite.

I place the picture with the CD in my hands and finally make it to the kitchen. I smell the aroma of waffles now, mixing with syrup and Nutella. Adam turns around as soon as I step in and smiles at me. He’s casually leaning against the counter, hips lopsided and his stance relaxed.

I return a grin back and carefully place the gifts on the table before striding across the room to his open arms and tugging him down to kiss me. Our passion and love is felt down through my bones as our lips crash into a sweet embrace. His hands grip my back tightly and mine wind around his neck, fingers dancing over the back of his neck, then travelling to graze his stubbled jaw.

I feel the tears from earlier build up until they’re streaming down my cheeks. Adam pulls back slowly to rub them away, swiping lightly under my eyes. Seeing his forest green irises stare into mine with so much emotion makes me choke up with sobs. I swallow them back quickly and try to control my tears.

“Hi.” I whisper shakily, never breaking eye contact.

“Hey. Happy birthday.” He grins at me. His deep accent soothing me immediately and I’m almost overwhelmed again, this time ready to collapse from how weak my knees feel.

I think of everything this man has done for me, even just today. The thoughtful presents, his soft touch and fatal lips.

I kiss him again. Fiercely trying to convey how much I love him in this moment. Everything he’s ever done for me has always had me in mind. There’s been nothing for him to gain in it. He always thinks of me first, and that realisation is enough for me to fall just that bit more than before. I’ve fallen too far to go back now. It’s forever or never. This love is close to a necessity. It’d almost be dangerous, but I know that it’s true and I can finally believe in forever.

We pull back again and I realise that we pushed back into the counter in the middle of the kitchen. Adam lifts me by my hips up onto the marble worktop and stands between my legs, one hand lazily resting on my thigh, the other perched on my hip.

“So, what do you think?” Adam smiles excitedly at me, regarding the presents with an excited nod.

I pause for a moment and look at him disbelievingly.

“How are you going to beat this for Christmas?”

Hope you liked it!