everything was worth the wait

ffxiv classes be like (4.0 edition)
  • paladin: wait, i have job mechanics now?
  • warrior: six fell cleaves isn't enough give me MORE
  • dark knight: wait, you mean i'm not playing paladin?
  • dragoon: wait wasn't the entire goal of the last expansion to prevent people from doing what i just did
  • monk: oh my god...i'm *viable*
  • ninja: what the FUCK am i doing
  • samurai: you mean i'm NOT supposed to read each skill name out in an anime voice whenever i use them?
  • black mage: enochian? you mean that old thing?
  • summoner: aetherflow, aethertrail, dreadwyrm aether, IS THERE ANY OTHER AETHER I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT
  • red mage: Hmph. These imbeciles aren't worth my time.
  • machinist: wait people play machinist?
  • white mage: HOW YA LIKE ME NOW BITCHES
  • scholar: this is like 10 times more confusing than it already was
  • astrologian: we have two more cards but i still only get spire
A Dress Like That : Peter Parker x Reader

You sigh and smile dreamily at your soon-to-be-stepmother, Pepper Potts. 

Or shall we say, future Mrs. Stark.

“I’d love to wear a dress like that someday.” You say as you walk towards Pepper.

Pepper smiles when she sees you, and says, “I’m sure you will.” She pauses, “And you’ll look much more beautiful.”

You knew that your father was planning on proposing to the redhead for a while now. He definitely took his time overthinking everything. But now, looking at her with her hair expertly done and the dress so exquisite… Everything was worth the wait because everything was perfect.

“Oh, stop that.“ You blush as you playfully shush her. “This day is about you. Don’t try to distract me.“

Pepper turns back to the mirror she’s sitting in front of. “Honestly, I’m glad you helped me convince Tony not to go completely overboard. Thank you for that.”

“I could see that you wanted something simple, but sincere and intimate.” You shrugged, not thinking much of it. “It was nothing, really.“

“Oh dear, Y/N.” She stood and reached out for you, holding your arms. “You understand, and you always give more than anyone asks for.“ Pepper gives you a hug. “And that’s everything.“

You embrace her as well, then you break apart when you hear a knock on the door.

Natasha and Wanda walk in, looking all dolled up as well. “Oh, Pepper, you look gorgeous.” Wanda says as she hands Pepper the prettiest bouquet of flowers.

“Thank you.” Pepper replies, hands shaking slightly as she holds the flowers in her hands.

“Come on, girls.“ Natasha says, pointing at the clock on the dresser. She grins. 

“It’s showtime.“

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I genuinely had plans to write today until I discovered that whilst I was wrapped in the blissful oblivion of slumber, @jungblue and @kimtrain and @ellieljade all updated their fics. Ultimately, this has lead me down a long and treacherous path of procrastination in order to read each of their phenomenal pieces of work, and I am not at all upset about in the slightest.

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%ya'll i want to write about their first date being in the underworld but only if there's interest lmao ---- YO I'M DOWN FOR THAT 🙌🏻❤️. You hcs give me life!!! 💕

eee messages like this make my day honestly :,) im sorry this is such a flop, im going through the worst writers blog and everything i right ends up crap—it really wasn’t worth the wait haha

  • you might be wondering how nico and will had their first date in the underworld of all places. their probably wondering the same thing as well to be honest with you
  • nico had a few errands to run in the underworld and obviously he shadow traveled to hades’ place just as will solace grabbed onto him, probably nagging about how he should rest first or get some kind of energy drink
  • for a second, they just kind of stare at each other, not knowing what just happened until will realizes he’s in the middle of hades’ place and almost looses his mind right then and there
  • nico is both trying to calm him down and also bickering with him about why he just had to do that right when he was about to shadow travel, but will isn’t listening and only trying to get familiar with his situation at the moment
  • in a few moments when the initial shock has subsided, his whole face just lits up in curiosity and he becomes all giddy and cute because the he’s obviously never been to the underworld and it’s all so cool
  • nico wonders if he’s in shock but will’s eyes are just searching the whole place, eyes setting on the thrones and all when persephone appears behind her own
  • will’s practically shaking nico at this point because “ohmygoditspersephone” and nico’s rolling his eyes because it’s persephone that their talking about and newsflash, they don’t get along very well
  • persephone’s scowl is quite strong, but she looks more confused than anything else and sighs, asking nico what the hell he’s doing here and why a terribly bright camper looks like he’s about to explode of excitement
  • nico mutters an explanation and introduces the two of them briefly. persephone is surprised about the son of apollo part, but she looks more excited now then anything else and asks will if he wants to see her gardens to which he replies an eager yes
  • nico’s going to roll his eyes to the back of his head at this point, but he tags along because he doesn’t want to ruin the eagerness on his boyfriends face. so they go to see her gardens and nico is mostly in the corner studying his sword while will and persephone gush about the different flowers
  • persephone takes a fondness of will and sneaks in a few herbs for him that makes a medical nerd like will beam. nico’s probably sleeping at this point and when persephone and will come back, will starts gushing to him about the different plants that they saw and their healing properties and nico’s not in a good mood because of persephone presence but he grins nevertheless cause he likes seeing will smile 
  • their greeted to hades when they return to the place, and will almost chokes on air and shrinks back a little bit, his face immediately becoming pale when he notices hades staring down at him, his eyes hinting at the slightest confusion as they drift between him, nico and persephone
  • nico groans. this is not how he wanted this to happen, but persephone catches on her husband about what’s going on. hades just looks at nico for a second before sighing and the two tag along to talk about the errands he came here for
  • afterwards, hades has nico and consequently will stay for dinner. will has never had a dinner in the underworld, obviously, so he’s kind of shuffling and awkward and suddenly he’s answering all of persephone’s questions quietly because of hades’ presence who has such a curiosity in his eyes and his gaze is hard on will
  • nico tries to understand the quiet conversation between will and persephone and what makes it so interesting before hades bluntly asks if they’re dating.
  • silence. a lot of silence. nico is pondering as to whether he should shadow travel away right now or stay frozen to his spot. the fear comes back to him at full force. it feels like the time cupid confronted him and he doesn’t want to be here in this situation right now with a pale face and a dry throat
  • but will just rests his hand on nico’s under the table and notices that he’s shaking so he swallows his fear and just says a blunt “yes”. hades looks between the two of them then and notices that his son looks like he’s about to pass out but he just nods and continues eating.
  • it’s extremely tense. persephone has just registered this fact and is just as confused at the totally opposite pairing, but she doesn’t care all too much because will is a cool kid who likes flowers
  • the rest of the dinner for the most part goes quite slowly and quietly and will’s hand won’t leave nico’s because he’s actually about to faint 
  • after dinner, nico rushes to leave with will and then takes will around the underworld because the kid is asking so much questions and eventually they come across cerberus, who nico is sure is going to terrify will, but will treats him like the cutest dog he’s ever seen and just starts baby talking and laughing at all the gross underworld dog slobber and cerberus immediately loves him
  • nico’s watching all of this in literal shock but he’ll take it as opposed to will being scared. as they walk along, sometimes glancing over the fiery pits beneath the “balconies”, will asks nico why he doesn’t seem to like persephone and he explains her jealousy of her mother and therefore her hatred of him
  • will is a bit disappointed at that, but persephone seems to like will and will likes nico so he’s hoping a connection can be developed there. he also comforts him about his father and nico just shrugs. will asks him if he wants to leave and nico says he does.
  • when they return, hades and persephone are waiting for them and hades asks nico if they can talk, immediately putting a pit in the boy’s stomach. but he tags along and puts a casual face on for will who looks a little worried but then persephone and him engage in the nerdiest conversation about how the two act like and ahhhh
  • hades and nico travel alongside the place, just walking at first until nico asks him if this is about will. hades is quiet for a second before giving a slight hum in reply and keeping his face quite nonchalant. nico stops in his tracks and so does his father and they both face each other.
  • nico breathes in and just closed his eyes as he looks at the ground and comments a very quite statement about how he can’t like girls like that and how he’s sorry. he doesn’t think he’s actually sorry, but he feels like he needs to be
  • for a moment, there’s nothing and nico is still wondering if he should just shadow travel away before hades, most surprisingly, puts a hand on nico’s shoulder and tells him that he’s proud of him. nico is in shock, but his shoulder relieve a little and the tears in his eyes threaten to pour out.
  • hades notices this and asks nico how he’s able to tolerate a son of apollo and nico laughs lightly and just a little and shrugs, trying to stop the blush on his face from spreading. hades almost smiles at the sight of his happier son
  • they talk a little bit about things, not all of which have to do with nico and will before nico realizes he has to go and the two of them return to the sight of persephone and will. nico looks happier, so will smiles as well and hades looks between the two of them before, gasp, offering his hand to will
  • will contemplates for a good, long second if he should take it or not before he hesitantly down and hades grip is cold but firm and will remember that he’s literally shaking hands with death at the moment. hades just nods at him and his eyes goes softer so will is able to relax just a little bit.
  • hades and persephone see the sight of their retreating backs before they disappear into the darkness. persephone looks up and notices that her husband has the slightest trail of smile on his face.

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Not gonna lie... I read Satisfaction Brought It Back because you suggested it... You are so right... It's great... And not just for the smut... Great plot and character development... Some great twists... Then combine that with corporate espionage and the fact that almost everyone from the show is SUPER kinky, and you've got a Grade A masterpiece that tops 50 Shades of Crap any and every day... Thanks for the A+ recc!!! :D

This has been a public service announcement. ;)

Goodbye, Dad

Jake’s dad, Robert, has always wanted to give his son everything he wanted in life.  Being a single father has been tough on him, and he really has done his best to make Jake happy, but there’s one thing he can’t give his son…his body.  

Jake was a lean, pencil-thin teenager, and barely 5′6″.  To put things bluntly, the poor boy was crippled by low self-esteem because of his small size. He had a comfortable life, but all he wanted was to look more like his dad.  

“You just need to wait for your growth spurt,” Robert reassured his boy, doubting it would ever come since he had already been a stud in the making when he was Jake’s age.  But he stayed positive for his son and hoped that Jake would learn to love himself the way he was.  

“I don’t wanna wait for something that might never even come!” Jake lashed out before storming to his room and slamming the door.  

“He needs some space,” Robert said quietly before sighing and going to his own room.  

Robert got down to just his boxers and looked at the body that he had been gifted with through the genetic lottery.  Sure, he worked hard to maintain his physique, but his genetic blueprint was an ideal foundation to build from.  

“This shouldn’t be a make or break for anyone’s happiness…” Robert mumbled before crawling into bed.  He hoped more than anything that Jake could find happiness within himself.  

Meanwhile Jake was in his room crushing various herbs and strange substances.  

“If I can’t look more like you, then I’ll just have to BE you,” Jake assured himself as he read from a page he had torn out of a book at that weird occult bookstore.  

The ingredients for this potion were surprisingly common, but the page claimed that precise measurements and mixing would help “release the spirit.”

“Goodbye, Dad,” Jake said before devouring his finished concoction.  

He laid down in bed and closed his eyes and did the deep breathing exercises on the occult page.  Minutes passed without any noticeable difference other than an herbal aftertaste in his mouth, but as time continued to pass, Jake found himself feeling lighter and lighter–almost like he was becoming disconnected from reality.  

Jake opened his eyes and was amazed to see the last of his spiritual form leaving his teen body.  His body wouldn’t survive long without his spirit inside, but he didn’t care.  This was a one-trip for Jake.  

Satisfied, Jake let himself sink through the floor.  He had to go through another wall, but soon he found himself hovering over his Dad’s sculpted and muscular body.  Jake wanted nothing more than to feel the confidence and power of being a stud like his dad–no–to feel the confidence and power of being the stud known as his dad.  He had no second thoughts and no regrets as he dove right at his father’s rippled abs.  

“Huh?!!!!!” Robert gasped as he was shocked awake.  

Something had slammed him hard in the stomach–no something was still pushing so hard against him.  

“WHat the–OH FUCK!” Robert yelled out as he felt some invisible force flooding into his body, filling his body past capacity.  

“Aggggghhhhhhhhh uuunnngggggggggggg” Robert helplessly groaned as he thrashed in bed, gripping the sheets and gritting his teeth as he tried to roll off the bed–but the force pinning him down was too strong.  He was stuck there as the energy continued to flood into him.

Robert moaned helplessly as it got harder and harder to control his movements.  A wet, cold sensation spread from his abs down his thighs, up his pecs and worked all the way down to his toes, out to his fingers, and agonizingly, into his thick and erect cock.  It wasn’t long until the sensation crept up his neck and he squinted his eyes shut tight as his back arched so he was clear off the bed.  Every muscle in Robert’s body seized at once, and then with one last guttural grunt Robert felt a sensation like he had been shot out of a cannon.  

Robert was stunned and in shock as he regained his senses, only now he was floating above his own body.  He watched his own eyes open and then a mischevious smirk crossed his body’s lips.  

“Oh fuuuuuuccccckkkkk yeah,” he heard his voice say as he watched his body’s hands rub up his torso.  

“Oh yeah, call me Daddy,” his body moaned as Robert helplessly watched his own fingers caress and squeeze his nipples.  

“Looks like I’m a stud like you after all,” he heard his body gloat with a chuckle.  

“JAKE!  That little shit!” Robert yelled in his spiritual form before diving back to reclaim his body.

To his dismay, there was a brief flash of light and then he was deflected right off his own body.  

“Don’t even waste your energy, Dad,” Jake said, enjoying the smooth and deep voice leaving his mouth.  “This was a one-way trip.  My body’s upstairs–If you don’t make yourself at home in that pipsqueak body then I’m pretty sure you’ll just be stuck haunting this house until the end of time. 

Robert roared in rage as he lunged at his body over and over again, getting hurled away each time and doing nothing more than tickling Jake in the process.  His pleas and threats could not even be heard–the only evidence he was even present was the flash and sensation when he got deflected from his own body.  

“Ohhhhhh yeah, Dad, that’s starting to feel kinda good,” Jake moaned as his father’s spirit deflected off him again.  His new cock was gently pulsating inside those boxers, and as Robert watched his son reach into the waistband he realized he couldn’t take it anymore.  

Robert floated up to his son’s room and saw Jake’s vacant body.  

Not having any other option at the moment, he realized that having a body would be better than being stuck as a trapped spirit.  

He begrudgingly started floating to Jake’s body, but then to his horror he saw the spirit of an overweight elderly man dive right Jake’s empty form.  

“NOOOOO!!!!”Robert screamed as he dove at his son’s body, only to find himself repelled just like he was with his body.  

Jake’s eyes fluttered open before grinning with a look of profound relief.  

“Tough break,” Jake’s voice said, now controlled by the spirit of the elderly man.  

“I was stuck here for decades, just watching family after family live in this home.  Not that it matters to you, but I died alone and unhappy.  I spent my whole life in the closet, and my last thought as a living person was that if I had the chance to be a cute little twink, I’d do everything differently.  Looks like it was worth the wait,” Jake’s body said as he bit his lip and rubbed his thin and young body adoringly.  “My name was Hugh in my last life, but I definitely prefer your son’s name.  That’s right, I’m Jake now…” he said with satisfaction.   

Hugh proudly walked his new body down the stairs before encountering a mirror and basking at his new chance at life.  He had managed to keep up with the times by observing the evolution of technology through the inhabitants of the house, but he still got a giddy excitement as he pulled a strange device out of his pocket and unlocked it with his new fingerprint.  He knew where the camera button was because he had watched Jake and Robert use the function countless times.  Still, he was in awe as he clicked the button and snapped the first picture of his new body.  

“Wait a second…” he said playfully before yanking his shirt off and taking another picture.  

“I don’t know why you were so self-conscious Jake.  Your body is fucking cute!  Not complaining though…” Hugh said, still enjoying the teen voice leaving his mouth.  

Hugh tucked the phone away.  He planned on exploring the device in full later on, but in that moment he wanted to get acquainted with his new “Daddy.”  His teen cock pulsated a bit just thinking about that.  

Hugh walked in on Jake, still embracing and caressing his new, mature, stud body.  

“Well, well, well, looks like you took that pipsqueak body after all.”

“You didn’t leave too many options,” Hugh replied, doing his best to act as if he were Robert inside Jake’s body.  

“So what do you want anyway?  Because this is my body now.  Nothing can reverse it,” Jake gloated.  

“No.  No hard feelings,” Hugh said as he walked closer to Jake.  “In fact, I’m glad you did what you did,” he cooed as he crawled onto the bed.  

“Dad?” Jake asked, a little confused by how okay with this his Dad seemed.

“No, you’re my daddy now.  Do you want your son to make you feel good?”

“Dad, what are you-Ohhhhhh ffuuuuuuucccccccckkkk” Jake moaned as his former body freed his new fatherly dick from his boxers and that hard cock in his mouth.  

Robert’s spirit watched in horror.

“That’s not me!!!!! That’s some old gay pervert!!!!!! STOP!!! JUST FUCKING STOP!” the fatherly spirit begged, but he could not be heard anymore.  He could only continue to watch, paralyzed in dread.  Jake thought his own father was sucking him off!

Jake was smiling from ear to ear as he used his dad’s strong arms to guide his former mouth lower and lower.  

Hugh eagerly swallowed that cock deeper and deeper until he had taken all 8 inches and had his lips firmly pressed against neatly trimmed pubes.  He was in heaven–in control of a teen twink, his new father’s cock down his throat, and his stud father’s manly scent filling his nostrils.  

Jake shivered as Hugh came up for air.  

“Shit, Dad that felt so good!”

“You’re my dad now,” Hugh reminded Jake.  “I’m your son now, and I wanna make you feel good.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Jake said gruffly as he pulled his former body on top of his muscular and hairy torso.  

He embraced his new role and hugged his son tight against his body before looking into his old eyes and leaning in to meet lips.  

Hugh shivered in enjoyment as he felt the thick, trimmed beard of his new Daddy rubbing his smooth face.  He opened his youthful mouth and let his Daddy’s tongue in.  The moaned into each other’s mouths as they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.  

Robert was horrified as he witnessed his own body passionately making out with the body of his own son.  But just when he didn’t think things could get any worse, he watched Jake roll them over so Hugh was on his back.  

“Spread your legs, son,” Jake said forcefully.  

“Yes, Daddy,” Hugh replied as he kicked off his shorts and spread his twink legs wide.  

Jake was over the moon as he found his Dad’s lube and began getting his new cock nice and slick.  He was ready to fuck his old body.  No–he was ready to fuck his son.  Because he was the man now.  He was the stud with the powerful body he had always wanted.  He couldn’t control himself as he pushed his new massive cockhead against his old body’s virgin hole.  

Hugh gasped as he felt his Daddy’s dick stretching him wide.  He squirmed and groaned, but he looked up and saw the look of focus on his Daddy’s face.  Hugh took a deep breath and relaxed, groaning as Jake pushed his father’s cock deeper and deeper into his former, teen hole.  

“mmmmmmm you’re so tight, boy!” Jake moaned as he got his meaty cock halfway in his son.  That turned him on so much looking at his old self, but knowing that the shrimpy twink he used to be was his son now.  And he didn’t know if his dad had been brainwashed by the magic or if his dad was just really being so kinky, but he didn’t care.  He was already loving his new life.  Hugh was thinking the same thing as he felt fuller and fuller of thick, Daddy cock.  He had been worried that Jake would immediately know something was wrong, but it was so erotic in Hugh’s opinion that Jake thought his own father was being a whore in that teen body.  Hugh knew that Robert was probably in the room with them.  That made him even harder.  

“Fuck yeah!  Fill me up, Daddy!  Fuck my hole good! AGgggghhhhhhhhnnnnngggggggg Fuck yeah!” Hugh hollered out as the last inch of that Daddy cock was stuffed inside him.  

Jake shivered and collapsed forward onto his old body, groaning as he adjusted to the feeling of his own father’s cock stuffed completely inside his old body’s hole.  

Jake gasped for breath before forcing his mouth onto his son’s and pulling his hips back.  

They both moaned into each other’s mouths as Jake thrust back in, and that repeated again, and again, except Jake started thrusting faster and harder until Hugh was basically just emitting a constant moan with his teen voice.  

Hugh was literally overwhelmed by pleasure as his Daddy’s dick pistoned in and out of him at an almost inhuman speed and power.  He pulled his Daddy close to him so he could feel friction with each thrust as that chest hair rubbed against his smooth body.  He loved feeling overwhelmed by a larger and more powerful man.  The opposite was true for Jake.  He was finally the stud he always wanted to be.  He never felt more confident than he did in that moment as he used his powerful abs, hips, thighs, and arms to give each thrust as much power as he could.  He reveled in his control as his father’s sweat dripped onto his old body.  No–it was his sweat.  There was no going back now–he would forever be known to the world as Robert.  And he would always adore and care for his twink son, Jake.  

“Ohhhhhh Jake!!! Son!!! I’m so fucking close!” the new Robert grunted as he felt his big balls contract and pulsate.  

Hugh accepted his new identity in that moment too.  He was Jake now, and for as long as he could keep the act up, he would pretend to be the spirit of the true Robert.  But in that moment he only had one thing to say, “Fucking cum inside me Daddy!”

The new Robert growled as he rolled them over, still fully inside his boy.  The new Jake was on top and ready to ride his Daddy, but Robert surprised his boy by quickly leaning up and hugging his boy tight.  Robert roared as he thrashed his cock up into his boy.  Jake was practically seeing stars as he hugged his Dad tight and used his leg strength to slam himself down onto his dad’s throbbing cock.  Then he felt those strong hands wrap around him.  Robert gripped his boy for maximum leverage and used his full strength to pull his son as tight and close as possible with each thrust.  

Jake’s teen body couldn’t take it anymore, and without even touching his twink dick he hollered out in his soft, adolescent voice as his throbbing teen boner launched his cum all over his dad’s sweaty, hairy, and ripped torso.  

Robert winced as he felt his boy’s hole contracting tightly with each new shot of cum that sprayed his chest.  It finally took him to his limit.  

“FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK YEEEEAAAHHHH SON!” he roared before forcing their mouths together again as he pulled them together tighter than ever and thrust his seed deep inside his boy.  Shot after shot filled Jake’s hole until he just couldn’t contain any more of his dad’s load.  With each new thrust, cum started leaking out of his hole until Robert pulled Jake tight against one final thrust.  He held them together like that for several minutes, embraced and passionately kissing as they enjoyed their afterglow, fatherly cock still buried in son’s hole.  

This was a fate worse than death for the spirit of the true Robert, but even he had to admit he had never seen his son happier than he was now that he had claimed Robert’s body and life as his own.  

If there was one thing you loved about Rocket it was his hugs. No one had him pinned as a cuddly person but, damn, they were so wrong. Of course, Rocket was only this way with you. It had taken him almost a year to trust you fully and another few months before he considered you a friend. When he finally opened up to you and became comfortable with you it made all the waiting worth it.
You did everything together now. Including sharing the same room. A few times you had woken up to find him in your bed, snuggled into your back with his arm draped over your waist or curled up on your chest with his nose nuzzlled into the crook of your neck. The warmth of him was comforting and you always reassured him you didn’t mind when he woke up and started apologising.
Truth is, he also found that you brought him comfort during the night. He still had nightmares of his days as an experiment and the pain he had endured. That fear was something that could only be soothed by you. He didn’t quite understand why. He had known you the shortest amount of time out of all of the Guardians, yet, he felt like he had known you all of his life.
After a particularly bad nightmare he was left shaking for hours holding back tears and that’s when he finally decided to curl up next to you for the first time. He was embarrassed when he had woke up to your confused eyes looking at him. When he explained your confusion had disappeared and was replaced by nothing but love towards him. You had pulled him forward and held him tightly to you. He had never been hugged before that night and he wasn’t ashamed to say he like it.
The rest, as they say, was history.

Niall Horan Imagine | Baby Time

{A/N: Such incredible feedback on my last imagine. Niall’s turn! Hope you guys love it as much as you did the other. Again, if you have anymore recommendations or requests, leave it in my ask box & I will for sure try and recreate the imagine for ya! Thank you for all the love!} 

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“Niall. Niall. Babe.” You say with a quickened and panicked tone as he was in the bedroom right next to you protectively. His arms draped around your stomach and back.

You were 9 months pregnant and on the verge of 10 months. Your baby girl was late and it was getting uncomfortable. With the stretching in your belly and the kicks, you were just wanting her in your arms.

Niall has been supportive and loving toward everything. As he has been in the studio every day up until your due date and now, he’s with you constantly. Even enough for you to tell him to go take a nap. Of course you loved Niall but sometimes, with this huge belly, you needed time to breath and not worry about labor.

“I think she’s coming.”

You mumble in a uncomfortable tone as his eyes flicker open and he stands up probably faster than you’ve ever seen him do that before. “Where where? Where is the damn hospital sack?” He says panicked, full dad mode, searching for the white suitcase which was his packed hospital bag for you and him.

“Niall, by the door, you’ve been checking it all week.” You say softly and somewhat calm surprisingly.

He looks back to you as you had some comfy plaid pj shorts on and a sweatshirt of his over your body. You two look at each other for a minute in disbelief that your baby girl was coming.

“She’s on her way love.” He says in that deep Irish accent you fell for. You nod acceptingly as he skips over to you almost falling and kissing your lips passionately, almost lifting you off the floor.

After about an hour drive of the hospital you two get a private room and Niall has called your parents and yours. He sits by your bed and holds your hand, being as attentive as possible.

“You feel okay? Need more blankets? Need anything?” He mumbles and looks into your eyes, moving a piece of you hair from your eyes. You shake your head leaning in and kissing his cheek.

“Im just fine babe.” You say cutely and then squeeze his hand and he nods smiling, catching on to the point of relaxing.

Hours go by and you are standing up and walking around getting impatient and hurting more and more as the contractions come and go.

“Niall.. I need you to do me a favor.” You say as you’re leaned on the bed with your palms on the mattress but still standing.

“Yes babe, anything.” He jumps to your side and then his hand on the small of your back comfortingly.

“Push my hips inward, take some of the pressure from my hips.” You say trying not to laugh but you couldn’t bare the pain anymore. The doctor said it may help and the class you took said it was a way to release some pressure build up.

He covers his mouth and has that grin on his face as he lets a small chuckle out through his lips, bending down and using all his might, placing his hands on your hips and starting to push in, not wanting to hurt you but you kept telling him harder. Which he laughed harder trying to push as you said it sounding like a dirty innuendo.

“Thank the lord.” You say unfiltered through your lips shaking your head.

Niall pops back up standing by your side laughing trying to hold it in.

“Your sweating Niall, are you alright?” You laugh and then cover your mouth brushing his in styles brown hair out of his eyes.

“Yeah, never thought I would be working out while you pushed out a baby.” He shakes his head and then rubs your back as you two laugh when your parents walk in.

Five more painful hours go by ~

Niall was by your side the whole time, almost breaking his hand and almost kneeing him in the face. Your little girl was perfectly healthy and glowing. The little Horan girl was laid on your chest in a small patterned beanie and her eyes popping open just like her dads. Your dream came true. She got Niall’s eyes.

She was Niall and your little princess. You nudge him looking down to her. His eyes fill with pride and some tears going down his red cheeks.

“She’s as beautiful as her mother.” He says and sits on your hospital bed right next to you, rubbing his fingers along her cheek and beautiful head.

You two were speechless that your new family had begun. But everything was worth the wait, everything was worth the long 9 months.

“She will probably get your smile.” He says and then makes faces to the newborn as if she can react. She calms down starting to fall asleep as he puts her gently and protectively covered in the crib. Niall comes and lays beside me and kisses your forehead hugging onto you.

“I’m proud of you, I’m proud of us. Mostly of you.” He says kissing you a million times all over your faces as you close your tiredly and close your heavy eyelids into a well needed sleep.

Prompt 10 - A Cup of Flour

Based on this:

Jason: Hey, can I borrow a cup of flour?

You: Yeah, why?

Jason: Some white kids outside want cocaine.


You hear a knock on your front door and drag yourself off the couch. When you look out the peep-hole you see your next door neighbor, Jason.

“Hey!” You say when you open the door, “How are you?”

“Hey, Y/N, it’s been awhile! I have a quick request”

You gester for Jason to come into the apartment, “What’s up?”

“Can I borrow a cup of flour?”

You glance over at Jason a little concerned. Jason isn’t a baker, he can cook just about everything else, but he doesn’t bake, so him asking for flour is a little unusual. “Yeah, why?”

Jason smirks, “Some white kids outside want cocaine”

You snort out a laugh, “Are you fucking kidding me, Jay? You are gonna give some kids flour and think they won’t notice that it isn’t cocaine?”

Jason grins and opens up your cabinet, pulling down thr bad of flour. He had been to your apartment enough times to know where everything was. “It’s worth a try! They are waiting outside now!”

You look out the window and see three teenagers looking painfully suspicious standing behind the dumpster. “Oh my God, they are”

Jason puts a cup of flour into a plastic bag and heads to the door. “I’m gonna head down there and give these fuckheads some cocaine”

“Come back and tell me how it goes!”

Jason nods and shuts the door. You run over to the window and watched as Jason approached the kids. Jason handed over the bag of flour and the kids handed over a wad of cash. The idiots didn’t even check to see if it was real, they just handed over the money and took off. You could see Jason counting the money as he walked back inside, a moment later he walked into your apartment.

“Y/N, babe, they gave me 2 thousand dollars. Where the fuck to a bunch of kids that that kind of money?”

You laugh, “Rich parents, sweetheart”

“Lets hope this is a lesson for those kids to not buy drugs!”

You nod, and nudge Jason out of the way, putting on your shoes.

“Where are you going?” Jason asked

“WE are going out to yeat, and YOU are paying” you throw a wink over your shoulder, “You own me a date for providing you with your ‘cocaine’, handsom”

Jason grinned and help the door open for you, “You don’t have to ask me on a date twice, babe”

I am every story I have ever read. And every word I have ever written. I am every song that has made me go quiet. I am ten years of loneliness in this city, and the desire to leave it. I am the girl who wants to go to Morocco and Prague and Barcelona and Berlin. Who occasionally brings her wine glass into the shower. I am quiet mornings and endless lattes and silent road trips, my fingers peeking out the open window. I am the book I don’t know how to write, and the fear that I never will. I am the stumbling, stubborn belief that one word becomes two and one foot in front of the other. I am every man who has ever hurt me, and the promise that we’ve only got to get it right once. I am the woman who will make poetry of bad endings and kiss you in public and want for your hand to reach for mine. Because palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss. I am everything that has yet to happen and the hope that it’ll be worth the wait.
—  Meg Fee, The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette “Bombshell”
The EXO’rDium 170402

so i finally know what it feels like to be one of them, one of those EXO-L’s that can be with them and share a lot of precious and unforgettable moments.. like it’s 5:31 in the morning and i’m still not able to sleep. i’m tired but i’m still super hyped up :3

buying the global package for that concert was actually the best decision i’ve ever made, and i would recommend it to everyone. the price may be ASDFGHJKL but everything is so worth it!

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Let Me Have This Moment (cjamm x Reader

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by bluegoyangi

Sungnim was the ideal boyfriend for you. It was strange, you met him during the time that you decided to take a break from dating.

Jessi was the matchmaker, she always tried to get you with someone.

“I told you I don’t want to”

You argued with her, for the millionth time. She just scoffed and looked at you straight in the eyes.

“One last time (y/n) I promise, If you don’t like him I promise that I will never try to set you up again”


You agreed without blinking. Just the thought of jessi leaving you alone was making everything worth it.

You knocked on the door of the studio, waiting for a voice to let you in. When someone did, you opened it and the first thing you saw was Jessi and Sungnim sitting right across from her, with a desk between them.

“Hey baby”

Jessi greeted you, then she got up to hug you tightly. You hugged back and walked to the desk.

“hi i’m (y/n)”

“Sungnim, nice to meet you”

He smiled, giving you his hand for a handshake.

“Jessi has told me a lot about you”

“Guess she is kind of a blabber mouth”


She pitched in, defending herself against my word.

“You two are some disrespectful dongsaengs, it’s a match made in heaven”

After that you slowly started progressing to a relationship. Sungnim was what you wanted, he could be funny and joking with you, he could be sweet and whisper sweet nothings to your ear, he could be cocky and act like he is the best thing since sliced bread.

But now you have reached a point in your relationship that terrified you, which was introducing you to his friends. To say that you were terrified was an understatement

“What if I say something weird and they hate me for it?”

“What if a ball of lava comes and crushes our studio? baby listen to yourself, you will be fine and they will like you, you made me meet your friends and I did not complain”

“It’s easier for a guy”

You pretty much mumbled as you put your wallet in your bag, then swiftly letting your bag on your left shoulder.

You had a habit of over thinking, Sungnim found it cute but you hated it. He gave you a warm smile and then proceed to placing his hand on your cheek

“Trust me on this one, I will be there with you”

“fine, let’s go”

You could feel your heart beat so loud, like someone placed a microphone and it was a high definition speakers all around the room.

“I hate you for this”

“Whatever you say baby”

As he opened the door you suddenly felt a wave of calmness taking over you, all the stress that made your feet and palms sweat was now gone, it was replaced with a smile and a steady breathing. You could tell that everything would be alright, just like your boyfriend said.

“Guys, this is (y/n). Don’t say anything embarrassing”

The first one to greet you was the “boss”, who is no other than the so called swings, who’s real name is Jihoon.

He recognized your foreigner features so he decided to speak to you in English.

“Hello (y/n) i’m Jihoon, is a pleasure to meet you, please feel free and make yourself comfortable”

His kindness and inviting smile caught you off guard. He looked very intimidating and he had a reputation to prove that, he has had a lot of battles with many rappers, including simon D and tymee.

“Thank you, it means a lot”

Next up was the rapper with the big glasses, the beautiful Siyoung.

“So you are the reason he hasn’t been going out with us. I understand now, let’s be good friends”

He was very polite and you can tell he had nothing but good in his heart. You appreciated his honesty and you decided to do a slight bow to him.

“I would like that”

“Who was right?”

“you, now focus on driving”

You said with a grudge. Turns out all of the guys were cool and you loved hanging out with them, even though they looked pretty scary they proved you wrong and time flew by faster than you had expected.

“I am happy you got along with them, you can be pretty annoying”

“Hey! i am not annoying!”

“I know, just let me have this moment, is the only time you will admit that I was right”