everything was giffable

Shipping Update Comic Con Edition

Let’s run through the current state of my ships from Comic Con.


So we’ve learned that we still have a bit more of a journey ahead of us. We honestly knew that already. It seems like Caroline will really be depending on Stefan as a friend for a while, and most Steroline shippers don’t mind at all. Steroline is a ship built upon a foundation of friendship and we’ve always liked that.

Plus there’s a lot of potential Steroline moments that could come from this. It’ll be extremely entertaining to watch them try to remain within the friendzone despite both of them knowing they love each other. How many almost-moments are going to be had between them, where they almost come close to kissing, or hell even actually kiss? The current scenario could be amazing giffable moments. Lots of longing looks and such.

Due to some information about Enzo hooking up with a character on the show, some people have fears that this person is Caroline. I personally don’t believe that for a second. Isn’t she not with Stefan because she needs time to mourn the loss of her mother? Doesn’t hooking up with Enzo kind of defeat that purpose? Also that would hurt Stefan, and I doubt Caroline would do that.


Honestly we got…nothing? We got a few cute moments between Iain and Elizabeth, and vague hints about what’s coming next, but pretty much nothing about the ship itself. No real update here. I have high hopes for them in the future though. It seems like the writers and producers have a special place in their hearts for FitzSimmons so I don’t think they’ll ever sink it, just put obstacles in their path to being together. Annoying in its own way of course, but FitzSimmons shippers are a sturdy lot. ;)


Sex. That’s what we’ve learned about them. Apparently they’re living a domesticated life full of love and lots and lots of sex. You could practically hear the shipper’s cheer across the world when they heard that piece of information. Fanfiction writers had to fend off a wave of Uruk-like plot bunnies.

Oliver and Felicity will certainly have their obstacles as they struggle to be in love and have to deal with the simple fact that the hero lifestyle is filled with danger and they could lose each other. It’s a common comic book hero problem we’ve seen a million times before, but this time should be interesting because Olicity is not comic book canon in the least, so we don’t know if they’ll pull through it.

There’s a certain level of danger to this ship that’s going to keep things spicy. Oh and did I mention the sex? Yeah…lots of it.

Captain Swan

Not a whole lot about the ship itself, but Jennifer and Colin seemed determined to kill shippers by being adorable around each other during the con. Almost everything they did was a giffable moment, and trust me CS shippers giffed ALL OF THEM.

One common request I saw from the shippers was “Can someone write some Dark Swan and Hook smut?” I love this fandom. Mark my words, Dark Captain Swan smut will show up veeeeeeery soon. There was probably something written and put on FF.net or AO3 while I was typing this.

I think Captain Swan shippers have a lot of very good scenes ahead of us. Some of them dark, some of them sexy, and some of them heartbreaking. I’m personally armoring up for it.


Honestly there was nothing. They were in the same position as FitzSimmons and Captain Swan, not much they could reveal about the ship itself, but plenty of cute moments between Danielle and Grant. I swear those two are giffing gold together. If I shipped real people, then I’d ship them, but I don’t. I’ll stick to shipping the characters. ;)

They have a lot of obstacles next season, but to be perfectly honest the Snowbarry fandom is soooooo patient. We want it done right so we’re willing to wait. Snowbarry doesn’t have a comic book to say that they have to happen, so if we want it to happen we need to be patient and show support and understanding for our ship.

Season 2 is going to be very interesting. ;)