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top 5 #daddy daichi moments?

Daichi is just…so important to me, to us, to the team, to his rivals, to literally anyone and I’m feeling so alive just thinking about him being here to always guide and protects us all I LOVE YOU CAPTAIN!!!!! 

1. Death and Rebirth. Why every time we think about Daichi we always go back to the time he almost orphaned us all? This moment is not about what he did, but what he didn’t. He’s “the foundation that no one really notices”…until he was taken away from them. He was ready to go back short after, but he didn’t, he decided to let his favorite son Ennoshita on court on his behalf. He saw they were doing so good he was afraid he would have destroyed their momentum if he went back. It was a moment in which he realized his team could survive without him and, instead of being sad about it, he let his baby birds fly. Plus the speech he gave Ennoshita after they won was truly a beautiful transfer of power. Well done, captain(s). 

2. “Those guys are imperfect on their own, but but their abilities together…if we can use that combination, Karasuno will make explosive improvements!” aka Daichi the man who actually built and sailed the Kagehina ship. Early season 1 Daichi is just incredible. He was the first to recognize the potential in them and used the tough way to force Hinata and Kageyama to cooperate as teammates (the sake of the team ALWAYS comes first for him), laying the foundations for what is destined to be Karasuno’s most powerful couple. So we all owe him a round, don’t we? 

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3. “Of course I want to keep playing volleyball with you guys!”. This is the perfect example of how he always puts the team before everything. We’re at the end of season 1 (so, before the “accident”), they just lost to Aoba Johsai and even though he still wanted to play, his first thought was how amazing his first and second years have been, of how it would be better to retire and let them have it all so they would be ready to go for next year as an already consolidate team. He’s so selfless it’s almost heartbreaking to watch. I’m glad he stayed and, more than anything, I’m glad he was able to be the there to make his wish come true: bringing Karasuno to the nationals again! :’) 

4. HIS FACE WHEN THEY WON. I’ll…never be over it. NEVER. This meant so to all of them as friends, but Daichi’s face straight up killed me. He’s so shocked to almost look desperate, the way he grasps at Asahi’s jersey…I can’t (ಥ Д ಥ )

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5. Dad being dad. Because it’s so hard to keep up with your kids’ daily drama. 

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A few highlights from Shadowhunters at SDCC

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

-Matt and Harry talked about how Malec is beautiful, and how they love portraying the characters and that relationship. (PS: Matt is especially defensive of Malec, and it’s adorable.)

-When asked about Clary’s love life, Kat said Clary was currently focusing on work instead.

-Finally, each cast member was asked to give one word for their character in the reason of season 2.  Dom: heartbreak. Kat: fatality. Luke: tea. Alberto: complication. Emeraude: finding herself. Harry: mistrust. Matt: frustration.

During the Shadowhunters panel:

-A teaser for the rest of 2B aired, and oh, so many things are going to happen.

-Sarah Hyland is playing the Seelie Queen in two episodes of Shadowhunters 2B.  Check out a scene with her here!

-Kat mentioned wanting Church to be on the show, which prompted Dom to suggest Rajah and Stella play Church and Chairman Meow and Matt to object to waiting to act on a cat.

-Emeraude talked about Izzy’s journey to find herself again after everything she’s gone through.

-Matt, Dom, and Kat talked about Clace. Kat: Jace and Clary have always been there for each other. Matt: there’s nothing stopping them from being together than themselves. Dom: It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

-Matt gave an eloquent reason as to why Malec is relatable.  

-The cast is very protective of their characters and doesn’t like it when people say mean things about them.  (See: Matt, Dom and the cast generally)

-Both Jordan and Lilith are going to be in season 3.

-Season 3A will track City of Fallen Angels.

-Maia Wainwright (Maia) is a series regular for season 3!

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"You are everything to me" with Adrinette or Ladynoir would be so amazing! I'd love to read that! 😍

Today’s drabble is dedicated to @mari-the-monster to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope today is even better than you could have ever imagined and full of happiness. <3

“You are everything to me,” Chat Noir sighed happily before savoring the last bite of the fluffy pastry.

“I swear I’m not bringing you any more croissants,” Ladybug huffed. “To think all this time, I thought it was me you liked.”

Chat Noir swallowed and grinned. “Aww, don’t be jealous, Bugaboo; you’re everything to me too.”

Too, he says. That makes it sound like your priorities are,” she put her hand up above her head, “croissants and cookies.” She lowered her hand to her chest, “And then me.”

He laughed and moved closer, winding his arms around her waist. “You know I’m in love with you, right, Mari?”

She felt her cheeks warm but tilted her chin defiantly. “I know nothing of the sort, Adrien Agreste.”

He grinned and leaned in to nip at her lips. “Let’s see if I can give you a refresher then, huh?” 

He kissed her, lips gentle and soft against hers. She could taste the faint traces of butter from the croissant and it made her feel happy and right. Everything about her partner felt like home. 

“Now do you believe me?” he asked, eyes dark as he pulled away slightly.

Ladybug tapped her chin. “I’m not so sure. You enjoyed those croissants an awful lot. I may need some more convincing.”

His face split into a wide smile and he nodded. “I think I know just the right Chat for the job, my Lady.”

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Take a look around you. Would you really leave Paris as it is?

SW fic recommendations

@phoenix-jedi13 said:

If you have the time, do you have any good Star Wars fanfictions you would recommend? Preferably not NSFW or super romantic/shippy? Thanks so much, and sorryforbotheringyou (Btw your blog is one of my favorites, and I love your Little by Little au fic - but I’ve read all of it. That’s the problem. :’D)

First of all: *squee*

Second of all: I’m ace and aro, so I don’t generally care for NSFW or super-shippy either. I’m not romance-repulsed, it’s just… boring, most of the time, I don’t see it as an interesting end-goal for a story.

Third of all: Okay, this might take some time. Let me browse through my AO3 bookmarks, and the stuff I’ve reblogged with the “fiction” tag (which however won’t have all the stuff, because I haven’t retagged my blog lately).

This is entirely in the order I come across them, and it won’t include everything.

  • @radioactivepeasant always has some great AU concepts. There’s not always full stories associated with them, but just the ideas are fun too.
  • Transition is great. It’s a little story set during Steps into Shadow, with Kanan and Sabine talking, before Kanan goes to talk with Ezra.
  • @kaelinaloveslomaris is THE person to go to if you want Luke and Vader father-son fluff. They’ve this large ass (over 70k words, and still going) fic called Allegiance, and it’s good.
  • Not If I Can Help It, where Kallus finds out that the Rebels know frick-all about shooting blasters, and tries to help them
  • Crystals by @entothewormhole (although that link is for the AO3 version of their story) is awesome. Set between seasons 2 and 3, Kanan learning how to deal, and Ezra being a cringe-worthy idiot, as he was in canon. And Chirrut shows up.
  • The Story of Finn is a bit of an outlier. Full disclosure: I haven’t watched TFA, I’m not planning on watching it before TLJ comes out, and I’m not sure even then; but this story is wonderful anyways. It’s about some First Order people, and how Finn’s story changes everything for them, for the better.
  • @vintage-smokestack also writes some good stuff, and I think they’re taking prompts at the moment too. My favourite of their AUs would have to be Vader Flips (where Padme appears to him before torturing Leia, saying that she’s their daughter, and he takes it about as well as expected) and the Doggoverse (Anakin gets reincarnated as a giant floofy dog at the end of RotJ).
  • Okay, this one isn’t even vaguely Star Wars related, but Mr. and Mrs. Baggins is one of the greatest aro-ace fics I’ve come across. Two hobbits, both of whom think romance is silly and sex is either unnecessary or disgusting, decide that they should get married. Only problem is that their families hate each other. It’s adorable and also hilarious.
  • Game Night in Cell Block A is a collection of three stories with Sabine and Rau, all missing scenes that could have happened offscreen. It’s good.
  • (Aaand that’s as far back as my “fiction” tag goes; I know there’s more, it just isn’t tagged to easily find yet. Going off of AO3 bookmarks entirely now.)
  • who cares about your lonely heart is something I like (Obianidala with asexual Obi-wan) but might not be to your taste; still linking it here though
  • Two and a Half Men (with a baby) by @jerseydevious, in which Darth Vader, Firmus Piett, and Obi-wan Kenobi are stuck in a shuttle together, along with toddler Luke Skywalker. Hasn’t been updated in a bit, but it’s still active.
  • the Double Agent Vader series by @fialleril. Basically, Anakin realizes he dun goofed a few years after RotS, and is working to help the Rebellion while staying at Sidious’ side. The biggest draw to this ‘verse, at least for me, is that he and Leia end up having a very good relationship, almost like father and daughter, and they’re really precious together, although neither of them know they’re actually blood relatives.
  • @prepare4trouble has written stuff other than Little by Little; in fact, that’s how I first met them, talking about their story on AO3. You can find their page here. I haven’t read all of it, but it might be worth a shot.

Hopefully that’ll give you some good stuff to read; and once I’ve gone though my blog and added the tags I’m now using, I’ll add some more to this.


SKAM Meme:
↳ [1/1] Season -  Season 3
“More because I was fake before it. I was only lying at home watching Narcos, and gaming, and stuff… And I’m over that, now I want… my life to be real. Even if it means it’ll be absolutely awful at times, it’s still way better than for everything to be fake and boring.”

im so sorry I have to keep uploading these as screenshots- I answered it but! this app hates me <\3 i’m not very used to this fanfiction type format, but I hope I did well~ I got lazy and did only 3 characters though, lolol ^^



it was the first day of October, and the true beginning to autumn: cold weather, big sweaters, Halloween, pumpkin spice everything, color-changing leaves… everything about the season made you feel cozy.

as a little gift to yourself, you thought it would be appropriate to go to your favorite little café and get a pumpkin-spiced latte. it was basic, sure, but you really wanted to get into the autumn spirit. plus, you had nothing better to do.

you ordered the drink and set your eyes on the small table in the back. before you could reach it, though, you felt another person bump straight into you. your drink fell to the floor.

“oh my gosh,” was the first thing to come out of both of your mouths, and hurried apologies in nearly perfect sync followed. you cut yourself off and looked at him. bright, blonde hair and rosy cheeks. you were almost caught off guard by how attractive he was, and lost your train of thought.

he rushed to grab a handful of napkins and began cleaning the mess up. “i’m so sorry, haha, you just… you’re really…” he trails off, blushing.

you pick up your now empty cup and throw it away, trying to help. “oh, it’s fine! it was my fault,” you smile at him. the boy stares at you for a few seconds, his cheeks still red, then stutters out a response. “here, let me buy you another one.”

he doesn’t let you protest, and orders it quickly. he turns back to you and hands you your new drink.

it’s warm in your hands and in your cheeks, and there’s a quick and nervous feeling that’s floating around in your chest, as well- you wonder what it could be.

his smile is like a field of pretty flowers, and you can’t help but smile with him.

“so.. I think we got off to a messy start. what’s your name?”



“rain, rain, go away, don’t come back another day~”

the silver-haired man’s smile grows wide as you sing the short rhyme, and you have no idea why he looks so happy. his eyes seem to sparkle, and wow, you realize, you could really get used to this kind of attention.

you two had met on a social media site- it started with compliments and escalated to in-depth conversations, until soon, you felt like you were going to die if you never got to meet this person. he was talented, charming, sweet, funny… and a HUGE dork. he was your type to a T, and you hoped he felt the same.

you two were seated underneath his umbrella on a park bench. neither of you had planned to be caught in the rain- but neither of you minded as long as you were together.

“mc,” he sighed and smiled at you, making your heart race. “yes?”

it was very sudden, and you realize that this man can sweep a girl off of her feet easily. one minute you two were singing childhood songs, and the next…

zen leaned in close to you- you could feel his breath on your skin, and he made a questioning humming noise, as if to ask permission to kiss you. hesitantly, you nodded.

your lips touched and he could feel fireworks all throughout his body, and finally understood what people mean when they say they feel “sparks flying” in a kiss.

it was longer than youd expected, and when you made a small effort to pull away, he only held you closer; not wanting to let go, ever. wanting to always keep you in perfect moments like these.

when you two finally pulled away, you were blushing, and you noticed that a soft pink color was dusted on his cheeks, as well.

he cleared his threat and then looked at you, then hugged you tightly. “you’re so cute, mc. i just want you all to myself~”

a rainbow had spread itself across the grey sky. an arrangement of every color was blended together artistically and shining down on newly-found lovers and first kisses.

the rain stopped.



“a pleasure to meet you, miss,”

you two had spoken before on the phone. it started as a new friendship online, but slowly blossomed into something much more- the line between ‘best friend’ and ‘lover’ was blurred, but neither of you cared much for labels, anyways.

“you too,” your reply was a little awkward and a lot less formal, but you tried your best. “should we start now?” you nodded at his question, and laced your fingers in between his.

you two had decided to go on a “date”- something jumin had done before, but only with boring women for business reasons. for some reason, this felt a lot different… maybe it was the feeling of your soft, cold hands, or the cherry red color that dusted your cheeks when you grinned at him. whatever it was, it was nice.

his idea of a “date” was taking a woman out to a fancy dinner, paying her in cheap compliments and an expensive meal. while it sounded… nice… it wasn’t really your cup of tea. oh, that reminded you!

it was a really cute sight- you with an excited face, holding the tall man’s hand and leading him around. “what is this place?” he murmured to you, a small bell chiming as you opened the door. you didn’t answer.

“can I get two small cups of green tea, please?”

jumin felt a little out of place- the ceilings were a bit too low for his liking, and he wasn’t very used to such a traditional setting. but… seeing your bright smile was worth it.

he listened to you while you chatted him up about the shop, little facts about your favorite kinds of drinks, and the conversation went from tea to life and pretty soon you two were talking about everything you could think of.

“when did it get so dark out?” you blinked, glancing out the window. it was already 10 PM- you two were talking for four hours. jumin was aware of the time that passed, but he was enjoying every second that went by. he really could listen to that voice for hours..

“i should take you home now, I suppose,” he says gently, with a small smile on his lips. you nodded with a yawn.

now you were at the front door of your house, you nervously shifting your weight and him taking in your beauty, your delicate features almost glowing underneath the porch light.

“i guess this is goodnight,”

he took you by surprise- or, more accurately, your waist- and his lips met your own. he was all wandering hands and secretive smiles, his strong arms holding you in place as if he was afraid you might just disappear.

letting yourself melt for just a moment, you took a step back from him.

'a bit too forward, there, mr. han,’ your bought to yourself jokingly.

“i’ll call you,” a giggle was hidden behind your glittering eyes, and you turned away from him gracefully.

the door shut, and his heart was wide open- for green tea, for little shops downtown, for holding hands, for awkward conversations, for quiet smiles…

for you; and only you.

One thing I loved about Seth in s3 is how put together and determined he was. 

A great scene was the one from 3x05 when everyone is arguing with each other because they all hate one another, and Seth is completely fed up with them and fires his gun, then starts giving orders. That moment shows such growth on his part. Seth in s1 or s2 would have been fighting right along with the rest of them, but s3 Seth sees the pointlessness and stupidity of it all. He has his priorities straight.

Seth has always been a leader, but he’s also been very biased and held personal grudges even if it put himself at risk. But in season 3 he puts everything aside to focus on the mission. It’s a new maturity of his, to not stoop to being petty or sink to everyone else’s level.

And it’s because of Kate. 

Before, all Seth had to lose was money or freedom. But in In season 3, he was fighting for Kate’s life. If he failed he would lose her, forever. And it’s that motivation that really forces him to step up and grow as a person.

Seth loves Kate so much, and it’s incredibly evident in s3. She inspires him to do better and be better.

Now I am not a writer so even if I wanted to, fanfiction is not in my future but I just wanted to share some ideas I wish they had incorporated into Arrow from S1-future seasons:

Season 1: Instead of introducing us to Laurel at CNRI and hearing Oliver was alive I would have loved it if they opened introduced us to her in the gym or some type of fighting dojo/Wildcats Gym. The way I envision it is we see her training some basic martial arts moves, the news comes on talking about Oliver Queen being alive, this gets her attention, throws her off, she is flipped down onto the mat.and we see her staring at the tv in confusion. 

She could still be a lawyer for CNRI but martial arts helps her quell her anger over what happened to her sister, her boyfriend, her family, and the general idea that Sara/Oliver were cheating on her behind her back. 

I always thought that it didn’t make sense that Laurel had to go through a 3 year “island” to finally suit up. Losing Sara a 2nd time and losing Tommy in S1 were no more impactful then her already losing her sister/Oliver/her family before the series began. What she went through off pre-show WAS her island. She already loved and lost in every way imaginable.

Season 2: Enter Black Canary! Crime hasn’t been AS rampant as it was during S1 but the gangs/warlords/kingpins have been slowly raising their forces again. Due to Tommys death and The Hood not being seen since the end of Season 1, Laurel Lance suited up during the hiatus and has been taking down criminals as best she can.

She would be the woman shrouded in mystery for the first 1-2 episodes.

She starts out with her Canary Bombs, she only has so many so she uses them as a last measure (as Felicity/Oliver were used to help tie in Barry, Laurel would help to tie in Cisco and it would be revealed that he created some prototypes for his friend Laurel lance with a no questions asked type deal)

Laurel/Oliver would be playing a bit of cat/mouse for 2-3 episodes, she doesn’t know who Arrow is and he doesn’t know who Black Canary is. Arrow would find out who the Black Canary was and would confront her as Laurel Lance to tell her the usual “this isn’t your fight, blah blah blah” while Laurel would find out 100% that Oliver Queen is the Arrow towards the end of the season, it will be a suspicion that she always had. She would not be part of TA during S2 but would have the occasional team up with the team.

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Why the Fandom Should Keep an Especially Close Eye On Dipper, How the Reasons Have Nothing To Do With Bipper, and Where it Leaves Mabel In The Narrative

Ok Gravity Falls fandom, we know the score right? Dipper is going to be mad about Mabel trusting Stan over him, the Journals, and the evidence. Even if he recognizes that he was wrong, even if it was carefully worded so that Stan was the one begging for trust while Dipper screamed for Mabel’s judgement, even if meeting the Author temporarily sweeps his anger out of sight, he’s going to be angry.

The only question is how angry Dipper gets, and how much it festers.

Because here’s the thing ladies, gents, and nobles, Dipper holds grudges. We’ve seen him hold grudges over things much more petty. Dipper hated Pacifica for ages even though she never directly interacted with him until Northwest Manor Mystery, Robbie has precisely none of Dipper’s empathy even when he’s pathetically heartbroken, and he wouldn’t give Bill the time of day until he was sleep deprived and desperate. 

All of this is without even the barest justification of possession, keep your pants on guys. Dipper is not a sweet fluffy bunny child, he gets angry and spiteful even without Bill’s help.

So what am I driving at? I think part of Dipper’s heart is going to latch onto this. I think a seed has been planted. I think the Author’s first piece of advice is going to start ringing in his ears. Trust No One. Dipper’s got a lot of potential for the Dark Side within him, from as far back as “Revenge is underrated that felt awesome!”, Dipper has a lot of narrative justification to go down a dark path, a Ken path, an Impmon path, a Raimundo path.

I think things are gonna get much worse before they get better, and if there are in fact 3 seasons Dipper is going to be on his Own Side for the 3rd

It only makes sense to me. Everything in Dipper and Mabel’s Guide is calculated carefully, and its been confirmed as reliable for predictions. That Certificate Cipher is huge, and literally anything that hints at a dramatic dark turn? Not to be ignored. Especially that well hidden and elaborate. That’s by a wide margin the longest piece of encoded text in the whole book, no way it isn’t important.

So if Dipper joins the dark side (so to speak), where does that leave Mabel?

That leaves Mabel as the hero. As in the character with the A plots, the central focus, who’s character progression is most closely tied to the resolution of the main conflict.

In the last 2 episodes, I noticed something. In NMM, Dipper was the unambiguous hero. Not just protagonist, hero. He’s called in as an expert, he traps the Ghost, he encourages Pacifica to do the right thing, he’s the most mature good guy in the room. That’s pretty unusual, Dipper almost always has someone undercutting his ego to keep his head from swelling up, but even Mabel was off in one of the most inconsequential B plots in Gravity Falls history. Now this leaves a lot of room for Pacifica Dipper bonding, which is also important, but I think there was a secondary goal.

Dipper getting one last shot at the Hero spot. 

Because all of NWHS, Mabel is the fucking MVP. She finds the fireworks, she gets them out of the car, her grappling hook gets the twins inside unseen, she finds the security footage, picks up the article, figures out the vending machine code, distracts Soos long enough for Dipper to get the code in, and after all of that Mabel gets to make the biggest decision the show’s ever presented a character with. The fate of the world is literally on Mabel’s shoulders. 

That makes Dipper the most hanger-on he’s been all season, possibly all series. His emotional turmoil is still vital, but that’s not a hero role, hell that barely nets you the label main protagonist. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect someone like Mabel to be doing, dealing with the emotional impact of the events of the plot clearly and visibly. That’s kind of The Chick’s job in the story. 

If Dipper goes astray, the story will be about saving him. And if Dipper’s the one who needs saving, then Mabel would do ANYTHING to save him.

Now this is all especially ridiculous theorizing, mostly based on some hunches and how a majority of stories deal with paranoia and temptation arcs. There’s still a butt-ton of unknown factors, ones as big as Bill’s actual final goal to ones as small as how the Author actually acts. But I do have one more piece of evidence. 

This tweet

This was posted ages ago, back when we didn’t even know the date of the second season premiere. Notice how the clear confident doing stuff heroic pose goes to Mabel, while the tweet promises more of her, and Dipper is the one hanging on to her for dear life.

I’m just saying, we’ve build correct theories from less.

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Only been around since preseason 5, decided to take the year to learn all the roles and find my calling as support before giving ranked a serious try in season 6. Any advice for a ranked hopeful?

Outside of team fights:

1) Ward, ward and ward some more. Always exhaust your wards. The more vision, the better plays you and your adc can both make bot lane!

2) Poke safely. Interrupt the farm of the enemy adc if you can do so safely. Being ahead in farming helps, remember 13 kills = 1 kill so killing the enemy isn’t everything. Just ensure that your adc is farmed up and the enemy adc is deprived.

3) Keep your health up more than half. If lower, play it safe.

In team fights:

Supports should follow the first 3 rules of the official system of medical ninja that Lady Tsunade wrote. The 3 rules that govern are:

First clause (第一項, Daiikkō): No medic ninja shall ever stop medical treatment until the lives of their party members have come to an end.” (「医療忍者は決して隊員の命尽きるまで治療を諦めてはならない」[In other words, shadow the adc and ensure that they are well guarded/supported]

Second clause (第二項, Dainikō):No medic ninja shall ever stand on the front lines.” (「医療忍者は決して最前線に立ってはならない」[Stay in the back and be safe, the team needs your utilities in team fights!]

Third clause (第三項, Daisankō): No medic ninja shall ever die until they are the last of their platoon.” (「医療忍者は決して小隊の中で最後まで死んではならない」[Try your best to be stay out of harm’s way. If you adc dies, help someone else on the team, preferably the next person who deals the most damage.]

Advice For Newbies! (submitted)

I’m going into my fourth year in marching band as a junior (i joined in 8th grade), and I feel the need to give advice to everyone who is new this year!

1) Wear comfortable clothing to band camp. Preferably shorts, tank tops, etc. as it will get HOT. When it gets into Fall, you can wear sweatpants and stuff. My band has a rule against wearing jeans to practices, so I wouldn’t suggest that if your band is the same way. (Also- always wear sneakers!)

2) Bring water! You can never have too much! I drink a gallon a day during band camp, without exaggeration. I also have a styrofoam box that keeps everything cold, and prevents things like my phone, keys, lunch, and water from getting hot! You can get them online really cheap. 

3) NEVER get into drama within the band/guard. I made this mistake and the season was HELL.

4) Listen to the drum majors, section leaders, and advisors. They’re there to help you.

5) Arrive 5-10 minutes before report times if you can. It helps you get on the director’s good side.

6) Go over you music and choreography at home. It sticks with you better. Think of it like homework/studying. And always bring your music, case, and equipment out to the practice field with you, as well as extra reeds and such.

7) Guard- DO NOT LEAVE EQUIPMENT IN THE SUN. Flag poles get really hot and rifles can warp. And bring your gloves!

8) Keep PDA to a minimum on the band bus - my instructor sat with my boyfriend and I because of that.

9) Don’t act out during games/competitions. Remember- you’re representing your school!

10) Have fun! While it is hard, it’s so rewarding. You make a ton of friends, and you get to travel everywhere, while performing a kickass show!

                                             Have a great season everyone! 

All Stars 2 Theory

Borderline tinfoil-hat worthy conspiracy theory in fact, but bare with me for a second here.

So I truly believe All Stars 2 was created and has been set up from the beginning for the only purpose of crowning Alaska. She’s RuPau’ls protegé/prodigal child etc etc and they were handing her all the chalenges on a silver plate and igoring her missteps. You can read more on that here

(For Ep7, when Alaska finally flounders, they also forced Alyssa on the bottom when she didn’t deserve it and was still one of the strongest in the competition. Basically during filiming they just changed the bottom 2/bottom 3 routine depeding on what was better to frame Alaska as the uncontested winner) 

BUT the spoiler debacle happened and that changed the game.

For those of you who don’t know, before the season even began airing, there was a huge leak of spoilers that predicted everything that happened in this season to a T. Extremely specific things like the elimination order, the Rolaskatox + Katya top 4, Tatianna’s return, even Adore quitting. The rumor running around town is that Alaska -who based on the spoilers, wins the season- leaked all that info to his boyfriend. Then they broke up and the guy leaked all that info to the net as revenge.

If this is true, then Alaska broke her NDA and that’s a big deal and could be held accountable. Now the proucers couldn’t do anything about changing the actual filming that was literally just handing Alaska the crown for free, but what they can do is deconstruct Alaska’s edit to make her a villain so people won’t like her anmore and maybe Ru would be forced to crown another queen. And that’s how we get these last two eps:

  • The constant pummeling on the “she lent me this shirt” excuse. They showed Alaska saying that at least four times. (Alaska, of course, didn’t help her case with Tati’s unfair elimination, but maybe she thought the shirt/friendship excuse wouldn’t give her so much heat. I’ll talk about that in another post)
  • Close-ups to RuPaul’s shocked/disappointed reactions when Tati and Alyssa were eliminated
  • The episode preview focused on how Rolaskatox would “conspire” against Katya (they didn’t)
  • Shady music when Alaska calls Katya “Adore”
  • Followed by shady music when Katya says “party”
  • Even MORE shady music when Alaska has her meltdown
  • Actually showing Alaska’s attempted bribe of Detox.

The latter two are especially important. This close to the end, showing such a bad side of Alaska is terrible if they’re trying to make her winner. They could’ve easily cut those scenes out, or put on lighter music on to make it seem like she was joking. I’m not even sure if the bribery thing was for real or not, maybe she was joking, but the producers certainly didn’t frame it that way (there’s a video floating around of Alaska watching the episode and reacting to her tantrum, but I haven’t seen it and can’t find it. A lil’ help?). Even the much loathed Tyra Sanchez got a nicer edit in the final episodes. They could’ve made this about the seemingly flawless Alaska showing some vulnerability to make her more likable, but it’s the other way around.

So what I’m getting at is that, if the rumours about Alaska being the source of the leak are true, maybe the editing in these episodes is some sort of damage control to reduce Alaska’s popularity in preparation for giving Katya the crown. 

Basically it’s still super rigged for Alaska, but if she was indeed the source of the leak, then there’s still a good chance to see Katya crowned, and judging by WOW’s tweet/polls, these last two episodes have managed to sway the public opinion in her favor HARD.

You can give me my tinfoil hat now, thanks

Living Arrangements thoughts

When the experiment first started I was 100% convinced itbwas a way to make five weeks progress quickly. Since we started the season directly after the last episode of the season. That the next episode would pick up five weeks later and we would get just a synopsis of their time together. I was delighted to discover it was the opposite happening. The writers were using this as a tactic to stall time to make Bernadettes pregnancy stretch longer.

I still did'nt want to get my hopes up that we would see beyond a few snippets of their time together. Yet they have shown us large chunks of what them living together is like.
So of course instead of basking in the glow of all my dreams coming true. I amy worrying about the writers end game. The way I see it three things could happen.

1) The experiment is declared a success. Their compatibilty is now cemented. They decide to move in together permanently. Getting engaged along the way.

2)The experiment is a success but things go back to the staus quo for a bit. We see Sheldon pining a bit for his time with Amy. Telling Leonard and Penny they should do things more like her. Until finally towards the end of the season he decides its better with Amy and they move in together.

3) They go their seperate ways after the experiment. They are still together of course but living arrangements are never mentioned again. Everything is exactly as it was before.

what is everyone elses thoughts on it?

I just reached 4,000 followers and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me – you guys all mean the world to me and you’re the reason that tumblr is so much fun (and takes up so much of my time haha). I’ve made more friends in 10 months on tumblr than I ever dreamed possible.

For those with bolded names – I’ve made some really good friends through this website (who says you can’t make friends on the internet?), so I want to give a special mention to you. You’re all genuinely some of kindest, thoughtful, and amazing people, and I’m thankful to have you guys in my life, even if we don’t talk that often. I’ve been meaning to make a small appreciation post like this for awhile, and I figured why not do it now.

Love you all,



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roseisrestless  asked:

Heya! This may seem like an odd question, but im not very knowledgable on the topic of the SPN writers. Could you break it down for me? (I hear a lot of bad stuff about Singer, but Edlund seems to be everyone's cinnamon roll.) Thank you so much!

Pls allow me a minute to stare at the rainy window and reflect on the fact that I am now apparently an expert on details like this. :P

Not all the writers have much of a fandom personality cult. Like, for example, Andrew Dabb will this season probably be the writer with the MOST episode writing credits to his name, and I’ve been in the fandom a year and half now and seen like, 3 revivals of “we MUST attempt to fangirl Dabb more!” with limited success of the awareness campaign. (To be fair, it’s a lot of episodes to remember :P) He doesn’t have a social media presence so far as I know (or he doesn’t utilise it interestingly enough for it to have ever been brought to our attention) and he hasn’t been responsible for many fandom scandals, and generally just sort of does what he does, and so he passes somewhat under the radar as a character, despite my various attempts to start a one-sided fight with him to make him more interesting to fandom about. Of the current writers, aside from him, the ones I know next to nothing about are Jenny Klein, Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo, with an honourable mention for Adam Glass who left before the end of season 10 but is still vaguely current anyway, and Nancy Won, his replacement, who we know very little about just because we haven’t had time to get to know her yet, so I’m not going to mention these writers. And if there’s someone else currently on the staff I’ve missed it’s because I literally do not know enough about them to remember their name, because I’m feeling dubious I’ve mentioned everyone. :P

Anyway. To business, on the ones who get discussed a lot and therefore I know anything about them at all and have opinions or can regurgitate fandom opinions when I don’t actually have any (there’s a lot of that in here… :P), but can tell you what other people seem to be saying when these names come up. (Which means some negativity below the cut, sorry, I’ll get the worst out the way first) 

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My thoughs on 9x14 "Captives"

So, I really, really liked the latest episode of Supernatural - which is no surprise, considering the wonderful Robert Berens wrote it, and the genius Jerry Wanek truly is directed it. I really don’t have time for a thorough review this week :( although I’d LOVE to write one, but there are a few thoughts I’d love to share with all of you!

1. I’m pretty sure many people will have commented on this, what with how wonderful this fandom truly is noticing this kind of thing, but I really loved the first shot of Dean this episode.

If you ask me, there’s literally no reason for Jerry Wanek to have decided to shot this scene this way, but to put serious emphasis on how much Dean wants and needs someone with him. It’s not surprising, of course, since Sam has cut him off completely and he doesn’t have one friend left on the face of the earth apart from Cas, who isn’t there for him right now. But there’s more. There’s literally no reason for Dean to be sleeping that way, with his pillow on one side of the bed, but to make it glaringly obvious that Dean wants someone Cas to share that bed, and his life with. I’ve literally never seen Dean having any problem claiming a bed all for himself, and yet, here, it almost feel like he’s saving the other side for someone Cas. Moreover the pillow has always been in the middle of the bed before - give me a second to go get a couple of screencaps.


2. While I could very well be paranoid and this could have been a nice, sweet send-off episode for Kevin and Mama Tran… I have a very bad feeling about this? Like, I know they were in the middle of a very bad situation and they needed to get out of there as soon as possible and whatnot… but I was a little taken aback by Linda’s reaction to Kevin’s death? IDK. And why was she so… cool with the Winchesters and all? To be honest, if my son was killed, and the two people who were supposed to protect him came to tell me… I’d be a little (or a lot) more hostile. Especially since Linda’s always been so fiercely protective of Kevin. I don’t know, people, I just feel there’s just something fishy here, though I hope it’s just a bad feeling, and everything will be okay, and Linda and Kev can just be happy together for as long as Heaven still being locked allows it.

3. I think it’s very interesting that angels are turning to Cas for guidance, and I hope it’ll turn out better than it has before. But then again, why wouldn’t it? Cas is wiser than he was before. He really understands free will, humanity and human emotions in a way he never had before, and instead of fighting and trying to explain the concept of free will to the angels like he did in season 6, he’s showing them, now. Hopefully, instead of leading a new army, which would really, really lead nowhere good, Cas will be capable to really show them a different, better way, without turning into their general. He certainly made an impression on the angels, when he refused to kill, or even fight Bartholomew up until he was forced to kill or let himself be killed - for the second time, since he’d had a chance - and a reason! - to kill him before, too, but chose to let him go. I found that very beautiful, more of it! More of Cas inspiring angels without actually commanding them!

All in all, could I love this season, and our showrunner, and Robert Berens, any more than I already do? I don’t think it would be possible, but I’m pretty sure they’ll manage to prove me wrong! ;P Very much looking forward to new episodes written by Berens, and new episodes of Supernatural in general. And looking forward to our boys being reunited! Although I wasn’t too upset about the separation, and lack of mention of Cas by Sam and Dean, I do look forward to seeing them together again! All in all, though, again, wonderful episode! Four for you Robert Berens, you go Robert Berens!