everything was barcodes

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I spend my week mentally preparing for Wednesday were seniors get 10% off. Every single pet peeve you guys have every single bad joke. Everything happens. It has no barcode? "Oh it must be free haha!" Or when I'm watching self service scanners and I get people asking me to scan their stuff. If you go one metre to your right there are FIVE TILLS OPEN

I got my paycheck today and it was $100. My office manager gave me a crisp $100 Bill. I want about my night I went shopping. I guess I lost it at some point. I was crying and freaking because we need stuff at my house. We have been stuck here since the snow storm. My best friend, office manager and my other friend helped me look. We couldn’t find it. My best friend called my manager and she said she would look at the camera’s tomorrow. I felt like the biggest idiot. My dad’s a diabetic he’s need certain things. My manager told my office manager to ring everything up and wrote the barcodes down and the total and they will take care of it. I have never had I manager or something treat me like that. I love this lady. I feel appreciated by these people. I hope they see some ads picking it up. I love my job! I blessed for everyone that helped me tonight! I was tears when I realized and in tears after my manager did that for me!