everything they touch blows up

many sagittarians appreciate containing a large body of knowledge. they are more responsive to the fortunate events in life, and can therefore see the world in a very optimistic and faithful way. but a scorned sagittarius can respond on the opposite end of the spectrum and become very resentful and one sided. because jupiter expands everything it touches, like blowing up a balloon, mutable sagittarius can expand with the light of the sun or devastating darkness


this is my final season 3 mix, the culmination of everything that happened. from episode one’s 20 mins of happiness to the angst filled bulk of the season to the declarations of love and finally riding off into the sunset. i hope you enjoy it! 

[L I S T E N  H E R E ]

track organization

01-03: soft smiles, touches, a date & everything blowing up 

04-06: oliver regrets his decision 

07-08: oliver’s declaration of love & almost untimely death 

09-11: felicity waits for oliver’s return

12-13: the fallout aka “i dont want to be a woman that you love”

14-15: oliver (miserably) dealing with the fallout. felicity trying to but failing at getting over oliver

16-18: felicity’s declaration of love, sexy time & the goodbye 

19-20: felicity missing oliver & thinking that only al sah-him is left

21-24: the happy ending