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to start everything off, the first task is to make a post with at least THREE plots available for other members ! these plots must be detailed, make them interesting with as much detail as possible ! this is so that people can plot with others and make interesting connections ! please tag tribehq:task01 in your post

That moment you drop everything for the new Kendrick track. Starting off very soulful K. Dot laments on his career. Then THAT BEAT SWITCH!!! Kendrick ferociously throws intense bars for anyone who wants his spot. At this point in his career Kendrick knows who his impact and he is awaren of his cemented legacy. In the final moments he says “You have til April 7 to get your shit together” a warning to all his contemporaries.

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Name: Katharina
Nickname: Kati (though I answer to pretty much everything starting with K…)
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 182.5 cm
Orientation: most likely ace, yay trying to prove a negative to myself (but I think there’s a good bit of supporting evidence by now)
Ethnicity: white-as-bread German (though being German I now probably need to specify what type of bread :P)
Favorite fruit: apples (particularly sour ones)
Favorite season: summer and… just early autumn, when it’s still warm but not murderously hot, nothing I’m allergic to is in the air…
Favorite book series: …you mean I need to pick one? Discworld and Harry Potter are in the closer selection, I just remembered I really really need to catch up on Rivers of London…
Favorite flower: surprisingly tough to answer, having to compile a herbarium has given me a love-hate relationship with lots of them. I’ve always been fond of dandelions, though - there’s a show by that name (translated) teaching kids about science and history and whatnot which I used to love
Favorite scent: old books (yes, I know, cliché), fresh green tea, and weirdly enough… you know that smell a room gets when there’s a lot of computers in it? That too
Favorite color: blue
Favorite animals: …you mean I have to pick? Though if I had to start the list somewhere it’d be cats
Coffee, tea or cocoa: Teeeeeaaaaa, though cocoa is a closeish second when I need a comfort drink 
Average sleep hours: dammit, it’s been getting closer to six hours again (11 pm to 5 am for added evidence I seem to like to suffer)
Cat or dog person

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Favorite fictional characters: …too many to pick from. In no particular order, so many Discworld characters, Inspector Javert from Les Misérables, Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter, I should probably stop at some point before it gets ridiculous…
Number of blankets you sleep with: one
Dream trip: maybe another family road trip like the one we had around Lake Constance
Blog created: forever ago when I was an assy teen
Number of followers: what the heck 391

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20 seconds. Take 20 seconds to be brave, be bold, be real. 20 seconds to take a chance, to say the things you need to say but normally wouldn’t. 20 seconds. Take 20 seconds to go back, to fix what you can. That’s all you need. 20 seconds. Yet 20 seconds seems like such a long time. So much can be accomplished in 20 seconds. So much can be lost in 20 seconds. It only takes a little bit of time to change everything.
—  Start with 20 seconds // k.s

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If Yata had to relive the same day over and over until he understood Fushimi's feelings.

Yata would be reliving that day a lot. Maybe the day starts where he’s helping Homra shake down some guys causing trouble in their territory and one happens to be a Strain. In the middle of everything Yata ends up running into Fushimi who’s also chasing down the Strain. They fight, like usual, but then the bad guys show up and Fushimi ends up being pretty badly hurt saving Yata from injury. Yata’s reeling from that when he gets hit by the Strain’s power and everything goes dark.

He wakes up back in his apartment and at first he’s super worried because he doesn’t know what’s happened, where’s Saruhiko is he okay, and that’s when he looks at his watch and sees that the date hasn’t changed. At first Yata probably just blows it off as a weird dream except things keep happening the same way they did in the dream and it’s making him nervous. He chases after the Strain again and then runs into Fushimi but at first Yata doesn’t want to fight because he remembers what happened in the dream and figures it might be good to get Fushimi out of there while he can. Fushimi gets annoyed by Yata’s refusing to fight him and goes off on his own, and ends up getting cornered by the Strain and all his buddies and again gets pretty badly injured. Yata comes upon him searching for the bad guys himself and again is freaking out because he doesn’t understand what’s happening, and then suddenly everything goes dark and he wakes up in his bed again.

By this time Yata’s probably seen enough movies that he knows what’s happening, except he figures that maybe he’s reliving the day until he can save Fushimi from being hurt. So each day he tries something a little different but it keeps not working, he and Fushimi keep fighting and he can’t convince Fushimi not to go after the Strain and can’t seem to save him either. Finally on one go-round Yata manages to get between Fushimi and the bad guys and gets really badly hurt himself. As he starts to fall unconscious he smiles because at least he saved Saruhiko this time but he finds himself wondering why Saruhiko seems like he’s crying as he yells at Yata not to lose consciousness. And then Yata wakes up in his bed again, same day as always, and is just like “Well what the fuck do I do now?”

So Yata keeps trying to figure out how he’s supposed to stop this day from repeating. Out of options, he decides that he’ll just have to ask someone for help, someone smart and good at figuring out situations, so he steels himself and when he runs into Fushimi he tells him what’s happening. Fushimi doesn’t believe Yata at first but Yata manages to convince him by laying out word for word what their ensuing fight would be. By the time he’s done Fushimi’s more or less convinced (since Scepter 4 knew the Strain had some kind of odd power after all, they just didn’t know what) and he taunts Yata for being too dumb to figure out the issue on his own. Yata’s just like shut up I know I’m stupid why do you think I’m asking you for help. So Fushimi tries to lay out the problem, that there’s something Yata’s missing that’s causing the day to repeat. From this point on Yata just goes to Fushimi first thing every day to talk with him and Fushimi keeps analyzing the information more and more and as he does he starts to look more and more upset because he’s starting to figure out that it’s not actually the Strain or Yata that’s the catalyst for the day repeating, it’s Fushimi.

Finally during one repeat Fushimi leaves Yata behind to go after the Strain himself, having fully figured out what’s going on. He confronts the guy about getting into his business and the Strain just smiles like ‘well, isn’t this something you want too? For him to understand?’ Fushimi yells at the Strain to shut up and that’s when Yata shows up from behind him, having heard it all. Yata’s just staring at Fushimi and Fushimi doesn’t know what to say, but then someone attacks Yata again and one more time Fushimi stands in front of him – and that’s when Yata finally gets it, how many times Fushimi’s protected him over days and days of repeats and why, and he runs to Fushimi and yells at him not to die now that Yata finally gets it. They have a Moment and then everything goes dark and Yata’s back in his bed again. The first thing he does is reach for his watch, dialing a familiar number and saying “Hey, we need to talk.”

the day that Whitley met Kinu for the first time. LOOK AT HER FACE!😄😂😄😂 – but nothing tops the scene when Whitley was working as Dwayne & Ron’s maid. Dwayne’s mother (Patti Labelle) makes a surprise visit. Whitley pretends to not know Kinu’s name, so she starts calling her everything & anything beginning with a “K”. BWAHAHAHAHA! -

“I’ll have to ask you to wipe those less than petite feet on the mat before entering the apartment Kukilee.” I DIED!😜

Mice Race
Rudimentary Peni
Mice Race

Dawn breaks but it isn’t a new day
Men like sheep, women like mice
All caught in the rat race
Take a closer look at what’s going on today
Are you really justified in having nothing to say?
Are you really justified in having nothing to say?
Are you not aware of a feeling of humiliation?
Don’t you have to sell yourself and keep on saying “Sir” ?
Are you really satisfied that everything’s O.K.?

Conditioned from the start and controlled from all directions
Swamped by a normality that musn’t be questioned
Ignorance is only a form of self-deception
Are you really justified in having nothing to say?
Are you really justified in having nothing to say?
Take a closer look at what’s going on today
Are you really satisfied that everything’s O.K.?
‘Cause perhaps, after all, too much thinking doesn’t pay
Perhaps, after all, too much thinking doesn’t pay
Perhaps, after all, too much thinking doesn’t pay
Perhaps, after all, too much thinking doesn’t pay
Perhaps, after all, too much thinking doesn’t pay

/lies down

/thinks about all the work building up at home