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Listen, a big part of growing up is realizing that you’re not always the victim. The hardest thing is taking accountability for our actions, but it’s also necessary at some point. I’m slowly finding out that half the stuff that’s happened to me in this year has been my own doing. Sometimes we’re the bad guys bro

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I hate to ask, as im sure there have been questions and posts and such about this before, but are there any specific rules about what i can submit?

There aren’t really any official rules for submitting anything. All you have to do is find a quote and send it to us with the source (at this point if you send it to us without a source I’ll delete it btw) But if I were you I’d try to stay away from things that could start a problem certain ships /cough/ and try to stay as safe and platonic as you can.


- Mod Keith


all parabatai are devoted…but with jem it is different.

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Amber help! I asked Alice a Tomlinshaw rec for a beginner but 1 i can't find the post anymore nor remember the title 2 i need more optionssss! Please help me, rec me some Tomlinshaw please and thank you


Start with Promise Not To Stop When I Say When. It’s a stylinshaw, but it introduced me to the Nick/Louis dynamic and got me hooked, so if you haven’t yet, please read that first.

Now, on to Tomlinshaw for beginners.

I recommend everything K has written, but start with lost my senses, I’m defenceless - it’s my favourite. Then read her other works. She writes Tomlinshaw perfectly without too much angst, it’s exactly what you need.

Then, Wild Is A Fire. Super hot, super well written. 

Another good one is footie!Louis and Nick, love and kickin’ (it’s a series, read all of it). 

I can’t forget the GBBO AU: Butter With You

Then, when you’re ready for the real complexity and glory that can be Tomlinshaw… Have the fic THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. Read I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow. And then the sequel: Than A Man Swear He Loves Me 

(and then read everything sunsetmog ever wrote afterwards. You won’t regret it. Though I have to warn you for Not Your Fault But Mine, please read the tags and be aware that it hurts.)

When you’re done with these, I have more, but these are a first time must-read <3

Daddy’s Girl - 7 (Steve Mcgarrett/Reader Daughter)

Imagine being Steve Mcgarrett’s daughter and showing up out of the blue in his office…Steve has a hard time adjusting…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

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It didn’t take Steve long to connect the dots that these guys were not here to talk. The guns shooting was a clear indication that they just wanted to kill him. 

He darted behind a tree taking in several breaths trying to keep calm. He just needed to keep them from following you. He peeked around the tree seeing the hikers running toward him.

He waited quietly until one was right up behind him. Swinging around he nailed the perp in the stomach with his knee crippling to the ground. Steve maneuvered the gun out of his hands quickly sweeping the area for the other. 

As he pivoted to search behind him he felt a sting in his right side. Ignoring it he let off a few rounds making the shooter take cover as he made an escape. He huffed as he ran through the woods getting back on to the path. 

Finally, he looked down to his side seeing blood soak through his shirt. He winced putting a hand over the wound trying to keep the blood flow under control. He grunted as he heard the goons behind him.

He raised the gun as he glanced back at them. He saw them scatter as his random shooting. He looked a head of him seeing his truck barreling toward him, drifting to a hault in front of him.

“Get in!” You shouted through the open window.

He only hesitated for a second before climbing inside. He stared at you as you gunned it back down the trail, “I told you to get out of here!”

“You told me to drive like crazy…you didn’t say where.” You glanced at him as the back window blew out.

“Get down!” He shouted as you ducked. He turned in the seat firing off the rest of the clip. He stared out the back for a moment before nodding, “Okay…we’re okay.”

You stared ahead feeling tears well up in your eyes. Steve watched you sniff before letting out a breath through your mouth. Finally you glanced over to him, “You’re bleeding…”

“Yeah…” He nodded slowly lifting up his shirt to get a better look at it. He let out a dissatisfied sigh seeing that it was not a good situation as his vision started to blur. 

“Steve?” You sounded worried.

“Just keep driving.” He reached into the glove box pulling out a pack of gauze. He heard you let out a little chuckle, “What’s funny?”

“It just seems like you to keep gauze everywhere.” You told him glancing over again, “Steve, that looks really bad.”

“It is.” He packed the wound as best he could, “Just…just keep driving.”

You watched the color change in his face quickly, “Wh…nononono, Steve! Steve, you have to stay awake I don’t know where I’m going! Steve!”

You looked forward as panic started to set in. You wiped the tears away from your face as you hit the blutooth hearing the ping waiting for instructions, “Call Danny.”

“Calling Danny…Williams…”

It rang a few times before it picked up, “Hey, Steve, aren’t you and Y/N supposed to be lost on a mountain somewhere.”

“Danny, it’s Y/N, Steve’s hurt.” You kept driving as you glanced over to Steve.

“Wha…what happened?” You could hear tremendous amounts of concern in his voice.

“He got shot…there were these guys…Danny, I don’t know where I’m going.” Your voice was trembling, “Danny, he doesn’t look good…”

“Okay, just stay calm. Do you know what trail you were on?” Danny asked you.

“I…I don’t know it started with  a K…” You shrugged looking at Steve as he started to look clammy.

“Right…” Danny sighed finding that no help as almost everything on Oahu started with a K or N.

You glanced up in the rear view mirror seeing a black SUV coming up on you fast, “Danny, I think they’re coming…I think they still after us…”

Danny fell silent on the other end of the line making you nervous, “Danny?”

“Y/N, I need you to listen to me very carefully ok…” Danny spoke slowly, “I need you to start spouting off anything that you see…signs, landscapes, road markers. They’re going to help us find, Steve.”

You’re eyes started darting everywhere, “…just Steve?”

“Yeah…because they’re gonna run you off the road and they’re gonna take you.” Danny sighed, “I need you to focus though okay and know that we are going to get you back. We never leave family behind and we do anything for them okay.”

“Oh my god…” You took in a deep breath.

“Y/N…stay with me. What do you see?” Danny asked you.

“Uh…54…coast line…hills to my right…” You kept spouting off anything that you could until you felt the SUV slam into the back end of the truck. You let out a yell as you floored the gas peddle.

They hit you again this time you lost control flying off the road slamming into the hillside. You could hear Danny calling to you through the speakers. You let out a groan pushing off of the steering wheel. You winced holding your arm to your chest as you looked at Steve.

His face contorted a little as you reached over to him, “Steve…”

As he opened his eyes in slits looking at you the door opened. He could hear you begin to struggle, “No…NO! Steve! STEVE! NO!”

“Y/N…” He forced himself to move, clawing himself over the seats, “Y/N!”

He fell to the ground seeing you fight. He struggled to stand up calling to you. In his finally moments of consciousness he saw you reach for him as they dragged you into the the SUV.

“Y/N…” He whispered passing out.

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okay but im really, really, REALLY sick of nonblacks overusing and butchering aave to hype up their mediocre faves. It's even worse when you realize that most of them are incredibly anti-black but love accessorizing (and ruining) Black vernacular. If I have to hear shook/shooketh, slayed, salty, ect one more f-ing time...Dont even get me started on k-idols/k-rappers milking everything they could from Black culture and running that ish into the ground. It's 2017 and they are STILL dabbing...

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Fushimi finding misaki sick/hurt post-rok when things still a bit akward between then

So post-ROK Fushimi and Yata are trying to mend things between them but everything’s still awkward, like they’ve hung out a couple times but they haven’t managed to have a proper talk about everything yet. Yata’s still not sure how to approach the subject without making Fushimi bolt while Fushimi’s probably just as happy to forget that it’s even a thing, like I could see him just wanting to avoid the big emotional talk all together and hoping things will just go back to something at least comfortable and he won’t have to explain himself or actually have to face all those emotions that he’s still got simmering inside trying to get out. Of course this just makes things more awkward because Yata still wants to know, why Fushimi left and what happened and how they broke because he wants to make sure that they don’t this time, but at the same time he’s not sure how to bring up the subject in a way that’s not going to make Fushimi retreat behind his walls again. So this leaves them in a place where they’re friendly to each other but there’s a clear wall still there between them, both of them not sure how comfortable they can be around each other and if things have gone back to something like normal again or what.

Then one day say Fushimi’s out on patrol and he happens to go by that park again where he met Yata in the drama CD. He finds himself walking through it and smiling slightly to himself, not just imagining the time he and Yata met there as kids but also about the last time he saw Yata when Yata was teaching skateboarding to the kids and how it wasn’t so bad – part of him is still holding back, still not sure if he can count on things he loves to stay in one piece but he’s trying bit by bit, and he wants to believe that he and Misaki might be able to get to a place where they won’t break. That’s when movement nearby catches his eye and he turns just in time to see Yata faint onto a park bench.

Immediately Fushimi’s like ‘Misaki?’ and runs over, probably a lot more panicked then he’s letting show. He kneels down next to Yata and right away he can tell that Yata’s flushed and sweating, there’s no sign of injury which means it’s likely that Yata’s sick. He’s wearing like his work uniform or something and Fushimi clicks his tongue and quietly calls Yata an idiot for going to work when he’s clearly sick (if Yata was conscious at this point he’d probably smack Fushimi for that because I’m sure Fushimi knows all about going to work while sick and possibly fainting on the job). Not sure what else to do Fushimi ends up taking Yata back to Yata’s apartment, Fushimi’s only been there once or twice but he’s got a good memory so it’s easy enough to find his way back. He digs the key out of Yata’s pocket and lets himself in, laying Yata down on the couch and then just standing there awkwardly in the center of the room, not sure what to do. Part of him is still in the old ‘destroy everything you love’ mode and wants to leave, to pretend this has nothing to do with him and that taking Yata home was enough, but the part that’s been clinging to these small meetings with Yata lately wants to stay and try to take care of him. (And there’s no one around in the apartment too, because Yata’s never taken a roommate since Fushimi left and Fushimi finds himself thinking of a big empty house and the only person who ever, ever came when he called them, and he knows he can’t leave).

Yata wakes up about ten minutes later still feeling like crap and wondering how he got home, he remembers leaving work early and stopping to take a rest in the park because he was dizzy but he can’t recall walking home. He smells something burning in the kitchen and leaves himself up, wondering if he left the stove on or something, and is surprised when he walks in on Fushimi badly attempting to make pineapple rice. Yata just blinks like '….Saruhiko?’ and Fushimi clicks his tongue and mutters that it’s about time Yata woke up, trying not show how relieved he is. Yata’s about to ask how Fushimi got here but first he has to take care of the burning food issue. Fushimi lets him and then mutters at him to lie down and rest, like you fainted idiot and I had to drag you home. Yata’s all surprised that Fushimi did that for him and he can see that someone put a blanket over him and brought him water and aspirin and suddenly even though he’s so sick he can’t help but smile, thanking Fushimi. Fushimi looks away and mumbles that it’s nothing, he just figured someone should drag Yata out of the park before he was mistaken for a homeless person. Yata asks a little hesitantly if Fushimi’s gonna stay now that he’s awake and Fushimi kinda shifts like I guess if you want me to (tsun Saru being like 'it’s not like I’m staying here for you or anything’). Fushimi ends up spending the rest of the day at Yata’s place and it gets progressively more comfortable, like even though Fushimi’s crap at taking care of people Yata can see he’s trying and it feels almost like old times again, like yeah some stuff has changed but this really is still Saruhiko and he’s still Yata’s best friend, even after everything, and the awkwardness starts to fade between them bit by bit.

@n-k-y Agreeing with everything you said here: http://n-k-y.tumblr.com/post/161942764509 just thought starting a new post would be easier.

I think the reason it’s so frustrating is how often do you get a manga like SNK where the emphasis isn’t on romance and fanservice and there’s actually a wonderfully healthy relationship between the two male best friends?

Like in another great post you wrote, it’s so common to make them rivals or add tension and angst. There’s none of that between Eren and Armin. But boy, does the anime want there to be.

I appreciate all your posts on the matter, they’re really well written and a good read. 

Also, no worries, ranting and raving is my way of dealing with things. I’m actually doing fine. For me, the sense of camaraderie with other people calling out the bullshit in the episode makes me feel better. 😂 

And there’s always the manga.

Okay people who say Rose is clingy in a derogatory manner make me want to rip my hair out.

You know what she was? Persistent, immensely courageous (I mean, how hard would it have been to get those three words out? To him, especially. How hard must it have been to risk everything to find a way back to him, when he had never said them and she wasn’t even sure he wanted her back? That’s one colossal step up from “omg should I text him idk if he likes me!?”), and constantly true to her word. She said she would never leave him and she came back over and over and over to prove her point.
Because that’s what you do for the people you love.

And you know what the Doctor was? Alone.

He was a man who’d lost everyone over and over and over, and suddenly there’s this girl who keeps on coming back to him no matter what, who risks her life to keep her promise to him.
Like did you see his face on one side of that wall after they were separated, when he thought he lost her forever? He’s heartbroken yes, but mostly he’s tired, resigned. You can practically hear him thinking, “Why was I stupid enough to think that this time it would really be forever? Every time I love someone I lose them, and here we go again. Why should I expect any different from the universe?”


I don’t think he understood why she did it, but I think he loved her for it.

And I think that’s what finally made him realize that no matter what he had done, he was so inconceivably, impossibly, irrevocably loved.

So sure, call her clingy. Fine. Do it. Be my guest.
But for a man who never seems able to keep the people he loves, for a man who moves so fast that it makes it so hard to hold onto things, for a man who anything permanent and lasting rolls off of like water off a duck’s back and for a man who is literally a walking inadhesive, maybe clingy was exACTLY what he needed.

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If Yata had to relive the same day over and over until he understood Fushimi's feelings.

Yata would be reliving that day a lot. Maybe the day starts where he’s helping Homra shake down some guys causing trouble in their territory and one happens to be a Strain. In the middle of everything Yata ends up running into Fushimi who’s also chasing down the Strain. They fight, like usual, but then the bad guys show up and Fushimi ends up being pretty badly hurt saving Yata from injury. Yata’s reeling from that when he gets hit by the Strain’s power and everything goes dark.

He wakes up back in his apartment and at first he’s super worried because he doesn’t know what’s happened, where’s Saruhiko is he okay, and that’s when he looks at his watch and sees that the date hasn’t changed. At first Yata probably just blows it off as a weird dream except things keep happening the same way they did in the dream and it’s making him nervous. He chases after the Strain again and then runs into Fushimi but at first Yata doesn’t want to fight because he remembers what happened in the dream and figures it might be good to get Fushimi out of there while he can. Fushimi gets annoyed by Yata’s refusing to fight him and goes off on his own, and ends up getting cornered by the Strain and all his buddies and again gets pretty badly injured. Yata comes upon him searching for the bad guys himself and again is freaking out because he doesn’t understand what’s happening, and then suddenly everything goes dark and he wakes up in his bed again.

By this time Yata’s probably seen enough movies that he knows what’s happening, except he figures that maybe he’s reliving the day until he can save Fushimi from being hurt. So each day he tries something a little different but it keeps not working, he and Fushimi keep fighting and he can’t convince Fushimi not to go after the Strain and can’t seem to save him either. Finally on one go-round Yata manages to get between Fushimi and the bad guys and gets really badly hurt himself. As he starts to fall unconscious he smiles because at least he saved Saruhiko this time but he finds himself wondering why Saruhiko seems like he’s crying as he yells at Yata not to lose consciousness. And then Yata wakes up in his bed again, same day as always, and is just like “Well what the fuck do I do now?”

So Yata keeps trying to figure out how he’s supposed to stop this day from repeating. Out of options, he decides that he’ll just have to ask someone for help, someone smart and good at figuring out situations, so he steels himself and when he runs into Fushimi he tells him what’s happening. Fushimi doesn’t believe Yata at first but Yata manages to convince him by laying out word for word what their ensuing fight would be. By the time he’s done Fushimi’s more or less convinced (since Scepter 4 knew the Strain had some kind of odd power after all, they just didn’t know what) and he taunts Yata for being too dumb to figure out the issue on his own. Yata’s just like shut up I know I’m stupid why do you think I’m asking you for help. So Fushimi tries to lay out the problem, that there’s something Yata’s missing that’s causing the day to repeat. From this point on Yata just goes to Fushimi first thing every day to talk with him and Fushimi keeps analyzing the information more and more and as he does he starts to look more and more upset because he’s starting to figure out that it’s not actually the Strain or Yata that’s the catalyst for the day repeating, it’s Fushimi.

Finally during one repeat Fushimi leaves Yata behind to go after the Strain himself, having fully figured out what’s going on. He confronts the guy about getting into his business and the Strain just smiles like ‘well, isn’t this something you want too? For him to understand?’ Fushimi yells at the Strain to shut up and that’s when Yata shows up from behind him, having heard it all. Yata’s just staring at Fushimi and Fushimi doesn’t know what to say, but then someone attacks Yata again and one more time Fushimi stands in front of him – and that’s when Yata finally gets it, how many times Fushimi’s protected him over days and days of repeats and why, and he runs to Fushimi and yells at him not to die now that Yata finally gets it. They have a Moment and then everything goes dark and Yata’s back in his bed again. The first thing he does is reach for his watch, dialing a familiar number and saying “Hey, we need to talk.”

Exo’s Reaction - When Another Member Is Ignoring Them

Xiumin - *Doesn’t worry about it too much and knows that Luhan will regret ignoring him later on*

Lay - *Gets confused and asks himself questions of why Kai was ignoring him*

Kai - *Too busy focusing on his chicken than to notice that Lay was ignoring him*

Suho - *As the mama,he hates getting ignored by his children especially his youngest, Sehun* I’m the guardian of idiots!

Kyungsoo - *Gets super annoyed at Chanyeol for ignoring him*

Tao - *Gets bitchy about it really quickly because he hates getting ignored especially by Kris*

Chen - *Baekhyun wont even turn around to talk to him and he gets pissed off because of this* Bitch!

Kris - *Just doesn’t get anything at this moment and time and starts talking to himself because Tao was ignoring him*

Chanyeol - *Keeps calling Kyungsoo to get his attention and in the end, Kyungsoo gives in and stops ignoring him just to shut him up*

Baekhyun - *Thinks that Chen is playing a prank on him again but he wasn’t*

Sehun - *Goes really bratty that Suho was ignoring him* But you love me, give me attention! I need it because I’M the youngest! 

Luhan - *Doesn’t like it that Xiumin won’t listen to him and starts thinking about everything he might have done wrong*

things you said at 1 a.m. | cth

a/n: this is the first part of a calum series inspired by this list. i intend to write as many of these that i possibly can. also my grammar is a mess. pls leave me alone

warnings: language & slight mentions of smoking, alcohol, and anxiety 

word count: 1.3k

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the day that Whitley met Kinu for the first time. LOOK AT HER FACE!😄😂😄😂 – but nothing tops the scene when Whitley was working as Dwayne & Ron’s maid. Dwayne’s mother (Patti Labelle) makes a surprise visit. Whitley pretends to not know Kinu’s name, so she starts calling her everything & anything beginning with a “K”. BWAHAHAHAHA! -

“I’ll have to ask you to wipe those less than petite feet on the mat before entering the apartment Kukilee.” I DIED!😜

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Alrighty -- what are your current pairings within the Dream Pack? Or relationship headcanons in general. I am rabidly curious.

I hope you’re really curious and have the motivation of read all this but anyway here we go, you asked I’m answering. Sorry it took so much to reply to this but I was kinda busy.

First of all, every relationship of my pack is kinda deep like “too deep Brenda you should really stop adding so many details” deep, and very specific. The main and general idea is that some of the guys do not get along or are not really fond of each other and wouldn’t share the same space willingly if not for the loyalty they have towards Kavinsky (or in other cases, for another member of the pack). Like, I believe everything started with a “I’m here because of you K, not them”, but then developed in something more profound and became “I’m staying also for one of them, maybe two ,and if anyone touches that person I’ll burn their world down”, and this rule applies also among them. Plus, Kavinsky knows it and he uses it at his favor, he doesn’t show remorse in ordering them to beat to death one of the group sending 3 of them against 1.

Another central idea regarding how I see the Dream Pack is that Kavinsky is not really part of the pack. He leads them, but he’s not like them. There’s a part in TRC that goes something like, “Gansey had managed to befriend these different guys that for different reasons should have been friendless”, which implies they obviously wouldn’t have been friends if it wasn’t for Gansey, because he is the “glue” of the group. In K’s case I replaced “befriend” with “own”.

Kavinsky owns them, knows their secrets, their fears, but he doesn’t necessarily use them against them always. He is not “friends” with anyone in the pack except for Prokopenko. When I imagine the Dream Pack I always have in mind four guys, not five. I exclude Kavinsky more of the times or he’s always a background figure that I like to keep distant. He was a mystery in the books, he was complex, he wasn’t an easy person to be around and I don’t think this would have changed only because the pack had people that was more similar to him than anyone else, only because they were just as loud and “trash” as him. So, to me, he’s the guy that when Proko, Jiang, Swan & Skov are having some rare quality time together, actually enjoying themselves as a group, he is watching, always watching, but not being part of it. Kinda living this weird friendship the guys have, and he has created, through them because he isn’t able to feel it himself. He isn’t able to be friends with anyone. And that’s how I see what Kavinsky feels towards the pack, how each one of them feels towards Kavinsky though that’s an entire different thing and this is where I start answering your question: my favorite pairings now are 3.

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Baekhyun: *start singing* I’ll do everything for you… as long as it makes you happy…

External image

Kai: *smile* I’ll tell everyone about us… the “Sexy couple” tomorrow, and we’ll be the newspaper’s headline…

Chanyeol: okay, i’ll tell them that we’re dating but i want a kiss first…

Sehun: Don’t be sad, let me get a bubble tea first…

D.O: NO wonder why you were sad… okay i’ll tell them that we’re dating but kiss first…

Suho: i want a kiss first….kiss…kisss


Lay: Please don’t be sad…i’ll tell them now…yes …now

External image

Chen: oh that’s why… *smile* okay let’s tell now…

Tao: Here, this flower smells good…take this flower.. don’t be mad, ill do tell them now…

Xiumin: Oh really… that’s why your mad… want me to tell them now?

Luhan: I see, i see, I’ll good tell them now… and don’t call me cute any more… i am manly…

Kris: *can’t stop laughing* But if i tell everyone that we’re dating, then people will get jealous of you, for dating someone who’s handsome and a skillful artist like me…