everything sugar coated

Being Jared Letos daughter would include...

Giving him attitude and he goes “Where do you get that from” and everyone in the room looks at him.

Constantly stealing his flannels to wear, even ones from the 90’s he didn’t even know he still owned.

Your own private room backstage while he performs, but you sneak out to watch him anyway.

Jared’s arm always around you in public, ready to sheild you from paparazzi.

Sitting on top of the rocks in Joshua Tree talking for hours.

Going with him to the private first screening of his new movie, his eyes on you the whole time to see if you like it.

Sitting on the couch while he paces around, reading all the other lines in the script so he can do his own.

You yelling at him for things Jordan Catalano did in 94’.

Refusing to go out with him if he wears the fanny pack.

Him photo bombing you and your friends at coachella after promising not to embarrass you.

When you’re sick, he puts a fire on and cuddles you on the couch watching netflix.

Him waking you up at random times of the night when he finishes a song, wanting you to be the first person to hear it.

Him demanding that you call him every night when he’s away so his voice is the last you hear before bed like when he’s home.

Him feeling like he’s been replaced as the most important person in your life when you start dating so he’s the biggest hardass on the person you bring home.

Straightening out his flower bow tie before he goes to the oscars, him making you promise to watch him.

Always being able to tell when he’s in character and toying with whoever it is trying to get him to break.

When you get home from long car rides in LA, you pretend to be asleep so he’ll carry you in. That never changing no matter how old you get.

Him rocking you back and forth while you cry and softly singing in your ear until you stop.

Being mortified at his dad jokes and when he refers to himself as Bartholomew Cubbins.

Pulling his beanie down over his face, hearing him sigh because he’s so used to it.

“We good?”
“Gucci good”

Going to see Grandma Constance often and asking about what he was like at your age, with him secretly texting her from across the room to sugar coat everything.

Getting into a huge fight and storming off, him spending hours driving around LA and calling everyone. Only to return home and find you snuggled in his bed. With everything being forgiven when you wake up.

Waking him up at 12:01 on his birthday by jumping on his bed and kissing his cheek.

“Don’t give me those eyes” then immediately giving him those eyes and watching him crumble.

Who, What, Where, When, Why

Questions To Make You Think.


  1. Who caused you not to think about the consequences of your actions?
  2. What allows you to act like a magnet to danger?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  4. When did you first lose your sense of patience?
  5. Why do you jump into relationships with people you know will hurt you?


  1. Who takes care of you when you’re occupying yourself with others?
  2. What is your passion in life?
  3. Where do you feel your environment is best?
  4. When are you going to start believe that you’re a good person?
  5. Why do you stay stubborn to feel confident in your ideas?


  1. Who allows you keep running away?
  2. What causes you to have no filter?
  3. Where do you put up fronts and where can you be yourself?
  4. When will you be able to see that people care about you?
  5. Why do you reside as a follower rather than a leader? (Or vise versa)


  1. Who allows you to be such a hypocrite?
  2. What excuse are you going to make this time?
  3. Where will you go to find something better?
  4. When will you learn that everyone has their own opinions?
  5. Why can’t you put your motivation into action?


  1. Who will show you that if you don’t like something, try and change it?
  2. What will educate you to stop pitying yourself?
  3. Where did you learn to be so terribly unapologetic?
  4. When will you stop being so reluctant toward love?
  5. Why do you give so many chances to people not deserving of them?


  1. Who lets you say horrible things to people you once cared for?
  2. What causes you to value getting revenge?
  3. Where did you learn that getting even was so important?
  4. When will you say sorry and actually mean it?
  5. Why don’t you change your attitude instead of what you don’t like?


  1. Who will teach you that you can be confident but not narcissistic?
  2. What causes you to care about whether you belong or not?
  3. Where will the time come in which you’ll stand your own ground?
  4. When will you apologize enough to where you’ll actually change?
  5. Why do you overthink your every move?


  1. Who have you actually told how you felt about them?
  2. What causes you to be so passive aggressive?
  3. Where will you actually apologize and mean it?
  4. When will you recognize that being mean isn’t attractive?
  5. Why do you feel as if your ideas are so original?


  1. Who told you that ignorance is bliss?
  2. What will finally cause you to realize some things are better left unsaid?
  3. Where do you draw the line between cleverness and idiocy?
  4. When will you fully embrace logic and reason rather than emotion?
  5. Why can’t you commit?


  1. Who told you showing emotion is weak?
  2. What causes you to let others take advantage of your generosity?
  3. Where will you stop taking out your anger on others?
  4. When will you stop bossing around people who can control themselves?
  5. Why do you manipulate others?


  1. Who caused you to stomp on others to get to the top?
  2. What causes you to leave and come back as you please?
  3. Where will you actually ask for help?
  4. When will you finally follow your heart?
  5. Why don’t you ever take into consideration who you’re going to hurt?


  1. Who will teach you to stop sugar coating everything?
  2. What causes you to think that asking for help is weak?
  3. Where do you actually take responsibility for your actions?
  4. When will you follow your head rather than your heart for once?
  5. Why do you think it’s okay to play the victim?

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Final Fantasy XV, 2016

Sunny and I just having a “friendly chat” about personal punk philosophy. Eff that guy sometimes.

(Over 500 followers?! Thank you guys so much! A huge shout out to all the people of Derpibooru, my friends, and my girlfriend who runs @awesomeasiwannabe for pushing me to get more stuff out! Here’s to more stories and other fun art!)


Carmilla things

I love Carmilla with every fibre of my being but after seeing this ask I also want to talk about some of the things I wish they had not done/done differently.

  1. Danny. (I don’t like her at all.) they shoved her into Season 2 with this failed attempt at a redemption arc and for what exactly? In the first season she acted like a jealous and possessive girlfriend despite the fact that she and Laura were not a couple. That already doesn’t sit well with me but then she tried to stake Carmilla, she refused to be a good TA and made Laura reaching out about her work and struggling to do it into something to do with their so called “relationship”. Then Season 2 I had to deal with her being there and even then I didn’t feel as though she did very much. She didn’t get a redemption arc, if anything she just became even worse and I still don’t forgive her for how she just crushed Mattie’s locket without a second thought. I understand that Mattie was hurting her BUT Danny started it. Mattie was going for Vordenburg not Danny but Danny just had to be self righteous and then instead of just holding the locket up or trying to be rational about it she killed her straight off the bat. Not only that she was one of the ones that kept on sugar coating everything and making out that Laura was some innocent lamb when she wasn’t. Then she wasn’t even in Season 3 that much and yet still I found myself getting annoyed at her because I refuse to believe that despite everything she would just leave campus and basically leave them all to die without so much as an apology.
  2. The Hollstein break-up, honestly this was fricking ridiculous and we never got to hear either of them properly apologise because yes they were both at fault. But another thing that really, really irritated me about this is how insensitive they made Laura and practically everyone else be about it. They made Laura seem really petty and I hated how none of her so-called friends even tried to talk to her about it. No one called her out on it, no one ever told her that she was wrong and I don’t buy that kind of friendship. Laf was pretty damn blunt most of the time and they didn’t once speak up or say anything. No one told Laura when she was being out of line but they were the first to sharpen the pitch forks the moment Carmilla didn’t want to do something that made her uncomfortable. 
  3. The fact that Carmilla had zero friends. We only got to see a glimpse of the LaKarnstein friendship in season 3 but we never really got to see Carmilla interact with people that weren’t Laura or Mattie. Personally I would have liked to see Carmilla and J.P. interacting, given both of their histories I think their friendship would have been a really nice one to see. I also would been interested to see Carmilla and Perry interact more or Carmilla and Mel. 
  4. Laf being a hypocritical and shitty friend. I’m sorry but how they had the right to call Carmilla and Laura selfish for wanting to keep one another safe yet they did the EXACT same thing with Perry is beyond me. Laura gave up everything to save the whole campus numerous times and she never got a thank you and then both Laf and Perry just pissed off and left her to die. They didn’t even look back or give any sort of reaction. Plus Laf was the one who brought dean!perry into the Library without consulting the others and all they kept repeating was “Perry is my friend” blah blah, like excuse you but you didn’t care when it was anyone else.
  5. Not letting Hollstein say I Love You to one another is up there for me too. The fact that it was in one of the alternate takes angers me even more because I feel like that moment would have been a lot more powerful had that been in the scene instead.
  6. The unnecessary deaths of Mattie and J.P. like I get why for story purposes but that was just rude.

However I love this show so much so here are some things I really did enjoy.

  1. Mel. I was pleasantly surprised with Melanippe. At first I thought she was kind of wooden and to be honest I didn’t take to her until the end of Season 2. Her reaction to Danny’s death was mine the “I didn’t like you but you didn’t deserve to be killed like that” - the respect there was key. I loved her in Season Zero and her wit in Season 3 was hilarious. Her podcasts were so good and I really loved how much she was included. I love how she ended up being someone to rely on and someone who actually expressed how brave Laura was and that she was proud. That speaks volumes given that Mel isn’t an easy person to talk round.
  2. Laura’s character development and personal growth. How strong of an actor Elise Bauman is and how much we saw from her character, how she wasn’t this perfect person who got everything right - she made a lot of mistakes but seeing her grow in Season 3 was so beautiful to watch and really relatable at least for me.
  3. Carmilla and Mattie bonding. I loved how loyal they were, how much fun they had, how much love they had for one another. Mattie was such a good character and I loved how glamorous she was, I think that Sophia and Natasha’s scenes were just so captivating to watch because you could really feel their bond and the hard hitting scenes always got me. Having someone who was a morally grey kind of character is always really fun to explore and I love how Mattie fought logically, she fought in such a good way.
  4. The Dean possessing Perry. Honestly that was really interesting to watch. I know we all knew she was but the subtle changes, the odd looks, the sliding scale of Perry vs The Dean. Annie Briggs’s portrayal was outstanding and for all of Perry’s faults she was a very interesting character. My favourite being Season Zero Perry who had flower crowns and was a Professor Trelawney wannabe and she believed and I loved her with everything I had.
  5. Hollstein. Their ups, their downs. Fluff, angst, hurt.comfort. All of it. Their story was beautiful and there really isn’t anything else I can say that expresses how moving their story was. Just hats off to Natasha and Elise because their acting and their chemistry has always been one of a kind. 

Shooting Star - Chapter One

Warning: contains terminal illness and death.

Saeyoung Choi x MC

1,953 words

A/N: i might have cried while writing this. this was requested but the request itself contains spoilers for chapter two of this (:

Walking down the street at night was always Saeyoung’s best kind of pastime – he used his feet to move and his mind to think and ponder what his next metaphorical ‘steps’ in life were, all while his feet were taking physical steps down the dark and dim path.

It was rare for him to come across anyone this late at night. Obviously, this was because people had better things to do – like sleep, or crying themselves to some sort of sleeping state, or even just crying; Saeyoung was tired of ‘just crying’, so when he woke up and discovered his alarm clock displayed 2am as the time he decided to put on his least favourite pair of shoes and go for a walk. Heck, he might even treat himself to a drink at a 24/7 supermarket he happened to regular.

Tonight was apparently different, because at the end of the street he found himself traipsing down there stood a girl waiting by the streetlamp. She was texting, or at least doing something to distract herself from what was going on around her, and put the phone to her ear – anticipating some sort of response down the other side of it.

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Highschool. Oh highschool. I place that used to be for education and friendship has turned into a place of obedience and bullies. Test scores and graduation rates are more important than mental health. They do not teach you the slaughter of Native Americans, or the struggle of modern day racism, or the fight for gay rights. They do not teach you about sexual violence, oppression, and abuse. They never teach you about the real world. But they will make sure you know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, how to find the slope of a line, and all the fancy facts about the presidents of America. They sugar coat everything, never show the raw truth. Teachers ignore children in need, children being bullied, children who are contemplating suicide. Maybe if we taught more about mental health and did not make it such a stigma we would increase the amount of children who come forward for help. Highschool is not about education and truth, it is all about trying to make every child’s mind work the same way. No room for creativity, imagination, growth, or health. Just make sure those test scores are high.
Formula of Lorna & Nicky’s bond in every season

So I’ve basically been thinking about this for a while and I couldn’t help but make a post about it. I’ve noticed Nichorello follow a very similar formula through each season, which may lead me to guess how they’ll conclude season 5 going onto season 6. This is still just a theory and only a suggestion to those who’ve been asking, so I’d only take it with a grain of salt. Here goes:

  • Season 1: So, in the beginning the two are having an ongoing friends-with-benefits relationship going on. They’re obviously pretty close friends, or whatever you wanna call them, which is until episode 5 ‘The Chickening’, that Lorna ends it because of her seemingly real engagement with her fiancee, Christopher. This is where the arc comes in. Nicky, visibly hurt but this, becomes rather bitter and hostile towards Lorna for the vast majority/rest of the season. The two firmly remain friends throughout the season, despite arguing and making side remarks, however there’s still awkward tension between the pair revolving around the ‘breakup’. Additionally, there’s various hinters suggesting that Nicky has ‘a little more than friends’ emotions towards Lorna, for instance when Lorna called their benefits off, she’s hurt by it and the supposed joke she makes with the secret Santa gift. They conclude the season friends even though they aren’t sleeping together no more, so this still some what patched up the fact that Nicky was willing to move past that - or at least try to. They both got past their bitterness.
  • Season 2: The second round comes in and as expected, the two start the season close again. Various flirting here and there, but that’s not really important or apparent, yet. Now, neither of them actually argue or fall out this season but they do sort of go off and deal with their own antsy addictions/frustrations (those being the whole Christopher thing, the sex contest and the heroin handed by Vee). They both come together, and closer I should add, in episode 10 ‘Little Mustachioed Shit’ where Lorna openly confesses her past and mental issues, in return Nicky accepting her flaws and expresses her love. So once again, they end the season really close, even more so this time obviously.
  • Season 3: This time around they start this season being pretty flirty, which leads me to suggest that they were perhaps sleeping together again. I don’t really have anything to back this up, but their attitude towards each other, significantly in the first episode, kinda reminded me of how they were in those first five episodes of season 1. Anyway, again, there’s no conflict regarding their emotions, however once again the two aren’t really involved much with each other as Nicky has to deal with all the heroin bags she stole from Vee. Consequently, this leads her ending up being carted off to Max and while exiting Lorna shouts “I love you too”. To me this kind of makes a resolution for the two as even though the two probably think they aren’t going to see each other again, that’s still one thing to hold onto. Subsequently, I wouldn’t say they end on a positive note (duh), but they still conclude the season close. I’m not going to go into the fact that Lorna gets married later on in the season because I’m strictly just talking about her and Nicky, but I will say I believe she was lead to do this out of loneliness.
  • Season 4: Nicky returns to the Litch in episode 7 ‘It Sounded Nicer In My Head’. Despite the fact that she has relapsed, everything is really sugar coated between her and Lorna. In the common room she’s standing really close and it’s obviously apparent that she doesn’t want to leave her side. Nicky doesn’t take Lorna and Vinnie’s marriage seriously because it’s purely just unbelievable to her. This creates a stir between the two  as Nicky is pissed off about the fact that she moved on so quickly, and Lorna’s angered by the fact that Nicky’s back on drugs making her not a very pleasant person. They argue in the cafeteria in episode 9 ‘Turn Table Turn’ and they don’t communicate for the rest of the season until episode 13 ‘Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again’. In this scene, Nicky tries it on but Lorna snaps - the two of them call each other out of their addictions but they both confess to their personal dilemmas. Once again, they conclude the season relatively some what close again.
  • Season 5: Here be spoilers, you’ve been warned. Now we come back to the fifth installment, and as well as being super close, the two are pretty damn flirty again. Lorna jokingly suggesting that she’d let Nicky tie her up with an extension chord and Nicky asking that she’d be her wet blanket - not to mention the whole keys thing and in between sexual innuendos. And that’s just episode 1 ‘Riot FOMO’. We come onto episode 3 ‘Pissters!’, Nicky outwardly expresses her love for Lorna in front of a bunch of people, including Soso. When we come onto episode 6 ‘Full Bush, Half Snickers’ Lorna pleads to have sex again, however they both meet again in the canteen where Lorna declares that she is pregnant. Not only that, but she changes the fact that she wanted to sleep with Nicky out of blame for her uncontrollable hormones. This is where Nicky is done. In fact she implies to never ever do ‘this’ again, this being a statement of not only sex but their casual relationship in general. She leaves the canteen, and as you can probably guess, they drift apart. Nicky sleeps with an inmate to spite Lorna when she sees them in the hallway, and probably does this in an attempt to get over her. She additionally later comes out that she’ll no longer be Lorna’s “warm fuzzy place”. This is basically where their terms are left off. Now, I don’t want to jinx it but I do think they’ll be at least some sort of resolution - not necessarily positive but given the outcome of every other season, it’s fairly plausible. Getting together is clearly out of the question, considering the timeline of this season and how much shit they’ve been through in these 3 days so far. But basically, looking at how they’ve got through every other season, they always conclude some what good. So, I guess we’ll just have to see what unfolds in these last 3 episodes.
No More Running

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Natan

Word Count: 3000

Rating/Content: NSFW for fluffy smut 

Summary: In which Satan’s had a long day, but Natalie has one more request

A/N: Welp, for 200 followers you guys asked for Natan. I hope this lives up to expectations. It’s late and I have a headache from staying up way past my bedtime, but it was worth. Just, sorry if there are some mistakes I missed. Enjoy ^^

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Nct as your Classmates


•probably student body president and in choir
•is semi popular because he has the voice of an angel
•kinda a nerd but a cute nerd
•has straight As
•probably takes at least 1 honor/AP class
•is a bit shy around new people
•least favorite class is probably math or gym
•favorite class is choir or english
•now where you come in
•you needed some help in English because you were failing
•since you were a nice student
•the teacher recommend that Taeil should help you out and since Taeil would never deny a chance to help someone
•now you guys work together every Tuesday and Thursday after school
•eventually those turn into Friday nights too
•and Saturdays
•even when you’re passing English, you guys still hang out
•looks like you even cuddle during those hangouts
•oh well I guess you guys kiss a lot too
•guess who carries your books for you?
•guess who helps you with all your homework?
•guess who your boyfriend is?
•you guys are basically the lowkey sweet couple that is too cheesy and mushy when you guys are alone


•is the school’s best at lowkey spreading rumors
•low key a snake but hides it with a smile
•is legendary for his body rolls
•when he wears dress shirts to dances he’s 👌
•is popular at events, blends in the shadows at school
•grades are probably below average
•but for some reason he has 112% in biology
•like wtf dude
•talks to everyone but it’s just so he can spread his information around the school
•his least favorite class is English
•his favorite is biology
•you were always the first to get the info he has
•didn’t believe his bs until it actually happened
•slowly started to become one of his followers because all of his info was true
•he just thought you were really cute and liked your laugh
•eventually came to love your smile
•and the way you look when you don’t believe his info
•confess to you in the cutest way too
•so you came to him for your daily blackmail right?
•tells you the usual, Taeyong is in love with Winwin, blah blah blah
•then he leans in to tell you the last bit of his daily news which was
•"Hansol and y/n are dating"
•you didn’t deny it
•now you’re his little snake buddy too


•I am 110% sure that he is a fuckboy
•has girls lining up to see him in a muscle shirt
•gives them all smirks and winks knowing that he is killing them all
•is average in school
•some Cs there, some Bs here and like one A
•focus more on girls and what he’s going to eat for lunch
•until finals comes around
•helps play piano for choir sometimes
•is so friendly with everyone
•hangs out with the seniors when he isn’t with Ten
•is the worst in biology
•favorite class is lunch and English(like the language)
•you were like his best friend forever
•after ten of course
•you two made an English speaking squad with Amber as your leader
•hangs out like 25/8 with him
•likes to call you shorty
•you call him loser
•doesn’t help that you live down the street from him
•it’s always lit on Friday nights because it’s sleepover Fridays
•ten joins in sometimes
•mostly it’s just the two of you watching movies and toasting each other
•one night y'all were playing truth or dare •he asked you who you liked
•you choose him
•looks like you guys are together now
•except you’re the third wheel whenever Ten butts in


•probably a bad ass
•he just looks like one when really he’s a cinnamon bun
•I blame his leather jacket
•he’s doing okay in school
•like he’ll skip sometimes but not often
•averge is about a B- which is pretty good
•he doesn’t really cause trouble
•unless you count his fights with Doyoung
•kinda quiet unless he’s helping out one of the foreign kids or kids in general
•is a tsuduere
•lowkey leaves food for teachers who are having a stressful day
•his least favorite class is science
•his favorite is home economics
•you somehow got your whole schedule the same as his
•you’re a pretty decent baker too so the two of you always pair up
•you don’t really talk when you do, just kinda stare, do your work and secretly stare
•it wasn’t until you caught him placing a cookie on your favorite teacher’s desk that you knew he was a sweet heart
•so you started to talk to him more and got to know him
•he got to know you
•turns out you two have a lot in common
•so naturally, you two start to become more attractive to each other
•pretty soon you guys are making out in the janitor’s closet


•kinda a slacker
•really loves talking
•is that kid that gets yelled at at least once a day for not knowing how to shut up
•is doing okay in school
•has a C average
•not really excelling in any class except for gym
•never late for any classes because he likes to talk to the teachers too
•because they’ll sometimes bump his grades up to a B
•like he just flashes them one of his smiles and boom
•favorite class is gym
•least favorite is history
•you’re really talkative too so naturally, you two talk together
•like a lot
•he’s the reason you get in trouble
•don’t worry the teachers will stop being mad once you flash your smiles at them
•tbh the teachers ship you two
•tbh everyone ships you
•even you guys ship you
•and now you guys are finally dating
•you guys probably talk even more in class now
•even more detentions
•at least you guys have each other


•cute foreign exchange student
•acts like he doesn’t know what’s going but really does
•has shit on everyone
•is passing every class with some help
•by some I mean a lot of help
•straight Bs
•is sort of popular
•everyone just admires him from afar
•not really shy, just stands there and goes along with everything
•least favorite class is history
•favorite class is lunch tbh
•you were the first one he talked to when he first got here
•he stuck to you since he didn’t know anyone
•you liked it because you liked helping people
•plus he was cute and his accent was cute
•eventually he found other friends but still hung out with you a lot
•he’s also a bit dumb
•so he texted you that he liked you
•but he thought you couldn’t understand because it was in Chinese
•you google translated it
•at first you thought it was wrong but then everything made sense
•you texted him back saying that you liked him too
•he fell off his bed when he saw that
•probably told Winwin before he told anyone else


•if you don’t get your information from Yuta, you get them from him
•gets triggered pretty quickly
•also in choir with DoYoung
•kind of a bitch
•but the bitch everyone can’t live without
•not doing well in school at all
•no As and like 2 Bs
•teachers hate him because he likes to expose all of the teachers
•probably likes to change the backgrounds on the computers too
•least favorite class is all of them
•favorite class is none
•you didn’t like him
•but like you hung out with him because you’re Jaehyun’s best friend
•you and DoYoung like to roast each other a lot
•Jaehyun ships you
•when he says that he ships you he ends up going home with a bump on his head
•slowly beginning to like him
•like your guys roast session are fun
•he’s not bad looking
•you liked bunnies too
•one day y'all had a really heated argument in school which ended up with you two making out in the hall
•now you two still do roast sessions but it’s always on Jaehyun
•Jaehyun regrets introducing you


•the class clown
•everyone loves Ten
•not doing that well in classes but oops
•likes to red mangas tho
•freaks people out by dressing up as a demon and doing that flexibility thing down hallways
•got suspended for doing it because it was a “safety hazard”
•they were just salty that they got scared by it too
•only has Ds and Cs
•spends too much time watching dramas and contributing to it than studying
•favorite class is drama
•least favorite is health
•you were the other class clown
•you two have friendly competitions
•he usually wins
•but he’ll say no way, you definitely won
•you and him are sit at the same lunch table aka the loudest table
•food fights once every month
•it’s always you vs Ten
•which ends up with you guys cleaning together
•he asked you out one day so now you’re dating I guess
•now you make jokes about his dick


•drives a fancy car
•that one kid that everyone loves
•has girls wrapped around his pinky
•too nice to be a fuckboy
•maybe borderline fuckboy
•good grades
•As and Bs only
•he’s never alone
•popular af
•on the basketball team
•helps teachers out on weekends that he’s free
•does aegyo for food
•sugar coats everything
•has no least favorite class
•likes art the most
•idk how y'all started dating but you did
•kids found out because you two were always holding hands and found you two kissing under the bleachers
•this is so short, sorry

sorry if you wanted the others too, I can write them if you request again

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RFA with V arguing with MC

(be warned, it’s getting slightly angsty down here! please be careful if you think this might trigger you!)


  • he’s getting defensive
  • brings up little things about MC and exagerates them to prove his point
  • probably wants to finish the argument but he can’t find the right words to put an end to it
  • digs his own grave with each word he says
  • “rika would never do this to me!”
  • cries while arguing
  • clenches his fists when MC says something in a loud tone
  • he’s going to stay very very still and each time MC makes their tone louder, he’s going to make his even louder
  • regrets everything he says a second after it comes out


  • tries to keep her cool at first
  • her replies soon become sarcastic and rather cold
  • soon her words are like blades and they’re just so sharp
  • she’s going to put her hands in her lap and dig her nails into her own skin
  • bites her inner cheek
  • eventually she’ll spit out brutally honest things that she probably shouldn’t be saying
  • takes everything MC says to heart


  • he’s so hot headed it’s not long before he’s banging his fists on the table
  • he’d never ever hurt MC but still, he’s banging his fists against the table
  • will bring up things MC did in the past- no matter how small and petty, and turn them against them
  • can’t stop arguing until he feels like he has won
  • can’t even listen to what MC’s saying, just because his own anger is making him deaf and blind to everything around him
  • everything he says deeply hurts MC, but he just doesn’t notice it at the moment


  • can’t really tell it was an arguement until things got heated
  • points out he’s giving almost everything to MC
  • will list the nice things he’s done to MC in an attempt to get the upper hand
  • he’s known for being slightly manipulative, so he’ll probably try to manipulate MC’s feelings uncounsciously
  • won’t raise his voice, but his tone gets lower and lower until he’s almost growling


  • he doesn’t argue until he snaps after a long discussion
  • when he does he probably stands up really abruptly
  • walks towards MC while listing all the reasons why he’s “right”
  • with each step his voice gets louder and MC starts to back away
  • his eyes start to tear up when MC argues back
  • both him and MC try to bring up weak points in each other


  • he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t
  • when he sees things getting out of control he tenses up
  • quickly tries to stop everything, even if it means assuming faults that he shouldn’t
  • may try to sugar-coat everything to end the arguement quickly
  • he will cry silently- no choked sobs- and look away to hide it

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pisces mercuries sugar coat everything and then get annoyed when they aren't interpreted correctly -aqua mercury


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If you don't like it just leave the fandom. we won't miss you :)

this is the thing about some people here. everything is sugar coated till you say something that others dont agree with. even though i dont feel welcome anymore i will leave tumblr when i want to and not because some of you tell me so. dont forget its an open website for everyone. how about you unfollowing me and we will go on with our lives. x

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How do you see Sasuke and Naruto as fathers to their baby as individuals???

I’ve always thought Naruto and Sasuke would be really good parents, considering they’re both orphans and know what it’s like to have no family. I’ve always believed they wouldn’t want their children to feel the same. That’s one of the reasons I see chapters 699/700 as OCC.


- Naruto is your typical embarrassing dad who shows up to everything his kids do and cheers them on while filming everything.
- Naruto likes telling his children funny stories and make silly faces/sounds to make them laugh.
- He’ll give his kids candy and say “shhhhh don’t tell anyone”.
- He’ll put on overalls on his kids that say “if you think I’m cute you should see my dad”.
- He’ll make funny shapes with his kids’ hair while he shampoos it.


- Sakura has had to change her number a few times because Sasuke calls her whenever the baby even coughs. He gets incredibly worried and assumes the worse.
- Sasuke likes telling his children stories about his mother, his brother, his travels and everything he experienced, he sugar coats it of course, but you get the point.
- Sasuke is the type of parent who constantly reminds his kids to bring a jacket because it’ll get cold.
- Sasuke loves playing “sparring” with the kids and losing on purpose to make them laugh. He’ll clutch his heart and drop to the ground with an “aaaaah” and the kids will start giggling.
- Papa Sasuke gives the best advice.

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The problem with the 'wildly disrespectful' thing is that what is and isn't disrespectful is in the eye of the beholder. For example, I find guild leaders who act like two-faced ​politicians, who sugar-coat everything and tell everyone what they want to hear incredibly disrespectful and dishonest. Others find guild leaders who are blunt and honest disrespectful. Who is right?


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I don't want Natsu crushing Lucy's hand in fact I wish Tartaros did not happen. It was too serious for FT the series needs to be about family, comedy, and romance. Have some serious moments every now and then, but Tartaros felt like Call of Duty real imo.

Ah, see, this is where I have to heavily disagree with you, anon.

FT has always been serious.

Yes, the main theme throughout the series is family, and it has comedy and romance. But FT itself is not a rom-com. It has so many different genres–action, fighting, and angst just to name a few.

FT has always had this element of darkness, even from the very beginning.

  • The very first chapter, I believe, Lucy is kidnapped and almost turned into a sex slave. This, of course, is censored by the anime I believe, but in the manga? In the manga her assailant, Bora, tries to drug her and very nearly brands her with a hot iron like livestock.

  • A couple chapters later, there’s an arc about abandonment (The Macao arc): another serious issue.
  • Galuna Island arc, we get into Gray’s tragic past.

1.) His whole village is brutally murdered by a demon and the woman who takes him in and basically becomes his parental figure, Ur, uses a magic that drains her lifeforce to trap Deloria, killing her.

2.) Ur’s infant daughter is stolen from her and she is lead to believe that her baby is dead.

  • Then there was the Phantom Lord arc, and who could possibly forget about this one?

1.) Gajeel assaults Team Shadow Gear, beats them unconscious, and then staples their limp bodies to a fucking tree. I do believe that in the manga, he actually brands them with the PL insignia.

2.) And then, a couple chapters later, he beats and terrorizes a defenseless Lucy by kicking, then pinning her to a wall and throwing knives at her like a dartboard.

  • Loke’s arc reveals that he was abused by his “owner” in the past.
  • Directly afterwards, The Tower Of Heaven arc delves into child abuse and child slavery.

1.) As a child, Erza is tortured and her captors remove one of her eyes as punishment for trying to escape slavery.

2.) Jellal is broken in mind and body from his abuse, making it easy for Zeref to literally possess him.

3.) Simon, Erza and Jellal’s dear friend, sacrifices himself for Erza and is killed by Jellal. 

4.) And to wrap it all up, Erza sacrifices herself for her friends and almost dies.

5.) After Jellal is arrested, in one of the later arcs it is revealed that he is, again, being abused and starved while in captivity.

  • After that, it was the Laxus arc. Mostly it’s just Laxus going berserk and attacking guild members out of his misguided notions on what the guild should and shouldn’t be.

1.) Gajeel lets himself be beaten up by Jet and Droy, refusing to defend himself, and then Laxus comes and takes everything overboard.

2.) And remember how he probably would have killed a defenseless Levy if not for Gajeel? (I also like to refer to this arc as the Gajeel Redemption arc)

  • And then the Edolas arc, where it’s revealed that Elfman (thinks he) brutally murdered his own sister. Thus the reason he psychologically won’t allow himself to use his own magic.

(Also in this arc, Lucy is almost executed)

  • Little while after this, we have the S-Class trials on Tenroujima. Boy. I personally loved this arc.

1.) Juvia is almost murdered in cold blood, so are Levy and Lucy.

2.) Levy is forced to flee, Gajeel sacrificing himself for her.

3.) Lucy is subject to a form of rape. Someone else takes control of her body and forces his will onto her–she also refuses to run from battle even though she knows she will meet a painful end. And Kain threatens to physically mutilate her.

4.) And at the very end? All of Fairy Tail faces certain death head on.

  • The X971 arc: Jude is revealed to be dead and, despite everyone telling him that his daughter was never coming home from the sunken island, he sent Lucy birthday presents each year until his death. Lucy, upon realizing this, struggles with the grieving process.
  • And just before Tartarus we have the GMG arc. There’s so much going on in this one.

1.) Lucy is brutalized on the battle ground and is forced to keep from fighting back by Flare. Flare then attempts to brand Lucy with the RT insignia.

2.) Yukino (after her loss) is forced to publicly strip naked and humiliate herself and is then excommunicated from her guild.

3.) Lucy is once again beaten and abused while Minerva laughs and mocks her and throws her body to the ground. Lucy has to undergo severe medical treatment afterwards.

4.) Jiemma murders Lector (or so we are lead to believe).

5.) Future!Rogue kills Future!Lucy while everyone watches.

6.) Gray (and other FT members) are slaughtered by dragons.

7.) Ultear plans to murder Rogue for the greater good but instead uses her own life force to turn back time and prevent everyone from dying.

So, anon, as you can see, “seriousness” isn’t a stranger to FT.

Mashima just does such a good job that with the story line and the characters that sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how dark this series gets (it doesn’t help that the anime kind of sugar-coats everything, either). He likes dark themes. And while Fairy Tail is certainly lighter than Rave Master, Mashima is making it steadily darker.

The characters have matured, so thus, has the story.

“It was too serious for FT the series needs to be about family, comedy, and romance”?

Fairy Tail is a damn good story–and good stories make use of more than just a few elements. Good stories have a bit of everything. So no, it doesn’t need to just be about family, comedy, and romance. It needs more than that, it needs nitty-gritty action and dark themes to come with the light.

And Mashima knows that, which is how he’s created such a good story.

FT “needs” to be whatever Mashima decides.

Right now, he’s deciding to take us down a darker path. And that’s fine with me.

BTS Reaction to finding out their girlfriend has a life threatening illness

Request: “How BTS would react to you telling to them that you have a dangerous health problem? Something like cancer or smthn like that.” -Anon

A/N: I’ve done this as a kind of drabble for each member. So it’s not like most of my usual reactions, I hope that’s okay!


It was time for dinner and you knew that you had to tell him. You had been acting strange for a while but Seokjin just thought it was that time of the month. You sat opposite him at the dinner table and placed your hands in your lap, looking at them. He immediately dug in, but when he noticed that you hadn’t so much as looked at your food, he glanced up at you and furrowed his eyebrows. “What is it babe?” He asked, concern apparent in his voice.

“Jin…” You reached out and took his hand on top of the table. That was when you explained everything, sugar coating it slightly. He didn’t interrupt the whole time, tears started to well up in his eyes and spilled over the edge as he spoke up.

“You’ll be okay won’t you?” He asked weakly. You broke out into tears too and you were both a crying mess over dinner.

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You were both in bed one night cuddling before you went to sleep. “Yoongi.” You breathed into his chest.

“Yeah?” He replied and pulled away to look at your face. You refused and pulled him closer, burying your face into his chest.

“I’m not well Yoongi.” You said as your tears soaked through his shirt.

“What do you mean?” He whispered, as if he was in denial. He didn’t really want to know the answer but when you said the last word, his grip loosened. Neither of you knew what to say for a while. You just laid there together, in each other’s arms, taking in the news. After a while, he turned onto his back, pulling you onto his chest and held you there instead. While they might seem like meaningless actions or ones only there to feel closer and more comfortable. They actually had a whole other meaning. Him being the very deep and creative person he is, he used it as his way to say ‘I’ll always be here for you to lean on’ because of the way your entire weight was on him. You understood this and you both fell asleep like that.

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You pulled him away from whatever he was doing, and sat him down on the sofa. He saw by the serious expression that it wasn’t the time for jokes. You sat opposite him and stared into his eyes for a few moments before opening your mouth.

“Hoseok, I… You know I haven’t been well lately.” You started and tears sprung up in your eyes. “Well… I went to the doctors the other day. And… Babe.” You burst into tears and leant forward to lean on his shoulder to cry. One of his hands rested on the back of your head and stroked circles with his thumb. But his face just stared blankly at the wall as if all hope had been drained from him. He knew without you saying what it was. No tears arrived in his eyes, he no longer had the energy to cry. His heart felt like it stopped as soon as you started crying and he didn’t say anything. The only thing that could be heard were the sounds of your sobbing. Eventually, he muttered.

“We… we can sort this out Jagi.” He had to force the words because deep down he didn’t believe them himself. No emotion would show on his face; he would just hold you while you sobbed into him.

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Namjoon noticed as soon as something was wrong. He dragged you to the doctors for a check-up when symptoms started to show ‘just to be safe’. The appointment was pretty basic but both of you were on edge the whole time. His hand never left yours, and whenever it wasn’t squeezing your hand reassuringly, it was on your knee of thigh. A few appointments later, you got called in to get the results back, you were unbelievably scared! He was really scared too but he didn’t show it. He would try his hardest to see light in the situation.

But as soon as you were sat down opposite the doctor, and you saw the look on his face, you knew something wasn’t okay. “Cancer.” Was all you heard in the situation and you immediately felt faint. His grip on your hand loosened as he stared at the wall.

“We’ll get through this Jagi.” He reassured you and squeezed your hand tightly. The ride home was silent and from then on, he was like your personal assistant.

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Jimin was initially the person who told you to go to the doctors. When you first told him that you weren’t feeling well, he told you to get it checked out. You booked the appointment and you went on your own. This wasn’t because he didn’t want to come, you both felt like you could talk more truthfully as a one on one. Then the last appointment came. The diagnosis.

When the doctor told you what happened, you sat there in shock for a while and then cried in the room. You were so scared.

You drove yourself home to where Jimin was waiting for you. When you opened the door, your face was still emotionless. The door closed behind you attracting Jimin’s attention. “How’d it go babe?” He asked. As soon as the words left your mouth, you collapsed to the floor in tears. Jimin caught you just before you hurt yourself and he cradled you in his arms on the floor as you sobbed. He didn’t ask anything else until later. While you were in his arms, his lips were on top of your head and he was rocking you from side to side as you screamed in emotional pain. He tried his best to keep himself together but no matter how hard he tried to stop them, silent tears of his own fell down his perfect cheeks from hearing the information and seeing you in so much pain.

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You had been holding in the secret all day while he took you out for the day. He noticed that you had been acting off, but decided not to stress over it too much. He also didn’t know of the number of doctors’ appointments you had been sneaking off to.

When you got home that night, you both fell to the sofa causing a small giggle to escape Taehyungs lips. “That was fun.” He smiled, and rested his head back against the cushions, relaxing completely. He then noticed your stiff posture and turned to look at you. “You okay Y/N?” He leant forwards but you didn’t react. Your eyes just stayed unfocused towards the wall. “Y/N?” He asked, getting concerned.

“I love you Tae.” You told him as tears sprung up in your eyes. Seeing your reaction, he pulled you into a hug and said,

“I love you too Y/N now what’s going on.”

You started to sob and hiccup as you told him everything. About the initial worry, then the appointments and then what was wrong. By the end, he too was crying and he pulled you in for a kiss. The kiss was full of sad passion and told you that he would stick with you no matter what.

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When he was at practice one day, you got a call from the hospital asking for an immediate, emergency appointment. You had been a lot lately because you weren’t feeling well, but you didn’t think it was too bad. Oh you were wrong.

You called him up as you made your way out of the door and towards your car. “Kookie, meet me at the hospital in ten.” You said with worry as soon as he answered. You climbed in your car and drove to the hospital as quickly and calmly as you could.

By the time you got there, Jungkook was already stood by the doors waiting for you. He walked up to you and took your hand as you signed in. You sat in the waiting room, hand in hand for about five minutes in silence before you got called in.

Sitting in the undecorated office filled you with an uneasy feeling. Jungkook chewed his lip a lot how he always did when he was scared, nervous or upset. He was all three. The doctor sat down in a chair at his desk and spun around to face you, clipboard in hand.

“I’m sorry to tell you this Y/N.” He started, “You have…” Your whole life came crashing down on you as he stated the last word. “Cancer.”

You tried your best to stay calm and not scream while Jungkook stood up and then sat back down again. “T-there must be a mistake.” He argued, more like hoped. When the doctor explained everything to him, you didn’t listen. You could hear him arguing back but you had no idea what he was saying.

It felt like ages before you got back home. Jungkook didn’t talk to you the whole time and then he just locked himself away. You couldn’t blame him. Jungkook got to take some time off work but it wasn’t until the day after that he talked to you. He told you his plan. You would get through this. He insisted constantly that he would make everything better. And eventually after hours of him being strong, he broke down in tears and held you in his arms crying that he didn’t want to lose you.

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