everything subtle is

me: i’m glad this show can casually show interactions between characters with unconfirmed sexualities who are the same gender that are clearly come-ons or otherwise intimate and not have them just be set-ups for no homo jokes it’s refreshing and labels aren’t necessarily the most important thing in the world it’s the actions and the quality of the representation that matter

also me:

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Sterek Meet Cute Thoughts: Derek is being deployed overseas for 6 months and before he goes he needs to find someone to take care of his dog. It's a wolf/husky hybrid and hard to place because he is a large dog who doesn't do well with other pets or young children. Derek is running out of time and desperate so when a friend of a friend offers to take him Derek accepts even though he can't even drop the dog off himself because he has to leave and this Stiles guy lives 4 hours away. (1/?)

And Stiles is crazy about the dog, he always wanted one, and tries to take care of him but it becomes clear that the dog is in charge. Stiles emails Derek for advice because the guarding behavior is endearing but also kind of a problem. Derek answers and the epistolary romance beings. They start talking about the dog and then end up talking about everything complete with subtle and not so subtle digging for “are you into guys” and “are you seeing anyone” of a asking for a friend variety. (2/3)

Stiles makes self-deprecating remarks about his looks and Derek calls himself boring and a nerd so they both have an image of what the other looks like but they never see each other by unspoken agreement. Derek arrives home safe and OF COURSE goes to get his dog (and meet the guy he’s in love with) and Stiles is hoping to share custody (and date Derek forever) and when they meet they kind of can’t believe their luck.

omg this is the absolute cutest thing holy shit ;;

i need a 40k fic of this so badly, you don’t even understand. this sounds like it would be the absolute cutest and fluffiest and i have a mighty need !!!

bless <3

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Are you showing more bulge in your normal clothes, gym gear? If so, are you fine with this or do you see yourself trying to minimize it in certain situations? Have you gotten any looks? I read where guys write that 100cc in the sack creates a significantly larger bulge than prior to enhancement but you opted for 200cc to start!

I’m not sure if it’s because I was pretty small to start with, or because of my weight (or both, probably), but I don’t have much showing. All of my clothes fit fine, everything is very subtle so far.

I read the same thing, about guys who got less than I did having super prominent bulges, but that is not the case for me. Maybe I’m not wearing revealing enough clothes?

Either way, that’s why there’s not many pictures up yet. I’ll take more when I have more to show off.


Klaroline AU Week ⚛ Day 4: Fusions and Crossovers

(The Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf crossover) Both Stiles and Lydia trying to get their besties to admit their true feeling. What better way to do it than in a car in the middle of nowhere?

Supergirl walks in on Superman/Clark Kent trying to seduce Lena. 

^^^ This was a prompt from a friend IRL :)  Lena knows both the identities of Superman and Supergirl.

Clark wasn’t happy; he was still trying to wrap his head round the situation. He felt conflicted (for more than one reason), but most of all he just felt uncomfortable.

He had started to suspect something when Kara had been messaging him and wouldn’t stop talking about Lena.

‘Did you know how smart she is?’

'Turns out she can play the piano!’

'She double crossed her mother to keep me safe!’

Clark realised, even if Kara hadn’t, that his cousin had it bad.

He organised another trip to National City; he had to see this for himself- a good Luthor? He also wanted to make sure his cousin wasn’t going to be left heartbroken.

There was no chance of that he realised after watching Lena interact with Kara; Kara had insisted on everyone going to the alien bar to catch up as he had come to visit. Sitting in the bar he saw everything. He saw the subtle glances Lena threw at Kara when she thought no one was looking; the way her hand lingered on Kara’s arm; the way she played with her hair and lit up when Kara made her laugh. It was obvious she was pinning after the Kryptonian.

Clark couldn’t help but roll his eyes; it was obvious how much they liked each other, but neither of them seemed willing to make the first move, both of them too stubborn.

He also realised that part of the reluctance had to be to do with their families; a Super and a Luthor? He shook his head; this really was some Romeo and Juliet shit they had going on.

Deciding that neither of them would act on their feelings, Clark had taken it upon himself to give them a little push. Well Lois had decided he needed to give them a little push… This is how he found himself in the most awkward flirting situation of his life.

Kara was due to arrive at L.Corp at any moment for her weekly lunch with Lena and Clark wanted to be there when she did. He had come up with some flimsy excuse to get himself into Lena’s office, but hadn’t decided what to do next.

Clark had panicked. The Man of Steel, faced with flirting with Lena Luthor on the instructions of his girlfriend, had full on panicked. He had blurted out the only thing they had in common; Lex…

A sad smile crossed Lena’s face and he wanted to kick himself; he was trying to pretend to seduce Lena, way to bring up the homicidal brother.

Lena had started talking about Lex when they were kids and he found himself rather enjoying hearing tales of the mischief the young boy had found himself it.

Over the course of the conversation he slid closer to Lena on the sofa, their knees touching. His hearing told him Kara was on her way up; he took a deep breath, it was now or never.

He took Lena’s hand in his and told her that she couldn’t blame herself for the actions of her family, and he found that he truly meant it. He had really come to enjoy the company of the Luthor.

Kara whirled into the office and put the lunch she had brought on the table, while throwing a confused sideways look at her cousin and Lena sitting hand in hand. She didn’t say anything; she felt she couldn’t- not without making her crush on Lena known and she wasn’t about to throw away their friendship for some silly unrequited crush.

Subtlety, or so he thought, Clark asked Lena if she was seeing anybody. Lena laughed as she answered no.

Clark followed up by asking if she was interested in anybody and saw the subtle flick of her eyes towards Kara before she raised an eyebrow and asked why he wanted to know… Was he interested?

Clark just smiled in response and could see the utter look of confusion on Kara’s face. It was almost comical.

As lunch progressed, so did Clark’s flirting;

You have to come back to Metropolis; the cutest ice cream parlour has just opened!

Maybe you could show me some of the nightlife here in National City?

I can’t believe you’re single Lena; you’re so smart and beautiful.

He could hear himself and it was making him cringe, but if the death stares he was getting from Kara were anything to go by, it was working.

Kara hadn’t said a word since she had arrived. She was fuming; what in Rao’s name did Clark think he was doing? He had a girlfriend back in Metropolis!

He finally excused himself after telling Lena he hoped to see her again, leaving a perplexed Lena and an angry Kara, stabbing her pasta with her fork, in his wake.

Kara continued to murder her pasta salad, not saying a word, until she accidentally speared her fork through the bottom of the container. She silently placed it onto the table and sat back with her arms folded.

'Snapper put you in a mood?’ Lena questioned, 'you wana talk about it?’

'Sure you wouldn’t rather talk to Clark?’ Kara asked childishly.

'What are you talking about? I want to talk to you! That’s why we have these lunch dates!’ Lena shot back exasperated.

'He was flirting with you’ Kara pouted.

'Why does that bother you so much?’ Lena ask, confused.

'Because I want t… because he’s my cousin!’ Kara corrected herself quickly, hoping Lena didn’t notice her almost slip up.

Lena did notice.

'Because you want to… what?’ Lena pushed; her heart feeing like it may thump out of her chest.

Kara was getting more and more flustered. In exactly the same manner that Clark had panicked earlier, Kara follow suit.

'Because I want it to be me!’ She blurted out before quickly gasping and covering her mouth with her hand.

Lena’s eyes went wide, she had never hoped that Kara could ever possibly reciprocate her feelings.

Mistaking Lena’s wide eyes and silence for rejection, Kara picked up her bag and slowly headed towards the door, her head bowed.

A tug of her wrist found her turning around to face Lena and before she could open her mouth to speak, Lena’s lips were on hers.

Lena’s lips were on hers!.

A small squeak escaped Kara, before she started to return the kiss.

All of a sudden Kara broke away giggling, which in turn caused Lena to raise an eyebrow in confusion.

'Clark is on the other side of the door and he just muttered oh thank god’ she offered as an explanation. 

Mirrors (Part 2)

Request and Song Inspiration: Anon - Can you do a Song-fic with Mirrors by JT and it could be like where the reader gets hurt on a hunt or something? Please and thank you!

Summary: While working a case, Dean can’t shake the feeling that there is something off about the reader.

Word Count: 3100-ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN related violence, Angst, semi-original lore (If this might bother you make sure to read the author’s note at the bottom under the tags for more info before you decide - if it doesn’t bother you DO NOT read the author’s note at the bottom first because it is a major SPOILER)

A/N: I can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing response I received on the first part and I really hope this next part turned out okay! Let me know what you think!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

“Okay, so House Vic One and House Vic Four were both stepping out on their partners. And…” Dean paused, looking down at the papers in front of him. “And Motel Vic Three was a hooker. That could be something.” He looked up at his younger brother with a hopeful expression on his face.

Sam sighed, leaning back in his chair. “Dean, I don’t think-”

Dean cut him off, standing up abruptly and sending his chair tumbling across the floor.

“It’s been three days Sam, and we have nothing!” He slammed his hands down on the table, not missing the momentary look of shock that crossed his brother’s face. “So unless you have something better to go on don’t you dare try and tell me that I’m reaching!”

Sam shut his laptop, not exactly sure why his brother was letting this case get him so worked up but giving Dean his full attention nonetheless.  “We could sit here all day making up theories, but you know as well as I do that they mean nothing if we can’t find any solid proof to back them. Maybe…” He rubbed his hand over his mouth, looking away for a moment before deciding to continue, “Maybe it’s time to admit that this just isn’t our kind of thing…”

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Able pt. 2 - Tommy Shelby

Request: (able anon again) PLEASE DO A PART 2! I loved the idea of some sort of confrontation, like grace having a go at tommy and being turned down but then the reader steps in and shows her she can’t try to break them off and the shelbys are proud because she’s a tough girl that will fit right into the family (some brotherly moments from arthur and john maybe?

Able pt. 1 | pt. 2 - Tommy Shelby

“Evening Tommy, Arthur,” Grace laid the bottle down in front of Tommy and took up the empty one.

“Evening Grace.” Arthur responded around a glass.  

Tommy remained silent, his eyes on the doors of the Garrison.  

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one of my favorite things about Moonlight is the fact that events that would typically be used as dramatic plot elements are placed way in the background. Juan’s death, Black’s prison sentence, his mom’s rehab, and Kevin Jr. are all just things that are mentioned casually, all showing how masculinity in the black community forces one to just move past heartbreak or turmoil and take it as it is without letting it affect you in a way that’s healthy

Risks [Jeon Jungkook]

Originally posted by jungkook-gifs

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1155

On the count of three, Jeon Jungkook was going to tell you how he really felt about you

Everyone after lunch had a class, rummaging through their lockers to get to the designated classroom on time. Jungkook and I however, were in no rush, considering we were the only two with a free period. Weird how my best friend and I got that luck. Usually, we’d stay on school grounds, just walking around, not causing too much trouble. Sometimes I tease and tell him how much of a mess him and his close friend Taehyung would be if he was in my position. 

However, today, we walked in complete silence. Side by side like always, his hands in his pockets and mine on the handles of my backpack.

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the books weren’t written for children,

they were written for …the promise breakers.

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Would you ever consider doing basic tutorials as to how you draw different face shapes etc...? I really admire your art and I've just started out drawing myself. ♡

Thank you :) Ahhh, it means a lot! <3
As for your question? I don’t know how to explain such things in a tutorial. When I want to change the shape of the face I just change it. I change the size and shape of the chin, jaws, cheekbones and forehead. But equally important is the place of the eyes, nose and lips and the distance between them.

I really don’t know how to make a tutorial that would show the process of those changes (I should think about it). Anyway, all the alterations might be more visible and exaggerated or more subtle. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

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Can I just point out how funny it is that Sam posted that article about being able to remove drunk tweets but then proceeded not to remove a single one of his own tweets, INCLUDING all the SHIPPERY articles, photos and tweets he's recently posted??? Hahahaha! Omg he's the master and he sees everything! Great subtle way to tell the antis he knows what they're saying and that he's got complete control over his tweeting "faculties" thank you!! 😂 😂 😂

EXCELLENT POINT ANON!! Thanks for stopping by.

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Top 5 skam characters' outfits? x

tbh im just gonna cut this one short bc lbr

1-5. every single thing that the girl squad has worn ever and isaks grey hoodie + evens jean jacket 

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To ease your boredom.. If sebaciel were to be cannon, how would you imagine it to happen? ^-^

Hmm if sc were to become canon…
Let me preface this by saying that it may be because I’m biased, but it’s basically canon in my eyes already; all the implications and subtext and their interactions just scream it. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.
Anyway, it would not be explicit. It would be like everything else thus far; subtle, implied, indirect, and mysterious. There wouldn’t be a panel with an affectionate embrace or them sneaking kisses in the carriage. It’d be revealed in some off-hand way, something Finny absent-mindedly says in reference to Sebastian staying in the young master’s room almost every night. Or Bard complaining in the kitchen one morning that he didn’t get much sleep because he kept waking up, thinking he heard the young master screaming. Sebastian tells him he is only imagining it. Maybe one of them would ask what this frilly pink dress and corset are still doing laying around, and Ciel blushes and can’t come up with an excuse quick enough, and Sebastian slides in to say something disarming and snide, and then they share one of their surreptitious glances. The way they look at each other already… Goddamn. Bless you, yana toboso for giving us such a beautifully dark story. Believe me, I’d love to see her draw our boys awkwardly holding hands or sharing a bath together and confirming their scandalous relationship, but it just wouldn’t happen that way, unfortunately. We’d only hear it in the dialogue. I don’t think we’d ever get to see it, expect for maybe at the very end, when everything’s come to a close and it’s time for Ciel to give up his soul, and he offers up his lips to Sebastian, and the demon kisses him so deeply and honestly as he takes his soul that Ciel doesn’t even care; he dies with a smile on his face and Sebastian’s taste on his tongue.

That moment during Stoick’s Ship when Hiccup has finished giving his eulogy to his father and he says “How do you become someone that great, that brave, that… selfless” and the melody from For the Dancing and the Dreaming resolves and the only music left is faint strings suspending the note right and you know that something profound is going to happen because Hiccup has just said that he doesn’t know he could ever be as good as his father but you’re not sure what that profound thing is and there’s a brief moment of suspense within those strings and then the two main themes from the original film start to slowly play at the same time right as the suspense resolves and Hiccup says “I guess you can only… try” and the themes build in sound and instruments as Hiccup turns to his people and says “A Chief protects his own. We’re going back.” and they reach the climax of strength and power as Hiccup decides he’s not going to give up

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The Signs When They’re Crushing On You

Aries: shows off more than usual, is energetic and lively in your presence, wants to tell you all about themselves, acts quickly

Taurus: will organize for you to hang out, be shy around you but bursts with emotions and happiness on the inside, very upfront about it

Gemini: anxious and shy, might stutter or have trouble expressing themselves properly, will ask you a lot about yourself, will agree with you a lot

Cancer: a glance across the room, a flirty text but everything so subtle you won’t be able to tell, loads of compliments and they’ll cheer you on

Leo: charming, dresses nicer, touches hair a lot, compliments all the time, will probably just tell you that they are interested

Virgo: extra nice to you, always wanting to talk but extremely nervous and over thinks everything you say, will be quiet around you

Libra: presents their best qualities, flirty, will shower you with compliments and be much more aware of their looks and what they say to you

Scorpio: might stalk you, try to get your attention by walking in front of you, stares a lot and asks others about you, it’s very obvious if they like you

Sagittarius: will invite you out, be loud with their friends but shy around you, will engage conversation a lot but expects you to make the first move

Capricorn: will be very shy, quiet and nervous around you, they won’t know how to approach you, will gather loads of information about you before getting the courage to talk to you, is helpful and gives you advice

Aquarius: will want to be your best friend, talks about you with their friends and family, will be very helpful and nice to you, acts like they don’t like you, smiles a lot

Pisces: will daydream about you and imagine scenarios, speaks highly of you, might touch you a lot, and be very happy whenever you are around