everything sounds shit

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds

Lol I love how the modern age in Breath of the Wild is basically in a steady state of regression. Every time you read a description of some ancient technology it’s always like “This is made of rubber, an amazing ancient material that doesn’t exist in our modern age” or “these gears are made of some super material that is no longer made in this modern age” or “this weapon is super powerful and such a make isn’t found in this modern day” etc etc. It’s like some morbid form of the good old days, where people are happily embracing their world as it slowly degrades over these many cycles. 

Headcanon that they manage to find a way to pirate their favourite Earth music in space. And then they blast music from their Lions even though no sound can be heard in space. They like battling on planets because then the Galra hear their music and they feel extra pumped.

When they form Voltron, they have to take turns picking the music, but they mostly agree that when it’s Shiro’s turn, and he breaks out the AC/DC, they always kick twice as much ass as before.

no but what if the new ruelle song she just released, the other side, plays when magnus is back in his body again and alec is feeling so fucking relieved to have him back because he had to high key think about how he easily could have just lost magnus.. i dunno man i’m just imagining a tender, long embrace, alec’s face in magnus’ neck, reveling in the pulse he feels there because he knows it’s finally his magnus alive and well in his arms. and he only says a few words but it’s so so soft, like “thank god.” and magnus might shed a tear or two but it’s fine because alec is shamelessly shedding a few of his own. and in the background that song is playing.

Okay so I just sort of napped the last few hours and I’m gonna go to bed again soon but I wanted to mention that this morning an older man came in and we had a hell of a time communicating because he didn’t know the English words for some of the stuff he wanted so I just sort of pointed to everything and named it until he nodded and repeated the word and lemme tell you the way his eyes lit up when I recognized that he wanted cheddar cheese because he automatically replied “amarillo” and I nodded and said “right, yellow” was so cute even if I had to explain that I only ever took high school Spanish and he got a good chuckle out of it when I said that I only remember a few words “but I definitely remember yellow”

I’m so tired I’m sorry about the anon with the iced tea, I barely registered what I said, I really sounded mean :/ I’m sorry! I will try to lessen the amount of iced tea, even tho it tastes so good…. if I ever get three free wishes, I will wish for my body to be immune to everything bad so I can drink lots of lemon iced tea……..

Also, I found out my crush’s name! A girl, who is in his year, and I talked and I lowkey mentioned him, like you know… trying to make her say his name and then, when I kept making hints, she just put her phone out, showed me a picture of him and said “do you mean him?” AND I SWEAR I ALMOST LET MY DRINK FALL DOWN I HAD TO KEEP MY COOL AND WKXIWHUXJSDH so I said… yeah… i mean him….. and she just went “oh that’s XX” GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was 5 hours ago and i still cry

nocturnal panic attacks are the worst bc 1) they wake you up and you lose like an hour of sleep trying to calm down fall back asleep and 2) you feel like shit the next day bc of loss of sleep AND panic attack


Today my roommate Anna had a fight with me and threatened me and when I went into an episode my friend Kittie jumped up to defend me and when that happened Anna physically attacked Kittie and you can hear Anna’s boyfriend intervening and myself crying. This is what I go through everyone. This is the hell I’ve had to endure. 


The Beatles: All I Want Is You (unreleased jam)

John: “Another Lennon/McCartney original” <3

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Stan, hows the things with wendy going? Oh shit wait- oh kyle said you suck the life out of everyone.

…whatever. Fuck you…You think I don’t know how Kyle feels about me sometimes? I’m not fucking stupid…Do you think I mean to be a piece of shit that hears everything sounding like shit, looking like shit? No, I don’t. Don’t fucking toy with me right now, alright? Don’t even talk about what’s going on with me and her right now. I can’t even stomach it…

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so i may be slightly drunk but im pretty sure you said you gunna write some thizzer porn ,(or shao pakousa porn) , (or thiztasticc porn???) ANd yet you wrote no porn, where The porn at dude?

sis when i tell you i’ve been trying to write for the past two weeks and everything i type sounds like shit (which is also why i stopped answering questions) 😪 like good fuckin god you’d think i aint never write before in my life bitch iss rusty

but if i don’t get anything done by tuesday you have permission to meet me at jersey gardens mall in elizabeth, new jersey at 5 pm and beat my ass

Dear Arrow,

- Felicity is not always right.
- Stop making Oliver “the bad guy”.
- Thea and Felicity have nothing in common outside of Oliver, stop forcing them together.
- Stop the double standards of Oliver yelling at Curtis for doing the same things that Felicity does.
- Stop making Felicity so flawed if you’re not going to present them as actual flaws. She is not “flawless”.
- Felicity has no training in fighting, and it’s laughable that she is able to defeat a villain that subdued everyone else.
- Enough with Felicity treating her mother like literal shit.
- Stop making Felicity a Mary Sue, and realize you don’t have to sacrifice other characters and their characterizations to prop her up.