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@ parents 

please don’t tell your kids to shut up when they’re trying to tell you something or if they’re upset. don’t ignore them. don’t invalidate their feelings. talk to them. listen to them. never tell your kid(s) their thoughts and feelings don’t matter.

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds

Headcanon that they manage to find a way to pirate their favourite Earth music in space. And then they blast music from their Lions even though no sound can be heard in space. They like battling on planets because then the Galra hear their music and they feel extra pumped.

When they form Voltron, they have to take turns picking the music, but they mostly agree that when it’s Shiro’s turn, and he breaks out the AC/DC, they always kick twice as much ass as before.

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What female idols hides the most on camera?

Welp, anon… Most of them? It’d be easier if you asked me the opposite. lol Male idols are controlled as well, of course, but often are more at ease when it’s about being able to joke around and say some snappy things - because it’ll only be considered funny and therefore attractive, but if it’s a girl? How dare she have an attitude? Or, I don’t know, a personality? All artists are controlled to an extent, but specially female idols are very much so. Most of them don’t show their true selves because they’re not allowed to, and the ones that are constantly only doing aegyo and not ever showing any kind of personal opinion… That’s normally a tell of someone not being themselves on it’s own. If they’re just overall acting like South Korea expects them to, as a submissive and only cute and easily handled girl - then they’re definitely hiding something. It’s totally fine to be cute and sweet but to be it at all times and not explode sometimes specially within the industry that they work with? I don’t trust it at all. But again, it’s not their choice - they’re just severely controlled. I’ll mention three that I’ve noticed from the top of my head but there’s plenty more:

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AAAAAAAAA BAKUDEKU “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

58: “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

“How about this?” Midoriya cleared his throat, legs swinging back and forth over the side of the couch. “ ‘You are my moon and stars… I would travel across this universe and the next just to find you again.’ ”

“Gross,” Bakugo said, taking a sip from his beer can. He sat on the floor in front of the couch, a piece of wrinkled notebook paper in his hand. “Okay, I got one. ‘Whenever I kiss you, it feels like fireworks in my chest. Every time my heart beats, they become bigger and brighter.’ ”

Midoriya tilted his head back, looking at Bakugo from upside-down. His own sheet of paper fluttered in his hand as he said, “Kacchan…that was actually kind of romantic. You scrapped that one?”

“Are you kidding me? That was fucking terrible.” The empty beer can clicked against their coffee table when Bakugo set it down. He scoffed at Midoriya, “I’m no good at this sappy shit… Everything sounds way too forced and mushy.”

The familiar, wonderful sound of Midoriya’s hearty laughter rang across their living room.

“Kacchan,” he chuckled, his smile blindingly bright. “I know better than anyone that you are the sappiest person on the planet when you want to be.”

Bakugo’s face erupted red, and he snapped, “Shut the fuck up. This wasn’t my idea. Aren’t these supposed to stay a secret until the big day?”

“We’re not supposed to share the final ones,” Midoriya clarified. He waved his paper in Bakugo’s direction. “But this is all the stuff we’re not using, so it should be fine, right?”

“I guess,” Bakugo sighed, shrugging his shoulders. “Whatever. Your turn.”

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    so i basically redid my entire blog, rules and about page. yes the rules are a little longer, but to the point and i made adjustments accordingly. the about page has additional info, like his traits / skills, and whatnot. i’ll probably revise it later, but feel free to check it out! 

    something that i wanted to go over briefly, although it is in my headcanons, i just.. wanted to talk about it since it’s the most reasonable solution. mitsuki is allowed to visit orochimaru every other weekend, and over the holidays in an agreement that he uphold his grades, and good behavior. which has a lot to do with why he is so crazy about said grades, studying and training (also because he wants to be better than everyone else) - and also why he doesn’t like involving adults, or the hokage  ESPECIALLY  when he’s in a bad situation. he tries to keep naruto’s involvement in his life to a minimum, even when he spends time with boruto, or stays over for the night. 

An update that nobody asked for

Recital is over and went well, but I still probably won’t be super active here because 1) I am super busy with school work and 2) I literally just don’t care about this hell site anymore lmao. I’ll still probably check in but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be super active. I will try to start throwing things in my queue as I find them (instead of my super tedious process I currently use) so maybe my queue at least will be active.

Also, my notifications are broken? I will get messages from people, I will read them, and when I close out of the app, it says I still have notifications. So I’m turning them off, because the angry red bubble annoys me. This is a bad idea, I know, but I do not care. This means if you message me, I will not respond until I next open the app, which is probably once or twice a day, usually in the morning and evening. If I don’t respond to your message, it’s because I didn’t see it (or I was too tired to respond, or I didn’t know what to say). Just thought I would give you all a heads up on that one.


The Beatles: All I Want Is You (unreleased jam)

John: “Another Lennon/McCartney original” <3