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Catarinalosss’ Book!Malec Fic Recs

Anonymous said: 
Hey! I love your blog, and I was wondering if you could recommend some malec fics to me? I can’t seem to find book malec fic anywhere. Thank you!

Ohohoh, you’re going to be sorry you asked, anon.

I have the same problem with finding good Book!Malec fics, since they’re all buried under the gargantuan pile of Show!Malec fics. Luckily, I have the procrastination skills of a teenager my age, so I was able to go through that enormous pile, and filter through the Book!Malec fanfictions. I’ll sort this masterpost with my favourite authors (because some people have the writing skills of a genius and I love all of their fics) , my favourite series’s, and my favourite fanfictions. Enjoy!


Spun on Fanfiction.net

Oh man, I could go on and on why the author is one of the best fanfiction writer I’ve ever seen, but I’ll keep it brief for everyone’s sake. The plots of the fics are so amazing, they’re short and to the point, which is an immediate winner in my book, yet they have so much detail. They’ve got the characters spot-on, they’ve got the right ratio of fluff to drama, and they have amazing Malec content. Keep in mind that those are all Book!Malec fics. Also, this author has a lot of work based off the first three books in the series, there aren’t that many after CoFA.

I could literally list all their fanfictions as my favourites, but I can’t really do that, so without further ado, here are my top five:        

*Pride Goeth  [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus is attractively arrogant. Alec is horrendously sick for two days, but he gets to be right for once, so it’s worth it. “We should call it a holiday. ‘The Day Alec Was Right and Magnus Was Wrong’.”

Notes: Definitely one of my top three, this is so amazing. Great storyline, well written characters, and full of fluff. 

*Snippets [T, 6/6]

Summary: One hundred and fifty one-sentence Magnus/Alec fics - everything from angst to crack to pure fluff. “I don’t think writing ‘Property of Magnus Bane’ on the back of my jeans is the ‘subtle sign of possession’ you were looking for.”

Notes: This fic takes you on a journey. It’s short and sweet, terribly angsty at times, and I love it

*Payment & Indebted [K+, 1/1] [K+, 1/1]

Summary (Payment): “There were some experiences that just couldn’t be bought, and being shyly hit on by a drowsy nine-year-old was one of them.” Because I am in love with the concept of Magnus and Alec meeting long before the party.

Indebted: Sequel to Payment. When Magnus told him “In nine or ten years, come find me and then we’ll talk,” he probably hadn’t meant “Nearly get yourself killed by a Greater Demon so I have to heal you again.” Alec was better at this when he was nine.

Notes: These are so sweet. I love the idea of Magnus meeting Alec as a child, and this author has captured the idea perfectly. The sequel is amazing as well, definitely check it out.

Understanding [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Robert gets rocks thrown at him, Valentine is occasionally not a total sociopath, and Max almost ends up being named ‘Templeton’ - in short, eleven people who impacted Maryse Lightwood’s life, in one way or another.

Notes: This POV so refreshing, they’re all really great stories and I love Alec’s especially, it’s such an unusual fic and I adore it. (Malec at the end)

Occupational Hazard [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Preseries. “It’s tragic,” Isabelle says, “but you’ve been demoted to family pillow. Deal.”

Notes: The family dynamic in this is so great, I love all the alluding hints to the series and how the Lightwoods interact with each other (this isn’t technically Malec but it’s still great)

CumberbatchCritter on AO3

I loooove this author so much. They have such an amazing way of telling a short, fluffy story. I re-read this authors works all the time, because I adore them so much, and the amount of Malec fluff in these is almost too much, but not quite. Again, these are all Book!Malec fanfictions. There are a lot of sick!fics, which I love, but other people may not like, so just a heads up, but they are extremely well written.

Here are my top five:

*Out of Character [T, 1/1] 

Summary: “… The city… was devastated and… there was a lake of blood… I saw you… reflected in it… and you were drowning…” He raised his head, looking blearily up towards Alec. “I think it’s a trap… and I can’t lose you… Alexander.

“Magnus has a dream. One of those dreams. When he comes to, all he can focus on is getting to Alec.

Notes: Usually these fics of Magnus-having-a-vision-of-Alec-dying are so overdone, but this fic comes in my top three, it’s so amazing.

 **Marred Beauty [M, 1/1]

Summary: Alec has scars.

He thinks that they’re not important.
Magnus calls them battle scars.

Notes: This is probably my favourite from this author, be warned, the Malec content in this is extraordinarily adorable. Tw - mentioned attempted suicide and scars.

Poison [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus knew there was something to be said about being on his knees in front of his boyfriend, but he guessed the effect was lessened slightly when he was on his knees because he hunched over the toilet, desperately trying not to throw up into it.

Notes: Magnus gets food poisoning. Fluff ensues. Enough said.

When in Doubt, Add Glitter [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus wanted to kill whoever had given Alec the flu, because he hated seeing his favourite Shadowhunter (and boyfriend) so miserable.

Notes: Alec contracts the Flu. Fluff-filled, very cute.  

*Wounds Left Open [T, 1/1]

Summary: “I’m serious, Alec,” Magnus said. “I had a knife against my throat and all I could think about was you… black hair, blue eyes, and the smile I fell for.”

Notes: Sort of a filler in between the return from Edom and the Malec make up, a little AU-ish, but still a favourite of mine.

Noisyhanners on AO3

AAAAA. This author is AMAZING. Their works are so sweet and nice and CUTE! If you like Lightwood-Bane family antics, this is the author for you. Max and Rafe are good kids, Alec and Magnus are great parents, fluff is STUFFED into these fics. All Book!Malec fics!

There are only four fics, so I’ll list them all as my top four:

*Rafe’s First Sleepover [K+, 1/1]

Notes: Rafael and Tavvy are future parabatai goals, featuring Emma and Jules. Very cute.            

*Max Goes to Prom [K+, 1/1]

Notes: My absolute FAVOURITE. They’re just a normal, happy, functioning family :“))

*Cat Comes to Dinner [K+, 1/1] 

Summary: Catarina not-so-secretly loves the Lightwood-Bane house.

Notes: Pure family antics, in Catarina’s POV. I highly recommend, super sweet.

*Total Bliss [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec and Magnus have a soft conversation over wine one rainy Saturday night-in.


Thewholocked on AO3

I’m a sucker for alternate universes, and this author has tons. Hogwarts, Childhood Friends and just pure fluff drabbles, this author has a LOT. Keep in mind that there are some show!malec fics, but there are twice as many Book!Malec fics. The writing is a bit punctuated, but I don’t really mind. Pretty sure these are all Book!Malec again.

Top five:      

*Hitting (On) [K+, 1/1]

Summary: In which Alec and Magnus are Beaters of opponent Quidditch teams and hate (love) each other.

Notes: Ahhhhh. Don’t you just love enemies to friends to lovers AND Hogwarts AU’s?

*And This is How it Starts [T, 1/1] 

Summary: Basically Malec friend to lovers au.

Notes: Childhood Friends and drunken kissing. What could go wrong? 

The Champions [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec is from Durmstrang, Magnus is from Beauxbaton and they both happen to be the champions.

Notes: Magnus is from Beauxbaton, Alec is from Durmstrang, and they’re competing in the Triwizard Tournament. Fluff. 

In Love [K+, 1/1]

Summary: ‘A diaper. An actual freaking diaper. I was looking for that last night, I wrecked our sock drawer trying to find it and-it’s not funny, Alexander!’
But Alec was laughing so hard he couldn’t even respond, his voice musical, his head thrown back and Magnus starting smiling too because Alec’s laugh was so contagious and so utterly honest.

Notes: Tooth-rotting fluff.

One Step at a Time [K+, 1/1]              

Summary: Alec and Magnus teach their son how to walk.

Notes: Adorable.   

thewarlocksbitch on AO3

This author does some amazing fanfiction, but be warned, there are a load of smut fanfictions. The non-smut and smut ones are REALLY cute, and well written, and some of my top 10.

Top five: 

like a mischievous teenager [E, 1/1]

Summary: 'my parents hate you so I’m sneaking you in at night for sex shhh’ malec high school au

Notes: Cute, and very smutty. 

fearless [K+, 1/1]

Summary: kiss in the accords hall from Alec’s pov

Notes: Hall of Accords. Need I say anything more 

surprise PDA [K+, 1/1]

Summary: prompt: i wasn’t gay but then i kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off and now im im kinda gay au (well actually I am gay but I’m closeted and didn’t know how much I like you)

Notes: ahhhhh this is so cute omg, I love how Alec is written in this.

*sleepover [T, 1/1]

“we’re in college and living in the same dorm, and I find you passed out in the elevator after a night out with friends” au

Notes: I just love college AU’s. Very cute.

*truth or dare? [T, 1/1]

Summary: malec highschool au with best friends to confused crushes after a truth or dare kiss and “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

Notes: Childhood BFF AU’s are the best. Really well written. 

LastHope on AO3

This author has everything. I love them. I feel as if most of what they write is canon in my mind, because it’s that good and that well written. There’s loads of Malec fics which are AMAZING, and some Heline fics which are SUPER GOOD and you should definitely check out. These are all Book!Malec.

Top five:

*A Conversation on Immortality [T, 1/1]

Summary: Aline comes to a realization, and seeks advice from the only person she can think of who knows what to do. Post-CoHF

Notes: This fic makes me cry every time I re read it. Amazing Malec, Heline, and Alec/Aline brotp. Highly recommend.

*Where Thou Diest, I Will Die [T, 1/1]

Summary: …and there will I be buried: The Angel do so to me, and more also. - Parabatai OathWhat happens to the other half of the parabatai bond when one dies?Alec’s side of the Battle of Brocelind Plain, after Jace was stabbed.

Notes: another heartbreaking fic, with Malec and platonic Jalec feels.

**Bewitching Bouquets [K+, 1/1]

Summary: All Magnus wanted was the cute blue-eyed man’s phone number. All Alec wanted was to be able to breathe.


To Love Someone That Much [T, 1/1]

Summary: Helen imparts some words of wisdom on Magnus about his past, and current, relationship with Alec before she leaves for Wrangel Island.

Notes: Pre-Malec make-up, when Helen kicks Magnus in the ass to get his act together. Another amazing fic.

*Secret Fights [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec and Magnus were supposed to have a happy relationship, not one like Mom and Dad’s. Isabelle hated hearing secret fights occurring in the middle of the night when the couples in question thought no one would hear them. She heard. Isabelle always heard.

Notes: During CoLS. THE ANGST.

Rena on AO3

Again, an amazing author which I highly recommend, they’ve got everything from sentence fics to chaptered. Such a beautiful writer.

Top five: 

Fragments [T, 1/1]

Summary: One hundred one sentence pieces of Magnus/Alec from angst to fluff. “Okay, I’m giving you exactly one minute to explain to me why and whereto all my clothes have vanished – and 'because they were black’ is not a valid answer.”

Notes: Amazing sentence fic, cute & funny

Five Times…. [T, 1/1]

Summary: ..Magnus Bane saved Alec Lightwood, and one time he couldn’t.

Notes: Hilarious fanfic, not what you think it is. 

These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins [T, 1/1] 

Summary: In which Magnus lies wide awake at night and ponders over the fragility of their relationship.

Notes: Angsty af, but I love it.

Letters From Nowhere [T, 11/11]

Summary: A mysterious letter at the front door, with no indication who might have sent it. And if Alec wants to find that person, he has to solve the puzzle laid-out for him… 

Notes: Such a cute AU, I recommend this fic so much.

Kaleidoscope [T, 1/1]  

Summary: “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” Drabble-collection.

Notes: Drabble collection. Very cute and occasionally angsty


Finding Out by jennynivea [T, 1/1]
How the different people in Alec’s life find out that he is engaged to Magnus. Includes Izzy and Simon, Jace and Clary, Aline and Helen and Maryse and Robert. With a dash of fluff, humor and heartfelt feels. 

Notes: Very funny, especially the Izzy and Simon section

Instruments of Chaos by pissedofsandwich [T, 1/1]
It all started with, “Marry me today.” Or, the one where Alec and Aline kicked ass in the Clave meeting. Or, basically, all of the official pairings cramped in one fic and caused chaos. 

Notes: This one is a bit cheesy, but I still love it. Notice the use of the unidentified snippets.

A Soft White Damn by twahtohnedskee [K+, 1/1]
She bet he was waiting for someone. Boys like that always were. She hoped that the girl was pretty, at least. By now, the boy’s cheeks were starting to color due to the cold. It was kind of adorable. She didn’t understand why anyone would keep a boy like that waiting. 

Notes: A beautiful fic, told in an outsiders POV.

We Can Try by prodigaldaughter13 [T, 1/1]
Jace is causing trouble once again, plotting to get Magnus and Alec back together. 

Notes: Basically someone’s take on how Magnus and Alec were going to get back together, it’s an adorable fic and I love it so much.

The Other Side by saraubs [T, 1/1]
Alec finds an old trunk full of mementos in Magnus’s closet and is upset to find that there’s nothing in there to remind Magnus of him. Or is there? Inspired by the short story “Magnus’s Vow”. 

Notes: Where Alec finds Magnus’ box of memories and gets a vision of all the moments featuring him important to Magnus. Very good ff.

Ask Me by himekohimura [K+, 1/1]
A short of the City of Glass scene. 

Notes: Aaaaa so cute!!!! I love re-reading this one.

Bits and Pieces by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [T, 3/?]
A collection of 1000 prompts all centering around Magnus and Alec.
Practical: “Magnus, sliding down a rainbow to reach the altar isn’t really the best idea, it’d probably spook the flying horses you’re so keen on having.”

Notes: A lovely sentence fic, ranging from fluff to angst

Don’t Touch My Heart (I Was Taken From The Start) by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [T, 1/1]
In a world where everyone has a soulmate whose name is tattooed on their wrist, Alec and Magnus are just trying to find one another among the masses. 

Notes: This is SUCH a beautiful fic. Honestly. If you like soulmate AU’s, this is the fic for you. 

Some Day by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [K+, 1/1]
Some day he’ll stop blaming Jace. (But not today). 

Notes: Hella cute phone conversation fanfic.

Of Weddings and Surnames by fakeditfromthewordgo [K+, 1/1]
'“I’ve met a lot of men–“ Jace snorted, and Magnus’ eyes narrowed– “but I don’t think anyone could forget Will Herondale.”’ 

Notes: Jace is nervous on his wedding day, and Magnus tells him about his ancestor. Not really Malec, but a cool fic anyways.

Flicker by may10baby [T, 1/1]
Set during the main battle of COA. Magnus’ POV as he rescues Alec from drowning. 

Notes: I have nothing to say except :“(((.

The Memory Room by ElvenAvari [K+, 1/1]
Imagine somebody who’s immortal having a gigantic room where all the walls are completely covered up with photos. Each one is of a different loved one whom they have outlived. 

Notes: *violent sobbing*

Open Doors by gigi_marlee [K+, 1/1]
The day Alec moved into Magnus’ loft in Brooklyn was the day he told his mother he was moving out.
It was easier to do when he practiced with Magnus.

Notes: Cute Mayrse and Alec dynamic, I really like this one.

Across the Realms by KataraAlchemist [T, 10/10]
It’s happened before, a shadowhunter moved wrong or just didn’t move fast enough, and the next moment they were gone. Sucked into another realm. And they never came home, not alive or in one piece anyhow. Now it is happening again, Alec is gone. 

Notes: This is such an emotional fic, it says in first person POV though, so don’t read if you don’t like.

things we’re good at by alicelightwoodbane [T, 1/1]
Notes: Post-CoHF. This is such a CUTE AND ADORABLE FIC! I cannot recommend this more.

Day 6: "Take my strength” Day by Malteser24 [K+, 1/1]
Notes: This fanfiction made me bawl like a baby, it’s such a sweet beautiful fic. Malec weddings are the best.

Very Good News by Kimmy [K+, 1/1]
Never had a phone call at three in the morning spelled good news. 

Notes: This is an amazing fic, adorable and sweet. :“))

Kiss the Teacher by Aristola Gracewell [T, 1/1]
Rainy days makes for lazy mornings. Magnus tries, and fails, to bribe his boyfriend to take a day off work. Being the sweetheart that he is, he offers to make-up for lost time by giving a nearly-tardy Alec a ride to work.
(Or: This is what happens when Alec’s students catch him kissing Magnus in the entryway.)


Boyfriend’s Lesser Talents by Aristola Gracewell [T, 1/1]
You hate cooking” Alec blurted out.
“But that doesn’t mean I’m not any good at it.”

Notes: Super sweet and domestic, I’m in love with this.

The Descent by GiveUpResistance [E, 10/10]
He brought a splash of colour, of life, to him when he sat down next to him with a graphite smudged face when he was fifteen, and after seven years of being his friend, Alec loves him still, falling harder and harder with each passing moment, with every word and look, every fight and every apology, a steepening descent. Malec AU set over seven long years of falling. 

Notes: Oh god. This fic made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. This is my favourite fanfic at the moment. It’s super angsty, sweet at the end, and will probably make you sob. tw for self harm.

A Splash of Colour by irie_eerie [K+, 1/1]
Alec always felt invisible, an outsider watching from the sidelines. Then he meets Magnus, a street painter who lives his dream in a world of color. “It just takes one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special.” AU-AH, Malec. Inspired by the movie The Giant Mechanical Man. 


Harder Things to Say by Diabolus_Invictus [T, 1/1]
Following the events of 'City of Heavenly Fire’, Alec returns to Magnus’s apartment for the first time to figure out how this is going to work in the aftermath of… well, everything. 

Notes: This is such an amazing fic, it’s so good I consider it canon in my mind. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

We’re Gonna Be Okay by Inrainbowz [K+, 1/1]
Isabelle observes Alec and Magnus and thinks that maybe, just maybe, everything will be fine. 

Notes: :“)))))))

Keep This Love in a Photograph by blushingkurt [K+, 1/1]
Magnus Bane, being immortal, had a hard time remembering things that have happened in his past. That’s why he turns to photography - to capture the more important aspects of his life so he can look back and remember them forever.

NotesThis is an amazing short fic, it’s a million times better than what the description says.

Frankly, Catarina by A_Graph_You_Look_At [K+, 1/1]
You are aware of the immense inequality in the dynamic of your relationship, aren’t you?”

NotesLovesick Magnus is one of the best Magnus’. Great fic.

Six Stages of Falling in Love by vulturemomen [T, 1/1]
Notes: This fic does not get enough credit. It’s so well written and beautiful.

They Go in Pairs by Inrainbowz [K+, 1/1]
All I want is the knowledge that I won’t ever have to chose between the two of you.“
Alec tries to understand the problem between Jace and Magnus. He is not asking them to be the best of friends, but he needs his boyfriend and his brother to get along a minimum.

Notes: A great fanfic. :)))))

Hold Onto Those by Inrainbowz [T, 1/1]

“Do you want to make a wish?” “Fuck off.” “Come on, it’s just a question. What would you wish for? If you could ask for anything.” “I would wish for this pain to disappear.” “Ah. A classic. My wish is to have the sentence "Be careful of what you wish for” tattooed on my forehead. But for now, it’s all about you.“

Notes: This fic doesnt get enough credit, and its so much more than the description. A take on post-CoLS

slow, steady and a little unusual by softlightwood [T, 1/1]

Isabelle blinks slowly.

"He kissed me, and i- i fell. Down the stairs”

Notes: tHIS IS SO CUTE, a take on the aftermath of malec’s first date, a little au-ish.

hold onto me by softlightwood [T, 1/1]

Is this the worst of it? Are you hurt anywhere else?" "I think I may have sprained my ankle” Magnus answers thoughtfully. “And my pride. But that’s the main source of the problem, I imagine”

Notes: Magnus gets hurt, Alec takes care of him :”) 

we’re good, we’re solid, we’re gold by softlightwood [K+, 1/1]

A rune comes to Clary in a dream. She knows exactly who it’s meant for.

Notes: If this doesn’t become canon, I’ll cry.

kiss me until the morning light by alicelightwoodbane [M, 1/1]

There are lots of different kisses.

Notes: post CoHF and adorable.   

Priorities by Pendragon2601 [M, 1/1] 

When Alec is badly injured after a routine patrol, Magnus is called to help save his life. Once he is cured, they then have a much needed talk about their prioities as parents. 

Notes: :”)


The Lightwood-Bane Chronicles by alecdvnpt
Three amazing stories following the life of the Lightwood-Bane’s. I would highly recommend this series, it’s so fluffy and adorable and great, I love it so much.

So that’s all! I’ll definitely add to the list when I come across, enjoy!

To Temper the Bad Weather

Request: “Hey! Could you possibly write a high school AU imagine (Kylo X reader) where Kylo has to leave the class because he got angry at what someone said and the reader is out of class too, she finds him and they talk? They could already be slight friends, if you could add some angst and cute stuff that would be great!”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

A/n: Ok. This is it. The fluffiest fic I have ever written. Enjoy

The hallways fell silent as Kylo sauntered down, his stride long and his chin up. He knew he ruled the school; striking either fear or infatuation into the hearts of onlookers with the slight scent of tobacco from his last cigarette mixing with his strong cologne. Black shades, a black leather jacket – he was the spitting image of a stereotypical bad boy, and you’d never let him live it down. Because, to you at least, he was the complete opposite. A sweetheart who became flustered with pink tinged cheeks and a bit of a nervous stutter. To everyone else he was a hard, mysterious figure, while to you he was just a big puppy dog.

“Hey (Y/n).” He uttered, leaning against the lockers next to yours. His hold slipped, and he tried to play it off by running a shaky hand through his hair.

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Supercorp Fanfic Recomendations! 27/09

Okay here it is! here is my list of all my supercorp fic recs! this is a lot longer than i initially thought it was going to be, but oh well, that just means that there is more for you all to read!

Bold - These ones are my absolute favourites


And they call me from beyond the stars - Kara is a ghost and Lena is the only one who can see her (Ongoing)

A Knight to Remember - Medieval AU where Kara enters a sword fighting competition to win the affections of Princess Lena (complete)

Offstage - The college theater club fic that you never knew you needed in your life (Complete)

Blocking Cupids Arrow - Cupids are determined to hit Lena with their arrows and Kara is determined to stop it (Ongoing)

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i believed the saying (the cure for pain was love)

Summary: Peter approaches the concept of the end of the world selfishly, desperately, like a man whose everything could be ripped away from him. Gamora does, too.

hello dear friends it’s time for. sadness. im supposed to be working on the next chapter of the highschool au and i SWEAR thats halfway done but i havent had the time to write in literally a month and writers block is awful so i really just. clung to the first half-clear concept that entered my head yesterday. its very indulgent and very painful & its been,,,, a rough week, so i ask that u forgive me for this. some of the plot allusions at the end are tangentially based on the infinity gauntlet comics and also – the titles from supertramp’s “hide in your shell”, which is rly in my humblest of opinions the only song worth calling “a starmora song”. [peace sign emoji] pls enjoy 

Peter swears they’ve had this argument a hundred times before.

“ – course it’s broken,” she’s saying, halfway through re-assembling one of their older handguns and pacing across the length of the common room. “Because this happens every single time, you say you’ll fix it –”

“I did fix it!”

“– and you buy spare parts for cheap from some back-alley junker –”

“Okay, hang on –”

“– instead of investing in high quality stabilizers like I have told you to do thousands of times –”

“They’re not cheap,” Peter cuts in, shoving his own weapons back into his belt now that they have been cleaned and checked to a standard of satisfaction and crossing his arms over his chest. “They’re inexpensive, and I’m saving us units, I don’t get what’s so difficult to understand about –”

“They’re cheap and every time they collapse again we have to shell out units for new ones and in the long-term you are actually spending more on the suspension systems than you would have if you just invested in the higher quality parts.”

She turns, finally, slamming the handgun down onto the nearest flat surface and planting her hands and feet on her hips and the ground, respectively. It’s been a long enough goddamn time that Gamora looking like she’s going to stab something isn’t enough to make him take a wary step back anymore, but Peter has to take a minute and acknowledge that objectively, if she was looking like that at some poor schmuck on the street, he wouldn’t blame them for pissing their pants.

“Which are more expensive,” he says.

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Chanyeol [BadBoy!AU]: Yesterday.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

None of the gifs are mine. 

Pairing: Chanyeol X Reader

Mentioned: Irene, Baekhyun

Warnings: Swearing, Slight bullying, Drinking.

Genre: Angst, Highschool AU

Summary: You bet with Chanyeol at a party, the few signs he’s been getting from others and you give him mix feelings. 

“Here, let’s play a game. If I win… I get your number.” 

Fine. If I win- you have to strip and run down the block in your boxers.”

Word Count: 1.4k 

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BTS: Highschool GSA!AU

Any mention of families in these posts should not be thought about as BTS’s actual families bc their families and parents are lovely people.

• Senior
• Straight (GSA member as an Ally)
• Caretaker of the club. The mother if you will
• Always prepared to help anyone in the GSA
• He’s like the mom who has everything in her purse

• Senior
• Asexual
• Smol Emo Boy
• Seokjin had to beg him to join the club
• Constantly having an existential crisis

• Junior
• Bisexual
• New kid
• In the GSA to get back at his bigoted family
• Mood Maker of the group

• Junior
• Questioning/Ally
• All the teacher’s fav and he convinced them to let the school start a GSA
• Rly smart and the voice of reason
• The sweetest and makes everyome feel welcome

• Sophomore
• Trans Guy and Gay
• Quiet and tiny
• Doesn’t mind being feminine or masculine
• Dating Taehyung

• Sophomore
• Demisexual
• Loud and laughs a lot
• Super adorable w/ his bf Jimin (they cuddle a lot)
• Loves GSA bc he has a lot of friends

• Freshmen
• Gay
• The cutest boy
• Looks up to all of his older classmates in the GSA

I need more Genji76 content please !!
Seriously I crave ‘em boys so much I might die.

Highschool AU where everything is basically the same except they enjoy life like they should !!!! (Hanzo and Genji still fought pretty badly and aren’t talking to each other but occasional glances are exchanged in the hallways.)
Jack and Genjis lockers are next to each other (this is how they first met) and they often meet on the roof to talk about serious and not so serious stuff now.
Genji figures out his dragon powers slowly and Jack helps him focus so he won’t destroy stuff accidentally.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do u have any Yoonmin stories where yoongi loves jimin but Jimin dosnt realize so he's like affectionate and yoongi is like dying! (Sorry very specific)

these should be close to what you want!:

primrose: highschool au, bullying, whipped!yoongi

the one where maknae line is bad at secrets: tooth-rotting fluff, whipped!yoongi

Everything I Could Ask For: fluff, parents au, photographer!yoongi

Title: Every Odd Year
Author: chattrekisses
Artist: aggiedoll
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Highschool AU, College AU, Teen AU, Fluff, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Halloween, Mutual Pining, Hurt/Comfort, Bi Dean
Posting Date: 10/23/2017

Summary:  When Dean meets Castiel at the age of nine, his he already been through more than any child should have to bear. But Cas is just what Dean needs to start to heal and for years they are the center of each others worlds. But when Dean’s demons lead him to betray his friend, everything is torn apart. With time and a little help from meddling friends and siblings, can Dean and Cas find their way back to each other?

Told in a series of vignettes from every odd year of Dean and Castiel’s young lives, this is a story of overcoming your past to discover your future and the love and heartache along the way.

- - -

“What are you supposed to be?” Dean asked, tilting his head to the side.

“I’m an angel,” Castiel said.

Dean whistled. “I’d say so.”

Everyone stopped and looked at him like he’d grown a second head. Actually, that would have been a pretty great costume.

Dean felt a blush creeping up his cheeks. “I’m kidding! Obviously…” he muttered.

Everyone else was still looking at him strangely, except for Castiel, whose eyes were crinkling in delight. Dean nearly jumped when he heard Castiel let out a very indelicate snort.

Castiel stuck out his hand to Dean, his palm small and milky white. “I think we’re going to get along swell. I’m Castiel Novak.”

What kind of kid uses the word swell?

Dean shook his hand, his voice choked and stilted. “Hi.”

80% of the asks i got was asking about hanzo and mccree in highschool AU lol they’re both 12 graders who think theyre too cool for school!! theres more about them in the ow hs au tag but a summary:

hanzo is captain of the kendo team and is struggling to find a new team captain after he graduates so he keeps on asking genji to join kendo

mccree loves marvel/dc and clint eastwood. he did model UN up until gr12 co-prez drama, and is a hall monitor. hes only getting thru his classes because hanzo helps him with everything


Ah, welcome! Whether you’re a new lirry shipper, an old one, a larry shipper, a whatever shipper, this is the ultimate Lirry fic rec made just for you! (and my satisfaction). Took me like 100 hours to make. Basically if you wanna read some good Lirry fics, long or short, this is where you’ll find them. Even if you don’t ship Lirry give some a shot! I’ve bolded the ones that are must must reads but the others are great too. Sorry. i hate that i made this. Strictly from ao3. I’ve read lots off tumblr and wattpad too but can’t be fucked to add them. (order is oldest to newest i know i suck but some of the best are the older ones)

The Distance Between First and Second  (48,522) 

*PAINFUL. But amazing.*

He is happy. Really. He is happy for Louis. Happy for Harry. Happy for them. Happy for himself.

Until he’s not.

might like you better if we slept togetherFAV (7,038)


Liam is one of those people who seem to be able to handle everything, so Harry likes finding the cracks in his armour and poking at them. It’s satisfying somehow, making him vulnerable.

Calm, Collected, and Nice (2,688)

*dom liam like c’monnnn*

Sometimes Liam doesn’t want to be seen as calm, collected, and controlled. Sometimes he just wants to be controlling.

never looked surprised (10,436)


Harry’s going to be a good friend now Liam’s got a broken wrist and can’t get himself off. Really. That’s all he’s doing.

If I Was Your Boyfriend, I’d Never Let You Go  FAV (10,776)

*i could read this 10000x*

“Harry, you essentially just told my sister that we’re dating.”

“Pretty much,” Harry says, and grins. “Champagne?”

in other words, pretending to be boyfriends fic

Cupid Got Me In a Chokehold (12,109)

It’s not as if he needs the extra friends. Not really. Definitely not curly haired, pretty eyed, nice lads anyhow. Nope. Not at all. (except he does).

like that fire running in your veins (1,697)

*omg this was the very first lirry anything i’ve ever read. it was like 2am. changed my life forever*

Where Liam is a hot doctor and Harry wants in his pants.

basicially an excuse for porn tbh

Harry’s Day Off (2,503)

Harry planned to spend his day off by himself, in his hotel room. He didn’t expect Liam to join him…

What Happens Here  FAV (12,089)


Though he dubbed the “prude” of their small group of friends, Liam is smitten with gay porn star, Harry Styles. He spends more time than he’s willing to admit watching his videos and admiring him. His feelings toward the thrown into overdrive when he runs into the star while celebrating Niall’s birthday in Vegas.

Even When We Fight (30,128)

*grumpy liam thumbs up*

University AU. Liam’s the star of the debating society until Harry shows up and steals the spotlight. Meanwhile, Niall’s in love, Zayn lives while he’s young, and Louis looks after his friends.

Think About Summer (13,237)


Liam is a pool boy. Harry is his best friend.

Good Boy (9,063)


Harry is Liam’s pet.

You can use me (15,781)


They start off just getting each other off as a comfort thing, it slowly turns into something more.

broken hearts, shattered songs (14,233)

Harry’s broken.

oh daddy now, now, love me good (1,225)

Harry likes to call Liam ‘daddy’ when they’re alone. Liam’s not entirely sure how he feels about this.

Glad Tidings of Great Joy


Basically, Harry comes over to Liam’s. They watch Elf and talk about their feelings and it’s all silly and Christmassy and surprise, there is kissing at the end.

It’s Hard Being Me (4,192)

A Lirry/Ziall story in which Liam is nervous around Harry and Niall and Zayn are a sickly sweet couple obsessed with getting Liam a date.

Drunk (3,701)

*just saying that Gothic Barbie was the first Lirry writer i really got into and everything she writes is perfection.*

The first time it happened Harry came stumbling into Liam’s room and Liam let him. He felt bad because Harry was drunk. That was probably Liam’s first mistake. He should have slept on the floor. Or taken Harry to his own bed. But of course, Liam hadn’t been thinking at all and he let Harry stay with him.

Harry had slept in his bed before, but they had both been sober. That night however, circumstances were much different. Harry had been especially… affectionate that night.

Twisted (13,185)

*louis being a dick*

Highschool AU where Liam and Harry are best friends. Harry has been crushing on Liam for years and wants to tell him how he feels, but there’s a new boy in school, Louis Tomlinson, who’s there to stir things up.

Five Christmases (13,202)

It only took 5 Christmases for Liam and Harry to get their acts together.

kiss me underneath the mistletoe (3,617)

where Harry and Liam kiss under the mistletoe a few times and then Harry has some sort of sexual revelation concerning Liam and his face and they kiss some more under the mistletoe and then don’t need mistletoe anymore idk

The First (6,363)

The first romantic thought Harry Styles had about his friend and band mate Liam Payne was not a pure one.

The Move (2,319)

When Louis wants to move in with his girlfriend, Harry is forced to move in with Liam. And he’s not thrilled about it.

The Five Times Liam and Harry Shared A Bed  FAV (3,808)


It was almost midnight and Harry could barely concentrate. He could feel Liam breathing next to him. He’d been here before, kinda. It’s not like this is the first time he’s touched Liam or been next to him in a bed, and it wouldn’t be the last. But lately things have felt… different. Like there was some new energy between the two that couldn’t be explained.

The Five Times Liam and Harry Kissed  FAV (4,023)

The culprit? Harry Styles. Who else? Louis liked to claim he was the mischievous one in the group, but everyone knew it was really Harry. He was always saying and doing things that… well, Liam would never do or say.

The Four Times Harry was in Control… And the One Time He Wasn’t  FAV FAV FAV (5,681)

*i can’t even count how many times i have read this. its perfect*

Oh, Liam. That boy stirred something wicked inside of Harry. Something would need to be done about that.

Love is Love  FAV FAV FAV (25,030)

*i’m telling you this author is jesus and this fic is amazing*

Liam’s head is spinning. A feeling he’s unfamiliar with. He’s pinned against a wall, his lips pressed to someone else’s. Another unfamiliar feeling. Liam Payne does not get drunk and make out with strangers in bars. At least, he didn’t. Until tonight.

the burning rhthym in our hearts (22,489)

Harry Styles, frontman of an indie rock band, had definitely not spared a thought for popstar Liam Payne since they were briefly on the X Factor together except perhaps for a bit of scorn. Definitely absolutely not. Not until the moment his band played right before Liam at a festival, anyway.

Par for the Course (4,706)

*smut smut*

Where Liam’s filthy rich, golf is somehow a turn on, and Harry needs a lesson in the intricacies of rimming.

if it’s loving that you want (30,632)

*kind of an OT5 but still Lirry and wonderful*

In which Liam’s a sex pet that the other four boys have purchased, but he’s a lot shyer and frightened than they had thought he would be.

Get Mine Get Yours (2,641)


Liam and Harry have the house to themselves.

These sins will lead you home (15,910)

Harry and Niall are Polo players and Liam is Harry’s new roommate with a boyfriend back in England. Things get messy.

once the show gets started, it’s bound to be a sight to see(26,331)

in which harry flirts a lot liam is a bit of a grumpy idiot.

Fucking Harry Styles(13,419)


Liam is the number 1 porn star on his site until Harry joins the company and steals his spotlight. So when his boss tells him that he has to make a video with Harry to boost ratings, Liam throws a fit. There is no one Liam hates more than Fucking Harry Styles.

Fucking Liam Payne (15,215)

Joining the same exact porn company as Liam and then actually surpassing him in popularity wasn’t exactly Harry’s plan, but it happened.

Fucking Liam twice and then then Liam asking him on a date had happened too.

Collecting Page-Six Lovers (14,949)


After his wife leaves him and their daughter, Liam is perfectly happy living a single life. He moves in with his friends Niall and Zayn, and the three of them raise Ginny together. Everything changes when Ginny wins a radio contest to meet her favorite singer, Harry Styles. It’s all a bit unnerving, but Liam can’t help but tag along for the ride.

i should run you a hot bath (4,406)


Harry pines for Liam.

Irresistible FAV (15,230)

It shouldn’t be this hard to enjoy sex with your girlfriend.


The one where Liam can’t make things work properly with Danielle so Harry offers to help him out and things get a little out of control.

Waist to Floor (4,689)

It’s not like Liam sets out to touch Harry all the time; it’s just his hands sometimes reach out and touch without his permission and Harry is often the one on the receiving end of said touches. That’s how it begins, anyway.

i could pick it up (we could take it slow) (11,404)

*drunk shenanigans are my faves* 

Liam’s a handsy drunk.

My Super Hot Stepdad (3,954)

*don’t even get me started*

Harry want to be fucked by his hot stepdad, Liam…

waiting for a 'no’ that’ll never come through (6,139)

Maybe that’s why Liam’s become mad with the need to fuck - because Harry’s just so easy to please and always eager to please that Liam just - he can’t help himself, can’t stop himself from wanting it always and completely contradictorily, wanting to draw it out.

Wheels Keep Turning (2,056)

Liam so used to being felt up by his bandmates, and so used to keeping a lid on what he feels about them, that he doesn’t realise Harry might be looking for a reaction of a different kind.

Trouble FAV FAV FAV FAV (28,416)


Liam is a young teacher and Harry is his overly charming and obnoxious student that desperately wants to get into his pants.

Caught (7,007)

They could flirt with each other and tease each other in public and no one would have a clue that behind the scenes they were secretly fucking. But trying to hide things from everyone was taking its toll and Liam and Harry had nearly been caught multiple times.

The Long Way Round (18,633)


Liam and Harry aren’t dating, honestly, it’s just that everybody thinks they are. Everybody, that is, except Liam.

Meanwhile, Louis, Zayn and Niall fight over Doritos, Rubik’s cubes and the best way to get Liam and Harry together.

I’m Not Gay(2,298)

Liam has trouble accepting his sexuality. His friends help him understand.

Super Rich Kids (16,103)

The rich are thought to have everything they could ever want or ever need; however, Harry Styles is dissatisfied with his life as a super rich kid unfazed by drugs, alcohol, and sex. Liam isn’t like everyone else, though, and Harry can’t help but to notice it. Their summer spent together completely alters their lives and makes them realize that love will always matter more than the money.

I Want You To Rock Me (5,362)

Harry catches Liam watching porn. And then he does something about it.

Honey, you are the sea upon which I float (13,946)

The one where Harry and Liam travel around Asia, feelings ensue, and things get difficult when they make it back to London.

finders keepers, losers weepers (5,033)

Louis has a drunken revelation about two of his mates that actually turns out to be 100% accurate.

Too shy to ask for it (2,992)

Liam and Harry are very close twin brothers. Everything between them is nothing else but sweet, caring and lots of love.

On Letting Go (9,435)

or, the one where liam helps a friend in need.

Just Hold On, I’ll Carry You (3,756)

Harry’s exhausted from tour. He finds that Liam makes an excellent pillow, but sleeping on Liam leads to feelings. Lots of feelings.

spring green is much too yellow, sea green is far too pale (2,922)

*the cutesttttttttt*

Liam doesn’t really notice the depth of detail Harry’s put into his Barbara costume until Harry drops the suitcase and reaches forward to pick it up. There’s a glint of pink at his fingertips, a little brighter than usual, and Liam is so startled that the “Oh, Barbara” slips out before he can stop himself.

You’re So Fit, Li (3,299)

When Liam comes out of the shower after a concert, Harry can’t really keep his hands to himself.

dolled up in your room (7,972)

*i think this was the first crossdressing fic i read. good times.*

Basically, Harry wears panties and thigh-highs and Liam really, really likes it.

If it wasn’t for you, don’t know what I’d do (6,148)

After finding out that their loved ones have been cheating on them, Harry and Liam find comfort in each other.

Co-dependency, Drugs and Other Things That Don’t Mix FAV (13,145)

*soooo goooood*

Harry’s just a rich kid with drugs, sex and a cunt-like attitude on his mind. He’s got no time for anything other than fucking around, but then there’s Zayn with his fucking desire to fuck everyone and they’re trying to impress the new kid in town. Harry’s got too many issues of his own, why does he even hang out with all these twats?

Oh and of course, Harry’s just fucked up just at the sight of this new kid - goody two shoes and a muscular body. He’s just setting himself up for disaster.

empty sighs and (bottles of) wine (11,646)

Liam’s an author lacking inspiration and Harry is a waiter at the town diner who just so happens to catch Liam’s attention.

In AP English (17,090)

A highschool au in which Harry And Louis are the best of friends (sometimes mistaken for dating each other), Harry’s in love with the star of every sport in the school, Louis may or may not be in love with someone who graduated six years before him, and Niall and Zayn are so in love that they miss a lot of important things because they’re…keeping each other company.

Teenage Dirtbag FAV (7,699)


Liam is forced to become Harry’s History tutor. Harry is the Punk guy that everyone talks about and Liam doesn’t know how he’s going to get through this.

I’ll Show You Who’s God (3,432)

Harry fucks Liam against the wall of a confession booth. In a Church. That belongs to Liam’s dad.

around the world in eighty thousand days  FAV (61,715)

*took me a century to read this but it’s incredible*

Harry sings in a band, travels around the world, gets a lot of new tattoos, and falls in love.

Don’t Push It  FAV FAV FAV FAV (29,914)


Harry hadn’t meant for Liam’s jeans to become so damn tight, and Liam definitely hadn’t meant to suggest that Harry be the one to fix it, but these things had happened. And now the two of them were suddenly facing a tension they’d never even known existed between them and no matter what they thought of they couldn’t find a solution to relieving it. And they were both far too stupid to back out now.

Pool Boy (5,701)


So Harry Styles can’t swim and yet he’s a pool boy. He just cleans them, and has no intention of getting in them, until he meets a certain boy who can’t seem to be found out of the pool. Also, this boy may also be a secret that his best friend has been keeping from him for years.

Why so secretive with your extremely hot brother named Liam, Louis?

World Was On Fire FAV FAV FAV (48,484)


Harry spirals out of control. Liam does his best to hold everything together.

like a consumption that can’t be tamed (2,719)

*i love this so much idek*

liam just really, really likes the way harry eats.

Eau Sauvage (13,234)

or, Liam and Harry are endlessly confused by each other, until they work out a way to be slightly less confused.

nor are mine ears with thy tongue’s tune delighted (24, 655)

louis is the shrew that doesn’t want taming. harry happens to like being adored, thank you. liam is hopelessly lovesick. niall’s the man with the plan. and zayn is in it for the money, until he isn’t. a 10 things i hate about you au.

Tank Tops and Sweater Vests (9,200)

Nerd Harry and Jock Liam in High School. What more needs to be said?

Duck Me(1,142)

*ed is cute in this one*

Liam drunk texts Harry.

in your wildest dreams. (10,156)

*yes yes yes yes*

Liam can’t stop thinking about Harry’s arse.

(Really, that’s essentially the whole story.)

Waiting for Wonderful (30,184)

A sort of summer after high school AU.

Loosely, very very loosely based on, inspired by, and an homage to the 1989 Cameron Crowe film Say Anything.

The working title for this for the longest time was The One Where Liam is a Track Star and Harry is the Weird Kid Who Loves him. Another working title was Lloyd Dobbler is an Arsehole. The two of these combined sum up the plot pretty accurately.

Harry’s Song (10,359)

Liam Payne is a gorgeous hunk of a song-writing beast, and Harry’s noticed.

Malady (12,069)


Harry and Liam play I Spy, kiss a little bit, and get each other sick, all in an effort to figure out where they are.

My Super Hot Stepson (3,779)

*in case you would like to read the sequel…*

Four Years Later..

Harry comes home from a camp and Liam is happy and horny to see him but Liam sees a changed boy. He’ll find out what exactly has changed..

Taking Care (9,257)

When Louis suggests a game of Truth or Dare, Liam fears for his sanity while Harry fears for his heart.

Secrets (3,710)

Louis can tell that Harry’s up to something. Louis makes it his life’s mission to find out what it is.

Rock Me (7,672)

Liam needs looking after. Harry wants to be the one to do it.

Suck Harder Slut (3,341)

*OT4 with Lirry but omfg this is just.*

Zayn, Louis and Liam are the most popular boys in school that Harry has had a crush on for ages. Harry’s a nerd that often goes unnoticed until one day Zayn invites him over to Louis’ house for some fun.

Drive Me Crazy (5,605)

Harry was slowly going mad. That was the only explanation he had. And Liam, poor, sweet, innocent, gullible, heart-on-his-sleeve Liam was the reason for Harry’s madness.

bright light city (gonna set my soul on fire) (14,550)

accidentally married in vegas fic.

Crossed Wires (21,624)

One Direction need a new singer. Harry walks into the band and into Liam’s heart.

Elephant In The Room (3,172)

Louis wants to know why Harry and Liam don’t kiss each other like the rest of the band. What follows is lots of boy kissing to force Harry and Liam together for just one little kiss.

My Favourite Place(4,988)

When Harry is heartbroken, he somehow convinces Liam to pretend to be his boyfriend. Liam reluctantly agrees.

Healing Hands(17,785)

It should be easy because Harry’s had years of practice, but somehow he’s finding it really hard to treat Liam with any distance at all because all he wants to do is bury his hands in Liam’s hair and plant kiss after kiss on his delectable lips.

Harry is a physio, Liam is a patient, Harry has a huge crush and Liam may or may not like boys.


Harry is Liam’s favourite sex slave.

In the Dark (12,101)

The one where Harry has a secret admirer in the band but I can’t make up my mind which one it should be so I’m going to write an ending for each one of them.

Can’t Say No (4,470)

“Because you never say no,” he said slowly, huskily, his voice deepened with sleep. “You’re never too tired or too busy or too stressed. I like that. A lot.”

ninepins when we roared  FAV FAV FAV FAV (22,381)


au. harry puts his life on hold. liam’s there to help him through it. (or the one where harry raises a baby and liam moves in with him.

Replay (12,352)

"Well, I like Zayn’s collection because it’s most like mine,” Liam muses as he grins at Zayn, who grins back at shared memories of blasting Zayn’s music at the top speaker level on late, lazy nights. “But Harry’s is the biggest.”


Breathe (9,298)

Everybody plays that game when they’re a kid. The one where you see how long you can hold your breath before your face turns blue and you can feel all the oxygen leaving your body. Like the weight of the world is holding you down and you’re struggling just to stay afloat.

Like you can’t breathe.

Harry feels like that all the time.

all we seem to do is talk about sex (3,848)

*oh look Harry wearing panties some more*

Harry wears panties for Liam and sex ensues. (That’s literally it.)

Boyfriends (19,003)

Harry decides that he wants a boyfriend. Liam’s there for him, until Harry realises he maybe doesn’t need to look very far at all.

Figured It Out (5,745)

Harry’s sad. Liam goes into protective mode and throws a punch. Damage limitation ensues.

Cats and Kitchen Scraps  FAV (25,981)


Liam somehow ends up agreeing to letting Harry move in with him even though they’ve never even had a full conversation before, and Harry ends up forcing Liam into letting him adopt a cat that makes it it’s mission in life to get Harry and Liam together.

The Hangover (7,716)

Niall throws open the door and glares at them. "What the fuck did you do to me last night?”

“I guess that means you don’t remember anything either,” Liam says in frustration. “Here.” He shoves the rest of his painkillers into Niall’s hand and tugs Harry inside.

Zayn’s sprawled on the bed, one eye open, watching Harry and Liam warily.

“I think I might be dead,” he mumbles against the pillow. “Why are you in a pink robe?”

The Only One (10,223)

Liam’s homesick and lonely and Harry wants to make him feel better.

You’re my first, my everything (12,449)

Liam is a cool dad. Harry is his cool child. Liam buys them an Ipad. Things go downhil from there.

Keep You As My Own (2,296)

*this is a bit messed up but like, i read it again a couple times dont judge*

Harry works at Liam’s daycare, and one day decides to keep Liam as his own.

Truly, Madly, Deeply (21,570)

Harry’s a famous popstar. Liam’s a mostly-broke teacher. Liam’s pretty much perfect. Harry pines.

Pirates and Firemen (5,739)

*wonderfully wonderful*

"Our costumes for Niall’s mates cousins Halloween party have to stay a secret from each other,” Louis says, reaching over to sneak his hand into Harry’s bag and triumphantly extracting a packet of crisps and ripping them open over Harry’s empty protests. “All agreed?”

Niall nods, Harry shrugs and Liam just looks worried.

My Little Butterfly(3,504)

Harry is autistic and Liam is his step-brother. Harry seems to have an obsession with butterflies.

As Usual Styles Gets His Way(1,908)

A movie night in leads to Harry and Liam getting a little heated on stage, who knew a movie could get both boys so worked up. Harry, that’s who, because according to him “Styles always gets his way.”

We Can Be Anything (15,475)

"It used to be Niall, he thinks as he lets the water sluice down his body, hopes it’ll wash away some of his resentment. It used to be Niall who they all felt protective over. When did that change for him? When did it become Liam?”

Shiver (14,633)

*how can you not want to read about liam being a stripper*

Liam is a stripper. Harry owns a strip club. Louis is the star attraction. Zayn tends bar. Niall’s everyone’s friend.

Jealousy Doesn’t Look Good On You (13,402)

Or where Liam pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend to make Louis jealous.

does it make you feel alive? (5,062)

they get mobbed at lax. harry tries to comfort liam. things gets in the way.

Chasing The Clouds  FAV FAV (15,538)

*growing up fics are so important. this is beautiful*

“I don’t want to grow up,” Harry confides to Liam as they turn the corner and pause as they look at the menacingly large gates to their new school.

“Everyone has to grow up, Harry,” Liam says wisely. He squeezes Harry’s hand tighter before shifting his satchel more comfortably over his shoulder. “But we’ll do it together, yeah?”

Choices (5,290)

Perhaps that’s when he realises something might be wrong. That maybe he’s not okay after all.

Not-So-Secret Santa (3,611)

Liam pulls Harry’s name for Secret Santa, and he’s going to need some Christmas magic and a declaration of love to rival Love, Actually.

Half A Heart  FAV (36,019)

*i cried. ugh so so good*

"This is where it all begins, Liam,” Harry says as he wraps his arms around Liam’s neck and nuzzles into him. “This is where they’ll say it all began. Where the biggest boyband in the world was created. This moment will be in all the history books and this hotel will have a plaque outside with our names on it and a date and people will come here on tours to look at where One Direction all began.”

baby, it’s cold outside (22,035)


Or the one where Harry and Liam spend Christmas together.

I Wanna Kiss You (6,534)

Total crack!fic. Liam can’t keep his hands, or his lips, off Harry. At all.

broke some rocks right through your window  FAV FAV (57,473)


Reception teacher Liam might be able to handle a classroom full of children with no sweat— but when it comes to letting himself fall in love, he finds he still has loads left to learn.

This Tune Makes Me Think of You, Somehow (18,062)

Harry doesn’t want to be at uni, or join some stupid a cappella group, or fall for The Boy With the Arms, but things don’t exactly go according to plan. But if he can win a championship and Liam’s heart along the way…well, it’ll be aca-awesome.

How I Pictured It (33,775)

Harry falls in love twice a week. But when he falls for Liam, there’s something about him that has Harry completely smitten. Side Zayn/Louis.

I’ve Fallen For Your Eyes, But They Don’t Know Me Yet (22,171)

Harry can’t stop adopting puppies because he wants to keep flirting with Liam, the hunky veterinarian.

Things I Can’t (4,561)

Harry’s jealous.

now i’m all exposed (5,911)

Harry and Louis are not at all amused when Liam and Nick become best mates.

standing in the way of control (49,618)

Liam’s flushed bright red from embarrassment and part of him wishes he could take the words back, just rewind for a few seconds and stop the words leaving his lips. But a bigger part of him, that part of him that hides deep inside where no one can see it, no one but him, that part of him needs this and if there’s a chance that Harry will say yes, if there’s the remotest possibility that Harry might be willing to do this, then it’s worth the shame and mortification.

the curse of curves (but not really) (2,308)

Harry goes to Liam’s to study, they watch a scary movie, and cute things happen.

(everywhere you look) there’s a face of somebody who needs you (27,309)

After it happens Harry disappears for nearly three months. He comes home to a worried family, an angry Liam, and Niall asking for a favor. He postpones his album and moves into Liam’s house with Niall to help raise his two kids. He expects for things to be hard and for his feelings to be a bit all over the place, all things considered, but he never expects to fall in love – especially not with Liam.

or a very loosely based full house au.

think about all the places we could go (28,521)

*OT5 but Lirry*

In which Louis thinks it’s funny to stamp the boys with Liam’s name, Niall likes having Liam’s name on his forehead, Harry’s jealous, Zayn just wants to spend time with Liam and Liam’s overwhelmed, really.

Baby Boy (10,951)

Liam Payne and Harry Styles are two university students, they’re roommates and they’re dating. Everything’s fine between them, or at least until one of them shows an interest in something so far fetched they push the other away. When the secret surfaces, will they come to an understanding and work through it or will it tear the supposed happy couple, apart?

Little things I should have said or done (I just never took the time) (8,840)

Harry and Liam are best friends who can never agree on what radio station to listen to. Also, Harry might be a little scared of the word boyfriend.

all i see is you (3,300)

Or Liam and Harry go on their third date to Machu Picchu and this fic happened.

written in my memory (21,646)

Or the one where Liam has amnesia and he struggles to connect with the boys

didn’t mean to turn you on (3,916)

It’s not as if Liam doesn’t find people attractive – he does. He can look at someone and admire the cut of their jaw, the softness of their eyes or the set of their mouth and know that they are good looking. Sometimes he looks at someone and his heart twists uncomfortably and he’ll get an overwhelming need to know them – to be involved in that person’s life – but he’s never really experienced any form of arousal and definitely never felt any desire to touch and be touched by someone in return. At least not until he went to bootcamp for the second time.

it’s easy to be loved (14,184)

Or Liam wakes up as a girl and Harry realises some things.

No One Needs To Know

Title: No One Needs To Know

Note: That Highschool AU no one asked for but happened anyway.

Pairing: Gladion X Player or Gladion X Sun/Moon if you prefer.

[Y/N] is Your Name.

There was a Pokeball in your locker, it should have been your first clue that everything was about to change.

“Hey, [Y/N]!” Your childhood friend Hau yelled, skidding to a halt next to you. “Is that yours?” He asked, eyeing the Pokeball. “You know we’re not allowed to bring more than one Pokemon to school!” He nearly yelled but held back, worried that a teacher would overhear. “What were you thinking?” He asked and you shoved the Pokeball into your bag.

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Larry Fic Rec: High-school/Uni AUs

 Since it’s the long break and Drama is in the air I’m splitting up my Master Fic Rec because it’s getting crazy long! (If you have any fic recs for me or have a fic rec request let me know!)

07/09/17 New additions marked with *s. Roughly organized by publication date.

* Instant Pleasure - 100percentsassy
This fic has everything! College Roommates! Mario Kart! Julie Andrews! Demonstrative Pronouns! Flamboyant Dom Louis! Premature Ejaculation! Niall!

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose - dolce_piccante
Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there.

The Same Ground - navigator 
What if the one that got away came back?

spice up your life - bottomlinsons (grim grace)
After a conversation with his Uni friends, Harry worries that his relationship with Louis has lost it’s spark. 

Orange Canvas - aclosetlarryshipper
Few can handle Louis Tomlinson on the dance floor, much less match him in skill and fervor. Louis has obviously met his soul mate. 

You’ve got to see yourself from far and wide - Emmie7, swirlingchaos
Harry and Louis meet at a very early age under all the wrong circumstances, which leads them to absolutely loathe each other for years on end. 

Both Showing Hearts - kiwikero
Louis Tomlinson is, in fact, not straight. Harry Styles isn’t sure what he is. Together, they figure it out, and maybe fall in love along the way. 

keep holding me this way -mentalistecbm
An English grad student, a frat jock, and an unimpressed rich boy walk into a bar. No one walks out. 

Have You Coming Back Again- whoknows
It’s five o’clock in the morning. Louis has a lecture at half eight. He could be using this time to study or to do his readings or to go to the gym, but - well. He doesn’t have any exams coming up, he’s not going to his seminar today anyway and he hates the gym. Instead he’s using this time to fuck with Harry Styles’ poor little brain.

The Fox You’ve Been Waiting For - FeelsForBreakfast
Louis isn’t in love with Harry, but it’s something like that. 

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Person A is talking about how one time in highschool they gave somebody kissing lessons; Person B laughs and says they should give B a lesson. Everything gets very serious very quickly, and at first A is hesitant, but then they lean into B - seduced by the moment - and B kisses them back. It’s their first kiss. After, B asks how they did, and A says they’re the best student they ever had.

i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) by bleep0bleep (10,538)

Derek gets in an accident and loses a few years of his memory; suddenly everything is different— he’s not a freshman loser anymore, but a popular senior, captain of the basketball team, a shoo-in for prom king, too, and he should have everything he’s ever wanted— except he doesn’t seem to be friends with Stiles anymore.