everything she doesn't like isn't a musical

The Signs as I know Them (Virgo boy perspective)
  • Aries: She's literally one of the funniest people I know and should seriously consider getting a career in comedy or something. Dark and light features, always whining about something.
  • Taurus: Looks like she's always in an existential crisis. Can be really loving and will comfort you if you're having a bad day. She's cried over the Walking Dead way too much. Medium to dark features. Curvy.
  • Gemini: Very sweet and mature. Loves to listen to music and learn about pretty much anything. Really smart and will tell you if your lying. Has a tendency to talk behind peoples backs (nothing too bad). Beautiful eyes, lighter features.
  • Cancer: He's probably the saltiest person on the planet. Has no chill. Is obsessed with Twitter and Overwatch, hits people for practically no reason. Very dark features with smooth black hair.
  • Leo: Very outgoing and is a very "inside-the-box" thinker. Will do anything for his family and loves to talk about the past. Medium features, small eyes, prominent nose.
  • Virgo: My best friend in the whole entire world. We're almost in sync. We're born a day and a year apart. Very critical, doesn't express emotions too much. Seems like she isn't really caring when your talking to her but remembers everything. Pale skin, light eyes, dark hair.
  • Libra: Tough cookie. We have a tough-love friendship. Flighty and says she hates everyone. She has a very sensitive side that isn't shown too often. Cares about people more than she lets on. Tan skin, expressive eyes.
  • Scorpio: My other best friend. She's very creative and keeps to herself a lot. Loves art and wants to be punk rock. We both really like comics and share a love of art and music. Light features, ash blonde hair, light eyes, short.
  • Sagittarius: Another best friend, she is very caring but has a mean streak which makes me laugh because she's probably the sweetest person I know. Dances, and is very skilled. Medium features, interesting facial expressions. We share a love of nerdy things like classical music and reading.
  • Capricorn: Well my mom is the most responsible person I know. She knows how to get things done and is very ambitious. Can be quite judgmental and cold but also very loving. Light features a little tall.
  • Aquarius: My dad is quite an original person. He's a very "out-of-the-box" thinker and is great at problem solving. Is a little emotionally detached, loves his home country of Greece and loves anything having to do with it.
  • Pisces: So talented. Can sing, dance, and draw. Sweet like sugar, but can be quite salty if you get on her bad side. Medium features, petite. Expresses a lot of emotion in just everyday life.
The signs as people I know
  • Aries- amazing at sports even though shes tiny she can run SO fast, hangs out with girly people but doesn't wear makeup at all. People either hate her or love her.
  • Taurus- so aesthetically pleasing, keeps emotions bottled up until she explodes, kind to everyone unless you're not kind to her, amazing at singing and art, could've been a professional singer or artist but was too stubborn to believe in herself.
  • Gemini- never ever stops. always doing something whether its a new club, a work project or going on a road trip, has so many friends and will always have someone there for them, so smart and loves to debate and learn all the time.
  • cancer- total hippie, cares about everything, literally everything. gets upset at the slightest thing and bursts into tears, buddhas all over her room.If you do something to upset her she'll block you from everything and her mum will probably kill you, always wearing weird clothes that don't match.
  • Leo- so mature and lovely to everyone she meets and makes friends so easily. has the ability to just walk up to a group of people and have them love her straight away. frizzy curly hair and is very sporty.
  • Virgo- So critical of everything but only because he wants the best. Speaks as if hes reading out bullet points from his brain. always has to be right. Could have been an international hacker but was too depressed to. deconstructed life until he only seen the flaws and thinks about them constantly. so misunderstood. will help anyone.
  • Libra- Total girl next door vibe. Will bake cookies for you when you're not well and is so considerate of everyone else. SO indecisive. Loves art, music and poetry and isn't very good at maths and science.
  • Scorpio- literally every girl in school has had a crush on him at least once, doesn't fit in but is so confident that it intimidates people into being his friend. Will ask you questions that are very personal and then gets offended when you won't answer or ask him the same thing.
  • Sagittarius- total hipster,thinks she knows about everything. listens to weird music and thinks it makes her cool. very nice to talk to and will make you feel welcome, needs a lot of space.
  • Aquarius- treats everyone the same, even teachers and small children, very distant and doesn't like to talk about emotions.Very open minded and will have watched every documentary you mention to her. Wants to be different.
  • Capricorn- Such an over achiever and perfectionist. Wants to be perfect at everything and if she isn't then to her it isn't important. Won't like you if she sees you as competition.
  • Pisces- SO cute and softly spoken, gorgeous eyes. will victimize herself so people feel sorry for her, very smart and everyone loves her.
So, my mom and I argue about the South Park movie for the millionth time.
  • Me: Alright, so let's agree that in musicals the cast perform songs that either A) Move the plot along in some way, B) Give us insight to a character's emotions, and/or C) Build up to a crucial point on the story. Yes or yes?
  • Mom: Yes.
  • Me: So BECAUSE OF THAT we technically can't consider stuff like Help! to be a musical since it's just Beatles music thrown into a story. AND YET a good lot of people still consider it to be a musical. The very same goes for A Hard Day's Night.
  • Mom: Arguable but okay, I will accept that.
  • Me: SO TAKING ALL OF THAT INTO CONSIDERATION the South Park movie features musical numbers to do all that I've just mentioned. It's not just songs thrown in there that do nothing, they actually move the story along.
  • Mom: Yeah. no. It's not a musical.
  • Me: NO. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't dismiss it of its' genre.
  • Mom: It's not a musical.
  • Mom: Go to your room. You're grounded until you agree with me.