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Some of my favorite Zodiac pairings

Not all signs included. Just a quick drabble of mine.

Virgo x Pisces: Okay, so I’ve got this huge weakness for opposite signs pairings but Virgo x Pisces holds a special place in my heart. Pisces goes with the flow, and Virgo likes to plan things out. Pisces is a dreamer, while Virgo is an analyst. They have so much to teach one another and if they can put their differneces aside, or tolerate them, their relationship is tender, loving and incredibly fulfilling.

Aries x Gemini: These two are all about the action and the fun. They have such an easy understanding between the two of them and everything seems to come natural to them. Aries is passionate and brash, Gemini is an intellectual and sure to keep their easily bored partner interested, and I just love this little contrast between them. Also, the sex is crazy. 

Leo x Sagittarius: This is the couple everyone will be talking about. They both love being the center of attention and they both like giving lots of admiration to each other. They spark each other’s best sides that people don’t normally get to see all that often like for Sag a sense of security and confidence, and for Leo tenderness and trust. They’re also equally passionate and impulsive so they rarely misunderstand each others moves. Love this pairing.

Scorpio x Pisces: Oh my god, cuteness overload. Big bad mysterious Scorpio falls for dreamy, sweet Pisces. Both are emotionally intense water signs, so this is a relationship full of empathy and understanding. Scorpio is a very complex person and never fails to intrigue Pisces, who loves an intellectual challenge. These two are inseperable and really encourage on another to chase their dreams.

Fanfiction - The Teacher II

I had no choice, really. If you missed it, here is part I.

The Teacher II

Claire hesitated in front of the door, the incrusted bronze plate shining with the letters “Professor Fraser”, beckoning her to dare and knock. She breathed deeply and raised her fist to announce her presence.

“Yes?” A voice answered inside, in a lilt that made her stomach explode in a frenzy of millions of bubbles. She half-opened the door in order to peek inside, realizing that he was accompanied by a student, sitting in front of him in what could only be called “the hot seat”. “Ah, it’s ye Miss Beauchamp.”

“Sorry to disturb you, Professor Fraser.” She said in a respectful tone, watching as her colleague – another Health Management student - looked at her with a cry for help in his brown eyes – slightly hazed from too much weed -, his shoulders slumped in mortal shame. “I have some questions about the essay I still have to write for your class. I was wondering if I could go over them with you, sir.”

James Fraser gave her an uninterested look – which could clearly be interpreted as annoyance with her presence – and finally nodded.

“I’ll be with you presently, Miss Beauchamp.” He said dryly. ”As soon as Mister King here understands that copying a page from Wikipedia is not acceptable as an essay. You do realize I have access to the Internet, Mister King?” His eyebrows were raised above the rim of his black eyeglasses, enhancing his disappointment at his student poorly conducted machinations.

“Yes, Professor Fraser.” The boy furiously nodded, a sinner in repentance, his neck slowly disappearing between his shoulders as he tried to bury himself away, escaping those piercing blue eyes. “I am very sorry, sir.”

“I’m sure ye are.” The teacher gave him a lopsided smile, neatly pilling the sheets of paper crossed out in red ink and pushing them in his direction. “You have until tomorrow to deliver a corrected version of this paper, Mister King. I’ll have to grade it for a maximum “B” after this mischief, but it’s certainly better than the current “D” – from disaster.”

He pursed his lips and waited patiently as the student collected his belongings and made the walk of shame towards the door of his office. Claire could barely contain a smile as her colleague grimaced to her, rolling his eyes in despair, his back turned to the punishing master.

“Come in, Miss Beauchamp.” Professor Fraser urged her and, quickly patting Arthur King’s back in comfort, Claire moved inside the office and closed the door behind her. “How can I help ye?” He asked in a dark tone.

He looked serious and poised, his forearms resting on the mahogany table in front of him. His office was clean and discrete, fairly organized with stacks of paper and folders thoroughly aligned and labelled. He had a shelf filled with books behind him, silently complaining with copious overweight – Claire recognized titles from classic economy books but also lots of poetry and historical tomes. Over the years – both in nursing school and now as medical student –, she had been inside many teacher’s offices. There was a tendency for hoarding and to accumulate trinkets and photographs, as they spent so much time working inside them. However, Jamie’s office spoke of order and contention, only a photograph of himself with a dark haired woman – the same blue slanted eyes smiling to the photographer, betraying their kinship – and a small statue of a leaping stag.

“I was wondering if you could explain me again some concepts.” Claire said in strong voice, locking the door from the inside and slowly moving towards his desk. “I’m not sure I’m truly enlighten about them – in spite of our class yesterday.”

“Do ye now?” Jamie quirked a brow, his voice low and dangerous. “I thought I was fairly clear.” He rose from his chair and came around the desk, nearing her like a graceful predator.

“Some things benefit from repetition.” She licked her lips and, smiling widely, sat on his desk – her floral dress hiking up as she went, exposing her fair legs to his eyes, soft and creamy.

“Christ, Sassenach.” His mask of tight control fell – exposing his raw edges underneath it. He moaned and strode towards her in a heartbeat, placing himself between her parted thighs, his mouth punishing hers for the teasing, his hands grasping her curly hair. “I just had ye yesterday, but I want ye so much it hurts already.”

“I want you too.” She panted, as he touched her breast with his strong palm, her nipple already painfully aware of his proximity. “I couldn’t help myself – I had to come. I had to see you, to feel you.”

“When I saw ye standing at my door, I almost lost it.” He groaned, his hands brushing the soft skin inside her thighs, as he kissed and suckled her neck. “And ye – wearing this dress, ye wicked little vixen. I thought I’d throw ye into my desk and take ye, there and then, right in front of Mister King.”

“You’re a very good actor.” She laughed, her hands fumbling with the zipper of his pants. “I could swear you didn’t even like me – least of all wanted to shag me in your office.” Claire yelped as he kneeled in front of her and bit the sensitive skin, moist and heated from his attentions.

“This is madness.” He nuzzled her, his hands gripping her arse to bring her closer to him. “If we behave like uncontrolled teenagers someone will find out. We need to stop seeing each other here.”

A month before they had started seeing each other – meeting for dinner away from campus and taking long walks on secluded parks and on the coastline, where they could hold hands and kiss, languid and carefree. The underlying attraction had been there from the start, they were forced to admit – and their mutual feelings had bloomed into full spring, nurtured by hours of solitude and touches. At first the idea of sneaking around was fun and certainly arousing – but soon enough the burden of pretending indifference had become a permanent struggle and a source of unhappiness.

“You can stop.” Claire suggested teasingly, her lips tasting the hollow of his throat – skilfully undoing the first buttons of his shirt – the pulse of desire emanating from his skin. “I won’t force you, I promise.”

“I canna refuse ye.” He said in a hoarse voice, his accent made more evident by lust and strong emotion, as she struggled to free him from the constraining underwear. “Not today – nor ever, mo ghraidh.”

He played her like a violin – robbing her lips of moans and sobs that echoed in his heart like notes of the purest music, his eyes fixed on the way her beautiful face almost shattered, so close to be undone. Jamie touched her until his own body hurt – a desire so powerful it bordered on excruciating pain -, finally ready to take her. As he adjusted his body to hers, her head lulled back as she surrendered to the eminent joining, a knock on the door sounded – menacing and real, like a sudden tear on active muscle.

Their eyes locked in terror for a moment, their bodies almost fused together, their breathing ragged and superficial.

“Who is it?” Jamie questioned, struggling to compose his voice. He kissed her swollen lips one final – desperate – time and pulled her out of the desk, quickly helping her to adjust her clothes.

“Fraser?” The voice of Professor Raymond came from outside. “I need to discuss with you the program for the summit. May I come in?”

Mallaichte bas!” Jamie cursed, gritting his teeth. “Just a second!” He shouted through the door, composing his own clothes and brushing his hair with trembling fingers. Like two actors in a comical play, Claire launched herself into the chair, searching for her best concentrated and slightly bored look, as Jamie hurried to adjust the crumpled papers on his desk. When everything seemed to be in natural order, they nodded to each other and Jamie opened the door with a pleasant smile plastered on his lips.

“Ah.” The little man, with silver hair and dark all-knowing eyes, noticed Claire sitting like a student in best possible behaviour. “I hadn’t realize you were busy, James.”

“Miss Beauchamp and I were merely discussing her last paper.” Jamie explained, adjusting his glasses. “She had already started it before she transferred to your class.”

“No doubt.” Professor Raymond smiled, clearly amused. His eyes drifted through the room – in spite of their best efforts, Claire’s lips were clearly swollen and her hair even more unruly than usual. Jamie, although composed, had the look of a man battling a cramp in the belly – his eyes wild and fiery, his smile a bit too tense. “I’m sorry if I interrupted your…work.”

“That’s alright, Professor.” Claire raised from her chair and headed to the door, her neck still flushed. “I think I have everything I need for now. Thank you, Professor Fraser. I’ll be sure to deliver my complete work later.”

Both men stared as she waved and disappeared, closing the door behind her.

“Your fly is open, James.” Raymond warned him in an amiable tone and laughed like a content toad, to Jamie’s utter dismay.


“Have you asked for me, Professor Mackenzie?” Jamie announced himself, standing on the threshold of Colum MacKenzie’s - the dean of faculty - office.

“Ah, James – yes.” Colum’s calculative gaze turned to Jamie, as he invited him to sit with a brief hand gesture. He was silent for a while, studying Jamie’s cordial face, his hands entwined in thoughtfulness. “I asked ye here because a pressing matter has been brought to my attention.” He finally said, leaning back against his leather covered office chair.

“How may I help?” Jamie furrowed his copper brows.

“Ye can stop seeing Claire Beauchamp.” Colum said in a cutting voice, which froze Jamie’s insides – was he fishing for the truth, expecting him to confirm his suspicions; or did someone actually see him with Claire? He was certain Raymond knew after their encounter in his office, but was confident the man wouldn’t tell a soul due to their friendship.

“That is hardly possible.” Jamie smiled, trying to look relaxed and uncompromised. “She attends this school and I am a teacher here.”

“I was wondering if I had to remind ye of that exact fact.” Colum admonished, harshly. “Someone informed me that you have been involved in some kind of affair with the lass. I couldna believe it. That a teacher – my nephew, no less – would be sae foolish and careless.”

“Who told ye that?” Jamie gripped his fist, hidden bellow the desk, barely containing the anger in his voice.

“It doesna matter.” Colum shook his head, his eyes demanding and judgemental. “Will you deny it, Jamie?”

Jamie endured the assault of his eyes, his own stormy and strong. Eventually, he sighed and shrugged.

“No, I won’t deny it. I’m in love with Claire and I’m dating her.” He confessed, tilting his chin in defiance. Colum hissed like a harassed animal and pursed his lips in discontent. “I’m a professor here but she isna my student – we only got involved when she quit my class. Nothing happened before!” Jamie guaranteed, tapping his fingers on his leg.

“I had hope the girl was lying.” Colum brushed his thinning hair. “How could ye be sae stupid? How could ye overlook what screwing the lass would mean to this school?”

“What we have,” Jamie hissed, adamant. “Is much more than screwing, uncle. Claire is the woman I waited for all my life. I won’t forsake her – not even for yer precious reputation.”

“I see.” Colum breathed through his nose, like a resentful cat. His eyes searched Jamie’s, as they battle their unwavering wills. “In that case ye have a decision to make – let go of the lass or yer days of teaching are numbered.” And with a magnanimous nod of the head, he dismissed him. “Professor Fraser.”



Request : “Hi! Can you do 164 for Peter? thank you xx“ @chrislaufeyson

»  “I heard you singing Taylor Swift in the shower this morning, are you okay?”

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1900

A/N : This isn’t that much long but it’s the longer imagine I’ve done yet lmao. I hope you like it, don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought of it under anon or even in private, I’d be happy to taaalk ! Don’t forget my requests are open, so… GO FOR IT BABES

Oh please, May ! It’d be the best present ever ! I’m a big guy now.”

Peter had been begging May for 2 weeks now, and the aunt was still reflecting either or not it was a good idea. For his 16th birthday, his nephew wanted his girlfriend to sleep with him, but May thought he was too young for that, she didn’t want to be a grand-mother right now, she was even quite young when she had to become Peter’s mother. All was going too fast, and she wished Ben was still there to say no. Ben would have said no. They both knew it, that’s why Pete would have asked May if his uncle was still alive. But she had to say no by herself now, take all the responsabilites.

Stop harrassing me, I can take you to some restaurants or cinema, but you’re too young to sleep with a girl.”

Peter crossed his arms on his chest and sighed. He hated when May treated him like a child, and she recurrently did. “C'mon, many boys sleep with their girlfriends at my age. I won’t do sh- stupid things. May, you know the feeling. You know what it’s like, wanting to wake up to the love of your life.”

It was May’s turn to sigh. Obviously, she knew, it was a feeling she was used to, a feeling she would never get rid of. Someone was missing in her bed just like someone was missing in Peter’s. If one human on Earth knew that you needed to enjoy someone’s presence before it was too late, it was her.

Door open, and if I hear something weird you a dead man, Peter Benjamin Parker.”

He instantly jumped, doing some dance of joy. His heart was beating faster as he ever did. This was it, it was happiness, true happiness. This news had him reaching the nirvana, this estate of maximal pleasure, the plenitude. He kissed his aunt’s cheek, thanking her a good million times. You soon was informed and you both fangirled. Your first night together. This was a brand new step, but everything with Peter seemed natural anyways. You could do everything.

I’m taking your present ! And a toothbrush of course, I can’t wait to sleep in your arms oh my god. I’m taking movies, can I borrow you a new shirt to sleep ? What should I take beside all of this.” Peter could tell over the phone how happy and stressed you were, you barely allowed yourself to breathe while talking. “Happy birthday, love.”

He smiled, the sound of your voice was a music to him, a melody he could never get bored of. “Come here quick to tell me in person.”

Peter !” May called him back to have a quick chat with him. There was no way he could sleep with you before she’d have gave him the talk. He soon hung up, excited as never.

Peter smiled as soon as he woke up, you were still in his arms, your head on his chest, sleeping like an angel. His heart started beating fast again. He had thought right, this was the best morning of his life, this was the way he wanted to wake up everyday, with his love right next to him, stuck to his body like the world out there was spinning and the only thing letting her be safe was his touch. He was his remedy to any problem. Both your bodies were hot, the night had been so soft.

Peter kissed your forehead, pulling you closer to him which woke you up. There was no way you’d feel happier any day, you put your head on his neck and kissed his perfect jawline. “Hello pretty boy.” You whispered in a rough matinal voice before kissing his jawline again. “I’ve never slept that good in my entire life before.”

“Me neither.” He whispered at his turn, and his rugged voice had you shook. You’ve never heard him talking with such a deep tone and it was exciting to discover new things about your dedicated one.

Minutes passed by without doing nothing, just hugging and kissing. You wanted to spend the entire day there, in this bed, wrapped around Peter’s warm arms. But May would have never let you, plus it seemed like the super-hero had a project for the day.

It was super late when you got up, 2pm actually. Peter tried to make you a breakfast as a lunch, but his pancakes were terrible and he had burnt the bacon. His secret talent was surely not cooking. You ended eating ice cream before he went take a shower. You came back in his room, watching the wall where he put some pictures. One particularly kept your attention. This picture was one Peter had taken of you two during your first date. It was all awkward and sweet, and you were glad he had taken pictures of it.

Is it weird if I take photos ? I know it’s the first time we… we… This is a date, right ?” Peter had is cheeks all red from asking this, and you found it super cute. You liked him since you started talking, he was the kindest boy you’ve ever met, way different than all of the others. The day you met was the day your ex dumped you because you didn’t want to have sex with him, but what the fuck you was having sex at 15 anyways ? So not you. Peter found you crying in the school’s hallways and tried to cheer you up, then he asked you everyday how you were feeling, and soon you became friends. But there always were that extra something, this little sprinkle in your eyes telling you he was a man who would change your life. And he really did change you, he made you a better person, he built you.

This first date had been really different than what you already had experienced with other boys. You knew you loved him, you knew he wasn’t some jerk trying to use you. “Of course this is a date.” You held his hand with a big smile on your face. “And take photos, I want to have souvenirs of this evening !”

It wasn’t some fancy going out in a restaurant or cinema, it was just a chill walk, all was about talking and being happy to be together, it was all fluff and natural, it was just all love. Peter took as many photos of you as he could, not afraid anymore to look like some kind of a creep. “I love taking photos, and you’re so beautiful, you… The camera loves you.”

A little smirk took place on your face as you turned to him. “Only the camera, not you ?” He instantly blushed, panicking. Was it a bad thing, were you making fun of him ? His hands started shaking and he shook his head, his mouth wide open just as his eyes. “You don’t need to respond.” You laughed. “I was kidding, this is too soon for all of this.” But deep inside, Peter knew he loved you.

“I shake it oooooff, I shake it oooooff !” Peter’s singing got you out of your memories and you gigled listening to this song. He might be… Really excited for today. “Haters gonna haaate, haaate, haaate !” Well, this was for sure the best shower he had taken in while.

He came back right after his song, his hair damp and curlier than you’d ever seen before. He was so handsome, you were so screwed.

“Look, this is the camera I told you about ! The one May offered me yesterday ! She did such a great job, I missed photography.” He said as he was taking his new camera out of his backpack. You soon took his treasure in your hands with a look of admiration. It was a vintage Leica, and you wished you knew more about photography to understand how awesome it was for Peter to have it. “It has a lil defect on its lens but you know how I love things when they have something unique.” You nodded, and gave the camera back to him. “Okay, now that I can take pictures again, go against this tree and be my model.”

Your nose creased. Be his model ? What ? “No, no Pete there’s nooooo way. I’m not.. I’m so ugly today, I hadn’t brought my makeup to your place, my skin is awfully oily.” You soon pouted, Peter’s eyes wide open.

“You kidding, right ?!” He literally seemed attacked. “You the most beautiful girl I’ll ever get to see, Y/N ! I just want memories, you’re a real muse for me. Please, as a birthday gift, love !”

“I love you, thank you, but it’s still a no.”

Peter rolled his eyes, he for sure needed you to be okay with his idea of taking pictures of you, because it made a long time since the last time he did. “I’ll buy you japanese food.”

And suddenly you chaned your mind, you looked excited and even jumped a little when you heard ‘japanese food’. “Ok, well, Why are we still here ?! C'mon Parker, let’s take photos !” He laughed, fuck he knew you so well, he was sure japanese food was a good compromise. It always had been. Photoshoot session started right away. “You know, I heard you singing Taylor Swift in the shower this morning, are you okay?

Peter rolled his eyes, happy Taylor Swift’s songs was his guilty pleasure and no one was supposed to know. He blushed a little. “Don’t be a jerk honey, be beautiful and pose for me, that’s all I’m asking !”

“This is some kind of song you should be singing to Flash.” You giggled. And Peter blushed even more. He always had that thought that Flash was better than him, he was popular even if he was an asshole. You saw Peter getting lost in his thoughts and grimaced. “Babe, focuse on me !” His eyes immediately met yours and he couldn’t help but laugh. You were ugly, but in a beautiful way, weird. I guess it was just love. He took a picture, and you frowned. “I don’t want this on facebook or I’ll kill you !”

“Love, you know I don’t have a facebook.” He creased his eyes. You harrassed him to do one, but he never understood the utility. He had no friends. “I’ll download them in my phone, so I can show people how pretty my girlfriend is !”

“I’m not, Peter !” You shouted, leaving the tree to get back to him.

“You’re not my girlfriend ?!”

“I’m not pretty you idiot !” You hit his shoulder.

“People don’t believe me when I say I have a girlfriend.” He shrugged while a sad smile took place on his face.

You pouted, a little embarrassed. Yeah, Peter wasn’t popular and all, people thought he was a fucking loser, but they were missing it. “We don’t need people, Peter Parker.”


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A New Friend

Pairing: John Murphy X Reader
Requested: Yes
Warnings: this revolves around Y/N having social anxiety, there’s a panic attack, and light cursing
A/N: I personally do not have social anxiety, so I’m basing this off of what I’ve read and heard from my friends. If I got this wrong I’m very sorry, but I hope you enjoy it!
Word count: 1642


“Hey, Bellamy, is that group back from the hunting trip yet?” You hear one of the delinquents ask. You already know the answer. No, they’re not. If they were, your best friend Alex would have already run up to you to tell you all about the adventures he had while venturing past the almost finished walls.

You’d been friends with him since you were both children on the ark. The two of you had been neighbors. It’s always been hard for you to talk to people and put yourself out there, but with Alex everything just seemed to naturally flow between the two of you. Alex was great at making conversation, but could also enjoy the silence you two shared when you just didn’t know what to say. He understood how hard it could be for you to talk sometimes. At one point your social inefficiency worried your parents so much they took you to see Dr. Griffin. She came to the conclusion you had social anxiety. She wanted to give you medication, but couldn’t due to the fact that it wasn’t a life threatening disease. You would just have to deal with it.

So that’s how your life proceeded on the Ark. You kept to yourself during the day at class, but when you got back to your room you finally came out of your shell around Alex. He was, and still is, your anchor. Everybody thought you were weird, treated you like an outcast really, because of how difficult it was to talk to them. You have no idea how you would have gotten through everything life has thrown at you without him. He’s been there for you through it all– your mom getting sick, you getting arrested after you tried to steal medicine for her, her dying, and he even got himself arrested so you wouldn’t be in the Sky Box by yourself.

Then it all seems to come crashing down around you, as you stop reminiscing. They weren’t back yet. They’d been gone since morning, and right now the sun was on the verge of setting. This wasn’t good. Something must have went wrong, but what? Did they get lost in unknown territory by accident? Did grounders attack them? Your mind was racing, heart beating so fast you thought it was going to burst out of your chest.

You leave your job of sorting food, walking toward the drop ship. Once you’re inside you find a corner, and proceed to let the panic attack you’re having consume you. Your back is pressed against the wall, knees drawn to your chest, and arms hugging yourself as tight as you can. Deep breaths in and out, you think. That’s what Alex would always tell you when you got like this. It was no use, everything seemed to be spiraling out of control in your head. Tears started to roll down your cheeks, oh god, what would you do without him? He’s been your only friend for years, the only person who knew that you could be loud, funny, and even sarcastic. There’s something, or someone, making noise but you can’t focus on it. You feel yourself floating, no longer having your anchor to tie you down. Suddenly, a hand was on your shoulder.

Murphy’s voice wafts through the air into your
ears, “Are you okay?”

That was weird. Murphy never gave a shit how other people were feeling. He was always yelling at people to get back to work, no matter what injury or illness they had acquired. For a second you wonder if you should say yes, but then he’s going to make you go back to work and you can’t in the condition you’re in. You shake your head side to side signaling no.

“I’ve been trying to ask you what’s wrong,” he says, still crouching next to you, with a hand on your shoulder. He must have been standing there for awhile, that’s the murmurs you pushed to the back of your mind. You keep expecting him to raise his voice at you, or spew derogatory comments your way. He doesn’t. Instead his voice is gentle, fingers drawing light, calming patterns where his hand is.

“A-Alex,” is the only world you’re able to get out of your mouth. Your breathing is still erratic, it’s calmed down since Murphy has given you something to think about other than your dark thoughts.

“Oh, the dude you’re always with. He’s on the hunting trip, right?” The first sentence he says sounds, disappointed? That can’t be right, why would Murphy, of all people, be disappointed you were worrying about your best friend.

“T-they’ve b-been gone, for a really lo-long time,” you stutter through the sentence, tears slowly stop falling from your eyes.

“That’s what you’re freaking out about? Y/N sometimes hunting trips take longer than half a day. Besides, they’re probably on their way back now with a huge amount of game,” he lowers himself next to you. His arm makes its way around your shoulders, so he’s pulling you into his side.

“You think so?” You whisper, looking up at him.

“I know so. So, stop worrying about your boyfriend, everything’s going to be okay.” His hand tightened the tiniest bit when the word boyfriend left his lips.

“Alex isn’t my boyfriend,” you tell him, glancing at him with a confused expression across your face.

“Okay, then what do you two call what you’ve got going on? You’re always with each other, and you only talk to him. It’s obvious you two have something going on behind closed doors,” Murphy explains as his signature smirk crosses his lips. You nudge him lightly, in a joking manner, with your shoulder.

“He’s my best friend, and I talk to only him because I’m bad with people. I want to have more friends but, I can’t. I freeze up when I talk to people,” your voice gradually gets quiter as you speak. You’ve been wanting to tell people that for years. You want them to know you’re not judgemental, just scared.

“Well, you’re talking to me. Actually, I think this is the most I’ve ever heard your voice. Ya know, for awhile I thought you were just a bitch that thought she was too good to talk to us.”


“Yeah, it’s because you were raised on alpha station. Your dad was a doctor, and your mom had a good chance of becoming chancellor in the future. There was no reason to dig deeper. Why would someone who’s always had it all want to associate with the good for nothing kids who’d committed crimes?” Murphy leaned his head back against the wall, eyes aimed at the ceiling. You saw his jaw clenching, he had hated you, you realize. The anger in this boy was monumental, the pain he held was just as large, but hidden.

“I don’t think that.” He looks over at you, your eyes lock. “That you’re good for nothing, or that I’m better than you. I kind of envy you actually. You can talk to people. Yeah sure, you mostly insult them, but I can’t even get a measly ‘hi’ out most of the time. Plus, some of you are here for the same reason I am, trying to help someone you love. And that’s not a crime.” Your speech comes to an end, and Murphy has gotten closer to you. His expression was calculating: watching the way your face moved as you talked, listening to the conviction in your tone, being aware of how close your bodies really were.

“Wow, that’s bullshit,” you can’t help but deflate a bit at his words. “You don’t envy me, just the way I communicate. Trust me, my life isn’t rainbows and butterflies. Also, if you haven’t noticed, you’ve been talking to me just fine for the pas-” Murphy’s sentence gets cut off.

Someone is screaming about how the hunting party is back. Before you can think you’re on your feet ready to run to them. You stop in your tracks, right as you were about to sprint, and turn to Murphy. You look at him for a moment, you wonder if he’s going to go back to the boy you thought you knew before this conversation. That is unnecessarily cruel, but now you know there’s some part of him that cares about others. Sure it might manifest in, unusual ways, but none the less it was still there. You take a chance, you hold out your hand offering to help him up.

“Well, are you coming?” You ask shooting him a small smile. He looks shocked for a second before concealing his emotions. He takes your hand.

“Don’t think this is going to get you special treatment, Doll,” he says slinging his arm around your shoulder before steering you two out of the drop ship.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” your voice is quiet, only he can hear your words. You don’t want to draw attention to the two of you, knowing what they’ll say. All caution is thrown into the wind when you see Alex. You run to him, engulfing him in a giant hug.

“Don’t ever leave me like that again,” you mumble, your face pressed into his shoulder.

“I won’t, I won’t. Now, what was that about?” Alex asks, head motioning over to the spot where Murphy stands. Once he notices the two of you looking at him, he diverts his gaze to the person next to him.

“We just talked,” you say with a smile.

“You? Talked? With someone besides me? And Murphy no less?” Your best friend continues to rattle off questions. All you can do is answer them one at a time while thinking about what this might mean, have you added a new friend to your list? Hopefully, you think.



Warning: it does not require cc nor mod, just cheat codes.

1- Create a swimming pool.
2 - On the text box (press ctrl+shift+c) you have to type bb.moveobjects on and press enter.
3 -Then type bb.showhiddenobjects and press enter.
4 - Now on the search box of the inventory type ‘debug’. It will show a long list of hidden objects.
5 - Look for the fishing signals and buy at least one of those (note they are a lot but you have to get those on which pop ups a description when you select the icons, NOT those on which it says only 'debug § 0’.
6 - Finally, put the fishing signal close at the poolside.
Note 1 - You can decorate around the pool with plants and rocks, and you can even hide the fishing signal so that everything seems more natural, but don’t put so much decorations where there’s the green grid of the fishing signal. This is the fishing area which must be walkable for your fisher-sims.
Note 2 - This procedure works even with a fountain.


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anonymous asked:

Could we get a scenario with Yamamoto and his soulmate? Could we get him meeting his waitress soulmate and how that goes down and how he woos her? Please and thank you!


Admin Adelheid

Takeshi looked up to stare at the droplets of rain that had started to fall on the world and closed his eyes to it, surrendering himself with a relieved expression on his face.

He felt grateful to the downpour which had started to cleanse him of the blood still staining his clothes, his skin and his sword. At his feet were the bodies of the men who met their ends with his blade. When he opened his eyes he watched the rain water flush their blood away from the pavement and into the sewers.

The crisis was over. His job was done. There was no reason to linger here any longer.

The Rain Guardian sheathed his sword and wrapped it; carefully putting it in the wooden tube used to keep away a man’s bokken. As he did so he noticed the blood covering the meat of his left palm and turned it towards the rain in order to wash the filth away. And once the blood was cleaned off a name remained etched like a scar across his skin.


It seemed like a childish thought; a relic of a dream that may never come true in this lifetime but… looking at it made him feel just a little bit innocent again.

Satisfied he walked away from the gory sight of severed limbs and dead bodies with hunched shoulders underneath a blue black long coat trying to stave away the cold night. His name scarred hand hidden carefully in his pocket.

With this, Tsuna should have one less thing to worry about. With this, Hayato would have one less thing to nag about. With this, the Family would stay safe just a little while longer. The cold and nightmares that will follow him after this night will be worth it just by thinking of all the good his actions tonight will bring. Even if the memory still seeped coldly into his very bones.

“Thank you very much, please come again!”

Takeshi suddenly found his feet stopping as a door was opened beside him and a blast of warmth against his skin made his eyes go wide.

A couple joked with each other as they closed the door behind them and walked passed him, huddled in their raincoats laughing.

Takeshi stood on the paved sidewalk like a frozen statue, not moving an inch. Even after the door closed and the light from the small diner hid behind it he could still feel the warmth it had emitted. Nostalgia made him turn and face the restaurant and stare at the wooden doors. Wistfulness made his feet move and enter it. The feeling was much too hard to resist.

The scent of coffee and fresh baked bread assaulted his senses the moment he stepped inside and immediately he felt his whole being beginning to thaw in the warmth the entire place emitted. With a little twist in his gut he was reminded of his father’s sushi shop back home. The scents were different but… it felt the same.

It felt like home.

And in the center of the empty café was you. Eyes closed, chin resting on the top of your mop and singing softly the song being played on the old fashioned phonograph that was probably a part of the café’s prop (insert: City of Wind from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles), looking like you were dreaming…

And as Takeshi stared at you he couldn’t help but want to follow you into that dream.

Even when the song finished and you opened your eyes with a small smile on your face he couldn’t move away from where he was standing until you noticed him there.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I forgot to put up the Closed sign!” you gasped, your hand covering your mouth in mortification.

Your reaction shook Takeshi out of his stupor making him revert to the age old habit of scratching his hand on the back of his head. “Ah, really? Sorry I’ll just go th―”

“No, wait!” she called out softly as Takeshi turned back to see you smile. “Please, sit down. I’ll consider you the last guest for the night.”

Takeshi blinked and took a seat in a corner booth as he watched you put up the ‘Closed’ sign. “Is there anything in particular you’d like to drink?”

“Uhhh…” what was he supposed to say? He wasn’t exactly as fond of coffee as say Tsuna, Hayato or Reborn. Like Hibari he had never really grown fond of the bitter brew his Italian cohorts were so in love with. “I’ll take anything you’ve got left, I guess.”

“Eh?” you looked at his wet clothes and hair and saw the expression in his eyes and something clicked inside you. Like a long forgotten memory. “Gimme a minute.”

When you left his sight Takeshi allowed his eyes to roam the little café.

It wasn’t really anything special. It was just like any other café he had gone into. But there was something about the polished wooden chairs and tables and the flowers crawling around outside the windows that made everything seem so natural. Adding the fact that the lights had been dimmed because of closing time and the soft, candlelight quality of them gave the entire place the appearance of an amber dream. So unpretentious. So relaxing… The music from the phonograph in the background invited everyone to lower down their guard and relax. It made him frown a little as he watched the small pot of small flowers on his table; his hitman senses busily taking in the entirety of the store, automatically seeking out threats and ways of escape.

So he was more than a little surprised when a hand set down a large, steaming cup in front of him.

Blinking, Takeshi looked up with wide eyes. No one had been able to sneak up on him like that in years. Not even Chrome or Mukuro. His startled gaze met your eyes. And for some reason… a burst of color exploded from your smile and infected his whole world.

“Please enjoy.”

Takeshi blinked, unable to understand what it was that was happening. It took a while before he could form any words at all. “I… uh… How much―?”

“It’s on the house; just this one time.” you replied as you smiled brightly. “You look like you needed it.”

Takeshi stared, his brain― jaded and riddled in paranoia from living the life of a hitman― seemingly stranded in another world at what just happened.

Absentmindedly he reached for the steaming cup you had left him with and took a sip. He was so startled he almost dropped the cup.

It was warmed milk sweetened with a little honey…

He fought tears in his eyes as he sipped the drink past the sudden lump in his throat as memories of youth and innocence ran amuck in his mind. The warmth of it seeping into his chest and making his heart feel as though it was thawing from the prison of ice he had forced it in all these long years to survive in the Mafia.

It made him feel like he can be human again…

“Do you like it?” you asked, a little worried. “You didn’t look like you were the type to like coffee that much.”

Takeshi could only reply with a smile. “Thank you.”

He glanced at your name tag but was disappointed. The name on it was different from the one written on his palm. For some reason the thought crushed him. As though all his childhood dreams had been dashed in that one split second. It left him bitterly disappointed.

You left and started to mop the floor again, humming the same song he had caught you singing the moment he came through the door. His eyes never left you as he finished his cup, all his senses tuned to everything about you for some reason. By the time he had finished his milk he felt all the dirt and filth that had left him feeling so cold just a few moments ago slip away from him like a discarded coat. For some insane reason, it made him feel innocent again. And he owed it all to you. Before he left he set down a sizeable tip underneath the cup and left the café so silently you didn’t even see him go.

Sadly he thought he would never come back again. There was no real reason for him to do so…

But he couldn’t bring himself to forget you and that song you’ve been singing though he avoided your café for a long time since then. The fact that he couldn’t forget your face or your voice made him angry and frustrated beyond belief. Thoughts of you followed him even in his waking hours. He could even hear that song you’ve been singing over and over in his head as he fought his battles. It was as though by hearing the melody he could join you in that mysterious dream you were smiling about the day he saw you. It left him with a longing to be a part of that city made of wind floating beyond time…

The thought of obsessing about such details over a person he was not even meant to be with terrified, angered and intrigued him. So much so that he couldn’t concentrate on anything else. It had gotten so bad he got himself wounded on a mission. It was then that he finally gave up and decided to see you again.

You whom he wanted even though he did not bear your name on his skin…

He came to the coffee shop at the exact time he had the first time he came there. Opening the door and the feeling of warmth had the same effect on him as the first time he had stepped foot inside the shop. The smile that lit up your face at the sight of him made his heart stutter. And then his feelings made him wonder why he was doing this to himself.

“Hi! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been.” You greeted him with such joy his chest again ached with regret.

Why…? Why do you have a different name? Did God make a mistake? Why can’t it be you…?

“Sorry, I’ve been busy.” was all he could reply with a smile as he made his way over towards the seat he had claimed that first night. “You’re on the closing shift again?”

“Well…” you blushed a bit and winced. “I asked to be in this shift. I seem to meet all sorts of interesting people at this hour.”

Whoa wait. Was she talking about another man? Who is it?! He felt a void growing inside him at the thought as well as envy. It didn’t seem fair that you would have such feelings for someone else when you’ve driven him half mad with only memories of you.

“For example the other night?” you continued on obliviously. “The singer who sang that song I’ve been playing the night we met came in. I asked her for her autograph and a photo. It’s on my Instagram! Can you believe it?”

“Oh…” he replied almost faintly. “So… it’s not another guy?”

“Eh? What other guy?” you cocked your head to the side in confusion before brightening again. “Can you wait a bit? I’ll get you your usual.”

Takeshi had to laugh with relief. What in the world was he thinking? What in the world was he getting jealous for? He hardly even knew you. You weren’t even his intended one.

He had no right to you…

When you came back with his cup of milk Takeshi started to look up to thank you once more but stopped short when he caught a glimpse of your name tag again.

The name on it was different.

Takeshi forgot himself so badly that his hand grasped your arm before he could even think about it. His eyes lost all softness replaced with such sharpness it reminded you of a blade.

“Uh? What? What is it?” was all you could stutter.

“Your name…” he started breathlessly as he continued to stare at your name tag. “What happened to your name?!”

“Oh this?” you asked as you blinked in confusion. “My friend who works the dayshift played a prank on me that day and took my name tag so I had no choice but to wear hers. My boss and our regulars kept having fun and called me by her name all day long, it was humiliating.”

The realization melted the shock off Takeshi’s face little by little it almost looked as though his face were melting before it broke off into a laugh that came from the bottom of his heart. He surprised you further by gathering you up in his arms tightly.

“A name…” he pleaded in your ear as the hand that held the same word as your present name tag grasped you tighter against him. “Tell me you have my name on you…”

Your heart jumped in your chest as realization set in. You had suspected it from the start but you denied it, thinking it was only a coincidence. But now… You pulled away just enough to show him his name engraved on the meat of your left palm and held onto his own left hand.

Takeshi had never known such peace could ever exist in his lifetime…

“I was afraid…” you whispered brokenly against his lips when he finally kissed you. “I was so afraid it wasn’t going to be you…”

Richonne little kisses

@iminyjo​ : following my post for the 7x12 party, you ask me why I’m unable to decide between the kisses

One of my posts answered a similar anonymous question: I was then asked which was my favorite kiss among the three main ==> HERE

And now, let me share my feeling about the little ones…

The “good morning” kiss and the forehead kiss certainly don’t have the same impact as the others but  have the same meaning: proof of intense feeling and I love them as much as the others.
I love them because those kisses are the symbol of their alchemy, proof that their love is sincere and profound.

Those are these little details that make me love them all the more because they are in line with what has always been the relationship between Rick and Michonne: no need for great outpouring to show what they feel, a glance, a nod, a touch is enough. And I like the fact that although they are officially a couple, writers and surely the actors, continue to offer us these little gestures.


This is only a small kiss on her shoulder, but it’s so natural. I like this attention as stealthy as it is, because it shows us how confident Rick is. That it was not just a one night stand between two friends, that Michonne was not a second choice. No, for Rick, she is the woman whose he wants to feel the softness of the skin on his lips in the early morning while she is in his arms. And this little gesture then becomes the most beautiful symbol of this well-being, this evidence between them.


The forehead kiss, shows us how true they are. In the same situation, for any other couple, we would have seen the two protagonists offer us a fake Hollywood kiss … But once again with these two, everything seems more natural, more true. There is this degree of realism and sincerity that makes this simple kiss so beautiful and it says as much as if he had touched her lips. He is hurt, he suffers, but he has succeeded, he is happy and the one who has given him faith (and by extension his smile) is in his arms. And he thanks her by kissing her tenderly on the forehead and maybe it’s the intensity of his fight, the breadth of his smile, or the strength of Michonne’s embrace but something makes this kiss as intense as others. 

- - - -

I don’t know if it’s to have waited so long for them to officially become a couple or if it’s the chemistry between these two actors, but each of these kisses, however small, symbolizes so well the depth of their love that I can not decide wich one is my favorite.

And the 2 new kisses of the 7x12 promo will make the task more difficult.

@iminyjo​ tell me if the two posts answered your question, thank you for asking me!!

Danger is my middle name - a Stiles x Reader imagine

Wow who is the worst, disappears forever, comes back to post something that literally no one asked for? Me. 

Sorry for being gone for so long, I’m not going to promise that I will be back for good or anything because we all know how that works out. But I do promise that I am working on a lot of different stories. and I am so happy to finally be getting back into the mood of writing. 

Originally posted by imagines-of-a-fangirl

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i wanna roll with him (a hard pair we will be) | JiKook, non!AU

Length: oneshot; 2,868 words

Pairings: JiKook (ninja Yoonseok)

Rating: NC-17

Genre: smut, pwp-ish, thirst, bandfic, now with 40% more emotions!

Summary: Jungkook honestly didn’t have much experience with other boys (i.e., he didn’t have any experience with other boys at all), but everything seemed to come so naturally with Jimin that he didn’t have to think much. Just follow his instincts and remember what he had seen in the few gay porn videos he had watched (not that he would ever admit out loud that he had watched those kinds of videos).

Notes: the third part of my canon compliant JiKook series, this time with explicit smut and (gasp) could it be… feelings?? Also, I’m not breaking the tradition of naming the chapters after songs from the late 2000s – this time, the title was taken from Lady Gaga’s ‘Pokerface’.

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Everything Wrong with the Twilight Saga: The Audience

The audience of a book is something that most writers have in mind. We usually set out to write a children’s book, or a YA novel, or adult fiction, and the writing reflects that. There are things that I can get away with in YA that wouldn’t fly in middle grade, but there are also things that I can’t do in YA due to the fact that it’s essentially the PG-13 of the writing world.

The audience of a book can also dictate themes. Several people disliked the moral relativism that was being discussed in A Series of Unfortunate Events, particularly at the end, because they thought that it wasn’t appropriate for children, while GRRM enjoys the ability revel in moral relativism.

Stephenie Meyer set out to write her book with a very specific audience in mind. She tailored her book to appeal just right to that audience.

The only problem was that it wasn’t the audience that the series was marketed to.

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you: lukas’ shirt in the last scene was ugly af

me, an intellectual: clothing is an important part of showing how a character feels and it’s incredibly important that how they look on the outside matches what they feel internally. lukas has finally accepted himself and is not afraid to show who he is. him wearing a shirt with an alarming color like that shows that he has changed, he is not the same anymore. the shirt is so unusual from what we’ve seen him wear before which i’m sure everyone noticed, meaning that we are not supposed to be used to this new version of him, we’re supposed to feel like he has changed a lot. lukas talking openly about kissing philip in front of everyone would not be as convincing if he wore one of his standard plaid shirts, as that would make us doubt that he actually means what he says. now, with this new unfamiliar look to him we believe him and we’re now understanding how much he’s changed.

the color of the shirt was done deliberately too. the color green resembles three very important things; growth, safety, and self love/self acceptance. lukas has grown so much and has finally reached the end of his arc, this version of him is the complete version. and he is finally safe now that ryan is dead and now that lukas has realized that no one would hate him for who he is. most importantly he has started accepting himself and is safe in his own skin. the shirt is almost looks yellow sometimes too, and with the stark blue colors on some parts of the shirt these three colors form together a feeling of hope, meaning that lukas has a bright future ahead of him. this is to emphasize the shot of them running off into the sunset together, which is a metaphor for moving onto a better life.

lastly, it matches the analogous color scheme of the scene perfectly. that same green color can be found on lukas’ bike and on the trees around them. green is clearly the dominant color of the scene, making everything green seem natural. this makes you feel like lukas belongs here. as i said earlier this is a color we never see lukas in, but making him blend in with the colors of the scene makes us think this is the right color for him, meaning this new lukas, this open and happy lukas, is the “right” version of him.

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“So is anyone going to tell me what is going on here?” Dr Banner looked at the peculiar ensemble in front of him. “I assume this is not official Avengers business.”

“Not exactly Doc.” Barton rubbed the back of his neck anxiously.

“I’m listening.” Banner leant back against the wall and took off his glasses to rub his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, knowing that whatever he was about to hear was going to be trying.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic recommendations because I'm up to date with Dwelling and I need something to keep me going! It's so wonderful you have such a lovely style of writing where everything seems so natural

<3 thank you so much!! i feel like i’m going to be disappointing with the recs bc i don’t have enough time to read much fic and probably only get to the Big Famous Fics a million years late, but here’s some stuff i’ve enjoyed lately (i’m assuming you want drarry):

  • all of @astolat’s fic is so good but my favourite forever is House Proud which has all of the things i like in general let alone in fic (weird houses/gothic vibes/sudden terror/bedsharing/fae stuff), tho obvs i have to do a shout out to Slithering which is full of pining so good that at one point i had to curl into a ball and do some careful breathing
  • i really liked @gyzym’s latest, What We Pretend We Can’t See, which is VERY long and so should keep u occupied for a little while, and also has a great rendition of pining wherein first harry doesn’t realise he’s doing it, and then he DOES, and it’s great. all the flavours of pining. plus it’s so kind.
  • @waspabi’s Stately Homes of Wiltshire does a very good nervous/highly strung/trying his best draco (my favvy) and is VERY funny. i’m saving Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for when it’s finished because i just do not have the temperament to deal with WiPs, when they’re good i get obsessive and then i have to annoy my gf by talking to her about draco malfoy, and i can TELL this fic is gonna be amazing. yes, i am also an enormous hypocrite, i know it!
  • i’ve just started reading @seefin’s Wild and so far it features loudmouth witch sisters and Ireland so uh, yes, i am very into it, when the essay from hell and my reading for next semester is done i intend to reward myself by properly sinking into it. potentially w a hot bath as well.
  • i assume you’ve read Maya. if u haven’t i am so insanely jealous that you’ll get to read all her fics for the first time that we probably will never be able to speak again. i ration out rereads now just so i don’t know them too well.

EDIT: OH DAMN and i forgot everything that @letteredlettered has ever written. yes. go for it, my personal fave is Another Mask Behind You  but they’re all brill and weird and inventive and heartwrenching.

anonymous asked:

I saw the post about the characters' ticklish spots and I was wondering if maybe you could do a scenario of Samael's s/o tickling him? I thought it'd be cute^^ Not sure how she'd reach him since he's so tall but you always make everything seem so natural and possible in your posts so I'm sure you'll find a way ^_^ You don't have to do it if you don't want to though. Anyway, out of all blogs of this type (imagines/oneshots/headcanons) I've seen, yours is the best in my opinion :)

Oh stop you treasure.  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ<3

He’s reclined lazily against his enormous balcony that overlooks the Hellish landscape when the idea hits you. 

‘This is the stupidest idea in the history of mankind,’ you think to yourself. But in your defence, being cooped up in Hell with only demons and a very busy prince tends to make one quite restless. And today, boredom had come at you with a vengeance

Casually, you saunter up behind the demon prince, if Samael notices you, which you’re almost completely certain he does, he doesn’t react. You glance up at the exposed skin on the backs of his knees, where his hind legs bend in an animalistic way. With a sly grin, you let your footfalls sound heavily against the stone, so as not to alert him to any suspicious activity. 

When you’re directly beside his enormous leg, you reach up a hand, keeping your eyes on the demon prince as his gaze continues to focus on the world beyond his palace. Slowly, you stand up on your toes to reach better, fingers linger over the space behind his knee. 

Then, without warning, you attack. 

Almost the second your fingers wriggle over the sensitive skin, Samael lets out a violent bark of laughter, making you jump away from him, suddenly alarmed. Time seems to slow as the behemoth’s head swivels down in your direction, a disbelieving, astounded look on his face. Samael wonders where on earth you found the gall sometimes. You swallow nervously, flashing him a quick smile before you turn and flee. Only, you don’t really get far. Something grabs you from behind and you soon find yourself spun around to come face to face with your captor. His face is pulled back in a snarl as he glares down at you. Dangling, you at least manage to look a little sheepish, until you suddenly get yet another deadly idea. If it worked, Samael would release you. If not?….Well, you’d cross that bridge when you got to it. 

Grinning wickedly, you reach your hands up and begin to tickle the bottom of Samael’s wrists. The demon freezes, his hand clenching tightly around you reflexively, though not enough to hurt. He grimaces, growling “You do realise that it will hurt if I drop you from here?” 

You barely spare a thought for the ground far below you, enjoying his obvious discomfort far too much for your own good. Your fingers mercilessly run over his wrist until he brings up his other hand and tries to clamp it over your arms, but you quickly start trying to tickle that wrist, prompting the demon to recoil with a hiss. You laugh, despite the obvious danger you’re undoubtedly in, because honestly? You can’t remember the last time you had a good laugh. Unfortunately for Samael, he had to grow attached to a human bold enough to pull a stunt like this. He really does try not to drop you, even going to the effort of lowering you until your feet brush the ground before he drops you and whisks his hands up into the air, safely out of reach. 

“HA!” you shout triumphantly, “I knew it!” 

Despite the thunderous scowl on Samael’s face, he can’t quite keep the curiosity from his tone, “Knew what?” 

You fix him with a wide, smug grin and rest a hand on one hip. “You, my friend, are ticklish.” Samael’s eyes narrow at your accusation and he leans back on his haunches. 

“So,” he purrs, “You’ve found my ultimate weakness….” The smile falls from your face as the demon prince suddenly lunges forwards, bearing down on you with ferocious speed and grace that shouldn’t belong to someone of his immense stature. With one hand, he manages to pin you to the ground and lets his fangs flash dangerously close to your face as he raises his other clawed appendage over your stomach.

 You gulp audibly as you stare down at the poised hand, “Sam?” you whine, “What are you?….” you trail off as he grins evilly down at you, that devilish face filling the majority of your vision. 

“Returning the favour,” he coos threateningly, “You’ve discovered something particularly compromising about me. Now it seems only fair that I garner some information from you….” 

Without further warning, the hand that isn’t holding you to the ground from the legs down begins to dig its fingers into the soft flesh of your stomach. Instantly, you scream, your top half thrashing around freely, but you’re unable to pull your legs out from underneath Samael’s heavy hand. The demon releases a loud, maniacal laugh, and any demons that wander the vicinity turn to one another and note their Lord’s particularly foul mood today. They decide it’s best to avoid him for a while if he’s feeling torturous of late.

Meanwhile, you continue to shriek and laugh as tears of mirth stream down your face. “SAM!” you scream, “Sam! PLEASE! I CAN’T-” 

He growls deeply, the sound resonating through him and burrowing through your chest even as that telltale smirk stretches amusedly across his face. ‘I can’t believe it,’ you muse, amidst your frantic thrashing, ‘he’s actually enjoying himself.’

And he is. Safe in the confines of his private chamber, Samael finally throws off any inhibitions and allows himself to be thoroughly entertained by your desperate laughter. 

“YOU!-” you scream between laughter, “YOU ARE EVIL!!!”

Naturally,” the demon hums, smiling as he pushes his nose into your neck and huffs out a breath, eliciting a frenzied squeal from you. 

At last, after what seems like hours of merciless tickling, he relents. Samael pulls his offending hand away, but the other remains on top of your breathless form. You’re not sure you could even try to get up for a few more hours anyway after that onslaught. 

“So,” comes the gruff, husky voice from somewhere above you, “Do you concede?” Instead of a verbal answer, you just focus on breathing deeply, nodding your head frantically. 

“Good,” he rumbles, “because if not, I could keep this up all day.” You reach down to pat one of his large fingers and laugh exhaustedly. 

“Wow,” you wheeze, “that backfired.” Samael moves his hand behind you when you finally struggle to sit upright and smile up at him. The demon returns your beam with a smirk of his own, albeit a far more intimidating one. With a huff, he heaves himself up from his position looming over your prone body and towers to his full height. 

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, little one,” he croons down at you, his tone betraying the underlying amusement in his tone, it’d been a long time since the demon had allowed himself to actually have fun. Giving him a thumbs up, you brush yourself down and pat your hair back into shape. 

“Got it,” you affirm, “Next time, plan my escape before I tickle you.” 

The look he sends your way is downright murderous


Military / Role Reversal / Brothers

This wasn’t any other day. It was the day I finally got posted to a new unit as a military officer.

It had been a tough year previously training in cadet school. We had to endure mental and physical challenges as part of the training. But there were some things I clearly enjoyed more than others. Being the oldest son in the family, leadership was a very natural thing. This might sound sadistic but pushing cadets of a lower rank around made me feel so good. To command someone else to do your bidding, looking down at their miserable faces in the dirt as you hold your head high and forcing them to address you as SIR!

Damm I can’t wait to go to my military camp. But for all that anticipation, I had one more thing to do…  Sending my brat of a younger brother to military camp. And as coincidental as that might be, he would be going to the same camp as me. And I would be his new military officer

Like me, he had signed on into the military. But the fact is, we will be worlds apart. He was a rebellious soldier and was rude to his superiors. Even though he was a sporty kid the army made sure he would’nt be promoted for a long time and most likely he will never be an officer like be. Being still considered a recruit in the military. He was the lowest in the system and I will literally be his boss.

He was always the playful one. He was even termed the neighborhood fuckboy. The one taking risks and coming home drunk. He liked to experiment with everything. Some were dangerous, some were taboo and some were just plain stupid. But being smaller and shorter than me I was always physically able to overpower him whenever he got too mischievous. Secretly I liked bullying him too!

Driving the car towards the front porch of our house I noticed a man infront with a suitcase. But for some reason he did not look like my brother. Coming out I realized how much a year had changed him. He seemed to have grown an inch or 2 taller than me. And his frame looked overall bigger. His shoulders were broad, his pecs were showing through his tight shirt and his arms were veiny and bulging. 

I was shocked to say the least. I knew he was an athletic kid but he was seriously buffed out!

Pretending to not notice anything I spoke to my brother in my usual tone. A commanding officer’s tone. “Get in loser, I wanna get to camp as soon as possible”

He was a jocked out soldier now. But the fact remains the same. I was still his superior military officer. I can’t wait to start yelling at him and bossing him around when we reached the military camp. 

To my surprise, he didn’t say anything like how he would usually complain. But this time he gave me a smug and just placed his suitcase in the car before entering the front seat quietly.

Not caring I simply put on my dark sunglasses and prepared to drive away.

First stop was the barbershop to shave his head. Although I now spot a full head of hair, a lowly recruit like my brother had to shave off his heads first.

On the way there, we did not speak. Nothing unusual. Our relationship had always been cold. With me being the domineering one obviously.

But this time felt different. He seemed to emit a sense of awe that I could not stop but notice silently. I did not want to ask but I knew there was something different about him besides his larger and taller physique. I didnt want to admit it, but even his hot breath smelling of protein as he breathed was intimidating me. I just tried to stay cool.

After parking the car we both left and walked towards the direction of the barbershop. He suddenly came up to me. I clinched my palms nervously for I had never had to look up at my own “little” brother who now was looking down at me.

“Your military officer top looks really cool. Can I try it on?

Without thinking or saying anything I just took of my top right there at the carpark. And exchanged mine for his civilian tee. His tee hanged off my smaller frame. But my military top hugged on to his body perfectly showing off his pecs and huge arms. But his body was just way too muscular. he could not button up his shirt and smirked at me before he just left his shirt unbuttoned. It was amazing looking at his pecs and abs in its full glory. His shoulders were so huge that it was stretching the top part of my military top.

We continued walking down the path like this to the shop when we passed a public toilet. He suddenly said he needed to pee badly and suggested we use the toilet first.

There while pulling my pants down to pee he asked again “Bro, I think I’ll look better with your military pants and boots as well”

Again! What was I thinking? I immediately took off my boots followed by my pants and exchanged mine for his sweat pants and track shoes.  

I was feeling very uncomfortable now. And there was small sense of humiliation as he walked down the street showing off my uniform in his perfect body while letting everyone know what a great body he had with his unbuttoned shirt. He looked more like a soldier than me now. And that intimidated me so much.

At the barbershop just before he sat down on the chair to shave his hair he looked back at me and looked me deep in the eye. “I think you need a haircut more than me”

He got off the chair, moved behind me and ushered me instead to the chair. This was starting to freak me out so badly. I did’nt know why, but I had not the slightest urge to rebel against his actions. I just stared there blankly at the mirror as the barber cut off my locks. Leaving me with a bald head instead.

He climbed on to a different chair and asked not for a haircut but a hairstyle change that was strangely close to mine before i had it cut off.

He smiled at me and asked.

“You look good bro. Why not you try carrying my backpack?”

For some reason I felt inclined to actually carry the backpack. Slipping on the heavy bag. I suddenly felt this strange sense of being normal. The uncomfortable feeling I had previously vanished into thin air. In fact i felt so natural. 

Getting back to the car, I Instinctively never even felt like I should drive the car and I simply went to the other seat. He naturally and casually walked to the driver’s seat and made himself comfortable. He put on my dark sunglasses and gave me a cocky look. From the reflection of the dark shades he was wearing I could look at myself. There was a huge sense of humiliation now. How much I looked like a lowly recruit now. But at the same time this feeling of how natural everything seemed to be. I was so confused……

He drove the car down to the military camp in silence while I looked blankly at my surroundings. Things were different…

Just after we reached the camp and he parked the car in my allocated officer’s spot I naturally reached for my backpack and pulled out my recruit’s shirt.

“Stop bro. I need to wear my recruit shirt first” 

He snicked while nodding his head giving me the time to wear my shirt.

He stared at me for a second before taking off his sunglasses and with an intimidating tone he commanded me

“Get your ass back into camp recruit…”

This was all wrong.

I was supposed to be the officer.

I was supposed to be the one giving the orders.

But my mouth betrayed me and i gave up fighting.

I replied my officer like the lowly recruit I was now….


Jinyoung Imagines - Soulmates? (Part 2)

A/N - Someone requested that I do a part 2 for the Jinyoung soulmates au so here it is! I hope you guys like it~ I’ll be making this one into a little series with 3 more parts after this one so look forward to that!

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

“What are you talking about?”
“You- you don’t see it?” You stuttered, half unbelieving of what was happening.
“No, what am I supposed to be seeing?”
“Colour…as soon as I touched you I began to see colour. Don’t you know about the whole soulmate thing?”
“You actually believe in all that soulmate crap?” He scoffed.
“Well do you have any explanation for why I can all of a sudden see in colour after our hands touched?”
“No but it’s not that stupid soulmate thing. You’re destined to be with one person for the rest of your life? Bullshit. That kind of thing is only in fairytales and let me tell you, princess, this isn’t a fairytale.” You were getting more and more frustrated with the man standing in front of you but you took in a deep breath before challenging him, “If you won’t believe me then why don’t you let me prove it to you?”
“I’ve got nothing better to do. I’ll give you three days to convince me, princess. Good luck.” He smiled sarcastically at you, only encouraging you to prove him wrong.
“First of all, my name’s not ‘princess’ it’s (Y/N). And secondly, since you’re not busy then let’s go!”
“Yes now. I’ve only got 3 days so we need to get started right away!” You grabbed his wrist and did your best to ignore the sparks that you felt shooting up your fingers as you pulled him out of the coffee shop, making sure not to forget your coffee. Even your soulmate wasn’t important enough to make you leave your coffee behind.

You hadn’t actually thought about where you would take him but nevertheless you led him to your car and got in the driver’s seat. Once you had both got in, you started the ignition and began to drive. Ideas flew through your hair until the perfect place popped into your mind. There was a little alcove in your favourite park where you used to go as a child; barely anyone knew about it and you had often dreamt about taking someone, your soulmate in particular, there.
“So where are you taking me then?” He asked, eyeing you suspiciously.
“You’ll find out soon enough…” you hesitated, realising you didn’t actually know his name. “I told you my name but you never told me yours.”
“Oh it’s Jinyoung.”
“Jinyoung…I like that name.” His name sounded nice to your ears, as though it was made for you.

The two of you talked throughout the entire car journey as though you had known each other for months rather than minutes. To you, everything seemed natural but to Jinyoung, it was all unfamiliar. He had never believed in soulmates. How could there only be one person for you in the entire world? The likelihood of people actually finding their soulmate was so low that he swore to himself he would never let himself fall into the belief that it was true. Seeing the world in black and white was just an abnormality that some people grew out of at random points in their life. How could the touch of one person immediately change that? It couldn’t. Of course it couldn’t. But why was this girl so adamant? How could she believe it so strongly? He kept stealing glances at her as she drove, unaware of the reality of their bond. Jinyoung had promised himself not to fall prey to this fairytale concept yet here he was with the girl who claimed to be his one and only. Could this all be true? Was she truly his soulmate? He shook his head and turned to face the road ahead. No, of course it wasn’t true.