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Warning: it does not require cc nor mod, just cheat codes.

1- Create a swimming pool.
2 - On the text box (press ctrl+shift+c) you have to type bb.moveobjects on and press enter.
3 -Then type bb.showhiddenobjects and press enter.
4 - Now on the search box of the inventory type ‘debug’. It will show a long list of hidden objects.
5 - Look for the fishing signals and buy at least one of those (note they are a lot but you have to get those on which pop ups a description when you select the icons, NOT those on which it says only 'debug § 0’.
6 - Finally, put the fishing signal close at the poolside.
Note 1 - You can decorate around the pool with plants and rocks, and you can even hide the fishing signal so that everything seems more natural, but don’t put so much decorations where there’s the green grid of the fishing signal. This is the fishing area which must be walkable for your fisher-sims.
Note 2 - This procedure works even with a fountain.


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I saw the post about the characters' ticklish spots and I was wondering if maybe you could do a scenario of Samael's s/o tickling him? I thought it'd be cute^^ Not sure how she'd reach him since he's so tall but you always make everything seem so natural and possible in your posts so I'm sure you'll find a way ^_^ You don't have to do it if you don't want to though. Anyway, out of all blogs of this type (imagines/oneshots/headcanons) I've seen, yours is the best in my opinion :)

Oh stop you treasure.  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ<3

He’s reclined lazily against his enormous balcony that overlooks the Hellish landscape when the idea hits you. 

‘This is the stupidest idea in the history of mankind,’ you think to yourself. But in your defence, being cooped up in Hell with only demons and a very busy prince tends to make one quite restless. And today, boredom had come at you with a vengeance

Casually, you saunter up behind the demon prince, if Samael notices you, which you’re almost completely certain he does, he doesn’t react. You glance up at the exposed skin on the backs of his knees, where his hind legs bend in an animalistic way. With a sly grin, you let your footfalls sound heavily against the stone, so as not to alert him to any suspicious activity. 

When you’re directly beside his enormous leg, you reach up a hand, keeping your eyes on the demon prince as his gaze continues to focus on the world beyond his palace. Slowly, you stand up on your toes to reach better, fingers linger over the space behind his knee. 

Then, without warning, you attack. 

Almost the second your fingers wriggle over the sensitive skin, Samael lets out a violent bark of laughter, making you jump away from him, suddenly alarmed. Time seems to slow as the behemoth’s head swivels down in your direction, a disbelieving, astounded look on his face. Samael wonders where on earth you found the gall sometimes. You swallow nervously, flashing him a quick smile before you turn and flee. Only, you don’t really get far. Something grabs you from behind and you soon find yourself spun around to come face to face with your captor. His face is pulled back in a snarl as he glares down at you. Dangling, you at least manage to look a little sheepish, until you suddenly get yet another deadly idea. If it worked, Samael would release you. If not?….Well, you’d cross that bridge when you got to it. 

Grinning wickedly, you reach your hands up and begin to tickle the bottom of Samael’s wrists. The demon freezes, his hand clenching tightly around you reflexively, though not enough to hurt. He grimaces, growling “You do realise that it will hurt if I drop you from here?” 

You barely spare a thought for the ground far below you, enjoying his obvious discomfort far too much for your own good. Your fingers mercilessly run over his wrist until he brings up his other hand and tries to clamp it over your arms, but you quickly start trying to tickle that wrist, prompting the demon to recoil with a hiss. You laugh, despite the obvious danger you’re undoubtedly in, because honestly? You can’t remember the last time you had a good laugh. Unfortunately for Samael, he had to grow attached to a human bold enough to pull a stunt like this. He really does try not to drop you, even going to the effort of lowering you until your feet brush the ground before he drops you and whisks his hands up into the air, safely out of reach. 

“HA!” you shout triumphantly, “I knew it!” 

Despite the thunderous scowl on Samael’s face, he can’t quite keep the curiosity from his tone, “Knew what?” 

You fix him with a wide, smug grin and rest a hand on one hip. “You, my friend, are ticklish.” Samael’s eyes narrow at your accusation and he leans back on his haunches. 

“So,” he purrs, “You’ve found my ultimate weakness….” The smile falls from your face as the demon prince suddenly lunges forwards, bearing down on you with ferocious speed and grace that shouldn’t belong to someone of his immense stature. With one hand, he manages to pin you to the ground and lets his fangs flash dangerously close to your face as he raises his other clawed appendage over your stomach.

 You gulp audibly as you stare down at the poised hand, “Sam?” you whine, “What are you?….” you trail off as he grins evilly down at you, that devilish face filling the majority of your vision. 

“Returning the favour,” he coos threateningly, “You’ve discovered something particularly compromising about me. Now it seems only fair that I garner some information from you….” 

Without further warning, the hand that isn’t holding you to the ground from the legs down begins to dig its fingers into the soft flesh of your stomach. Instantly, you scream, your top half thrashing around freely, but you’re unable to pull your legs out from underneath Samael’s heavy hand. The demon releases a loud, maniacal laugh, and any demons that wander the vicinity turn to one another and note their Lord’s particularly foul mood today. They decide it’s best to avoid him for a while if he’s feeling torturous of late.

Meanwhile, you continue to shriek and laugh as tears of mirth stream down your face. “SAM!” you scream, “Sam! PLEASE! I CAN’T-” 

He growls deeply, the sound resonating through him and burrowing through your chest even as that telltale smirk stretches amusedly across his face. ‘I can’t believe it,’ you muse, amidst your frantic thrashing, ‘he’s actually enjoying himself.’

And he is. Safe in the confines of his private chamber, Samael finally throws off any inhibitions and allows himself to be thoroughly entertained by your desperate laughter. 

“YOU!-” you scream between laughter, “YOU ARE EVIL!!!”

Naturally,” the demon hums, smiling as he pushes his nose into your neck and huffs out a breath, eliciting a frenzied squeal from you. 

At last, after what seems like hours of merciless tickling, he relents. Samael pulls his offending hand away, but the other remains on top of your breathless form. You’re not sure you could even try to get up for a few more hours anyway after that onslaught. 

“So,” comes the gruff, husky voice from somewhere above you, “Do you concede?” Instead of a verbal answer, you just focus on breathing deeply, nodding your head frantically. 

“Good,” he rumbles, “because if not, I could keep this up all day.” You reach down to pat one of his large fingers and laugh exhaustedly. 

“Wow,” you wheeze, “that backfired.” Samael moves his hand behind you when you finally struggle to sit upright and smile up at him. The demon returns your beam with a smirk of his own, albeit a far more intimidating one. With a huff, he heaves himself up from his position looming over your prone body and towers to his full height. 

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, little one,” he croons down at you, his tone betraying the underlying amusement in his tone, it’d been a long time since the demon had allowed himself to actually have fun. Giving him a thumbs up, you brush yourself down and pat your hair back into shape. 

“Got it,” you affirm, “Next time, plan my escape before I tickle you.” 

The look he sends your way is downright murderous

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Could you do an iwaoi fic of what life is like after they have a baby? Like oikawa has a baby cradled on his hip or playing with the baby and Iwa's just internally screaming because its the cutest thing ever. Basically just a fluff overload

Here’s a little something for you! :D

I hope you like it!! [OMEGAVERSE TAG] [IWAOI TAG]

Your fic is below the cut!! I Hope you enjoy!!


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The Way To A Man’s Heart II Pierre&Doug

Pierre was determined to make friends, determined to be on good terms with all his neighbors, even though it seemed like he may be moving out soon anyhow– so when he spot Doug heading into his apartment a few days prior he knew right away he was going to show up uninvited at his door, shove a gift in his face, and demand friendship.

Maybe not as uncomfortably as that, but his end goal was the same.

He had been waiting all day, peeking out his window to spot Doug coming home from work, and then after that waiting about half an hour to make everything seem natural before walking upstairs and knocking cheerfully on the door. Clutching the basket of fresh fruit and cookies he beamed as the door opened, eyes practically sparkling at the young man.

Originally posted by no-thisisthekrustykrab

“Hello– oh um, I’m your new neighbor Pierre! I thought I’d come over and introduce myself– and I brought you a gift!”


i’m not convinced ted cruz is even a real human being 


based loosely from this video (little au)

olly was just finishing up his shower after his afternoon workout with his personal trainer. with his calendar coming out soon, his fans were pleasantly shocked to see that he was going shirtless. usually very shy about his body, olly was starting to come out of his shell. the heat, one of the most popular magazines had asked demi lovato and himself to do a photoshoot together. daring down to less clothes. reasonings being that they worked together  and were on a getting fit phase and both are releasing very anticipated albums at the same time. the two up and coming artists were asked to pose for a covershoot together. they got along well, everything seemed so natural and light hearted between the two of them.

the subject of her hotel came up when her manager was trying to make many different calls about a place for her and her team to stay for the week. olly was quick to offer his guest home; it was across his huge yard, still personal for someone like demi. and it was only a few hour later after getting ready, demi was knocking on his backdoor. he raised a brow, quickly walking over to unlock the sliding door and allow both her and his great dane, zeus, back into the house, “hey, is everything okay?”