everything reminds me of her

Everything Reminds Me of Her
Elliott Smith
Everything Reminds Me of Her

I never really had a problem because of leaving
But everything reminds me of her this evening
So if I seem a little out of it
But why should I lie
Everything reminds me of her
The spin of the earth impaled a silhouette of the sun on the steeple
And I gotta hear the same sermon all the time now from you people
Why are you staring into outer space crying
Just because you came across it and lost it
Everything reminds me of her

Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

Kitty Fic: kyknophobia

kit and ty take a walk in the park - read on ao3

wrote a drabble and im super nervous but for my fav boys i defeated my fear

(warning for discussion on death/grief, los spoilers and swans)

please enjoy if you decide to read!!

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“No one knows. Not Chrys, not Avey, I never told anyone, not even Gianni. I swore I’d never…because saying it out loud makes it real. And m-maybe if I just…maybe If I, I drink enough, maybe if I take enough pills, it’ll…it’ll make me forget. Maybe if I push you away, it’ll make you hate me like I hate myself. And I try, and I try, and I try, but you…you make me remember. Because you…everything about you reminds me of her. Of what could’ve been. And I don’t…I can’t…I-I…I’ll hurt you. I know I will.  I can’t do that again.

Not again.”

And Now She’s Gone

Part one

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 2694      

Summary: After the reader’s death, a grieving Archie is determined to put the man responsible behind bars. Unfortunately, without physical proof, there isn’t much he can do. While Veronica plots against her father, Archie may never forgive the secret Jughead and Betty have kept from him.

Note: This is part two of I couldn’t let them hurt you. Hope you enjoy. Don’t worry, there will be flashback stuff that’s actually Archie and reader.

Archie didn’t say a word as his dad drove him home from the hospital. He didn’t say a word when they got home, or when his dad opened the passenger side door, waiting for him to get out. He didn’t move. He just stared straight ahead, not actually seeing anything. All he could see was her cold, blue, dead lips and the way her hair spread around her under the ice. He saw her hand pressing up against his hand through the frozen barrier. Her content smile as she closed her eyes.

“Arch.” His dad finally said. He still didn’t respond. “Come on inside Archie. Please.” Archie slowly shifted so that his feet landed on the ground and he walked to his porch, running his hand up the railing. Guitars played through his memory, sitting on the porch with Y/N, teaching her how to play. Fred unlocked the door and let Archie go in first. His eyes fell upon everything around him, his mind reeling with images. Late night study sessions on the couch. Making breakfast for Y/N in the kitchen. Watching her come down the stairs wearing his shirts.

It was too much. Every memory cut into him, stabbing at his heart. He couldn’t bear it.

“I can’t be here.” He pushed past his dad back out the door.

“Archie!’ Fred followed his son down the sidewalk. “Come on Arch, come back inside.”

“I can’t dad!” He yelled, not caring at this point if he woke up the entire neighborhood. “I can’t. Everything in that house reminds me of her. Everywhere I look, I see her face. I feel her frozen skin. I hear her last words over and over and over in my head.”

“You will see her no matter where you go.” His dad sighed. “There will always be some memory of her connected to every part of this town. Believe me, I know.” He ran a hand down his face. “After your mom left, I thought I couldn’t go anywhere. Every place I went, I figured out some way it reminded me of her and refused to go there again. Eventually, I could manage to start going back. It took some time, but I kept going until I didn’t feel it anymore, or at least not as much.”

“That’s different.” Archie spat. “Mom lives in Chicago. She isn’t…” He stopped himself from saying it. Once he said it, he’d have to believe it. It would be real.

“I understand why you’re upset Arch, I do.” Fred stepped towards him. “But why are you beating yourself up?”

“Because I couldn’t save her!” The words rang out through the houses, followed only by silence. Archie inhaled a sharp, pain filled breath. “I couldn’t save her. I tried, dad. I tried talking to her, but she kept moving away- like she was scared of me. When she fell through the ice, I couldn’t breathe until we found her. But I wasn’t fast enough. If I had gotten through the ice sooner, she might be… she might be alive.” Fred sighed, opening up his arms. Archie stepped into his father’s embrace, feeling like a little kid again. His body shook with sobs.

“Shhh,” his dad held onto him, wishing that there was something he could do to stop his son’s pain.

“I loved her dad.” Archie cried. “I loved her so much and now she’s just gone.”

“I know.” Fred comforted. “I know.” They stood there for nearly ten more minutes, neither saying a word. Archie cried until it felt like he had nothing left. No emotion, no senses, just one word eating at his insides. Dead. Y/N was dead. Fred pulled away slightly. “Let’s get you inside now. You must be freezing.” Archie looked down at his snow coated clothes. He hadn’t even noticed the cold until then. Forcing his feet forward, he went inside.

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“Forget Me.” pt. 12

Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

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I get to go home today. I get to fly back to Korea and let out a search party for Y/N. To be honest, I’m scared. What if I don’t find her? What if she doesn’t want to see me? But at the same time, I have the feelings of excitement. I could potentially find her, hold her in my arms and everything will be okay again. At least that’s what I wished for. My emotions were all over the place, my mind was muddled and I couldn’t even think straight. 

I couldn’t help but have a question circle around in my mind. Why didn’t she want me anymore? I know she never said that directly, but telling me to forget her was basically saying the same thing right? Did I do something wrong? Is it all my fault that she didn’t want me?

Trust me when I say that I did try. I tried to forget her the best that I could but if I was being honest with myself, I tried so hard to forget her that I only ended up thinking about her. Crazy right? I don’t know why I can’t move on, I guess it’s because all of this seems like a lie.

I hated how everything I saw reminded me of her. I was thousands of miles away from Korea yet, everything I saw in all these countries I’ve visited - I still thought of her. I hated myself for not being able to forget her when she told me that it’s what she wanted. I hated myself because I couldn’t bring myself to admitting that she no longer wants me part of her life. I was broken inside, but I still put on a brave face for everyone around me. I pretended as if everything was fine, when I was slowly losing my mind. I acted as if her way of breaking up with me meant nothing, that it didn’t bother me one bit but I died a little more inside every single time I remembered how I used to have her in my life.

I sat on the plane, earphones in my ear drowning the world out because I had no care for the food the flight attendants had to offer, the entertainment that was playing in front of me. I didn’t care about anything else. I just wanted to go home, I just wanted to go home to Y/N. There’s nothing in the world I wanted more than that.

By the time we had landed it was already 5am in the morning. I wanted to go straight to her apartment and find her but Namjoon hyung told me it was best if I waited until a better time or at least until the sun was up. My baby was a heavy sleeper, she loved to sleep. I knew that, the members knew that, so I agreed. I didn’t want her to be woken up when I knew she hated that more than anything. I was thinking about her again until Taehyung came and sat beside me.

“Jimin are you okay?” Taehyung asked me whilst placing a hand on my shoulder.

“How could I be okay when she doesn’t want me anymore Taehyung? How could I be okay when she no longer loves me? How could I be okay when I’ve lost the only person I’ve ever loved?” I cried. I broke down and cried for what seemed like forever. It finally hit me, I’ve not got her anymore. That morning, I cried until I fell asleep.

When the time was right I darted straight to her place without hesitation I knocked on the door, but no one answered. So I entered her passcode and went in. The first thing my eyes fell upon was a letter. A letter that had my name written on it.

“To: My dearest Jimin

This letter’s for you.

From: Y/N 

p.s I’m Sorry.”

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clarke griffin weeks → day one
     ↳  the moment you fell in love with clarke

Remembering Her

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky runs into his ex girlfriend and memories come flooding back. Based on the song All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: pure angst, cheating, mentions of sexy times, swearing probably

Originally posted by abby-boom

I walked through the door with you, the air was cold,
But something ‘bout it felt like home somehow and I
Left my scarf there at your sister’s house,
And you still got it in your drawer even now.
Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze.
We’re singing in the car, getting lost upstate.
The Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place,
And I can picture it after all these days.

The air in my lungs is knocked out of me as my eyes meet hers. She looks great–amazing. Two years have past since I ended things with her and she’s still as beautiful as ever. She chopped her hair and it looks like she’s been working out. Looking at her made my chest ache. Even after all this time, I still missed her like crazy, even though it was my fault that things ended. Looking at her brought me back to what we had and what we could’ve had.

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EXO Reaction when they are being rejected by their crush

This was requested by the lovely @sarangkaeyon Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Definitely questioning his existence* “What did I do wrong? It was going okay…we were having fun together…”


*Too proud to admit he is hurting inside*


*Trying to get this off his mind by spending time with the boys* “I’m going to eat until my heart is content!”


*Not sure how to handle his emotions* “Did I just get… friendzoned?”


*Can’t stop crying* “Hyung.. tell me it’ll be fine… tell me there’s someone out there for me”


“Yes… we can still be friend… I just… need some time you know…” *Really hurt*


“Don’t go…. give me one chance… please” *Really really depressed*


*Sleeps all day for days so he doesn’t feel the sadness in his heart*


*Suffering* “I should have waited.. why did I tell her… I can’t live without her… no I don’t think I can”


*Needs some time alone* “Maybe.. I should leave for a few days… clear my mind… yes… everything reminds me of her here…”


*Thinks of her 7/24* “Maybe she likes someone else? Maybe… she’s not ready? But she even held my hand before… I’m so confused”


“I gotta be strong I gotta be strong… no I can’t… I need a hug*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Silver Silence Part 6

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 1,551

Warnings: Fluff and anst, mentions of blood, and extreme pain.

Bucky sat on a barstool in the kitchen, raking his hands through his hair in dread as he stared at the computer screen in front of him. Tony had installed a special security camera in your room, and in order to make him feel better, also synched it to a laptop for Bucky. Its sound was muted for most of the time, your screams that had now rung through the compound for 5 days straight was to much for him to bare. Luckily within the 3rd day, Bruce had decided to move you to a sound proof room, but that didn’t stop Buckys intense worry. He had visited you only a short few times in those days, only being able to bare being in the room when the thrashing and screaming stopped for a few minutes.

With a long sigh he shut his laptop, getting up and walking towards the conference room where the rest of the avengers where going over their next mission. A mission Bucky had dismissed, not wanting to be away from you in this state.

As he made his way through the halls he expected to hear of fighting tactics and file names, instead he heard arguing.

“Wanda there’s nothing we can do.” A serious voice spoke, one belonging to stark by the sound of it.

“There has to be something! What about sedating her? Pain medication?” Wanda yelled back.

“Any amount of unnatural substance will cause her bones to remain brittle, they need to heal with no help.” He replied.

There where sighs and angry grunts as tony processed what he wanted to say, but Natasha beat him to it.

“Her screams still ring in my ears; I can’t even imagine how Barnes is feeling.”

Walking into the room, the abundance of chatter stopped abruptly and all eyes remained on him.

“Bucky…”  Steve stated, as he stood up from his chair.

“How long?” he managed to ask, his eyes locked on tony in bitterness. He looked confused as to what Bucky was asking but after a moment Bucky spoke again. “How much longer will she be like this?”

Tony soon realized the conversation was about (y/n) and switched his gaze to the floor. “Days, weeks, months? There isn’t a way to tell, we just have to wait it out.”

Bucky’s eyes shifted the floor, the room becoming so silent you could hear blood flowing through your own veins.

Tony opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by FRIDAYs loud voice.

“Sir, I have detected 6 broken bones and 3 fractures on miss (L/N)”

Bucky’s eyes went wide, and the silence that once hung over the room was soon filled with the screech of chairs and tables moving as everyone shuffled out of the room towards (Y/n).

Bucky was the first one to arrive there, punching in the key code and bursting through the slowly opening door.

He was met with silence, no screaming, not even whimpers, just the slow beep of heart monitors.

“(y/n)?” Bucky asked, his eyes landing  on the bed, where you laid, staring up at the ceiling, stock still, with nothing but a gentle rise and fall of your chest.

“b-b…” your voice was caught in your throat, hoarse and barley there as you tried calling his name. as Bucky approached you, followed by the team, he saw the long streams of tears falling from the corners of your eyes.

“I’m here. I’m here doll.” He said softly, leaning over the bed so your gaze met his.

You turned your head the slightest bit to look at him better, your body sending thousands of messages to your brain to remind you of the constant pain in your bones, but now broken bones in all your limbs from thrashing, caused movements to become even more painful.

“It..” you started, coughing softly at the vile taste of how many days its been since anything but screams met your mouth. “Feels… l-like fire…” you managed.

His face fell into a hurt expression, as you blinked to fade the blur of tears.

“Like.. i-im…b-burning. From the… Inside” you choked out. Your voice was so extremely quiet, and rang with an almost squeaky sensation.

He lowered his head, his guilt of not being able to help you setting in his stomach.

He couldn’t say anything, just leaned down to press a soft kiss to your forehead.

Tony soon came over to check your vitals, giving you a sad smile as he brushed hair away from your face.

The entire team stood around you like you where dyeing, but in reality you weren’t, it was far worst then that. It was days of relentless pain, that sometimes jumped to extreme measures.

And at the time, as your heart began to beat rapidly, and your breathing picked up, that’s exactly what it did.

You screwed your eyes shut as the screams you had learned to hate, ripped painfully through your throat.

The noise of it leaving the taste of blood in your mouth.


Buckys pov

It had been 9 days in total that (y/n) had been in intense pain, her screams rarely stopped; even with the sound proof walls I could still hear them muffled at times. Or it could be the silent ghost of her agony that haunts me.

Today felt like walking on broken glass, I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t speak to anyone, I could barley think.

Over the course of (y/n)s time here I had developed a need to protect her, and knowing I couldn’t, sent my mind into a dark place.

I was seconds away from getting my laptop out to check on her, when my door flew open and Steve walked in.

“Bucky, you need to come see this.” He demanded, and with as many things that had been going on I wasn’t going to risk not going.

He led me down the same stretch of halls I had seemed to walk every minute of everyday, but he then turned to (y/n)s room and my heart sunk.

When the doors slid open, I was met with that same silence, as 3 nights ago, only this time, soft choked pained, squeaks rang in it.

I walked further in, staring at the bed and letting my heart be ripped into two at what I saw.

Her back was arched in pain, as she tried her best not to move due to the breaking of her bones. Her mouth was agape, seeming to be screaming with all her might, but the only thing that came out was soft painfully gut wrenching squeaks, they were filled with sobs, and uncontrollable sorrow.

I made the walk to her bedside, looking down at her as her eyes tried to burrow further beneath her eyelids.

After a moment more of her being like this, she calmed slightly, broken sobs that you could hardly even heard still crowded her mouth,

“(y/n)? Sweetheart?” I heard myself ask as I pushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

Her sobs lightened as she opened her eyes to look up at me.

She mouthed my name, but nothing but a soft squeak came out. She realized her fruitless attempt at communication, and began to say my name again, only for the same result to appear.

Her eyes had begun to blur with tears again, as she now tried yelling my name, but to no avail, as it still held that same silence.

She began to sob uncontrollably at this, before a cough threw her to her side, making blood appear on the light blue sheets.

She looked down in slight horror, looking up at my mirrored expression.

I wanted so desperately to break her bonds, and hold her close to me. But I knew what that would do to her body, and I knew what that would do to my heart.

I looked over at Steve, now sitting on one of the chairs to the side, his hands in hair. When I looked back to her, her head began to rest against the pillow, and I held her hand lovingly as she began to finally drift into sleep, if only for a little while.

“You took a likening to her pretty quick.” Steve whispered, moving his body to face me.

I looked over at him, his smile making me feel like I could trust him with everything.

“She reminded me of someone…” I stared, looking back at her frail body, tangled in the bed sheets.

Steve stayed silent urging me to continue.

“Of a little blonde kid from Brooklyn…” I laughed softly. “And I just felt the need to protect her with everything in me. Like I had known her forever and that was just how it was supposed to be…”

I hadn’t realized Steve had stood up until he was right beside me with a hand on my shoulder and reassuring smile on his face.


“So?” Bucky asked curiously, as Helen took a step away from (y/n)s sleeping form.

“She…” Helen paused, knowing how hard this was going to be for Bucky to hear. “She tore her vocal cords… More like shredded them actually.. I don’t see this heeling Bucky…”

“So, what? What does this mean?” he more demanded then asked, feeling the fear prick his eyes.

Helen took a deep breath and looked over to you.

“She’s mute”

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