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4: Least favorite expansion? 5: Favorite expansion?


I don’t know that I have a least favorite. I came in during the end of wrath and saw none of it really. So just because, probably that one from personal experience. Not that I think it’s bad!

Favorite probably goes to Mists. I love everything about it, including Pandas. It felt complete and rich. The storytelling was wonderful and it made me really think about my characters place in the world. This was prior to me rping!

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not to be rude but beyonce doing her choreography to panda was everything i ever wanted

Writing Masterpost

At the suggestion of @ryutolbx, I have decided to create a masterpost where a person could access all of my writings posted on Tumblr. This post will be updated accordingly/periodically with new writings and such. Also, everything I’ve written is pretty much G-Rated.


Chapter 1           Chapter 2         Chapter 3          Chapter 4          Chapter 5  

Chapter 6           Chapter 7         Chapter 8          Chapter 9

The Tale of Harecules

Chapter 1           Chapter 2         Chapter 3          Chapter 4          Chapter 5  
Chapter 6           Chapter 7        

The Little Merbunny

Chapter 1           Chapter 2         Chapter 3          Chapter 4          Chapter 5

Chapter 6           Chapter 7


Baby Isa has a Rough Night

Easter in Zootopia

Isabelle Gets Sick


A Thank You to all the people who put up with me

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A big shout out for this video !!!!!!!!!! It reminds me of how much my Seungri has been through T.T I really wish him all the success, happiness, and joy in life <3 Through thick and thin we’ll always stand by your side, our Strong Baby  ❤️ 🐼

EXO Reaction when you go on tour with them

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*It would be pretty fun, probably you’d feel like one of them* “wiggle wiggle wiggle~”


*Would take you to eat all the chicken around the whole world* “Not my style tho~ xD”
*Munch munch munch*


*Surprising you every time* “You like it jagi? First class and everything? wait for the hotel~” *;)*


“C’mon Tao control yourself… she’s here… try to act cool… she still thinks you are cool…” *Panda wants everything to be perfect*


“You know what’s the best part of tours? All the hotels/beds you get to visit..”


“Jagi smile for the camera! Tell them how it has been so far~” *Would record everything, so you never forget that special time with him*


*Wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you* “She is watching me… so pretty… I’m glad she’s here with me… oh it’s my turn to sing…”


*He would take you everywhere, give you the whole experience* “Look at that baobei! that’s the Eiffel Tower! We should go kiss there!”


*Wouldn’t take his hands off of you xD* “What?! You are my jagi ~ I want to make you happy~” *;)*


*He’s probably more nervous because you are there all the time than the actual show* “She’s there… this song is about her… she’s watching… Oh I think I missed the tempo…”


*Graphical description*


*Of course his princess is going to be more than well attended* 

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I really like the idea that Mei Mei and the rest of the Furious Five would try to get Po and Tigress to admit their feelings. Li Shan and Mr. Ping join in because they want grandchildren both of them to be happy. Tigress is too stubborn and Po is too scared. The squad must push to the limit to get what they want. They are literally pushing them towards each other omg hey tipo squad we can relate


Someone asked if I knew of any cute mobile games. So here are some games on my two devices.

I use Google Play Store for Android
Idk if the App store for Apple has any of these, but they might.

I’ve played all of these and I think they’re cute. They’re all free, but some may require in app purchases to unlock everything. The Panda ones are BabyBus games and I love them!
- Luna 🌛

anyway the fact that in the abandoned panda village scene in kfp2, the soothsayer is in gold light always gets me bc hey without her po would still be dead in the water and i want to believe that thats on purpose and the movie’s way of acknowledging the fact that shes a hero

can yall believe bigbang had to guess whos mom made what lunch and seungri’s mom packed everything with pandas??? like ok me as seungri’s mother