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GoldMouse Everything Must Go Sale

You read that right! My double-sided shrink charms need to go! I’m selling bundles at special discounts to try to sell out of them so I can make way and raise funds to upgrade to acrylic! Some designs may also be updated upon the switch.

If you want to take advantage of this sale, you have to order them by IM’ing my blog @goldmouse and order at least 2 charms. But hey, everything’s knocked down in price guaranteeing you get one charm on your order free!

Not sure if something’s available? check back to the original post where I’ll have updated the images as charms sell out.

  • 2 for $6 $4
  • 3 for $10 $6
  • 4 for $14 $10
  • 5 for $18 $14
  • 6 for $22 $18
  • 7 for $26 $22
  • 8 for $30 $26
  • 9 for $34 $30

And if you feel like donating, you can click on the donation button on my blog.

Sale goes on until I completely sell out!

Thanksgiving Creepypasta: Black Friday Sale: Everything Must Go

Length: Long


It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s talking about their plans for Thanksgiving, whether it be to complain about having to visit their obnoxious relatives or boasting about all the great food they’re going to be stuffing down their gobs in the next few days. 

Not me, though. I don’t have anything against Thanksgiving specifically, mind you. It’s the day after that that has my stomach in a knot: the day we’ve come to know as Black Friday. No, no, I’m not some anti-consumerist or anything like that. See, a few years ago, something happened when I was out shopping, and ever since then, I’ve found myself increasingly anxious by that one little date on the calendar.

Shopping hadn’t been my intention that day. In fact, it had been the furthest thing from my mind. I’d just spent all of Thursday one state over at my sister’s place to celebrate with her family. After several hours of non-stop crying from her kids and being crowded by in-laws, I was ready to go home and play hermit for the rest of the long weekend. 

It wasn’t until I drove past a large outlet mall and saw a sign for a cheap flatscreen TV that I decided to stop and take a look. The sad truth is that my own TV was plenty big enough already. I didn’t need a new one, I just wanted one because of how cheap it was. Drawn in by the sale, I parked in the busy lot and wandered in through the main doors.

As soon as I passed through the threshold, I was dazzled by the brightness of the interior. It was like leaving a dark movie theatre in the middle of a winter day, with a field of snow reflecting all the sun’s rays right into my face. It was bad enough that I had to squint for a minute as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. 

I could hear a simple elevator-like tune playing the same short chorus over and over again, sounding somehow louder with each rotation. As my eyes began to focus, however, the music faded to the background, like a cockroach escaping to a dark corner. I looked around.

I was in a mall. No surprise there. I was surrounded by pristine white walls, a flawless marble floor, and the lemony odor in the air all remind me of a newly sterilized operating room. Despite all the cars in the parking lot, the hall was strangely empty, but I could hear the chatter of a crowd in the distance. There were bright neon lights flooding the empty hallway ahead of me ushering me forward like a landing strip. 

I started to walk, but as I looked at the storefronts, I noticed most of the shops were still closed. That was odd. It was the middle of the afternoon on Black Friday. If there was ever a time for a store to be open, it was now.

Curious, I approached the closest store and pressed my hand against its window, peering into the dark interior. As far as I could tell, it was devoid of both people and merchandise. All I could see were half-melted mannequins standing single file between a row of empty shelves. Judging by the amount of dust I could see, this store had been closed for quite some time. All of the stores were as empty as this one, so I figured this wing of the mall must have been under construction or something.

I headed towards the sound of a crowd.

The mall’s appearance seemed to deteriorate the closer I got to the sound of a crowd, bringing credence to my theory that I’d entered through a part of the mall in the process of being renovated. They were probably finishing up work on the stores before reopening them.

Where the marble floor had once been flawlessly smooth, it was now littered with scuffmarks, dents, and pieces of chewing gum. The walls had yellowed and cracks had begun to form along their surface. Everywhere I looked, there were pieces of rubbish: magazines, plastic shopping bags, wrappers, clothing, cardboard cut-outs of cereal mascots, and even what appeared to be a brand-new laptop. Among the garbage, I saw a wallet on the floor.

Now, I’m not one of those sleazy jerks, so when I picked up the wallet, my intention wasn’t to keep it for myself. I genuinely planned on returning it to its owner. However, as I fingered through it, I couldn’t find a single piece of ID. Every available slot was filled with a different platinum credit card (no name marked on the front, no signature on the back). I checked the center fold and found a whopping $3000 in cash. 

I had two options: bringing it to the lost and found office, or abide by the tried and true “Finders keepers” rule. I still hadn’t decided, even as I stuffed the wallet into my back pocket and gave it a firm slap. I mean, let’s face it, if I did hand it over to the lost and found, they’d probably take the money themselves, right? I figured I’d hang on to it for now and hopefully come across its owner looking for it.

I continued down the empty hallway of blackened storefronts until I came upon Pluto’s Depot, a large electronics store with a banner that read, “Black Friday Sale: Everything Must Go”. Hundreds of shoppers were running through the aisles, grabbing everything they could get their greedy little hands on. They were screaming and clawing at one another, shamelessly stealing items from each other’s shopping carts. It was like Black Friday on steroids. Or… well, a regular American Black Friday, really.

I stood outside Pluto’s Depot, wondering if I should turn back. Whatever deals this store had, probably weren’t worth it, right? I could feel the bulge of the stranger’s wallet in my pants. Who’s to say its owner wasn’t inside? I certainly wasn’t drawn in by the 50-70% off posters clumsily plastered all over the store’s bumpy walls and displays. I for sure wasn’t attracted to all the phenomenally low-priced gizmos and gadgets on the shelves. I definitely didn’t have money burning in my pocket, begging to be spent. Not at all. I was being selfless, really. That’s what I told myself, at least.

As I stepped through the door, I was assaulted with the familiar scent of plastic and upholstery, the famed “new car smell”. I squeezed through a group of frantic shoppers to get to the shopping cart dock. Unfortunately, it was empty. If I found that flatscreen TV I saw advertised outside the mall, I was going to have to carry it in my arms, and my arms were quickly filling up already. There were so many cool things to buy, and so few things left on the shelves. 

By the time I made it to the back, every single TV had been taken. All that was left in that section of the store was the latest smartphone. I don’t remember the make and model, but I remember thinking Isn’t this supposed to come out next month? I grabbed it.

I doubled back and decided to peruse the store more thoroughly, taking a few more objects as I went along. But, as I walked through the aisles, I kept hearing the faintest groans coming from the posters on the walls. Groans that I ignored. I figured it was my imagination. Maybe I was hearing something from the other aisle. Hell if I know.

With nothing else to buy, I parked myself at the back of the checkout line. It stretched all the way down the aisle and around the corner. I had an armful of stuff weighing me down, but it was worth it for the discount. I had enough gadgets to cover everyone’s Christmas gifts, as well as a few things for myself. A mini drone, a fancy remote-controlled car, my new phone, accessories, a laptop case, that kind of stuff. 

Even with everything carefully-balanced between my forearms and chest, I still fought to open the phone so I could admire it. I was about to buy it, after all. Who cared if I opened the box before I paid? It was great: sleek, skinny, light. I couldn’t wait to charge it and start playing with it. I shuffled around impatiently, and looked at the line.

We hadn’t moved.

My neck was stiff, my feet were throbbing, and my back was aching. The objects in my arms felt as though they were getting heavier and heavier by the minute. The line was taking forever and no one seemed to be leaving the store, no matter how much time passed. I was tempted to leave, but I couldn’t give up. I wanted the deals. I wanted that phone. I wanted the gizmos and trinkets.

I must have stood there for another ten minutes without moving before I got frustrated and glanced towards the people ahead of me. Why hadn’t we moved? Had the cashier fallen asleep? I felt my stomach stop as my eyes scanned the line: the other customer’s shoes had melted into the floor and their hands had merged with their shopping carts. The closer they got to the register, the less the shoppers looked … human. Their shapes became less and less distinct, blending into the objects they were purchasing and the walls they were leaning against.

I let out a scream and I tried to take a step back, but my feet were stuck. I looked down, only to find my shoes had melded into the floor as well. Oh god, it was happening to me. In shock, I dropped the boxes I was holding, sending them falling to the floor. It felt as though an immense weight had been lifted from my shoulders. In the very literal sense. Like that carnival ride that looks like a flying saucer, pinning you against the wall. I hadn’t even realized how much pressure my body had been under until the pressure was gone, but it wasn’t completely gone.

My hand was impossibly heavy.

It was the phone. I was still holding the phone. It was planted firmly in the palm of my hand. I could see its slick black casing melting into my flesh. My hand burned. Desperately, I clawed at the phone, trying to pry it from my skin. It wouldn’t budge. I remember flapping my arm up and down erratically as though I’d just caught a spider crawling up my hand. It wouldn’t let go. The phone wouldn’t let go of me. And then, by pure chance, my hand caught the wall, and the phone shattered into bits and pieces, ripping one of the 70% off posters from the porous surface.

I was too busy nursing my hand to notice the wall at first. It was only when I heard a groan that I looked up, to find a tormented face looking back at me. He … she … it had completely merged with the wall. Oh god, was the entire store like this? I remember sobbing as I plucked broken pieces of phone from my palm while never taking my eyes off the person in the wall. My hand throbbed with pain, but with each chunk I pulled out, it hurt just a little less. Thankfully, when the last piece of plastic dropped to the floor, I was able to move my feet again.

I ran out of Pluto’s Depot without looking back or trying to help anyone inside. I ran through the hallway of cracked walls, stopping only long enough to realize there were eyes staring at me from within those cracks.

I staggered out of the mall and into the empty parking lot. My car was the only one there, off in the distance. I turned around, and instead of a large outlet mall I’d walked in earlier, found one of many crumbling, abandoned buildings we see nowadays because of the recession. By the time I got home and checked my back pocket, the wallet was gone.

That’s why I like to stay at home this time of year, because honestly, that fake mall is still out there somewhere, and I have no way of knowing which doors will lead me to it. I’m afraid it’ll lure me back in, and I won’t have the willpower to resist next time.

Credits to:  manen_lyset


Makeover Sally McGrover by Ben Mendelewicz, Char Esme & Lauren Poor

Runtime 12 minutes


Currently on view in “Mrs Gerte Dorch Scorch The Porch Fire Sale Everything Must Go”

September 11th- October 4th 2015

Magic Pictures

618 Hoffman St.

Philadelphia PA 19148

Gallery hours are by appointment only. Contact INFO@MAGIC-PICTURES.ORG for more information

Unfortunate News

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be the bearer of bad news, but here we are.
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to call upon the kindness of others. More so considering I’ve asked way too goddamn much as it is. But I regret to say we’re being evicted from our current home.
Essentially we’ll be homeless. No “what ifs” no “We can barely make it one more month for something”

We originally had till the end of this month, but we managed to get an extra 10 day extension to organize a EVERYTHING MUST FUCKING GO yard sale.
We’re selling pretty much all our furniture and appliances just to muster up enough money to move out and find a temporary place to stay till we can find the means to get back on our feet.

I’m so angry that everything ended up like this regardless of the outpouring support from my friends, family, and people who happen to like my work.
My father earlier/middle of this month actually was supposed to have a job! He was called, interviewed, and even had a contract signed by him and his future employers! We were happy! things started to finally turn around for the better. We were even confident enough that we took a title loan ($800) on our  only car  we have left to get the money to have my dad drive to his training for this job!
Not even two days after my dad comes home, he receives an email saying  “Sorry, but we’re thinking of going into a different direction”.
In short: They backed out on us. He does not have one. We thought this was a 100% sure thing and we didn’t even consider  making plans to move out because we thought we had this.
So here we are, too late to find anything new. No new leads that would benefit us today or any time soon.
We have plans but we unfortunately will not be able to put them into motion in time to keep us with a roof over our heads.

I don’t know the exact days of our yard sale yet. I’ll post them here as soon as I know. We live in the Rossville Georgia area.  Just in case anyone was wondering where I currently live.

I’m hoping the Yard Sale and what we can throw up on Craigslist/Ebay will be enough for a moderate/small moving van and enough funds for my family to find a place to stay for the time we need. (We’re praying for something close to 2k, so we can pay off the title loan so our only car isn’t repo’d)

I’m not making this post for me. I’m making this for my family who desperately need help so they’re not living straight out of our car with no means to go anywhere.
I’m not worried about myself. I’m fortunate enough to have my best friend GK take me into her and her mom’s house for several months so I’m not adding to the cost of living for my family. (I plan on opening up commissions/a redbubble store as soon as I’m settled in)

I’m sorry to even have to post this kind of thing again. I had honestly thought I wouldn’t have to do this and that we’d be slowly paying back the money we owe people. Every. Single. Dime of what we gathered from Gofundme went to bills, attempting to pay back rent, and the most bare minimum of food so we could afford to keep stuff on like water and electricity.

I hate that I’m pretty much known to be “the girl who begs a lot” but right now I don’t give a fuck about my reputation. I give a fuck about my family not having a place to stay in the coming months.

You’re not required, but I would greatly appreciate some help if the Yard Sale/Craigslist/Ebay route ends up being less than what we expected.
I’ve set up a donation button on the side bar of my tumblr. I’ll even leave a link to my mother’s pay pal here. (joan@consultant.com)
None of this is going to me in any way. I didn’t link to the gofundme site since we need help sooner rather than later and gofundme takes a % of the donations and deposits it on a weekly basis.

With that said, I’m going to be pretty MIA for the coming weeks, but I’ll keep you guys posted on when the yard sale takes place so we can hopefully get some success from there.

anonymous asked:

9,15, and 20 <3

9. Three adjectives to describe your instrument’s personality

Cranky, dull, persistant 

15. If your instrument could go shopping at the mall, where would it shop?

Marbles: The Brain Store, especially since they’ll have their “everything must go” sales

20. What similarities do you and your instrument share?

We’re both young and have unfulfilled potential [that may never be fulfilled]


Steamy Fingerling Potatoes

Animals is one of those pop ups that hasn’t gone away - just like those places that have had their grand opening banner up for the last 8 years, or the ones that always have a SUPER one day sale everyday, or the places that say ‘everything must go closing soon’ since you moved in next door 3 years ago TO THE DAY.

Except, you never want Animals to close because its the most real sandwich you’ll ever have. My personal fave is the Beast along with the FINGERLING POTATOES. Lets pause - these potatoes… I don’t know about you, but when I see ‘fingerling potatoes’ on a menu, I usually throw a Peyton Manning PASS on that. I’m good, I’ll have those fingerlings when I’m forced to at my grandmas for Thanksgiving or any other dinner I’m guilted into attending.
All grandmas make them the same; you know the ones I’m talking about - uber bland, kind of wet, and always super steamy. Every time you take the damn lid off these potatoes you get blasted in the face with a steam explosion like goddamn ‘Backdraft.’ Where the hell is Kurt Russell these days???


Tip: It’s ok to get attached, they’re looking for a permanent space now.

Tip: Don’t ignore the salads like an unsophisticated goob. The brussels salad and cabbage salad would normally be easy to overlook; not here.

Tip: The potatoes are a must. One of the single best potato items I’ve ever eaten.

Tip: Get the Beast, it’s one of my favorites. Beef braised in red wine, aromatics & stone fruits with pickled onions & horseradish creme. When’s the last time you had a sandwich with aromatics? Yea, never. Don’t be basic.

Tip: One of the best bars in the city is attached; The Wayland. Same owners.

Tip: Brunch just launched and it’s dope.

Pricing: The Beast $10; Brussels salad $6; The Moxie (cocktail) $11.

When to come here: Lunch. I love it to stay because the plating and atmosphere is killer.

Where: 140 Ave C

Times: Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm

Phone: (212) 777- 7437