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Oooh, okay, let's do this. How about... A ghost AU? Everyone just sort of hangs around to haunt each other, or even the next suckers to end up with their homes. (Ooh, if you don't mind crossovers, what if Alex (at least) wound up haunting Washington heights?) This is all pretty vague, but hopefully it's enough to work with!

Ohhh hello, I am a bit of a sucker for ghost AUs, especially in a show that focuses so much on death and life and stuff. The Everybody Lives AU is going out of the window guys, fasten your seat belts!

  • Rachel Hamilton watches over her son his entire childhood, her heart breaking when she sees how hard life is for him without her, when she sees what he has to go through. She sits at the foot of his bed at night, watching as he writhes with yet another nightmare, wishing with all her heart that she could hold him and comfort him. But Alex hears her words in his dreams and sometimes that’s enough to calm him. Seventeen year old Alex isn’t sure what compels him to run into the store basement when he hears the hurricane raging outside but its what saves his life. Rachel pulled him down there and stayed with him through the whole storm. She is so, so sad to see him leave the island on that ship, knowing she can’t follow no matter how hard she tries, but she knows its for the best. As she haunts the town she hears people whispering of Alexander Hamilton and all the amazing things he’s doing in America, how he’s making the island proud. Rachel smiles but she is still so lonely, she misses her son so much. But then, one day, her Alex comes home. He’s carrying a young girl with bright eyes, just like Rachel’s, has another little boy hanging off his legs and his arm around a beautiful lady with such a kind and gentle face, her hand on her growing stomach. Rachel is so, so happy. This time, after a week of being able to hear her son’s voice again, of learning everything she can about her grandchildren and her daughter in law, when Alex leaves, Rachel knows she can move on. She knows her son is safe and happy. 
  • (all credit to the lovely and wonderful @chiscribbles4smiles and her ghost laurens au) The idea of Laurens finding himself little Philip’s official otherworldly guardian is just too good to not mention. In a modern au where Laurens dies in battle still (or maybe he dies in a protest that turns violent or something?) and suddenly he’s catapulted right to the Hamilton’s house confronted with this tiny baby that kinda looks like Alex that now he’s supposed to follow around or whatever?? He soon finds that its actually a pretty sweet gig. Philip is funny and kind and he sure needs a lot of help. Laurens talks Philip out of a lot of dangerous stuff (and talks him into a lot of stuff too to be fair) and helps him with Theo Burr (more than once those poor hormonal teenagers were sat close together and Philip suddenly felt something push him and whoops, he’s leaning on her or his hand is on her knee. Philip glares at Laurens who just shrugs because hey, it worked!). Laurens tries so hard to keep Philip from going to confront this Eacker kid, he really, really tries but the boy’s got that Hamilton look on his face and theres no coming back from that. Laurens hangs back, telling himself that it’ll be okay, they’ll just talk, maybe swing some fists, it’ll be okay. But then suddenly theres a metallic sound, a bang, the smell of ash and burning and Philip yells in pain and Laurens just…vanishes.
  • Speaking of which. Philip watches over Theo after he goes and gets himself shot. He always promised her that he’d look after her, that he’d keep her safe and he won’t let death stop him from keeping his promise. But it hurts him so much to see how his death hurts her, how lost and sad she is now he’s gone. Those first few weeks from when he finds his eyes snapping open and he’s stood in a hospital corridor, watching Theo run from the ICU, sobbing brokenly into her dad’s arms, they’re hard. He just sits with his back against her bedroom door, curled in a ball, listening to her sob over him. It gets better eventually, Theo pulls herself back together a little, with Philip’s help, his presence seems to comfort her a little, even if his hands can’t touch her and she can’t hear his words, the fact that he’s there seems to help. However, whenever Theo goes to the Hamilton’s, Philip waits on the front lawn, feeling the pull to follow Theo but he just can’t. He can’t face his family. (But then when Theo dies they get to be together again. Please. Give me something happy.)  
  • Ohhh boy, Alex and Eliza. So of course Alex can’t tear himself away from Eliza after he dies. How could he ever go anywhere without her? He watches sadly as she cries herself to sleep without him, her arms wrapped around herself while she wishes they were his, as his poor Eliza has to piece herself back together after yet another loss. He talks to her nearly constantly ever though he knows she can’t hear her but he’s Alexander Hamilton, what else can he do but talk? He tells her how much he loves her, how she’s so strong and brave, how she needs to keep going, for him. It seems to help. And Alex couldn’t bear to leave his children, little Pip and Liza are still so young. More than a few times, baby Pip was toddling along, about to stumble down the stairs or pull the tablecloth down along with all the crockery on his little head but his dad was there to rescue him, even if he didn’t know he was there. Its awful for Alex, to see them grow up not really knowing their dad, not really grasping how much he loves them. He sits and listens to Eliza and the older kids tell them stories about him, smiling sadly, reaching forward and wishing he could hold them all one last time. Although, one day he’s kneeling by Eliza’s chair, murmuring how much he loves her and he sees her eyes focus on him, like she can actually see him, and suddenly its his Eliza, young and beautiful, and she’s looking at him and smiling and crying and they get to be together again. It makes it worth it. 
  • Oh yeah! I like the idea of the ghosts being able to flicker between places that were significant to them when they were alive so maybe yeah, Alex can hang out around Washington Heights occasionally, if he focuses hard. And he can see his old friend Usnavi, shaking his head in mock despair as he continues to stress and worry his way around the bodega, messing with him by knocking stuff off the shelves sometimes. But it makes him happy to know his friend is okay, Alex sees the happy life he was with Vanessa and the rest of his friends and it comforts him. 

Wow, okay I may have gone overboard here but I got way into these. If anyone wants any of these fully written up, let me know because I am very much up for it! 

Wedding Series: Ceremony

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    As you inched closer towards the opened doors you could almost hear your heart hammering in your chest. A squeeze from your dad made you let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding. Two minutes later the song changed and you were walking out to the alter. 

     Nate wasn’t a crier, but the minute he saw you walk out those doors looking the way that you did, well that’s when he cried. Nate couldn’t believe this was happening. It all felt unreal as his eyes gazed over the dress you were wearing. It hugged you in all the right spots and made his breath hitch in his throat. Two years of dating, months of planning, and finally the two of you were getting married. His hands became clammy as you inched closer to where he was waiting and Nate turned back to look at Swazz. “She looks gorgeous,” Nate mouthed to him. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face and his teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he looked back at you. 

Once you had made it towards the archway your father stopped and gave you a kiss on the forehead. You smiled at his gesture and gave him a hug before grabbing Nate’s hand in yours. “Hey, you look beautiful,” Nate whispered, squeezing your hand.

“Thank you,” you whispered back with a smile. You both turned towards the officiant in waiting. Your body shook in both excitement and nervousness. It was scary to think that just in a few hours you would be able to call yourself Mrs. Maloley. Once the music had died down everyone became quiet.  

“We’re gathered here today to join two families in union,” the officiant stated. “Nate and Y/N, today you choose each other before your family and friends, to begin your life together. For all the tomorrows that follow, you will choose each other over and again, in the privacy of your hearts. Let your love and friendship guide you as you learn and grow together. Experience the wonders of the world, even as patience and wisdom calm the restless nature. Through your partnership, triumph over the challenges in your path. Through the comfort of loving arms, may you always find a safe place to call home.“

Nate couldn’t take his eyes off of you. His thumb brushing over your hand in a comforting manor. “I love you,” you mouthed out, only to have him lift your clasped hands and kiss at your knuckles. “The couple has chosen to write their own vows. Which of you would like to recite your vows first?” Nate broke his gaze from yours and timidly raised two fingers up while clearing his throat. 

“I’d like to start,” he said, turning until he was facing you. “Y/N, for a long time I said I was never one to cuff and then you showed up. From the first moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to make you mine. The moment I realized I was in love with you was when we spent a whole night until the early hours talking.” You let out a tiny laugh and sniffled. “The fact that I was just letting my guard down and telling you everything made me realize you were the one,” he whispered, brushing his thumb over your cheek to wipe away a tear. “You keep me grounded and support me through any and everything. I’m glad to be able to call you my wife. I love you, Sunshine,”  he said, kissing your cheek. You grinned at his words and let out a deep breath. There was a slight pause before you began to say your vows.

“I love you,” you gushed, “I love how you have a passion for what you want and you have the drive to do it. That’s one of the reasons why I love you. As much as I want to tell you all the reasons for why I love you, I won’t because we’ll be here all day.” Nate and everyone close around began to laugh, only to quiet down once more. “I’m going to first start off saying that writing my vows was harder than I thought it would be. We’ve been together for two years and today I chose to leave here as your wife. I will stand by you through hardships and promise to always cherish the many years we’ll have together.” You squeezed his hand at the end of your tiny speech and received a wink in return. It just became apparent to you that in less than fifteen minutes you and Nate were about to become husband and wife. Everything around you was slowly disappearing as you looked into each other’s eyes. Already knowing what the officiant was about to say.

“Now for the exchange of rings,” the officiant stated. Your gaze from Nate broke as he turned to grab the ring from Swazz and you grabbed his ring from Lisa. You jumped in your spot out of excitement making the guests laugh. “Now repeat after me. I Nathan, give you Y/N this ring.”

“I Nathan, give you Y/N this ring,” Nate repeated.

“As an eternal symbol of my love and commitment,” the officiant said.

“As an eternal symbol of my love and commitment,” Nate smiled. He slowly slid the ring on your finger and began to grin like a fool. The officiant turned to face you, but all you did was look at Nate. 

“I Y/N, give you Nathan this ring,” you said “as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment.” Just like Nate had done you slid a ring on his finger. A shiver ran down your spine and you could see your father crying from the corner of your eye.

“Y/N, do you take Nathan to be your lawfully wedded husband? To be your partner in life and sharing your path; equal in love, a mirror for your true self, promising to honor and cherish, through good times and bad until death do you part?“  

“I do,” you whispered loud enough for only Nate to hear.

“Nathan, do you take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife? To be your partner in life and sharing your path; equal in love, a mirror for your true self, promising to honor and cherish, through good times and bad until death do you part?“ The officiant repeated.

“I do,” Nate said with confidence. A warm feeling was sent down his spine and he knew what was coming next. This only made the smile on his face grow even more.

“And now, by the power vested in me by the State of California, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss,” she said. Nate was quick to grab you and pull you close to his body. A squeal of delight left your lips and he cupped your face to give you a passionate kiss. “Families and friends, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Maloley!” your officiant announced. Your guests began to cheer. The groomsmen whistling as you and Nate continued to kiss. Finally after some time the kiss broke. 

“We’re married now,” you whispered, hand caressing at his face. “You also shaved,” you giggled, just now noticing his beard was gone. The two of you kissed once more and you laughed at the feeling of his hand coming around to squeeze at your ass. 

“We are and glad you noticed,” Nate grinned, squeezing your ass once more. You rolled your eyes in amusement, sending a playful slap to his chest. Nate tugged at your other hand and brought your attention back to the wedding. There was one last thing you had to do before the reception and that was to walk back down the aisle. Nate’s arm wrapped around your waist and you two walked out the venue. Finally you were able rest easy. All the planning was done and you had gotten married. Soon you were going on vacation, ready to detach from the world. “Let’s make a pit stop before going to the reception,” Nate said, opening the car door for you. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you looked up at him in curiousness.

“To where,” you asked, climbing into the car and resting your back against the opposite door. Nate climbed in after you and shut the door. A sigh of relief left your lips as he pulled off your heels. Nate grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at you in response. Just from that you already knew he was going to say it was a surprise.