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Don’t Forget, I’m Mycroft Holmes

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Mycroft Holmes

Warnings: Mentions of violence

Request: “Sherlock: one-shots: Mycroft with a s / o who tries to flee (to protect him) because she is the ex-wife of the mafia’s godfather son” - Anon

Word Count: 1,349

A/N: First Sherlock one shot, enjoy!

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Us ( Jimin x Reader )

Genre : romance, slight angst
Plot : a story of love between two people who weren’t meant to be.

Reader POV :

I’m walking alone, it’s night time, the street is empty, the moon is high up in the sky.
Today I saw him for the last time, I saw him smiling, dancing, singing, he looked so happy on stage…. he looked so alive. Maybe they were right, maybe I was wrong to think such an amazing boy could fall in love with someone as ordinary as me. Maybe it was just a dream. I was cold, I could feel little drops of water on my face, or maybe was it just my tears… I don’t know anymore. I remember when we first met, it was at his first concert, he still had his cute chubby cheeks at that time. I didn’t know he had noticed me among the crowd so when during the fan meet he told me he had I remember blushing and losing my voice for a second. He found it cute. And we kept seeing each other at the concerts, during the fan signs and other events… so when one day you gave me a little piece of paper with your number on it I couldn’t not text you. And that’s how it began. You told me you loved me, told me we could make it, that no one had to know. I believed you, I really did. And I was so happy to be by your side, you made me feel special, loved, cared for. You looked at me with those eyes that said everything, your eyes how much I love them. And your smile, and your hands that fitted so perfectly with mine. I know you were self conscious about your body but really you shouldn’t be, you’re perfect, you’re everything I had ever hoped for and more. But the dream can’t last. Rumors spread out and soon you were insulted and criticized on the net, in the magazines. Rumors about you dating a fan. Because yes I’m a mere fan who touched for a while what millions of girls wanted. And I had to pay for that. I couldn’t bare seeing you hurt, I couldn’t even look you in the eyes without feeling guilty. You told me it wasn’t my fault, that things would calm down… how wrong you were. I stopped going out, you stopped coming to my house. One day you told me you wanted to meet near the river, at the secret spot that we had found. When I arrived I saw you there, you looked stressed, you were biting your nails. You told me the medias we’re being more and more persistent, they put you under such pressure. You wanted to protect me but didn’t know how. So i said the words “let’s break up”. Tears were in your eyes, but you didn’t say a thing, you just stayed still, looking at me with such pain … I gave you a last kiss and walked away. How I got back home safe ? I don’t know. When the door closed behind me I fell on the floor, crying like I never had before. Today we’re in 2017, the last time we met was on March 23th 2014.
The concert was huge, you worked hard and now see where you are … I’ve never been more proud. I hope somewhere in the back of your mind you still remember me, because I could never forget about you.
The rain had stopped, I was near the river, at the spot where we last met. I sat on a rock, our initials were still engraved…
my phone beeped. I looked at the screen.

Unknown number …

I saw you at the venue today. You’re still beautiful.

Jimin POV

Practicing, practicing, concerts, fan meets, promotions, then practicing again and again. I’m getting tired these days, I haven’t talked about it with the other members. Deep down I knew why… Her.
It has been two years and I can’t still forget about her. I never thought I would fall in love this young, especially not with a fan.
It started at just a simple crush, she was special, beautiful in a very unique way.
She was so shy when I first met her, what she didn’t know is that I was as embarrassed as her. Then I started hoping she would be at the next event so I could see her again. And she came, at every one of them. Each time we talked, she told me a little bit about herself and got mesmerized by her words. I’ve never been interested in someone so much before.
I even looked at her social medias, and spent way too much time staring at her pictures. Then one day I made up my mind. I know it’s forbidden, but the temptation was too strong. I gave her my phone number, hoping she would text me. I waited the entire day, looking at my phone every five seconds. I was going to give up when she finally texted, it was just a simple “Hello” with a smiling emoji and somehow it sent butterflies to my stomach. All the members were looking at me weirdly, of course I didn’t tell them.
We texted all night, talked about everything and then I realized, I was in too deep, I was falling in love with her. Then we started meeting each other in secret, I would come to her house and we would sit on the sofa, drinking tea and laughing with each other. I remember that day, we were in her backyard, she was taking care of her flowers, her hair was down and she had on a long red dress, the sun was shining reflecting on her beautiful skin. And I told her, the three words. She stayed still, and the next moment she jumped into my arms saying she loved me too. I was the happiest man alive. I told the members and they were all really supportive, the manager wasn’t that happy about it though. But things started getting complicated, rumors started spreading, and paparazzi were following me more than ever. I tried to be careful… but they had pictures of her, of her house too and family. I was trapped, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to be strong, I wanted to protect her but I couldn’t. She was everything to me… so I found an idea. I asked her to meet me at our secret spot near the Han river. I was going to propose to her, this time nothing could be said about us. We would make things officially and if I had to leave BTS, then I would.
When she arrived, she looked sad and tired. Then she said it. “Let’s break up”. I felt my world shattering me around me, everything was crumbling down. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move. And she left. I never thought love could get so bad… the day after I went back to Busan, said I had a throat ache and that I needed vacations. They didn’t question me somehow. I tried to heal, the members were there for me and the Armys too. Slowly I went back to work. It was hard, everything hurt inside but I knew I had to move on. She probably did too. Years passed and I was starting to get better. Today was our first big arena day in Seoul.
I was excited and we were all overjoyed.
On stage i kept scanning the audience, wanting to see a face I knew wouldn’t be there … until I saw those eyes. She was there. Everything stopped for a moment. She came to see me… but why ? At the end of the concert we all celebrated but my mind was somewhere else. I took my phone, I still had her number. I never found the courage to erase it. She probably changed it by now. I sent her text, knowing she probably wouldn’t respond. An hour later I heard my phone ringing.
- Hello ? I said unsure.
- Jimin, it’s Y/N.
And then I knew, I never stopped loving her.

Tell me if you want more ! I loved writing it :)

Good Enough (12)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelvepart thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

You never thought you would see Sehun in the library of the palace, let alone see him studying so intensely for exams. As you sat back in your comfy armchair, with a big textbook in your lap as you finished another cue card, you looked up at Sehun with a smile on your face, stroking your growing stomach.

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Wedding Series: Ceremony

Originally posted by skatesslut

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    As you inched closer towards the opened doors you could almost hear your heart hammering in your chest. A squeeze from your dad made you let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding. Two minutes later the song changed and you were walking out to the alter. 

     Nate wasn’t a crier, but the minute he saw you walk out those doors looking the way that you did, well that’s when he cried. Nate couldn’t believe this was happening. It all felt unreal as his eyes gazed over the dress you were wearing. It hugged you in all the right spots and made his breath hitch in his throat. Two years of dating, months of planning, and finally the two of you were getting married. His hands became clammy as you inched closer to where he was waiting and Nate turned back to look at Swazz. “She looks gorgeous,” Nate mouthed to him. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face and his teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he looked back at you. 

Once you had made it towards the archway your father stopped and gave you a kiss on the forehead. You smiled at his gesture and gave him a hug before grabbing Nate’s hand in yours. “Hey, you look beautiful,” Nate whispered, squeezing your hand.

“Thank you,” you whispered back with a smile. You both turned towards the officiant in waiting. Your body shook in both excitement and nervousness. It was scary to think that just in a few hours you would be able to call yourself Mrs. Maloley. Once the music had died down everyone became quiet.  

“We’re gathered here today to join two families in union,” the officiant stated. “Nate and Y/N, today you choose each other before your family and friends, to begin your life together. For all the tomorrows that follow, you will choose each other over and again, in the privacy of your hearts. Let your love and friendship guide you as you learn and grow together. Experience the wonders of the world, even as patience and wisdom calm the restless nature. Through your partnership, triumph over the challenges in your path. Through the comfort of loving arms, may you always find a safe place to call home.“

Nate couldn’t take his eyes off of you. His thumb brushing over your hand in a comforting manor. “I love you,” you mouthed out, only to have him lift your clasped hands and kiss at your knuckles. “The couple has chosen to write their own vows. Which of you would like to recite your vows first?” Nate broke his gaze from yours and timidly raised two fingers up while clearing his throat. 

“I’d like to start,” he said, turning until he was facing you. “Y/N, for a long time I said I was never one to cuff and then you showed up. From the first moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to make you mine. The moment I realized I was in love with you was when we spent a whole night until the early hours talking.” You let out a tiny laugh and sniffled. “The fact that I was just letting my guard down and telling you everything made me realize you were the one,” he whispered, brushing his thumb over your cheek to wipe away a tear. “You keep me grounded and support me through any and everything. I’m glad to be able to call you my wife. I love you, Sunshine,”  he said, kissing your cheek. You grinned at his words and let out a deep breath. There was a slight pause before you began to say your vows.

“I love you,” you gushed, “I love how you have a passion for what you want and you have the drive to do it. That’s one of the reasons why I love you. As much as I want to tell you all the reasons for why I love you, I won’t because we’ll be here all day.” Nate and everyone close around began to laugh, only to quiet down once more. “I’m going to first start off saying that writing my vows was harder than I thought it would be. We’ve been together for two years and today I chose to leave here as your wife. I will stand by you through hardships and promise to always cherish the many years we’ll have together.” You squeezed his hand at the end of your tiny speech and received a wink in return. It just became apparent to you that in less than fifteen minutes you and Nate were about to become husband and wife. Everything around you was slowly disappearing as you looked into each other’s eyes. Already knowing what the officiant was about to say.

“Now for the exchange of rings,” the officiant stated. Your gaze from Nate broke as he turned to grab the ring from Swazz and you grabbed his ring from Lisa. You jumped in your spot out of excitement making the guests laugh. “Now repeat after me. I Nathan, give you Y/N this ring.”

“I Nathan, give you Y/N this ring,” Nate repeated.

“As an eternal symbol of my love and commitment,” the officiant said.

“As an eternal symbol of my love and commitment,” Nate smiled. He slowly slid the ring on your finger and began to grin like a fool. The officiant turned to face you, but all you did was look at Nate. 

“I Y/N, give you Nathan this ring,” you said “as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment.” Just like Nate had done you slid a ring on his finger. A shiver ran down your spine and you could see your father crying from the corner of your eye.

“Y/N, do you take Nathan to be your lawfully wedded husband? To be your partner in life and sharing your path; equal in love, a mirror for your true self, promising to honor and cherish, through good times and bad until death do you part?“  

“I do,” you whispered loud enough for only Nate to hear.

“Nathan, do you take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife? To be your partner in life and sharing your path; equal in love, a mirror for your true self, promising to honor and cherish, through good times and bad until death do you part?“ The officiant repeated.

“I do,” Nate said with confidence. A warm feeling was sent down his spine and he knew what was coming next. This only made the smile on his face grow even more.

“And now, by the power vested in me by the State of California, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss,” she said. Nate was quick to grab you and pull you close to his body. A squeal of delight left your lips and he cupped your face to give you a passionate kiss. “Families and friends, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Maloley!” your officiant announced. Your guests began to cheer. The groomsmen whistling as you and Nate continued to kiss. Finally after some time the kiss broke. 

“We’re married now,” you whispered, hand caressing at his face. “You also shaved,” you giggled, just now noticing his beard was gone. The two of you kissed once more and you laughed at the feeling of his hand coming around to squeeze at your ass. 

“We are and glad you noticed,” Nate grinned, squeezing your ass once more. You rolled your eyes in amusement, sending a playful slap to his chest. Nate tugged at your other hand and brought your attention back to the wedding. There was one last thing you had to do before the reception and that was to walk back down the aisle. Nate’s arm wrapped around your waist and you two walked out the venue. Finally you were able rest easy. All the planning was done and you had gotten married. Soon you were going on vacation, ready to detach from the world. “Let’s make a pit stop before going to the reception,” Nate said, opening the car door for you. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you looked up at him in curiousness.

“To where,” you asked, climbing into the car and resting your back against the opposite door. Nate climbed in after you and shut the door. A sigh of relief left your lips as he pulled off your heels. Nate grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at you in response. Just from that you already knew he was going to say it was a surprise.

Heart by Heart 1 *sneak peak*

Somehow I ended up in the corner of the room. I didn’t dare leave that spot. I sat in complete shock as everything that I could possibly think of swarmed around in my head. What was going to happen to me? I officially had no one, and that terrified me. It seemed like a lifetime until I heard sirens and the sound of people entering my house, but I was too out of it to look up, or even hear what they were saying. It took them a while to notice that I was in the house, and when they did, a man bent down in front of me.

“Hi, I’m Detective Valentín Chmerkovskiy, but you can call me Val. What’s your name sweetheart?”

I didn’t answer him, the words just wouldn’t leave my mouth. Instead of asking again, Val held his hand out for me to take, and I reluctantly did. As soon as we started walking towards the door, I took one last glance at my mom and dad, hoping that this was all a dream, but, instead, was hit with the harsh reality. Their lifeless bodies now covered, but I couldn’t cry, and the only thought that came to my head, was that I’m officially alone. I have no one. I couldn’t look at them anymore, as the feeling of being numb took over, and the will to live slowly dwindled.

He led me outside to an ambulance and said, “They’re just going to make sure that you’re okay. I’ll be right back.”

I nodded my head and the paramedics began to check me over. Once they cleaned the dry blood off of me, I was wrapped in a blanket and released. I didn’t know where to go because Val wasn’t back, so I sat on the porch of my house, far away from the door.

Detective Chmerkovskiy came over to me after a few minutes, but he wasn’t alone. There was a woman with him. I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. She had red wavy hair that looked really soft and shiny and really pretty eyes. She wasn’t very tall, and reminded me of my mom.


The annoying sound from my cell phone dragged me from my peaceful slumber with a loud curse. It had been the first night in months that I had slept nightmare free, and of course something had to ruin it. I rolled over, glancing at my clock, noticing that it was 2 in the morning, before picking up my phone. “Burgess,” I answered while trying to sound more awake than I actually was. After hearing what my partner had to say, I was jumping out of bed, trying to find clothes and shoes in the non illuminated room.


I made it to the crime scene in 20 minutes, and was immediately greeted by my partner, Val. He filled me in on everything that they knew so far and then told me about the little girl, who must have been their daughter, sitting on the front porch. My heart broke as soon as I saw her shivering in the blanket she was given, and looking extremely fragile.

baby, it's coming to a close | harry potter

prompt: 6 and 8 with the chosen one please <3
“Don’t try, I’m not worth it.” “We can fix this”

theme: it’s a good mix of fluff and angst

warnings: a sad lil potter

author note: I still got like 10+ moodboards to do and like 40 other requests but I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies again and really want to write for them. You gotta request these characters dudes.

Originally posted by gurl

The first time Harry Potter had really seen her was in Diagon Alley. Fourth year at Hogwarts, and he had barely noticed her before. Sure, they had some classes together and he had passed her in the hallway, but he hadn’t really ever noticed her. But, that’s how it usually goes. Especially for Harry Unobservant Potter, as his friends call him. She had been trying to get his attention from day one, but not flamboyantly like others girls had. She said hello to him and asked how he was, came to the library when she knew he’d be there. Sometimes, when he was struggling in a class she offered to help him, but not that often. At least, not anymore. She accepted that he was never going to acknowledge her existence and slowly made a decline in how much she interacted with the boy. His friends noticed and made comments about it but he insisted there was nothing wrong between them, they’d always been friends and that wasn’t going to change.

So, he was walking into the Weasley’s store and passed right by her. Walking with her friends, nothing in her hands as she had opted out of buying anything. His eyes met the side of her face, noting the scent of peppermint that seemed to follow behind her. Harry Potter paused for a moment to watch her, then continued on to meet his friends. Ron and Hermione watched him as he glanced back over his shoulder but said nothing–he’d figure it out on his own.

He asked her to be his that school year, unaware of what was going to begin. Just before his name had somehow ended up in the Goblet, just before everything officially went to hell. Heat consumed her face and she agreed, happily. Also innocently unaware of how fast everything was going down.

“He’ll kill you.” He tried to reason with the girl, begging her to go into hiding with his family.

She stared at him; calm. “Harry, there’s no way I’m leaving you. We’re in this together.”

He brushed his hands through his hair, pushing it up wildly. Clenching his jaw and looking around the empty house he once lived in, ”Love, I’m dangerous, you have to go.”

Tenderly, she placed her hand against his cheek, “I know you’re dangerous, but I’m still coming with you. He could find me in hiding just as well as if I was with you.”

The two looked at each other for a moment and then she leaned forward and kissed him, promising to stay with him through it all. His hands came to her sides and pulled her flush against his chest.

And she stayed with him, through it all. When they were taken, when Ron left, when he came back; she was there. Times were becoming increasingly dangerous though, and no amount of begging made her leave. Eventually Hermione told him he needed to get a grip and let her live with them in peace. No amount of love could save her, no matter where she was.

One night, beneath the stars, Harry came to a revelation. A terrible one that made him sick. The only way he could get you to leave, to go and hide like you should have.

“I think we need to end things.” He hadn’t taken her to the side and told her, it wasn’t shaky. Hermione and Ron stared at their best friend who was destroying their other best friend right before their eyes, “it just isn’t working out anymore.”

Lips pressed into a thin line, she started to think of something, anything to get him to not do this. All four of them knew why he was doing this–it didn’t make it hurt any less. Her mouth became dry and she looked over at her friends. They didn’t know what to say, it had been a surprise to them too.

She breathed in slowly, “we can fix this.”

“Don’t try, I’m not worth it.” He stopped her from saying anything else. Voice quivering with each word. His heart lurched in his chest as she watched her face fall. Suddenly, he felt much smaller than he ever had before and he couldn’t move as he watched her stand up and exit the tent.

The three waited in silence but she didn’t come back. Part of Harry was happy that she had fled but he was conflicted with the overwhelming urge to go after her. Pull her in his arms and kiss her; beg her to stay. He couldn’t though, he wouldn’t. Maybe they could reconcile after the war, he hoped so.

“You’re an idiot.” Ron jabbed at Harry who could feel the sting of tears in his eyes as he stared, waiting for her to walk back in, “that was the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”

Harry tried to calm his wild heart and unsteady lungs, “I know.”

Hermione noticed the glassy look of his eyes, the trembling of his Adam’s apple, the fluttering of his eyelashes. Her hand came up and slapped Ron once across the chest to silence him. Things were changing, and although she didn’t think he made the right decision he had made one. One that caused him to cave in on himself and he cried.

The second time Harry Potter noticed her was when he flipped from Hagrid’s arms. The ruins of the once great castle stood in front of him with the ruins of people. The girl stood beside Neville, a sudden look of relief enveloping her as the two continued to look at each other.

He took her in as fast as he could. She was still the same girl he had met all those years ago. Except it wasn’t makeup enhancing her features but dirt and blood. Her lips trembled but she stood in place and she stared at him.

There were so many things he wanted to say before he started fighting, but only time for one. “Baby, it’s coming to a close.”

She smiled bitterly and nodded, then the fighting started again. Promising to come back to each other was pointless.

The last time Harry Potter noticed her was when he ran to him and him to her. Grasping each other with kissing with a furious passion. His hands took her face and his thumb dragged across her cheeks roughly. Attempting to recall every detail of it. “Sorry, so sorry, shouldn’t have told you to leave. Shouldn’t have done that.”

  • he’s kind of an interesting badboy
  • like he isn’t going around randomly beating innocent people up and coming to class with bloody knuckles but it’s just a well-known fact
  • he does manage to get into a good number of fights however
  • like everyone is just like????? what happened to him????? and he sort of dismisses any questions about it
  • sometimes politely, sometimes not
  • he’s not an openly aggressive person, like everyone finds it kind of strange that he manages to fight so much when he’s a rather soft-spoken person
  • nevertheless, the whole fighting thing makes him sort of an automatic badboy, whether he openly seems like one or not
  • isn’t a loner
  • travels mostly in a group of five other boys
  • some people say that it’s for his protection but it’s really because he loves being around his friends
  • he doesn’t really have a reputation for being a scary little stormcloud because he’s really not one but people are still a little wary around him because they’re intimidated
  • but he isn’t scary!!!! he’s actually!!!! a sweet!!!!! little bean!!!!!
  • people don’t really understand why he gets into fights because he doesn’t offer much about his personal life but he is nOT scary
  • you found that out the day that you officially met him
  • so you were just in your school grounds right
  • you were just waiting outside because your class was let out early and you were not paying much attention to your surroundings
  • and you are like standing there like whERE DID YOU COME FROM BOY
  • he’s out of breath and he’s hunched over and you are just like !!!!!! what!!!!!!! is!!!!!! this!!!!!!!
  • and finally he looks over at you and his first thought is just wOw because wow he thinks you’re cute
  • but when you see him your first thought is oH My gO dD hE IS blE edi nG
  • so he smiles over at you and you’re just like
  • “aR E YO u oKa y??????”
  • and he blinks and frowns and realizes that he must look like a mess and he’s just like “oh yeah i’m ok”
  • and somewhere in the distance you hear someone yell sanha’s name and you frown and sanha is just like sH I t
  • but rather than him just running back off he thinks for a moment and he realizes that what if he leaves and those people find you???? what if they think you know something?????? what if they scare you????
  • so he glances nervously over where the scream came from and he looks you dead in the eyes and just
  • “ok i know we just officially met and everything but i’ve seen you around before and there are some guys chasing me down and i think that they can see i’m talking to you sO whaT iF tHEy hUrt YoU so can you trust me for a minute?????”
  • and your thoughts are a bit rapid because what is this but sanha doesn’t seem like he has any ill intentions and it’s actually very cute that he’s worried about your safety so you’re just like “!!! yes i can trust you!!!!!”
  • and he smiles really brightly and you’re like dAMN HE’S CUTE
  • but he leans over and grabs your hand and you both start running off the campus and you’re just r u n n i n g
  • for a long long time but the shouts faded away a long time ago so he feels like it’s pretty safe now
  • and actually you’re feeling pretty exhilarated and great about the whole situation so you’re just like !!!! it’s fine!!!!!!!
  • but he still feels really bad and you’re like dying because he’s so nice and you never would have imagined him to be so nice
  • so after a while he stops apologizing and is just like “ok well can i take you out sometime to make it up to you??”
  • and you’re just like “sURE”
  • and so begins your relationship
  • and when he takes you out on that first dinner you have to ask who was chasing him and why because it was nagging at you
  • and he smiles because he’s never mentioned his personal life to anyone other than his five friends but he’s totally ready to open up to you and he’s just like
  • “well those guys had been harassing this one girl i know, so i figured that i could go talk to them”
  • and you’re like “yeah and how did that go”
  • so his five friends quickly realize how special you are because it’s nearly impossible to get sanha to open up to anyone so you are automatically a part of their little family
  • “i’m going to protect you with everything i have, ok?”
  • “if anyone ever scares you too badly, just tell me. i want to keep you safe.”
  • so you end up with this badboy who still gets into fights and still likes to live his life freely but he’s so sweet and protective and gentle that sometimes you forget about his image because he’s a precious noodle that fell in love with you by literally running into you
[ Jared extended imagine ] VyRT.

Original imagine: Imagine: Jared doing a special VyRT violet session to officially introduce you as his girlfriend to the Echelon.

Author: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request }


-Are you doing a VyRT violet right now, Jared?

Jared looks at you with his eyes widened and turns around to face a cabinet and take out a mug.

-Uhh…yeah. How do you know?

-I’m psychic. Did I not mention it before? Well, I’m following you on twitter, dummy! You’ve been quite promoting it the whole day. –You say scrolling on your phone.

Jared pours coffee into the mug and hands it to you.

-In fact, I have to go set everything up for it.

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Words: 2526

He wasn’t answering. You’d known he wouldn’t, he was working - but you figured it couldn’t hurt to try. You didn’t bother leaving a message. You’d pressed to dial before you’d even begun to think about what you might actually tell him about all of this, so you just followed up the empty call with a quick text:

Nevermind. Speak later. xx

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GerCan -- the fire and the flood

After much asking, arguing, and then outright pleading, Ludwig managed to get at least what province Matthew was in from Alfred. It was only after he menaced a young secretary in Matthew’s office about what might happen if her nation was alone for too long or if something happened to him on his holiday, that Ludwig found out where exactly Matthew was hiding in Newfoundland and Labrador.

He would feel guilty, about many things, not least the way the young woman’s face went white and her fingers stilled on her typewriter, for his dishonesty, but Ludwig had already thought of all the ways Matthew could hurt himself—physically, mentally, emotionally—so he really could only feel relief by her worry.

As Ludwig drove along the island’s dramatic coastline, up and down across hills, he added ‘flung himself into the ocean’ onto that list. It was exactly the sort of thing Matthew would threaten to do and actually do. Alfred had scoffed, but he was inclined to think of Matthew in a kinder, sweeter light.

Ludwig had met Matthew on the battlefield, in trenches, and even underground. He had danced with him during peacetime. He had fucked him then, too, and later in the war.

And Matthew, when it was all over, had smashed a bottle of wine on the floor and stormed out.

Ludwig would never have any illusions about what Matthew would do in any given circumstance.

So he wasn’t surprised when Arthur cornered him after a NATO meeting and requested he find Matthew and “tell him to get his act together. This is getting embarrassing.”

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Long Lost Brother.

Tonight was the night of the annual school play. Daylin wasn’t in drama, but she needed to make up her grade in Art. Her art teacher told her if she helped back stage, she’d bring her grade up a whole letter. So, Daylin couldn’t pass it up. She was putting on her earrings, when she heard her door bell ring. She knew it was Lydia. She’d offered to join her helping out backstage. Actually, Daylin had to beg her, but she did come. Daylin grabbed her purse, and headed down the stairs. She opened the door.

“Ready? She smiled. Daylin returned her smile and nodded. She closed the door behind and locked it.

“Let’s go.” Daylin ushered.


“I think the boys are coming?” Lydia said in the car. They were almost to the school. They’d been discussing what their tasks were for the night. Daylin’s was to make sure all the props were accounted for and ready. Lydia’s was to let the actors know when they were to go on.

“Why?” Daylin asked looking out the window.

“The English teacher, Mr. Lloyd, offers extra credit.” Daylin furrowed her brow. Something in Lydia’s tone wasn’t right. She wasn’t telling her something.

“Lydia? What’s going on?”

Lydia pursed her lips. Daylin gave her a look.

“Fine!” She exclaimed. “The boys are worried the Dread Doctors are up to something. They’ve been stagnant since Stiles and Theo’s run in with them. Scott and Deaton think that they’re waiting for an opportunity like this. A big gathering of people to…” She paused not wanting to finish.

“To what, Lydia?” Daylin urged.

“To unleash a beast. They’re not sure what kind, or if it’ll even happen. They just need to be sure.” Daylin didn’t say anything, she was mad at them from keeping this from her.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this?”

“Stiles mention you’d been different and we still don’t know what the dread doctors did to you.”

It hit Daylin all at once. “Oh my god! You guys think it’s me.” Daylin rubbed her head, trying to take in the new information. She was quiet the rest of the way.

When they arrived at the school, Stiles and Scott were standing at the Jeep with two other people. Daylin hadn’t seen them before. They were both males. One was older, 40 maybe, with had blonde hair. He was tall and lean with light eyes. The other was also tall about the same age as Daylin. He had a chiseled jawline, bluish green eyes that were a little close together, and wavy brown hair. The car stopped and Daylin got out. Her and Lydia made their way over to the boys. The younger one said something Daylin didn’t hear, and Stiles hit him on the back of the head.

“Hey.” Stiles said warmly as the two girls were finally among them. Daylin glared at them.

“Daylin,” Scott said cautiously. “This is Chris Argent.” He gestured to the older male. “And this is Issac Lahey” He gestured to the younger male.

“Argent? Any relation to Kate Argent?” Daylin smiled extending her hand to him. The whole group stared at her.

“You know Kate?” Scott said astonished.

“Yeah. I spent a few months in Mexico with Homes for Habitat. She ran a fruit stand in the town I worked in. But before I left she’d disappeared. Never saw her again.” She said simply. No one spoke for a long moment. They all looked around at each other gaping.

“I’m Issac.” The younger boy said grasping her hand and shaking it.

“I know.” Daylin nodded. They all stared back at her again. “Scott just told me your name.” They all relaxed. “Okay, well this is officially awkward. I’m Going inside.” She headed for the school.

“Wait, Daylin.” Stiles called after her. “We haven’t even told you the plan.”

She stopped and looked over her shoulder. “You guys leave me out on everything else. Why would this be any different?” Stiles hung his head. She walked by herself to the school, leaving them behind her.

Lydia had come to her a couple times once the show had started to try and talk to her. But Daylin was too upset with all of them. She didn’t say much. Half way through the play, Daylin was by herself in the prop room. She was getting some props for the next act. Suddenly, she heard voices behind her. She turned but saw no one. She looked behind some of the props, but found nothing. She chalked it up to her imagination and went back to find what she was looking for. After a few minutes, she swore she heard them again. She she turned around and this time, they didn’t stop. She thrashed around trying to hear from what direction the voices were coming. There was a broken violin against the wall and Daylin noticed it was louder when she looked in its direction. She walked closer to it and the voices got louder. When she was in front of it the voices were screaming, but there was so many of them she couldn’t understand. Finally, Daylin couldn’t take it anymore. She looked away from it. The voices didn’t cease though. Daylin grabbed her head. She couldn’t understand them, it was driving her crazy. She just wanted to scream, and scream she did. She couldn’t stop once she started. The only upside was she could finally hear what the voices where saying. They were all yelling one thing hell hound. Daylin felt like blood was pouring from all her crevices. Her vision started to blur as she fell to the floor. She saw blurred figures rushing into the room and than, darkness.

Daylin woke up in a hospital bed. The beeping and buzzing of machines filled the quiet room. There wasn’t anyone in there with her. The door that led to the corridor was slightly a jar. Through it she could hear the familiar voice of Melissa McCall.

“She’s stable. But we had to sedate her to stop the screaming.” She informed them.

“What about the blood?” Daylin recognized Theo’s voice.

“It’s stopped.” She told him. A collective sigh of relief could be heard. Daylin wondered if all her friends were there.

“Well I’m going to stay the night in there with her.” This was Stiles, but there was something different about his voice. It was shaky, like he’d been crying.

“Stiles. You can’t only family or legal guardians.” Stiles exhaled loudly in frustration.

“Wait a minute,” it was Lydia. “You said family or legal guardian.”

“That’s right.” Ms. McCall confirmed.

“Aren’t her parents her legal guardian?” Lydia speculated.

“No, the Lace’s are Daylin’s adoptive parents.” Ms. McCall admitted a little bewildered. “Daylin hasn’t told you?”

No one spoke and Daylin’s insides turned. It was true, Daylin’s parents had adopted her when she was four. Daylin didn’t know much about her real family. She only remembered her brother, Jack. He was a 11 months older than her but was born in October. So, they’d been in the same grade all throughout school. They were thick as thieves. He was adopted before her and she never saw him again.

Daylin’s parents took her home the next day. They wouldn’t allow any of her friends over to visit. They said she need tie to recover, but she thought they secretly blamed her friends. They took her phone as well. At least once a day Daylin heard Stiles’s Jeep pull into her driveway and her doorbell ring. Her parents never let him see her. One day, when Daylin was doing the class work she’d missed in her room. There was a tap at her window. Unclear as to what it might be, Daylin got up and looked out. Clinging to her window for dear life, was Stiles.

“Oh my god!” Daylin pulled it open and Stiles tumbled in. She helped him to his feet. “What are you doing, crazy?”

“Just thought I’d drop by.” He chocked rubbing his knee. Daylin laughed and closed her window.

“I can see that.”

“I’ve been trying to see you for the past four day.” He huffed as flopped on to her bed. Daylin joined him.

“I know. My parents are choosing now to be over protective.” She rolled her eyes. “Are you going to tell me what happened the other night?”

Stiles shook his head. “Deaton wants to check you out before he can say for sure.” He told her. “But good news is your still insanely gorgeous.” This made Daylin laugh and she kissed his cheek.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me you were adopted?” He said suddenly and quietly. Daylin was taken aback by the forwardness.

“I didn’t know I had to.” She said coldly hanging her head.

“You don’t.” He lifted her face to meet his eyes. “It’s just, I told you everything. Even about my mom.”

Daylin knew Stiles was right. The truth was she didn’t have a good reason for not telling him. “I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s alright. You can make it up to me by telling me now.” He kicked off his shoes and sat on her bed crossed legged. She sighed.

“I don’t know much. Just that my parents adopted me when I was four and I have a brother.”

“Do you remember him?” He asked.

“Vividly. He’s really the only thing I can remember clearly.”

“Okay, well what’s his name?”

“Jack. Well his full name is Jackson. But I always called him Jack.” She wasn’t looking at him but when she did his eyes were narrowed.

“Your brother’s name is Jackson. Jackson Whittmore?” He quizzed.

“No, our last name is Surnaturel.” She answered.

“Daylin, there was a boy who used to live here. His name was Jackson.” He paused. “He was adopted too.” He finished.

“Do you have a picture?” She felt butterflies in her stomach. Could this really be her brother?

“um yeah. I think.” Stiles pulled out his phone, opened it, and scrolled through it. He stopped and turned the phone to her. “He’s the one at the end.” He pointed. It was a picture of the lacrosse team. Daylin didn’t need Stiles to point him out. She recognized him instantly. She gaped looking at the adult version of her brother.

“Where is he?” She whispered a tear falling from her eye.

“London.” He wiped the tear off her face and took her face in his hands. “I’ll do whatever I can to help you find him.” He promised.

“Thank you.” She smiled.

“Don’t mention it.” He let go of her face. “So,” he drummed on his legs. “What do you want to do? I can help you with your homework-” Daylin cut him off with a kiss. She could feel the surprise tense up in his body and than release.

“What was that?” He chuckled.

“You asked what I wanted to do?” She breathed. She put her leg over his lap, straddling him.

“Yeah. I meant like class work or-”

“Don’t worry. We’ll being doing plenty of work.” Stiles put his hand on her butt. He ran his tongue along his lips and pushed it into his cheek, trying to hid the smile growing on his face. Daylin giggled and pushed Stiles onto the bed.

Soul Mate Shipwreck - Part Three - Sebastian Stan x Reader


It had been weeks since you last saw Sebastian, he’d left the morning after that very intense night and you hadn’t heard from him since.

Sebastian’s absence had negatively affected your life quite a bit but you were beginning to get back on your feet no matter how much each step made you ache. Him cutting you out of his life had hurt even more because you hadn’t said no to his question.

“Ask me,” he repeated, his hands moving to grips yours. He’d been outside so long that his fingers were ice cold, their frostiness snapping you out of whatever mesmerised state Seb had managed to put you in.

“The words are on the tip of my tongue,” you spoke slowly and with intent following every word. You knew in your head that these were one of those moments where every word you said needed to be precise. “But,” by using a lot of willpower which you didn’t know that you actually had, you pushed yourself further into the couch and away from Seb, “I can’t ask you to do that. I’m not going to make the decision for you, I’ve you my feelings and now you’ve got to decide who to pick.”

Though you said the words as gentle as you could, you still felt like a monster for forcing Sebastian into this situation. Still, it was his life and you weren’t the one who’ll get negative repercussions from this situation. In reply to your decision, Seb released a long and guttural groan as he fell into your lap and cuddled up against your body.

A small smile involuntarily appeared on your face at the sight of a rather childish Seb curling up into your lap. Automatically your hand settled atop his head and you began to stroke your fingers through his hair. This action made Seb able to throw away his worries of tomorrow and concentrate more on your comforting presence.

The two of you sat like that for a while, your minds way too busy with many thoughts to actually bother holding up a conversation with one another. It’s not like silence made either you or Seb feel awkward. The fact that you and Seb had been friends and more from a very young age made the chances of you two ever feeling awkward around each other very slim. Impossible, even.

The grandfather clock that Seb had bought you for Christmas began to chime, signalling that it was midnight. You never really wanted a grandfather clock, but a couple of years ago you’d made a joke about how every girls dream christmas present was a grandfather clock, not realising just how much you’d regret that joke when christmas time came.

“Come on then,” you began to poke Seb on the shoulder, earning a couple groans of protest back from him. “It’s time for bed, Sebastian.”

Though it was a lot of hard work, you eventually managed to get him up and into your bedroom. You passed him some pyjamas from his side of your wardrobe and had to remind him that he couldn’t get changed in the same room of you.

Waking up with his arms wrapped around your waist is nothing but make you feel more desperate for him. Seb didn’t wake up happy either but that was mostly down to the hangover he’d been cursed with.

And the morning just seemed to worsen from there as you were tasked with filling any holes in his memory.

Thankfully, the pancakes that you and Seb co-made did make everything feel a little more brighter. The pancakes also helped move on the conversation away from last night which was nice for the both of you.

Eventually the time for him to leave and return to his official lover came around. You gave him a change of clothes which came once again from his side of your wardrobe; and then you shared a hug that lasted a bit too long for friends. He did stop just outside your door and look back at you, a question weighing on his mind. “If I asked you would you say yes or no?”

The question had certainly caught you off guard but the answer was an easy one, “I think you already know the answer to that question.”

He accepted this answer happily and began to make his way to the stairwell. You had no idea that as you yelled the words ‘bye’ to him, those would be the last words you’d ever say to him for a while.

It was probably three days after that night when you finally realised that he’d cut you out of his life. He stopped answering your texts and phone calls; normally you would have just gone to his house and demanded him to give you an explanation, but after that night it made sense why he’d want you out of his life. He’d chosen her.

Three weeks later, you were sat at home drinking from your bottle of southern comfort when you got a call from your boss. When your mobile initially began ringing, a spark of unwanted hope filled you, though it was quickly crushed back down when you read the name.

“Hello?” You greeted, trying to keep your voice sounding as perky as possible to hide the turmoil you were actually feeling.

On the phone your boss revealed that she had files she needed you to immediately look at. You offered to meet her at the building you work at but she said she was already out of the office and on her way home, so she gave you an address. An address you knew very well because it was the park you told Seb your feelings at.

You tried to keep your mind off of that memory which was quite difficult considering you had to walk there and there wasn’t really anything to distract you.

When you did eventually arrived, you came to find that no one was there yet. You sent a text message to your boss saying that you’d arrived and then proceeded to sit down on the nearest bench which just so happened to be yours and Sebastian’s. A minute later you received a text from your boss saying that she’d be there soon.

You waited and waited, remaining sat on the bench with your legs lazily swinging along with the breeze. In order to keep yourself distracted, you people-watched and imagined up life stories for each individual. All of them were given their own little happy ending, it was your way of escaping reality. You ended up becoming so immersed in your little imaginings that you didn’t notice when a person arrived and sat beside you.

“Hello,” the person greeted, drawing you out of your bubble.

You turned to look at the person, half expecting to see your boss. Who your eyes ended up landing on was a complete surprise. “Seb?” You gasped out, your word so quiet that you doubted he heard you.

Realising that he had your attention, Seb sent you a warm and friendly smile. “I know it’s a bit weird, me just coming over to talk to you like this but I have this huge picnic set up over there.” He pointed over towards a blanket that indeed was mostly covered in food with two bottles of wine set beside it with glasses leaning against them. And though it seemed as though he was supplying some sort of explanation, you were only getting more confused. “I was hoping that maybe you’d like to join me?”

Though you were still mightily confused, you nodded your head and accepted his offer. He certainly had you intrigues as you were coming up with many theories as to why he was pretending like he had no idea who you were. The most heartbreaking theory being that he’d actually forgotten who you wer.

Sebastian stood up and began to guide you to the blanket. He did stop half way, releasing a loud ‘oh’ and for a second you thought that maybe he’d remembered who you were. “My names Sebastian, by the way,” he put out his hand for you to shake.

By following him to the picnic you’d basically signed up for this charade and so you had no other choice but to carry on going along with it. “Y/N,” you introduced, shaking his offered hand.

Soon after you made it to the blanket and came to find that all your favourite foods were on the blanket. This factor basically sealed your theory that he knew exactly who you were and was simply pretending like he didn’t, and though you were happy to have figured this out, you now had even more questions.

“Do you mind if I tell you a story while we eat?” He began filling a plate for you, automatically knowing exactly what you’d want.

You accepted the plate, “go ahead.”

“So,” he began, “I had this friend who was way more than a friend, she was actually my soul mate. I loved her for so long and then I did the worst thing I could possibly do: I gave up on her. I thought there was no chance we’d ever start a proper relationship and started dating someone else. Until one night she told me that the entire time she’d had the exact same feelings for me as I have for her.”

The memories replayed in your head like a movie; you’re sure that you’ll never forget that night. To keep yourself from interrupting the story you shovelled food into your mouth.

“After that I got really drunk, and though my memory of that night is very blurry, she did tell me what I’d done the morning after. I’d apparently gone to her house and asked her to tell me to leave my girlfriend. I now realised that that was very stupid of me, it was my life and to put it on her shoulders was wrong of me. So afterward, I sorted my life out. I broke up with the girl I was dating and got a new apartment. I’m ready to start dating my soul mate but I’m worried she won’t want to anymore, especially after everything, what do you think?”

You took a second to take in all that Sebastian had said, sparing another few seconds to think of your reply. Once you were confident in what you wanted to say, you slowly placed down your plate and returned your hands to your lap so that you could nervously fiddle with the hem of your shirt (which just so happened to be from Sebastian’s part of your wardrobe). “I think,” you spoke with a calmness that hid your anxiety well, “that you should stop pretending like you don’t know her and just ask her the question.”

A crooked smile appeared on his face, making it obvious that you’d given him the reply that he wanted. “Well what do you think then Y/N, want to be my girlfriend? I think we’ve both waited long enough.”

You had no idea just how much you’d been wanting to hear those words but they created an almost euphoric feeling that surged through your entire body. This feeling was what led to you quickly sliding closer to him and attacking your lips to his. You knocked over a  glass filled with wine on your way but you didn’t care. Worse things could have happened, like the moment not being real.

Your lips moving against his felt right, almost wrongly so. They were just as soft as your remembered and he knew exactly how you liked to be kissed. His hands went to rest against your jaw line whilst yours tugged gently on his hair, causing him to gasp and welcome your tongue into his mouth.

Normally you were against public displays of affection but this was the exception. It was worth it as well.

Sadly, the both of you needed oxygen and had to pull apart to catch your breath. During this break, you took it as your chance to say the words you’d been desperate to tell him ever since you accepted the fact that you are soul mates.

“You should know by now Sebastian Stan, I’m your soul mate and there’s absolutely nothing that you could do which would stop me from loving you wholly. 

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Movie Scenes


  1. Robbie and Y/N are in a movie together and they have been friends for a long time,so when they play love interests its not awkward but they cant keep a straight face while doing a super romantic scene for the first few takes.But they get over it and-
  2. -get into the scene.They enjoy each other and then they keep wanting to redo the scene so they can keep acting cute without becoming a couple,but in the end they make it official anyways.You can change it up I just thought that would be cute ilysm 😘

Warnings: none

You sat on the couch with Robbie, watching a movie. It’s late at night, you’re both still wide awake, and it’s just you and him. No one else. His arm is around you, you’re leaning on his shoulder; the setting is comfortable.

“Do you think she knows she’s about to die?” You asked, looking up at Robbie. You were watching a stupid horror film.

“With how she’s reacting to everything, no. I don’t think she does.” He replied, looking down at you. 

You sat up, leaving his shoulder. You turned a bit so you could face him. He turned his to look at you.

“Okay, okay, what would you do if you were in a horror movie, and you were in that girl’s spot?”

He laughed. “I’d do everything the opposite of what’s she’s doing.”

You were both smiling and giggling. You looked at him, a grin on your lips. He looked at you, cupping your cheek with one hand. The laughter subsided, smiles fading. You looked each other in the eyes, and started to lean in. Lips were about to touch, when a very tiny giggle escaped from your mouth. That caused Robbie to giggle, ensuing more laughter. You both pulled away, blushing and smiling. 

“Okay, cut!” The director shouted. 

You waved your hands, capturing your breath. “I’m sorry. We’re not being professional,” you laughed some more.

You and Robbie were on set of this movie. You were playing love interests. If this were any other guy, you’d be able to do this scene easily. But this was Robbie Kay you best friend. The boy you used to take baths with when younger. The boy who’d always spend the night with you. The guy who knew embarrassing things about you and you knew embarrassing things about him. So getting into a more intimate scene with your best friend was a little weird. It caused both of you to laugh.

“I know you’re best friends and all, but we need to get this scene done. We’re done it four times now,” the director said. He wasn’t exactly scolding you two, just talking to you guys. He wasn’t upset, he only wanted to move on to the next scene.

This scene right now though, ends in a makeout session. It’s not just a kiss. Your’s and Robbie’s characters lock lips for a decent amount of time before you two pull apart and go back to cuddling.

You and Robbie start the scene over. It was now the fifth time attempting this scene. You had to do it. You didn’t want to hear the same sound effects from the ‘movie’ you were watching, and you were getting tired of saying the lines over and over again. You and Robbie had to do it.

The time came when it was time to kiss. Another reason why you kept laughing was because you were nervous. You loved Robbie. You’d been wanting to kiss him since a couple years ago when he got a girlfriend, and you were jealous of her. Since then, they broke up. But your feelings for him were still there. You wanted to kiss him, and kissing him for the first time, movie scene or not, was going to be nerve wracking for you.

But finally, his lips landed on top of yours. You kissed him, and he deepened it by progressing more into the scene. The director told you what to do. He told you and Robbie where to move your hands, told Robbie to lean more on you so you were forced to lean back a bit. He told you tangle your fingers in Robbie’s hair. Eventually, the director told you to bite Robbie’s bottom lip, and you did so. You were both so into the kiss, and so was Robbie.

The director told you to separate, and you two did. You both looked at each other, starstruck. Then you two leaned back into the original position, his arm around you and your head on his shoulder. You both said your lines, and the scene was done.

“I think that was good. How about we take a thirty minute break? That’s enough time to use the restroom, eat a snack, get touch ups on makeup and costumes if needed.” The director called out. Everyone nodded their heads, going off to do whatever they needed to do. You and Robbie both got up, not saying a single word to each other. You both walked away to a place where it was more private. Which was his dressing room. No one was in there.

“Okay, what was that? I’m pretty sure you felt something, too,” Robbie told you.

“Of course I felt something, idiot. I thought that whole tingling sensation ordeal was just in stories, but I’ve never felt that when kissing a guy.” You admitted, blushing hard.

“Do you like me?”

“You’re my best friend, of course I do,” you looked at him quickly, only then to glance away.

“That’s not what I mean.” Robbie folded his arms over his chest.

You rolled your eyes, sitting down on a chair. “Yes.” 

“Yes? Just yes?” You nodded. “How long?”

“A while.”

Robbie rolled his eyes, walking up to you. “Quit being vague and blunt.” You shook your head, blushing and embarrassed. You felt like Robbie didn’t like you back in that way. 

“What? I like you more than a best friend, and I’ve felt like for a while now. End of story. Now if you’ll excuse, I’ll be in my dressing room.” You got up from your spot on the chair. You were embarrassed. You vaguely admitted your feelings to Robbie, and he wasn’t returning them. Maybe the feeling he felt was something different. not that tinging sensation you got.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Robbie said before spinning you around to kiss you. He kissed you, his hand still wrapped around your wrist, the only lightly gripping your upper forearm. You kissed him back, getting into.

“You know… I really… liked it when… you bit my lip,” Robbie said in between kisses. You smirked, pulling that same move you did moments ago.

“You mean that?” Robbie could only nod.

You kissed a bit longer, finally separating. You and him were breathing a little harder than normal. Blush visible on both your cheeks. 

“So… what does this mean?” You asked. Your hands were around his waist, his now resting around your shoulders.

“Take a wild guess,” he smirked. You chuckled, leaning in to kiss him again. 

You were now dating you best friend.

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Smutttttty smut please, rough smut

A/N: What if 11x20 had ended very differently?

“You say I’m playing games? I’m here, ready to talk but you are pissed at me so I’m getting punished,” I say, emphasising my point with my arms.

“I’m not punishing anyone and I’m not doing this.” His voice is frustratingly calm and he makes a move to leave but I block him with my body.

I want to.” His expression is one of shock and confusion. “I want to do this because this is not fair!” I’m raising my voice in the corridors, I know this is unprofessional, so I push him into the on-call room next to us.

“This is-” I close the door behind us and turn, ready to fight.

“Amelia, back off.” The way he says my name makes my stomach do a flip. Guilt? Hate? Love? I’m not sure. “You wanted professional, I’m giving you professional.”

“No you’re not! You’re hardly being civil.” Part of me rages at his suggestion that his behaviour for the day has been professional. His curt manner, the stroppy looks I’ve received, the accusation of my patient care… he’s been unreasonable and now he’s suggesting that this is what I wanted? This is what I asked for? “Look, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, I am… but you-”

“THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, EVERYTHING ISN’T ABOUT YOU.” His yelling catches me off guard and encourages the menacing blood coarsing around my body, preparing the fight to spill over.

“Then WHAT IS IT?” I yell. He’s officially riled me up now. Let’s go Hunt.

“Look I have my own stuff going on. Today of all days. Just drop it. Leave me be.” How has this happened? This isn’t what we do. Since we’ve started to get to know each other, we’ve always shared, we’ve always been honest, and it’s what’s been the most drawing thing about Owen.

“LEAVE YOU BE? ARE you kidding me Owen?” I rage. “I don’t care what kind of day you’ve had, it gives you absolutely NO right to act how you’ve acted towards me today. You’ve treated me like an intern that needs to be put in their place. Do you get how disrespectful that is?”

“AMELIA,” he shouts over my voice, taking a step towards me. “I really, quite frankly at this point, don’t give a shit.”

“WWWWWHAT?! What the HELL is your problem? TELL ME!” I step towards him, my breathing ragged from all the anger bubbling inside, hands on my hips.

“NO, NOW BACK OFF!” He turns to leave but I grab his arm, spinning him back round to face me.

“TELL ME!” I all but spit at him.

“YOU!” He breaks. “You are my problem. There was a plane crash today and… and it brings a lot of stuff from the past up. If you weren’t such a… such a bitch in the elevator this morning, I would have come straight to you. I’d have told you everything and we wouldn’t be here having this argument.”

“Don’t you dare call me a bitch,” I say, my voice low and my eyes narrowing in hatred. My glare is below my brows but he can see it. He can also see my nostrils starting to flare.

“That’s what you were!”

“I KNEW YOU WERE HURT!” I triumphantly put.

“OH MY GOD AMELIA, IS THIS REALLY SOMETHING YOU WANT TO BE SMUG ABOUT?!” His jaw clenches along with his fists.

“STOP SAYING MY NAME!” The rage has reached new heights and I lose control- my hand connects to his cheek in a deafening slap. His face bounces back and he winces in a quick attempt to conceal the pain. We both stand face-to-face, nose-to-nose, clenched jaw to flaring nostril, glare-to-glare. Our ragged breaths are all that we hear, pounding pulses thudding through our ears. Before I realise what’s going on, he grabs my face in his cupped hands, his lips on mine and he is immediately begging entrance into my mouth with his tongue.

I instinctively allow it and I struggle to keep up with his ferocious attack. He moans as he holds onto my shoulders and pulls them together in pent up anger. I shrug free, hating the fact that he has strength and size on his side, and break the kiss to push him onto the door. He winces again, this time from the door handle cracking into his lower back rather than my hand on his cheek. The growl that follows would worry me, but for some reason I know I’m safe.

This time, I’m the one that pounces. I pin him to the door, kisses sloppy and hands everywhere. He rips my white lab coat off me, tears my top over my head and scowls at me as our eyes meet. He lowers his head to my neck and begins sucking and nipping at my skin, daring to see how far he can dig in without me breaking. In retaliation, I make him as topless as I am, his lips parting from my neck for a mere second before continuing their assault.

“If you dare leave me with a hickey Owen, I swear to God,” I mutter, panting through heavy breaths. He growls and I feel it against the skin as he ignores my comment. I reach down to feel he is turned on and ready to go. I begin massaging his erection through his trousers, hoping to distract him from my neck, but it only encourages him to go harder. I mimick him with my hand and soon I feel him moaning and using more tongue rather than teeth.

We’ve had sex. We had a lot of sex over the past week. We’ve had amazing, romantic, touchy-feely sex. We’ve had sex where he’s been a little tipsy. We’ve had lazy, waking-up sex. This is raw, animalistic, angry sex and I’m going to take it for face value.

I know I’m having an effect on him as he begins to slow down his kissing on my neck but as he pulls away and pushes me off to lock the door behind him, I can sense he’s angry about it. He wants control, I can see it in the way he is coming towards me. Prowling towards me even.

He tugs at my scrub bottoms and I kick my trainers off so I can step out of them. He follows suit and then picks me up to lie us both on the bed. I’ve been so used to him looking down at me with soft eyes, a small smile, that I’m shocked to see the clenched jaw and the harsh glare. I reflect his expression and he soon grows tired and flips me over so I’m on my front. Pulling my pants over my hips, he reaches between my legs with his fingers and enters me, giving me no warning.

“Owen,” I gasp at the sensation, and as he makes quick work on making me wet with his special tricks, I curse myself for being this easy. Before I know it, he’s on top of me, his hard cock filling my insides.

He grunts as he fucks me from behind, keeping my body steady by holding onto my hips. His thrusts are hard and quick, and his growling and grunting are doing nothing but turning me on further. Although we are both fuelled on adrenaline and anger, I note his time and attention spent on making sure I orgasm first. I do, and he softly chuckles as I finish, smug at his accomplishment.

“Oh, Amelia…”

I curse myself again for being the easy one to crack first so I scoff from in front of him and climb out of his reach, leaving him desperate. He attempts to stop me but due to his throbbing erection, he struggles to move as quick as me. I pull my clothes back on and run out the door.

As I reach the elevator, I feel my phone buzz.


I reply with a simple instruction.

“Stop saying my name. Oh, and thanks for the orgasm.”

I feel like I’ve won our first argument…

A/N: I’m yet to receive a prompt that doesn’t have the word “smut” or “hot” in it. I love getting prompts but there’s only so many times I can write “Oh, yes, fuck, yes Owen.” before I get bored I’m afraid!

A Pocketful of Jelly Beans, Ch.2

Title: A Pocketful of Jelly Beans

Chapter:  2

Genre: Thriller/Angst

Rating: T (abduction, depiction of gun violence)

Summary: AU Accountant Tom and his wife are on their way to a party when they are overtaken by masked gunman and secrets are forced to light.

Author’s Notes: I’m warning you, gentle readers…I’m super emotional right now and I was listening to Chopin nocturnes while I wrote part of this, so…I dunno, might not be what people are expecting.  Kind words and constructive criticism are appreciated.  :)

ICYMI - Chapter 1


I sat inthe back of the ambulance with my legs dangling while they flapped around me and checked everything they possibly could, short of a cavity search.  A stern Look from Tom muted my protests and I let them help as he had instructed. He walked away to make a phone call, but his eyes didn’t leave me. The warehouse and industrial area around it were swarming with official vehicles and officers and a startling number of people  who looked like rejects from a “Men In Black” casting call.  They were buzzing around him while he paced, still in his tux, still speaking in that calm musical tone that had charmed me not quite a year ago.

My husband.


My Tom.

An assassin?

The man who could practically quote “Star Wars” verbatim (the original trilogy, mind you, not those “ghastly attempts at a prequel”), the man who seemed to know more about Shakespeare than my high school English teachers?

My Tom.

A spy?

The man who made dorky tennis noises and provided his own commentary as he flipped the eggs when he made breakfast?

A government agent?

The man who pouted for days when I told him we couldn’t name our first pet, a cat, “Mowgli” because it was a female? (I gave in, but that was neither here nor there at this point.)

A liar?


I definitely knew the answer to that one.

A liar.

A liar whose life nearly cost my own tonight.

He rode with me to the hospital, clutching my hand and kissing my cheeks or brow at what felt like the rate of every thirty seconds or so.

I was silent.

Grateful that he didn’t push me to speak, I listened with my eyes closed while he engaged in small talk with the EMT, as if he was a normal accountant who just happened to be in an ambulance with wife. Everyone loved Tom.  Everyone. He was unfailingly polite, unfailingly patient, unfailingly kind.  He told her about the holiday we had planned for next week.  He wanted to do something special for our six month anniversary and had booked a short trip to the seaside for us.

As the minutes ticked by, I felt myself starting to panic in a way that was quite different from what I had experienced when I was grabbed from the car. I wanted answers, but I didn’t want answers. My emotions were ping-ponging from wanting to plant my fists into his entirely too handsome face to chaining myself to him so that nothing like this would ever happen again. I was feeling more of the bloody nose urge than the other when we arrived at the hospital and he insisted that I sit in a wheelchair instead of walking in on my own two feet.

“I’m not a cripple, Tom,” I informed him, immediately regretting it when I saw his face.  His jaw clenched and I swiftly planted myself in the seat before he could respond. He stood still for several seconds, then bent down and kissed my cheek for the thousandth time, brushing his knuckles along my jaw and speaking softly into my ear.

“I am quite aware that you probably hate me right now and you want to do the opposite of whatever I need you to do…”

A kiss on my other cheek.

“…but if you attempt to get out of this contraption or leave this place before a doctor clears you, I promise that you wi –“

“I won’t,” I whispered in interruption, my mind and my body reacting in the usual way when he spoke to me in that tone of voice.

His face softened into one of those smiles that always left me with that giddy feeling jumping around in my tummy.

“Good little jelly bean.  Feet up, darling.”

We were sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor when his phone went off, again, and he apologized, again.

We both looked up as the doctor entered and Tom quickly introduced himself and left the room with his phone in hand.

It hadn’t occurred to me that I would leave the hospital feeling worse than when I arrived, but this night was already full of life-changing surprises.

The initial warning bells went off in my head when I was filling out the paperwork that the nurse had handed me.

Last menstrual cycle.

It was just stress, right?  I hadn’t been feeling like my usual chipper self, but I had chalked it up to all the activity at work.  I hadn’t realized how late I was this month.

When Tom returned 20 minutes later, I was the one with a secret.


He fussed over me as if I were made of glass, carefully getting me into the waiting unmarked black sedan and holding me tightly as we rode through the quiet streets in the wee hours.  I wanted to ask where the car came from, but instead I pressed my face to his chest, trying to hear his heartbeat, trying to assure myself that regardless of what we had experienced on this strange terrifying night, he loved me. He loved me.  He loved me. It wasn’t a lie.  It couldn’t be. I had been duped, I had been fooled, yes. But I knew he loved me. Whatever he was, whatever he did, he loved me; and whatever he was, whatever he did, he would love the secret I now knew I carried. Wouldn’t he?

I still hadn’t really spoken and I knew that my comfort was at the forefront of his mind. He kept asking me if I was alright, if I was warm enough.

“We’re almost home, my lovely.”

Home.  Was he still my home?

I halted abruptly when I saw a man open the front door and step out of our house as we exited the car.  Tom was right behind me and I turned so quickly and threw my arms around him that he grunted.  My face was buried into his tux and he immediately put one of his big hands on the back of my head and the other under my chin, tilting it up and kissing me softly.

“It’s ok, darling,” Tom told me, “he’s here for us.”

The man descended the steps, giving me a polite nod as I stepped towards the house, and then spoke lowly in Tom’s ear.  All I could catch over the noise of the car pulling away were the words “secure” and “apprehended.”

I glanced into the living room after we entered the house, seeing that Mowgli was curled into a tight little ball on the blanket that had dropped to the floor in my haste to stop Tom from leaving the house sans pants with his Star Wars boxers on full display for all the world to see.  That seemed like a lifetime ago. I looked at him as we passed the living room, trying to wrap my head around the idea that the same man who had done that was the man who had…who had…

I didn’t protest when he stopped in the kitchen to make me eat something instead of heading directly upstairs, knowing that it was useless to try and also not having the strength.  

I looked around at the little notes on the frig, at the canisters of our favorite biscuits, at my husband while he sliced an apple, putting it on a plate with some cheese. He knew I hadn’t eaten since lunch and that if it wasn’t seen to before I went to sleep, I would wake him up in a few hours and beg him to leave the warm bed and get me a snack. It was one of the little things he had been slowly working on, reminding me to munch on something in the evening. Sometimes he would put a little plate of crackers or some fruit on my night table if he was going to be up late working.


Working on what, I now wondered, as I swallowed the last mouthful and he handed me a glass of water. Certainly not financial reports.  

I watched as his hands placed the knife and plate in the dishwasher, the same hands that I saw hold a gun tonight, the same hands that had pulled the trigger.

He killed someone.

My husband killed someone.

And now he was standing in our kitchen, putting soap into the dishwasher and wiping those hands on the towel by the sink.  

He turned to face me and asked if I wanted more water. I wanted water, but not to drink.  

“Shower, please.”

He led me upstairs and undressed me, placing me under the steaming spray and gently washing me like a child.  His lips soothed over the marks on my wrists and neck. Soft kisses and whispers of apology, of love wafted over my body. When the last soapy bubbles were swirling down the drain, he reached to turn off the water and I stopped him.  

Blue eyes observed me for a moment and then he simply put his arms around me and sighed.

We stood wrapped in each other until the water turned tepid.  He dried us off and draped a soft flannel robe over me.  Mowgli sauntered into the bathroom and began rubbing around my ankles, purring loudly.  He scooped her up and deposited her onto my lap, cupping my chin and butting his face against mine, just like she was.  A bottle of aloe vera lotion was procured from the cabinet and he tenderly massaged it into skin.

If this behavior was all together new, my suspicions about him, about everything, would have been different.  But this wasn’t new.  Tom had been an incredibly loving and attentive man from the beginning.  It was one of the things that I found so attractive about him.  He always seemed singularly aware of what was happening around him, of me and my moods and thoughts.  Desiring such qualities in a husband, but not having found them previously in a man, I used it as a reason to justify marrying him so quickly.  Sometimes I would catch him staring at me, his blue eyes narrowed slightly, a temple of his glasses pressed between the corner of his mouth, his jaw loose and the very tip of his tongue appearing to flick his lower lip.  He would simply smile at me, put his glasses back on his handsome face, and go back to his book for a few seconds before I tackled him and the book was forgotten for a while.   Now, that alertness, that latent tantalizing intensity made perfect sense.  It had saved my life tonight and probably his own on many occasions.  

He put me in our big bed, the bed he had insisted we buy even though it cost a fortune, and crawled in next me before pulling the cool white sheet up around us.  We were on our sides facing each other and he brought my hand to his mouth, kissing my wedding ring before removing it and placing it in the little crystal box on his night table; his little ritual that usually made me smile, but tonight made me want to scream and cry and crawl into his pocket like one of the jelly beans he always kept for me so that I would be safe and warm and close to him always.

“Don’t you have questions?  I’ll answer whatever I can.”

I did, but I couldn’t ask them.

What was he? Was everything a lie? Was marrying me part of the lie?  Would I be safe? Would we be safe??

“You’re safe, darling.  It’s over.”

No, it wasn’t over.

It was only the beginning, the beginning of something I didn’t ask for, the beginning of discovering that I was married to a stranger and that stranger was going to be a father.

The thought tore a sob from me and I tried to escape him, tried to untangle my limbs from his and shrink away from the embrace that had always comforted me.

But he wouldn’t let me.  He contracted the arm that was around my waist and a slight growl of disapproval rumbled from his throat.  I wasn’t frightened, but something snapped inside me and I started crying.  

“You’re my wife and you are not getting away, not from our bed or our home and most certainly not from me; not now, not tomorrow or the next day or any day to come,” he murmured in my ear, his voice low and insistent.  “I’m the same person, I’m your husband.”

Was he the same person?

I only wanted one answer tonight.  All the others, they could wait until tomorrow. Right now, I needed to know something.

I pushed out the words between shuddering sobs, asking the one thing that was the most important thing tonight.


A soft chuckle tickled my cheek and his scruff scraped along my jaw, causing me to shiver and draw up the leg that was draped over his hip.  My toes curved around the spot behind his knee and he gasped.

“It’s ‘Tom,’ darling.”

One of his hands slipped from my cheek to cradle my neck and he kissed me.

“My name is Tom.  I’m the same person.”

The same name.

But the same person?

Would it be the same?

He held me while I wept, his big hands roaming over my body like a traveler on a familiar road who knows all the best places to linger.  Fingertips played a tune down my spine as his lips caught my tears.

One more night.  I needed one more night. I could pretend for one night.  I could pretend that this day had been a terrible dream and I was just now waking from it.

I had to know if it would be the same, if there was something to fight for when I woke up and the harsh morning sunlight of truth would break through the curtains in the hazy room of denial that I was desperately trying to keep dark for a few more hours.

He stopped me and gripped my chin, looking into my tear-filled eyes with a question of his own.

“Are you sure?”

I felt like I hadn’t been able to draw a normal breath since the vans blocked us in the ally.  I wasn’t sure about anything, except that I needed him so desperately in that moment, it seemed more important than truth.

I answered him by rolling onto my back and pulling him with me, my hands feverishly traveling down his long pale body.

“Help me breathe again, please, please.”

I was shocked to hear my own voice, shocked to hear that the words were nearly whimpered.

A short exclamation of pain, sounding like my request had punched him in the gut, and his hands were on my face, his mouth on mine, as if he could transfer the air I needed from his lungs to mine.

“I love you, my little jelly bean.  You’re safe now.  No one will hurt you.  We’re alone.”

No, we aren’t alone.  

And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun

I hope everyone has had a good year and that 2014 has been kind to you all. As a way to end the year, I wanted to share with you another novella depicting life for Harry and Beth after the end of When the Sky Turns Grey. These characters are close to my heart and I’ve loved being able to write and now share their stories with you. 

At just over 25k in length, it’s a tad long and I don’t expect anyone to read it in one go. I’d love to chat about anything in this novella, written or implied or things you’ve thought of for the Styles family or the former One Direction members. There are a whole slew of texts from last night that take place during this time period here. Keep an eye out for the Fauxstagrams that are situated throughout as well. 

Enjoy and thank you! xx Allison

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