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Install Linux on everything?

I got Linux into a 3.5 inch 1.44 MB Floppy disk. And booted off of it. 

…An operating system in a Floppy disk……. ~1.5 MB…. 

Computer specs: intel pentiumIII at 650MHz with 256MB of ram, has two 4GB drives and is dual booting on Debian/Crunchbang!++ and WinXP. (for the aesthetic, and fixing old floppies). 

After facing many challenges of getting the floppy drive to work, i just needed to do something with the floppy disks. (I only have two working floppy disks though, i wish i had more, they’re so amazing).

Next time i am gonna make my own linux distro that fits into a floppy drive. I am thinking of getting Debian in there somehow but idk. I gotta compile a kernel that’s tiny and stuff, it’s gonna be fun. 

Why am i doing this: I love technology and have no money but i got lots of old tech lying around and people are litterally throwing them away. This is basically my raspberry pi project. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you install linux on everything?

Mostly because i can and i like to think that it will come in handy in the future for some reason. But really, it’s very fun. I feel like with software and hardware i am the one that’s fixing the issue or problem. 

It’s that part of my life where things go right. And where i can make the impossible happen. (like booting a 1.5 Mb operating system)

It’s one of those things that rewards me, it makes me feel free and in control of the wonderful world of technology. And that’s what Linux is all about. 

One day, i will get root permission to my brain and i am gonna install linux on myself.