everything leads to the inevitable doom

@laureljupiter actually nearly every DA3 character is a foil to Solas. It really comes out when you listen to the party banter. I could write an essay about all of them.

- Sera: old vs young; couth vs uncouth; both elven rebel leaders; both with trickster characteristics; what is the extent of one’s social responsibility? Elfiness elfiness elfiness; Sera saying she hates pride and “pride cookies” while Solas’ name literally means “Pride”; I could go on for years
- Blackwall: identity; betrayal; confrontation and acceptance of past deceptions and wrongdoings; morality and forgiveness; hiding in plain sight as a way to find yourself; atonement; “you must accept the pain to make things better”
- Iron Bull: slavery; thought crime; disassociation (the people around you are not real people, you must be prepared to kill them); friendship; high-level strategic thinking; spying, lying and espionage; the mesmerizing (ironic?) fact that Solas only starts to respect Iron Bull if he chooses his personal friendships over his loyalty to his homeland
- Dorian: slavery; the great responsibility that is being privileged and talented in a corrupt society built on slavery and founded on death; it sure is fun to be a wizard nerd
- Vivienne: the Question of Fashion; power and position and responsibility; politics and court life, being a courtier; she literally reminds Solas of an Evanuris
- Cassandra: determination to do the right thing despite doubts; divine faith and belief; learning that the organization you belong to is corrupt; seeking Truth (and lying); Cassandra possibly becoming Divine vs. Solas’ godhood
- Varric: acceptance or rejection of being displaced in a strange world; gambling; acceptance of loss vs railing against loss; what should the Man on the Island do?; the split on the question of Cole’s humanity
- Cole: angels and spirits and their attraction to mortality; becoming embodied in a harsh world; dreaming and the waking world; experience vs. naïveté; mindfulness meditation; compassion and pride; “you cannot change your nature by wishing”

- Ameridan: sacrificed everything to save his people from a god, but doomed them to slavery instead; his lover died calling out to him through dreams; waking up eons later to find everything gone; “it takes everything from you”
- Corypheus: the parallels and contrasts to Solas are multiple, deliberate and obvious
- Inquisitor: marked to lead a divine organization; can the world be saved without destroying it?; is it possible to wield power and influence righteously?; the inevitable corruption of organizations; the question of this world’s reality and value

I know people might not like to consider it, but I feel like some of these characteristics might have been decided mainly to foil with Solas. Like, I would argue that especially aspects of Sera and Blackwall were written with the idea that Solas would be in this game in mind.


(Edit: And completed ! Hope you guys like it and don’t suffer too much ehehe.)

Sans’s Decay

We used to be happy didn’t we ?

When you first showed up, you set us, monsters, free. We lived like a family, and yet… I still don’t understand why you started this…

You sent us all back to this awful place, I though I was going crazy. No ones could recall having meeting you, neither have seen the surface… Even with all my friends, I never felt more alone back then.

However I kept smiling like an idiot, telling myself “ Everything is fine. ”

After all… you were only a child right ? You kept doing the same journey over and over. Maybe because you enjoyed it ? But one day… Your love for us vanished… or perhaps was it curiosity ? After all… who would remember ? Right ? Eheh…

Before I was about to reason you… It was too late.

You killed him. 

I still recall the pain, I remember the tears and the feeling of my soul shattering in piece as I saw you kill him…. 

I still recall asking myself “ WHY? ”. From all the monsters in the underground, why him ? He was and still the only thing in my damn life that made me happy. He was innocent. He was cool. He was so damn nice…. and you killed him. Eheh…

It was the first time of many… 

At first, all I tried to do was to avenge him, but at each new resets, this game started to feel odd. After all, what’s the point ? You would reset anyway… you always reset…

My hatred turned into something else, kill you started to be fun, to see you in pain was more then delightful. And so did I keep killing you over and over, making fun to your failure as you attempted to kill me. Who knew that such a lazy skeleton could beat you up so much, eh ? I didn’t cared much anymore. After all, everything would start resetting right ? No ‘harm’ done.

Torture you became my little game to fill the emptiness in my soul… Until I realize once again… that I made a terrible mistake…

What I though was the right decision doomed us all, this game we were playing, I didn’t realize that the emptiness in my soul was more then just a feeling, that the reset actually took a part of my own being every time you killed me back.

But it was more then just me… every monsters… our Home… everything started to fall apart under my nose. I was such a fool, eheh… And now no matter how much I try to prevent you from resetting… everything lead to an end right ?

I can’t avoid the inevitable… I wasted such a precious time… I ruined everyone’s hope to see the surface again… I condamned everyone… All I can do now is bought time…

Kid… can’t you see ? I’m just a very old… and tired… skeleton.

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47+101 with cal pal doll xx

You knew he was going to be at the wedding. It was his cousin getting married after all. You had been friends with both him and the bride for a long time, even before everything that happened with Calum, and there was no way you could just not go. Seeing him was inevitable and you’d spent the week leading up to the event preparing yourself for being in the same room as him.

It didn’t make it any easier though.

You were just thankful he didn’t bring a date. He was there, suited up and laughing along with his cousin about how he was a doomed man now he was married. Calum looked just as amazing as he always did, and no matter how hard you tried to have a nice time, you found your eyes constantly wandering to the brown boy who still had a place in your heart.

You were chatting happily to two of the bridesmaids when a cough interrupted your sentence. Turning in your seat, you were shocked to find Calum smiling down at you, hand outstretched.

“Dance with me Angel?” He asks, voice soft. You nod mutely, lacing your fingers with his and allowing him to pull you up and towards the floor. His hands fall to your hips, pulling you close as yours rest on his neck, trying to resist the urge to tangle them in his hair.

“You look beautiful.” He murmurs lowly, smile still on his face. You blush, looking down.

“Thank you.” You reply, talking to his tie. “You look good too.”

You don’t speak then, just swaying around the dance floor. It isn’t until the songs switch, the opening bars to Friends by Ed Sheeran playing that tears prick your eyes. Calum tenses, the song holding far too much meaning for both of you.

“Why wasn’t I good enough?” You ask him, whispering as you finally meet his eyes. “I did everything for you.

“I know. You were good enough. Too good, probably.” He replies, pulling you closer. “Y/N, leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I so wanted to be the guy for you, I wanted nothing more than to be your boyfriend. But I couldn’t. I’m gone so much and I can’t give you what others can, I-“

“I don’t care. I just wanted you.” You cut him off. “I still just want you.”

“Long distance is hard. I don’t want you to resent me because you’re always waiting around for me.”

You lean up so your lips are almost touching, eyes locked on his as you do. He sucks in a sharp breath, but you stay where you are, knowing it has to be him to close the gap. He searches your eyes for something, and he must find it, because he tilts his head so he’s kissing you.

And for that moment, it doesn’t matter that the two of you have to work out how to start a relationship when Calum was on a world tour. Because for that moment, it was just the two of you, and that was enough.