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If you can’t read my writing / don’t speak Spanish:
1: “Try it, ‘daddy’”
1: “You have drool! How gross” (Basically like you’re drooling, gross)
2: “Isn’t it a bit early to be teaching her how to speak?”
1: “No, of course not!”


Yo Rican broadway fandom, test this shi out for your spicster lmao I’m on thinking block and I want to add more songs but I just can’t think 🤔

what i don’t get is the stereotype that mexicans steal jobs. literally the closest anyone in my family has gotten to stealing anything is when my mom found a dying pine tree on the side of the road and felt so bad for it she grabbed it and planted it in our yard so it could grow. the pine tree is named Lucky. we’re gonna start decorating it for Christmas.

btw a new trailer for Pixar’s Coco came out yesterday and someone made a comment that clicked for me why the movie isn’t getting that much attention: “it looks like The Book of Life mixed with Paranorman

2 movies I really love but by God it is a big problem how much the film just feels like it was made by a room full of executives who want to capitalize on Día de Los Muertos while barely understanding the concept itself and giving the film no identity of itself. 

So many people are asking “why skeletons?”  and when Mexican people answer “they are supposed to represent happiness instead of suffering after death”, you don’t see that reflected on screen 

the skeletons look so non-festive and the city itself was described as “Zootopia with skeletons”, it doesn’t look or feel original enough to stand apart from other movies that have dealt with the undead before, specially the animated ones. 

Character design wise it isn’t colorful enough to compete with The Book of Life but it is also not creepy enough to compete with Paranorman, it’s just there.

DNA from mummies shows how Europeans wiped out first Americans
Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia analysed the DNA extracted from 92 mummies ('Maiden' pictured) and skeletons from lost American cultures.

“Using DNA extracted from Inca mummies together with older remains found in Peru, western Bolivia, northern Chile, Mexico and the Argentinian Pampas, the researchers were able to build up a picture of how the early American’s spread through the continent.

They then compared them to the genomes from modern Native American populations, but were unable to find any of these ancient DNA sequences in the modern lineages.
This suggests the indigenous populations in South and Central America suffered a devastating collapse that led to almost none of their genetic material surviving today.

The study also allowed the researchers to reconstruct where the first American populations may have originated from.
Some recent research has found evidence of Asian and Australian DNA in Amazonian tribes and suggested they may have been among the original colonists of the continent.

But the new study traced the DNA found in the mummies and skeletons to a group of people who became isolated in eastern Beringia up to 25,000 years ago." 

"Dr Bastien Llamas, a senior research associate with the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Ancient DNA who led the study, said: ‘Surprisingly, none of the genetic lineages we found in almost 100 ancient humans were present, or showed evidence of descendants, in today’s Indigenous populations.

'The only scenario that fit our observations was that shortly after the initial colonisation, populations were established that subsequently stayed geographically isolated from one another, and that a major portion of these populations later became extinct following European contact.”

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Hi! Can I request a StevexLatina!Reader? (Mexican) Like, with everything going on with Latino people and some people hating on us and stuff. Could you please write something around Steve dating a Latina woman and some people reacting negativelly and Steve defending her? You can totally say no if you want.

Of course i’ll do this!! I’m adding it to my list 💖

‘He Can Build a Wall, but We’ll Just Build a Tunnel’
Immigrant laborers, who make up most of North Carolina’s construction workforce, aren’t afraid of Trump.
By Alexia Fernández Campbell

The sass in this article is amazing.

Here are some of the highlights:

Psshh,” says one Mexican worker, whose identity is being withheld because of his immigration status. “We always knew Americans didn’t want us here,” he said in Spanish, loading equipment into a van after an 11-hour shift building ceiling frames. “They use us, but that’s okay because we use them too for the money.”

And this one:

“He can build a wall, but we’ll just build a tunnel,” said Magdaleno Santos, a Salvadorian man who arrived in the the United States illegally more than two decades ago, but adjusted his immigration status in the late 1990s.” If we leave, the entire country will fall apart. Have you looked around? Who do you think is building everything here? It’s the Latinos. American workers just want to walk around with a clipboard, sipping from their water bottles. They don’t want to do what we do.”

And this one is my absolute favorite:

“If he deports me, I will just leave with my children,” said one man, who declined to give his name because of his immigration status. “But [Trump] can’t get rid of all of us; there are too many of us. This country will starve without us,” he says, pointing out that immigrants harvest most crops grown in the United States.


Why Is "White-Washing" So Bad?

Why is “white-washing” so bad? Does it really matter that most of the shows children, and adults see on TV feature predominantly white casts? The answer is yes, white-washing really is bad especially for children. Reports have shown that a majority of colored children growing wanting to have the light skin their favorite characters on TV or in movies have. They growing up hating their identities and race. To be honest, it isn’t really surprising because you never really see colored heroes in popular films, and when present they usually have subdued, less interesting. 

With the exception of a few, there is a growing lack for superheroes of color. When little children watch films such as The Avengers and can’t find characters that look like them, they develop the mindset that their skin is not good enough. A online journalist writes, “ When I was 7 I asked my mom if I could dye my hair blond and get blue contact lenses. It’s probably the first serious conversation I ever had about my appearance and all I wanted to do was look like Luke Skywalker…Star Wars” was Everything. There were no Latinos running through the halls of the Death Star, blasting storm troopers only white, blue eyed characters. I wanted to be that way too.” 

Even today, such harmful mentalities are what little kids of the new generation are developing as a result of what they watch. How can children of color be proud of their skin, when their heroes are all white? I remember my brother asking my parents why he didn’t look like Ben from Ben 10 or Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. It’s hard growing up to appreciate your race when none of your favorite characters look like you and the few characters that are of color end up being villains or used to make jokes out of racial stereotypes. 



I have been involved in news reporting for almost 5 years now and if there is one thing I know, it is how we in the media can use language, images, and emotions to distort the facts, scare people, and blow things out of proportion. Over the last several years, I have tried to be fact based and unbiased in my reports, trying to get out important information quickly and correctly, but I must admit I wear my heart on my sleeve and voice my opinion very clearly, especially when it is a topic I am passionate about. But even with my personal beliefs, my goal is not views and money like most media, it is information, education, and lending a voice to those who cannot speak.

So what has the media done so wrong? Character assassination. It is a tale as old as time, a young Black or Latino boy is killed by a police officer or vigilante, often times White, and the media goes out of their way to try and destroy the character of the victim and insinuate that they somehow deserved their death. It was very fervent during the trial of Trayvon Martin’s killer, and it once again has reared its ugly head during coverage of Michael Brown’s death. Now we all know as youth, we do dumb things, some of us more than others, but we are all flawed and often times, those things do not represent us as a whole and should not be used against us in the future. Michael Brown was no different. While the news media did everything they could to polish Darren Wilson’s reputation with phrases like ‘serving his community’ and 'first time he used his gun,’ they did not polish Michael Brown’s reputation, in fact, they did everything possible to ruin it. According to the media Brown was a 'criminal’ who was on a 'path to destruction’ and had violence at his core, but the facts tell otherwise. Many called Brown a gentle giant, many said he was funny and shy, he was college bound and had no history of violence, but if you watched the nightly news, you had a completely different impression. Like Trayvon Martin, the media dug deep to uncover a litany of common, teenage flaws which they could use to destroy Michael Brown’s character. For example, I have seen the picture of Michael Brown with his middle finger up countless times, but does that mean he was a bad person? He used a symbol which every driver in Philadelphia uses daily, so what is so damming about that photograph and why wasn’t it damming when President George W. Bush did it to the camera while laughing? Michael Brown was slammed by the media for having experimented with drugs and alcohol, but who among us have not? Should I again point out President George W. Bush who was a known alcoholic and was arrested in 1976 for driving under the influence of alcohol, not to mention he was suspended from the Texas Air National Guard for failing to take his physical. Michael Brown on the other hand had no criminal record and no paper trail to any 'trouble.’ The media went so far as to dig into Brown’s past, saying he was a 'handful,’ citing the fact that he would climb gates as a child and write on walls with pens and pencils, but those are hardly justification for shooting and killing an unarmed 18-year-old. Michael Brown was flawed, he was involved in an incident at a convenience store where merchandise was stolen and a clerk was shoved shortly before his death, but we never heard his side of the story because he was shot and killed, and the media ran with whatever they could to damn him as a menace to society. And now, amid 12-year-old Tamir Rice’s death in Cleaveland, the media is at it again, digging into Tamir’s family for excuses to why he deserved to be shot. One headline said the boy’s father had a history of domestic abuse, but how does this justify police shooting a 12-year-old boy without trying to deescalate the situation? It doesn’t. The media is grabbing for straws and playing on the ignorance of the American people to make these average boys seem like monsters.

Don’t believe me? Let’s compare Richard Brannon with Trayvon, Michael, or Tamir shall we? I am 19, I am anti-social, I wear a black hoodie anytime I leave the house, I have been detained by the police at gunpoint and been involved with several disputes with Security at a Georgia Mall. In high school many people disliked me and I was nicknamed 'king of the misfits’ because 'weird’ people gravitated towards me. My attendance record was horrible, in 4 years of high school, I was absent, late, or left early 180+ days which is an entire school year. I also failed several classes and had an attitude towards several teachers. I led  several controversial school protests and even verbally attacked the principal with a profanity laced rant to his face my Senior year. I have experimented with drugs and alcohol, I have a history of personal struggles including depression and suicide, and have a long history of verbal and physical interactions with relatives who are now estranged. I am an Atheist. I have been involved in public spats with politicians and officials. Financially I am a mess, I have been unable to hold down a job since graduating high school and have no plans of getting a college degree. And lastly, at 18, I left everything I knew behind, packed 2 bags, and moved 800 miles away to a city I had never been to which many deem 'brave’ and 'determined’ but not 'burning bridges’ and 'running away.’ If I were to be shot during a police interaction, none of those things would be used by the media to damn me, they would interview people left and right who, during my life, bullied me or had nothing to do with me but suddenly felt I was a 'great guy.’ They would use my years of volunteer work to shape me as a 'good person who cared about others.’ They would expose a lot of the work I have done in secret to say I was 'modest’ and 'looked up to.’ But what if I were Black or Latino? Everything positive would be ignored and everything negative would be used to blast my character and say I was 'troubled’ and 'on the wrong path.’

The truth is we live in a very ignorant country, one where the media hypes situations and distorts the facts because they know you are too lazy to research on your own. They do everything they can to deepen the divide and turn us against each other, baiting us to ignore the real problems and turn a blind eye to opportunities for change. Wake up America, educate yourself, ask questions, be a leader not a sheep. This country has a serious problem, and it isn’t Black and Latino boys getting involved in petty mischief, if you think it is, you are part of the problem.