everything just looks so good


getting some colouring practice in with some hunter husbands (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

fifth harmony: *performs at a pride event*

me: *draws fifth harmony in a pride parade*


Bix Approved.

I just feel like the rest of Raijinshuu would hella cheer for Freed and Laxus

Watch on marksonizm.tumblr.com

“You’re knocking it out of the park. Just go do it again.”


this one’s sorta based on my personal experience playing pyro. sometimes you get called useless, other times you get thanked by the engineer for helping them defend the last point.


Grace isn’t gay. Even if she is, she knows I’m not.

Guess who has warm hands while helping run this cookie booth? Me! Because I have these awesome gauntlets/fingerless gloves from @jwab and they are super warm and snugly and soft. I am so stupidly lucky to have her as a friend and now my fingers won’t freeze while I write crusaders tonight!