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seems like i can’t keep my trap shut so im DOIN IT! not enough women in the penumbra podcast, you say? okay! as far as i’ve seen, the chief arguments supporting this claim are

1) there are more male characters than female characters

there aren’t. actually, there’s an incredibly even spread. both recurring and one-time characters are just as likely to be a man as a woman (usually in the binary sense, but occasionally otherwise). i wont break it down into a chart of which characters are main vs secondary vs tertiary, because that’s subjective as hell and you know it

(this is all specific to the juniverse, by the by, because most of the argument is focused there) 

2) too many of the villains are women

there are a lot of woman antagonists. i think there are objectively more woman antagonists than men. this is partially a genre-bending move, bc noir women are usually just there to have the hots for the leading man, or to be a femme fatale, and these girls are all outside of those roles.

this is also because when the leading ‘man’ is nonbinary and his love interest is a gay man, the only major role left open in the structure of this show is the antagonist, and they seem to take care to have a woman in a major role every episode. 

the corollary to this argument is because these women are antagonists, they aren’t framed sympathetically. and that’s just not the way the writing of this show works, okay? villain isn’t exactly the right word, either. it’s noir, so the heroes are mostly antiheroes and the ‘villains’ are mostly antiheroes, too. there’s some exceptions on both sides, but applying a black-and-white morality to this show is really oversimplifying the truth to further your argument. ‘framed sympathetically’ is also a very subjective statement to make. it’s just as much about your personal perception of the character as the words on the page

miasma, i understand. but if you can’t sympathize with any of the women who are ‘villains’, it’s not because of the writing, it’s because media trains us all to hate female characters. when women are nuanced and have believable flaws, we learn to never forgive them for it

and whether you like them or not, they’re still characters, and they’re still women. pretending they don’t exist doesn’t help anyone

3) there aren’t enough queer women 

there are no straight women in the juniverse. every woman in every role is queer

there’s only been one established happy f/f relationship, but lemme raise you this: there have been exactly two established happy relationships in the juniverse. captain khan has a wife offscreen, and valles vicky has a wife offscreen

4) juno’s nonbinary, so he doesn’t count, and there should be a woman in the leading role 

i’ve only heard this stated explicitly once, but it’s usually kinda implicit in these arguments. still not cool!

i dont think we even realize how easily we erase juno’s femininity sometimes. yeah, he’s nonbinary, but he’s a lady. and when you claim that you’d rather see a binary woman in his role than a nonbinary one, you’re being transphobic. hell, guys, juno’s the first nb character i’ve ever seen in a leading role before. if that’s not something you want to see, this show probably isnt for you

& finally, as i’ve stated before, even if this show included zero women at all this argument completely undermines the wonderful representation of mlm and nonbinary characters, characters of color, disabled and mentally ill characters! there’s no right way for a show to be diverse! im mostly saying this as a white woman, because i notice we white women have a tendency to expect our representation should be handled before anyone else gets the chance

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I've been doing a rewatch of TCW, and I have to ask the question: are we really supposed to believe that Luke Skywalker never ran into Hondo Ohnaka? I mean a huge bounty attached to a Skywalker name and Hondo doesn't attempt a kidnapping for old times sake? No ransom and double-cross? No attempts to get him drunk while talking about Kenobi? No offers to transport illegal weapons? (*sniff*Anakin from that arc would have been so proud of his insurrectionist kids😭)

At first I thought you were going to go with Luke as a small child somehow running into him on Tatooine, but oh man – Luke post-ANH is way better, because they can openly discuss Obi-Wan and Anakin and get drunk together after Hondo attempts to kidnap or swindle him. Yes: they totally ran into each other at least once. 

There’s Luke, out running around the galaxy trying to Uncover the Secrets of the Jedi and whatnot, and maybe Hondo tries to sell him counterfeit Jedi artifacts or take him hostage to get that reward he heard the Empire is offering. Luke is furious: look pal, he’s just trying to learn how to be a Jedi like his father before him! and that’s when Hondo is like WAIT your FATHER was a JEDI WHICH ONE WHICH ONE I HAD SO MANY VERY CLOSE JEDI FRIENDS!! 

Luke tells him that his dad was Anakin Skywalker, and Hondo is beside himself with glee. He’s got some (very embellished) stories – and a really good, 100% true story about a time that Anakin and Obi-Wan got drunk at his house and ended up passing out. (He, uh, leaves out the part where he may have electrocuted them.)

I feel like this is going to end with Hondo as like, Luke’s weird uncle who occasionally shows up to sleep on Luke’s couch or try to goad him into some ridiculous scheme. 

Married... With Egos

So… here it is. The mess I poured all my blood, sweat and tears into as a celebration of @markiplier‘s 18 million subscriber milestone.

It’s a doozy. I spent literal hours agonizing over this, between the writing, editing, tweaking and locating all the appropriate sound effects…. But you know what? I’m proud of the finished product. It’s silly, cheesy and crazy and gosh darn it, I hope you guys like it. I hope Mark would like it. I took a lot of inspiration from him. >w>’

Mark, thank you so much for everything you do. Thank you for being such a good person, a generous person, a kind person. Thank you for donating to charity and caring for us, your community. Thank you for putting up with us all these years. Thank you for being you. I’ve never been more happy to see you, well, so happy! Please continue to enjoy yourself, your life and your success. Thank you.

Oh, also @alcordraws with the usual inspiration on the kiddos, eyyyy. <3


AO3 Mirror

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I’m sorry. I am so sorry. For me, for the way I’ve been treating you. I’m sorry. You know that this happens to me. That I can get crazy and out of control for no reason at all. But this time? Life sucks. And I just need you to be enough to fill these holes inside of me because you’re the only other person who I can turn to. So can you do that? Please?
—  Forgive me. @itsfangirlalex 💜

In the wake of a bunch of bad publicity and bad decisions the CW has decided to hire Tatiana Maslany to play all the parts in Supergirl, with the exception of Lena Luther and Alex Danvers. While this is a surprising turn of events the CW is confident that this is the best decision and also the only way they can afford to pay Maslany while also mitigating all of the bad press.

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did you hear about that company wanting to microchip employees. do you think it's the mark of the beast from revelation

I did hear about that and no I don’t think it is. I’m really no expert on this particular subject but I think the mark of the beast is supposed to be for those who want to follow and serve the antichrist. So to me that would mean they’d have to have get the mark willingly and not be forced to have it? Idk. Again, no expert. Sorry if I’m sounding like an idiot lol

Plus it’s just one random company in like Wisconsin or something. If it was going to be a law for the entire country I’d be a little more concerned.

Now, COULD the mark of the beast end up being something related to microchipping? Maybe

What are your thoughts followers?

I feel like everything I’m working on is just fluff and flirty banter and then smut and literally that’s it.

Apparently I’m not about depth.