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I just devoured "Down among the sticks and bones" in one sitting. I hate you a little bit. But also love you. Because that was fantastic and amazing and suddenly everything about Jack and Jill from "Every heart a doorway" makes so much more sense.


I re-read Every Heart a Doorway about eight times while I was writing Down Among the Sticks and Bones, to make sure that the places where the text contradicted things (as was inevitable) would clearly be due to a character lying–or at least obscuring the truth–and not due to me messing up.  They are nesting dolls, and they nest exactly the way I was hoping they would.

I just caught up on stuff from last night and Kevin is everything…

Alex to Jill - “ Take out your hair.”

Kevin - “Take out your hair? What the fuck is that??”

Jillian - “Extensions.”


Jillian - “Do you own a time share?”

Kevin - “What the hell is a time share?”

Author Spotlight 4/24/17

This week’s spotlight falls on @torn-and-frayed aka Steph. She reluctantly agreed to let me spotlight her, which I appreciate, because she totally deserves it. This woman can write! I “discovered” Steph last year after she messaged me and asked me to write a Dean x Donna fic based on something Briana Buckmaster said at a con (I partially blame her for being obsessed with them as a couple). I started following her and completely fell in love with her writing. Check out her master of one shots, series, etc., here and her Series Rewrite (which is phenomenal) here. To learn more about her, take a look at her Q & A below the cut.

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I… I honestly never thought of this before. You have broke me.