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In the extremely unusual occasion that a run in with the FAHC results in an arrest rather than an all out firefight an argument could be made that the members of LSPD are even more displeased than the criminals themselves. It’s not just that many feel the crew members don’t even deserve the luxury of an arrest, think the world would be a better place if they were shot on sight, but also the fact that the interrogations themselves never go to plan. The possibility of being the one who brings about the downfall of the FAHC sours in the face of the intangible feeling that the arrest was intentional, that getting one of the Fakes into an interrogation room is still somehow playing into their plans.

Neither Pattillo nor the elusive Brownman have ever made it to the station, the few occasions which have come close getting cut short before they get any further than the squad car. Pattillo is unerringly polite even while effortlessly knocking out arresting officers, while Brownman is utterly relaxed, putting up no resistance and complaining loudly about losing the chance to sleep away the afternoon in custody when his crewmates drag him free. Dooley, on the other hand, seems to turn up at the station with alarming regularity; the FAHC’s newest member wandering in for anything from paying off minor traffic tickets to reporting petty crime. Its infuriating, the man exuding nothing but appropriate respect and utter sincerity, and without any evidence, without anything but street knowledge of his involvement, they can do nothing but treat him like a regular citizen.

When Ramsey is brought in he is calm, judgemental and obnoxiously sure of himself. He proclaims his innocence, his ignorance, his life as a simple businessman with just enough of a smirk to make it clear he is laughing at them, never once even hinting at anything incriminating. Interrogating the man is always a race against the clock; through bail or legal intervention he’s out of their hands almost as soon as they get him. Once, and only once, a detective tried to go the unethical threatening route, claimed other members of the crew were in unrecorded rooms having one-on-one sessions of their own, that if Ramsey cared about them at all he would just confess and save them all the trouble. It was months before they got all the blood off the walls, and the mysterious failure of every camera in the interview room had the station caught up in internal investigations while Ramsey walked away scott free.

Where interviewing Ramsey is always too short to be satisfying, no detective can be done with Jones fast enough. At first the fact that he doesn’t shut up seems like gift, his rages an easy way to trip him up, trick him into revealing information, but its not. Jones will curse you out, run his mouth about the precinct, the cheif, your mother, his own mother, and the competence levels of his crew but he never says anything of use. Even when they wise up to his methods, realise he is waiting out his time as efficiently as Ramsey in his own way, there is still no directing him; his rants and rages as genuine as they are frustrating.

The observant would note that the vagabond was never once arrested before the force gets a photo of his face, fuzzy and still obscured by face-paint but finally mask-free. When he is brought in, silent and looming but disturbingly amiable, the first thing they take is his mask. Then promptly wish they could put it back on, piercing blue eyes amused and unconcerned as the Vagabond’s smirk only twists his face-paint into more grotesque obscurity. Despite staying utterly silent, being securely chained the the table and making no aggressive moves three separate detectives leave his interrogation room in a near panic, two more refusing to even enter in the first place. Mask or no mask there is no lawyer alive who could argue for the Vagabond’s freedom, but a convenient explosion grants enough distraction for the empty cuffs to be left neatly on the table, a box full of contraband disappearing alongside the familiar black skull.

Interviewing Free feels a lot like signing up to the crew’s personal watch list. He doesn’t have the presence or deniability of Ramsey, doesn’t rage like Jones or ooze threat like the Vagabond. Instead Free is all smiles and winks and cheeky flirtation, derailing the interrogation to ask questions of his own, from opinions on sea monkeys to the statistical likelihood of extra-terrestrial life. For those detectives who play along he will answer questions in turn, talking fondly about the most dangerous criminals in the city, never actually helpful but close enough that it almost feels like a victory. For those who don’t, the detective’s who’s interrogations are aggressive and underpinned by something nastier, Free’s demeanour doesn’t change, but his careless questions do. He asks about their money problems, their monthly AA meetings, the not-always-figurative skeletons in their closets. He’ll ask, still smiling despite the rising tension, about each of their family members by name.

I’m back...kind of...

I’ve gone and blocked those who were doing all of the patronizing and name calling the other day. I really don’t typically like blocking people unless they cross lines. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me, and I don’t mind if anyone wants to help me be well informed about anything they feel I am ignorant about, but the line is crossed when you insult my followers or myself as people. If a fave is truly problematic, of course I want to know, but although the actress I defended is not perfect or flawless by any means, I have been given no evidence that she is an evil or terrible person or has done the things people are claiming she’s responsible for, so of course I defended her. If someone were to have actually shown me evidence of her doing the things they claimed she did, I would have admitted I was wrong. I don’t like being wrong, but when you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Now, when I say name calling, I’m not talking about names liked “stupid” or “dumb” which can be hurtful but not enough to make me want to take a break, I’m talking about calling someone a “sympathizer” to any hate fueled ideology. If someone is sympathizer, by all means! Call them out for it. They need to be, but basing this name calling off of assumptions made about me and on a post that began as a talk and criticism about the unfair double standard of diversity between the DCEU and the MCU that somehow changed to how terrible of a person I am because I haven’t seen any evidence of an actress being a terrible person is not okay. Again, if I saw any evidence of how evil people claim she is (and there are evil people in this world), I would have admitted I was wrong. It has nothing to do with how “blinded” these people seem to think I am by how much I like her. There are actors and actresses who I don’t like because of things they’ve done or said to hurt people whose movies I am either hesitant to see or simply won’t see at all because they are in it. There are artists who I believe are mostly good people, but who I am also ready to acknowledge some problematic things they’ve done in the past. I’ve been given no reason to put this particular actress in that category.

Additionally, I will no longer be discussing Z*onism on this blog. I don’t feel that it’s a subject I am knowledgeable enough to discuss. I’ll listen, but I won’t enter any conversations about it anymore. I will not respond to notes that bring the subject up. If I’m sent a message that brings up the subject of this actress and Z*onism, I will ignore it. Again, I will read and listen to conversations about it with hopes to learn more about it, but I will not be entering any conversations. I think it’s best that way.

So, as the title says, I’m kind of back. I told you guys that I can’t ever make a promise that I can stay away from something I love for too long. I’ll likely just be reblogging gifsets and trailers. I’m not feeling comfortable just yet to be my opinionated self (not completely, anyway), but I will be in time.

Again, thanks to all who offered kind words and defended me the other day. Your warmth and kindness is appreciated and more powerful than you know.


The First 25 Minutes of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ Were a Goddamn Gift: Anakin and Obi-Wan (1/?)

woolfenneacle replied to your post: should i cave and buy myself a mimikyu plush with…

mmmmmmmm i suppose since you already have botw and there’s not many more games coming out for a long time?? u could get the plush now and by the time switch improves and/or has more games you could maybe make up the lost funds (and maybe more) in the meantime hopefully? :OO (i dont currently have constant income myself so i understand the struggle :’>)

i guess thats true?? i mean its not as if it’d cost all of what i have… and considering that im gonna try to get myself a job really soon once i get get over the stress of asking family to help me with that (i know that the only place i can turn to rn is the local woolies seeing as im a small weak 19 year old girl who never finished high school lol) i might have enough by the time the bad reviews stop comin in and they improve it?? i mean idk mk8d does come out in late april and i kinda want that even if its just mk8 reskinned (inklings, goddammit) so idk

but yes maybe i will consider that plush much more heavily then…. :3c