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40 Trimberly? I know you've only written them once but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask!

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

It’s 36 days since Billy blew the power coins into their lives and they all became superheroes.  24 since they survived, somehow, an attack on the local Krispy Kreme that could have destroyed the town, the state, everything.

14 since, for some ungodly reason, Kimberly Hart has decided that she’s going to walk Trini to school every morning.

“Kimberly’s here,” Trini’s mom calls sourly, dutifully, from the front door, as she has every weekday morning for the last two weeks.  Trini glares into her coffee in the kitchen, half because this whole thing is weird and half because her mom has decided that Kim is the delinquent influence who’s ruining Trini’s future prospects.

She’s not wrong, necessarily, given that Kim invites Trini to ditch first period calculus every single day and smiles that Kimberly Hart smile at her– bright and electric, too engaging, too tempting, too everything– with a hand hooked into her elbow.  She’s not wrong, because she’s convinced that this whole nameless sexual identity that she’s decided Trini is suffering through would have just gone away in a few months if not for Kimberly Hart’s dark eyes, her elegant hands, her cocky smirk and the way she spends too much time looking at Trini’s mouth, one hand always falling easily and too often to Trini’s hip, her lips always turning up into an inviting smile when Trini’s body noticeably shivers under her touch.  She’s not wrong, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean that Trini needs to tell her that.

“Whatever,” she half yells back, downing her coffee and punching the twins each in the shoulder.  She’s learned to temper her strength, now, unafraid of picking up either of the boys, no longer worried she might crush them in her arms.  

Her mother glares as Trini clomps out into the foyer, Pop Tart in her mouth and headphones around her neck, half-empty backpack slung over one shoulder.  “Later,” Trini says with a salute as she stomps past and yanks the door shut behind her.

“You’re not making this easy, you know,” Kimberly says, arm curling lazily around Trini’s waist and turning around to wave cheerfully back at Trini’s mom.

“Making what easy?” Trini mumbles around her breakfast.  The Pop Tart sits heavy in her stomach.  

“Charming your mother,” Kimberly says with a shrug.  “It’s this new thing I’m trying.”

“Uh huh,” Trini says.  “That totally makes sense.”

“Well,” Kimberly says conversationally.  She tugs at Trini’s backpack, adjusting it until it falls more comfortably over her arm, and tightens her arm around Trini’s waist.  “If I’m going to romantically sweep you off your feet and convince you to go to prom with me, I also need your parents to not despise me.  It causes way more problems than it’s worth, don’t you think?”

Trini stumbles over a crack in the sidewalk, the toe of her boot catching the edge of concrete and breaking right through it.  She yanks herself upright and away from Kimberly, staring at her and blinking rapidly.


Kimberly rolls her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest.  “Don’t tell me you didn’t notice.”

“I did–what– why didn’t you just say something–”

“Because,” Kimberly says with a lazy shrug.  “You’re worth doing things right for, so I want to do this right.”

Trini drops the remainder of her Pop Tart, gaping at Kimberly, who rolls her eyes again and hooks her hand through Trini’s elbow, tugging her towards school once more.

“Process while you walk,” she says, patting at Trini’s forearm with her free hand. 

“Uh huh,” Trini mumbles.  Kimberly Hart is wooing her. Kimberly Hart.  Is wooing her.  Trini.  Short weird new-girl Trini.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”  Kimberly pokes at Trini’s cheek teasingly with one finger.  “I think you did.”

“Did not,” Trini mutters, swatting at Kimberly’s hand.  

“Totally did,” Kimberly sing-songs.  She pops over and kisses Trini’s cheek, loud and wet, without breaking stride.  “Totally winning.”

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For a newcomer, can you explain who is Lewis? His story? I Really liked his design :)


Number one, watch those two videos. ^ You’ll recognize Lewis when he appears, I’m sure. ;D  After that, here are some links to questions I’ve been asked regarding Mystery Skulls in the past that may help you out!







…aaaand there’s one HUGE one that would have covered everything that for some ungodly reason I can’t seem to find right now, otherwise I’d just refer you to that one.  But yeah, hope this helps!


Modern *college*  Murven Imagine -

~Requested: Hiii. Can you please write a little raven x Murphy. Like I ship them a lot and if you could write anything about them two romantically that would make me really happy. Please🙈~

Walk of Shame

Sundays suck. Everything about them is ungodly awful. The impending doom of the upcoming week sinks into your soul as you bullshit all the homework you procrastinated on doing over the weekend. Whoever told you Mondays were to be abhorred lied to you. It’s Sundays that you should groan at.

Amongst the college students wallowing in their own procrastination, there are those who have just recently awoken and are stumbling across campus with knots in their hair and the scent of somebody else on their skin. 

Raven Reyes, gifted mechanical engineering student, belongs to the group making their way back to their own dorm this oh-so-wonderful Sunday afternoon. She squints her eyes and grunts in irritation at the sun that shines so brightly it seems to be mocking her. 

She was supposed to meet with a boy in her history class last night to review the key materials for the upcoming test, and while they did meet up, predictably, there was no studying. A few shots to make the studying bearable and the lingering resentment of a cheating ex boyfriend led to a review of anatomy and reproduction as opposed to the ancient greeks. 

In the midst of cursing herself for getting stuck with a dorm on the other of campus, a boy, presumably on his own walk of shame, clumsily bumps into her. Both of their bags fall to the ground and the contents scatter themselves about the lawn.

“Are you fucking kidding me,” Raven mumbles irritably as she bends down to pick up her astray belongings. 

The boy simply snorts laughter, reaching for his own stuff.

“You’re not even going to apologize? Really, dick?” she kicks at his ankles, causing him to fall back onto his butt.

He can’t shake the amused expression as her brown eyes bore into his green ones.

“You look like hell,” he notes matter-of-factly.

“Hate to break it to ya, but you don’t look any better,” she eyes his messy tresses. 

“Really? I thought bedhead was a good look for me,” he shrugs, reaching for the camera lens that fell out of his bag, “you on the other hand? Not so much.”

“Says the pervert who brought a camera to his hookup last night,” she nods to the lens in his hand.

“Fuck off, I’m a film major. I always have a camera and extra lens on me,” he scowls.

“I really don’t care either way,” she gets up and begins her voyage to south campus.

“I mean I guess if you don’t want your calc 3 text book I can keep it. Sell it next semester,” he yells after her, waving the book in his hand, a smug smile plastered on his face.

She lets a string of expletives slip out of her lips as she stomps back over to him, snatching the open book out of his hands the moment she’s within reach.

“You actually wrote your name on the inside cover, Raven Reyes?” he laughs.

“This book is like $200!” she snaps in exasperation, “If I were to lose it I’d want someone to be able to find me to give it back.”

“Okay,” he continues to laugh.

“You would shit your pants at the material in this book, camera boy” she grumbles, shoving it back into her bag.

“Camera boy? Really? That’s lame. No wonder you’re into math. Your creativity is nonexistent,” he teases.

“It’s not like I know your name,” she rolls her eyes.

“John. But everyone calls me Murphy.”

“Goodbye, Murphy,” she huffs, turning her back on him to walk away.


Philosophy- a mechanical engineer’s worst nightmare and unfortunately a class required for all students to take. Thinking about thinking only gives Raven a major headache, and occasionally an existential crisis. 

Philosophy is abstract, while mechanics are concrete. For every situation there if a formula and for every formula there is a solution. Every time. But with philosophy there is no definite, there is no one right answer. And it drives her absolutely insane.

“Hey math genius, so tell me, what are the odds that we have wound up in the same philosophy class?” A familiar voice resonates from the seat beside her.

“Apparently, not great enough,” she sighs in disdain.

“I was expecting you to whip out some formula and give me an actual answer. How disappointing,” he muses.

“I was expecting to never see you again. How disappointing,” she echoes.

Murphy rolls his eyes, choosing not to respond to her comment as the professor begins to lecture.


“Your grades from the last exam have been posted online. That is all for today,” the professor dismisses.

Raven switches tabs to click on her student account, her heart racing in anticipation. She is a perfectionist to put it lightly. She has always been the best and everything has always come naturally to her. Except for philosophy.


She curses under her breath. A 72 technically isn’t awful, but by her standards she might as well have failed the test. A 72 is unacceptable for someone as smart as her. 

She sneaks a sideways glance at Murphy’s screen and it takes all the restraint in her body to keep her jaw from hitting the floor.


“How in the hell,” she whispers mostly to herself.

“Impressed?” Murphy smirks at her comment, “What’d you get?”

“Don’t worry about it,” she slams her screen shut, packing her stuff up hastily.

“That bad, huh?” he chuckles.

“In general, no. For me? Yes.”

“This is probably good for you,” Murphy states nonchalantly.

“Excuse me,” Raven snaps, narrowing her eyes.

“It might help you get over yourself. Not all of us are math whizzes and you’re not any smarter than the rest of us just because you are. Sucking at philosophy might be a humbling experience for you,” he retorts, turning away from her. 

Raven stands there, too taken aback to form a response. Nobody has ever spoken to her like that before. The feeling of belittlement makes her stomach churn in nausea. This isn’t her. She’s always the one with the right to belittle. Except this time she isn’t.


Water is usually a symbol of the state of calmness. A relaxing aura radiates off of the running water, providing a serene retreat to those on the verge of a mental breakdown induced by challenging coursework. 

Raven sits at her usual spot beside the fountain, flipping through her philosophy textbook mumbling obscenities. For the life of her she cannot wrap her brain around this stuff. Going from knowing how to do everything to perfection to knowing nothing at all is the most frustrating thing. 

She slams the book shut, inching it towards the swirling water. She may not be able to run from her problems, but she sure as hell can try to drown them.

“Whoa, what’re you doing? You have this crazy look in your eyes,” John Mbege catches the book before it falls to its demise.

She’s seen Mbege around campus enough times to be friendly enough to chat for brief periods of time. He works at the campus coffee shop, and he’s the only one who can ever seem to get her order right, so naturally, she is vaguely fond of him.

“Just walk away, Mbege,” she sighs, “Pretend you never saw anything.”

“Wouldn’t that make me an accessory to a crime?” he widens his eyes in faux horror.

“You really should have majored in drama,” she laughs tiredly.

“Philosophy kicking your ass huh?” he tilts the book to inspect it casually.

“Enough for me to commit philosophical homicide,” she deadpans.

“Maybe you should have majored in drama,” Mbege quirks and eyebrow.

“Haha,” she rolls her eyes, “Unless you have the solution to all my problems, leave me to wallow in my own despair.”

“Actually, my roommate is really good at philosophy,” Mbege informs.

Raven scoffs, “I am not going to beg some stranger for help.”

“Oh my god just swallow your pride and stop by. A smart person knows when to ask for help. Don’t be stupid,” Mbege gets up and leaves his offer trailing behind him.


In spite of herself, Raven finds herself standing in front of Mbege’s door. Her knuckles rest against the door lightly, not being able to bring herself to make a knocking motion.

Suddenly the door opens, saving her the trouble. Mbege and Murphy stand in the doorway, surprised by her presence.

“Stalking me now?” Murphy raises an eyebrow in question, his expression quizzical.

“What are you doing here?” she replies in shock.

“I live here,” Murphy scowls, “What are you doing here?”

“Mbege told me… Oh… Oh… Oh god,” she groans, digging her palm into her temple. 

“You two know each other?” Mbege interjects, slightly amused.

“Barely,” Raven pouts.

“Well, you two play nice. I won’t be back until morning. Don’t kill each other,” Mbege slips past them down the hallway.

Murphy smirks, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe and crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Forget it,” Raven turns to walk away.

“Oh c’mon,” Murphy grabs her arm, “You know I’m good at philosophy. I can help you.”

“I don’t want your help,” she jerks her arm, his grip doesn’t waver.

“Get over yourself. I know you can do quantum physics in your sleep. I’m not going to make you feel inferior,” his voice softens a bit.

“Like you did earlier today?” she grimaces.

“You deserved that,” he points out, “But I’ll be nice if you will.”

“I doubt that.”

“Why don’t you come in and find out,” he steps aside, motioning for her to follow him inside the dorm.

Against her better judgement, she does.


Much to her surprise, he is being nice. Well, Murphy’s version of nice. Asshole is just his personality type, but not necessarily in a bad way. He uses it as a defense mechanism, a technique Raven knows all too well. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all. Maybe he’s a little bit like her.

“See, you’re doing better already,” Murphy nods encouragingly. 

“Of course I am. I’m brilliant,” she smiles brightly.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re welcome,” Murphy chuckles.

“Thank you,” she says.

“Whoa, how’d those words taste coming out of your mouth?” Murphy grins.

“Acidic,” she laughs, “Don’t make me regret saying it.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Murphy gets up off the floor, retrieving a water bottle from the fridge.

She notices a picture on the desk next to the fridge, it’s of a young boy sitting on his father’s lap. They’re both smiling. They look happy.

“Is that your dad?” Raven asks, motioning to the picture.

“Uh.. yeah,” Murphy replies awkwardly, not meeting her eyes.

“Are you close with him?” she continues.

“… I was,” he finally replies after a few seconds delay.

“Oh god,” Raven brings her hand to her mouth, “He’s uh… He’s…”

“Yeah. He is,” Murphy affirms.

“I don’t know my father,” she blurts out, unsure of why she’s telling him this.

“What about your mom?” he plays with the bottle in his hands.

“I wish I didn’t know her.”

Murphy nods his head in understanding.

An awkward silence hangs between them now. The wanting to know more, but not wanting to pry. The wanting to confess all of the horrible things that play in their minds, but being too afraid to say them out loud.

“My mom… she’s dead, too,” Murphy says quietly, still looking down.

“What happened?” Raven whispers, feeling uncharacteristically sympathetic. 

“When I was 15 I contracted this virus that put me in the hospital. It was pretty bad,they had me hooked up to all these IV’s and god knows what. My dad was away on business when I first got admitted and the night he got back it was storming. Like tsunami level type shit. My mom told him to wait to come up to the hospital until the next morning. But he didn’t want to wait. He wanted to see me. He got into an accident on the way to the hospital. And he died from the injuries. He died because he was coming to see me,” he clears his throat.


He ignores her and continues, “My mom blamed me. He died because of me. If I wasn’t in the hospital he wouldn’t have been on the road that night. She became an alcoholic afterwards and drank herself to death. I saw her die, lying in her own vomit. The last thing she said to me was that I was monster. That I killed my father,” his eyes glaze over, “I guess I killed her, too. I killed my parents.”

“Hey, John,” she walks over to him, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“I’m a monster,” he whispers, turning away from her.

“John,” she walks in front of him, placing one hand on his cheek, the other on his shoulder, “You’re not a monster.”

He shakes his head, tears welling up in his eyes, but not spilling over.

“You’re not,” she repeats, brushing her thumb over his cheekbone. 

“I don’t know why I told you that,” he grimaces.

“It’s okay, I understand. I understand. My mom didn’t want me, she never took care of me. And apparently neither did my father. I’m not saying I know exactly how you feel because I don’t, but I know how it is to feel alone, to feel like everything you do isn’t good enough,” she trips over her words.

“We’re a mess,” he laughs humorlessly. 

“We can be messes together,” she smiles at him.

“Is it bad that I’m glad you suck at philosophy?” he asks.

“And why would you be glad about that?” she tilts her head.

“It’s what got us here.”

“Then thank god I’m not as perfect as I like to pretend to be,” she laughs, pressing her lips against his.

He jumps a little bit in surprise, but pulls her closer, his arms twisting around her torso. She reaches her one arm to play with the hair at the back of his neck while the other slides across his cheek and then down his neck. 

He bunches the hem of her shirt in his hand, letting his arm brush against the exposed skin. She shivers at the contact, biting down lightly on his lip. His hand slide up her back, slipping under the band of her bra.

She yanks at the hem of his shirt, tugging it upward and over his head. 

“Well this is fitting,” he mumbles against her lips.

“What do you mean?” she pulls away in confusion.

“We met on a walk of shame. We’ve officially come full circle,” he laughs.

“Oh my god, shut up,” she stifles laughter.

“Make me,” he challenges.

“With pleasure,” she pushes him back, making him fall back onto the futon.

She straddles his waist, letting her finger nails lightly scratch at his skin as they trail down his pale torso. He smiles sleepily, knotting his fingers in her hair, pulling her lips back to his. 

Full circle indeed. 

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Guess what AU I caved into. @sushinfood and @moofrog made a horrifyingly sad AU and I just

couldn’t resist. This is based off an ask from @bromalgamate-au.


You smile up at the gooey mass of a creature in front of you. You can fix it. You can. You have the power to make everything ok again…the power to RESET.
The button hovers in front of you. The bromalgamate stares at you in confusion. The big skull looks utterly puzzled, the smaller wears a look of bewilderment and apprehension.

“Sans…Papyrus…” you whisper, feeling tears spark at the corners of your eyes. The creature gives a small gurgle, as if to tell you not to us those names.

They are one creature now. One in the same. Those names mean nothing.

But to you…
“I can fix this. I can make everything okay again, I promise,” your voice grows slightly stronger with resolve.
“I can bring it all back to zero. I can make this never happen. I can reset everything…”

An ungodly shrieking fills the lab. The bromalgamate’s faces distort horridly as they wail and spasm. The screaming is so loud you clasp your hands over your ears. It’s the worst noise you’ve ever heard, full of despair and horror.

Your phone abruptly erupts with screams.

KKKSShSSSSHHHHH don’t do it don’t take ou happiness away kid! Don’t take their happiness away! LET US BE, HUMAN! They can finally get out of this place without us kkKKKSSSSSHHHHhHSHHHHH WE’RE FINE! Please DON’T re SET KKKSSSSHHHHHHHH

They sound so desperate, you hesitate for a moment, your hand, now trembling, hovers over the button.

“I need to do this!” you shout.
“I couldn’t save you, now you’re stuck like this forever! I-I…I can’t let you live like this, I care about you too much to let you stay like this!”

kkKKKSSHHHH WE’RE FINE kid! PLE ase! WE’RE happy!! We’re happy! HAPPY!

Despite your hesitation, your hands remains over the button, the word R E S E T glowing as brightly as ever.
Seeing that you refuse to move, the bromalgamate suddenly lunges towards you, tears streaming from its skulls. It doesn’t want you to reset…

“IT’LL BE OKAY!!” you scream.

They wail back, a pitiful, terrifying noise. Inky black slime pours from their mouths.
They get closer.

Your hand slams down.

R E S E T ?



It’s been a while now.
You reset. Everything was reset. You woke up on the familiar bed of golden flowers. You went through all the familiar scenery. You reached the end. They are there now too. Separate beings.

You were happy at first, then a feeling began to gnaw at you. It felt like a hard ball in the pit of you stomach, and it only grew as you got closer and closer to the incident that ruined everything.

Now it feels like you’ve swallowed a giant, spiky ball, and it hurts every time you see them.

“Wow, look at you,” he had said.
You try to ignore the golden flower. He pops in and out of the ground as you quickly walk along.

“You reset again to save them, eh? How TOUCHING,” he sneers.
“I save them…” you mumbled, gripping your arm.

“You saved them, you think? Oh, of course you think you did just that. They were clearly miserable as that creature. You saved them from a horrible fate, didn’t you?”

You don’t say anything.

“I’m no expert, but they seemed to really be happy, together like that. But you had to take that away from them too, didn’t you?”
Flowey cackles, a horrible noise that chills you down to your SOUL.
“You were always selfish. You constant resets prove hat. But oooohhhh, this is so much more different. A different type of selfish. This time, you thought you knew what was best for them. It wasn’t your curiosity that caused you to reset this time!
You actually thought you knew what would make them happy. You thought you knew them better than they did!”

Flowey giggles lightly.
“Oh, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not like they remember the happiness they shared being that pathetic creature.”

The golden flower, neither human nor monster, looks you directly in the eye.
“But you will.”

The flower vanished without another word.

You’re alone with nothing but your thoughts.
And your ever-growing guilt.


“HUMAN! WE’RE GOING TO EXPLORE THESE COOL CAVERNS!” Papyrus waves his long arm to you. His brother is standing by him, his usual, lazy grin plastered across his face.

You know where they’re going. You know what will happen. It will all happen over again if you let them go. But…

They were happy…

Could you really…take that away from them again? If you come with them…they won’t obtain it. If you come with them…you will be able to save them. If you don’t say anything…they’ll be doomed to a pitiful existence forever. If you don’t say anything…they’ll know that happiness again.

A horrid existence.
An unparalleled happiness.

Your selfishness will determine the outcome.

“hey kiddo. you ok? want to come with?” Sans asks.

W h a t  d o  y o u  d o ?

Go with them. Don’t let them go

Let them go

I’m just gonna get straight to the point..

Why in the hell are the writers acting like Iris didn’t JUST find out her mother was alive? Not only did she find out she was being lied to for over 20 years and finding out she really didn’t die, she THEN finds out her mother is dying. Then on TOP of that, she finds out she has a brother. So you’re telling me that Iris basically found out that most of her life was a lie and we don’t even get to see her talk about it? Okay, maybe it’s apart of Iris’s characterization to suppress her feelings and worry about everyone else but seriously??????? Why can’t we see Iris deal with it????? Why are the acting like it didn’t happen????????? She never got to grieve Eddie for one and when he is mentioned, everyone and their mama brings him up. But Iris??? No wayyyy. Six months was apparently enough for her to grieve. I’m just so confused?????????? 

Are you also telling me that Iris wouldn’t be the first to visit Barry and be by his side after she seen him get dragged like a rag doll right in front of her??? That she wouldn’t be the first to be by his bedside???? But instead, Barry sees Caitlin and Cisco???? The same Iris who ran into Star Labs as soon as she heard Barry was temporarily blind???? The one that was by his bed side every night when he was in a coma for 9 months??? Yes, we don’t know how long it’s been since Barry was knocked out, and she probably visited him but it doesn’t matter??? Why do we have to assume Iris visited Barry? Why can’t we actually see it??? Why does everything about her character left to assumptions and interpretations but get to see everyone else voice their grievances or their purpose??? Why was Iris’s name mentioned more times in this episode than she was actually present???? Barry said her name like 6 times this episode but why can’t we see her do what he said she did????? The writers think they can have someone mention her and it’ll be okay because she contributed in a way (which, again, we are left to assume) but that’s not okay at all. Why can’t we actually see Iris contributing????? And I’m not talking about this episode specifically because she did contribute a lot (my baby girl) but Barry literally said her name more times than she was present this episode and it’s baffling. They couldn’t even show us talk to Barry on the other side of the phone yall. And people think that little of a thing shouldn’t matter but it does??  Why do we have to see Barry once again, be encouraged to go after Patty when we all know this relationship is doomed to fail?? Why bring Patty in at all when we know she’s temporary??? When Barry even said “She’s not Iris” before even beginning the damn relationship. Yes, maybe it ties into the theme that Barry isn’t truly happy and will never be truly happy but????? I see the underlying message of it all but we know PB’s relationship is not gonna work. Instead of seeing Barry having to be convinced for the 27493752397432 time, why can’t we see the “Iris West Ace Reporter” that AJK and the rest of the producers promised us??? That’s really why I’m mad. All summer, we’ve been fed these lies about the ‘season of the Wests’ and ‘Ace Reporter Iris’ but where are we seeing it??? We always see Iris in CCPN but what is she working on?? What is she doing there? Obviously she’s working on articles, etc. but why are we left to assume??? WHY CAN’T WE SEE IT???? WHY DOES THE SHOW INSIST ON SIDELINING IRIS????? And it’s not going to get any better. She barely has screen time in the next few episodes and one line in the flarrow crossover. But next episode, we get to see a semi-Caitlin centered episode when we already got that + her grieving Ronnie. I’m… 

Okay, I completely understand why Barry told Linda he was The Flash cause it makes sense. Linda had to know what she was fighting for. It wouldn’t make sense for her to wanna risk her life for The Flash just because he’s The Flash (also if you want to add in Wally)… However, I’m still a little salty?? lol. Maybe I’m just being bitter because The Flash told Iris he doesn’t know why he wears a mask with her, Iris says maybe one day he’ll take it off but INSTEAD we got Barry getting caught by Iris and Barry literally taking his mask off for Linda, lol. This doesn’t mean I don’t love the way Iris found out because it was so beautiful. I guess it’s just the fact that Barry told everyone and their mama he was The Flash but Iris was made to look stupid by everyone because they lied to her. 

I’m not gonna lie, this episode was probably my favorite so far and all of that goes to ZOOM. He was the only thing good about this episode tbh. He scared the beejezus out of me and I’m really excited to see him this season. The way he dragged Barry like that??? I was laughing, crying, and cheering on Zoom the entire time. It was everything I wanted.  I also loved the humor in the Linda training scenes and WestPark in general. I hope people don’t think I’m being negative!Nancy and actively searching for things to rant about because that’s not the case at all. You don’t need to search for something that is right there in your face… The marginalization of Iris is so apparent and it makes me wanna scream because not only are you treating your leading lady like crap, you expect us not to notice?? You think you can have her in CCPN and we’ll be okay. You think you can have her in Star Labs and we’ll be okay. NO WE ARE NOT. Everything is so frustrating??????