everything is unfair this is not right

Dear Stydia shippers. Do not let anyone make you feel bad or shame you for being extremely excited about Stydia and nothing else.

We had to wait three seasons just to watch EVERYTHING taken away from us within ONE FUCKING EPISODE. They helped us climb the mountain by holding our hand AND LET GO RIGHT BEFORE WE WERE AT THE TOP. Season four literally shot us through the heart and no matter what people will claim .. deep down .. EVERYONE knows it came out of nowhere and was unfair as fuck.

YET we believed and we did not lose hope. Because within all the bullshit we could see the truth: THESE TWO DORKS LOVE EACH OTHER. We saw how Lydia reacted to Stiles being with someone else. WE HEARD HOW STILES’ VOICE WAS SHAKING WHEN HE TOLD LYDIA TO FOCUS ON HIS VOICE. We saw how Lydia tried to protect him while she was chained up. We saw the worry in Stiles’ eyes when he didn’t want to leave without her. We saw it and we knew that in the end we would get justice. But everyone else thought we were CRAZY and made fun of us.

‘lol at least we are canon’

‘lol it’s dead’

‘lol you’re st/rek 2.0’

‘lol st/lia is endgame’

‘lol lydia loves parrish’

‘lol stiles doesn’t care about lydia anymore’

I knew one day I would look back at these comments and just laugh, but it took a long fucking time. BUT WE GOT THERE. Because we were right about Stiles loving Lydia and not Malia. We were right about Lydia having feelings for Stiles. We were right about these two dorks being able to do EVERYTHING for each other and most importantly: we were right about their future together.

AFTER FIVE SEASONS AND SIX YEARS WE GOT WHAT WE WAITED FOR. WE GOT WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. WE GOT WHAT WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM US MULTIPLE TIMES WITH THE MOST STUPID REASONS. After the horrible season four BTS and the horrible season four episodes .. after the season 5 pilot episode after YEARS AND SEASONS WE GOT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR and don’t you DARE feeling like a fake fan or whatever because you only have eyes for your OTP. You waited way too long to give a F about ANYTHING else. If you want to see Stydia and Stydia only; YOU DO THAT. Remember .. when everything was positive for people who try to make you feel bad right now .. they didn’t give a fuck about anything else either.


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my advice for the signs

aries I know a watched pot never boils, but it’s good to wait for the right moment. Sometimes, the second mouse gets the cheese.

taurus Not everything goes smoothly in life. It’s not sugar spice and everything nice all the time. Stop being agonized everytime things get ugly.

gemini Set your priorities straight. It’s crucial to understand what’s important and what’s not. Expectations of others shouldn’t cage you.

cancer  Save everything for the person who deserves. ‘Right now’ is all you have. Don’t let the past haunt you. Nostalgias are tricky.

leo “Reputation is what men and women think of us, character is what god and angels see of us” It’s fine to feel down sometimes. You can’t see the world through rose colored glass all the time.

virgo You will come to regret the things you never did, not the things you have done. Sometimes the world may seem  unfair, disorganized, chaotic, godforsaken even. But trust me, everything will turn out just fine. When you think about it, everything is actually connected.

libra Develop some individuality. Spend time with yourself.  I know it’s difficult to tell if you’re fighting for something you deserve or just forcing something, but the only way to find out is to see the end of it. Don’t give up so easily.

scorpio Except for karma, nothing’s ever eternal. Pleasure, pain, power, the things we hold onto so tight… All things end. And no, no revenge or pay back is worth your time.

sagittarius  Always think twice. Because what we think we got under control always seems to have control of us. And don’t forget that all things have it’s consequences.

capricorn The simplest things can show the meaning of life. You’re so busy working hard for a good life but good life is enjoying the little things.

aquarius Learn to return the love you recieve. Don’t be an outsider. It’s ok to feel lonely sometimes. People don’t understand but you’re not alone.

pisces Just know that not every single person in this world is as kind as you. Some will chew you up and spit you out. You don’t have to care about everyone. You will inevitably have to ignore some. That’s not insensitive.

“I feel like anyone who says, ‘I’m spiritual’ sounds a little wanky. But yeah, I definitely consider myself to be more spiritual than religious. I’m not super tied-in to certain rules but I think it’s naive to say nothing exists and there’s nothing above us more powerful than us. I think that’s a little narrow-minded. I definitely believe in karma. I think ‘everything happens for a reason’ is a difficult one because there’s a lot of shit happening in the world right now that’s so unfair. So it’s hard to look at that stuff and think, ’well, everything happens for a reason.’ but I definitely think there’s something - it’s not just us. Because, you know, it’s kind of crazy to think that it’s just us. I’m not saying I believe in aliens, but you know what I mean.”

*tour guide voice*

To your left, you’ll see the Sherlock fandom. Half of them are having a raging party, while the other half are sitting quietly, but they’re all sobbing uncontrollably (for various reasons).

To your right, you’ll see the Doctor Who fandom throwing a tantrum about how unfair it is that Sherlock and SPN have everything and they have nothing.

And up ahead, you’ll see the Supernatural fandom rioting; some out of happiness, some out of anger. But good luck telling which is which.

steve rogers is a poor loser.

like, clint comes up with the brilliant idea of Avengers Game Nights. “for team bonding,” he says but maybe it’s for his own entertainment too.

so they play monopoly (the Ultimate Family Destroyer, according to sam) and everything is going great, at first. and then slowly, steve starts getting mad because he’s about to go bankrupt and tony just bought his sixth hotel and natasha is somehow winning and he starts ranting about how unfair the game is and wHY IS TONY ALLOWED TO BE BANK HE COULD BE CHEATING.

or they play ludo and steve is doing really shitty and keeps getting send back home immediately and then he finally gets close to his goal but then someone sends him back and he’s furious aND JUST WHAT THE FUCK NAT I WAS RIGHT THERE OH THIS MEANS WAR BUCKY GET MY SHIELD I’M STARTING A WAR BECAUSE THEY’RE BEING BULLIES STOP LAUGHING AT ME TONY AND STOP RECORDING THIS CLINT DO NOT PUT IT ON TWITTER

(#CapRage trends on twitter an hour later)

no one talks about the time they played uno.

and then twister gets played and steve just straight up refuses to give up and it’s just him and nat competing because everyone else has given up. it takes hours, probably, before natasha gets bored and just lets steve win (subtly though) and steve gloats for hours.

everyone agrees that steve’s gloating is a lot worse than when he loses.

twister gets played again and this time, it’s bucky and steve left and they’re just wrapped in each other and neither are willing to give up because they’re both stubborn assholes, even though they’re in an awkward position and way too close and whoopsie that’s my ass steve and it’s definitely not a red space get your foot off of it.

(bucky ends up with steve’s ass in his face and steve wins (in more ways than one) and everyone groans and rolls their eyes when steve starts gloating)

(twister mysteriously ends up shredded and in the trash)

I feel like anyone who says, ‘I’m spiritual’ sounds a little wanky. But yeah, I definitely consider myself to be more spiritual than religious. I’m not super tied-in to certain rules but I think it’s naive to say nothing exists and there’s nothing above us more powerful than us. I think that’s a little narrow-minded. I definitely believe in karma. I think 'everything happens for a reason’ is a difficult one because there’s a lot of shit happening in the world right now that’s so unfair. So it’s hard to look at that stuff and think, ’ Well, everything happens for a reason.’ But I definitely think there’s something - it’s not just us. Because, you know, it’s kind of crazy to think that it’s just us. I’m not saying I believe in aliens, but you know what I mean.
—  Harry talking about being spiritual rather than religious in Another Man Magazine

For the most part comic books provide an escape. But the really good ones merely spotlight the harshness of reality. Instead of leading us on, telling us everything’s gonna be all right, these comics tell us the truth about ourselves. That we’re hopeless beings looking for meaning in this unfair world, and we’ll probably never find it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #122 (July 1973)
Art by Gil Kane (pencils), John Romita Sr. (inks) & Dave Hunt (colors)
Words by Gerry Conway

ok but think of this: muse a is an activist, someone who goes out and fights for her rights, leads rallies and gives speeches about the unfair government, and muse b is a budding photojournalist, covering anything and everything under the sun, always in the smack middle of the action. one day, muse a was leading a protest for something and muse b was assigned to cover it. as a result, muse b takes a shitton of photos that day and when he reviews and post-processes the shots, he’s so completely smitten with muse a’s fierce determination and beauty that he tries finding out her identity but she leaves no trail. right when he’s about to give up on ever meeting the girl of his dreams, he’s assigned to cover a small play downtown and WHADDAYA KNOW - muse a’s part of the cast. cue awkward introductions after the play and a very late night and unexpected first date, probably at the dingy diner besides the theater. PLEASE GIVE ME THIS !!!

2016 Alternate Universe
  • Guess who’s alive? That’s right, all your faves. Also Castro. A bunch of nobodies died instead. Also Putin, I guess, he’s gone.

  • America celebrates the election of its first female president

  • The situation is tenuous however because although Hillary won the EC, she lost the popular vote. Trump’s fans are creating militias, sowing dissent and threatening every member of the new government, which they see as illegitimate. Trump has brought back his tweets from 2012 claiming the EC is ridiculously unfair and has been throwing a tantrum for 3 weeks, assuring his followers that everything was rigged.

  • The UK votes to remain in the EU because they’re not fucking idiots. The referendum highlighted the funding and support received through diplomatic unity and is all the more appreciated now

  • An anime about rollerblading lesbians is extremely popular

  • Blizzard’s new game Overwatch was projected to sell well, but was usurped by the release of Gearbox’s Battleborn two weeks later. Everyone you know is playing Battleborn. Copies of Overwatch build up in supermarket bargain bins.

  • No Man’s Sky is everything people wanted and more, easily gunning for GOTY.

it’s heartbreaking that isak had to find out this way. after the initial shock a million thoughts are probably going through his head. maybe he’s remembering what he said in the locker room, or thinking of the signs that he should have seen, that he did see. but i just hope he doesn’t blame himself for seeing those signs and not connecting them and not doing anything soon enough because it’s not his fault. and i hope he knows, that he felt how much even truly loves him, because it’s horribly unfair for sonja to believe and tell isak that even is incapable of being in love when all we’ve ever seen of him is everything to the contrary. and i hope isak knows that, that he doesn’t isolate himself like he did before because he has jonas and he has eskild and he has people who will be with him right now 

Things I need to say to the signs:

[check your rising, sun and moon and dominant sign]

Aries: Stop picking fights with people who care about you. Stop beating yourself up for being who you are. Just because you think you’re an asshole it doesn’t mean you actually are one. Show people your emotions or all you’ll ever be is that girl who treats everyone like objects.

Taurus: Stop trying to control everything. Raising your voice and bossing people around will not help you gain respect, it will make everyone hate you.

Gemini: When you are unhappy you get jealous of people who are enjoying life. Leave them alone, they have every right to be happy and you try to ruin that because you think it is unfair. Stop being selfish and wait your turn.

Cancer: stop waiting for this to be what you want. Stop pretending that you are doing what makes you happy because we all know you are only doing it to make someone else happy. Do things for yourself because pretending this is what you want will hurt more than the truth in the long run.

Leo: stop being such a selfish bitch, not everything is about you. You can’t treat people like shit for the soul purpose of trying to find people who will put up with you. Then you fucking wonder why you’re losing everyone! Soon you will have no one and it is no ones fault besides your own.

Virgo: I understand you hate yourself more than anyone could ever hate you. But you need to stop giving people reasons to hate you purposely for the fact that you are in control of what they hate about you and the reason behind it. Keep this up and you will be alone forever.

Libra: stop lying so much. There are people who don’t care what you do during the day or what mistakes you make. They care about you and just want to know how you are doing. I know you don’t want to hurt anyone but it will hurt less later on if you just tell the truth.

Scorpio: stop weaselling your way into people’s head just to get information. Stop pretending you’re there for people when all you care about is having others secrets while they know nothing about you. Stop pushing the people who actually care about you away.

Sagittarius: You need to stop making everything about you. You are not always the victim. Maybe take responsibility for your own actions.

Capricorn: Get your head out of your ass. Stop pointing out other people’s flaws just to hide the fact you make your own mistakes. Hiding behind your hard word and loyalty while putting others down and kissing the ass of your superiors will only last so long before you blow your cover and all your dirty little secrets come out.

Aquarius: You need to stop talking shit behind your friends back and actually stick up for yourself and tell them what is on your mind. Raising your voice is okay when nobody can hear you.

Pisces: I know you want to be in control of the reason people leave you, but there is a difference between pushing someone away and treating someone like shit. There is a reason everyone you truly cares about leaves and that is because you push them away.

You know what I think makes Tom Ellis’ Lucifer so engaging?

It’s the little bit of madness lurking behind his eyes. The deep, righteous rage. 

Like, this guy GETS Lucifer Morningstar – not the dime-store version of Satan, the bastardized Greco-Celtic god-myths warped into one frightening Tim Curry character – but the angel. Most beloved, most betrayed, who STAYED IN HELL because Daddy told him to – but also because he believed in justice. And all those bad little souls needed to get SOME kinda comeuppance, dammit. God wasn’t gonna do it – so Lucifer did.  

A thankless, never-ending task – even if he made the most fun out of it he could. But the monumental unfairness of getting blamed for EVERYTHING that goes wrong, after you’ve dedicated eternity to providing justice? That’d make me angry. Hell, that’d drive me more than a little mad.

And all that’s right here, in his eyes, whenever he gets pushed juuuust a little too far.

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Never better

soulmate au

His tattoo is on his ankle and it says “the fuck kind of name is that” in big, scribbled, barely legible handwriting- which, reasonable. He has his parents and weird family tradition to blame. His father disapproves- his own is neat cursive, tiny on the inside of his wrist. “My pleasure”, because of course. Baz’s takes up most of his right calf, which means shorts are out for much of the conceivable future.

He hates soulmarks, with everything in him. (Maybe he’s biased. Dev’s is perfectly lovely- “charmed”, neatly printed across his hipbone. [Niall’s is “Oi, watch where you’re going, fucker”, so he’s extra careful to knock into every person he meets. Just in case.]) They’re outdated, unfair- Agatha Wellbelove doesn’t even have one, which he knows for a fact she still sometimes cries about. And there’s a little line through his father’s that makes his chest pang every time he sees it.

There’s too many people with just “hi” and “hey” and “can you move, I’m trying to watch the show” and they’re vague and some people never find their soulmates and one time, Baz watched a soulmark disappear in the middle of the class. The girl had to be carried out, kicking and screaming, and she didn’t come back for a whole term. They’re painful and they hurt and they cause so much worry and conflict and-

“What the fuck kind of name is that?”

He looks up sharply at the cute barista, staring at him with the same stunned expression.

“Pardon me?”

The barista sets down his cup, yanks up his sleeve.

“Your coffee order is fucking weird and so is your name but oh my god, we’re soulmates right? Please tell me I’m right. I’ve never met anyone with such a weird order and I’ve made it before and it’s like drinking a candy bar and- I’m Simon Snow and please tell me we’re soulmates?”

Baz’s mouth is gaping open. “Holy shit, you’re-” That’s too much of a coincidence and he talks too much but. Holy shit. “Yes,” he manages, and Simon beams.

“That’s great. That’s fantastic. You might want to move, by the way, the queue’s glaring.”

Baz floats in a semi daze over to the window and waits; soon enough, Simon comes bounding over with coffee and a scone.

“Compliments of the chef,” he says, obvious meaning himself, and shoves both into Baz’s hands. “So. Soulmates.”

“Soulmates,” Baz agrees faintly, then has to sit down.

“Where is your mark?” asks Simon excitedly. “Unless- is it anywhere naughty?” His eyes twinkle with entirely too much mischievous mirth for Baz’s liking, and he shoots him a glare before pushing up his pants leg.

Simon sucks in a breath. “Yeah, sorry, my hand writing is shit. So your name really is Basilton?”

“It really is,” says Baz. “And my coffee is fine, thank you.”

Simon peers at him. “Are you okay?”

“No,” Baz wants to say, “Actually I was just thinking about how ridiculous this entire thing is-”

He doesn’t say that.

Because Simon makes him feel warm, and shaky, and, okay, maybe he gets the hype. Maybe. (Even though he’s being a hypocrite. Even though he’s going to have to deal with his father’s disappointed looks and the sideways glances from his friends.)

“Never better,” he says, and smiles.

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I really, really want Asher to stand up to Michaela. I'm not saying what she says is not true because most of the time it is, but it's unfair that she gets to treat him that way and still she gets laid BUT MOSTLy he's always there and caring. It's so unfair.

WELL WELL WELL I feel like maybe we’ll see that side of Asher in the next season because right now everything is such a mess and Michaela is the only one pulling them all together so he’s letting it slide.

Accounts getting terminated.

What is happening with tumblr deleting blogs left and right ? I do not feel safe here anymore and since they can just terminate your account without any warning i am considering whether to stay or not . Many ppl asked me about Kenzar and Hallow and yes their accounts were deleted for no reason , no warnings , no emails , no notifications - nothing just like that . It’s not fair to work on something so hard for so long and then everything to be gone in an instant . I think it’s really unfair and i am really scared it might happen to me or to more of my friends and this is something i wouldnt even wish to my greatest enemy. Please if you can contact tumblr about this matter , the more ppl do it the bigger the chance is their accounts to be recovered . That’s the only way to make tumblr reconsider . Remember this could happen to your closest friend and even you . Thank you for reading .

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four years with nothing but manipulative therapists or just therapists not qualified to help with my specific problems ((in most countries, there are different kinds of therapists to help with certain stuff.. but the ones here only know a little bit of everything.. which hardly helps at all..)) and I finally found a therapist that actually specializes in a couple of specific things! I actually found a therapist who might be able to help me!!

finding the right therapist is so hard mydude and i think that’s really unfortunate and unfair to us mentally ill folk who are told that we basically have no other options but a good therapist
anyway i’m glad you found someone!! good for you!


Title: Unfair

Pairing; Hotch x daughter!reader

Based off of this anon request:

Hello my fine feathered friend. I was wondering if perhaps you could make a Hotch x teen daughter reader. We’re like she is a very obedient child. Until she really want to go to this party but he says no. When Hotch gets home the night of the party, he finds her missing and think she went to the party. So he is really mad. When she doesn’t come home the next day he gets really worried. Terns out she was kidnapped by a family member of some one he put away and hotch has to get her back. Love you!

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting! Love you back!

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University has started again and it has been a pretty smooth start which is good. I got accepted into speech therapy, so I have to now figure out how to change my course and everything but it’s very exciting! Right now I’m waiting for another course to start and I am looking at some Old English translation. As a german native, I have some unfair advantages but it’s been super fun so far!