everything is thrifted

Saturday shopping with my family. While walking through the concrete jungle, I stumbled upon this little nook…a little bit of greenery just off the main sidewalk 🌿
Dress: SM2
Cardigan: earth, music, and ecology
Bag: axes femme
Everything else thrifted

Wow it got hot here quickly! ☀️I’m glad I went ahead and took out all of my summer clothes so I could put this light airy coordinate together 🌈 Pink cardigan is from axes femme, white tank tunic is Ray Beams, everything else thrifted or no-name.


Just more photos of Muffins’ new loft apartment.
Some of his goods:

Orange cauldron by @offalteeth shop / Hand-bound journal from Nevermorre Curios / Witch hat from Joann Fabrics / Sweaters made by @cathartes-flora and @rotflower / Strombecker vintage bed frame purchased from a mandrake owner on instagram /  I made his bedding, everything else thrifted from an amazing charity shop in Northampton!

🕊Good evening! 🕊As much as I love mori fashion, I definitely have “mori slumps” where I just feel uninspired and am too busy to put any effort towards putting together a coordinate. I’ve been in a slump lately, but some exciting news on the horizon has brighten my spirits! Pink cardigan is axes femme, everything else off-brand/thrifted 🍄✌🏻

🌸 Usagi Tsukino 🌸
- Everything in this outfit was thrifted except for the top. can’t wait to upload the other outfits but I still have a lot of pending posts and I don’t wanna spam y'all. What do you guys think about this fit? 😃


got the sailormoon screencap from @sailorcivilian

ig: elaychi

Good day to you all! 🦊 Off to the park and the used bookstore to get my son some new picture books 📚My friend often saw me wearing these big waist belts and decided to get a couple for herself…but realized they didn’t suit her well so she gave them to me. Lucky! Everything is thrifted ✌🏻


your local post apocalyptic druid wanderer will be with you to dance around bonfires and drink fermented fruit beverages shortly, please hold~

honestly so in love with this outfit? like for the first time in ages happy with my layering 👌🏻

hood: punk rave
bag+gloves handmade (bag inspired by @mai-magi who is constantly goals🙌🏻)
everything else is thrifted you can’t see my boots but they’re docs with army covers and chains and stuff ah well