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Reality vs Social Media

Guys, stop getting dragged in by these apparent “leaks” The only thing we should be taking from last night is:

  • Lauren looking happier in any picture with Lucy than she’s ever been in one with Ty
  • Lauren looking genuinely content and healthy with Lucy (because below the surface, theres actually a childhood friendship between the two)
  • A selfie posted on L’s Instagram story, confirming to fans her an Ty are ‘together ‘. Now why do this if they have nothing to “prove” to fans?
  • The rose, on Lauren’s Instagram story is about as aesthetic as an overgrown garden plant.
  • There has to be Lauren/Ty because Camila was also in New York.

Social media is an incredible way to bullshit your way through everything. There’s two sides to everyone. One’s the social media side, where everything is amazing, perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. Then you’ve got the reality side, where you may have the shittiest day ever, but you choose not to make this public. That’s just the way it is.

What you post virtually, defines your real life lifestyle. I know people that post everything on social media pretending they’re something and somebody that they’re not. They create their own story to sell to “followers” so their way of life is more believable. I know people who post pictures of expense and wealth yet I know full well they can’t afford them and the brands are fake. I know people who physically purchase followers on Instagram, make their accounts private and then tweet about how many follower’s they have and how popular they are. And you know what? In real life, off Instagram and Twitter, these people are some of the loneliest people I have ever met. When did everyone become so obsessed with popularity that they adapt who they are to ‘gain’ more online for their own self esteem. I find that saddest part.

So basically what I’m trying to say here is, when you see someone posting things online don’t always believe it. 9 times out of 10 it’s made public for a reason. Social media is there for “proof” and not reality. 

PR leaks are contracted, authentic leaked images are illegal. 

Lana Del Rey on Religion

“My understanding of God has come from my own personal experiences… because I was in trouble so many times in New York that if you were me, you would believe in God too. When things get bad enough, your only resort is to lie in bed and start praying. I dunno about congregating once a week in a church and all that, but when I heard there is a divine power you can call on, I did.“ 

“Well, I mixed it with my studies in theology, because it was the best school for the Jesuit faith and all of the Jesuits taught philosophy classes. There was just a lot of talk about going back to that basic question: Why do we exist? How did reality come to be? Why do we do what we do? And how not to become the butcher, the baker, the candlestickmaker, the guardians of the middle-class—that really interested me. I don’t know. Yeah, I loved being around people who wondered why we were here.”

“I guess I would say that the beautiful thing about feeling connected to something greater is that even at my lowest point I always have a feeling that I’m being taken care of. “

“And Jesus—I mean, being raised Catholic, it was just a way of life. Spirituality and religion were strong. I was in Catholic school until I was 13. Like a lot of other people, I think foundationally I was hymn inspired—musical hymns, not Him, Jesus. [Laughs.]”

“Like so many people, they always state the difference between faith and religion. The faith that I’ve come to find is a science of my own through lots of trials and errors. I’ve been through so many different walks of life that I’ve needed to ask a lot of questions that no human power can answer. I’ve had to seek a lot of guidance. I’ve had to pray a lot because I’ve been in trouble a lot. But it’s not until you do that that you realize there are answers out there to be found.”

To thine own self be true. Seek and ye shall find. There’s a science to prayer, I would say. I think sometimes when you’re really faced with a huge life dilemma or problem and you’ve turned to every sort of thing for answers, sometimes the last resort is to pray and to put out a question to the universe in your mind. Even when you put your question out there, you ask that invisible whoever “What do I do?” you sort of get answers; you forget the problem all over again.”

“I went to a Catholic school called St. Agnes and I loved going to church. I was very interesting and curious about the idea of a divine plan and that there was something bigger than us out there. I don’t have a traditional Catholic view of religion or God though – but I enjoy the feeling of being looked after in the spiritual sense.”

She attended a Catholic elementary school called St. Agnes, and was the cantor of the church across the street. “I loved church,” says Del Rey. “I loved the mysticism, the idea of something bigger, the idea of a divine plan. For me, the concept of religion transitioned into a really healthy idea of God–I don’t have the traditional views of a conservative Catholic, but my imagination was opened within the big blue-and-gold cathedral walls. I liked the idea of being looked after.”

I would say, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen.’ She’d say, ‘God didn’t save you from drowning just to beat you up on the shore. All you really need is patience when you have persistence.”

“I feel a strong relationship with God and I feel my ties are with him. That’s how I honestly feel. Everything I do, I do it for somebody I’ve never met before, something in the great beyond. That’s my primary relationship, really, is with something divine. I feel a connection as real with that as I’ve ever had with anybody on this earth.”

“There’s one song called “God Knows I Tried” which has a little gospel feel to it.”

Moments (2/5) - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 3581

Plot: The first time Peter asked you out

Warnings: angst(ish), a use of the swear word f*ck, FLUFFITY FLUFF FLUFF

Author’s Note: Yeah so this is the second part of Moments and also the monthly song challenge!  I used the song Only Us from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, and of course, this is really really late (again). My apologies! But I hope you enjoy! :)

Part One


What is the song challenge? // Lilly’s Version


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The Little Game of Hearts (Part 2/2)

Requested by anon:  Hey can I request an Isaac/Theo story where the FemaleC is part of the pack and she had this friends with benefits thing going on with Theo during season5 but obviously there were also feelings involved. And after everything went down with Theo and the Dread Doctors, Isaac showed up with Chris to finish his senior year. Theo comes back season 6,FC and Isaac are only friends but at this party she kisses him in front of Theo so he gets the clue that she’s done with him-that as the background

A/N: Finally, here is the second part! This one is about Isaac coming back, the friendship developing and the confrontation with Theo after he came back. You can find Part 1 here: x. I hope you all enjoy, I had a lot of fun writing this!

Yes, Isaac Lahey came back to Beacon Hills. But with the two of you, it wasn’t necessarily friendship at first sight. To you, he was just another new guy and you decided that you would never trust those again. Never let them close to you or believe a word that came out of their mouths. You definitely were bitter but you couldn’t leave that part of you behind at that point. So you didn’t welcome Isaac in any nice way and you really didn’t make it easy for him to like you.

It was a constant bickering between you that drove the rest of the pack crazy. Whenever he expressed an idea at pack meetings, you argued against it and tried to find something fishy about it. You avoided him, reacted annoyed whenever he was around and fighting him was your favourite way to blow off steam. You couldn’t help but afflict him with the mistrust that Theo would’ve deserved. You saw Theo in him although Isaac wasn’t really like him. There were just a few similarities that sufficed, like the smug attitude, the confident demeanour (although it wasn’t as natural with Isaac), and the acting like he didn’t care what everybody else thought about him. In the first few weeks that was all that you noticed about him.

And then stuff happened. Even with Theo gone everything turned chaotic once again and you needed each other like never before. That was when something clicked inside of you. When you realized the most important fact about Isaac Lahey: he was loyal. He looked up at Scott, he trusted Scott, he did whatever was needed to protect him and his pack. Even you, although you had been a total asshole to him, simply because you were Scott’s friend. He would never betray him, which meant that he would never betray you.

That was the moment you realized that you had judged him wrong and that not everybody deserved to be treated like Theo. You had to admit to yourself that you projected the pain Theo had caused you onto him and it wasn’t right. And that you would only keep Theo’s betrayal alive by doing so and not pulling yourself together. You really had to try to live your life like he had never been a part of it.

It wasn’t easy but you made yourself apologize to Isaac. After that it turned out that the two of you were actually a pretty good team. He was a lot better at forgiving than you were and although he never stopped teasing you about your mean side, you became friends. Once you let him see the real you and opened up to him, you grew close. It was the weirdest thing ever but it made you love it even more.

All of that brings you to the angsty situation you are in now. Liam freed him. Theo was back. How are you supposed to act like he never existed when he’s back, roaming around in Beacon Hills? The others never learned about the little thing you had going on with him and therefore will never understand why you are reacting so stressed about this. That’s why you literally fled from any pack action, anything that could bring you close to him, and are now sitting in your living room with Isaac, going through some papers to do research that isn’t making any sense at all. You can’t even concentrate long enough to read a single line. It’s boiling inside of you and you are so agitated that you must reek to a werewolf.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”, Isaac asks after a while and as you look up, you realize that he has been observing you the whole time. Damn those werewolf senses! You really need to find some human friends. While you look into his blue eyes, you feel yourself getting defensive quite automatically.

“Well, everything obviously”, you grumble, lowering your head so you don’t have to face him. “This town is going to hell and now Theo Raeken is back. I just hate that guy.”

“Because he made Liam kill Scott”, Isaac mused, still staring at you attentively. A little too attentively for your taste.

“Exactly”, you mumble and you feel bad because that really should be the reason but your true one is so much more egoistic and self-centred.

Isaac clears his throat awkwardly, then keeps silent again and it’s so obvious to you that he wants to say something but isn’t sure if he should. Finally he pulls himself together and blurts out: “Okay, that was a lie. Why do you really hate him?”

Of course he heard it. You sigh heavily, put the paper away and lean back in the sofa. Since Liam decided to resurrect your ex-whatever, you’re awfully tired. You take your time with the answer, rub your temples and try to get your emotions under control. Lying to him is not an option, therefore you decide to give him part of the truth. Not the whole story, though, you’re still too ashamed of that.

“It’s complicated, okay? It was just…we were a little closer than the rest of the pack…friends and stuff…so his betrayal hit me pretty hard and I honestly never want to see him again.”

“You had sex with him”, Isaac states drily.

You whirl around and stare at him in shock. He tries to stay serious but a little smirk tugs on his lips already.

“What?! No I hadn’t!”

“Yes you had. It’s written all over your face.”

When did he become such a mind reader? You could keep up the play but by now the heat is creeping into your cheeks and you know you lost. He really got to know you too well. The weird thing is: while you’re still feeling embarrassed about your mistake, it is actually a little freeing that you told someone about it. That it’s out there at last.

“Aright, yes. We had this thing without liabilities going on and I really thought I could trust him. And I was stupid enough to kinda fall for him, so after he turned out to be a total asshole, I was crushed. I got bitter, I hated everything and I tortured you for something somebody else did.”

“Ah, so that’s why you were such a bitch to me!”, Isaac realizes matter of factly.

You shoot him a glare. “Yes. You first-hand experienced the monster he created. I can’t have that again. I can’t deal with him. Since he came back, I constantly remember our last conversation and how he made me feel like the dumbest, most naïve girl on earth. And like I wasn’t good enough.”

You feel the weight of the truth of your words overcome you once again and you swallow hard, looking down at your hands because watching Isaac’s playful expression turning more sympathetic by the second makes it even harder. You can see Theo’s stern face in front of you just as the day he dumbed you in that forest. And you remember the heartache.

“Honestly, Isaac, I don’t know what to do”, you admit weakly, feeling horribly vulnerable. Something you wanted to prevent under any circumstances.

Isaac observes you for a second, then doesn’t hesitate to get up from his spot and sit down next to you, putting an arm around your shoulder and pulling you closer. You rest your head against his chest, breathe in his scent and sense yourself relax almost momentarily while you listen to his steady heartbeat. It’s the first time someone comforts you about this and it feels good.

“Okay, Y/N, first of all: I already know that Theo guy is an idiot but if he dumbed you, he really is the biggest I ever met and that is saying something”, Isaac claims as he strokes your hair softly.

You snort. “You have to say that.”

“Well, yeah, but I also mean it. Come on, you won’t let him destroy your confidence, will you? I have some experience with people who knock you down and they’ll always stay with you in some way, but you can still grow out of it stronger than before.”

You turn your head and blink at him a little astonished. “Man that was really sensitive Dr. Phil.”

“I have my moments”, he retorts with a grin on his lips that somehow makes everything seem less terrible.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Well, I’m just gonna keep you away from him until he eventually screws up and will be sent back.”

You like the plan. You like it a lot.

It works for a while. There is only one error: Theo doesn’t screw up. It’s not like everybody suddenly likes him but they also can’t ignore what he did, especially for Liam, and don’t think that he deserves to go back to hell. Still, you manage to avoid him with Isaac’s help. At least before Lydia’s “Goodbye Highschool” party, which is obviously something you have to go to.

But you don’t know that Theo would come too until you get there, go to the bar for your third drink and run right into him. Literally. You dumb into a body and already start to awkwardly apologize as he turns around and you stare right into that face you connect so many horrible emotions to.

“Oh my”, you push out, taking a step back while his eyes widen after they recognized you. Your instinct to flee sets in but you are aware of how stupid and weak that would look, so you stay right where you are. Quite frozen, actually.

“Y/N!”, he exclaims a little bit too late. “It’s so good to see you. I…I wanted to talk to you since…since I came back.”

Great, there you go. Thankfully enough, the old anger finally builds up inside of you and that makes it much easier because it overlaps the disappointment. You cross your arms in front of your chest and glare at him.

“Yeah, I know. You informed the others about that a thousand times, but I though my non-reaction made quite clear that I don’t return that wish.”

“I know”, he retorts, quickly and gravely serious. He steps closer and puts his arms on your shoulders but you immediately pull away. His touch feels poisonous. “I get that you don’t want to see me, okay? But I need to…”

“Oh, don’t you dare say apologize!”, you interrupt him decisively. “You could’ve done that the night in the forest but back then, you didn’t give a damn.”

Theo observes you for a moment, inhales deeply and lowers his head for a second before he looks back up at you through his eyelashes with an awfully sad expression in his eyes. It probably would’ve gotten to you but you don’t know if you can buy it or if he’s just acting again.

“You’re right, although it’s not true that I didn’t give a damn. I was an idiot. But the things that happened to me down there…they changed me!”, he claims, only earning a snort from you. “No, really! I just…I need you to know that when we had that thing going on, I wasn’t using you. I wasn’t dishonest with you or something and you were not an idiot to develop feelings because it was the same for me. You were…are…amazing and I realized that, I was just too stupid to put you first.”

His words could’ve been like honey to your soul if they didn’t come so very late. The desperation he displays doesn’t change that you’re only turning even colder inside and not one bit softer. You don’t even think that he’s lying. You just don’t care.

“Fascinating, Theo. But I am not the kind of girl that comes rushing back to an asshole just because he noticed that he is one”, you clarify cooly. “You really aren’t that good.”

Just as you assumed, pride flickers in his eyes. He obviously hasn’t lost that little character trait. A second later, though, he’s back being his begging self. You are really hoping for some guest to interrupt this conversation but they’re all joyful, drunk and minding their own business. None of them pays attention to your discussion.

“Course you’re not. If you were, you would’ve seemed rather boring to me”, Theo now claims, seemingly not understanding what an awful compliment that is. “I’m not asking you to forgive me right here, I’m only asking you to give me a chance.”

“To do what?”, you laugh indignantly. “Get me back?”

“Yes”, he simply states.

You feel a stupid sting in your heart and turn your head so you don’t have to look into those brown eyes anymore. You wished so badly for him to say that about a year ago. You would’ve thrown yourself in his arms, kissed him, never let go of him. Now it only hurts and you’re so tired of him hurting you.

“Well, you can forget about that because I’m over you”, you finally say.

“Really?”, he retorts, not even trying to hide his scepticism. His mistake.

“Yes, really! I’m with someone else. A good guy this time because I learn from my stupidities.”

“Sorry, Y/N, but I don’t believe it.”

Smug. Confident. It drives you crazy and not in the good way. You shoot him a deathly look and you’re so fed up with him.

“Okay. See how taken I am for yourself”, you grumble and whirl around, throwing your hair over your shoulder demonstratively.

You haven’t really thought this through but there’s no way you won’t pull this. You won’t give him that joy. You let your eyes wander over the crowd, desperately searching for help. There you find him. Isaac. Leaning against the wall, holding a red cup in his hands and watching the crazy dancing people with an amused grin on his lips. He will understand. He will get it. And he’s definitely the best choice.

You walk over to him with as much confidence as you can muster. Your heart is pounding fast in nervous anticipation, which he’ll probably be able to hear. As you’re almost there, Isaac looks up, locking eyes with you as worry flashes up in his face.

“Y/N, is everything alri…”

“Please just go with it”, you whisper before you throw your arms around his neck, stand on your toes and press your lips onto his.

He is shocked for about one second, then he puts his arms around your waist, pulls you closer and returns the kiss affectionately. You forget that this is only pretend, only to show Theo how done you’re with him, in the blink of an eye. Suddenly you sink into it, blend out everything around you and the only important things left are you and Isaac and this amazing connection you’re feeling between the two of you. It’s like a spark deep inside of you turns into a flame and burns through your whole body. You press yourself against him, hungry for more of him and the sweet taste of his lips. You almost feel drunk although you know that alcohol doesn’t have any effect on you.

This isn’t like a shy, first kiss but one that is based on all the trust and familiarity you share. As you finally pull apart to catch your breaths, you are looking at each other, kind of surprised but also pleased. A huge smile appears on his lips and his blue eyes seem brighter than usually.

“Wanna go somewhere more quiet?”, he asks you cheekily and you feel your heart flutter at his suggestion.

“Absolutely”, you retort, taking his hand before he leads you through the crowd.

You totally forgot Theo and how this developed. It doesn’t matter anymore.

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Memories (Jace x Reader) Imagine

“Are you ready?” Izzy asked me as she enter my room.

“Yeah, I just have to go say goodbye to Jace before we leave” You told her as you finish applying your lipstick. “How do I look?”

“Hot, come on we don’t want to keep the demons waiting” She said as she laughed. You both spilt up as you exited the room, you heading towards the training room to see Jace and Izzy heading to the main room so she could wait for you. You and Jace had this thing when ever one of you guys went on mission you would always come and see each other before you left. You never knew why you guys did it but it was just something that you two never bother to stop.

As you walked up to the entrance you could see two people laying on the floor but you couldn’t make out who it was until you got closer. As you got to the entrance you could see that it was your boyfriend Jace and the Fray girl. It’s not like you didn’t like Clary is was just you always found that she was a little bit to close when it came to Jace. You were about to enter when something happened that you didn’t except**. They kissed, you weren’t sure who leaned in first but at this point you didn’t care. The slight made you gasp and when they heard it they quickly pulled away from one another. Jace was quick to his feet, already coming closer to you but you turned on your heel and quickly started to make your way to Izzy.

“Y/N” Jace said as he grabbed your arm, making you turn to face him

“It’s not what it looks like”

“Well it looked to me that my boyfriend was kissing another girl” You said as tears welled up in your eyes.

“She kissed me first” He yelled “Please just let me explain what happened” He looked desperated but you didn’t care. You had to get away from him you couldn’t stand to look at him any longer.

“Later Jace, I have to go on my mission” You told him as you started to walk away.

“You can’t just leave we need to talk now” He said as he followed you.

“We will talk later, just be happy that I’m even giving you a chance to” You yelled as countine to walk away, leaving a gutily Jace standing in the hallway alone.

“Are you alright?” Izzy asked as you walked up to her. She could see the tears running down your cheeks.

“I’m fine, can we leave now?” You asked.

“Come on” She said as she took your hand before leaving the institue.

On your way to the club you told Izzy about what had happened bewteen you and Jace.

“Are you really going to talk to him?” She asked as you guys waited in line to get in.

“Yeah, we’ve been together for a long time so I should at least hear his side of the story no matter how much I would like to punch them both in face” You told her. Izzy laughed and said “This is why were best friend”

As you guys enter the club you guys searched around looking for the demon, luckey you both spotted it before it walked out of the club doors. You and Izzy both pushed your way passed the people in the crowd untill you got to the doors.

“Ready” She whipsers as you held your sword in front of you.

“Yes, Let’s go” She pushed open the doors and you guys walked out into a dark ally.

“Where is it?” You both said at the same time. The ally was emtpy.

“It just came out here” You said. You both turned to look at each other, this wasn’t normal. No way could that demon disapper that quick. Izzy eyes went wide and before she had the chance to tell you anything you felt a pain in your leg. You fell to the ground in pain, the demon was over you but not for long, since Izzy kiled it.

“Are you alright?” Izzy asked you for the second time that night. Instade of answering her you just drew the rune on your leg. It only took a few seconds before you were back up on your feet again.

“Can this day get any better” You said sarcastically.

“It’s almost over if that helps” Izzy said with a laugh, you just rolled your eyes. You spoke to soon because all of the sudden you guys heard a noise, you both turned to see what it was. You guys came face to face with demons. There were way too many of them to fight, there was no way that the two of you could beat them. You needed help and you weren’t going to get it.

“Are we going for it?” Izzy asked you.

“Hell yeah we are” You told her, you were shadowhunters you guys don’t go down without a fight. You ran one way and Izzy the other way. One by one you were taking down the demons, you were hoping that it was going the same for Izzy. Maybe you guys can beat them you thought before you knew it all of the demons in front of you were gone. You rushed over to help Izzy with her last few reminding demons, but before you could reach her you felt something hit your head and everything went black.

(Jace POV)

“Alec! Jace! Somebody help me!” Yelled a voice, Alec and I turned to see who it was. When I turned my heart dropped, there in front of me was Isabelle running into the institute with Y/N in her hands.

“What happened?” I asked her as me and Alec ran up to her. I quickly took Y/N from her arms, Izzy was clearly out of energy because she fell right into her brothers arms. As we ran to the infirmary Isabelle told us what happened.

“We just walked out into the ally and it wasn’t there. Until I heard a noise, it was a demon and it attack her”

“How big was it for this much damage?” I asked as we continue running. Looking down at my girlfriend I knew it had to be something big because she was unconscious, cover in bruises and long cuts, from what I assumed to be from crawls.

“It was only small that’s the point that wasn’t the one that injured her, all of the sudden we were surrounded by demons” Izzy told us as her voice broke. “There were way too many of them for us to fight but we still tried, it was going fine until she was coming over to help me with my last few. That’s when one got her that she didn’t see, I couldn’t help her right away I had to kill the others ones first. I try drawing the runes but they wouldn’t stay so I rushed back here.”

“Right choice’ I said as I laid Y/N down on the infirmary bed, once I was done all of the nurses kept pushing us back out of the way. All we could do was stand there and watch as they tried to help her. Finally after what seen like hours one of the nurse came to speak to us.

"She should be fine when she wakes up, but she will be in a lot of pain so go easy on her” The nurse told us three before she left the room with the others. I did the only thing I could, I walked over to the side of the bed and just sat there holding her hand. Wishing I could take back this awful day and everything I have done.

(Your POV)

You open your eyes but not for long before you had to close them again because of the pain in your body and the blinding lights above you. You slowly tried to open them again and when you did you looked around the room. You knew that you were in some kind of infirmary but you weren’t sure where too.

“Your awake!” A person yelled while running up to hug you. You pushed them away when they went to.

“Are you still mad at me?” The blonde boy questioned, with a hurt look on his face.

“Mad? Who are you?” you yelled. The boy step back with confuses on his face.

“I’m Jace remember?” He said

“I’m sorry I don’t remember. Where am I? What happened to me?” You could see the look of sadness that wash over Jace’s face when you said that but you didn’t care all you wanted to know is what was going.

“Y/N” A boy and a girl yelled as they enter into the room running over to you.

“Don’t” Jace said to them while blocking their path with his arm.

“Hey just because she mad at you doesn’t mean she made at us, we’re not the one that cheated on her” the girl said as she pushed passed Jace sitting in the chair next to you. Cheated? You thought, you were in a relationship with this guy? He didn’t seen like your type the other boy with the dark hair did.

“She doesn’t remember me”

“What!” The girl yelled she came to stand in front of you. “Do you know who I am?” She asked. You looked at her she was beautiful but you didn’t know her.

“I’m sorry but I don’t remember any of you. Can you guys tell me why I’m here” You said. The three of them looked at each other with sad faces, you felt bad that you couldn’t remember them.

“You got hurt on our mission” The girl said “I’m umm Isabelle by the way”

“Mission? What kind?” You asked. Isabelle looked at you with a odd look and said

“A normal one, going out killing the demons” You were taken back demons? What was she getting on with.

“Demons really people? can you really tell why I’m here. Please don’t make up any kind of stories.” You told them with an eye roll. The three of them looked at each other once again but this time their faces had a nervous look on them.

“Do you remember anything?” Isabelle asked you.

“Not a thing” You told her.

“We’re shadowhunters” Jace said as he sat down on the end of your bed.

“We protect the human world from the demon world” All of this sounded so stupid but it didn’t look like they were lying they looked serious.

“Do these anything to do with being a shadowhunter?” I asked as I pointed to the weirdly shapes on my arms.

“Their runes. They give us special ability to fight off the demon world. No human can survive them.” Isabelle told you.

“All of this sounds crazy, you know that right?” You said.

“Yeah we been through something like this before” The other boy said rolling his eyes.

“So what happens now?” You asked.

“We don’t know” Jace said

“But you just sai-” You started to say but Jace cut you off

“The other girl didn’t know she was one, where you just don’t remember.”

“Oh well can I meet her?”

“NO” They all rushed to say.

“Why not?” You asked. You didn’t understand why this was such a bad idea. Maybe she knew what you were going through.

“You guys aren’t really friends plus your boyfriend cheated on you with her” Isabelle said while glaring at Jace “It’s not a good idea” you didn’t want to argue maybe it was best if you didn’t speak to this girl after all you probably hated her after that.

“You know, I do know Jace was my boyfriend you guys mentioned it earlier so you don’t have to hide it. I don’t remember anything not about being your friends or falling in love with him. So please don’t keep anything from me, all I want to do is remember.” You told them. They all looked at you and nodded their heads.

“So Isabelle how about you show me around and tell me about my life” You asked her.

“I would love to” She said reaching out for you. You took her hand and slowly got up, the pain wasn’t that bad anymore. You two walked out of the room, leaving the boys behind. There was only one thing you wanted and that was for your memories to come back but if they didn’t you still needed to know how to live this life. You walked down the hallway with Izzy not hearing the sobs coming from the room you just left. Back there was a broken boy that only you could fix.

The Intertwined series (so far)

Since I started this little series Saturday and it’s a holiday weekend, I’m reposting everything so far in case somebody missed something.

#1 A New Life Junkie Sherlock trades places with his dying brother, who’s a devoted husband to Molly and a father to their unborn baby.

#2 A Step Too Far Sherlock puts his foot in his mouth.

#3 Comfort Sherlock explains his brother’s plan.

#4 Compromise Sherlock and Molly work some things out.

#5 Jealous of a Dead Man Sherlock explains why he wasn’t at the wedding.

#6 Something To Hold Onto Molly makes a promise to Sherlock.

#7 Promises Made Both of them make promises to Sherlock’s brother.

just a reminder that the idea of going to college/university has been normalised but it is in no way your only avenue. on top of that, if you don’t go to university, that doesn’t make you dumb, or worthless. you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an education, that’s just the system trying to force you into a single path it has deemed the “correct” one

if you want to do a trade, go to a specialist school, you’re awesome. if you want to go to community college, you’re awesome. if you want to never go near a learning institution again, you’re awesome.

don’t let others make you think otherwise. your life is yours and you deserve to be happy

the names of homestuck songs are so beautiful you get ones like

  • Savior of the Waking World
  • Phantasmagoric Waltz
  • Cathedral of the End
  • At the Price of Oblivion
  • Everything is Something to Somebody
  • Clockwork Sorrow
  • Eternity Served Cold

but then you also have

  • Ohgodwhat
  • Heir Conditioning
  • Nic Cage Song
  • Omelette Sandwich
  • Squiddles Happytime Fun Go!
  • Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donald Glover, Issa Rae and Damien Chazelle in One Epic Conversation (The Hollywood Reporter):


CHAZELLE Do you feel like you have to convert skeptics as much [on stage]?

MIRANDA Not so much convert the skeptics, but it is certainly true that when you’ve got a camera and the subject is this close, there’s a bigger threshold you have to cross to break into song.

CHAZELLE Yeah. It’s because people assume the camera is telling you the truth.

MIRANDA I had an interesting thing with Hamilton. We start with heightened language — this heightened hip-hop speech. And there was a version of Act 1 of Hamilton where we’d have songs and then we would break into scenes and there’d be like, “Hey, I’ll see you at the dinner” dialogue. We realized it didn’t work with Hamilton because when you have an opening number that is this intense, heightened speech, to go back to, “Oh, I’m going to have some water,” you can’t drop the ball.

FAVREAU But what was so cool about that is, when I saw Hamilton with my daughter, I was like, “This is like Shakespeare.” We look at Shakespeare now like it’s classic and it’s old-fashioned, but at the time, the iambic pentameter, blank verse, all that was very current, and I would say the equivalent of the poetry of your show. And they were telling stories about characters that were hundreds of years old then.


FAVREAU So there’s a way to bring the audience in. Whether you knew the stories or not, you were going to get entertained. I thought it was a really good idiom for our time, whether it was conscious or otherwise. [Hamilton] draws you in, there’s always a beat going, and there’s an engine driving through the whole piece. And I went in there being a little skeptical, as you always are when somebody says how awesome something is.

GLOVER Everything now is like, “This is the best thing!”

RAE It’s a rush to be able to say, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen, and if you don’t agree, you’re an idiot and everybody get on board.” And there’s such a pressure to live up to that. I don’t ever want that for my own work. No matter what it is, I don’t want everyone to be on board or everyone to exclaim that it’s the best thing they’ve ever seen. The goal is to make people feel and to make people talk about it. But there’s such a hype culture right now.

GLOVER You can only be like, “This is the worst” or “This is [the best]” because there’s no room for discussion.


GLOVER I just did a concert and there were no phones allowed, and people enjoy it differently.

MIRANDA Theater is one of the last bastions of that.

CHAZELLE Yeah, it’s true.

MIRANDA I work in the art form where you’re in the room with the people who are performing, and that’s something you can’t replace. Especially talking about online stuff, I think we curate our reality so much. We block that friend on Facebook who is talking about politics constantly or putting up videos you’re not ready to see at 9 in the morning. But in the theater, you’re all watching the same thing.

FAVREAU And going from obscurity to being drilled down by the limelight, how did that affect things?

MIRANDA It happened in stages. First, YouTube weirdly is tied into Hamilton too because I performed at the White House.

FAVREAU For Obama, yeah.

MIRANDA 2009. I had only written the opening song.

RAE That’s crazy.

MIRANDA And so that went online. And then this is where good luck comes into it because it didn’t look like a C-SPAN event. HBO filmed the night because they were filming their poets who had performed. So the footage of it looks like a movie. It took me six years to write the show, but I had a bunch of social studies teachers who were ready. They were like, “I’ve been showing this one clip to my kids for six years.” Like, “There’s a whole show coming?” So I knew we’d get school groups. It’s the rest of it that was really overwhelming. And doing the show is what kept me sane. We’re more like chefs when we’re actors onstage. We’ve got to make it from scratch that night.

FAVREAU The night I went, that was a particularly good night, you said.

MIRANDA That was a really great crowd. You went the night Bernie Sanders was there. And it was at the peak of his campaign.

FAVREAU I’m glad I can’t look back at a copy of that. Whereas when you look at something that’s filmed, you could always go back to that movie.

MIRANDA We ran six months off-Broadway and everyone is experiencing the thing in real time and they don’t know what they’re coming in for. And when the cast album [came out], you get the whole show. It’s the entire plot of the show.

FAVREAU And everybody knew it.

MIRANDA We shifted from, “I’m experiencing this” to, “This is Rocky Horror, I know all the words and I want to sing along in the front row.”


CHAZELLE But you must have had to bury yourself for a while just to create Hamilton. Did you feel like the outside world was going, “What the hell are you doing?”

MIRANDA Everyone goes through this, whether you’re even in the arts or not. What are the things you do to support your family and keep going while you’re doubling down on the passion project? I was on a TV show [Do No Harm] that made the record of the lowest-rated debut in the history of NBC.

RAE Oh yeah.

MIRANDA But I took that job because they told me they were going to kill me off at the end of the first season, and it shot in Philly, not L.A., so I could stay home. I was No. 5 on the call sheet. It was a lot of great theater actors, like Phylicia Rashad and Steve Pasquale and Mike Esper.

CHAZELLE I’ve got to watch this now.

MIRANDA It was notorious because it had one of the worst advertising [campaigns], it was like a Jekyll-and-Hyde doctor plot. And it was a guy who had his hands and there was a face on his hands.

GLOVER Oh yeah. I remember those posters.

MIRANDA Paul F. Tompkins used to call him Dr. Facehands because the sign was up all over L.A. But to me, that was my Hamilton residency. I was making a living, I was only working two days a week, and I was going to historical Philly where I would go do research on Hamilton. I wrote “Satisfied” in my trailer. So everyone, you balance those things out. […]

read (or watch) the full round table to hear from the other great participants & their work

tyrianstranger-hub  asked:

Saltquestion 17!

17 - Something that you find unforgivable?

This is a tough one. I’m not the kind of person that gets angry about many things, or any things at all. I do not hold grudges, but I do remember what troublemakers I’ve dealt with before have done and I remain wary of them. It is difficult to forgive, but life is too short to be angry. So I forgive, but do not forget.

Something I have always disliked is injustice. When somebody is (often) wrongly accused of something with little to no evidence to back it up. What puzzles me is that people within an RP community can form a very strong opinion of somebody that they have never met, sometimes to a concerning degree based purely on what they’ve been told.

Has somebody done something wrong? Prove it. Everything here is in text, everything can be screencapped. There is absolutely, I repeat, absolutely no excuse not to do so.

Having a strong opinion on somebody that one has not met yet is much like deciding that they are guilty and must be proven innocent before a jury that has already made up their minds. Innocent until proven guilty should be the mindset we strive for. Proven guilty.

Here are some pointers of what to look for when you take your screenshots.

  • Take screenshots of the apparent violation in progress by the offender. Without these, there isn’t much weight to any claims.
  • Prove that the violation is not a reprisal to provocation. Preferably having the entire log helps, context is very important.
  • Timestamps and your timezone often help figure out when things have happened, so you can build a case over time if it’s a repeated issue.
  • If screenshots are ingame, a slightly transparent text box is harder to photoshop over. If you pull evidence from Discord or any kind of social media - as finicky as it is, it’s better to take screenshots than to pull the raw text.

Here’re things not to do.

  • Taking screenshots of other people talking about the violation is not evidence. It is hearsay. He-said she-said will only go so far. You want solid, factual evidence. If one person has done something to offend another, there must be at least one other person in a position to screencap.
  • Don’t take screencaps of things that are done In-Character. They have little to no bearing on any case. Doing so only applies in very special and rare occasions.

Most OOC conflicts are misunderstandings. Here are a couple of things to do to make sure everything is a-okay.

  • Wait a day, maybe longer. There’s no rush to retort.
  • Once things are calm, confront the source of your ire in a civil manner.
  • Talk about it. Venting to your friends is fine and sometimes necessary, but it doesn’t solve the problem. You have the power to solve the problem.
  • If it goes well, it goes well. If somebody is determined to keep their mindset, you have done all that you can do.
  • Life goes on.

While I agree that factual evidence to prove somebody guilty is the way to go, I also believe that it is tremendously important not to demonize people that make mistakes. Very few are intentional and others can’t be helped. It’s not fair to keep reminding somebody who might be trying to make amends of their wrongdoings. We all need time to laugh about it and it happening too soon can open up old wounds, reversing any progress that might have been made.

People are very complicated. I don’t think there’s a single way we can deal with them all in one stroke. We just have to adapt and use our judgement as it comes.


Okay, so my mind only thinks in fragments so bear with me. 

AU where Dipper has his life together; remarkable highschool gpa, getting accepted to the technical college of his dreams, the works. All according to plan. 

One thing that wasn’t? He meets and falls in love with a mysterious person, Bill Cipher. Eventually (and probably temporarily), they go out. But there was something weird going on, whenever there’s physical contact between him and Bill, time stops.

Neat. They have the whole world for themselves. But as their relationship progresses, the time freeze starts to take effect even when there’s no contact; inches away from each other, time stops. a meter, three, ten, kilometers. As time passes, it gets worse. 

If they aren’t apart, the world stops.

Will Dipper choose to stay with Bill, giving everything up; school, his goals and dreams, friends, the grunkles, Mabel? Or will he give Bill up in order for the world to move again? And what will Bill be doing about it? THIS IS MAJOR CONFLICT FOR DIPPER I MEAN SERIOUSLY, ITS DIPPER. THE BOY HAS DREAMS.

I belive this idea has merit, I’m just not the worthy vessel to carry it out. Anyone who would like to adopt, add to this idea, comment/reblog/and shit.

Also, I was inspired by @timeisdead-meaninghasnomeaning‘s url. So. Time is dead and meaning has no meaning??? Haha.

I’m calling it #PauseAU. :3