everything is so puffy and beautiful

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Hi~I also want to send you an ask about the little test! Can I have 001 for All Out? Please! (・∀・)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking!! This will be a mess, but a fun mess!

01 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

Favorite character: Gossssshhh, this is such a hard question! Wow! But probably Hyosu. He’s such a beautiful donk, so sweet and precious.

Ise is also awesome though, I love everything about him. Especially his puffy eyes and yellow shoes/shirts. Oh, and Kasuga!!! Is just fantastic! I’m so biased for him.

Also, Adachigahara (or, thanks to drunk google, Hexi) is such a queen bitch, love him. Ooooo, but I’m getting seriously fond of Kibi and Kokuto now!! OHMYGOSH

Argh, you guys seriously can’t have expected me to say just one and be done with it, right??!

Least Favorite character: Ummmmm…. None??? Is that a thing?? I’m not majorly for Ise’s brother and his dickbag ways but I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite character.

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):

Ooooooooh, boy… Let’s do this!

- Matsuo x Ebumi (fight me, they are a wild ride and I love a good power couple)

- Ise x Mutsumi (do not get me started on this, I will never shut up. They are too pure and good)

- Gion x Iwashi x Miyuki (never shipped a poly ship before but these guys kinda gave me no choice in the matter)

- Kasuga x Hyosu (they’re basically married already so it’d be embarrassing not to…)

- Hirota x Miki-chan (this was so out of nowhere for me but I am so on board with it and never getting off)

Character I find most attractive: KASUGA HIROKUNI (though Matsuo and Kashima are both handsome as hell!)

Character I would marry: Well, according to the system Umeno laid out, it should be one of the forwards, so… Shinshi??? Although, I don’t really want to marry him, more just be able to witness his beauty every day until I pass into the void.

Character I would be best friends with: Hyosu!!! But I’d probably hang with Kibi too.

a random thought: The way the managers are treated is really refreshing. They are great characters on their own and don’t feel any less of one because they are the managers. They are not there just so there’s a girl?? They also interact with each other and seem to get along, which is also a nice change from the usual ‘girl automatically dislikes only other girl for no clear reason’ cliche.

Also, I have to say, the different body types are so INCREDIBLE. I wasn’t expecting it, I went in blind and have not been that pleasantly surprised in a good while. Everyone is important to the team and all have different things they are good at. No one is a joke because of their size and every character appears equally important and gets fleshed out no matter who they are.

An unpopular opinion: Once again, I have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion… Really, it’s just a headcannon. But my brain has Sekki down as asexual/demisexual???

my canon OTP: Coach and his wifey 100%!!

Non-canon OTP: Ise and Yellow? Though that’s pretty canon, he looks AMAZING in it.

most badass character: Probably Coach. Dude has been there, done that, and he’s adopted a whole rugby team made of dweebs. Plus, his wife married him so he must have been something to catch her eye. But shout out to Keta too because, man, what he did takes so much guts and if that isn’t badass then I don’t know what is!

pairing I am not a fan of: I’m pretty chill with all of them, actually. But maybe Hanadate and Ebumi…??? Just, I don’t know, I don’t really see traumatic scarring as a great way to start any relationship. But whatever, guys. Ship what you want, who really cares.

character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Screwed up as in, caused them large amounts of emotional pain? Then for now, I’d say Matsuo. Stud Spud has that sad smile down to an art form, like, ouch.

favourite friendship: And I thought all the other questions were hard!! Ummm… Gion and Umeno’s is pretty darn cute, so maybe that?? Ebumi and Ise are really sweet too, obviously! And I love Sekki’s and his support squad’s (Mutsumi and Matsuo). Awww, but Kashima and Kamo’s is so good as well…. OKAY, I JUST LOVE ALL THE FRIENDSHIPS, DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!! Another thing All Out does so well is the friendships. I live for them.

character I want to adopt or be adopted by: Can I adopt all the first years that haven’t had much screen time yet?? Kitamachi, Hirano and Mikami. Cause those guys are super cute and I want to see them get more focus (which I’m sure they eventually will get).

HOORAY! We got through it!!! I put way too much time into this! I have such a habit for rambling and not making just one choice. But, I had fun and that’s what counts, so cheers again for sending me this! :)

the silence of your mind is beautiful yet, so dangerous. it can empower you and it can bring you down. being alone in your thoughts is an amazing thing sometimes. you have privacy of your thoughts but sometimes being alone in your thoughts just makes you feel alone. then you have darker thoughts and everything around you doesn’t matter when you’re sitting there at 3am with burning eyes and puffy cheeks. these thoughts bring you down, tear you apart and take pieces of yourself you can’t get back..
—  your mind is beautiful

I’ve spent my entire life hating my natural hair. In elementary school, I was always the girl with the afro. People would come up to me and touch my hair and tell me how puffy and thick it was like I didn’t already know. I hated it. I constantly cried to my mom about how I wish she’d given me her soft, straight, easy-to-manage ‘white’ hair. So as soon as my mom said it was okay, I started relaxing my hair. Spending hundreds of dollars every couple months to get rid of the curls and make my hair longer and softer and 'whiter’. I would blow dry it and straighten it and do everything I could to make it fit the standards of beauty here. And when it wasn’t straightened, it was pulled back in a bun, hidden away and under control. That was the entirety of my middle and high school years and even the beginning of my college years. But recently, I’ve started to see the beauty in my natural curls. I hate that it’s taken me 21 years to realize it but I see now that yes, my hair is thick and dark and curly and textured and frizzy and yes, it’s fucking BEAUTIFUL.

So it’s time I start embracing my curls and loving my hair for what it is ☺️