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I Can’t Help But Stare

Thanks to the amazing anon! I managed to write something! 
After finishing it, I realised that it is a very  cheesy, fluffy fic that involves you and Mark. I have no shame! 

(Y/E/C)- your eye colour

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“Ok, so I lost to (Y/N) and Ethan lost to Mark,” Tyler summarized. “Meaning the finale is against Mark and (Y/N)!” 
You grinned, taking a seat opposite Mark. “I still think this is the stupidest video that will plague the internet.” You said. “And that’s saying a lot since it’s competing with Mark’s channel.” 
The boys laughed, while Mark took on an expression of mock hurt. “I thought you loved me, (Y/N)” He whimpered. “I thought you believed in my work.” 
You sighed and crossed your legs on the seat. Reclining against the chair and staring at your boyfriend. 
“Your pushing my belief into doubt with this “staring competition challenge”. Can you three not think of anything better?” 
The boys shrugged, not giving you much hope or reassurance. 

“Now remember, the first to look away or blink, loses.” Ethan said. Your eyes were already glued to Mark’s, and it took all of your strength not to look at Ethan as he started making funny faces at the brunet man-child. 
“Starting in, 3…2…1…GO!” Tyler yelled and silence quickly swallowed the room. Seconds ticked by, and you were already giggling. 
Amazing content right here,” You said, “So riveting to watch two grown adults stare at each other.” 
“Well, I’m certainly enjoying the view.” Mark replied. You poked your tongue at him, ignoring the heat that wormed across your cheeks. 
“Flattery won’t give you this victory, Markimoo.” You sneered. 
“We’ll see, babe.” 
More seconds ticked by. Tyler and Ethan danced around the two of you. In the corner of your eye, you could make out Tyler pulling strange faces while wearing a ridiculously orange wig. While Ethan had Chica by the front paws and was doing some sort of waltz. 

“You know you have really beautiful eyes,” Mark said and you focused back on the man. “That shade of (Y/E/C) is mesmerizing. Especially when the afternoon sun reflects off of them. Absolute perfection.” 
Your instinct was to look away. Avoid his adoring stare as the blush brightened your skin. But you held firm. Pressing your lips in a thin line to keep from giggling like an idiot.
“Those delicate cheekbones. Your smooth and soft lips. Everything about your face is so dazzling, I can do nothing but stare.” 
“You shouldn’t have a problem with this challenge then,” You said, unable to keep a wide smile from your face. 
Mark’s grin was almost mocking. A little smug.
He knew how you felt about flattery. It was basically your kryptonite. Turning you to puddy at even the smallest compliment. 

Mark leaned forward a bit. Resting his elbow on his knee and holding his chin in his hand. His eyes gazed into yours, his expression gentle. 
Why did he have to look at you like that?
“Every morning, when I roll over to look at you, I feel so happy to have you by my side. To wake up and see your hair all messy, your face untouched by that cake you put on. And when you open your eyes, all tired and puffy, I feel blessed to see your true beauty.”
You bit your lip. Your whole body was flush with embarrassment and giddiness. “Everything about you is so angelic. Even when you look away in embarrassment. Or laugh so hard you’re on the ground. It’s all so bewitching to watch.” 
“Stop it,” You said with a laugh. “This is so not fair!” 
“But the worst thing about it is that you don’t see it. You’re an amazing person. So full of life, so full of laughter, that when you walk into a room, it’s brightened by your smile.” His gaze burned into you. You were frozen in place. “Even on your bad days  I see so much light radiating from you, it almost blinding. You can do anything and everything! I believe in you. And I hope one day, everything you wish for, will find it’s way to you. And I hope that, when that day comes, I’ll be there to see you bask in your own brilliance. And come to the realization that you are something incredible.” 
Your eyes were almost teary. You glanced down, blinking and smiling, then you snapped your head up and gasped. 
“Wait! No, that’s cheating!” You shrieked. But it was already too late. Mark whooped with victory, grinning profusely and laughing. 
“Sorry, babe, I win! Markimoo flattered his way to victory!” He hollered excitedly.
You groaned and slid off your chair. Pretending to storm off angrily and disappearing off screen. 

You stopped when you saw Tyler and Ethan sitting on the floor. Their eyes fixated on Mark with awe and open mouths.
“Tell us more,” Ethan begged.
“How much do we mean to you Mark?” Tyler asked. And Mark ended the video with you collapsing on the ground in fits of laughter and Ethan wrapping himself around his left leg, yelling “Senpai!”  

the sun was in the sky, shining unusually bright among the white and puffy clouds. despite the numerous rays, the atmosphere was not heated, but warm, like butterflies in one’s stomach or the chirping of a bird in a tree. the whole world felt bright, calm, peaceful.


magnus couldn’t help but smile as he felt lips so familiar and as sweet as champagne (and making his heart pound and whirl like the bubbles in the festive, sparkling wine) press kiss after lingering kiss all over his face, each kiss accompanied with whispered words of “i love you” “you’re my everything” “you’re so beautiful” “i missed you”. the welcomed presence of alec lightwood was all around him as the shadowhunter was practically in his lap as they sat on the couch on the balcony. the already honeyed and soft air was accompanied and caressed with soft laughter and kisses that were sugary, delicious and as rich as the finest dessert.

magnus laughed and turned his head to the side, trying to read a report sent to him that morning from a client in venezuela. this didn’t deter alec in the slightest, following him and pecking his cheek and jawline.

“kiss me.” alec hummed against his skin, low and raspy and content, and if that didn’t make magnus weak in the knees, nothing else would. still, he remained strong, looking over alec’s shoulder to read the report, giggling as he felt alec’s fingers try to move his jaw towards his eager and kiss deprived mouth.

“patience is a virtue,” magnus sighed, smiling softly and alec settled for placing kisses along magnus’ neck, slow kisses that were deep and were carefully placed. “give me a few minutes, then i will kiss you to your heart’s content, alexander.”

“honestly, if you told me to wait a lifetime, i would do it,” alec mumbled, his lips brushing against magnus’ throat with every word. “I meant what I said, I can’t live without you.”

magnus’ breath hitched and he almost dropped the report altogether. even though him and his darling alexander had made up a few days ago, had kissed under the stars on that tipsy and dreamy night, a night that tasted of victory and freedom, his declaration still shook him to the very core.

magnus slowly set the report down behind him and nudged alec so that his face would reappear from where it was tucked into the crook of his neck. god, he had missed alec in the morning. hair wild, smile sleepy and soft, always so touchy and cuddly and wanting nothing more than to stay in bed with magnus and trade kisses and hold him. wearing magnus’ sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he looked absolutely dashing, a smudge of flour still lingering on his face after he had offered to make magnus pancakes, probably wiping his cheek absentmindedly in the middle of the process.

magnus hoped that alec knew one hundred percent that he had captured his heart completely and was very much alright with it being in his possession.

“I missed you, you stupid shadowhunter,” magnus whispered with a bit of a chuckle but with clear sincerity, brushing his nose against alec’s as his hands cupped alec’s face. alec crumbled at his touch, inhaling magnus’ cologne and his shampoo and the other various scents of their home.

“i’m never going to leave you ever again,” alec replied, kissing the corner of magnus’ mouth softly. “please never let me go.”

magnus responded by pulling alec in for a hug, their legs tangling and their hearts both pounding but the feeling of security and love radiated from their embrace as alec tucked his head into magnus’ shoulder.

“don’t you have a report to read?” alec asked after a few minutes and magnus pulled away, disbelief on his face.

“unbelievable. one minute ago, you didn’t care!” he smacked alec’s chest playfully. “you absolute menace, you.”

“just keeping my beautiful boyfriend on track is all,” alec said innocently, pecking magnus on the lips. “go, do what you need to do. I’m not going anywhere.” magnus grinned, remembering the last time he said those exact same words to alec what felt oh so long ago. he untangled himself from alec’s arms and legs and stood up, still holding alec’s hand.

“let’s go to lunch later, okay? How does mexican sound?”

alec kissed magnus’ hand in his adoringly. “sounds fantastic.”

they stayed like that, holding hands before magnus pulled slowly away, his fingers sliding out of alec’s while backing away towards the door, both of them beaming at each other in that way that let others around them know that they were utterly in love.

for the first time in weeks, both magnus and alec felt complete.

and it took magnus quite a while to stop smiling so much that his cheeks hurt and actually start reading that stupid report.

A/N this one hurt me to write, because I know that there are people who actually feel this way in real life. I almost didn’t do it, but I told the anon I would and so I did. Please, PLEASE, don’t read this if it will trigger you or harm you in any way. I don’t ever want any of you to hurt like this.

Summary: reader struggles with her weight, and one day Richie is there to comfort her.

Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING: anorexia, bulimia, slight mention of verbal and physical abuse, and cursing

Richie Tozier

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Not Again: Part 2

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG13
Summary: See Part 1

Part 2: Returned
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 7, Day 10:

She can finally go home.  Finally.  She’s getting pretty tired of all the relaxing she’s had to do, but her doctor has given her the all clear to resume her life with the caveat that she take it easy for the next few weeks.

Mulder had been at the hospital every day, taking her orders on what she’d like done to her spare room to get it prepared.  The most he’s done, as far as she knows, is clear it out and get it painted.  She spent over two hours looking at paint samples he brought her and finally decided on a very pale shade of mint green, until she looked at the wallpaper and border samples and changed her mind entirely.  Mulder finally took both books from her and said he’d handle things.

She’s anxious to see the room, but she’s sick of being cooped up inside and in bed.  She wants to be out in the world.  When Mulder picks her up, she demands he take her shopping.  There’s a Pottery Barn Kids exactly eight blocks away from the hospital.  She knows because she scoured the Yellow Pages in her room, looking for the nearest baby store.

“There’s a whole Pottery Barn for kids?” Mulder asks, incredulously.  “Exclusively for kids.  Like, adult Pottery Barn on one side of the street, and baby Pottery Barn on the other?  They can’t just have one integrated Pottery Barn?”

As he wheels her out the door and walks with her to the car, drives to the store and parks outside, he comes up with a whole variety of Pottery Barn exclusives that has her rolling her eyes, but laughing.

“Pottery Barn Geriatrics,” he says.  “Pottery Barn Pets.  Pottery Barn Yuppies.  Pottery Barn Sailors.  Pottery Barnyard Animals.”

“We’re in public,” she tells him outside the store.  “Try and behave.”

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Jikook drabble

30 minute writing challenge 

Pairing: Jikook

Handling drunken Jungkook is no easy task but Jimin can’t leave me him out on the street, either. 

If Jimin wasn’t so good with faces he probably wouldn’t have recognized the pitiful sight sitting on the bus stop to be the Jeon Jungkook, golden maknae who was good at everything and who was, unfortunately, also the most beautiful boy Jimin had ever known. 

Okay, so maybe having had a major crush on his friend’s little brother for the past year helped the recognition process a little. What can he say, he probably could pick out Jungkook out of a crowd of thousands. 

That’s just how crushes are. 

Jungkook wasn’t looking too hot this time, though. His eyes were puffy and red but Jimin wasn’t sure if it was due to smoking weed or crying or both. Jungkook was also nursing a huge bottle of Jack Daniels that was already half-empty. 

Jimin crouched to meet his eyes, all thoughts of catching his bus forgotten. “Jungkook?” he called out but to no avail. Jungkook wouldn’t even raise his gaze from the asphalt. 

Jimin tried again, this time louder and shook Jungkook’s shoulder. “Jungkookie?” 

“What”, came the hoarse reply. It tugged at Jimin’s heartstrings. Jungkook was obviously hurting and Jimin couldn’t leave him like this, freezing at a bus stop. 

“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly. 

Jungkook scoffed, the sound booming in Jimin’s ears. “Who cares”, he muttered. 

“I care.” 

“You shouldn’t.” 

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sometimes it’s like lying on the floor at 2 AM with black tears streaming down your face because you didn’t even bother to take off your makeup and
sometime it’s like smelling an old candle that your parents used to light when they had people over and 
sometimes it’s like how the sand feels between your toes and you’re not sure if it’s hurting or if it’s the best kind of solace and 
sometimes it’s like hearing that song for the first time and knowing that this moment will forever be engraved in your brain and 
sometimes it’s like that feeling after crying, uneven breath and puffy red eyes and 
sometimes it’s like coffee that scorches your tongue because you just couldn’t wait to take the first sip and
sometime it’s like dark nights with the windows rolled down and the air outside is freezing but it feels so good to have goosebumps and
sometimes it’s like loving the people you’re around so much that you just want to scream and 
sometime it’s messy and
sometimes it’s beautiful and
sometimes it feels perfect but
then it doesn’t and
everything is awful and 
this is what it’s like to be young and realize that 
you haven’t even experienced the half of it yet
—  and i am terrified
MC x Zen - Burn (FanFic)

“Now, let’s welcome (Y/N) - the one person who made everything possible. They’re going to sing Burn from Hamilton,” Jaehee smiled before leaving the stage. 

This was it. It was time for you to finally convey every feeling of hurt and anger you could possibly have into a single song. You returned the smile and slowly walked onto the stage, taking a deep breath. The spotlight was on you now. Zen better hear this ,you thought.

“I saved every letter you wrote me. From the moment I read them I knew you were mine, you said you were mine, I thought you were mine….” Zen’s heart immediately shattered. He knew the song was about him. He could hear the hurt in your voice.

“Do you know what Angelica said when we saw your first letter arrive? She said, be careful with that one, love.” You pointed at Zen. Everyone gasped as the cameras flashed brighter then before. “He’ll do what it takes to survive.” “Why isn’t Zen back yet…” You muttered, turning on the TV only to see your significant other’s face. What really shocked you was that a girl was sitting next to him - holding his hand.

“You and your words flooded my senses. Your sentences left me defenceless, you built me palaces out of paragraphs, you built cathedrals…” “(Y/N), you are my everything. I can’t live without you…Thank you for staying with me even through all the hardship and awful events that have happened. I’m so lucky to have you by my side” You recalled him saying. You wanted to laugh. Was that what he said to the other girl as well? All the sugar-sweet words were lies. Lies, lies, lies .

“You published the letters she wrote you. You told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed, in clearing your name, you’ve ruined our lives.” “(Y/N)….We need to- What are you doing…?” “I’m leaving. I know you don’t love me anymore. You love…that girl. No wonder you always came home late. You were distant but I never thought you would cheat on me. I trusted you but you broke every bit of trust I had left when you were at that interview. Have a nice life, I’m done trying to be in it.” You smiled sadly and walked quickly. You were not letting him see the tears streaming down your face. You were not letting him know how broken you were. You gave him your everything, but your everything wasn’t good enough for him. “Wait! I’m sorry, please. Please, don’t leave me. I love you. I made a stupid mistake. I know I’m an asshole, I’m sorry. Please forgive me…” Zen sobbed as he gripped your hand. You glared at him and pushed him off you. “Why? Why would you do something like that if you really did love me? I hate you. I hate you for breaking me into pieces like this. Let me go, I’ll leave your life and you can be with her.” You said bitterly and slammed the door. You were never coming back and Zen knew it for a fact.

“I’m erasing myself from the narrative! Let future historians wonder how Eliza reacted when you broke her heart… You’ve torn it all apart!” Zen called you numerous times late at night. He was drunk, you figured. Of course he didn’t love you, and you knew. So why can’t your heart stop aching when the news reporters interview the couple? Why did the tears start flowing out when you see pictures of them together. You wished it were you in those pictures.

“The world has no right to my heart! The world has no place in our bed! They don’t get to know what I said! You forfeit all rights to my heart! You forfeit the place in our bed! You sleep in your office instead! I’m burning the memories of when you were mine.” Zen stared at you, at the same time regretting his actions. Wasn’t this the girl he risked his life for? Did the one year they spent together mean nothing? What happened to him? What happened….to him and (Y/N)…? He was so, so stupid. You were so beautiful. Even if you were about to completely break down in tears, everything about you was perfect. Your eyes, your voice, everything about you. He thought he loved you, and he did. But now, he knew you were never going to forgive him. You were completely out of his reach. “I hope that you….Burn….” You ended the song. You saw everyone clapping. You saw how Zen and the girl kissed before the party too. What you didn’t see, was Zen clenching his fists, his eyes completely puffy and red running away after the last line. You didn’t see Zen lock himself in his room Everyday with alcohol in hand. You didn’t see Zen smoke Everyday, skipping meals, crying himself to sleep. You didn’t see, that no matter how broken you were, he was way broken than you could ever be.

A/N: ahhhh this is my first ever fanfic I’ve ever written! feel free to give feedback! :3 hope you guys liked it although I don’t have much experience with angst.

Breaking // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader’s friend died of a Heroin OD and Spencer is struggling with his Dilaudid relapse. Seeing how it hurts her inspires him to recover.

Requested by: @winter-grave

It hurt Spencer to see you in such an awful state. You’d been almost zombie-like as the grief of losing your friend clutched you in its grasps and refused to let go. He felt helpless as he saw the light drain from your usually bright eyes.

You spent days in bed, your eyes bloodshot as you sobbed into your pillow. Eventually your body would give out from exhaustion and you’d finally sleep, but even then all you could see was his dead body lying on the floor of his bathroom, his death caused from a heroin overdose. The image haunted you.

Spencer couldn’t do much but hold you as you wept. You spent hours in his arms, cursing all drugs and the horrible way they took beautiful people away from life. He knew the pain of losing someone you cared about. He knew that words weren’t as comforting as the simple act of being held.

He also knew that he felt guilt as you cried into him. He had been struggling with a relapse. After all these years, he had fallen victim to Dilaudid again. The drug had a vice like grip on him and he had been careful to keep it away from you. He knew you would only ask him to seek help. But the drug gave him a sense of relief that nothing else seemed to do.

Your cries only made his heart hurt as he realized that it could have been him on that floor. It could have been him that you were crying about, only then you would sob with no one to comfort you, with no one to hold you.

His resolve grew with every tear you shed. He couldn’t do that to you. He couldn’t leave the love of his life because of something like a drug. He was better than that.

“I love you so much,” he’d say as he held your exhausted body, your cries growing quiet as your body asked for rest.

“Please don’t leave me,” you’d beg as you held onto him tighter, your eyes shut in pain. He’d kiss your head and rub your back in a comforting manner as his own demons fought inside of him. You knew about his relapse. He thought he had hidden it carefully but you knew. Asking him not to leave held double meaning. You needed him to stay by your side that moment, but you also needed him to stay alive. Losing the man you loved would be your breaking point.

“I won’t,” he’d reply softly. “I promise.”

Then came the day when you’d finally gathered yourself enough to attempt to live normally. You did simple tasks, cooking breakfast, organizing the bookshelf and sweeping the apartment. Something caught your eye when you went to throw away the trash that caused you to still.

Spencer watched as you picked up the small vial of Dilaudid along with the unused syringes. Your eyes watered as you turned to look at him in questioning.

“I quit. For you.”

Those were the only words he spoke that moment and they were enough. You let out a sob as you ran into his arms, colliding into him with enough force to cause him to stumble back. His arms tightened around you protectively as he allowed you to cry into his arms once more. You spoke loving words in between your cries and he was reminded of why he had chosen you. You were so loving, so kind. You were everything he’d ever wanted and he wasn’t about to throw it away. He kissed your forehead softly and wiped away your tears, looking down at your puffy face and still thinking you were the most beautiful being on earth.

“I promised you I wouldn’t leave.”

anonymous asked:

If you’re still doing requests for that AU list would you consider doing 2ii for ohmtoonz?! Please :)

AUs list
ii) I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that

One silly flower shop AU coming right up!

The sniffling is what gets his attention one day when he walks into the flower shop. It’s barely audible over the harsh coughing fit and sneezes but it’s there accompanied by groans and sluggish shuffling. Has something happened to the florist? There’s nobody else around so that seems to be the only reasonable option.

“Yo, everything okay back there?“ 

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Lost you // Raven Reyes

For anon

Request:Please could you do a raven reyes x fem!reader where the reader goes missing and Raven basically loses her shit and will do anything to get r back and she finds the reader seriously injured in the woods and it’s basically just a bunch of angst and fluff and cute shit. I hope it’s not too much to ask I love love love your blog and imagines xx

Warnings: Blood, swearing, injuries. 

A/N: Ahah no it’s not too much to ask love, when it comes to Raven you could ask me something with 1,000 words I would be glad to write it because Raven is my pure cinnamon roll who deserves the world. Ahah I love to write cute shit.

You came to earth as one of the hundred criminals that where sent on earth to know if you would survive or not. Luckily, you survived. Well not all of you. You were one of the survivors. Not a long time after you were sent on earth, your girlfriend came on earth for you, to reunite with you. You had missed her so much. You both never left each other again. At least until today, you had to go hunting since they weren’t a lot of food left and you needed it.

You had been hunting for a while when you heard strange noises, you weren’t sure what it was. It either was an human or a big animal. You were on your guard, a gun in your hand. You didn’t know what it was but you knew it wasn’t good for you. You heard another noise on your left, so you quickly turned on your left. You didn’t have the time that something or someone attacked you. You tried to fight back but it was way more stronger than you. Something really sharp cut your leg deeply, you screamed. You tried to shot the ennemy but this time you missed him. You got cut again, this time on your stomach. Before you could react you got knocked out.

Raven was worried, she didn’t want you to go alone in the forest but she could follow you with her leg. She needed time to adapt but she knew letting you go alone was a big mistake. What if something happen to you? You should have been back for a hour now but there was no sign of you. She was in front of the gate, waiting for your return but you weren’t coming back. More the minutes passed, more Raven was worried. It wasn’t normal. Even if you didn’t have find anything, you would have been back if you were okay. She waited for you for ten more minutes but you still weren’t back. 

Raven went to talk to Bellamy. She needed his help to go to find you. She told him everything. Since when you went hunting until now. Bellamy promised Raven that they were going to find you. Bellamy talked to Abby and Kane. They made two groups. One with Raven, and one with Bellamy. They went to the forest and started to look for you. Raven was imagining a lot of things in her head. What if she had lost you? What if you were dead? What if they won’t find you? What if you had been kidnapped? But she knew one thing for sure, she was ready to do everything to get you back alive.

You slowly opened your eyes, your whole body was hurting. You still were in the forest. How much time passed since you got knocked out? You had blood and dirt everywhere, you tried to get up but your wounds were hurting too much. You tried to move at least a little, it was hard and you were even more in pain but you couldn’t stay here. You crawled on like a meter when you went down a steep slope. You winced in pain, you looked around, you only saw trees and even more trees. You wanted to see Raven. You missed her and you wanted to hug her. 

You, slowly, started to see everything black again. Falling again into unconsciousness when you heard her. You heard Raven’s voice screaming your name. You felt someone touching you, shaking you. It was Raven, you could recognize her. You heard Raven calling your name again, desesparation in her voice, she was scared. Then you couldn’t hear her beautiful voice anymore. You couldn’t feel her touch again.

You woke up in a bed, well it was like a bed. You were back in Arkadia. Everything was hurting but you had to deal with it. Your turned your head to the right and you saw your girlfriend on a chair, she was asleep. She looked so tired and like she had been crying, her eyes were puffy, and probably red. Abby went in the room, she kindly smiled at you. 

“ She never left your side since you had been bring back “ Abby told you quietly

“ It’s Raven, I  have to say that I’m not really surprised “

Abby smiled, she checked on you and made sure your wounds were okay then she left. A few minutes after, Raven woke up, she looked at you and quickly went by your side and she saw you awake. You had scare her to death.

“ You better never do that to me again baby, you scared me to death “ Told you Raven

“ I’m sorry “

“ I know, promise me to never go somewhere alone anymore “ she asked you

“ I promise “ you replied

Raven smiled at you lovingly and kissed you sweetly. You asked her to come in the bed to hug with you. She smiled and climbed on your bed. You stayed in your girlfriend’s arm for the rest of the day, talking with her about everything.

Insecurity | Part Five

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ok bye this was actually in my home country bye

i know this gif is not angsty but try finding more angsty yoongi & jungkook 

Genre: Angst

Pairing: well…

Word Count: 2.098

A/N: soooo any team changes?? are y’all still in the same teams as before? LEMME KNOW ♥

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

“You can call me desperate if you want, Jungkook”, Yoongi glared at Jungkook and you could hear his deep breath. “But that’s what I call love.”

“Love? Seriously Yoongi?”, Jungkook spat. “You’ve been with her for how long? 2 months? 3 months? I’ve dated her for 2 YEARS. We’ve been through a lot together. That’s what you call love.”

Your whimpers echoed through Yoongi’s phone and he automatically clenched his hands around it. He couldn’t stand hearing you like this.

“2 months. And I’ve known her just as long as you, Jungkook”, Yoongi’s whole body tensed up as he lifted his chin towards the younger boy. “Unlike you, I noticed her from the very beginning. I’ve noticed her and fell for her in the second she stepped into the room. But she only had eyes for you. She was head over heels for you and I couldn’t do anything to make her look at me like she looked at you, not even roughly.”

New tears started running down your face. He was so hurt. You had never noticed his love for you, his small attempts to distract your attention from the uninterested maknae. But you always only had eyes for Jungkook. You had thought that he was the one for you and nobody else compared to him. 

You had to go to Yoongi, now. You had to hold him and reassure him how much he meant to you. You had to make him feel good again.

Quickly, you grabbed your clothes and pulled them on as fast as you could, while holding onto your phone, not wanting to miss anything the two boys were saying. 

As you jumped into your shoes and pushed yourself out of Yoongi’s room, 5 pairs of eyes looked at you in confusion. You simply shook your head at them, not having the time to explain anything as you ran out of their apartment and to their studio down the street.

Carelessly, you pushed the passersby out of the way and ran as fast as your feet would take you until you finally reached the front door. Pushing it open, the secretary got up and started talking to you but you ignored her completely, keeping your pace and running to the studio you knew Yoongi was always in.

The door was still open from when Jungkook had stormed inside and as you stood in the door frame and tried to catch your breath, both of them turned around, facing you.

“(Y/N) what are you doing here? I told you I’d be coming home”, Yoongi said worriedly and moved towards you but Jungkook was faster.

“(Y/N)”, he breathed out, took two big steps and wrapped his arms around you, making you stiffen under his touch. He smelled so familiar, yet so foreign, making your heart beat faster and mind go dizzy. Your phone slipped out of your hand as you slowly hugged him back. His face was buried in your hair and you heard him mumble something against it but you couldn’t make out what it was.

Suddenly, his warm body was gone and you unknowingly let out a disappointed whimper as you opened your eyes. You hadn’t even noticed how you had started to relax under his touch.

Yoongi was about to scream at Jungkook but as soon as he heard your whimper, he stopped in his tracks and looked at you. Your eyes were big in surprise and you were staring at Jungkook who was staring daggers into Yoongi. His heart broke at the sight in front of him and he realized one more time how much you had to still be loving Jungkook.

“Why did you come here (Y/N)?”, Yoongi whispered, barely audible and you finally turned your gaze from Jungkook away to him. Now, both of the boys’ attention were on you.

You knew that they were waiting for an answer. But suddenly you weren’t so sure of what you wanted to do. You had come to the studio to save Yoongi from his own disappointing thoughts. To make sure he knew what you felt for him and that you weren’t going to go back to Jungkook because you had him. You had him who treated you like a princess and more. You were sure, nothing Jungkook would do, would make you rethink your decision. Yet here you were, completely confused and million of thoughts running through your mind. When Jungkook had touched you, a firework exploded in your stomach and your whole body reacted to his touch. Smelling his familiar scent, made you automatically relax into him and feeling his warmth remembered you of the past two years you had spent together. Your body reacted as if he hadn’t broken your heart only a couple of months ago and it confused you. The only thing that was different from all the other times he had hugged you, was the stinging in your heart and the tiny noises in the back of your mind, reminding you that IU had been laying in this arms as well.

You looked at Yoongi and a wave of happiness washed over you, making you instantly smile at him. His face lit up a little bit but his thoughts were too dark to completely give in to your happiness. You remembered every light touch Yoongi had placed on you, every small gesture he had shared with you. You remembered his loving words and his confessions. He had opened up so much towards you and he was willingly giving himself to you even though he knew how you felt for Jungkook. 

“I-I’m here to stop you guys from arguing and make you come home faster”, you said as you turned to Yoongi and you gratefully witnessed how his whole body visibly relaxed. You stepped closer to him and softly placed your hands around his face, inspecting the wounds Jungkook had caused on his face. A small smile crept onto Yoongi’s lips and you couldn’t help but smile back at him. “We need to take care of these wounds Yoongi, I don’t want you to take any scars with you from today.”

Your fingers gently caressed his face when Jungkook spoke. “(Y/N)…”, his voice broke and he had to swallow hard. You turned your gaze to him and sucked in your breath to stay strong, so you wouldn’t give into his words. 

“Please don’t give up on us so easily…”, he whispered, making Yoongi stiffen but you gently placed your hands on his arms, signaling him that he didn’t need to worry.

“Jungkook”, he closed his eyes at the sound of his name coming from your lips. It had been so long since he had heard it and he missed it like crazy. He missed you. “I didn’t give up on us. You were the one, telling me how insecure I am and that we needed to take a break. You were the one running off to IU as soon as I was out of the way.”

He looked at you desperately but you kept talking. “I was a wreck thanks to you. I loved you, Jungkook”, you stopped and inhaled deeply, stroking Yoongi’s hand comfortingly. “No, honestly I still love you. I still have dreams about you, I relive that moment you broke up with me almost every night. In the middle of the day, I get flashbacks from our past two years together mixed with our last fight and it all gets too much. I was about to lose myself until Yoongi came around and was there for me. He helped me when nobody else was there for me. He helped me gain confidence again. Because you know what?”, you eyed Jungkook’s face that was slowly covered by tears.

You gulped before you continued. “I was confident when we were together. I was convinced that you would love me as much as I loved you. I was sure that we would last forever because I really thought you were the one for me. But I’m just a normal girl. And IU is an idol. Your favorite idol. Your ideal type. Every woman would have been insecure in that moment. That doesn’t mean that I would have been jealous every time you’d spent more time with her than with me because I knew that I was the one dating you, not her. But seeing how soon you let me go to be with her, broke my heart. It broke me. That was the moment I actually got insecure but Yoongi helped me to built up my self-confidence again.”

You turned your gaze to Yoongi, seeing all the love he had for you openly displayed on his face. “He treated me the way you used to. He showed me how much there was to love about myself and he showed me how many things out there can make us happy. He was there for me whenever I needed him, no matter what he had to do. I was always his number one. He treated me with so much love that I thought I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve him.”

Slowly you turned your head to look at Jungkook, whose face was puffy and tears streamed down his face continuously. You felt the need to go up to him, to hold him in your arms and to tell him that everything would be alright. You wanted to show him how much you still loved him and wipe those tears away. You wanted to see his beautiful smile and you wanted to be the cause of it. 

Tears started to well up in your eyes as well and you bit down on your lower lip, making sobs erupt through Jungkook’s body as he saw that small gesture of yours, signaling him how you were struggling with that situation as well.

“But you know what Jungkook?”, you choked out. “I do deserve him. I deserve someone who loves me all these years even though I only had eyes for you. I deserve someone who doesn’t just give up on me and runs to the next girl. I deserve someone who cares and loves as much as Yoongi does.”

“I-I didn’t mean to”, Jungkook sobbed. “Honestly, I don’t even know what went through my mind when I left you like that. I really don’t know.”

He broke out into heartbreaking sobs, which made your heart clench and feel like someone was stabbing knifes into it over and over again. Yoongi’s finger glided over your face and wiped away some tears that were streaming down your cheeks.

“I love you (Y/N). I loved you this whole time. I know you probably won’t believe me but I never did anything with IU. I couldn’t. You were always on my mind. I kept seeing your heartbroken face in front of me every time she would only get close to me and I had to restrain myself to push her away. In the end of the day, we were still filming the show”, he let out a shaky breath and rubbed his neck. “I saw how the fans were reacting, shipping us and making up all these things and I hoped that would bring you back to me. I hoped that making you jealous would make you fight for me and we could be happy again. Like we used to.”

You had thought about that possibility as well. Jungkook was always the one to make people come back to him, no matter what he had to do. Even if it meant to make his girlfriend jealous on live television. You shook your head at him. “I tried calling you Jungkook. That whole week before shooting had started, I called you on a daily basis until you told me to stop contacting you. Don’t try to tell me differently”, a shaky, sarcastic laugh escaped your lips.

“You said it yourself, that was before the show had started. I was still furious and needed time for myself that’s why I said we should take a break. Not break up. I never meant to let you go. I never meant to find you in the arms of another man. In the arms of my hyung”, Jungkook’s voice was full of sorrow and regret. 

“Then why did it feel like that? Why did it feel like you were letting me go forever?”, you whispered back, making Jungkook stare at you at the sound of your brokenness. 

He was quick in jumping forward and moving Yoongi aside, cupping your face with his hands and placing his soft lips onto yours.


Complexion Series (Black Girls)

admin k: So, a while ago I had a request asking for scenarios on different coloured people, races, etc. At first, I was a bit scared to write because I was scared of offending people but I ended up starting it so here’s the first one (It’s short ik sorry :) 

( if you’re wondering, I’m full asian 안녕친구)

disclaimer: I am NOT trying to offend any race at all so I’m sorry if you take it that way. If there is anyway I can improve on my writing/description of this certain race, then please inbox me, I’d be very please to make improvements :) 

love everyone equally, never judge someone because of their race, age, gender, disability, etc. 

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“Babe, come here.” Vernon called in a soft, somewhat tired voice. You sighed, getting up from where you were to go to your boyfriend.

“What?” You asked a bit unpleased and upset because you were comfortable where you were before he called you.

“Come closer.” He pouted and you rolled your eyes, a little unamused. Still, you decided to go closer to him anyway and once you were in touching distance, he grabbed your hand and pulled you near him. This made you fall onto the couch next to him and he wrapped his arms around you immediately, not wanting for you to escape him.

You giggled and finally broke a smile for him. Vernon pulled the covers over the two of you, keeping the warmth between the two of you. You had to admit, it was comfortable and made you feel all happy to be cuddling with him.

You closed your eyes, relaxing and feeling at ease as your boyfriend snuggles in closer to you, resting his head near yours.

“Did you have a good day baby?” He whispered in a low voice and you turned around in his arms to look at him with a small smile.

You nodded with a small hum from your lips when he caressed your cheek, pushing your curly black hair out of your face.

He placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “I love you.” “I love you too.” You responded.

“I love your dark skin, your puffy soft, curly hair, your curves, your bright smile…. everything.” You couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.

“Is that all you like? My looks?” You joked, fluttering your eyes opened and looking at him with sparkles in your eyes. “Of course not baby, I love your laugh, I love your wonderful personality. I love everything about you.” He kissed you on the nose before kissing you on the lips which you gladly responded through rising him back.

“You’re so beautiful to me, no matter what anyone says, I’ll always love you.” He hugged you tightly with a big smile.

“Vernon are you okay?Did something happen? You’re so happy today.” You questioned.

“I’m just happy to be with you, that’s all. I missed you all day.” He rested his chin on your head.

“I missed you too.” You replied.

“Don’t ever leave me okay? No matter what anyone says about us, no matter what happens between us…just stay with me.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You let out a little nervous laugh. He let out a small breath. “Yes, baby, I’m fine.”

“Are you going to promise me that?” He asked again and you smiled, giving him a peck on the nose. “Yes, of course I won’t leave you. You’re my everything too.”


not to be dramatic but im really emotional he’s the most important person in my whole life nd i adore him so much, he’s such a sweetheart 💞 his messy hair because he just ran his hand through them? his cute puffy eyes? his round adorable cheeks? his glowing beautiful skin? his lil dimple? his soft lil smile? he really is the sunrise i love him so much 😭💞💖💗💝💕💘💓

The Ice Queen descended upon the village, and everything she touched turned cold and white. The village children approached her with apprehension. They had never seen anything so beautiful and frightful all at once.
“Where do you come from? Do you have sweets? Do you carry treats? Can we ride in your ice carriage all the way to the the puffy clouds?” a little boy asked her.
“Well, I don’t bring treats, and I never tasted sweets.” her voice came out like shimmering bells. “But I bring you the gift of ice, and that’s very nice. For inside the ice, I have frozen a spell. And when it starts to melt, so will the sorrow in your parent’s hearts. I go where I’m called and their sorrow called me forth. So you may thank me now.”
“But we don’t care bout sorrow, we think not of tomorrow. We only live today, and today is made for play.” answered a little girl, wiping her nose on her sleeve.
“You may care, or you may not, that’s never in my thought” the air quivered with frosty sparkles as she spoke. “But you’re a human child, and you’re no longer wild. Your kind is different from mine, so I stay away most of the time. And sorrow you will know, of this I’ll tell you so. For there’s no human born that’s ever escaped mourn.”
And with those words she turned around and round, in a swirl of snow and shimmer. And where she once stood there was now just a very fine dusting of ice, falling to the ground slowly slowly, in ever descending waves.

I found his jumper 5 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part 

A/N: IFHJ part 5 is here! It contains a really cute flashback (cursive font). It made me feel all tingly while writing it.

Word Count: 2K (my longest imagine on here yeahy)


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I didn’t watch where I was going. Tears blocked my vision and all I wanted was to get out of Dan’s room. In the corner of my eye I saw Phil open the door to his bedroom and glance at me. There was a questioning look on his face as if he wanted to ask ‘Rose why are you crying like a baby?’.

I completely ignored the dark haired boy. My brain was focused on escaping. I didn’t have enough strength to face Dan anymore. My moment of braveness had faded as quickly as it came. Once again my steps echoed through the stairwell. On the way down I passed a few male students who all looked at me the same way as Phil had earlier: worried and confused. I pulled the entrance door open once I had reached the ground level. When I stepped out of the building I was greeted by heavy rain. Thick rain drops were falling from the sky. They immediately got my white t-shirt and black jeans wet. The fabric started sticking to my body after seconds of being outside.

‘What now?’ I asked myself in despair as I wiped away the tears on my cheeks which was pretty useless considering the fact that it was raining heavily. I could tell the difference between rain drop and tear drop though. One left a salty taste in my mouth along with invisible scars on my cheeks while the other was cold and fresh and accompanied me in my sadness.

I knew that if I went back to my dorm I would be greeted by Charlotte and her rude remarks. She’d surely tease me about the lies Caleb told everybody and I wasn’t having that. Not now that I was an emotional train wreck. Hayley’ s room mate was probably over so I couldn’t go there either.

'It’s the library again then.’ I said to myself with a sigh.

So I started heading to the library, already soaked because of the rain. I still hadn’t stopped sobbing and now my shoulders were shaking because of the coldness too.

My hair was stuck to my forehead and I once again cursed the weather forecast and those stupid grey clouds and Dan for being such an asshole and myself for letting him get to me.

“Rose!” I could hear somebody shout in the far distance, but I just kept walking, not sure of I had imagined the noise. It was impossible to hear something through the sound of the rain, right?

“Rose wait!” I heard again, this time it was louder and didn’t seem that far away anymore. I abandoned the thought that I had just imagined the shouts. Then it hit me. I immediately stopped walking. My feet were glued to the black asphalt that was flooded by the rain. I could clearly hear him get closer and closer, but I was afraid of turning around. Fear was stuck in every corner of my body. Maybe I was afraid of facing him again. Maybe it was the fact that he called me Rose again. Or maybe I was afraid of the fact that I knew it was him because of the way my first name sounded when he said it. Or maybe I was just simply afraid because the way he said 'Rose’ gave me goosebumps. I stood frozen and stared at the falling rain. The drops of water hit the dark ground.

My lilac vans were dirty and completely soaked. I even felt the wetness in my socks. Without wanting to, my sobs got heavier again while I waited for him to catch up. Honestly, I didn’t even know why I stopped walking. Why did I not start running instead?

“Rose.” Dan said this time from right behind me.

I finally turned around slowly. I looked up from the ground and met his brown eyes. They looked so warm and familiar. There wasn’t even a hand’s width between us. His chest was so close to mine and I could tell that his heart was rapidly beating since he was panting like crazy. He was completely out of breath from running after me.  

“I’m sorry.” he whispered. His voice came out weak as if he was about to cry as well. I pressed my eyes close taking in his words. Tears spilled from my eyes. My lip was quivering and I had to cover my mouth with my hand to stop a loud sob from escaping. This was the second time that he apologized and it hurt even more now.

“Rose, I’m honestly so sorry. I don’t want you to cry, please.” Dan pleaded with a worried look at my tears. He had always panicked when I cried. I was still frozen, not getting out a single word.

“Everything you said in my room is true. I wanted to forget that I apologized and now I’m doing it again and I promise I won’t deny it this time.” he spoke quietly. He searched for my eyes but I was avoiding his gaze.

“Rose, I really mean this. I’m sorry for messing up so many times. I’m sorry for telling Caleb that stupid lie. We both know you are way too good for me. I’m sorry for making everybody believe that we slept with each other. We both know you don’t do one time things, you are a 'let’s get married’ kinda girl. You are also not dumb enough to waste your time with an idiot like me. I’m sorry for making Charlotte and her friends hate you. We both know you wouldn’t even stab your worst enemy in the back. I’m so sorry for making you cry. We both know how beautiful your smile is and how puffy and red your eyes get after crying. And god, I’m sorry for everything I put you through in high school. It was so unnecessary and cowardly. I’m sorry for who I became. I really am.

And I’m also sorry for breaking my promise.” He stopped to look at me as if he was asking for the permission to talk about that.  

I gulped hard. His words were still sinking in. They were flooding my body like the rain flooded the street. I still didn’t manage to look up and meet his eyes.

“Dan- what-oh.” I said as I realized what promise he was talking about.

Come on Dan.” I shouted with excitement. The sun was going to set soon and me and my best friend Dan wanted to reach our spot behind the woods to watch the sunset. It was basically just a little hill in the middle of a huge field, but we spent most of our summer break there. I was glad that Dan moved into the house next to mine a couple of years ago. Everyday I’d just have walk out of my house and knock on his door. It wouldn’t even take him a minute to put on his shoes so we could play outside. We had built a little tree house in the woods so whenever we didn’t go to our hill we’d just hang out there. Both of us were growing older so we didn’t play in the same way as we used to. But sometimes we just couldn’t help ourselves and we’d pick up twigs. I’d pretend it’s a wand and he’d pretend it’s a sword and then we would fight.

I’m on my way.” Dan yelled back, catching up. Dan had gained a lot of height in the last couple months and I always felt like he wasn’t used to his long legs.

When we reached our little hill the sky was dark red and the sun looked like a blood orange. I sat down in the grass and stared at the vanishing fireball in awe.

Wow, it’s beautiful.” Dan breathed as soon as he sat down beside me.

I nodded and then we just enjoyed the silence that followed for a couple of minutes. When the sun was half gone I looked over to my best friend since kindergarten. His brown eyes were focused on the sunset and there was a little smile on his lips.

Dan?” I asked cautiously, making his head turn.

Mhm?” he mumbled still deep in thought.

Do you remember when we painted on each others faces in kindergarten and our mums got really mad because we were actually supposed to paint a picture of the others face?” I asked him,laughing a little at the memory.

Of course I remember. I couldn’t get the blue colour off my face for days.” Dan said and a giant grin spread across his face.

And do you remember when we shared an imaginary dog and you even made your mother get real food for him?” I asked again, still looking at him.

How could I ever forget Mr. Bear?” Dan asked in return and I had to admit that Mr. Bear was unforgettable.

Oh and Dan, do you remember when we had this fake wedding in the woods and your grandma had even made a bridal veil for me?” I asked him this time blushing. I closed my eyes waiting for his answer as I hoped he wouldn’t notice my red cheeks.

Rose, sometimes I feel like your parents knew that their daughter would blush all the time when they gave you that name. You have the prettiest rosy cheeks ever, Mrs. Howell.” He said and somehow he sounded nonchalant while I felt my inside tingle the moment he joked about me being Mrs. Howell.

Why are you asking me all of that though? It’s not like I could ever forget those memories.” he questioned and my cheeks got even hotter. I nervously chewed on my bottom lip not sure if and how I should address my concern. Dan eyed my obvious signs of insecurity.

Come on Rose, we have been best friends since kindergarten. Whatever it is you can tell me.”

I looked him deep in the eye as assurance before I opened my mouth.

Okay, well I’m just scared that you will forget about me as soon as you start high school after summer.” I admitted my fear. Dan was a year older than me and that had never really been a problem but why would a high schooler want to hang out with a middle schooler?

I will never forget about you. You will always be my best friend. I promise.” 

Dan whispered and smiled at me gently. There was only one last glimmer of the sun left and just as that vanished as well I felt Dan’s hand on top of mine. His palm was warm against my cold skin and it was something we had never done before. I glanced down onto our joined hands just as he intertwined our fingers. My heart skipped a beat and I raised my head to look at Dan. He was still looking ahead to where the sun set only seconds ago. I could tell that there was a rosy glow on my cheeks again while Dan acted like he didn’t even notice that we were holding hands. But there was a little smile on his lips that totally gave him away.      

(And now the question is how did they go from this to hating each other? Part 6 will be up next Friday!)

Silence (Zarya X reader)

A/n: to the anon who slid chocolate to me asking for some angst… I will except your chocolate and write this.

WARNING: this isn’t my usual fluff, it’s more angst. But don’t worry! It’s not that sad (I don’t think) anyway enjoy you angst lovers. ^^

Edited 09/26/2016

“Alright, y/n I’m going to take off the brace”

Y/n couldn’t speak or nod their head. So all they did to show approval to the Overwatch medic was a smile and a thumbs up.

Y/n has been stuck in a cast for about a week or two. An accident on base caused them to get a blow to the neck. This blow damaged their windpipe and vocal chords. Making it impossible for them to speak until they fully healed.

Now this blow wasn’t from an enemy, nor a best friend. But a lover.

Zarya has been training y/n in the gym for quite some time. Improving their strength and drive with each visit. However, for one crucial minute when Zarya wasn’t spotting y/n on the bench press. Their hands slipped and the weight came crashing down on their neck. They were stuck there with no hope of getting the weight off. Their yelping for help is what caused the weight to damage their vocal chords. The constant pressure of the weight on the delicate skin caused the vocal chords to fail and become damaged.

During this time Zarya was in a full panic. After lifting the weight off of their lover with no effort at all she saw the line where the weight had crashed. The area was swelling up, making it near impossible for y/n to speak or breath.

After lifting them up this memory was nothing but a blur to Zarya. Full of apologies and kisses. She sprinted to mercy on the verge of tears nearly yelling at the medic in full on Russian. Mercy didn’t even need for Zarya to explain in English when she saw their neck, she rushed them in the back to decrease the swelling.

“There, how does that feel?”

Mercy slowly pulled off the extremely stiff brace from y/n’s neck. They stayed frozen in place not wanting to move. Mercy noticed their behavior and spoke.

“The blow did not damage your spine, the mussels in your neck stopped it. So any soreness that you may feel is just the mussels alright?”

Y/n slowly nodded as Mercy gently placed her hands under y/n’s jaw and guided their head. First left and right, then up and down. Y/n didn’t feel much until Mercy pulled their head forward and back. Y/n tried to squeak but only air came out. Mercy quickly put her hand on their mouth and continued.

“You cannot speak, not a sound, if you do it will slow the healing. Got it?”

Y/n nodded as they smiled once more.

Mercy returned the smile as she stood up and wrote some stuff on her clipboard. She then stepped outside for a couple of minutes.

When she returned Zarya was right behind her. Listening to every instruction she gave to her.

“Whatever happens, no matter what. Don’t let them speak ok.”

Zarya gave a stiff nod and responded, “Thank you Doctor; I will make sure they don’t exert themselves.”

Mercy hummed before remembering the last thing on her clipboard.

“And no solid foods! Their throat will still be damaged and I don’t want them working overtime alright?”

Zarya gave one last nod before the medic left. She then turned to y/n who was sitting on top of a medical bed giving the happiest smile to their love.

Zarya walked over to them, planted a kiss on their head and spoke.

“I need to drive you to our home, you are free to go back.”

Y/n’s eyes lit up and a wide smile reached their lips. They happily jumped down from the bed and started to walk beside Zarya. They then turned as if to say something, only to get a stern look from Zarya.

“No talking.”

Y/n closed their mouth and continued down the corridor.


Once in the car it was dead silent. Y/n was sitting shotgun while Zarya drove. Y/n was usually the one to speak up and spark a conversation while driving but right now. Zarya didn’t know what to say.

Y/n slumped back in the seat and turned the radio on. After a few seconds of static, a song started to play.

“We don’t talk anymore, we don’t talk anymore, what was all of it for?”

Zarya grunted at the song and slammed it to the next station.

“But I know that I’ll make it out alive,

If I quit calling you my lover,

Move on. You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe”

Zarya gave the radio a death glare before shutting it off forcefully before speaking.

“American songs are so weird.”

This caused y/n to giggle. However, the sound that came was horrendous. It was closer to car brakes then and actual voice. Y/n slammed their hands on their mouth before Zarya responded.

“Don’t speak! … Please don’t…”

Y/n looked at Zarya who was now teary eyed. She wiped her face as she pulled into the driveway. She quickly got out and started for the door.

Y/n threw their hands in the air to express their feelings. They were shocked by Zarya’s sudden silence. As soon as y/n stepped out of the car Zarya had already disappeared into the home. This made y/n’s eyebrows furrow as they shut the car door.

They ran up to the door opening. They looked left and right throughout the entrance hallway to find Zarya. When she was nowhere in sight they moved to the dining area to see her grabbing a soup can.

Zarya didn’t even look up when y/n came in, she only spoke to them.

“I’m heating up some soup for your dinner. It will help your throat.”

Zarya grabbed a pot and poured the contents in, lighting the stove to heat up the simple meal.

Y/n started to walk over to Zarya who still wasn’t looking up. They rolled their eyes as they tapped the floor with their foot to gain her attention. This proved to be pointless for she ignored y/n.

Y/n raised an eyebrow at the Russian who was playing the quiet game. Their second attempt was a quick two snaps, then a whistle. Still nothing.

Y/n had enough. They walked right up to Zarya who was still looking at the pot. They placed both hands on the counter and spoke.

“It’s hard to not talk when you remain silent.”

A staggering breath escaped Zarya’s throat at she heard y/n’s voice. It was nothing more than a whisper. But it sounded strained and painful. She quickly snapped her head up to look at y/n. Her face was full of sorrow and desperation. Her eyes were puffy and red. She tried so desperately to keep the knot in her throat down. Zarya then without warning cupped y/n’s head with one hand before speaking.

“Don’t speak… Please… You need to heal. It was my fault for everything. If I was just there when you were lifting the weight, I would’ve caught it. I would’ve stopped it from hitting you. Your beautiful voice would still be here. If… I… Just…”

Zarya was gripping the spoon in her other hand so tight that her knuckles were white. She tilted her head down looking at the floor, not looking at y/n.

Y/n suddenly grabbed Zarya’s face and kissed her. They stayed like that for a long time before they pulled away. Y/n was shushing Zarya as she apologized in both Russian and English. At the moment those languages were one in the same to Zarya. Her thoughts were so clouded that she couldn’t tell when she was speaking in English or Russian.

Y/n kissed her again before speaking one last time holding Zarya’s head once more.

“I forgive you, it wasn’t your fault.”

The both of them ate the soup before quickly sliding into bed. Zarya was extra careful not to touch y/n’s neck while asleep. However, she did hold them in a loving embrace never wanting to let go.

Zarya wanted to protect them from everything the world threw at them, no matter how big or small.

After what happened Zarya was extra careful with y/n and kept them out of harm’s way.

It was her duty to keep y/n safe from the world. And she will never let them get harmed on her watch ever again.

She kissed their head in their sleep and slowly drifted off herself.

Don’t Lie- Lapis and Peridot


“Lapis! Lapis where are you?!” The tiny blonde cried out in a panic, her crush hadn’t been responding to her messages, and she hadn’t shown up for lunch, only during math, and she had been so quiet…

Peridot ran through the halls, terrified for the blue haired girl and the possibility of running into Limone or her mother. She wanted, no, NEEDED to find Lapis, she had been worrying about her non-stop since that moment in the hospital… When she had seen Lapis in the bathroom, washing donut powder off of her hands.

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