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1. Ah Fai was a chief animator for McDull’s animated features. He’s super cool. Ultimate senpai. 

2. Previous post on breakdowns right here 

Some thoughts on acceleration and force

I presented this in the order of how I slowly understood the trick of delivering force - first an abstract concept of impact taught by Ah Fai, then a more complicated discovery on the acceleration pattern, last back to a more abstract concept of breakdowns

Like I’ve previously stressed, 2D animation is everything but one single approach. There’s no one rule that rules them all, but interchangeable ideas with math, or physics, or music, etc. There’s no “perfect” animation either, but what is perceived as organic and dynamic. E.g., using the Fibonacci numbers to animate didn’t bring me a perfect animation! On the other hand, a tiny change in the pattern could already make the feeling of force so much more powerful. 

Not so much of a tutorial than a personal experience. I hope you find this interesting hahaha 

so listen… fluff is great, but I want a couple that literally has to claw their way through life to be together (and stay together for that matter). I want fights at two in the morning where they’re screaming at each other because they’re so confused and desperate to stay together despite everything, but they just don’t know how to hold on. I want flawed characters that don’t just have ‘quirky’ flaws, but actual flaws that people sometimes claim as too unlikeable. Flaws that have some people so wrongfully categorize them as antagonists, because being able to play someone who understands that they have to truly work on themselves in order to be a better person not only for their partner, but for their own wellbeing is someone so much more complicated and human than someone who’s just clumsy, or frumpy. 

So yes, give me real imperfect characters to flesh out. Pls and ty. 

Title: Take Me Away (fanvid) <–Click HERE to watch the video!
Artist: pearsonasnic

Title: Take Me Away
Author: Idisch_von_Swedish
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 24630
Emma works at a cafe and admires this beautiful woman, a regular, who appears to be everything Emma is not. Rich, successful, someone. Unfortunately also: unapproachable. But one day the routine is broken, something is off, and Emma finally gets a chance to talk to her.

It doesn’t go particularly well but it’s the beginning of a friendship that turns out to be so much more, and so much more complicated. For starters, Emma. Is. Not. Gay. She has a boyfriend. That aside, something strange is definitely going on with Regina Mills and Emma doesn’t quite dare to think what might be going on in her home.

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Bennett sighed, feeling Arashi’s eyes on him as he spoke. I’ve just been sitting here thinking.

I’m scared to ask what about, Arashi laughed nervously. 

You mostly, Benny shrugged. For months now it seemed like there was never a time when Arashi wasn’t on his mind. You. Ezra. Me.

I’ve been thinking about you & me too, Arashi breathed, trying to quell the racing of his heart. Look, I’m.. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to treat you like some dirty little secret & I didn’t want to make things complicated between you & your boyfriend. You’ve given me so much & you deserve even more in return. 

Everett & I hung out with some guys last night, Arashi continued, not giving Bennett the chance to respond to his apology. Guys I consider pretty good friends of mine, that I’ve known a while. I told them. Everything. I came out & I told them… I told them that I found a boy that I love.

Some rich kid from the other side of the island? the redhead snorted. 

Arashi nodded. Yeah, some snooty private school jock, he teased. In the end, that was really the only thing they gave me hell for but I knew that would happen. And it’s not a reflection on you by the way. Just the way that we are. They want to meet you & I promise they’ll give you a chance, fat wallet & all. 

And if I met them, Benny pressed curiously. How would you introduce me? As your friend? Or… 

I’m getting there, Arashi laughed again, blushing slightly as he looked down at his feet. I’m sorry that I let this shit go on for so long like this but if.. if you’re still willing to give me a shot, I want us to be together, Benny. 

It’s about fucking time, the redhead grinned wildly, leaning in to capture the other man’s lips in a sweet kiss. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: As the Days Go By

By @erisedsubrocs

3.4k words, G Rated

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Albus makes the decision to risk everything and tell Scorpius his biggest secret yet. However, untimely complications arise, putting Albus’s plan out of action and steering him down a dangerous path of pain and longing.

Scorpius continues to prove why he is the best friend a boy could possibly have.

Thank you so much to @autumn-of-ilvermorny for not only being my fantastic beta once again, but also for supporting me as I delved into this new area of writing, and for being a great friend :)

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@kc-fanfics Thank you. :)  I couldn’t resist, since I’ve never ever drawn them. And i like this enough to post it full size. Why did noone tell me drawing Yams is so much FUN?!?! and so EASY!?!?!

As for your Question: I do everything in SAI. I’m too dumb for anything more complicated than that. I have no idea how photoshop works although I’ve owned different versions for more than 15 years now.

The only exception is when I do color corrections or touch ups, or text for my comic. That is done in photoshop.

Panneling and sketching for comics is done in Clip Studio Paint.

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Student! Lance and Teacher! Pidge au

Ok anon “student” Lance and “teacher” Pidge.

Pidge: “ok so any questions?”

Lance: “yeah can you repeat that last part?”

Pidge: “which one?”

Lance: Basically everything after “lets start with step one.

Pidge: Are you serious?

Lance: see….why couldn’t you had just taught me the coke and mentos experiment…..This one seems so complicated.

Pidge: Lance it’s literally just a colloidal mixture of nanoscale magnetic particles in a solvent, reacts to magnetic field in an awesomely bizarre way.

Lance: yeah see all of that…. All of that just sounds really complicated.

Pidge: that’s what makes it so much fun!

Lance: mhm hm….Fine….teach me one more time. This time I promise I’ll pay attention.”

*I don’t condone student/teacher relationships so I went with a litterally Pidge teaches Lance a cool Chemistry experiment* thanks @swindle94 for some help again…

ayy it opened! welcome to everyone, if anyone wants to plot just throw an IM my way or like this post and i’ll hit you up. i love drama and angst and everything complicated so if you want to make ur char miserable just hit me up ;D below the cut is some sparknotes info on him but you can also check his about and i have four (4) premade plots and/or ideas if those interest you!

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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.4

Shiro likes Pidge. Pidge likes Shiro. Sounds like it should be simple but it never is. To make things more complicated Pidge has caught the eye of a hot alien prince who is doing whatever he can to win her affection. How will Shiro handle the competition and his jealousy?

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Isn't it wild to hold a lil baby? So soft, so sweet. When they hit toddler suddenly they are filled with a malicious need to run everywhere and swallow everything and it's so much more complicated and difficult, and even though I love my lil nieces I wistfully remember when they were tiny 😅

I feel you!! My younger siblings were cute the first two years? They become intolerable as soon as they hit their third year. Then it’s me periodically yelling at the top of the stairs because my stationary gets robbed, waking up to one of them hogging my bed, and enduring hours of Angelina ballerina in ceaseless car rides.

I fucking hate you. I hate how easily you control all of my feelings. One word and my world comes crashing to a stop, and it starts to rain. Oh and it pours, salty tears and thundering wails.

I let you walk all over me.

I let you wrap me around your finger.

I played into your hands.

I’m in a game.

That I’m sure of, I’ve convinced myself that much.

Because if it isn’t that than I’m much more insane than I thought. Because it isn’t even 2 am yet and you’ve already crossed my mind a million times more than you should’ve. You creep your way into everything. I look out the window and see a beautiful tree and I remember how many times you kept me waiting so you could climb a tree.

Everythings simple, the things that remind me of you. But you’re so damn complicated, but you look like an open book.

I’ve only see the surface, there’s no telling how much shit is underneath. Good, bad and ugly, I’ll still want you.

For some reason, I do.

It’s most definitely not your personality, or your looks- which are better than my words could describe. It’s something. And that’s all I know.

Because minutes after you texted me. I knew there would be hell to pay, but I hit send. I’ve convinced myself you’re okay, that I can survive.

But I’m not, I’m so damn miserable. And you’re on the other side of screen laughing, because I’m an idiot.

It something. And I fucking hate it. Because it’s you. And I know I shouldn’t want it to be you, but I do.

Why me?

Why you?

—  V.C.// I’m an idiot and apparently I’m the only one unaware of it. But I guess that’s okay, because I’m still texting you.

I never want to be easily defined. I am so much. I am endless, galaxies in the strands of my hair and oceans in my eyes. God I am complicated. The buzzing thoughts in my do not need a label. I am more than labels, I exceed labels. I am contradictions. Filled with unexplainable positivity yet earth shattering anxiety. When I laugh I laugh too hard, when I cry, i cry harder. It takes so much for me to hate but not much at all for me to love. When I love , I love hard. I bare my heart on my sleeve and oh my god I am love. I deserve everything yet nothing at all. My body is my graveyard and my temple and you have no say in what I do with it. Every curve of my body, every bump, every freckle ,every cell , every stretch mark is art. It is special. My body was a blank canvas and I have splattered it with memories and wonders. I am golden, sunshine bursting from my pores. I am stormy in the deepest parts of my brain. I got lost easily but damn I am easy to find. My lips are parted and flavoured of stardust and my cheeks are dusted with sunshine. I am strong but I am so breakable. I trust so easily, I become so fragile. I give myself entirely and yet I am always my own. I belong to the forests and my head is firmly in the clouds. My voice could move mountains yet I feel as small as a bug. I am nothing but I am everything. Do not think to define me, I hold too much inside myself.

ok but i can’t stand how they wrote karen this season and it’s not her fault. she’s a good character and i loved her last season and i still love her BUT i feel like they shoe horned in her romance with matt just to make things complicated when elektra showed up and it just.. didn’t work?? at all??? like ok they had a few cute moments but still??? everything else felt fake and forced. every moment she had on screen with frank was so much more natural than any interaction she had with matt who’s been her friend for awhile now. give me matt/elektra or matt/claire all day over that karen mess.

Grammar & Style: Mixing Tenses

Anonymous asked:

First off, I love your blog and you advice, so thank you for working so hard! I have a question about tenses. Specifically, can a narrator slip between tenses as needed? For example, if the narrator was talking about magic in the world, would they say things like “magic worked this way, and does this”, or “magic works this way, and did that?” The second seems more correct to me, but goes against everything I’ve taught about keeping a consistent tense. Thank you so much for your help.

Tense is complicated. Since I’d rather not get into a long explanation of how they work, let me just say this: sometimes it’s okay to mix tenses.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “I was told never to mix tenses!” Odds are, though, you were told never to mix tenses in most situations. The fact remains that there are situations when you have to mix tenses because it’s grammatically correct.

The easiest way to know the difference is to just ask yourself whether or not it sounds right. If I said to you: I went to the store last Tuesday. It is very crowded, you should know that isn’t right. “It is very crowded” is present tense, which makes no sense given that I went to the store last Tuesday. So, you know that’s a situation where you have to change tenses. The point of the sentence is to describe what the store was like in the past, so the whole sentence should be in past tense. I went to the store last Tuesday. It was very crowded.

Now, what about a sentence like this: I saw Mary at the store last Tuesday. She is very nice. That is a clear mixing of past and present, but it’s not necessarily wrong. If you’re making a general observation about Mary being nice, “she is nice” makes sense because she was nice then and, as far as you know, she’s still nice. Now, if you’re commenting on that specific encounter, it would need to be in the past tense.

Another time you’ll have to mix tenses is when talking about an event that takes place in a different time period than your story. For example, if your story takes place in the present but your character has to describe an event that happened in the past, you would use past tense to describe that event. Obviously, because it wouldn’t make sense to talk about a past event in the present tense, even in a present tense story. For example:

I run to the end of the driveway and open the mailbox just as the mail lady drives away. She waves at me and I wave back distractedly, not wanting to waste a single second before opening the mailbox. Inside I find three letters, but none of them are from Barry. I slam the mailbox shut and stomp into the house. I wrote Barry three weeks ago and he should have replied by now.

The character is checking the mail right now but she wrote to Barry in the past. That’s why the last sentence is in the past tense. If you change the last sentence to present tense, it makes no sense whatsoever.

Dialogue is another situation when you have to mix tenses. For example:

We rode through the forest for ten hours before we finally came to the old castle ruins.

“Here we are,” I said as Rob and I dismounted. Jed stayed put on his horse, eyeing the ruins warily.

“What do you think, Jed? Can you get a read on this place?”

“I’m trying. If evil lurks here, it’s hard to tell.”

Even though the narrative is in past tense, the dialogue is in present tense because it’s describing something that is happening in real time for the speakers. What would happen if we changed the dialogue to past tense to match the narrative?

“Here we were,” I said as Rob and I dismounted. Jed stayed put on his horse, eyeing the ruins warily.

“What did you think, Jed? Could you get a read on this place?”

“I tried. If evil lurked here, it was hard to tell.”

What??!! That makes absolutely no sense!!! ;)

So, as you can see, sometimes it’s necessary to mix tenses. If it makes more grammatical sense to mix tenses, it’s probably okay. :)


So I’ll leave it up to you.
favourite comic book characters (1/?): wanda maximoff / scarlet witch
You’re accusing me of things I did not do consciously. I – I know you’ll never understand this. It all – everything is so much more complicated – I’m doing the best I can. 

Three Little Words

{~1k | ff.net}

Dean never thought it would be easy to be in love with an Angel, but the fact that said Angel is currently on the other side of the country makes everything that much more complicated.

I miss you.

He hadn’t meant for it to happen, but somewhere in the hazy realm between being awake and asleep the words had made themselves to the forefront of his mind. And Cas had heard them.


Dean opened his eyes, stared up at the inky darkness of the ceiling.

“Shit,” he said aloud, throwing back the covers and sitting up in bed. He glanced first at his alarm clock (3:48AM. Great.) and then at his phone. Could a prayer be undone?

He knew it was impossible even as he thought it. Those things were basically direct transmissions to Angels; they were like emails that way. Dean had always hated emails.

He buried his face in his hands, letting out a groan. He’d tried so hard to be okay with the fact that Cas was away more often than not lately; the phone calls had been kept to a minimum, and on the rare occasions that Cas was at the Bunker, Dean had been the picture of nonchalance. Anything to avoid coming off as needy.

And now he’d blown it all. Cas would know.

His phone remained dark and silent on the bedside table, and a flicker of hope unfurled in Dean’s chest. Maybe he hadn’t thought the words directly at Cas. Maybe it hadn’t actually–

As if on cue, the phone buzzed, its screen lighting up and illuminating the room: Castiel calling.

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Hey hey guys! You’re doing really great job rebloging my fanart and I really appreciate that and I’m seriously very glad that you find my sense of humor funny \o/

Reasuming, since you like my art so much, how about having something SPECIFICALLY DRAWN FOR YOU! 8D I’m jobless at the moment and I kinda really need money so commission me maybe? Every dollar counts, because it has really good exchange for pln.

I can draw almost everything, OC’s, fandom stuff, ships, people, animals, furry, aliens, monsters, more or less complicated backgrounds, both traditionally and digitally.

I will not draw porn, rasist, homophobic, transphobic or offensive in any way material. I also reserve right to refuse to take commisshion if I will feel uncomfortable with idea.

I’m such a complicated person. I don’t know what I want or what I’m actually looking for. I wish I could live happily forever and don’t worry about anything. But this is who I am, I overthink everything all the time. I just don’t know if I would ever be able to love somebody again. I know there’re things that matter so much more than that but this really scares me. I don’t know if I would ever be able to love again or even worse, if somebody will ever be able to love me?
—  C
You want me to be honest? Well here i go. I don’t know if its a flaw i have but i tend to like complications. I like to salvage what i think people have lost and i like to make them see what i see. I know its hard to do as everyone has different perspectives, different views but i know what i see and everything i see sums up to nothing more than you. You’ve asked me before why i keep you on a pedestal or why i treasure you so much. I cant really answer that question as i hide things from myself too. Im an emotional wreck, always have been and always will be. I tend to fall hard and quick. Its my curse i guess. You always talk about your darkness and your recklessness in such a negative connotation but you don’t realize that what you see as baggage and what you feel as bad is actually nothing but good to me. Ever since i met you my thoughts have never been more clear. My heart never more decided on someone and my will to fight never more willing to combat any threat. You always talk about how you can’t give me what i want but what if you already have? What if what i really needed wasn’t an official relationship or to go through this to become stronger but rather go through this to test my limits and my will. Find out what i want and what i don’t. Test my boundaries and break my limits. I have never wanted anything more so dearly in my life. Ive never been selfish because I’ve put others before me but for the first time in my life i want to be selfish and i don’t care what people think of me. I don’t want to follow their advice when they tell me things because they aren’t me. They don’t know what i want they don’t know what i need. They might know that I’m heading at 100mph to a brick wall and that ill probably end up crashing right to it but its my crash, my decision. I want to give it my all to the very end and if it doesn’t work out then at least i know theres nothing more i could’ve done. My insecurities? They’re gone. My emotion of feeling inferior to others? Its gone. My yearn of love? Its still there but i learned. I learned i cant always obtain what i want. Some things in life are meant to be not messed with. I’ve never loved as hard as i have loved you. And maybe you’re right, maybe shes right and you might not even be my first love but its the first time in my life that i feel this way towards someone and I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say something else when i know theres more. Im tired of feeling like there’s something wrong with me. You’ve pushed my limits you have made me live more in a couple months than i have in 17 years of life. Yes you might cause me confusion and doubt but if thats the small price i have to pay for my happiness after all the hardships I’ve gone through this year then be it. I might sound like i crumble easily and i might act like it too but I’m a person that never puts her head down. Im a fighter and i continue to fight the world day by day. Its so hard for me to tell you things to your face not because I’m scared but because when i see you and when I’m with you i forget anything negative. Negative plus negative is positive. You’re my positivity. And without you at this moment I’m scared to think where i would be. You’re probably thinking shes so young how would she know, she exaggerating, shes infatuated by me cause of what we’ve done and because how its different than other times but the truth in this situation you have been my anchor. The reason that i have such strong feelings is not for any other reason but rather because its just simply you. I like how you make me feel and i like how comfortable i am with you. I could care less what anyone thinks of it cause when I’m with you nothing else matters. Yes i get jealous about other girls. Yes i go out of my lane at times, with reason though. And yes i do overthink but all of this because i care and i don’t want to loose you. You’re the only thing that has stayed by my side when everything came crumbling down and i don’t mean my friends. Maybe i became obsessed with the idea of having a bf and i pushed it too much on you and for that i apologize but i will not apologize for the way i show my feelings because there is nothing more pure than that. I might have serious flaws but my feelings aren’t one of them. I might not be pure but my emotions are nothing but that. I might be messed up and i might carry a lot of things from my past with me but i can reassure you that my true feelings are not affected by anything else except the way i feel at that very moment. I am avery analytical person even if it seems i am not. Im critical about my every move because I’ve lived in fear of fucking up but i now know that its human to fuck up sometimes. So to sum it up i don’t care what you think or anyone thinks about this situation i will pursue it no matter what because there is nothing sinister about us. I am just as guilty as you are for this, but i will step down from the cloud and face reality. I will no longer hold u up on my pedestal or treat you any different than who you are. I will no longer pursue you the way i used to but ill still keep you in arms reach as i will still try to win your heart unless you tell me not to. I will no longer be that relentless and naive girl but rather ill be more pre-cautious with the way i present myself. I guess this is what i wanted to tell you and i regret not saying it sooner but I’m glad that i was able to tell you now before it was too late.
—  Iomara M