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We were in the art class that we share. He sat next to me and complemented my art and stuff. Then, he just asked me out and my face got all blushy and I, of course, was like "hecks yes". Then I woke up all blushy faced. He is super nice to EVERYONE. And he has the best smile, and smells like honey and flowers. And just 10/10. 😄😂

aaawww that’s soo cute i hope everything works out for u!! crushes r so fun

Valentines AU

An AU where Ciel works in a café and he has to put up with couples coming and going while watching them being all lovey-dovey, and that just sickens him. Especially their conversations, just… No.

“Come on sweetie, order whatever you like.”

“Oh, honey! Thank you! But I’m just so confused. I don’t know what order. Everything sounds so good!”

“You look so cute when you’re confused, muffin!”


“Do you want me to pick for you?”

“You know me so well poobear, don’t you? Isn’t he amazing? And isn’t it wonderful? How he knows me so well?”

And that’s when Ciel internally pukes and tries to back away. Poobear? Really? Uh, no.

Now, what started with taking orders ended up by being a part of the… Uhm… “conversation”, and that’s when Ciel’s brain alarm starts ringing.


And that’s exactly what he does, “Ahaha… Right… uhm well, I’ll give some time for your… ‘poobear’ to decide and I’ll come back later…” Ending it by sending them that million dollar smile! Real smooth waiter boy, real smooth.

“Excuse me, I’m ready to order.”

And damn, did Ciel’s heart just run a thousand miles per second after hearing that voice. It is true that the college boy hates nothing more than sappy couples and sappy relationships but he can’t stop his wild imagination from running around in the fields of his dreams whenever he sees or hears his, yes I said his, regular costumer, Sebastian Michealis.

The reason that Sebastian is HIS costumer is because that sex on legs, handsome piece of meat, huba-huba man, only comes in during Ciel’s shift. And if the young man didn’t know better, he’d say that Sebastian has a crush on him.

Not that he would mind, especially since his mind dictates him so many fantasies he’d just love to perform, such as kissing him so that those bloody desperate single women would stop staring at HIS costumer. Like damn, have some decency, will you?

Besides, Ciel is a healthy young man with raging hormones and he has every right to-

“Uhm… Excuse me?”

Damn son, DAMN!

After willing himself to calm down, Ciel turned around with his oh-so-shy smile and said, “Oh, yes! Sorry. Your order please?”

'Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Breathe in, out, in, out. Okay, I don’t think he noticed that I’m shaking. Stay strong little me!’

“Are you okay? You’re shaking.”

'GAH! NOPE! NO! I’M NOT! Shit. Shit. Shit. Stay calm. STAY CALM! BE COOL! Okay… Okay… I’m cool. I’m good.’

“Yes I’m fine. Now, your order?”

“Oh yes, my order,” Sebastian looked up at him and smirked, that little devil SMIRKED, while leaning in and motioning for Ciel to do so.

Ciel at first was confused but did as told nonetheless. Aren’t they always taught that the customer is always right? But, oh boy, did he wish he hadn’t done that.

Ciel felt Sebastian’s soft lips and the hot air of his breath graze his ear as the man whispered, “You, me, date tonight. I’ll pick you up from here at 8 P.M. Don’t be late.” With that he stood up to walk away, but not before touching the back of Ciel’s NECK, pulling him close again and saying, “Oh, and wear something nice.” Then finally walking out after he winked at Ciel.

Like. A. Boss.

That son of a-