everything is shaking

Until I retire… Please be mine.

What the subs should have said because that’s (not quite…) whAT KATSUKI YURI SAID TO VICTOR NIKIFOROV

ah- this got a lot of notes ^^;
I wanted to double check this and get a better version of the translation (the one above is what I got from my initial listen) but I think a more accurate translation would be “Please take care of me” instead of “be mine”
(the “boku no koto” tripped me up ;;; sorry guys. ITS STILL ROMANTIC AS SHIT THO)

I like to think that every story is reality somewhere, and fiction is just a window to alternate realities.

I feel like Sasuke and Naruto are real people with real souls.

Every story about them -the one Kishimoto wrote, and the derivative works written by countless fans throughout the years- is, in some way rooted in distant, parallel, real alternate universes.

When one of them dies, the other waits for him in a place outside of time. When they meet in this place between lifetimes, they talk.

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Ronan wrapped his arms around Adam, pinning Adam’s upper arms against him. He was contained. “Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit,” Ronan said into Adam’s hearing ear, and Adam’s body sagged against Ronan, chest heaving. […] His head rested miserably on Ronan’s shoulder, everything shaking, standing only because Ronan did not allow him to sink.

The Ancient One, they tell me all about you

The Moon sings sweet bedtime lullabies about you, she sounds like a mother soothing a baby, the lyrics are coated in how you will be protected

Uranus rattles the world, everything shakes and spills, uranus tells me about you in captivating lightning storms and flashing neons

Neptune sends me messages in bottles about you, written by angels and dropped into the ocean, i uncork the bottle and exhale your soul perfume, i am high on your blood and wine

Venus breathes your oxygen down my neck, she draws me pictures of your heart and your beauty, she tells me how loved you truly are

Mercury wrote me books about you, they traced back centuries, he never stops speaking divinely of your mind, he showed me through your labyrinths

The Sun bellows to me that you are a god, and to bow in your presence, he tells me that it’s your light that nourishes the world, it is your body that everything circles

Mars tells me of your bravery and spirit, he tells me tales of the nights you have slept alone, felt alone, and yet kept on fighting

Pluto lead me into a dark corridor down the unconscious where there were golden carvings of your destiny. he told me that he has been preparing you for greatness

Saturn shows me your cosmic report card, he tells me how you succeed every challenge and overcome every obstacle, he tells me how proud he is, though he will never tell you

Jupiter wrote a bible about you, it’s full of symbols and myths, it’s a testimony to the archetypal power you inherited, he tells me about you during meditation


❝ i can shake everything off as i write; my sorrows disappear and my courage is reborn, ❞  - Anne Frank

time for some recommendation time because i have bookmarked some of my favourites during my hiatus to keep me rejuvenated and quenched and wanna share them with ya’ll♡

i really really love and admire these authors and their incredibly divine writings that just pulled my heartstrings and drowned me in my own ocean of tears. you should have a look and when i mean ‘should’ i mean you MUST because they are insanely good (in my opinion). i’m sure there are way more brilliant writers and stories to discover but then again, there are a billion stars in the night sky and we have all the time in the world to pick one and admire it.

▼please and i mean PLEASE don’t hurtle any hate or annoying rude requests of updates to writers who put in effort to rekindle the passion for reading and craft our fantasies and imaginations▲

fic update: 3 February


six degrees of separation (yoongi scenario)
he didn’t (multi-member series)
❝ you guys don’t frickin know how much i love her fics and if you can handle cliffhangers then you will enjoy her masterpieces but if you don’t - well prepare some tissues❞

arranged love (jungkook series)
hiraeth (jungkook series)
❝ art. alyssa is art. that’s all i can say because she is a fucking masterpiece❞

to earth (yoongi scenario)
listen (taehyung scenario)
punchline (jungkook scenario)
❝ mia’s writing is like getting a glimpse of what heaven seems like because her stories are just exceptionally beautifully written❞

cerise (yoongi scenario)
mischance (jungkook scenario)
accismus (taehyung series)
oodal (namjoon scenario)
❝ as you can tell, i’m a mega fan of cat’s writings. like no joke. pls read her stories and love her and bless her for such amazing stories like pls she is a sweet gift from heaven i swear❞

pressure (jimin scenario)
❝ her comical scenarios and plots makes me smile like there is no tomorrow so maybe her amazing writing will do something to you too…its probably black magic…❞

bts college!au
❝ okay she makes me feel so frickin fluffy with her drabbles like i can just EXPLODE with floor. she is crazy and her imagines are so relatable i just had to put her in my recommendation list❞

the taste of love (yoongi scenario)
obliviously obviously obvious (jungkook scenario)
❝ if i could, i would just give you her entire masterlist because i swear, missy’s writings can cure every broken soul. she makes me feel like such a disloyal hoe just because her writings for every member are frickin insanely good❞

noise (jimin scenario)
❝ main culprit for making me cry over angst because of this scenario. she is really good guys pls go check her out if you wanna good cry❞

cinderella (hoseok series)
enchanted (jimin series)
❝ jen is one of the first few writers that got me hooked and stimulated my passion for writing. i’ve talked to her before and she is a genuinely nice person. pls give her love for her incredible writing❞

better than words (taehyung scenario)
the little things (jungkook scenario)
untimely confessions (seokjin scenario)
❝ kristen’s stories are masterpieces and i’m not kidding you like they are so genuine and deep - deeper and the ocean - and that says a LOT❞

prince charming - love is easy - after all (jungkook series)
laws of motions and attractions (taehyung series)
limited edition (jungkook scenario)
❝ if you guys want a taste of extreme fluff and angst, go to kaye’s because her writings *sigh* i don’t even know anymore. she is just one of the most talented writers i have ever known in my entire existence❞

caller number 9 (yoongi series)
salted caramel (hoseok series)
warning labels (hoseok scenario)
felicity (seokjin scenario)
❝ *screaming because thalia is fucking amazing and i love her writings so much* you have no idea how much i admire her writing. its so new and fresh and just something i want to experience and have it screened in a cinema ya know. oh yeah and her edits makes me question my own artistic talent❞

the insanity called love (taehyung scenario)
❝ issy just slays it. she SLAYS it. if she played me she will slay ya'll❞

basically her entire text masterlist
❝ cheesy af and lucy’s texts makes me want to puke butterflies and cry rainfalls. partner in crime but likely to be the one to have to save my ass from the cops because i daydream too much in the midst of schemes❞

first light (jungkook scenario)
the swirling way of stars (jungkook scenario)
blue orchids (jungkook scenario)
❝ ya’ll…you have no idea how much i love mari and her stories. she makes magic with her words and fantasies come to life with her imagination that is just beyond the universe❞

incandescence (yoongi scenario)
supernova (jungkook scenario)
❝ gonna admit ignis’ stories just give me such a novel worthy vibe when i read them. its so well written and im just so awed by her eloquent writing and you all should❞

between the lines (jungkook scenario)
❝ i spent months trying to find this amazing blog who has the amazing fic that reminds me of jodi picoult’s Between The Lines. and trust me, its so beautiful i love it soo much it gets mE SO FLUFFY. kim’s stories are beyond amazing and i’m just nOPE NOT TODAY GURL❞

the devil skates on thin ice (yoongi series)
❝ you all have no fucking clue how amazing ivory is. iv’e been through her past personas and she still strikes me with her flamboyant vocab and outstanding storylines❞

paper hearts (jungkook series)

iniquitous (jungkook scenario)
❝ idk about you but tina is underrated and i waNT PEOPLE TO LOVE HER WORKS thank you pls. she is new so she doesn’t have that many fics but i’m so excited for new ones because she is just MMHHMMM❞


there is waaaaaaaaaaay more i assure and i’m pretty sure you guys know waaaaaay more. these are my fav scenarios and authors who have truly inspired me:) pls give them all the respect and love they deserve for their hard work. some of them are on hiatus or either really busy but all we can do is give them support and patience♡ will update the fic soon:))

“…I can fix that.”

Based off this

Moral of the story: Don’t let Hiro go on solo missions without the team + Baymax behind him.

Snuggles with daddy
  • Daddy: Everything ok princess?
  • Little: *shakes head*
  • Daddy: What's wrong little miss grumpy pants?
  • Little: Cuddle meter low! *runs and glomps daddy*
  • Little: Ahhhh that's better! *giggles
  • Daddy: That's my girl

seeing matsukawa and hanamaki trying to hold back their tears just makes me so sad. they may not get as much recognition as oikawa and iwaizumi do, but as third years, they’re just as invested in the outcome of the match as oikawa and iwaizumi are. their high school volleyball careers are over, as well. this is the last time they’ll ever get to play with this particular set of teammates. watching the utter disappointment and frustration play on their faces just breaks my heart. 

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 11

Please read part 1, part 2,  part 3 , part 4 , part 5 , part 6 , part 7 , part 8 part 9  and part 10 so this will make sense


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You were guided into the backseat of a nice car, and to your relief Yoongi joined you shortly. Namjoon and the other man sat in the front, and as soon as Yoongi closed the door Namjoon floored it.

You were shaking, everything that had happened felt like it was crushing you, and you felt tears trickle down your cheeks. Before you realized what was happening, Yoongi pulling you into a tight hug, running a hand through your hair soothingly.

“I’m s-sorry…” You managed into his shoulder, trying to stop sobbing.

“What did I say about apologizing for things that aren’t your fault?” Yoongi muttered. “It’s alright, you’re safe now, I promise.” He repeated the last part several times, and by the time the car came to a stop, you had calmed down considerably. You looked out the window to see that you were back at the mansion you had met Taehyung at, and you wondered if you were going to have to walk home.

“Why don’t you come in for a bit?” Yoongi said gently, as though he had read your mind. “I think I have some explaining to do.”

You followed the three men into the house and to a living room. It looked like something out of a magazine, everything in it matched perfectly. You felt strange sitting down on the pristine mint colored couch, Yoongi sitting next to you.

“I’m going to tell Seokjin you’re here.” Namjoon said, and the other man walked over to where you sat. He flicked your forehead, not hard enough to hurt.

“Do you know how much money you cost us?” He asked, tilting his head to the side. “A lot. You’re very expensive.”

“Back off Hoseok.” Yoongi snapped, but there wasn’t any malice in his voice. He just sounded tired.

“Well it’s true.” Hoseok said with a shrug. “Yoongi, would you do that for me?” He did a cute pose, pouting and making whining noises.

“Hell no, I’d tell them to keep you.” Hoseok pretended to be horrified, then walked over to a wet bar to pour himself a drink.

“Vodka?” He offered, holding up the bottle. When you shook your head and Yoongi glared, Hoseok just sighed. “Your loss.” He downed a shot, then made a face. “Ugh, that’s disgusting! Are you sure you don’t want any?” You didn’t understand how he could be so relaxed, at any point in the ‘Transaction’ that had just occurred, all four of you could have been killed. Yet Hoseok looked completely at ease as he drank several more shots and then walked around the minibar to lay down on the floor. “It’s going to take months to recover from this loss, Yoongi!” He complained.

“Hoseok’s in charge of finances.” Yoongi said quietly to you. You jumped, almost having forgotten that he was sitting with you.

“What are you in charge of?” You asked distractedly. Everything seemed very far away, as though you were dreaming. You guessed that was due to the shock.

“He’s in charge of abandoning his brothers when they need him.” Hoseok said from the floor.

Seokjin walked in, followed by several other people. “Yoongi, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me—“ He stopped, narrowing his eyes at Hoseok. “If you vomit on this carpet, I’ll clean it with your face.” He turned back to Yoongi, his expression changing instantly. “Are you two okay?” He asked, reaching out as he stepped forward.

“Soekjin,” Yoongi growled as he stood. “Does she look okay to you?”

Seokjin glanced at you, taking in the bruises on your face, the rips in your jeans from where you had fallen, and the scrapes that were there. “Well, she’s not dead—“ This was the wrong thing to say. Yoongi grabbed him by the collar, and despite the height difference between them, Seokjin looked nervous.

“Why are you mad at me?” He asked, trying to pry Yoongi’s fists off of his shirt. Jungkook stepped in quickly, trying to get between them.

“Oh you know why he’s mad at you.” Hoseok said, his eyes were closed and you would have thought he was asleep had he not said anything.

“Yoongi, think about this. It’s not going to help anything.” Jungkook said, and Yoongi glanced at him before elbowing him out of the way. He punched Seokjin square in the nose, and Jimin tried to restrain him. Shortly after, Jimin was on the floor next to Hoseok, groaning.

Namjoon made his way over to you. He was carrying a blanket and an ice back, and after handing the latter to you, he wrapped the blanket around your shoulders. “All of you stop, now.” He said simply, and to your surprise they did. The room fell silent, and you remembered what Jackson had said. Namjoon had been left in charge.

Namjoon didn’t look like the leader of a Mafia to you. He had dimples and messy hair, not to mention his house slippers had little bunny rabbits on them. “Seokjin, why don’t you bring our guest something to eat? Jimin and Taehyung, go make sure the spare room is in order. Jungkook, you come with me. Yoongi, why don’t you stay here.”

As you watched the others leave, Yoongi stood panting. He still looked like he wanted to punch Seokjin, but you for one were glad that Namjoon had cleared the room.

“You said you have some explaining to do.” You said, and Yoongi turned to face you. “You were right. Why don’t you get started.”

A/N So after I posted part 10, I realized that this part really should have been posted with it. But by that time, people had already liked/reblogged it, and I didn’t want to just edit it and add this part, because it would be confusing. So I decided to just post this as part 11, which is why it’s so short. So two updates in one night! :D Lol, thank you for reading, and hopefully I’ll be more organized in the future. I’ve been in a weird funk the last few weeks, and I think my writing has been suffering for it. Anyway, let me know what you think! <3