everything is saved

the scene where magnus tells raphael that he doesn’t have any feelings for izzy, he’s just high, broke my heart into million pieces

you can see how hurt and disappointed magnus is. raphael is pretty much his son and he went back to his addiction. i can’t even imagine how he must’ve felt, how devastated he was

and you can see how hurt raphael is because in that very moment he realises that he disappointed magnus. and magnus means everything to him, magnus saved his life. but now he went back to square one

i can’t deal with this, this is too much, i just want them to be happy

Hi Hisazuki,

First thank you for your wanderfull summaries!

But there is something I must share about last chapter 136. I’m very disapointed in Soo-Won’s behavior. Untill now he was always able to see much farther ahead.

I do understand his arguments and agree with them. As a king he can not submit safety of few people over safety of whole country. And Kouren hatred is enourmous, she won’t forget easily, I get that.

But why dosen’t he see that helping Yona and Hak is not only a matter of saving five people? Does he not know that they will do everything to save their friends? That they will turn to Wind Tribe for help?

And will probably get it. Wind Tribe loyalty is quite fragile. They will follow Hak and the Princess. I’m sure he knows at least that much. He thought about this during his coronation and was definitely aware of it after fight in Sei.

So, could he miscalculate like that? If he doesn’t want to help them, shouldn’t he at least take advantage of the situation? Use Yona and Hak, blind them and Kouren, buy himself some time?

And why is he actually letting them do that? I never got the impression he would put anything over his own (Koukas) interest. He let Yona and Hak live, but only because they were not a threat to his goals. And now they became one.

Am I thinking to much? He is one of the most interesting characters in the series. So, I really hope there is more into it, that there is something I can’t see. What do you think?

I agree with everything you said, BUT… Let’s put it like this. Did it occur to you that maybe Hak & Yona are playing right into Soo-Won’s hands? Remember that he had Ogi investigate the Wind tribe. Clever and observant as he is, he noticed the Wind tribe was still following its former leader when they fought together back in Sei (well, at least after Hak almost killed Mundok with a bomb ^^;). Ogi also sent spies to Shin, so Soo-Won knows of the situation there with Kouren’s and Tao’s factions, and maybe he already knew about the dragons being there too before Min-Soo told him. He’s seen how loyal the dragons were to Yona - especially when he chatted with Kija. He can probably guess Yona would be loyal to them as well.

From what Hak said in this chapter, I now believe the big battle will be against the Kai empire. Which means somehow he’ll win against Shin. So how will the Wind tribe influence the outcome? I think it’s either because Soo-Won learned through Ogi of a weakness he could threaten them with so they’ll have no choice but to join the fight, or because he planned for Hak to lead them and will manage to manipulate him into doing exactly what he wants him to do. He knows him best, after all.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, there’s Mizari and his weird fascination with the dragons. Will he end up freeing them of his own accord? Obviously, they will survive the conflict one way or the other. And Soo-Won, although he’s pretty much doomed to fail at some point, will come out victorious this time again.

What if GOT6 are dead and Jinyoung is dying from grief and depression. He’s empty and can’t see the point. He just wants to be with them. He’s falling anyway so why not fall from somewhere high and feel like he’s flying on the way down? That’s why he jumps off the building in flight log:departure. But GOT6 in the afterlife/whatever are like ur no. And flight log:turbulence is their view of everything, like them struggling to save Jinyoung who’s somewhere they’re not (living world? half way between life and death?). Jinyoung’s drowning in grief and they try and dive in to save him but they can’t reach. Youngjae’s trying to smash him out of the glass box he’s suffocating in. And then flight log:arrival is Jinyoung deciding which path to take. Be together with them in death or love them by living in their sted? Like I can’t help thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean when they all wash up on the shore of Davy Jones’ Locker to bring back Jack Sparrow from the dead? Like Jinyoung washes up on a beach? Parallel much? He goes to find them and sees all of them happy and playing, like they used to be. They’ve accepted what’s happened. And like this is the killer bit like hold up stay with me. His best friends have died and he’s drowning in depression and he can’t go on (’I’ve failed. I don’t exist anymore’) but he watches from afar and see’s them like that and is reminded of when they were alive. He loves them and they made his life worth living (’I am not afraid of anything because you were there’) and he decides he won’t fall from this (’I will never ever give up’). Instead he’ll carry on (’I am ready to fly’). He won’t let this push him down. He fell, so now he’ll fly.

Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.


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The last time I did this was two months ago, but one just can’t let these types of dates go by, so, here I go again with another follow forever, now celebrating the 21k+ followers, a goal that I didn’t expect to reach at this point but you always manage to surprise me. I’m very grateful to each of you, especially those who have followed me for at least more than a year, or even if you’re now the last at following me, thank you for giving a “clic” to that little button, so this ugly graphic is dedicated to you ♥
This year has been a bit strange for me, I couldn’t call it neither bad nor good, but if full of surprises and “events” that probably will mark my personal life, who knows. With regard to the anime, has been a year of self-discovery for me, because I began to become involved in some tendencies and my opinions became more stable, I raised “my voice” a little and without fear openly stated my tastes about an anime, a character, a couple or some fandoms, which led me to lose one or another mutual but that hasn’t affected me at all, I don’t regret any decision taken and I will only continue as I have maintained until now. (ღ˘♡˘)

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS‼ ༝﹡˖˟ ⸜₍⁽ˊ꒳ˋ⁾₎⸝ ༝﹡˖˟

  • Rowan: I'd walk into the burning heart of hell itself to find you
  • Aelin: I'll always find a way back to you