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The Final Problem

JIM: What’s the final problem? I did tell you … but did you listen?

Here it is:

MYCROFT: The damsel in distress. In the end, are you really so obvious? Because this was textbook: the promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption; then give him a puzzle … and watch him dance.

Irene is Jim’s trial run to burn Sherlock’s heart out. The real version uses John.

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I'm Wearing Black - Deamon
I'm Wearing Black - Deamon

In honor of Demon!Dean being hot as hell, in every sense of the word, I think it would be a good time to share this. 

*Tips hat* I cannot sing well…I apologize. So, if you’d like, take this and do it better!

SoundCloud  Only Piano 

I was a warrior,
I was a righteous man.
Anytime there was a war,
I always took a stand.

So, what do you do,
When the monsters inside of you?
Tearing apart the ones
That you once loved.

What can I say,
When the demons come out to play? 
And I’m memorized by all their precious toys.

Come on,
Chase me. Catch me
Come on,
Beat me. Scratch me. 
‘Cause Darlin’ we both know. 
In the end you always reap what you sow.

I’m wearing black.
I’m seeing red.
'Cause the man you once knew, once loved.
He is most certainly gone and dead.
I was a solider.
But now I’m a selfish man - And damn it feels good!
I’m infected with the worst-best kinda medicine.

One. Two. Three.
You’re out like the light in my eyes
I got them on you.
The hunter has got his prey in his sights.

And there is no regret.
No Hail Mary, mercy have been said.
I am remorseful - No no!!
I am rejoice full!

Come on, 
Chase Me. Catch Me
Come on,
Beat me. Scratch Me. 
'Cause Darlin’ we both know. 
In the end you always reap what you sow.

I’m wearing black.
I’m seeing red.
'Cause the man you once knew, once loved.
He is most certainly gone and dead.
I was a solider.
But now I’m a selfish man - And damn it feels good!
I’m infected with the worst-best kinda medicine~

Maybe Sherlock told Anderson a bogus fall solution and let him videotape it because he wanted Anderson to get that recording out there.

And maybe that’s why Sherlock said he and Mycroft had planned everything in Hounds and Reichenbach and played Jim for a fool.

Because you know who that’s gonna piss off?

Someone who was really loyal to Jim.

The original canon story, The Empty House, was all about Holmes baiting someone who was really loyal to Moriarty so he’d slip up and Holmes could catch him.



also I’m pretty sure they did the same general thing in an Archie comic I read once and it worked there

anonymous asked:

Everyone always talks about how devastated John must have been after the fall, but what about Sherlock? He did it to save everyone, but that fact seems to have fallen to the wayside. There was no way he could steel himself for seeing John again after three long years, and to be recepted in such a way? He must have felt his heart drop out of his chest. Just take a minute to think about that. - AA x

I KNOW RIGHT?! AND on top of that it’s not like those 2 years were a picnic in the park either. I mean, yes of course, John had it bad because he believed his best friend is dead and he might even think he’s partially at fault and that’s terrible. But Sherlock had it much worse though. Because in those 2 years, he had to live with his decision of ditching John. In those 2 years, he was also on a mission, undercover, captured, tortured for an indeterminate period of time. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be tortured, how long until someone rescues him IF anyone even rescues him in time, he doesn’t know whether he’ll live to see John again or die in captivity. He doesn’t know that the hell he goes through will end in 1 year or 2 years. For all he knows at the time, it may go on and on for 5 years or 10 years. What if Moriarty appeared before he escaped from Serbia? Would sherlock delay reuniting with John to seek out Moriarty instead? Like Sherlock had to go through excessively severe physical pain, and mental torture, on top of psychological damages, and sentimental longing. Sherlock did not have it easy - and that’s a real understatement

The Final Keycode: I.O.U.

We know Irene’s phone is her heart:

SHERLOCK: When we first met, you told me that disguise is always a self-portrait. How true of you: the combination to your safe – your measurements; but this … this is far more intimate … This is your heart …and you should never let it rule your head.

So the safe is something else. I think it’s likely that it’s her body: her heart is inside it and the combination is her measurements. (I wrote a whole meta on that.)

Irene specifically refers to the combination for her safe as a key code, even though everyone else calls it a combination:

A key code is how everyone refers to the computer code that Jim “has” in TRF that will unlock anything:

SHERLOCK: Because nothing … nothing in the Bank of England, the Tower of London or Pentonville Prison could possibly match the value of the key that could get you into all three.

ASSASSIN: The computer keycode.

SHERLOCK: It’s a game-changer. It’s a key – it can break into any system and it’s sitting in our flat right now.

MYCROFT: People like him: we know about them; we watch them. But James Moriarty … the most dangerous criminal mind the world has ever seen, and in his pocket the ultimate weapon: a keycode. A few lines of computer code that could unlock any door.

JOHN: And you abducted him to try and find the keycode?

JIM: There is no key, DOOFUS!

And then Jim says:

JIM: I can open any door anywhere with a few tiny lines of computer code. No such thing as a private bank account now – they’re all mine. No such thing as secrecy – I own secrecy. Nuclear codes – I could blow up NATO in alphabetical order. In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king; and honey, you should see me in a crown.

It’s interesting that Jim mentions locked rooms because we know that a locked room murder is symbolic of heartbreak in BBC Sherlock. But Jim’s saying he has the key: no rooms are locked for Jim. He’s able to get in and burn Sherlock’s heart out.

SHERLOCK: So how’re you going to do it …
(He pointedly blows gently on his tea.)
SHERLOCK: burn me?
JIM (softly): Oh, that’s the problem – the final problem. Have you worked out what it is yet?
(Sherlock has taken a sip of his tea and looks across his cup to the other man.)
JIM: What’s the final problem?
(He smiles across his own cup.)
JIM: I did tell you … (sing-song but still softly) … but did you listen?

As soon as Jim talks about The Final Problem - which he says is how he plans to burn Sherlock’s heart out - he starts tapping out the key code. But - as we later learn - there is no key code. It’s a red-herring.

Well, there’s no real key code, at least not in TRF. But I think there’s a symbolic key - something Jim considers to be the key to burning Sherlock’s heart out - that we have: IOU, which we aren’t done with.

SHERLOCK: What is it all for?
JIM: I want to solve the problem – our problem; the final problem … It’s gonna start very soon, Sherlock: the fall.

JIM: But don’t be scared. Falling’s just like flying, except there’s a more permanent destination.

SHERLOCK: Never liked riddles.
JIM: Learn to. Because I owe you a fall, Sherlock. I … owe … you.

Jim mentions The Final Problem again right before he says “I owe you,” which is what makes me think they’re connected. And The Final Problem is how Jim plans to burn Sherlock’s heart out, so IOU is a “key” to that.

When Jim says “I owe you a fall,” everyone comes to think it means either a) the literal fall off St. Bart’s, b) the fall from grace, c) falling for Jim, or d) a combination. But here’s the odd thing about that: not once on the roof does Jim mention IOU. It would’ve been really easy to add Jim saying something like “I did say I owed you a fall, Sherlock, but you weren’t listening.” Then I’d say case closed; IOU is done. But instead, we got some information that was clearly important - IOU is brought up often and always at important times - and then didn’t play out in the conclusion on the roof, like it had never been a part of the episode at all. By not mentioning IOU on the rooftop, there was no bookend in the storytelling. Mofftisson just kind of left IOU hanging, and it would be such an easy and obvious fix that I don’t think it’s accidental. (He also doesn’t mention “a fall” because we’re not done with it.)

So Irene refers to the safe as having a key code, which reminds me of Jim’s symbolic key code to burning Sherlock’s heart out (IOU), but that seems odd because you would think that it would be the phone - her heart - that would relate to Jim’s plan to burn Sherlock’s heart out. But Irene’s phone password is never referenced as a key code, only her safe (her body). It really doesn’t make sense that Jim’s “key” to burning Sherlock’s heart out would have to do with Sherlock’s body.

But then: Irene uses her body in a way that’s analogous to how Sherlock uses his mind:

1) a big part of what they’ve built their professions around

2) a tool to keep people distant even as they work with them

3) use it to impress

4) confident in their own abilities with it

5) other people covet it

Literally, Irene’s safe is the thing you have to unlock - the key you have to have - before you can even get to her phone. That seems pretty similar to Sherlock’s mind: you have to have a key for it before you can even get to his heart.

I’m positive that in the season five finale, Jim will set things up so that Sherlock thinks he starts missing cases because of sentiment. Isn’t that basically the ultimate “John or James” question? It’s pretty much the point of the show. Sherlock will think he can’t solve cases anymore because he loves John. And to complicate matters, Sherlock believes John only likes him for the danger/excitement, so if he can’t solve the cases, John will leave. But John’s the reason he’s missing cases in the first place!

This would be a great plan to burn Sherlock’s heart out - because Sherlock does it to himself: rejects sentiment, chooses to feel nothing over being in love with John and John being in love with him, that’s what Jim wants - and this is also the moment – by far the best moment – for Sherlock and John to finally kiss.

So the last case - the big one that Sherlock can’t solve (until after he gets together with John) - the clue he needs to solve it is IOU. Sherlock won’t remember IOU at first because he thinks it just had to do with TRF.

I’m almost positive that the season five finale will incorporate the ACD story The Dancing Men:

1) Dancing has been tied in here a lot, both via Jim and via Johnlock:

SHERLOCK (into phone): Why are you doing this?
OLD WOMAN: I like … to watch you … dance.

SHERLOCK: I love dancing. I’ve always loved it.

SHERLOCK (clearing his throat): Never really comes up in crime work but, um, you know, I live in hope of the right case.

The right case is - literally - 5x3.

2) It’s the case Holmes misses (at least, he can’t solve it in time to save the woman). So Sherlock almost misses it, but the power of true love helps him solve it.

The reason Holmes can’t solve The Dancing Men case is because it’s a code and he doesn’t have enough of the code to crack it.

This is the code:

Each figure is a letter, but Holmes only has a piece of it at first can’t crack it. I’m betting there’s going to be something very similar that runs along these lines: Sherlock only has a small piece of a code and can’t solve it… until he adds the letters IOU.

But - of course - Jim won’t expect him to do that because Jim has always been several steps ahead of Sherlock. He’s always dropped him hints along the way so Sherlock wouldn’t fall too far behind. But once Sherlock and John get together, they’ll be no stopping Sherlock; he’ll be on fire.

So I was thinking: why would Jim have already told Sherlock the code? Jim tells Sherlock things in advance all the time so he can laugh as Sherlock still doesn’t put it together, so that could be it.

But the IOU code is the parallel of the flight of the dead code from ASiB (because Irene is Jim’s trial run of The Final Problem). What happens with the flight of the dead is that Sherlock solves the code but misses the case (doesn’t realize it’s a terrorist plot), ostensibly because of sentiment. What he really should’ve done was to solve the code but not tell Irene - pretend he didn’t solve the code - but he didn’t because he was too busy showing off for John (sentiment).

So if we continue this parallel between the IOU code and the flight of the dead code, the issue won’t necessarily be that Sherlock can’t solve the code - IOU - it’s that he can’t solve the case. Jim wants him to solve the code, so he’ll screw up the case. So Jim wants Sherlock to know the IOU code well in advance so Sherlock will think he’s being clever by realizing it’s new significance, and miss the fact that - like the flight of the dead code - solving it will be very dangerous.

I’m positive that in the season five finale, Jim will set things up so that Sherlock thinks he starts missing cases because of sentiment. Isn’t that basically the ultimate “John or James” question? It’s pretty much the point of the show… and it’s pretty much exactly what happened with Irene: she “lost the game” because of sentiment. Sherlock will think he can’t solve cases anymore because he loves John. And to complicate matters, Sherlock believes John only loves him for the danger/excitement, so if he can’t solve the cases, John will leave. But John’s the reason he’s missing cases in the first place!

If everything goes according to Jim’s plan, Sherlock will burn his heart out himself: reject sentiment, choose to feel nothing over being in love with John and John being in love with him: just like what Jim thinks happened with Irene, only a lot more. But this is the moment – by far the best moment – for The Johnlock Kiss.

So Sherlock’s choice will be a no-win situation because Jim set it up that way:

a) try to keep John (sentiment for John) → solve the code → put people in danger → when John finds out, he’ll leave → burn Sherlock’s heart out

b) tell John he’s stupid and can’t solve the code (sentiment for others) → John leaves → burn Sherlock’s heart out

Of course, Sherlock will tell John option B, but of course John will say “Don’t you get it; I don’t care about the cases; I care about you; I love you!” Then: The Johnlock Kiss.

Jim is Alive

1) You can’t kill off the main villain until the end. That’s how stories work. This would be like killing off Voldemort in book four and spending the next three books rounding Barty Crouch Jr. If Jim’s dead, then the season two finale will always be bigger than the season five finale or any season finale because the villain is bigger: Moriarty is the ultimate Holmes villain. Even though he’s actually only in two of the stories, he’s the one people associate with Sherlock Holmes. The ultimate villain gets defeated at the end. You don’t even have to believe there’s an end game (but there is): Mofftisson realized their show was really popular and would continue for a long time, so they bring back they big-time villain.

Main villains always fake their death. People thought Voldemort was dead in 1981, but he wasn’t. Kenobi thought he left Annikin to die, but he didn’t. Everyone thought Sauron was gone, but he wasn’t. There’s a pattern, here. 

2) Jim hasn’t even close to accomplished the things he said he was going to do. He said he was going to burn Sherlock’s heart out. TRF didn’t even come close. Jim didn’t even try. They didn’t even talk about burning out Sherlock’s heart on the rooftop

Putting John in a bonfire is the literal interpretation of burning Sherlock’s heart out. It’s still in play. Jim’s in charge of it, and it’s not done. So he’s not dead.

3) Jim is the anti-Sherlock. In addition to being a villain, Jim is symbolic. He’s what Sherlock is afraid he could be like:

Sherlock is still afraid he’ll be like Jim in HLV. It’s unresolved. Because he’s the hero of the story, Sherlock gets to address this head-on. That means Jim has to be around to do it. Even if Jim died in TRF, Sherlock didn’t even defeat him: he killed himself. Because Jim’s symbolically the things Sherlock is afraid of about himself, Sherlock has to actually defeat him to defeat those things.

John or James? That’s the question of the show: is Sherlock going to be a “good man” and be with John, or is he going to end up like Jim? TEH says it’s still up in the air. (Obviously, we know which is going happen, but the show is still asking the question.)

One of the very last things Sherlock said to Jim is “I am you.” Their interaction can’t end with Sherlock tipping toward the James side over the John side because Sherlock is the hero and going to win. That means we have to have another interaction between Sherlock and Jim.

4) If Mofftisson wanted us to think Jim was dead, all they would’ve had to do was have Sherlock check Jim’s pulse. They wouldn’t have had to have a lot of gore.

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Or Reichenbach Affective Disorder

I mean, there should be an entire category related to Reichenbach.

Symptoms could be: 

  • Uncontrollable screaming fits
  • Inconsolable crying
  • Cringing at any mention of the trigger words “Reichenbach”, “John”, “Sherlock”, “Moriarty”, “Stayin’ Alive”, “Ordinary”, “Note”, “Fall”, “I.O.U.”, etc, etc, etc. 
  • RAEG
  • Denial
  • Denial
  • Denial
  • Denial
  • Denial

Tom kidnapped the kids in TRF (the reason the girl screamed), but he’s not the assassin on John.

Lord Moran will be returning, probably connected to Mycroft.

Jim has a project in Eastern Europe, where he got Mary from the CIA in 2010.

The Waters Family isn’t robbing the banks; the assassins from TRF are robbing the banks.

The assassins from TRF are after Mary.

The Waters Family is also after Mary.

Mary is Birdie Edwards and Sebastian Moran.

AGRA aren’t Mary’s initials; they’re the people after her.

David is Mary’s confidante.

Berry Berwick is how Mary faked her death five years ago.

Berry Berwick is a huge clue to Jim’s Project.

Ludmilla is the only assassin living on Baker Street from TRF left alive.

This is NOT okay.

So, earlier I said that I would write about the “UNCOUNTABLE loose ends” in this episode. But I do not only want to write about that; I want to get those shitty doubtful thoughts out of my system, too, because I’m aware that they are WRONG. Because Moftiss did it wrong. And we don’t and never have.

Yesterday evening truly devastated and traumatised me. I’m not joking here - I still feel like reality comes crashing down on me. And I’m aware that you all out there reading this post might feel the same. It’s a shame how things turned out. And there are countless reasons for that.


Where should I begin this? It’s painful thinking about it, but well, it is what it is, here we go.

At first, I want to talk about the time before the BFI screening:

  • Moftiss repeatedly stated over all the years that this show wouldn’t be about the cases but the relationship between Sherlock and John.
  • Everybody involved in the show promised this to be the best episode so far. And we believed them.
  • They protected it from spoilers vehemently (a promo picture was even removed from many blogs by the use of lawyers), so The Final Problem was the episode we knew least of.
  • They said that it would be “groundbreaking”, it would “write television history”, it would be “beautiful”, a massive “rug-pull”, “insane wish fulfillment”, “something that’s never been done before” and many other things.
  • Benedict said at Comic Con, “Love conquers all.”
  • Amanda even promised us a kiss via Twitter-emoji-hints.
  • Mary died in The Six Thatchers and The Lying Detective was all about reuniting John and Sherlock.
  • Arwel still tweeted elephants after The Lying Detective.

What else would we think but that The Final Problem would be about Johnlock?

Then, there was the BFI screening without NDAs and a lot of other weird things happened: The episode was leaked by Russia and Turkey within less than a day and the people involved with Sherlock twittered about it - “please, do not share #KeepMeSpoilerFree”. No lawyers at all. It felt so ridiculous. I didn’t watch this episode, because everyone said that it would be as absurd as the fact that it was leaked twice WITHIN ONE GODDAMN DAY - Clue-theory was swirring around. Nearly everyone was convinced that the leaked episodes and the one of BFI were fake. I mean, under given circumstances, who would not?

Nobody would stay that calm and be that careless with their “best” episode after being so protective about it, if there was no plan going on under the surface. Nobody would just go and say, “Oh, well, what bad luck! But hey, c’est la vie. Let’s inform all our followers about it and ask them not to share that information we just shared with THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.” Nobody would say, “Just some days left, fuck the final sprint of keeping secrets now, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it, I don’t mind all the effort we took to create this season - oh, yes, and all the previous ones, too, sure. Even though that is ‘everything we’ve been building up for for the last seven years’.”

Oh, you’re telling me that this is exactly what happened? Oh, okay. I see. All plausible. Wait, WHAT?! olaenwoywehdaejf

I wanted to believe in Clue-theory so deeply. I still do. I still want to believe that our Dads are so clever. I want to believe that they love us as much we do(/did).

And then, yesterday’s episode aired. And it was already the first scene that told me that the next one and a half hours would be horrible and hurtful. Honestly, the first half hour I repeatedly felt the urge to cry, as I was forced to watch what the creators did to our beloved characters and show. When they brought in Oscar Wilde, I almost bursted out into tears. And everything was like a cheap joke, a not-so-scary version of Saw and The Ring. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING really reached me emotionally, not even the reveal of Redbeard actually being Sherlock’s childhood best friend who was killed by Eurus. I was so caught up in the shitty, teary feeling that they messed up the whole series. And the ending … the ending literally tore my emotional life apart. Why is Sherlock visiting Eurus to save her twisted psychopathic psych? Why the fuck are they are playing a violin duett? Why are Mycroft and his parents there, watching like it was a redeeming moment? Why does the coded blackboard say that they trolled us? What do they mean by that? And why does Mary say that it does not matter who Sherlock and John really are, that all that matters is the legend, the cases, the adventures?

Everything in there is ridiculous and unreasonable. I don’t know where to begin. It’s better I leave it like that and point out some of the highlights:

  • Mycroft’s umbrella is actually a gun disguised as a sword.
  • John Locke cried blood red tears. (Me, too.)
  • Mycroft and Moriarty were in contact. Mycroft invited Moriarty to Sherrinford in order to give Eurus her … Christmas present - five unsupervised minutes with Moriarty. Moriarty and Eurus planned everything on from The Reichenbach Fall - predicted everything, FIVE YEARS. Within FIVE MINUTES. (Didn’t see that coming.) They even predicted that Sherlock would choose to shoot Mycroft. No more words needed.
  • The Three Garridebs were just adapted for the sake of … their names?
  • Eurus forces Sherlock to call Molly and make her confess her love for him. Molly refuses, saying Sherlock has to say it first. Sherlock says it - that’s what we get to see in the trailer #2. Why. Just why. I don’t ship Sherlolly, but even my heart was broken by that scene. Sherlock freaked out after that and so did I.
  • John was put in a well by Eurus and chained to the ground - but he could climb up a ladder as soon as it was put there.
  • Eurus was the fake girl on the fake plane. Btw, that girl was played by the same actress that has already taken part in A Scandal In Belgravia.
  • Sherlock “has always been the grown-up”?
  • Sherlock … “forgives” Eurus? He … “feels responsible” for her now?


Either Moftiss trolled us all along, being the worst LGBT+ supportive, queerbaiting sadists in tv history, or they’ve fallen victim to the success of their show, the heteronormativity, as Mary’s “Missed You”-message implies.

Either way, all that matters now is: We weren’t wrong. We believed in something. And as for me, I still do. I won’t stop that. Because this whole episode was created by heteronormativity. This is not the show, not the characters we’ve known and analysed for years now. And I think Moftiss are secretly aware of that, too. What I’m trying to say is: The Lying Detective even confirmed the drink code, the romance. That was so much. Nobody can take these triumphs from us. And TFP shouldn’t ruin the smart revolution we have built up with our knowledge, our minds, our beautiful and clever community.

I especially want to thank:

@quietlyprim: Thank you for your remarkable videos and sharing your belief with us. <3 You’re charming and beautiful.

@loudest-subtext-in-tv: You’re brilliant, your points are mind-blowing. <3 Never stop analysing and writing meta.

And @ all the others, TJLC and Johnlock-believers out there who may be reading this post: Never despair; you deserve so much better. Keep what this community gave to you - a family, revelations, emotional journeys, brain-stormings and so much more. I love you all. You can all be so proud of ourselves.