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The Earth was just Earth until we found out about the universe, about the planets and the stars and the moons. Now Earth is just part of the universe, small and cold in comparison to the sun. But I guess that's what makes it so special. With every moment, a scientist looks up wondering if there is a place like this, someplace better or colder or warmer or more wonderous.

And maybe Earth feels sad that it isn’t being supported any longer, the tears crashing and its voice howling and the extreme bursts of power and feeling. But there are people that care. Maybe all they can do is pick up the stray pieces and put them where they belong, but they care. Maybe the world is more wondrous out in space, but we still care. This is home. This is where we grow. Earth is still loved, despite our dreams and our attempts. You are still loved despite your dreams and attempts.

Solderless Cosplay Lighting Tutorial

okay so there are two types of leds that i use, Single color led strips(which are in my cannon) and RGB led strips(which are in my shoulders) and im going to explain how both work in detail.

1. Single color led strips like this come in pretty much every color you can think of honestly. You can usually get them off of ebay or amazon in 300 or 600, (thats 5m or 10m of distance) and waterproof/non waterproof. You can cut them every 3 leds so if you get too much you can always just cut off what you need(although always make sure you have enough to get to the power supply). If you dont know how to solder or are not comfortable with it, i would recommend getting a led strip that already has a connector that looks like this. If you buy one that already has a connector, you can just plug the power source right in, or if you want to control your lights (dimming it/different modes) then you can purchase one of these for pretty cheap honestly, and that allows you to dim it anywhere from 1-100%, as well as have strobe lighting. Literally all you have to do is plug it from the led strip to the (wireless remote connection if you have one then to the) power source. 

There are a lot of power sources to choose from, i usually get mobile,rechargeable ones like this,they usually come with a charger, make sure you get an american one if you know your in america, and a European on if your in Europe because they have different prongs. You can scale up like i did because i knew the suit would be powering two different led strips, so a larger one like this, which unfortunately comes with a european charger but you can always buy an american charger on the side for 5-6 bucks like this (this particular one is fully capable of charging the largest battery pack i have to maximum in about 6-7 hours), or just outright buy one that plugs into a socket like this which is fully capable of powering an led strip by the way. 

 If you plan on cutting the led strip into two, or using multiple, you can get this kind of splitter up to as many male heads as you need(you need 1 female head to plug the power source into)here is an actual example of how easy it is, only instead of having to screw the connectors on, you will be able to buy a strip with those already connected, so its legit plug and play Im pretty sure thats just about everything so im going to move on to #2 kind of splitter

2. RGB led strips come in a wide variety as well, but the ones i personally use are these, from SuperNight(and if you do purchase an RGB strip, be very careful that you are buying a RGB strip and not a RBGW, because RGBW also has white in every other led so its not a smooth single color like RGB). They are pretty simple to use,they also come with a connector on the end of the strip, however to get from connector to connector they use 4 pin plugs like these that i would definitely recommend buying a couple more of.

 You can get the entire led strip of 300, a controller to go from the strip to the power source (which is also 12v just like the power sources for the single color) as well as the remote, as shown in the first link. With these ones your a little bit more constrained because of how short the connectors usually are, but you can definitely just plug the led strip straight into the controller (i prefer to solder a connection of wire from the controller/led strip for whatever distance i need, but honestly you can do this entirely without soldering) here is a perfect example of how it works/looks as well as showing how nothing is soldered,only plugged in,and the full functionality of the remote.

 If you plan on cutting the led strip into two, or using multiple ones you can grab this that allows you to power up to 6 different rgb led strips at the same time (provided you have a big enough power source).  Another thing to note is that for this specific type of controller, you have to point in the direction of the infared sensor (that being the little black head wired to the controller) but if you want to not have to deal with that you can always get a different controller like this where it doesnt matter where your pointing, if your in range it will work. Another tip, if i know that whatever i want to light up(say my shoulders in this case) is never going to be seperated from the main peice that holds the battery (in this case the chestpeice to my cyborg) then i hot glue the connections so that theres never a chance of accidentally bumping something and suddenly the lights are out and having to fix it mid con. Thats all i can think of right now, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an ask and ill be more than happy to explain it 


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