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How did you and your daddy meet?💕 sorry if this has been asked, I haven't been active on here in a while


We actually met on OkCupid! (Lame dating app, lol.) We’re both nerds, and bonded over Game of Thrones actually! He replied every time I messaged him, but I wasn’t too interested at first, tbh. I only messaged him on Sunday: Game of Thrones day. We’d talk a little that night, and then nothing for an entire week. 

We went on like this for MONTHS. Lmao, probably would have stayed that way, but… I got drunk one night and gave him my Kik. After that, we talked daily. And… He somehow wormed his way into being my boyfriend, haha. 

I mentioned cglre offhand a few times, and he was up for it. Being a daddy is second nature to him. It’s kind of amazing. 

Before I knew it, he was my everything. It’s a pretty lame story, but it’s ours. 

TLDR; We owe our relationship to Game of Thrones and Kraken Black Spiced Rum 😋 The end!

[Review] Samurai Love Ballad: Saizo Kirigakure, Season 1 Main Story

“If it means I get to share a single moment of my life with you… I am happy to die.”

Saizo was the first guy I was interested in after Date when the game got released, and since Date hadn’t been out yet back then, I was like, yeah let’s try this one, he seems tsundere and capricious, totally my type! And I wasn’t disappointed, neither in the story nor in his character. But if you want to play Saizo’s route, there are two things you need to bring along: tissues and patience. A lot of tissues and a lot of patience, because there will be angst, a lot of angst that will crush your heart a thousand times. I haven’t read a story which made me feel so sad yet so happy simultaneously in a long time. Saizo’s route definitely has everything you look for in historical romance stories. It will definitely still linger in my mind for a long time.

Since Voltage doesn’t allow to post Party Game-CGs anymore, I hope this pic is okay.

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SO we’ve hit the 500 followers mark and firstly i just wanted to say THE HUGEST THANKS to everyone who followed us and laughed with us!! like thank you?? for supporting us admemes and everything else!!! we were meant to be a shitevrrything blog but i guess incorrect quotes were just funnier for both of us!! so i’ve spoken with admeme L and we both agreed to introduce a new thing where we write crack fics!! (ill make a separate post for this) BUT YES THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING US WE APPRECIATE IT SO SO SO MUCH AND QUITE FRANKLY WE’RE PRETTY SHOOK BC EVERYTHING WE POST IS LAME BUT STILL THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!! meme work makes the dream work !!!

-admeme J

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what’s your astrological sign?
- 🐯
what’s the best piece of advice you ever received?
- I honestly…have no idea? Either no one’s ever given me advice that’s made an impression, or I haven’t listened very well. I tend to not listen very well.
when’s the last time you followed your instincts?
- pretty much every day at work, I guess…they don’t train us well and I’m shockingly in charge every night, so I just wing everything. That’s a pretty lame answer though. One of the most amazing feelings was when I played volleyball, and I could shut down my brain and let my body react to the plays and it was pure instinct and I loved it
what’s your favorite food?
- i could eat sushi for every meal of every day so prob that
what’s your secret dream?
- ok but it wouldn’t be secret if I told!!

Thank you b!!💜

“Uh, h-hey there. How’s it…going? No, wait, that doesn’t sound right!”

Hater paced nervously as he made his way closer towards where he had his third in command locate where his enemies were. Enemies… former enemies? Was it okay to make out with somebody and still call them your nemesis? BAH! Who cares— point was, the skeleton was on his way towards the location. Why Wander and his pet body guard would choose the pink planet of all places to rest was beyond him.

Then again, wasn’t most things?

“Yeah, alright. Point there. Now how about you stop looking at the place and actually help me think of something to say, brain! So help me, if you make me look stupid out there…”

Best not to think about the fact he just called himself stupid.

The overlord paused, as he tried to come up with something cool and suave to say. Most things he thought up with sounded more like dumb things a certain shark-man would use as pick-up lines… And there was NO way he was actually going to use them! However… everything else sounded pretty lame in comparison. Hater looked down towards the bouquet of flytraps he had in his hand, before looking down at the tie he was wearing. Wait, was this too much? Was he supposed to play it casual? He DID already make out with the guy already…

Hater blushed as he remembered the previous day— feeling himself grow hot in the face.

“UGH! I’m such a dork, ” the skeleton grumbled. “This is stupid, WHAT am I doing?! No, I’m just…yeah, I’m just going to go home.”

Anything was better than the embarrassment he was feeling already. Yes, right. So new plan. Lord Hater found himself turn around as he began sneaking back towards where he had Peepers park the ship. If he was lucky enough, he could pretend this never happened, and he could just go hide in his room until everybody died and then he could just forget about anything ever relating to Wander in the first place.

Yeah, that sounded like a MUCH better plan!


But as soon as he turned around to head back to the ship…

External image

“Hater, hiya! I did not expect t'see you today. Not that I ain’t super excited about it!” He noticed the bouquet and gasped. “Are those for me?”

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Cassssssssssssss! Are you ok? You seem a little down lately. Don't be down!

ha! (nice timing nonnie lol) to be honest im pretty over everything right now… im over playing this constant tug-o-war with my emotions… always fighting between my head and my heart… between my emotions and the rational thought process… it’s fucking tiring!

for example… i dont fucking care about babygate anymore. i dont care if b popped a baby out before christmas, or it’s a doll or they’re using a friends kid… i just dont CARE. i dont have the time or care enough to sit and study pics to figure out which Freddie they’re using on which day because at the end of the day Louis isn’t a father. and i know that… i know he doesnt have a kid. my head is telling me that… my head is telling me that Louis is not the type of person to use his child for promo… or to completely ignore his baby mama or to parade his girlfriend around for his baby mama to see because he knows his baby mama hates said girlfriend… i just know that this isn’t the real louis.. but my heart is just done. my heart is over it… i dont understand why it’s still going on and im upset that louis is being made to look like this.

my heart is hurting because these boys arent on a fucking break… they’re getting papped every other day and thats not having ‘no responsibilities’ like we were told.. so im mad because why are they doing this? why did they lie YET AGAIN.. but then my head tells me that they’re staying relevant and this happens… but then my heart jumps in and pulls a little bit and says NO this isn’t what was meant to happen.. they were meant to not do this. THEYRE STILL WORKING… WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.. why would someone get papped or seen by fans 20something days out of 31 in march… WHO DOES THAT if it’s not for something… so i get upset because why did they tell us they’re going on a break when they’re clearly not? but then my head goes “hmmmm cass y’know they’re doing this for a reason so just chill” and then my heart goes “BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THE REASON CAN THEY FUCKING HURRY UP BECAUSE IM GETTING REALLY OVER ALL THESE GAMES”

my heart is telling me to leave this fandom because i get SO upset and affected when i see the fandom imploding and my friends fighting on my dash over irrelevant things that dont even matter.. and i tear my hair out when i have to see antis dragging larries or even people dragging other people for having an opinion… like ffs this isn’t high school grow the fuck up!!! but then my head tells me “no this is what OT wanted, they wanted to make sure 1D had no fans by the time they came off hiatus so you have to stick through it to shove it up OT’s ass and to be here for the boys”

and then my heart goes… ohhh these poor boys, they’ve been through so much i wanna wrap them cotton wool and feed them cookies and make sure they’re warm and protected against the big bad world because they deserve the very best and we as a fandom love them so much… and then my head goes “thats stupid cass, we know they love us but they can look after themselves. lets just support them the normal amount like continue to be fans and buy their music and concert tickets”… and then my heart goes “well FUCK YOU for just using us ‘to make a bit more money’ (thanks grandpa len) when we’ve been a constant string of support over the last 6 years and made you so successful.. thanks SO much for treating us like this… and then my head goes “it’s a business, they need to make money, but of course they dont really think that about us fans… dont we know them a little bit at all to know they actually really do appreciate us” and then my heart goes. BUT this is emotional abuse they’re literally taking advantage of us… and then my head goes *rolls eyes*

and then my heart goes… well YES i think i do know them and this is why i get so upset when i see louis walking around with a stroller because i know he wouldnt normally treat his new born child like this… and so then my head jumps in and says “yeah i agree with you heart, they’re definitely up to something, none of this would continue to happen this way unless it was for a purpose and none of it makes sense unless there is a reason to it other than the one other people believe, because between me and you heart i think we have this all figured out and we just gotta sit tight, because at the end of the day this really isn’t our life.. but i do see the frustration with battling you all the time”

so thats pretty much me right now….

ive been meaning to do this for so long!!!!  but i hit 2k so finally here it is!! i luv u all 

bolded are my fav fav blogs and italicized are dear to my heart and have a little message at the end :) 

ok here we go!!!


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lex: i honestly luv you so much you are so supportive and beautiful and you make me laugh when im sad even when i dont tell you im sad and even though i am the vice president of your hate club i love you always

steph: the president to my vice president im literally in love with you !!! please keep being you and being like the funniest person i know and keep putting up with my shit i need it 

aud: the most kind, most encouraging person that i have ever (not) met i honestly tresure you so much and i wish you the most success of any person with everything that you do !!! also your jokes are lame and you are pretty lame but you are like the only person who appreciates my stupid jokes so i love you for everything 

maddie: I miss you sooosososos much. every time i see u on my dash or in my notifs i am reminded how much i miss you (u have put up with my shit for over a year isnt that crazy) and i love a lot you are my favourite american text me right this instant 

daphne: you are my best friend and have been forever you are beautiful and amazing thank you for everything you have done for me

sara: i can’t even believe im including you in this i h ate you (but thanks for being u tho mom you are beautiful and funny even when you drag me which is literally every day) 

zoe: you are my daily dose of larry pain and i both hate and love you for it thank you for being so evil i cherish your painful headcannons :^) 

eddie, marnie, steph, anna, hanna,  : thank you for putting up with my shit literally every day i wouldn’t be here without you guys i love you to the moon and back (the moon knows we’re in love) 

just my opinion...

I find myself in a quandry of confusion about a SM exchange every one has got their big assed panties in a twist about? For the love of everything that is Outlander, people reading far too much into a pretty lame exchange of double entendre‘s,  between Sam and what everyone i have seen on my tumblr feed are suggesting is the “bitch from hell with a man and a child“ Now correct me if i am wrong, but it seems it’s socially acceptable to coo and cry when Sam is speaking to Cait‘s exchanges, referring to her by her given name and not Claire BUT when a person starts a conversation regarding ‘Jamie‘ it all goes a bit tits up? (pardon the pun)

1st of all, like many fandoms, we are not privy to what actually goes on in an actors life. As much as we can accumulate to speculate, we are not the proverbial fly on the wall in their lives. So anyone who puts an actor or indeed an actress on a pedestal is asking for a fall. I am pretty sure Caitriona Balfe has wore considerably less on Runways for shows, were the world’s press saw a great deal more than what this this ‘woman‘ Sam chatted with is being accused of? I think it’s fair to say i have read too many knee jerk reactions in other fandoms to understand that those, who claim they understand Sam is ‘not perfect’ are actually lying to themselves and affording a look into purv assy‘s psychological behavioural patterns and allowing it to rub off. It was an exchange of ‘tongue-in-cheek‘ words, there is nothing i saw that categorised any kind of meltdowns, other than not see it as an invitation to anything other than banter between 2 people. The jokes seemed to be lost on so many; the kilt (no i do not believe the actor wears one when he is not working, they are simply not practical) the bagpipes and indeed the most important of all, she referred to him as ‘Jamie’ as in many call him their ‘book boyfriend?‘ I saw only those reacting to ‘how dare he do this, how dare he cheat on Caitriona, she will be devastated. Sam has embarrassed himself, he must have been drunk…‘ the pattern of behaviour many have accused the antis and trolls of doing - was in fact exactly what they were doing themselves!

Objectivity is a wonderful thing, it allows us moments of clarity, when all around us is a emotional mess. You take a step back, you remove all the ‘interference‘ i.e fans jumping to conclusions, throwing the actor under the bus, throwing each other over a cliff‘s edge…and look at everything from an objective point of view. This is why so many ‘celebrities who have any form of social media have it private/locked or don’t have it at all‘ fans weighing in with their point of view actually ‘made’ the conversation seem far worse. Once you removed that noise, removed the attacking Sam and defending Caitriona…the exchange was actually very harmless - he was joking no more than he jokes with other actors, including William Shatner (whom if he was a ‘woman’ i would be more worried about as William seems to have taken a greater shine to Sam?) But all fans saw was ‘lingerie model, how dare she, how dare Sam. She has a man in her life and a child!!‘ Maybe our ‘British‘ sense of humour doesn’t come across all that well?

2nd of all, jumping to Caitriona‘s defense is all well and good and very gallant i must say. But she’s a grown woman, can handle herself pretty darn well and as i pointed put above, has seen and witnessed first hand a more cutting, cutthroat industry than acting - women have to appreciate having a body to show off and not being afraid to be comfortable in their own skin. I think she ‘more than likely’ was aware of the exchange between Sam and the model and instead of ‘jumping‘ to conclusions like so many, simply rolled her eyes at his clownish behaviour. Suggesting, even for a moment that she’s ‘angry with him, deserves an apology, give him the cold shoulder, make him crawl on his hands and knees begging forgiveness‘ really? And you know this to be true? Once again ‘reaching‘ and assuming a reaction, based on your ‘interpretation‘ of the SM exchange that took place. All i see is a very ‘quick to judge, quick to condemn and quick to blame‘ reaction, once again, playing into the trolls and antis hands, all of who have been accused of doing the same thing with every female who just so happens to befriend Sam at one stage or another.

The young guy is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He is everyone’s darling if he chats/banters or flirts with his co star on SM, but hell roast him if he “Jamie banters, with whiskey, beards, coffee cups and bagpipes” with another woman? No one knows for sure that Caitriona and Sam are together, as much as many want this to be true, unless there is 99.9% evidence relating to the fact, we can all simply go on what we see, read and hear, but again it‘s speculation on all our parts. Sam Heughan is a normal, red blooded male. He‘s not Jamie Fraser, so anything relating to the fact is ‘Outlander‘ humour. I‘m sure he knows he has a lot of fans out there, who all see him as their book boyfriend, but in reality he is just himself, humorous to a fault, very cheeky and enjoys having a good laugh. I‘m sure he is probably scratching his head, wondering what all the SM backlash fuss was all about? I can‘t understand what all the fuss is about myself and i am a fan of both he and Caitriona. All i can say in the defense of those who were hurt, horrified or dismayed of what took place as a bit of humour ‘tongue-in-cheek‘ between a man and a woman. If you can afford a bit of sympathy towards Cait and when people make suggestions about her circle of friends, can afford a bit of clarity when outlining this young woman/lngerie model who has a partner and a child ‘apparently‘ therfore should not be enaging in that kind of behaviour for all the world to see!! Then afford Sam a bit of common sense, when it comes to ‘letting the side down, embarrassing himself and his fans‘ because i saw none of that and i‘m a grown assed woman with 22 yrs of marriage and enough understanding to know when a guy is just having a bit of good old fun; exchanging words, that were not meant to be taken the way those, who follow his every single movement and indeed Cait‘s on SM out of context. Not everything is as we think or believe, we have to understand that when we choose to follow celebrities, who do not need or want or have to, to let us into their world.


Yo I’m Lain (pre-everything) and I’m pretty lame, I’ve submitted here once before and I met a lot of cool guys and was hoping the same could happen again lol. I like new wave and other music my mom calls garbage, I also love art and cats and boys?? I’m hella gay and wear lots of sweaters and that’s pretty much it, so.. hey

But how will time travel be incorporated into the Gravity Falls finale?

I think we can all agree that there will be some degree of time-travelling during the finale. Blendin Blandin’s appearances throughout Pines history and the already undeniable presence of the theme within the series both provide proof enough for the theory to stand, but the question is: Why?

It’s hardly possible that in the middle of the apocalypse, Blendin, Mabel, and Dipper decide to take a time-joyride–though, in Gravity Falls, anything is possible, right?–so odds are, our heroes could be trying to change the past to prevent the future/current present. If this is the case, the question now becomes: How?

Well, looking back into the series, we know that Bill has manipulated the Pines family at every opportunity to bring about his Weirdmageddon. He made a deal with Blendin in order to possess him (we still don’t know what this deal was, btw) so that he could trick Mabel into giving up the rift. He possessed Dipper in an attempt to destroy the third journal so Dipper wouldn’t try to stop the portal from opening up, weakening the separation between this dimension and his own.

But let’s go back even further, back to Season 1. The only reason Bill was brought back to Gravity Falls was our wittle friend, Gideon Gleeful, when he summoned Bill to invade Stan’s mind for the safe code. I suppose the most logical and aggressive way to ensure that Weirdmageddon doesn’t happen is to go back and stop Gideon from summoning Bill.

Of course, as a general rule of time travel, the farther you go back in time to change even the slightest detail, the more drastic the consequences in the “present”. If Mabel and Dipper go back to stop Gideon, the following (and more) wouldn’t occur:

  • Dipper would never discover how Stan was bullied as a child and was trying to toughen him up
  • Gideon would never have taken the Shack by force, revealing the existence of a second journal
  • Stan would never, by extent, discover or possess the second journal to further his mission of recovering his brother from the portal
  • Dipper would never discover his own strength and become independent of the journal’s knowledge
  •  The party Stan held at the Mystery Shack’s reopening and the events that followed would never have happened
  • Bill never would have possessed Dipper in “Sock Opera”, which furthered Dipper’s and Mabel’s dependency of one another

Nothing following Dreamscaperers would be the same if Dipper and Mabel went back and prevented Bill’s summoning. Is that for the better? That’s certainly up for debate, but we would have a whole new show if Bill was never introduced. They can’t go back and prevent the whole thing, BUT if the twins, with Blendin’s help, could go back and change one little thing, one tiny detail that was overlooked, things might turn out a little differently.

If Dipper only told Mabel about the rift, she would know not to give it to Bill in Blendin’s body. But who was it who told Dipper to keep the rift a secret from everyone else?

This scene from the SDCC trailer is the only scene we have yet to see in the show. For the longest time, everyone thought it was scrapped for time, but consider this: Ford looks shocked and intrigued, and Stan is concerned and confused. If Mabel and Dipper go back and somehow tell Ford or Dipper to not keep the rift a secret, this could be a moment where the twins are seeing double. (Someone else mentioned this possibility. If you know who it is, let me know so I can give them credit!)

Of course, there has to be more. It would be pretty lame if everything was solved like *snap* that. But Blendin is still around. Somehow, he managed to escape Bill’s wrath at the Fearamid. He still has a role to play; he’s far more important than we think.

Feel free to build off of/debunk this theory by reblogging with a response!