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After all the high of Spider-Man had ended Tom was drained out. No energy and sleeping all the time. But you understand it. You saw how hard he worked on the set then when the filming was over he jumped into promoting a different movie. For the last year he has been working his ass off. It did make you relationship a bit hard sometimes but you never gave up. You stood by his side. It was a week after he had finished everything and decided to take time off. The whole week you spent pretty much by yourself while he slept and eat.

“Hi” a raspy voice came from the stairs. Looking back you saw Tom standing on the steps with messy hair.

“Hey” you said to him and expected for him to get food and then go back to bed, but Tom sat next to you on the couch.

“What day is it?” you laughed

“It’s August 5th” Tom let out a sigh, putting his head back. You gave Tom a bottle of water that you always kept by your side in case he needed one when he woke up. “I’ve been asleep for a week. I’m an ass”

“Why?” you thought he was making a joke so laughed but when he didn’t even crack a smile, you realized he was being serious.

“When I found out I was getting some time off I planned to take you to all the places I visited, and i wanted to spend as much time as I could with you from the minute my free time started, but then I come here and fall asleep for a week” he looked really upset.

“It’s okay Tom. I understand. You worked really hard, you deserve to relax” you moved closer to him letting him rest his head on your shoulder. “and it’s not like you were actually out for a week, you woke up few times, said hi to me” Tom moved lifting his head

“I know you are trying to make me laugh but I still feel bad” you smiled at him and knew what to do. Before he could say anything else, you got up and went to get his favorite Ice Cream and walked back.

“What are you doing?” he looked confused seeing you carry that ice cream.

“Well I don’t care how we spend time together as long as we are together even if we sleep for a week Now would you like to join me in a day of TV and junk food or?” you couldn’t even finish your sentence and Tom had already jumped up and pulled you down into his chest and turning the tv on. So you two spent the day watching movies and talking about all the things he missed and he told you about all the places he’s planning to take you, but to you it doesn’t matter were you two go just as long you are together.

On Humour

Amongst everything, sometimes I feel as if another Ron trait that is blatantly overlooked is his sense of humour. I mean come on! That boy is pretty darn hilarious. 

And no, not Movie-Ron’s half-witted, trying-too-hard-to-be-funny one-liner’s. I mean book Ron’s witty, dry and sarcastic sense of humour.

  • “I’ve still got ten Galleons,” she said, checking her purse. “It’s my birthday in September, and Mum and Dad gave me some money to get myself an early birthday present.”                                                      “How about a nice book? said Ron innocently.
  • Straight up describing how ugly his examiner was during his Divination Owl, without realising it.
  • "Don’t let it worry you,” said Ron. “It’s me. I’m extremely famous.”
  • “Can I have a look at Uranus too, Lavender?”
  • “Percy wouldn’t recognize a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing Dobby’s tea cozy.”
  • “Oh, of course,” said Ron, clapping a hand to his forehead. “I forgot we’ll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library.”
  • “You need your Inner Eye tested, if you ask me.” 

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Have you ever imagined about a LSW live-action movie? I think it will be great if they make it like a drama mv, a sad youth mv focusing on the emotional aspects rather than the action/fantasy aspects.Just imagine Saru actor's face when he quietly watching Yata cooking (DOB we need this scene) or smiling, not like the stage play we will have artistic camera angles and ost (must be ballad) and color film and everything. I guess many audiences will be like "wtf am i watching a boylove mv?" kkk

Well we’ve already got the stage play which is kinda like a live action movie XD If someone was going to make a live action LSW movie I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t follow the novel exactly and instead fixed some of the issues I had with the novel, particularly the way Yata pretty much becomes a minor character in the back half. You could actually do a pretty good drama movie just pushing all the jungle stuff to the background and focusing heavily on the relationship and how it broke apart – in fact with enough tweaking one could do an AU type movie that follows a similar set up but doesn’t even bring in the Kings and powers, like maybe jungle’s just a powerful social media site and Hisui is the admin. When Fushimi hacks into it during the surprise party Hisui just overcomes his hacking and types out a mocking message rather than having the little computer guy walking onto the screen, he then changes the mission parameters to have everyone attack Fushimi. Mikoto saves Fushimi by like driving a motorcycle into the crowd and scattering everyone through intimidation while Totsuka pulls Fushimi to the side. Then change the third half and have Homra as a simple gang Yata and Fushimi join, Munakata is the police, the two groups have a dispute over rogue policemen the Minato Twins and Fushimi’s hallucinations are caused by like drugs the Minatos were sneaking into his drink at the behest of Hisui, who never forgot that time a punk kid tried to take over his social media empire. Have all that be at the background though and focus more on day to day things, like I’d want to see more of their middle school years and when they moved in together, just give us more of Fushimi and Yata being comfortable with each other and then show how the cracks start to form once they no longer want the same things. (Though that probably wouldn’t work well as a single movie for length reasons…okay wait hear me out, tragic J-drama about how Yata and Fushimi fell in love and then broke up but were still in love and then learned to forgive each other and sometimes there are battles with magic powers in between all the feelings.)

Okay, I’ve been tagged in a couple of things so let’s roll! First up:

@silverowldragon tagged me in the “Current Favourites tag”, thanks Zoe! ^_^ 

Book: This is an illegal question is ask an English Grad and I’m suing (Really, all-time favorite is impossible and there’s no books I’m completely obbsessed with right now, but the best book I’ve read so far this year would be either “The Giver” by Louis Lowry or “Little Dorrit” by Charles Dickens.)

Author: Favourite human being who was an author- Anne Bronte.  Person whose work I enjoy the most.. Eva Ibbotson/Jane Austen/Rainbow Rowell

Book Series: Got to be Harry Potter hasn’t it

Movie: Wonder Woman was the best new film I’ve seen in a while, but I also just bought my own copy of “The Book Theif” and *clutches heart*

TV show: Pretty much everything I’m really into has just finished it’s season and haven’t started binging any of the shows on my “things to watch when I’m not spending all my time making a webseries” list yet… so let’s just go with Parks and Rec. I’m in a Parks and Rec mood.

Miniseries: Oooh. I think maybe either 2006 Jane Eyre or 2008 Emma.

Webseries: Forever AOJE, but really loving Middlemarch and The Emma Agenda at the moment. Oh and I binged “The Feels” yesterday so pretty high on that still. 

Musical artist: I think this spring/summer is just going to be a time where I’m really into The Spook School. Give them a listen if you want some odd charming scottish indie people shouting about burning masculinity but like… in a really positive, life affirming way? 

Album: Eeeerm… Five Foot Three by Flannel Graph

Song: I had Moana on when I was on duty yesterday and the assistant housemistress had her 6 month old baby on duty with her and when “You’re Welcome” came on she started doing this adorable bouncey dance with a look of pure ecstasy on her face and it was the best thing. So “You’re Welcome” at the moment, I think.

And @reginaldmaudling tagged me for “The Music Tag” , hurray!

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then chose ten additional friends.

  • I Want to Kiss You - The Spook School
  • Roots - The Arcadian Wild
  • Blow, Blow Winter Wind - Royal Shakespeare As you Like it Soundtrack.
  • Goodbye Kisses - P.S I Love You Soundtrack (quickly skips before I burst into tears)
  • Absolutely Smitten - Dodie
  • Growing Up - Run River North
  • Mess is Mine - Vance Joy
  • Little Cup - Thao & Mirah
  • Arms & Legs - The Mowglis
  • Parks and Recreation Acapella Medley

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List of anime series/movies with unique art styles.

For my friends on tumblr, in case you guys want something to watch, here’s a quick list of anime series/movies with unusual/unique art styles that you may or may not know.


With an artstyle reminiscent of the original Astro Boy, Kaiba has a very simplistic (yet stylized) and fluid style of animation and art. The story revolves around the titular character, who wakes up with a hole in his chest with no idea of who he is. I enjoyed this a lot for the art, music and characters, who all have realistic motivations and ideals, as well as the themes handled in it; such as what defines “being human” when bodies and memories are as disposable as plastic.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Psychological Drama


In terms of sheer action and excitement I got from watching a movie, I’ve got to say that Redline is one of the best ever in those departments. With a highly stylized comic-book-esque art style with a high influence from Western comics like Dick Tracy (with the emphasis on black shadows on solid colours and thick black outlines), this show is extremely fluidly animated, the movie is said to consist of 120 000 hand-drawn frames, taking seven years to complete. The movie follows the story of racer JP (aka “Sweet” JP, because of his refusal to use weaponry while racing) trying to win (and survive) the titular Redline, a race consisting of multiple racers from multiple different galaxies and planets.
Genre: Racing, Sci-Fi, Action


Every frame of this anime could be screencapped and slapped onto someone’s dashboard for their aesthetic. That is how distinct the art style and character design of this show is. The show uses a form of “plaid animation”, where something will be animated over a still color or object as it moves, creating most of the time a jarring effect that is usually the sign of a lazy animator, however in Mononoke, the show utilizes the art to create a sense of a surreal, dream-like environment, intentionally focusing on the jarring effect. The art and design of the environment is also extremely ornate and beautiful.
The show focuses on the story of the unknown Medicine Seller and his travels through Japan (in an unknown time period), killing spirits and creatures known as Mononoke. However, he cannot do so until he learns their Form, Truth and Reasoning/Regret, which leads to some very interesting lessons at the end of each story.
Genre: Mystery, Horror

Dead Leaves

Another comic-influenced movie, and just barely under an hour too; Dead Leaves is an extremely fun, hyper-action-packed movie with amazing character design (almost EVERY good character in this movie has a unique design, barring the civilains and generic bad guy cannon fodder), driven by slapstick, humor (usually of the sexual kind) and more pop culture references than you can digest within the time span they’re thrown at you. The story focuses on criminals Retro and Pandy; Retro having a TV instead of a head, and Pandy having a panda-like marking on her eye, who, shortly after waking up on the moon and causing havoc on a nearby planet, are imprisoned in a super-jail.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Kuuchuu Buranko / Welcome to Irabu’s Office

Combining rotoscoped 3D, 2D animation and live action elements, Kuuchuu Buranko is an extremely surreal look into the world of psychiatry. The art and designs were created by the lead artist of Mononoke, Kenji Nakamura. But whereas Mononoke had some subtlety to its art, this show is bright, colourful and neon as all hell. The show focuses on Dr. Ichiro Irabu and how he helps his patients with their problems, who are all connected in some way or the other.
Genre: Comedy, Psychological Drama

The Tatami Galaxy

With a bright visual style that also manages to be subtle at the same time, The Tatami Galaxy also utilizes not just its art as a device for story telling, but the form of the show itself to convey its messages. I can’t spoil too much about the show, but I can give you this: if you enjoy the first episode, please watch it to completion, as this show basically requires the viewer to watch the show in its entirety. The story focuses on an unnamed protagonist, commonly referred to as Watashi by the show’s fans, who tries to attain the “rose-tinted” college life style he has desired for his whole life, as well as all the challenges he faces on the way. With fast-paced dialogue, a lot of humor, interesting character and background designs, as well as the various forms of “characterization”, and also the themes tackled by this show, I’d say it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi

Mind Game

Mind Game. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa (also the director behind The Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba and Ping-Pong). I don’t think words can do this movie justice, but I’ll try. Imagine a combination of 3D-morphing-into-2D, sketches, animated photo images of (presumably) the voice actor’s for talking, extremely smooth and fluid movement, plus an insane amount of exaggeration,all coupled with a huge range of bright and dark colours and you’ve got Mind Game’s animation style down somewhat. Go look up more GIFs, they’ll help you understand the range of styles this surreal (and extremely fun) movie goes through. The plot follows Nishi, a down-on-his-luck, 20-years-old manga writer, running into his childhood crush Myon. He discovers she’s getting married soon while they’re talking inside her father’s restaurant. After that (plus another key event), the craziness in the movie begins; Nishi having a new-found desire to live life.
Genre: Comedy, Surrealism, 


Tekkonkinkreet, although similar in appearance to some Masaaki Yuasa works, was not made by the man himself (although, it was made by the company, Studio 4°Cthat helped produce Mind Game). This movie has incredibly detailed backgrounds, similar to a Studio Ghibli film, with amazing usage of lighting, camera shots and motion blur as well as a wide variety of colours and shades. The story follows Black and White, two street orphans who call themselves “The Cats”, trying to keep control of their town from dangerous enemies. Although vastly different in personalities, they support each other emotionally, mentally and physically very well.
Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure

The Diary of Tortov Riddle

The Diary of Tortov Roddle, although very short (6 episodes all leading up to 14 minutes! Watch it here! It has three special episodes that are part of the DVD though), is an interesting adventure of a surreal world that seems almost like a moving/animated picture rather than a movie or series. It follows the journey of Tortov Roddle and his pig-steed throughout this world, with just his calm thoughts and experiences. There’s no dialogue in this series but it doesn’t really require any dialogue at all, the only dialogue being Tortov’s journal entries at the beginning and end of each episode. The music, lack of dialogue and artall contribute to a very interesting, mysterious atmosphere.
Genre: Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Straight outta Compton Studio Ghibli, The Tale of Princess Kaguya is an adaption of one of the staples of traditional Japanese folklore, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. This film adapts the ancient story of the young princess who grew out of a bamboo shoot and breathes fresh new life into it while still staying 100% true to the source material. The art can only be described as absolutely gorgeous, using a pale colour palette in a constantly shifting style that recalls the ancient Japanese watercolour paintings that the original story was recorded on.

Genre:  Fantasy, Drama

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Oh man this show.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei follows the story of Nozomu Itoshiki, an overdramatic teacher so pessismistic about everything that he would try committing suicide over pretty much the smallest inconvenience (his name, when its Japanese characters are read horizontally, also translates into “Despair”) and his bizarre homeroom students’ antics. The series parodies almost everything there is to satrize in Japanese culture (the show even parodies itself from time to time with casual 4th wall-breaking from every show), as well as the general media and politics of the world, as well as having an insane amount of references to various things regardless of fame; from Gundam, Evangelion and Gurren Lagann, to Franz Kafka, Edward Gorey and South Park. The art’s very minimal (which itself gets parodied later on in the series), but it, uh, changes a lot, to put it simply.

Genre: Comedy, Parody


(gotta lot of requests to list this one)

Sports anime tends to always get a bad rep amongst anime fans for various reasons, whether it be that the viewer gets tired of seeing another Dempsey Roll, or the amount of reused frames in the series, they’re all understandable.
And so comes Ping-Pong to shatter those preconceptions of what a sports anime can be. Focusing rather on the characters, their emotions and development rather than the titular game that the anime’s based on (unlike most sports anime), this coming-of-age show following two boys as they (one actually) strive to become the best table tennis players in the world, is directed by none other than Masaaki Yuasa, who has directed a lot of the shows and movies on this list actually, with his trademark style of not having a trademark artstyle (other than wobbly simple lines and psychedelic colours).

Genre: Psychological, Drama, Coming-Of-Age, Sports

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

(im still in the process of watching Gankutusou and Ping-Pong (thanks school) hence why they weren’t in the original post)

Gankutsuou is what most people would call “art porn”, as it uses various still textures, colours and patterns within the character’s lineart, similar to Mononoke and Kuuchuu Buranko though to a much greater extent, while using 3D and 2D animation on the characters and backgrounds. The story is broadly based on the titular story of The Count of Monte Cristo, but with many differences, such as being set in the year 5053, plotlines and character endings being altered/removed, the pacing being changed from the original story, as well as the incorporation of many sci-fi themes. The general aesthetic of the show is that of 19th century France in a highly futuristic setting.

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Supernatural


Based off a popular gambling manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Kaiji follows the story of the titular character, Kaiji Itou, an unemployed slacker who spends his days gambling (and always losing), stealing, drinking and being obsessed with money. He suddenly finds himself 3 million in debt, and is offered the chance to erase all of his debt, and maybe even earn some cash, in one night.

Via gambling.

With thick bold lines, exaggerated expressions and hugely caricaturized faces that woul make more sense in a comedy that all serve as a plus to the show, Kaiji is an intense psychological thriller that always leaves you on the edge of your seat, with some of the most insane and dramatic gambles in any piece of fiction.

Genre: Psychological, Thriller, Gambling

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Two angels, kicked out of Heaven, have been tasked with cleaning up the filthy sin-riddled Daten City, and can only return once they’ve gotten enough Heaven coins!

Not like that matters to Panty and Stocking anyways, whose only cares in the world are what tastes good, much to the chagrin of local priest Garterbelt.

With a ton of American pop culture references, humor that would make South Park seem like a kid’s show, action that is so bizarre it can’t even be explained, and an animation style that’s more akin to a cartoon on a huge drug trip than anything else, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt shows that sometimes too much of a good thing is still a good thing.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Parody, Not something to play around Grandma

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

There really is no other gif that explains and summarizes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure better than this one.

Based off the hugely popular manga by Araki Hirohiko, the show follows the story of the Joestar bloodline. Jojo is unique in that it doesn’t follow one group of characters or main character throughout the entire franchise, but rather a different cast in a different location throughout the world, ranging from 1930s New York, to 1980s Japan, to Egypt and much more.

If I’m being rather vague about describing this rather popular show, I apologize, but there really is no way to properly explain this bizarre series.

With proportions that look like it was ripped straight out of a bodybuilder’s magazine, poses that could probably break your spine if even just attempted, and fights that end up being some of the most hype as well as some of the most ridiculous you’ll have ever seen, as well as a bright, dramatic colour pallete, this is a show that truly lives up to its “Bizarre” title.

(also protip: start with the 2012 adaption first rather than the 90s OVA, and read the manga.)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Mystery

And another thing I love about Wonder Woman is that it gently introdces some familiar tropes and the quickly shuts them dowm in favor of sincere and meaningful characterisation. 

The four male supports are the prime examples:

1. First, you have Steve, the Het White Male and you’re thinking oh I bet he’s a dick, lets get ready for some mild seualisation if not actual sexism. But?? Steve Trevor is a Pure and Good Man who supports and respects Diana and is actualy relationship goals????

2. Then, you have Sameer, and at first you think, oh hell the North African Con Man trope, but it turns out he’s a talented linguist who dreams of being an actor. Beautiful

3. Next you have Charlie, the Alcoholic Scotsman. But it turns out he drinks because he is facing some pretty serious mental health issues, and all his friends support his recovery and care for his emotional wellbeing !!!

4. And then you have Chief, and you’re surprised becasue first of all this is a Native American Character played by a Native American. And then!! He isn’t the Medicine Man, or the Spiritual Guide but a man who had everything taken from him by white people and is just trying to make something for himself. Fucking pUre.


You really have to risk everything, you have to take chances and take on projects that are pretty diverse. Just because you do film, don’t limit yourself. You should also do theater because it puts you out there in a terrifying way in front of a live audience and it really tests your skills. The more flexible you are, the more the longevity of your career is going to sustain itself. That’s what actors want. We don’t want to blow up for two years or five years and then be done.

There are posts about Finn that come across my dash frequently that really concern me.

It’s not that I don’t think musings about what a sweet innocent soul he is and imagining what his humble life must’ve been like are coming from a loving place, but Finn’s character has already been filled in via a canon source, and it was not humble. 

Read the novel “Before the Awakening,” where you will learn that while FN-2187 may have pulled shifts as a janitor just like any military trainee has to work some shit jobs, he was actually the absolute rock star of his elite band of Stormtroopers. He was the natural leader, the best of them all, the highest scores in every possible measure, someone Phasma and Hux were well aware of as the shining example of what their pet Stormtrooper program could accomplish. He was everything they’d worked for for years.

The only problem was, he cared too much about his fellow Stormtroopers, even though they didn’t return the feeling, due to indoctrination and some envy of his superiority. It is pretty obvious, reading BtA, that Finn is Force sensitive. It is that Force sensitivity that set him apart, and made him the one who could overcome a lifetime of indoctrination and get out.

I know it’s the fault of the film for sketching him so lightly, but guys, it is crucial that we start acknowledging who Finn is, and his strengths. Which, canonically, are leadership, strategy, all the skills a commander must have. I worry that there is too much PRECIOUS PURE CINNAMON ROLL going on and not enough shared knowledge of his *canon character background and gifts*.

Please spread the word about Finn. This sort of thing shortchanges him horribly. When the FO lost FN-2187, they lost more than just another Stormtrooper. They lost a future general, and the Resistance picked one up.


Apparently one of the writers for the film in an interview admitted that in the original script, the characters were, in fact, gay lovers but other people working at Dreamworks bitched about, so they were forced to remove the pet names (which were going to be the implication that they were lovers), but pretty much everything else was kept, so technically… they are lovers. In the Spanish distributed version, if you put on English subtitles, the pet names are still there LMAOOOO

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since yoongi has too many Gay Moments you could go over your faves/most gay or smth *shrug emoji*

i wrote out a whole answer to this and accidently closed the tabs but time to start againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so here are are the ghighlights:

  • cypher pt 3 he raps about turning guys and girls on, and he’s literally using a metaphor about how good he is at giving head to tell you how good he is at rapping
  • agust d is directed at a man and there are a lot of sexual references (tongue technology, fat dick em, etc. )
  • good day from YOUTH (the japanese album) - his verse is soft and gay
  • wishing on a star from YOUTH - also soft and gay
  • that time he travelled all the way back to the dorm for hobi at new years with chicken because he was alone
  • when he said holly (a male dog) and rapmon (a male dog) should date
  • when he spoke about his type in men (older with beards)
  • first love is lowkey gay like the verse about ‘i rejected you then you accepted me back’ or whatever it is and also the fact that it was banned only he could do that with a song about a piano
  • it might have been a translation thing because it was from one of the recent USA interviews but he said that spring day was about a ‘him’
  • the spring day choreo bit where him and jimin are on two sides of the wall i’ve seen in a lot of couple contemporary dance performances it’s like the so you think you can dance contemporary trademark
  • during the rookie king episode where tae and hobi kissed, it was in reference to a film called ‘쌍화점’ (‘A Frozen Flower’) and Yoongi had a) seen it and b) could name the actors and main characters and c) was excited to be able to do so
  • exists
  • touches hobi’s thighs a lot (x)
  • that picture of him lying on the hot air balloon thing that looks like the pride flag
  • when he said his celebrity crush was the male presenter when they were in australia
  • whatever the hell the run episode in the prison was
  • when he was pretending to be yoonji on bts+ he called her ‘girl crush’ which is used to refer to a girl that girls like basically yoonji is a lesbian icon
  • sleeping is gay
  • gets away with everything like only a gay could
  • him and jk’s role in the hyyh series is coded as quite gay tbh in regards to how it’s shot especially the prologue
  • in blood sweat and tears, the film ‘chatroom’ referenced in his scenes has a m/m kiss
  • is good friends with my gay father heechul
  • the gntl boys gloves
  • whatever this was
  • these times where he was just……… gay and couldn’t hold it in here and here
  • he’s pretty left oriented politically from what i can tell which is generally a lot more gay n stuff
  • gay leather subculture looks in that Singles photoshoot
  • used the two guys with a heart between them emoji for the sope livestream 
  • ‘soul partner’
  • has spoken about high school crushes at some point but didn’t he go to an all boys school………………………………………….
  • that time he just……… snuggled into hobi’s arm during rookie king
  • this
  • the fact that his hair has been every colour of the rainbow
  • also that he could fight a hetero and win idk

For subjects like history, geography, business and even the sciences like biology and chemistry, a lot of content needs to be memorised! These are just a few of my tips on how to memorise all of the information you need before your exam.

Repeating over time- In the best scenario, studying for a test three weeks ahead is the most optimal way to study. Usually, the process is memorising chunks two weeks before and doing past papers the week of. However, more often than not, this doesn’t end up happening because the weeks get hectic/busy so the max time before a test is probably 1.5-2 weeks. The next few points are more catered to that time period!

Palm cards- This I feel is the most common way of memorising things, by putting information on palm cards and taking them around with you to study on the train, bus, or wherever you go. The cons of this is to make sure that you don’t copy the information onto them in a passive way. You learn it over again when you write it out so make that opportunity count!

Teach content to others- I have learnt over the past few years that this is one of my favourite ways to memorise- give a family member, friend or anyone (even your pets) the notes and teach them the topic, point by point. If you can’t explain a topic in a simple way where the other person can understand, it indicates that you haven’t learnt the information properly or enough to explain it in a test situation.

Film yourself- Another of my personal favourites, read over your information one palm card/paragraph/page at a time, turn on your phone camera or photobooth (on Mac) and film yourself talking like you’re in a Youtube video. If you do this a lot, it really helps because it’s almost as if you’re talking to someone else, and speaking it out loud helps you memorise.

Writing out notes- It’s best to actually type out/write out notes as you go in class, but before tests I usually handwrite them out again. This emphasises this in your mind and you can also ensure that you have learnt everything that is on the syllabus. Making them pretty is a plus!

Watch videos and Podcasts- Youtube has so many great videos on any topic. My favourites are Khan Academy (most subjects) , Crashcourse (science and history), Lisa Study Guides (English), Stated Clearly (Biology) and Eddie Woo (Maths). If you’re a visual/auditory learner, these really help because it feels like you are learning the lesson again.

Active textbook reading- Read over the text books and annotate/highlight. However, you need to ensure that you are actually reading the text, not just highlighting the words. 

I hope this helped anyone who has trouble memorising, good luck with all of your exams!



4 Fresh films to watch on Netflix

1. Honeytrap (2014)

Layla moves to Brixton, U.K. to live with her mom. She gets involved with local rapper Troy who has more secrets than she thinks. I’m very bias because I love Lucien Laviscount and Jessica Sula both of which were on the show Skins. I also love this movie because the ending is wild and it’s a roller coaster ride watching Lyla grow up or at least try to. 

2. Being Charlie (2015)

Charlie is a teen drug addict with nothing to lose. He simply does not care for rehab until he meets a girl. This movie is very sad at times but makes you laugh too. Also Nick Robinson has the cutest smile i’ve ever seen.

3. King Cobra (2016)

Based on a true story King Cobra follows the tale of gay porn star Sean Paul Lockhart who tries to get away from the producer who made him famous. This movie is very interesting but worth a watch. Garrett Clayton, Christian Slater, and James Franco all star. Also, for my fellow #Spoby peeps, there is a ton of shirtless Keegan Allen. You’re welcome.

4. Teenage Cocktail (2016)

Two friends plan to runaway from home but find a scary way to make the money. This movie shocked the fuck out of me. The end was insane I still talk about it.

Just a theory about Wilford.

alright, just gonna get right on down to the nitty gritty with this one because i dunno, it makes me excited.

so! in mark’s february charity livestream, although he talks about dark, he drops this little piece of info, saying, “much like warfstache, [dark] doesn’t obey the laws of physics.” which got me thinking: alright, we know from mark’s words that dark bleeds into this world/reality from wherever he’s from. but just how does wilford break physics? well that, ladies and gentlemen and all configurations of being, is what i’m proposing…

wilford warfstache breaks physics by breaking the fourth wall.

now, hear me out on this, alright? let’s look at the markiplier tv video first.

after the third sequence of the jim twins delivering their news, we’re met with this short little clip of wilford trying to push his name away. typically in tv and film media, characters are unaware of the credits around them. needless to say, wilford is breaking the fourth wall because he too is aware of things that only the audience is made aware of, by trying to push his name away. 

another example is during the conference scene with all the other of mark’s characters, where he says, “it’s gonna change everything we know about television, trust you me.”

trust you me…. this one seems pretty obvious. we all know that these are just characters that mark has dressed up as, but it seems that wilford himself knows this as well. essentially what he’s saying here is something like “trust me because we’re the same person (mark)”. it’s very meta, but once again wilford is made very aware of this.

still with me on this? okay, now let’s take a step back further and look back at wilford’s ‘more?’ video from a date with markiplier.

when he first see wilford, he’s literally just a floating head, welcoming everyone to his “humble abode”. of all places to live, why live in some weird pink swirly dimension, am i right? 

even more so, wilford states “in all this time going through this game, have you stopped to ponder the possibility that you are not what you think you are?” once again here, wilford being meta and referencing the whole a date with mark experience, calling it a ‘game’ which pretty much is what it is.

the ending with wilford comes out to be the “true ending”, where you ‘discover the truth’ that you were actually chica all along. wilford knows this ending (and probably all the endings) and segues you to it. needless to say, overall, wilford seems to know everything about everything.

so yeah, this is just my understanding. i hope it makes sense! 💖


Project: Scrapbook — Horrificator (Part One)

Project: Scrapbook Masterpost (tbp)

Comic By: @daughterofthestars08 (lineart) & @artgraveyard (lineart and color) & @chalala-chan (color) 

Written By: @purr-cat-stinate & @mimosaeyes

Beta’d By: @miraculousandcute & @emeralddrop

Summary: N/A

Words: 5671

Despite the chilly season, the sun was already gracing the citizens of Paris with its warm rays of sunlight that poured from the clouds down onto the earth. It was a lovely day, perfect for picnics, and walks in the park. It was a lovely day to discover something new; or perhaps to create something new.

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"why don't you like frozen?"
  • what i mean: It's a film that, essentially suffers from an existential crisis throughout the entire two hours it runs. There's no world building whatsoever, leaving too many unanswered questions the audience in regards to the magic and lore of the land. It's inferred the trolls know everything there is to know about magic, but it does not explain how Elsa recieved her powers in the first place, leaving a pretty big unanswered question. Also, the decision to take a fantasy race usually isolated from magicks as the main sage magicians was an ...interesting choice, and would have worked out a bit better if the world was built up more. The plot is all over the place, with there being no clear antagonist until the final arc of the movie. Is the Duke of Weaselton supposed to be the antagonist? No, and he honestly doesn't even belong in the movie: in what way does this character move forward the plot? He doesn't, so why is he given such emphasis? Is Elsa supposed to be the antagonist? Through the film the audience is constantly being given conflicting views as to whether or not we are supposed to sympathsize with her or hate her, and we're never given our answer until the final arc of the movie, which is, ironically, when the real antagonist show his face: Hans. Since he is introduced as he antagonist in the final arc, it makes Hans' development as a villain feel rushed and unnatural. Such a sudden heel-face turn from charming benevolent prince to cold-blooded killer feels wrong, and considering there was no foreshadowing or dramatic irony leading up the reveal, it comes as a shock to even the most watchful moviegoers. Beyond the shock response, there is no reason for the audience to hate Hans, making him an ineffective villain all in all. The audience only hates him because he betrayed the trust that was willingly given in the first half of the film. Yes, he wants to usurp the throne and kill everyone off, but wouldn't that incentive be more effective if it were presented as such from the beginning of the movie? Give the viewers hints and clues that he is not what he seems, making the reveal of his plan much more suspenseful. Additionally, if it were addressed from the beginning, a large amount of the aimless plotless wandering that plagued most of the first three-quarters of the movie would be practically non-existant. In addition, the shock factor response wears off eventually; the impact of his betrayal means less and less to the audience each time they watch it. Part of the reason of the weakness and confusion in the beginning also stems from the fact that the movie is trying to juggle too many characters. Many named characters are completely unneeded and did not need to steal screentime (and by extension, valuble character development) from the main characters (Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and I guess Hans). And the lack of character development is bad. Really bad. Anna doesn't feel like a real person, even by Disney standards. Elsa is a bit more believable, but her "development" is rushed and inferred instead of shown to the audience as it should be. Why was there such an emphasis on the parents in the beginning if they were only going to be killed off for plot fuel? And as an audience member, I did not feel any sadness for their death or for how Anna and Elsa were grieving. Having Elsa locked in her room for upmost of ten years was just...weird. There was absolutely nothing that justified it, making the isolation feel like a cheap way out for the writers to transition from childhood to adulthood. And beyond that, Arendelle is shown to be a peaceful kingdom, so it makes no sense that Anna would not be allowed to leave the castle and walk amongst the city. If magic exists in this world, why was Elsa locked away? Why was it a secret? All of these questions stem from weak worldbuilding that justifies very little of the events of the movie. There are so many unanswered questions that rise up from what happens inbetween childhood and adulthood. Is there a puppet monarch? Was magic seen as something negative or unknown? Why the trolls. Why the trolls. I'm sorry I just do not understand the trolls. The romantic subplot again ties into making the trolls feel even more forced and unneeded and the Hans reveal stale, I don't need to go into this. From a technically standpoint, the animation is subpar compared to its contempararies. Rise of the Guardians, a movie made a year before Frozen, had better ice effects. The particle effects and textures were nothing to write home about and the numerous clipping issues are clear evidence that the final product was rushed. The character design is the biggest complaint everyone has heard the most, but, Jesus Christ, oh my god it's bad. There's virtually no variation in character design. The facial structure of all the women are practically identical. Elsa, Anna, their mother, even Rapunzel all look 100% identical. Perhaps that wouldn't be such a problem if their body types were the same as well. There's no power of silouette in the film, something that is absolutely crucial to animated film, making Anna and Elsa blend together not only in the film, but in the industry itself. They do not stand out. They are blank and bland. The music is the only good thing, and that's only considering some songs. "Let it Go" and "First Time in Forever" are strong, powerhouse showtunes that actually move the plot forward, as songs in a musical should, but "Fixer-Upper" and "Love is an Open Door," while good, solid songs, do relatively nothing for the plot can could be omitted without sacrificing anything. "In Summer" is a total joke song that literally fades into nothing--I could not recall the tune if I tried, and "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" has a lot of potential but is, esentially, the same chorus repeated with little to no transition three times. It doesn't help that the song is also the most awkward contrived timeskip in the history of awkward contrived timeskips, again because it is never explained why Elsa is locked in her room at all. And the trolls and the--oh god. Please, all artists and writers, do NOT overlook the importance of worldbuilding. Even the dialogue is mediocre and does nothing to immerse the characters into the world around them. The resulting product is nothing but two hours of mediocrity masquerading as the best film of the decade in commercialization and ticket sales, but ultimately does nothing but leave a bad taste in the audience's mouth and will encourage Disney to continue making mediocre movies because they know they will sell and sell well.
  • what i say: because it's a bad movie

anonymous asked:

When will you stop begging people to their cash? In all honesty, get your life in order and stop relying on other people's work. If you honestly need the money you'll have to make some sacrifices

Oh, right, sacrifices… 

Like how I had to cut down my medication to half the dose, despite serious risk of my health, because I couldn’t afford a full dose? Or that I’m using cheapest possible pads when I’m on my period, despite the fact that they give me skin irritation and sometimes rashes on my fucking vulva? Or the fact that I don’t go to anything to do with university on campus because I need to save transport money, which has seriously effected my marks? Or the fact that I haven’t been able to do anything social in months? 

Or that I am living off canned foods and can’t even afford fresh vegetables or meat? Or that I go to churches that offer free staples despite the fact that they are openly anti-LGBT and I feel deeply unsafe and can’t be honest about a very big part of my life? Or that I’m pretty sure my wisdom teeth are coming up but I haven’t been able to see a dentist so I just gotta live with the fucking pain? Or that I’ve sold everything I owned that I could

Or that I have to spend an hour every morning calming myself down from a panic attack before leaving the house because I’m agoraphobic? Or that I spend HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY looking for and applying for jobs, going to shopping centres with my resume, writing cover letters, changing my resume to suit the jobs, filming those fucking ridiculous videos that shops want you to do? Or that I have to deal with all that rejection every day… and know that it’s not because of my qualifications, it’s because someone is always cheaper, it’s because I’m just a bit too fat, because I have visible self harm scars, because of all these stupid little things? 

Or that this whole thing started because I was supposed to go to a fucking psych ward but my mother kicked me out instead, leaving me without the safety and psychiatric care I need, and also cut off from a huge part of my family, including her even though we used to be incredibly close? Or that I have to know that my father is paying for accommodation filled with fucking cockroaches and leaking plumbing but “can’t afford” to help me with anything else even though he’s a fucking rich engineer who lives overseas and is planning his second international holiday since this happened to me? Or that I have to accept that the people who I thought were always going to be there for me were actually selfish bastards this entire fucking time?

Or that fact that I have to put up with dickheads like you even though most of this information is in my fucking posts?

You’re right. I’m entirely at fault here and have been nothing but selfish. Thank you, o wise person without reading comprehension, I have see the error of my ways.

Anyway, donate here. For meds, food, etc. 

If you want to be more confident in what I’m spending the money on, you can check here for my essentials Amazon wishlist (toiletries, etc.), here for my health & mental health wish list for stuff to help me while I can’t afford to see doctors, and here for my non-essentials wishlist. Unfortunately my wishlists are pretty limited because not many things ship to Australia.

I know everyone’s upset by this con and what people said during it, but I’m seriously not upset any more than i was at any other time. TPTB are trying to do damage control so they get another series. They have been dodging questions for over 5 years, keeping secrets pertaining to the situations at hand. They know now we don’t trust them and it’s showing. We shouldn’t trust them. But now most people have given up hope in the next series being good. And i don’t blame them. They might not get a 5th series because of that. And i don’t care if I’m wrong – I’m wrong a lot – but this whole fiasco feels like they set up a beautiful EMP scenario, let Sherlock descend into madness, and had their fun while doing so. Mark loves Bond and Horror. Mark probably had a ball writing this series. “To hell with deferred pleasure” indeed. But they didn’t understand the beast they were dealing with. The Sherlock Holmes Fandom is the most hardcore, notorious Fandom in history. They burned the heart out of the series and instead of being disappointed, we’re spewing venom. And i mean all of us. Millions of us. This is the only thing that makes any sense to me. They took away the cases and the friendship and now they lost their audience. Of course they did. And you have to admit, the TJLC Fandom crying “this is our year!” made everything worse. If we didn’t think that way, we’d probably all be open to the idea of EMP, the descent into madness, and TFP being a figurative representation of the heart being burned out of Sherlock. It would be pretty much obvious. I’m in the middle of my largest meta yet, and it is about this exact idea. The only way the Sherlock crew can redeem themselves is to already have proven that they filmed at least a little bit extra in the past BUT IF THEY HAVEN’T DONE THAT then they may not have their series commissioned again and this may very well be the end. Yeah, they might have had a good idea or a brilliant plan in place but it doesn’t do them any good if they can’t continue writing. And this is on them, not on fans. Reading S4 through the EMP lens makes it one of the best series, which is why I hope beyond reason that it’s true. Reading TFP subtextually (like we read TAB) makes TFP one of the best episodes so far.

The term EMP has been around for a year and a half, I know because me and my two friends coined the term, but we got lots of hate from some of the big-name TJLC blogs at the time. But guess what, EMP is now the only thing that redeems the show, regardless of what happens to the dynamic between Holmes and Watson. Extended Mind Palace Theory is their *only* way out. Good thing there are 50 instances proving this is true. It’s not a difficult leap.

My Favorite Things about The Case of the Gilded Lily Kickstarter Video
  • The newspapers (seriously, read them all)
  • The gorgeous noir lighting
  • Cigarette smoke EVERYWHERE
  • Hilarious internal monologues
  • “Not sure why I have to constantly remind myself where, when, and who I am, but that’s my story”
  • Using like 47 different words for “money”
  • This shot:
  • “Add-on poiks”
  • Ford’s obsession with office supplies
  • Fig’s obsession with weapons
  • The hand motions to try to explain what a short film is
  • When Sean looks longingly into space and then MK appears
  • “My heart is telling me no, but my internal monologue is telling me yes”
  • Please back this project on Kickstarter

anonymous asked:

I don't wanna call it too soon but this is the CUTEST PHIL LS maybe ever. Can't wait for you to say a little on it (especially re his many verbal eyerolls at chat, and the cat paintings...)

ughhhh yes there were definitely so, so many cute little anecdotes and jokes, and a lot of interesting tidbits that i took note of while watching: 

  • he opens the show by saying that he “welcomes” people calling him dad and appreciates all the father’s day messages. amazing
  • he bought his own dad a tasting selection of jams and marmalades which immediately made me irate bc it sounds like the perf gift for my father except i would never think of it bc i’m not as creative as phil ugh. phil probs buys everyone the best presents and i’m envious of people who are good at that
  • i loled at the fact that some vintage family drama sent like nine of phil’s great uncles to australia why is that so funny. also hearing re-confirmation of just how huge phil’s family is was kind of refreshing
  • the whole centipede anecdote killed me omg jst the image of phil freaking out and calling dan into the room (whether it was in his bedroom or somewhere else, i don’t rly feel like weighing in on that debate) and then dan obviously proceeding to freak out even more than phil (which we can very vividly picture based on his reactions in the piece of art that is phil lester vs. praying mantis.) it was just such a cute story lmao, i loved the way that phil called the bug a creepy crawly and said, ‘dan’s not a fan of those creepy crawlies either’ ughghghghhh. and i love that phil is definitely forever and always going to be the designated bug-catcher in their house even though he’s scared of bugs too, jst bc dan is always too busy having an actual breakdown any time he sees an insect
  • the random interjection of him screaming ‘bear’ from the bear kayak video made me lol
  • when he’s talking about bryony’s cat paintings and says he and dan are the only ppl who like them, i like that they pretty much always share tastes in everything, be less conjoined pls 
  • him narrating his thought process when he bought the fairy light twigs: ‘what i need in my life is some light-up sticks’
  • his plan to change up the dresser trinkets for every video is interesting and referring to the setup as a ‘tableau’ lmao–as i’ve said multiple times i don’t believe this room is his primary living quarters so i def took this idea to change up the background every time he films as further confirmation that this room is basically a set 
  • martyn has been in a ‘plane incident’ at one point in his life, didn’t know that
  • the way he talked about louise’s baby was so cuteeeee, his huge grin, the way he immediately went into a higher pitched voice, cheeky suggesting ‘phil’ as a name and then saying philippa could be a boy’s name but getting a bit nervous to make the general point about not needing to gender names and just saying ‘i mean’ a lot and giggling. then his feigned indignation when someone suggested ‘daniel’ lol he’s cute
  • learning dil was pregnant made him want to ‘rip his face off’ ok calm down mate
  • the fidget spinner omg: the way that he needed to make clear that it was no ‘2 pound friend present’ lmao i read this as him jokingly being a bit salty that dan didn’t appreciate all of the time and effort and ‘good money’ he put into this loving and thoughtful gift ahhaha. it was jst such a comfortable and warm little comment i loved it. and i love that he thinks it’s beautiful bc of the colors and i was lit dying at the whole story of him lying on the floor and trying to show off to dan that he could balance it on his nose and then utterly failing. adds more context to the way that dan was so fond last week when he talked about phil injuring himself with it
  • he doesn’t like killing animals, and always finds a way to trap them and throw them outside 
  • when someone asks him to give them a nickname and he comes up with, ‘ma more like mars expedition’.. wtf he’s adorable
  • kath could ‘open a brownie farm’ PHIL PLS 
  • ‘stop calling me dad though bc it’s inappropriate,’ he says with a barely concealed smile as he complies with everyone’s wishes to clean them. why does he love being called dad i need to lie down 
  • traditional lester thing is to get fish and chips when they’re all together
  • his sheer excitement about wonder woman was amazing omg. ‘she kicks so much butt but she has a personality and more movies should be made with a woman as the main character like that’ yAS phil 
  • thoughts on chris pine: he originally jst says he’s ‘funny’ but then when someone in the chat says ‘chris pine is fricking hot,’ he basically agrees and adds that he is ‘distracting’ and ‘radiating out of his face … what is that face? how do you achieve such a face?’ fucking amazing.
  • he always finds coins that are from 1997 lmao only he would notice that and think it’s some secret conspiracy by the universe jst to fuck with him
  • this week’s beauty tips:
    • change your face wash every 3-4 months because your face gets used to it. also you might want your face to smell like something different (his face currently smells of tree sap)
    • don’t spray hair spray directly into your mouth bc it tastes really bad and probably isn’t good for your health
    • drink lots of water (again)
    • put tea bags on your eyes and the caffeine will make you feel more energized and also you’ll look beautiful with teabags on your eyes
  • i’m certain that phil giggling, ‘but they’ve seen it from space and it’s a globe!’ single-handedly debunked the flat earth conspiracy
  • he goes ‘poot’ when he sprays febreze,,,, jesus christ. also of course he had a vanilla cupcake scented air freshener once,,,, have i mentioned that i am so fucking in love with phil jesUS 
  • his spon of dan’s vid was interesting to me, he kind of seemed to think of it at the very last moment even after he’d said goodbye to a bunch of people, and focused more on sponning it than sponning his own vid or anything from the gaming channel. he said it was ‘very funny’ which i’ll admit only added to my confusion about the objective or intention of dan’s video bc it didn’t strike me as trying to be comedic in any way. i wonder if phil genuinely found it funny and what he liked about it hahah, i honestly would pay for him to give it an honest review
  • his lil meows at the end before he clicked out were v pure i adore him

ya i love phil, ik it’s breaking news to yall but i really, really do. his live shows are always exactly what i need and he makes me so happy 

(phil live show: giant centipede attack - 6.18.17)