everything is obama's fault

Tumblr followers, I need a favor. I’m currently trapped at my parents’ place with my “Obama might be a Muslim” uncle, my “Everything is Hillary’s fault” grandfather, and my father (which is a whole other thing entirely and needs not be gotten into right now), so I’m at the end of my rope. I’m begging you, please send me your progressive Avengers headcanons. Talk to me about Steve campaigning for marriage equality. Talk to me about Natasha working for women’s rights. Talk to me about Bruce putting climate deniers in their place. Talk to me about Thor’s rage at the treatment of trans people. Talk to me about Clint campaigning for differently-abled people. Talk to me about Bucky haranguing Congress for veterans’ benefits. Talk to me about Sam marching for Black Lives Matter. Let’s talk about progressive Avengers.

(Alternatively, schmoop is also acceptable.)