everything is mythic

A fantastic depiction of ‘Rusalka’, A mythical water spirit who lures young men into water to drown them.

Benzaiten (弁才天, 弁財天) is the Japanese name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati. She is the goddess of everything that flows: water, words, speech, eloquence, music and by extension knowledge.

newbiepunk  asked:

What do the 2ps love the most about the night time? (If they even like the night)


2P!America: likes how it’s easier to get away with crimes during the night

2P!China: evenings feel more romantic and sensual.

2P!England: scared of the dark, doesn’t like the night, always lights candles and plays classical music to keep a brighter atmosphere.

2P!France: everything good happens at night.

2P!Russia: the world is quiet. most people are asleep. no one’s around to bug him. somehow, he doesn’t feel that alone. at least not alone enough to feel painfully lonely.

2P!Italy: the nighttime is more beautiful to him than the day.

2P!Germany: it reminds him of sleepless nights where he had some of the best times of his life.

2P!Japan: he’s alone, it’s silent, and he can be himself without having to put up a front.

2P!Canada: he likes how he can only hear the sounds of nature, away from all the annoying aspects of the city.

2P!Romano: prefers the day time. prefers being with people and being out doing things.

2P!Austria: everything mythical always happens between dusk and dawn.

2P!Prussia: he’s away from people and can cry in peace and silence.

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Caddy/Jeff AMA au? (I'm sorry)

“Ow!! Watch we’re you’re poking that—”

“Sorry!!” but Jeff was very clearly trying not to laugh.

With a rather angry huff though his nose, several of Caddy’s feathers that ran across his chest and back puffed up.

“Oh my stars-” Jeff dropped the tweezers, and shook his hand before sticking the burnt digit into his mouth, hoping to sooth it. “Ow!”

“Oh, sorry.” Caddy said rather smugly, and brushed down the feather again. He plucked a couple and added it to the tray of other feathers that Jeff had collected in the meantime.

“Okay, how close were you to catching on fire just then?” Jeff inspected his finger carefully, then shook it again. “That was hot.”

“It wasn’t that hot, was it?” Now his words were curious. He turned towards Jeff, looking down and taking his hand. “Did I really fucking burn it?” There, on the tip of the alien’s finger, was a small blister. “Oh– fucking damn it, I can’t even-”

“Don’t even worry about it.” Jeff reached over, kissing his cheek. “You’re hot, it’s kind of what you do.”

This time it was Caddy’s cheeks heating up. “Uh… Did you mean to say it like that?”

“I dunno!” Jeff said brightly. “Did I?” but seeing Caddy’s slightly panicked face just made his giggles return, and he nodded. “I meant it in both ways, thanks. I’ve been on earth long enough to know what I mean.”

Caddy mumbled, turning his face away to rub at his cheeks for a moment, but reached down and took Jeff’s (uninjured) hand, and brought it up to his reddened face for a kiss.

His hand was enveloped in warmth, which brought a soft smile to the alien’s face.

Rhett taking Kitty!Link to join the parade…

I’m so upset about the Orlando shooting and I hope everyone will stay strong about it…

I live in Indonesia, and I have to say even though Orlando is very far, I still couldn’t handle how bad the event was. Lots of people died because of their sexuality and that is just wrong :(

So I make this drawing to cheer everyone (and me) up in a way :3


most fortunate time for rhett to have water instead of scalding hot coffee