everything is mythic

I recently came across @melle-d’s amazing Mythtale and I am already in love with this AU! Seeing the characters as different mythical creatures is so cool and the artwork is just stunning. I can’t wait to see more of this work and maybe even drawing some more for this AU! But for now here’s a small doodle I did with Swap Sans and Papyrus.


Forget Spider-Man, make way for the Mythical Men!



honestly if the accommodations are peecakes, take me before they get here, too.

like everything, leo sees love as mythical and fantastical. it’s a wonderful crusade to find that special someone to pour those feelings into. they long for a person they can care for, cherish, protect, and be proud of

newbiepunk  asked:

What do the 2ps love the most about the night time? (If they even like the night)


2P!America: likes how it’s easier to get away with crimes during the night

2P!China: evenings feel more romantic and sensual.

2P!England: scared of the dark, doesn’t like the night, always lights candles and plays classical music to keep a brighter atmosphere.

2P!France: everything good happens at night.

2P!Russia: the world is quiet. most people are asleep. no one’s around to bug him. somehow, he doesn’t feel that alone. at least not alone enough to feel painfully lonely.

2P!Italy: the nighttime is more beautiful to him than the day.

2P!Germany: it reminds him of sleepless nights where he had some of the best times of his life.

2P!Japan: he’s alone, it’s silent, and he can be himself without having to put up a front.

2P!Canada: he likes how he can only hear the sounds of nature, away from all the annoying aspects of the city.

2P!Romano: prefers the day time. prefers being with people and being out doing things.

2P!Austria: everything mythical always happens between dusk and dawn.

2P!Prussia: he’s away from people and can cry in peace and silence.