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Notes for a young character designer

Dear E. 

Thanks for your email.

I don’t work at Cartoon Network any more. But I’m going to give you a very quick portfolio review in hopes that you find it helpful! Here are some things I noticed when looking at your stuff - lessons I learned from brilliant people while working on AT for two years: 

 1) AVOID SYMMETRY. Humans are organic, randomly shaped animals. Perfect symmetry rarely exists in nature and if it does, it’s conspicuous - it’s the exception rather than the rule. Find interesting ways to throw your characters off-balance. 

Don’t repeat objects in twos - (buttons or rips or whatever) - it feels prescribed - cluster things in threes or fives if necessary. 

 2) AVOID CONCAVITY - I don’t know what else to call this. But it’s those lines that go “in” rather than “out”. You are using inward sloping lines to describe many of your characters. As an exercise, try using outward, rounded, voluminous lines to draw EVERYTHING. Humans are fleshy lumps connected together by other fleshy lumps. Each mass is either in front of or behind other masses and as a designer, it’s your job to tell the animator where it is. As a designer, you are providing a technical blueprint for the location of masses. 

Only occasionally allow a concavity to connect two convexities. Look at the work of Robert Ryan Cory (spongebob), Tom Herpich (Adventure Time) or Phil Rynda (AT / Gravity Falls) - master character designers - for examples of this. If you need to, trace a couple of their drawings and you will see what I mean. 

 3) AVOID GRAPHIC DETAILS - Some shows use a graphic style; it’s very appealing and looks clever when done right. But in animation, everything needs to move in space - so if you use a graphic element - it needs to correspond with an actual 3D thing that can move. Therefore it is better to start with a voluminous style and then revert to graphic elements where appropriate. Art directors will look for this. Do not jump straight to graphic representation if you do not yet know what you are representing.

Look at the work of Tiffany Ford and Jasmin Lai for amazing examples of volume expressed graphically.

 4) STUDY JAMES MCMULLEN - To truly understand volume, and fully respect your subject, you should read very carefully High Focus Figure Drawing by James McMullen. Slow down and think about drawing “around” your subjects. It’s a truly meditative experience when you get there. Think about the weight and mass that your characters, props and effects are experiencing. Many students from SVA - Tomer Hanuka, Becky Cloonan, Rebecca Sugar, James Jean - studied under McMullen’s philosophy and you can see this common richness in their work. 

Jeffrey Smith, a top student of McMullen’s now teaches life drawing at Art Center. These are two of the best illustration schools in North America - anyone who is interested in drawing living things, should probably read his book. Also look at the work of Andy Ristaino or Danny Hynes - two other character designers’ whose work is seething with volume. 

I hope this is useful and I hope you have a wonderful career. 



There’s only ever been one person I’ve looked at and thought … “I could quite easily spend the entire rest of my life with that man”.

And sooner or later I need to accept that he’s spending it with somebody else.

—  Ranata Suzuki
The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

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What moving is like for those who haven’t

On this glorious day of April 25, 2017 we learned some kind-of-but-not surprising news from our beloved British Friends. 

And I’ve realized that a lot of people are emotional (as am I) due to these events, but fear not friends. Moving is not as dramatic and drastic as it may seem for those who have never moved house before. 

I have moved nearly 6 times in my life, and I’m about to move again (in the infamous May how ironic) and I can not be any more excited about it. But anyway for those lost in the dust of despair and imagination;

Here are the 6 steps that are involved when you’re moving:

Step 1: Looking
I imagine our friends Dan and Phil were on this step for a long time.  Probably for at least a year or so. The Looking consists of tabbed websites looking at possible new house recommendations. Maybe even a few fantasy ones like “how would it be if we were to move to LA or Tokyo?” It’s when you’re constantly watching Home Improvement and Property shows gaining ideas and even opinions. You get into the habit of “I wish I could have this but I can’t because I have no room” You find yourself walking through model homes on a whim and even planning appointments with realtors and investigating your interior design knowledge. This is probably the most anticipated phase of them all before actually deciding on whether you’re going to take the challenge and move house. 

Step 2: Planning
AKA, the most stressful. When the wallet comes out and the bank stubs are studied and your requirements are heavily evaluated. It’s when you’re not-actually-an-adult-but-you-actually-are comes into play. Remember when Dan and Phil had mentioned they were seeing an accountant? I firmly believe now that they were in the Planning stage. Although they could be ranking in that dough™ financially planning to move is stressful. Down payments, security deposits, what kind of upgrades are needed, it’s all fun and games until money comes into the game and you have to revolve around the anxiety of “Do I have enough money to buy this extravagant meal because I am moving in two months” kind of ordeal. It’s not a sigh of relief until you sign your name onto that deed with the landlord that YOU’RE IN. YOU GOT A HOUSE, A NEW HOME TO COME HOME TO CONGRATULATIONS ALL THAT HARD WORK AND WORRYING HAS PAID OFF.

Step 3: Packing
The most nostalgic and depressing time of them all. When the boxes come out and start clearing the shelves you reevaluate your life and in the meanings you’ve lived in. You find things you haven’t seen in years, such as old journals, notes, pictures, important dates from months back, etc. And with Dan’s case of dropping things behind other things, this must have happened to him A LOT. It’s when you argue over which dishes you should keep or throw away. Which towels to get rid of, how many clothes you’re donating, do we really need to keep that ugly looking picture from ages ago? Are we ever going to use that bloody mixer we got as a gift? The emotional and spiritual cleansing of things you heavily think out as “will I need this in a month or can I pack it away?” The walls become bare and the air closes in tight as your home does not feel like home anymore but simply just a house; with blank walls and memories packed away in boxes. 

Step 4: Moving
Or the physical stuff that is. When I have moved, we have moved lighter things such as clothes, night stands, food, tvs, mirrors, trinkets, things that are not currently being used by absolute necessities, usually a week before Moving Day. I picture Dan and Phil either renting a car to help with the travel of lighter things or the help of a friend with a roomy vehicle to shovel all their crap into. Slowly making it easier to just finally get into the house already.
Then comes MOVING DAY. Where all the big heavy stuff is lifted into a van, poorly wrapped, and expecting something to break in the time allotted in the duration of the move. It’s the last big push to moving into the new place and it slightly feels warmer knowing that all your stuff is in a foreign land. It’s comforting. 

Step 5: Playing
When the final sweep of the old place is done, all cleaned up and washed to pristine, the keys are handed in and you have to make a new habit on which route to take to the new place. It’s when you figure out which light switch does what, where to put the paintings and house plants, if the bed looks better on this wall or that wall. When all the clothes are neatly and perfectly folded and hung up in an aesthetic way you know won’t last for a month. It’s putting the dishes into the cupboard and thinking is it ideal to put them on the second or third shelf. It’s the “you can fit like 3 bodies into this closet!” When playing around the new place you get so excited by the thought of home you never truly want to leave it. Building new furniture and exploring the new aura it brings. It’s very exciting.

Step 6: Living
Finally, your new house becomes home. Where you finally feel safe at night because the best things about your old place came with you. It doesn’t matter which walls the memories were in it’s the fact that they’re kept. It’s a new chapter to life and a fresh clean slate. This stage appears usually a few days or weeks after the big move. When you’re finally comfortable in the new place and excited to have friends over for the first time. When you finally love it more than you thought you would.

Dan and Phil are very lucky and I wish them the best of new success in the new place. For those heart broken over The London Apartment, don’t be! Because they’re taking us with them. They didn’t have to make a big broad video about moving but they did. We only get to see from the perspective they want to show us which is their living accommodations, and the fact that they shared so much within that video is truly something. 
I’m excited for them as well as whenever they plan on doing an official tour of the new house. 

It’s just a new chapter in everyone’s life. 

Youtuber Whispers |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Can you do an imagine where Jack proposes to the reader whilst doing a youtuber whispers with the rest of the guys?

Word Count - 1,787

Warnings - N/A

“Right, so you guys know the plan?” Jack asked, letting out a deep sigh.

Joe rolled his eyes and nodded. “Yes, you’ve told us a million times what we’re doing Jack, will you just calm down?”

Jack glared at Joe and shook his head. “When you get a girlfriend, and you’re planning to do this, if I tell you to calm down do you actually think it’s going to work?”

Joe stayed quiet for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay, point taken.”

Jack chuckled quietly to himself and sat down on the sofa next to Joe and Oli.

“Are you nervous?” Caspar asked, looking up from his phone.

“Shitting myself to be honest.” Jack chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. The nerves were showing to be honest and Jack knew that his friends knew him well enough to know that there was no point of him trying to hide how nervous he was.

“What if she says no?” Mikey asked, looking over at Jack as Josh nudged him hard in the ribs.

“What was that for?” Mikey whined, rubbing his side.

“Y/N isn’t going to say no Jack, just ignore Mikey. What does he know about relationships anyway?” Caspar chuckled, smiling encouragingly at Jack whose mind was now wondering about Mikey’s question.

What if the answer was no? How would Jack even react? What would he say, and how embarrassing would that be infront of all of his friends, and his brother?

Jack tried his very hardest to push that thought to the back of his mind but it stayed where it was, stuck in the front of his mind as if it was a grey cloud on a sunny day.

“Anyway,” Joe started, knowing that what Mikey had said was starting to bug Jack. “Should we start getting the camera and lights set up before Y/N gets here?”

Jack simply nodded and said nothing, standing up as Josh started to move the table in the middle of the room, to the side of the room against the wall so they would have more room.

Jack and Conor didn’t exactly have a box room as a living room, but they obviously needed a bit more space when there were 8 people filming in one room.

Jack moved a few things around, mainly picking up Conor’s clothes that he had left around the room while Joe was kind enough to set his camera up.

“When is Y/N getting here then?” Caspar asked Jack, snapping him out of his daydream.

“Conor has just gone to pick her up from the station.” Jack smiled half heartedly.

Mikey’s comment was still pestering Jack, and it wasn’t the fact that Mikey had said it. It was just about if he was right, what if the answer was no?

Shaking his head, once again Jack tried to shove the thought out of his mind and focus on the question in mind.

“Right, I’ve set everything up. Just gotta move one more thing out of the room.” Joe informed everyone, looking straight at Jack.

“What’s that?” Jack asked, slightly confused as he glanced around the living room.

He had moved all of Conor’s clothes and all of the open, but unfinished, water bottles were hidden out of sight.

“Him.” Joe chuckled, nodding over to Mikey.

Looking at Mikey for the first time since his question, Jack noticed he had a guilty expression on his face.

“Hey come on mate.” Jack chuckled, knowing that he shouldn’t have taken Mikey’s comment to heart. “Don’t worry about it.”

Mikey smiled uncertainly but nodded as the door opened, and in walked you and Conor.

“Hey.” Jack grinned, virtually skipping over to you and picking you up in his arms.

Conor rolled his eyes as he placed your bag down on the floor but chuckled quietly to himself as he noticed the tiny square box in the back pocket of Jack’s jeans.

“Hey you.” You smiled, kissing Jack gently as his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Come on guys.” Joe chuckled, shaking his head as he looked over at you both.

“He’s just jealous because he’s still single.” Jack whispered in your ear, moving his hand from your waist and taking your hand in his.

“I heard that.” Joe rolled his eyes as he sat on the sofa next to Caspar.

Taking your place next to Jack, you smiled as Conor, Josh, Mikey and Oli sat infront of you all on the floor.

Who would actually buy a sofa big enough for 8 people though?

One Jack had checked that the camera was actually recording and the audio was working, he explained the rules to everyone. However, this took quite a few attempts as Caspar kept interrupting him and it confused Mikey a little bit.

Everyone left the room except two people, those two being Jack and Conor.

Conor put on a pair of headphones that were currently blasting a Calvin Harris song and Jack chuckled to himself.

Earlier in the week, he had gone onto twitter and told his followers that he was doing a youtuber whispers game and to send weird ones in.

“Rumour has it, that Jack Maynard is the most talented out of the two brothers!” Jack shouted, feeling a bit stupid as he felt as if he was speaking to himself.

Calling Oli back into the room, Conor shouted to him once Oli had put on a pair of headphones as well.

“Rumour has it, neither of the Maynard brothers have any talent!” Conor shouted to his friend as Oli glanced at the camera with a blank expression on his face.

Conor sat next to Oli and they all repeated it back to each other, until Jack asked Joe to repeat what he had heard as Joe was the last one to receive the message.

“I heard that Jack Maynard is jealous because his brother is more talented.” Joe chuckled, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah that sounds about right to be fair.” Conor laughed, teasing his brother.

Jack chuckled to himself and passed you a set of headphones. “Put these on a second babe.”

You quickly put them on and started nodding your head along to the song that Jack had chosen even though you had no idea what it was.

“Right, the next one is gonna be the one when I ask her so everyone just has to say ‘Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him.’ Okay?” Jack told everyone, glancing over at you as you sat there completely oblivious to what he was telling everyone.

The other boys nodded and put a pair of headphones on for show, but they didn’t see the point of playing any music through them.

Jack would edit the bit out of the video where he told the boys what to say later on. A proposal half way through a video would be a shock for his subscribers as well.

Each of them pretended to pass the message along until you were last in the queue and everyone but Joe and you had taken your headphones off.

Jack sat at the other end of the sofa, his heart rate increasing with every passing second as he gripped his laptop in his hands as they started to clam up.

“Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him?!” Joe shouted, practically deafening himself with how loud he needed his voce to be so that you could hopefully hear him though the music blaring through the headphones.

Jack put his thumb up to signal that it was fine for you to take the headphones off.

Sliding the headphones off, you put them on the sofa and looked at Joe confused.

“You’re absolute shit at this game.” You chuckled; shaking your head as Joe playfully shoved your arm.

“What was the message you heard babe?” Jack asked with a smile on his face as he tried to hide his nerves.

Jack felt his face heating up as the anxiety was eating away at his insides, that tiny little box was now digging into his backside.

“I heard 'Jack wants to know if I’ll play a game with him’. I don’t think that’s right though.” You chuckled to yourself, not even taking any notice of the heat that had risen to Jack’s face.

“Let me do it again.” Joe laughed; passing the headphones back to you and Joe very quickly turned the volume down on your phone slightly so you could hear him a little better.

All of the boys had their eyes fixed on you as Jack put his laptop on the floor infront of him as the table was still over the other side of the room.

“Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him!” Joe shouted, just as loudly as before as a ringing started in his ears.

You looked over at Jack who now had the box hidden in his fist so you still couldn’t see it.

You took the headphones off once again and kept your eyes on Jack, your heart rate picking up instantly as your throat went dry.

“I heard 'Y/N, Jack wants to know if you’ll marry him’.”

All eyes now converted from you to Jack as the entire room fell silent. Even Caspar was silent for a change.

“Well?” Jack asked, his knees shaking as he stood up and walked over to you.

You stared up at him, not quite bringing yourself to stand up incase you ended up on Oli who was still sat on the floor.

“Are you serious or is this Joe playing one of his pranks on me again?” You asked, your voice quiet and your eyes wide.

“I am deadly serious.” Jack chuckled, his voice shaking with nerves as he got down on one knee infront of you, opening his fist to show the tiny black box that he flipped open.

The silence was killing Jack, as well as the others until you finally opened your mouth and said that one little word that made Jack’s heart swell with happiness.


Jack grinned as he slid the ring onto your finger on your left hand and quickly stood up, picking you up from the sofa and lifting you off the floor as the boys stood up and cheered loudly.

Crashing his lips against yours, the grin still spread across Jack’s face as tears brimmed your eyes.

“That’s a new way to propose I guess.” You giggled as you loose wrapped your legs around Jack’s waist.

“Well you know me, I like to be different.” Jack smirked proudly to himself as he leant his forehead against yours, staring into your eyes.

This was very true, and you wouldn’t have your fiancé any other way.

anonymous asked:

Can I just say, I feel like I'm the only one that's extremely irritated with the whole moving theories? Like it's great if they are but in all seriousness, there's a lot to disprove them moving, specially right now with everything going on(vaca). And moving is something serious, not some secret project that doesn't have to be acknowledge right away like moving would. Why the fuck would they be so hush hush over moving? There's no need to?? And dan said he's redecorating his room SOO... no move.

fair enough. idg why it’s the foundation for so much discourse to be honest. if they move they move if they don’t they don’t. they inevitably will eventually bc they’ve said themselves that the house is too small for all of their things. so it’s rly more a matter of “when” and that seems v uninteresting to me overall to be frank

edit: since yesterday i’ve been thinking about the wholly inadequate answer i gave to this ask. not only was i a bit condescending in my response (and i want to say sorry about that bc i didn’t intend for my tone to be laced with so much judgment … of course it’s valid to be interested in if/when they’re moving and think about what it could mean for them,) but i also didn’t even really respond to the question that this anon posed and i feel really bad about it (which is also why i realized i should probs log off and not try to answer much else, since i was not in a great place to be thinking about this stuff.) 

i do want to try and respond better tho to the question of why dnp would “be so hush hush over moving” (though i apologize in advance since u said you’re feeling irritated by the moving theories. this is a full on explanation of all the evidence that supports that theory.) the first point i want to make is that i actually don’t think they’re really trying to keep it hush hush. they’re obviously not outright stating that they’re moving, but dan especially has made several allusions to that notion over the last few months, many of which seem to have been forgotten in the overall discussion happening in the fandom right now. there were all of the needing storage mentions of course, and then the explicit statement in that january live show that “getting more storage” was definitely on the agenda for 2017. that could obviously be an innocuous statement, but with dan’s extensive knowledge of phandom discourse, the chance seems slim that he didn’t know that “getting storage” was being used as a way to talk about moving. then there were all of those subtle mentions about how long they’ve lived in the flat–i think on 2 or 3 separate occasions dan brought up that he couldn’t believe they’d been there for 5 years now. there was also the mention that he wants a new piano, and that that was something he would do this year. again while it’s possible he meant getting a new piano in this flat, he’s also stated in the past that the piano has been in that apartment since it was constructed and it just seems more feasible to accomplish that goal in a new place? and he also stated in january that after filming a lot for dapg, the early part of 2017 would be dedicated to “life things.” and, finally, with respect to yesterday’s live show, if they’re really trying to keep this some enormous secret dan would’ve tried a lot harder imo to hide the absence of the wirrow painting and the shit on his bedside table. or he would’ve waited until after the tuesday live show to get the stuff moved. or he would’ve canceled the tuesday live show altogether, especially bc he had a pretty solid excuse in being swamped with pre-travel preparation (he even made it seem like a possibility that he wouldn’t stream today during the joint live show last week.)

generally, i do think there are a number of reasons they would want to keep it mostly secret (the pressure from millions of people openly speculating about it, drawing conclusions from it, expressing their heartbreak bc of their emotional attachment to their current flat, etc. seems like an incomprehensible stress on top of the already stressful process of moving.) but i also think it’s important to note that they’re not really trying very hard to eliminate speculation on it either. in my opinion, they seem more like they’re attempting to lowkey prepare people without outright stating it so that no one who is seriously invested in them and their personal matters (aka the ardent live show watchers) can truly claim to be shocked or surprised when it happens. i mean, just look at their tags here on tumblr rn–if they were aiming to keep it “hush hush” i would say they miserably failed. if, however, their goal was to tell people subtly without confirming it outright,, then they clearly succeeded.

overall, since dnp have always been people who seem to make every decision and statement with so much premeditated thought, the easiest explanation of all of the past statements i’ve listed (and yesterday’s very pointed “you could say i’m relocating it … one could say” …. like rly if he’s aesthetically rearranging his current bedroom why that sketchy “one could say” addendum? it makes literally no sense in that context) is that they’re moving. i also don’t understand why it seems like such a ‘reach’ to people. they’ve lived in that flat so long. they’ve talked about needing more space for so long. it just seems very logical to me on every level that two people with their level of intertwined living and their financial capacity would take this relatively chiller time in their professional lives to do something about their struggle w too limited space, the annoying loudness of their street, their leaky gas pipes, their overbearing landlord, etc. etc. and “see if there’s a better way to live” (also dan’s words from earlier this year, in case ppl forgot) 

in short, all of these things seem to make at least a reasonable case for them moving (and moving soon), and  all of dan’s talk about aesthetics and new backgrounds for his videos, plus asking viewers to send him “palettes,” are easier explained, imo, as just a bit of (adorable) excitement around the upcoming process of redecorating in a new place. he’ll still need to think about how to arrange his furniture and what sort of decorative pieces to add to his background in this hypothetical new place, obvi, and he never explicitly said the words “i’m redecorating this bedroom that i currently inhabit.” moreover, that they’re moving and some of their stuff has already been packed away explains all of the sketchier elements of the show in a much cleaner way. for example, why was dan’s excuse for using his phone that the mouse to his “laptop” was dead? do they not have batteries? do they not have other computer mouses in their house? (they do. like at least 2 if not more.) why would not having a mouse, if that was even true, necessitate him sitting on his bed with his phone? why not use his laptop? or if that’s broken too, why not use phil’s laptop as he has done before? using a phone seems like the most inconvenient solution, and sitting on the bed with that phone seems doubly inconvenient. like, let’s say all of the other tech is packed away for their trip or dead or broken and his only option really was his phone … why did he choose to sit on his bed? something he hasn’t done in a live show in literal years? something that is so clearly uncomfortable? wouldn’t it have been easier to sit at his desk with his phone leaned against something? and then obvi why the weirdness with the painting? why the empty bedside table? also, why will phil be unavailable to do a live show until the 25th if the aus convention ends the 15th and, by dan’s own words, they’re coming home before going to florida? 

i really think the simplest explanation to all of these things is that his room is being emptied and he didn’t want to show us, they’re in the process of moving some stuff out, maybe all of it, so that they’ll be totally relocated in the coming weeks. i think the notion that he was talking about rearranging his room makes much less sense bc then he would’ve just directly said “lol i’m rearranging my room right now and i need ideas and also that’s why the painting is gone.” there was literally no reason for him to be so weird and unclear about it. that they’ve been house-hunting and packing shit up would also account in large part for their apparent busy schedules and stress over the last few weeks. it would account for why dan has made so many allusions to being tired (rmmbr “i’m so tired … i don’t know why … actually i do know why”?? rmmbr him clarifying at one point that he was “physically” tired??? hmmm.) 

obvi everything is speculation at the end of the day, i could be totally wrong on all of this and dan might just be a crazy person who says random misleading shit for kicks, but i guess overall i’m just a bit confused why the idea that they’re moving is being treated like some sort of outrageous tinhat theory when: 1. there have been so many signs pointing to it 2. it just makes sense for them at this stage of their lives, and 3. they’ve seemingly not tried super hard to hide it either. 

Painted Hearts (3)

part one; part two; part three; part four;

“Ow, ow, ow,” you groaned tiredly, wincing hard at the pounding headache. It felt like someone was trying to crack your head open with a chisel. Slapping your hand over your eyes and rubbing them hard, you rolled across your pillow and opened your bleary eyes. Your bedroom slowly came into focus, and immediately you knew something was wrong.

This wasn’t your bedroom. The soft grey walls, the fresh white sheets, the tall windows letting in soft streams of golden sunlight – this most certainly wasn’t your bedroom. It was too big, too clean and way too tidy. So where the hell were you?

Sitting up slowly and wiping the sleep from your eyes, you looked around the room, spotting your silver dress and red heels on the white carpet beside you. Your eyes slowly scanned the rest of the room, trying to take everything in and figure out where you were. Suddenly something moved on your right, snapping your attention to the shirtless Sehun sleeping beside you.

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anonymous asked:

Do u have any uni au's?

Here You Go:

Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows [ 1/1 | English | 31,086 ] *

It’s five o’clock in the morning. Louis has a lecture at half eight. He could be using this time to study or to do his readings or to go to the gym, but - well. He doesn’t have any exams coming up, he’s not going to his seminar today anyway and he hates the gym. Instead he’s using this time to fuck with Harry Styles’ poor little brain. Louis jogs across the street and jabs the key into the car door. It opens easily, not that he was expecting anything else. He copied the key for a reason, after all. He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

Fading by tothemoonmydear [ 32/32 | English | 202,393 ] ***

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

Learning To Breathe by youcomecrash [ 20/20 | English | 110,890 ] ***

He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.

Faking It by TheCellarDoor [ 1/1 | English | 46,173 ] *

A uni AU in which Louis has been Harry’s best friend since he offered him cubed fruit on the playground, and they spend more time cuddling in their dorm beds than they do apart, but it’s not like that. Or is it?

Both Showing Hearts by kiwikero [ 11/11 | English | 113,570 ] 

Or, the Uni AU where Louis helps Harry figure out his sexuality, Niall crashes a bachelorette party, Liam works in a printing centre, and Zayn happens to need lots of printing done.

And I’ll Judge The Cover By The Book by harrystylesandstuff [ 2/2 | English | 73,810 ] *

Or a Private University AU where Harry is a queer posh prince, Louis is a closeted troublemaker, and neither expect to understand each other the way they will.

I hope these are okay - there were so many so if you need anymore then just send another ask! - Happy Reading! :) 

Fanfic - You Have My Blessing - 1/1

Summary: Missing scene from 3x14 where Barry goes to Joe to ask for his family ring to propose to Iris. 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 

A/N: Based on @amuzed1 headcanon post found here

Joe had been moments away from leaving the house for his date with Cecile when he heard a knock on the front door.

He knew something was up when he opened his front door to find Barry. 

Seeing Barry wasn’t a complete surprise. Despite having moved out months ago Barry was still a frequent visitor to the West family home. Whether it was to watch Sunday football with Joe or for a family dinner. The odd part was Barry had knocked when Joe always had made it clear to him this was his home too.

There was also the fact Barry looked a little jumpy.

“Bar?” Joe stared at him in confusion. “What are you doing here?”

“Uh, hey Joe.” Barry rubbed his hand along the back of his neck. “Can I come in?”

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Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

You stared at the small box in your hands. It contained a necklace. Not a fancy, expensive one or anything (after all, Jonathan could only do so much), but a nice one nonetheless. It was the fourth gift you had received from him in the last month and while you loved your boyfriend with all of your heart, the box felt heavy in your hands. And it wasn’t because the necklace itself was heavy.

Jonathan Byers was very inexperienced in the realm of dating. Apparently not every girl in the small town of Hawkins was hot for a lanky, shy introvert whose hands were practically glued to his camera. So when you waltzed into his life and eventually into his heart, he wasn’t sure how to take it.

Do most people like holding hands? Is something supposed to happen on movie dates? What about kissing on the first date, was that alright?

As much as these questions plagued Jonathan, he lived in fear of how much embarrassment he thought he’d be plagued by if he asked you any of these. You weren’t necessarily someone who got around, but between the two of you, two official boyfriends and one crush that went nowhere was comparatively far more experienced, even if you never went beyond a simple make-out session with either of them. You therefore found yourself less upset and more amused when you later learned that he turned to Nancy for advice. The end result?

“Well, people like to get gifts,” Nancy shrugged. “I’d say maybe start the first date off with a bouquet or something – nothing major, y’know?” She then quickly added, “It helps if it’s something from the heart, though.”

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anonymous asked:

How do you manage not having facebook? Did you have it at one time and then leave, or just never sign up? I'm asking b/c I'm getting real skeeved out by the Big Brother aspect of sharing everything I react to, so I'm trying to move away from fb, but right now I still use it a lot

my two best friends cut it off cold turkey in like 2010 and urged me to do so but i was so addicted to it. But when i was trying to get my mental health in order i started cutting off things that were hindering my ability to get over my depression and Facebook was one of them. I was so concerned w how people were living their lives in comparison to my own and it rendered me unable to get things accomplished in my life. It messed w my head a lot. FB can be toxic like that. And honestly??? It’s been almost 5 years and I don’t miss it one bit.

@whatrparks asked for an update on accidental relationship and pining. Here’s the pining update and I’ll probably do the accidental relationship one tomorrow! - Anastasia

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Daddy Dearest by StilinskiSexual (CurlyLahey)

(1/? I 186 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek Hale is a strong, independent dad who don’t need no man.

Then why does he fantasize about bending his son’s new kindergarten teacher over his desk, and wants to cook him dinner?


Derek Hale is a single dad to baby Isaac and baby Liam and swears he doesn’t need anyone else, that is until he meets the most handsome man he’s ever seen with eyes that feel like home. No, he hasn’t been reading Erica’s Romance novels.

won’t sleep by triggeringthehealing (froggydarren)

(1/1 I 303 I General I Sterek)

He doesn’t sleep because on those nights, he doesn’t want to. Because on those nights, he finds a spot where he can see the sky, where he can keep his eyes on the bright circle in the darkness around it.

Pretty, Pale (and Mine) by OverMyFreckledBody

(1/1 I 591 I Mature I Jennifer/Kali)

From the first time Kali has set eyes on Julia, she’s known, wanted.

Julia’s got pale, perfect skin. Kali wants to mark it.

Real Life, Love by QuickLikeLight

(1/1 I 829 I General I Scott/Lydia)

The sound of Lydia’s key in the lock makes him breathe a small sigh of relief. Lydia’s home. She’ll know what to do.

Nonsexual Favors by 42hrb

(1/1 I 851 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek gets a text from Stiles in the middle of the night asking for help. He’ll always help Stiles.

The Twenty Dollar Date by Lacrosse_CandyCorn_Puns

(1/1 I 904 I General I Sterek)

Derek pines, Stiles pines, and Finstock just wants the cafeteria to stop serving those god awful fish tacos. Is that too much to ask?!

The Line by inatshej

(1/1 I 931 I Explicit I Sterek)

They spend the whole hour discussing the topic. Both leave with the list of the books to read. The line between them, so clear before – Derek is a TA, Stiles is a student – becomes blurry.

Strawberries and Lemonade by mikkimouse

(1/1 I 992 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles had volunteered to help Derek out with the garden out at the pack house this summer, though also admittedly, he’d done so because he was nursing the most unrequited of unrequited crushes. Spending all summer staring at Derek’s well-muscled back and ass seemed like both the best and worst idea in the world at the same time, and Stiles had absolutely zero sense of self-preservation.

That’s Just My Face Stiles by 42hrb

(1/1 I 1,040 I Teen I Sterek)

After Scott manages to break all the centerpieces for Lydia and Jackson’s wedding Stiles and Derek are stuck together making new ones. 

meat cute by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 1,046 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles sees it when he’s grocery shopping, the display hardly touched, people opting for the cheaper, non-heart shaped packages of steak. He gets it, he really does, after all, what’s the point of buying specially packaged meats for your significant other if you’re just gonna take the thing out of the box and cook it, anyways?

But if you had a werewolf sweetheart, this would be awesome, right?

Stiles snaps a photo and sends it to Kira, asking if she’s got a present for Scott yet. She texts him back a second later with, aw thanks i already got him a present when i went xmas shopping tho

And then: u should give it to ur werewolf ;)

Stiles stares at his phone, because he doesn’t have a werewolf. Well, technically he has a crush on a werewolf, but that doesn’t really count.

He buys the steak anyways.

Derek’s bad luck? by Lonelyirises

(2/2 I 1,401 I General I Sterek)

For a few seconds he couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw the mole speckled specimen of beauty was standing a few feet away from him, in process of moving heavy looking boxes in to the next house. And the second Derek got over the disbelief he realized his whole world had come crashing down. Why did the universe hate him so much?

Derek had left the his hometown, unable to deal with the heartache and moved to this “nowhere” town about 3 hours away from Beacon Hills, the day Stiles had married Lydia. What was more pathetic? Stiles had no idea Derek existed. And yet… and yet after everything Derek had gone through, and left behind, Stiles was moving in, right next door to him. Derek couldn’t believe his bad luck.

Under Development by dr_girlfriend

(1/? I 1,411 I Teen I Sterek)

Environmental lawyer Derek Hale is determined to stop the planned defacement of his beloved Beacon Hills Preserve by the mammoth Starr Development company. To do so, he makes a deal with the devil himself — Stiles Starr, the brash young scion of the Starr family and COO of Starr Development. Derek hates Stiles at first sight. Mieczysław Stilinski, on the other hand, is someone that Derek could grow to like…or even love.

Praise Jesus for Stiles Stilinki’s Hot Bod by TheChosenOneIamNot

(2/? I 1,508 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek and Stiles have been officially dating for six months now and everything is going great, except for one small thing. He’s never seen Stiles shirtless despite many heated makeout sessions that end in one or both having to change their pants. Obviously this must be due to Stiles lack of self esteem and must be remedied immediately. With the packs help, hopefully Derek will be able to get into Stiles pants (and shirt) before he dies of sexual frustration.

I Want You to Show Me by hazelNuts

(1/1 I 1,510 I General I Sterek)

Stiles slides out of his car and softly closes the door, wincing when the hinges groan. He trails behind Derek as they walk to his house, close enough that he can intervene if necessary, but far enough away that he knows he won’t wake Derek up. When they arrive at his place, he sits on the porch steps, pulls out his phone, and waits.

Pizza with a Side of Panic by SnazzyJazzyH

(1/1 I 1,767 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles hates pizza but that sure doesn’t stop him from ordering pizza from Hale of a Pizza. Although the hot delivery guy probably had something to do with it.

Last Call by Inell

(1/1 I 1,822 I Teen I Stiles/Danny/Jackson)

Stiles decides to drown his sorrows but the bar owners aren’t cooperating with his plan.

Girl Crushed by ExpectroPatronum74

(1/1 I 2,111 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek is in love with Stiles and has been for months, but he has a problem. Stiles is dating Malia and Derek’s chances are not looking too good.

Haven’t you heard the rumours? by fairyfey

(1/1 I 2,162 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles is a drama teacher who tends to overshare, Derek is a nerdy english teacher who somehow makes cardigans sexy and the students think they should be together.


We’re both high school teachers and my students ship us but I won’t let them tell you au

Eating habits by SourwolfZiam

(1/1 I 2,355 I Mature I Sterek)

“Have you ever eaten your own barf?

Or, Stiles and Derek get their shit together.

starry eyed and nerdified by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 2,392 I General I Sterek)

For the past two weeks Stiles has been leaving Derek anonymous love notes. Derek finally guesses who his secret admirer is.

quoting Rhett Butler by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 2,445 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles has a bad habit of dating complete assholes. Good thing Derek’s there to knock some sense into him.

what in carnation? by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 2,985 I General I Sterek)

Deliveryman wasn’t exactly Derek’s dream job but it helped put him through school so he couldn’t complain. Especially since it helped him meet the love of his life.

I Fell in Love with My Best Friend (2.0) by DerekHaleGirl97

(1/1 I 3,515 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Now I realize you are the only one
It’s never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
Back when we were so innocent

I pray for all your love
Girl, our love is so unreal
I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
(I must be dreaming)
This is something like a movie
And I don’t know how it ends, girl
But I fell in love with my best friend…

Grand Jeté by thekissballad (kkpsigirl)

(1/1 I 3,753 I General I Sterek)

“I don’t mean to be rude, Dad,” she said toward Stiles before turning back to Derek, “but as you saw, Mr. Hale, he’s not the most graceful person.”

Stiles snorted, turned red and covered his face while his daughter continued. “I don’t want him to perform a grand jeté and hurt himself. He needs to be able to catch all the bad guys. So…” she trailed off, looking between both men.

Code Sea Witch by ANTchan

(1/1 I 4,975 I General I Sterek)

At Lydia Martin’s Nereid Crown they have a code: “Somebody asked for the Sea Witch.”

Recipe for the heart. by skyblue993

(3/5 I 5,018 I Teen I Sterek)

It’s the last year of high school and Stiles is ready to leave everything behind but there’s only one thing he wants to do before leaving for college; Conquer Derek’s heart.

To Move On is to Grow by WhisperedWords12

(1/1 I 5,886 I Explicit I Stiles/Everyone)

Stiles decided to put on the collar that marked him as a sub for public use at 16. By law, it was the youngest he is allowed to, and was the only one in his year to do so. It’s when Scott gets bitten and Derek comes into town that everything changes.

What You Need by dragon_temeraire

(1/1 I 6,230 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek is an alpha with unusual desires. 

Shadows We Make by Alwaysdreaming95

(3/? I 8,728 I Teen I Sterek)

After Defeating the Nogistune Stiles twin, Jada, ends up coming back to Beacon Hills after living in Ireland. The only problem in this family reunion is abondoment and the trouble that follows her home. She tries to deal with her past traumas and her nightmares. This is a story that follows Jada in her journey to deal with the alpha and his pack that wants her dea and her new… old life in Beacon Hills.

Sevens and Eights by calrissian18

(1/1 I 10,092 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles has a bandage slung under his chin like a disembodied helmet strap when Derek first meets him. It’s complemented by a chipped front tooth and a scrape of road rash across his cheek.

Mischief and a SourWolf by LoneWolf1993

(6/? I 12,520 I Not Rated I Sterek I MCD)

It’s been four months since Derek left Beacon Hills and has began to settle into his new life. Until he gets a message from the life he left that has him coming back to the reason he left in the first place.

Easy, Cheesy by crookedcig

(6/? I 18,881 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek sets his kitchen on fire (a little bit). Stiles is a firefighter called to the scene. Derek communicates his anger with eyebrows alone, and Stiles falls in lust. Slowly, they both fall in more than that.

aka what happens when I try to write how their lives would be different if Laura had refused to ever go back to California.

I like to be called cupcake, too. by ellsaba (laceydean)

(16/? I 18,855 I Teen I Sterek)

It look a long time to come up with a name for the bakery.

Or, it took a long time for Stiles to accept that “no, we’re not going to call it Stilinski’s Bakeski’s, what is wrong with you, it’s not even your business”. Which, yeah, wasn’t one of his greater ideas, but it was one of his ideas. Plural.

Unbreakable by rufferto, SlasherFiend

(3/? I 42,478 I Explicit I Petopher)

After a particularly unsettling week alone in the house he used to share with the wife he loved, Chris has had a little bit too much to drink. Normally he can deal with pain and feelings. Normally he can sort everything out and soldier forward. When he is at the end of his rope there is something that he needs to do and someone who can help him if he chooses to. So he leaves himself open practically inviting the Werewolf to come kill him. But it’s not a fight he wants. A little more than ten years ago he had an affair with Peter Hale. At that time period, he’d needed someone, something to pull him out of the path he was on before it was too late. Before he became Gerard. Peter had been that person. Peter had been the only one to get through to him, make him talk. Peter was the reason Allison didn’t get trained at a young age. Chris handled the ending of it badly. He’d hurt Peter who had fallen in love with him. In spite of being in love, he’d chosen his family. Now he needs that again, he’s falling into that pit and only one man can pull him out of it, if he chooses to.

anonymous asked:

So here's a prompt if it tickles your fancy: Sanvers having a conflict about race. Or privilege, rather? Being in a relationship with a white person can be pretty hard? Because of privileges and (usually, hopefully unintentional and not ill-willed) cluelessness about what it's like to move through the world when you're not white. I've never seen it dealt with in fic and it'd be cool to read.

Alex always readily agreed – nods her head, says things like yeah and J’onn’s right and James has a point – whenever someone explicitly comments on racism. She’s always supportive, always a little too ready to nod her head in agreement, but she’s also always a bit… clueless.

And it feels a bit more like Alex is agreeing because she’s always so ready to defend her friends, rather than because she necessarily… gets it.

Because she got the part where Maggie said she grew up non-straight in Blue Springs, Nebraska. She got it and she’ll recognize homophobia and she’ll stiffen and she’ll be ready to punch someone into last Tuesday.

But she didn’t quite get the part where Maggie said she grew up non-white in Blue Springs, Nebraska.

Because Maggie will get up extra early some days for court to defend brown kids whose cases have crossed her desk, and Alex doesn’t understand.

“But I thought you said he did have a gun in his glove compartment.”

“He did, Al, but it was his father’s car and it was licensed to his father and that’s not even the point, the point is that they never should have been in his glove compartment to begin with, they never should have forced him out of his car to begin with, hell, they never should have pulled him over to begin with.”

And Alex will sigh and nod and go quiet and make Maggie coffee and Maggie will seethe because she hates having to explain things like this in her own home, but at least Alex is asking (instead of accusing her of caring about work more than their relationship), which is more than she can say for the other white girls she’s dated.

Because some nights, Alex will come over and Maggie is positively tearing into the punching bag in her living room, Nas blasting throughout the house, and Alex doesn’t say anything, but she looks confused when Maggie huffs out between jabs and crosses and uppercuts how much zero tolerance policies in schools just seek out and punish Black girls, and Maggie doesn’t want her to look confused, like she’s hearing this for the first time, Maggie wants her to get it, intuitively, and she doesn’t, so Maggie punches harder.

Because some afternoons, Alex will come to the precinct and ask why Maggie’s captain talks to her so differently than he talks to the other women in the precinct, do they have a difficulty history together, and Maggie swallows the answer about his white ass and just kind of shrugs until Alex lets it go, but it eats into Maggie’s stomach all afternoon and only Alex’s smile, ironically, fixes it. Somewhat.

And one evening, when they’re out in a club and James and Maggie sort of huddle in a corner together and Alex can’t figure out why, Maggie’s grateful when James is the one to say all these white folks, Alex, it could be a Klan meeting up in here and Maggie looks down at her feet because she doesn’t want to see Alex’s face fall, doesn’t want to see Alex’s eyes flood with tears, because she’d picked the venue, and it was a gay spot and wasn’t that good enough and she’d failed and Maggie feels badly because Maggie loves her and doesn’t want her to feel guilty, doesn’t want her to spiral, but damn does she not want to be the one to have to pick up those pieces right now.

It’s that night that Maggie first really says anything about it, that night when Maggie decides that she’s not going to treat Alex like the other white girls she’s dated: allowing them to ignore their privilege, to ignore the ways they steamroll over Maggie, ignore the ways their lack of getting it makes her constantly feel crazy in her own home.

She’s not going to let Alex not learn, because she loves her, she loves her, she loves her, and she’s starting to trust, somehow, that Alex loves her enough back to put in the work on herself that Maggie needs her to put in.

“Babe,” Maggie begins, gently, softly, her hands on Alex’s hips after Alex slinks off her jacket and opens the fridge for some water.

“Are you mad at me?” Alex asks immediately, because they hadn’t spoken about it at the club, they’d just danced, danced, Maggie being extra watchful and Alex not noticing the filthy looks and raised eyebrows they got from white girls who think they own oppression because they’re lesbians.

Maggie sighs and rests her forehead on Alex’s shoulder. “No. No, Ally, I’m not mad, but I… I need that to not be the point.”

Alex turns and furrows her brow and waits, and Maggie’s heart flutters because Alex is not going to yell, and Alex is not going to blame her, and Alex is not going to reject her, and Alex is not going to tell her that she’s making things up and not everything is about race, not, not, not, right?

“There are ways I move in the world that… that you don’t. You could stroll into that club, or hell, anywhere, with Kara, and two beautiful white women? God, Alex, you have all the privilege in the world. All of it. And I… I have a lot of it, too. I can pass sometimes, and I hate it, I hate that, but I… listen, Al, I… I’m not going to teach you about your white flipping privilege. I don’t want to have to, babe. I want to come home and know that the woman I love is going to understand without me having to explain to her, I want the woman I love to get it. That doesn’t mean you can’t mess up and it doesn’t mean you can’t ask me things, but just… you gotta stop treating racism like it only exists in big bad individual people and hella obvious, okay?”

Alex fidgets and sighs, and Maggie’s heart hammers.

“So you’re saying you love me.”

Maggie can’t help the radiant smile that pushes it’s way onto her face, because Alex is ridiculous, and Alex is right.

“And you’re saying you want me to start being less of a ‘post-racial’ jackass.”

Maggie arches an eyebrow and tilts her head. “I’m impressed you know that word, Danvers.”

“I’ve been trying, Sawyer. Because I love you too. And I’m gonna figure out how to love you better. I promise.”

alive and safe and with me

They’re sitting at their dining room table and Philip smiles over at Lukas, picking another piece of pepperoni off his slice of pizza. 

“Why’re you still wearing long sleeves?” Philip asks, narrowing his eyes. “It’s hot in here.”

Lukas has had a sort of quiet contentment on his face since he got home late this afternoon and he just smiles, shaking his head.

“How are you not hot?” Philip asks. “I’m hot.”

“Yeah you are,” Lukas says, grinning at him.

Philip laughs, shaking his head. “What’s up with you? You meet some new cute guy at that group project thing? You getting ready to tell me you’re leaving?”

Lukas scoffs. “As if,” he says. 

Philip knows it’s the most impossible thing, which is why it’s so easy to joke about it. “So why are you acting like you’re staring at something beautiful?”

“Well, I am,” Lukas says, gesturing towards him. He grins when Philip sits back in his seat, clicking his tongue. “Angel face, you walked into that one.”

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I Left The Moon

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: DOB Charakter x Reader


A/N : As always - keep in mind that English isn’t me first language :)

Thank again, Em 💖@fillthevoid-stilinski <3 love you twinny 


@lukehemmo134 <3 <3 

Oh.. and I’m sorry.. you will know why.

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

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Moaning Mona Lisa [m]

Genre: Smut/Fluff ⚠️ (Oral? Taehyung’s tongue? idk lmao)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 3297 he’s my bias… I got carried away… I’m sorry…

Summary: Taehyung can’t finish his painting until his muse can relax…

A/N: This is the fourth installment of my Spring Day drabbles series! I only have three left to do. They should be up later this week! Check out my other ones thru the link at the end of this post 😊

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I don’t know. It’s been interesting to see… Me, Candice, the actress, especially did not expect their relationship to evolve so fast this season, but given the future prophecy, I think Barry has realized what’s truly important to him. He’s watched both his mother and his father die horrifically and I think, more than just trying to save Iris’ life, he wants to take advantage of every moment he has with her while she’s here. That’s kind of caused their relationship to evolve quickly. So I don’t know. I think once she’s saved, if she is saved, it will be interesting to see if they kind of continue in that same vein of progressing their relationship, or if they kind of slow down and enjoy the ride.
—  Candice Patton | E!News: Assuming Iris does survive and everything is fine, will she and Barry go right back to moving as fast as they have been lately, or slow down a bit?
Alfie vs. Pregnancy | Alfie Solomons

Request: @thinemineours Alfie needs to go through his wife’s pregnancy. Dude must probably be more scared than her. ILY😘

Note: so this is so long I cannot even begin to explain how carried away I got and a slight change… she’s not his wife… yet…


“Yes, Alfie?”

“This is really ‘appening?”

“Yeah, it is. It’s really happening.”

“You’re sure, right, ‘cause sometimes—“

“Alf, I went to the Doctor and you know that, ‘cause you bloody had Ollie follow me, didn’t you?”

“You were actin’ odd, yeah, I was just makin’ sure no funny business was goin’ on.”

“Funny business?”

“Don’t matter now, does it?”

“You didn’t trust me.”

“I did, love, I did. It’s everyone else I don’t trust, not you, love… might ‘ave been in some compromisin’ situation or somethin’ and I would’ve made sure we put an end to it.”

“An end to me more like.”

“Couldn’t put an end to you even if I wanted to. You’d haunt me, day an’ fucking night.”

“Too fucking right I would.”

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Lins notebooks look like mine lmaoooo
Maybe it’s a songwriter thing ???

E! News: This has been a weird season for you, and for Iris, since we know she could die very soon. What is she thinking right now as she’s watching Team Flash try to save her life?

Patton: Obviously Iris’ impending doom is something that’s weighing on everyone in Team Flash, especially her, and it’s caused her to have a lot of emotional ups and downs this season. We’ve seen her kind of fear for her life and we’ve seen her kind of act out recklessly in her job because she knows she’s not going to die in the present, so you know, she’s going to do whatever she wants, kind of thing. She’s kind of been dealing with a lot knowing that her future is not safe.

Is it weighing on her that she might not have the power to save herself, and that she has to rely on other people to make sure she doesn’t die?

Yeah, I mean I think everyone feels helpless. I think everyone’s kind of grasping at straws to figure out what they can do to stop this future from happening, and it’s not just her future. There’s three prophecies that have been exposed, so the team is really trying to grasp anything they can to prevent it from happening. And yeah, Iris, you know, she’s not a superhero, and I think it’s kind of an interesting storyline to see her kind of grapple with trying to save her own life and not having all of the tools available to do that.

Are we going to see her take any action, whatever she can do to save her own life?

That I don’t know yet. I would assume so. I think anytime your life is in danger, you’re going to do everything you possibly can if it’s available to you to save your own life. So it will be interesting to see what role Iris plays in either saving her life or not saving her life. I’m really looking forward to how they flesh that out.

I have this fear that she decides too many people have been hurt because of her, and she decides…

And she’ll sacrifice herself? I hope for my job’s safety that does not happen. I hope she fights for her life.

What is the status of her relationship with Barry after the whole proposal fiasco? Their talk was interrupted by Barry’s epiphany…

That’s just it. Their relationship is very much up in the air. Wally kind of burst in in this last episode we saw, and revealed that in the future, I don’t have a ring on my finger, and that’s probably why Barry proposed to me. You know, Iris doesn’t want to be married for that reason. She doesn’t want to be married out of fear. She wants it to be from a place of love. I think she made a tough decision, but it was the decision that she had to make, and we’re going to see in the next episode that their relationship is still very much up in the air and hopefully they can figure out how to get back on track, but for now it’s not looking great for Barry and Iris.

What would it take from Barry, or even from Iris, to get them back on track?

I don’t know. I think Iris needs to know that Barry truly wants to be married to Iris. I think she knows that deep down, but she doesn’t want it to be entangled with fear and trying to change the future. I think she feels like the proposal was kind of a two for one special, like yes I love you and I want to marry you, but this will also change the future. I don’t think any girl wants that. She wants that engagement to be solely about him wanting to be her husband. So I think Barry will have to prove that in some way for her to kind of get back on track.

Assuming Iris does survive and everything is fine, will she and Barry go right back to moving as fast as they have been lately, or slow down a bit?

I don’t know. It’s been interesting to see…me, Candice, the actress, especially did not expect their relationship to evolve so fast this season, but given the future prophecy, I think Barry has realized what’s truly important to him. He’s watched both his mother and his father die horrifically and I think, more than just trying to save Iris’ life, he wants to take advantage of every moment he has with her while she’s here. That’s kind of caused their relationship to evolve quickly. So I don’t know. I think once she’s saved, if she is saved, it will be interesting to see if they kind of continue in that same vein of progressing their relationship, or if they kind of slow down and enjoy the ride.

What is Iris’ relationship like with Joe (Jesse R. Martin) right now, especially given what happened to Wally?

It’s hard for Joe I think because he has a clear, strong relationship with Barry as well. I think he gets Barry’s reasoning, so he’s in a tough position kind of, being stuck in between two young adults that he loves very much. So we’ll see in the next episode, Joe kind of playing the mediator between the two. I think nobody wants them to get married and live a happy life more than Joe, and you know, with Wally being in the speed force, it’s an emotional time for Joe and everyone, but the West family especially. We had just gotten to know Wally and he’s such a huge part of our lives, so this fear that he might be stuck in the speed force is truly devastating. And we’ll see a lot of that in the next episode.

What can you preview about this week’s episode? The promo showed the return of Eddie (Rick Cosnett)…

Barry and the team figure out a way for him to go into the speedforce and try and find Wally, and while he’s there, he comes into contact with a lot of characters that we’ve seen in the past—Eddie being one of them. Ronnie Raymond [Robbie Amell], and a lot of fan favorites. Barry, in trying to get Wally out, will struggle with a lot of his past decisions and his past actions that have caused a lot of pain for Team Flash.

Speaking of pain, is Barry OK? Seems like he has a lot of mistakes to make up for, and he got pretty badly injured last week…

I think he might be a little depressed, and rightfully so. He’s going through a lot, and he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s trying to not only save Iris but Wally and everyone’s prophecies. He’s trying to prevent those from coming true, so he’s got a lot on his shoulders. But the thing about Barry Allen that we’ve seen over the past few seasons is that if anyone can handle it and move forward, it’s Barry. Nothing’s worse than seeing your parents viciously murdered in front of you, so I think he’ll find a way.