everything is making me mad today

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but I just want to rant about something hateful that happened to me today. This guy, uninvited, sat at my lunch table to rant about how yoi didn't deserve the awards they won on crunchyroll. Being a well-mannered person, I politely ask him to leave (along with his negativity), though he kept continuing on his rant and even denying the fact that viktuuri is canon. He's one of those people that hates "mainstream" anime and everything about it. Sorry I just needed to rant!

That makes me SO mad man like first of all. WHO ASKED YOU BOY. Second, the awards are a result of the support each show had from the community and YOI had the most support by a large margin so it won. Simple as that. And viktuuri not being canon???? has he SEEN the show?! anyway I really do not enjoy people who hate something just because it’s popular like hop off your high horse and onto the yoi train dude

I Don't Care

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Request: 3 with Eric!!!!

I hate Mondays. Getting up and ready for work is so exhausting. But you know what makes it worse? You’re co-worker who loves to make you mad. Yes, Eric loves to do everything he can to tick me off. But surprisingly, most of the time he’s just joking around. But today, I wasn’t going to be able to handle it.

As soon as I walked into our shared office, Eric decided to open his mouth. “You’re late. Why are you late?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m late because it’s Monday. Monday means slower mornings. Slower mornings mean I’m late.”

“So you’re saying that you’re late because hungover last night.” He said.

“I never said that.” But before he could say anything else, I added, “And for your information, it wasn’t me that was hungover, it was my friend. I had to help them get home last night.”

“Gottcha.” He says.

The room was silent for a few minutes.

“So, am I supposed to be expecting you to come to work late on Mondays or?” He asks.

I don’t say anything. I don’t want to encourage him.

“Or are you just saying that this specific Monday is the reason that you’re late. Because when you explained why you were late, you were implying that all Mondays are like this Monday. But you’ve never been late before on a Monday so your explana-”

“Just shhh.” I say.


“You heard me. Shhh.”

“Okay. Fine.” He responds.

I was waiting him to start talking again, but he didn’t for a while. But of course, his mouth could never stay shut.

“I’m still going to want an answer to my question by the end of the day.”


He laughed quietly.




I just am.

Did something happen today?

Technically yes, but it doesn’t make enough sense that it would make me mad. I don’t know why this happens to me. I get mad for no goddamn reason. And it always happens in that one place.

Where is that?

Someone here knows. They may know who they are, they might not. But still. Fuck everything. Because why not?

I’ve spent yesterday and all morning today cleaning the house for people who will only complain about everything and tell me how all this food is unhealthy and will give us cancer and diabetes, and when I don’t eat anything they will be mad at me and try to make me eat everything.

Being an adult is great.

Preference: 14 (Phil)

You and Phil laid in bed, awake, while playing with eachother’s hands.

Phil looked at you and smiled, “Are you at all tired?”

You shook your head, “Not one bit.”

He smirked and kissed your cheek. “I’ve had too much sugar today to sleep.”

He jumped off the bed and ran around like a mad man, making you giggle.

“Phil! Calm down and come tell me a story.” You smiled, patting the spot next to you.

“I love telling stories!” He grins,

“I know.” You smile to yourself. Thinking how much of a good dad he would be in the future.

After story telling, Phil made a video, ‘A sleepless night with Phil and Y/n!’ Where he vlogged everything that you two did until you fell asleep. You both browsed tumblr, watched some anime, ate food and cuddled until it was 5am and you were both very tired.

“Goodnight Y/n, thanks for not being tired with me.”

a rant from a 5 years k-pop fan...

hello…it’s me..your trash aka angel..

today i’m gonna rant about something that have been bugging me since the beginning of time but never got the chance to express my feelings. It is about ‘New K-POP fans that don’t appreciate senior groups’ angel is about to throw some hands


I’ve been a fan of KPOP for about 5-6 years now(SNSD got me into it) I experience the 2nd-3rd generation era of KPOP. NOW I am a fan of new groups myself and when I say new I mean everything after 2012, it makes me so mad and disappointed when people don’t appreciate and respect the seniors groups. Groups like (2NE1,BIGBANG,SHINee,suju,….) created and pave the way for all these new groups nowadays. They are the people that create the the bridge from Korea to International and expose people into the music genre that we have today. All these new fans acting like BTS and EXO are Kings or better than senior groups. BOI, without all these senior groups your precious ‘oppas’ wouldn’t even be here today for you to be ignorance. New fans will never understand how the old kpop fandom were, when we are all nice to each other, when THERE WERE NO FAN WARS,when everyone just love music for what it is and IT WAS SO PEACEFUL! Fans something don’t stan older groups just for the sole reason that they are ‘too old’. Those are the fans that need to open their ears and stop being so ignorance to the fact that these Senior groups help created all these half ass rookies groups today. Back then groups have dept, they have individuality, they are special, they have their own style. Now half of the artist out there be sounding the same, have the same concept, same sound. I do stan new groups don’t get me wrong I love all these new artist, but that does’t let me have the right to say that one is better than one. That wrap up my thought and years of anger, hope y’all can relate:)

Well I guess I have to make a New Year’s Resolution.

I will not tell you everything anymore. Starting today. Starting right now. I’ll just keep quiet. I won’t open up like how I open up right now. Why, you say? Bc you always get mad. Up until now, you still don’t know how to react or respond if ever I tell something bad. So from now on, you’ll only get to see the normal and happy me.


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Words: ~600

Warnings: none. just fluffyyyyy and more fluffy.

Summary: Reader is on her period and just want to cuddle with Bucky.

A/N: Well, I know there’s like a thousand period fics with Bucky but I had to do it. Hope you guys like it! 

It was the period of the month I hated the most; my period. When I’m like this, everything makes me mad or weepy. Everything. Yesterday, Natasha killed a fly and I couldn’t stop crying, but come on! It had a family, maybe even some kids, and now Natasha murdered it in cold blood. They all teased me and it just made me cry even more. So, today I decided I wouldn’t leave my room. I would just stay there and cuddle with my boyfriend.

I woke up around 11 am, feeling cramps and a really strong headache and I thanked myself for already having told everyone to don’t expect me on the gym or at anywhere else today.

I rolled myself on the bed in an attempt to lay my head on Bucky’s chest, letting a frustrated groan out when I realized he wasn’t there. I lazily opened my eyes to search for him, but he clearly wasn’t in the room anymore.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y?” I called it in a sleepy voice.

“Yes, Ms. Y/L/N?” 

“Where’s Bucky?” 

“Right now he is training with Mr. Rogers.”

“Can you ask him to come over? Please?” I begged.

“Sure. I will do it right away.”

“Thank you.” I was still laying in my bed with my entire body covered in the blankets as I waited for Bucky, grumbling.

“Ms. Y/L/N?” I heard the robotic voice calling me. 

“Where’s he, F.R.I.D.A.Y?” 

“Mr. Barnes asked if it’s important or can wait until he’s finished”

“Ahhhhhh” I huffed. “Just tell him to come here, please.”


About five minutes passed until I heard the knock on the door, followed by it opening and I didn’t even bothered to see who it was.

“Hey, doll.” Bucky said as he entered the room. “What’s wrong?” I heard him closing the door and walk to the bed.

“Nothing.” I said with a muffled voice since I had a pillow on my face. “I just want to cuddle with you” I took the pillow off of my face and looked at him, pouting. 

“Aww.” He giggled and sat by my side on the bed. “Couldn’t you wait until I had finished my training with Steve?” He put his hand on my cheek and caressed it.

I slightly shook my head in a no as I laid it on his lap. “I’m with cramps.” 

“Oh…” He nodded as if everything had started to make sense. “Come here.” He opened his arms so I could cuddle with him.

I slowly sat up and placed my head in the curve of his neck and both my legs stretched on his lap and on the mattress beside him. He put his right hand in my back and the left one on my thighs, where I laid my both hands as well.

“Do you need anything?” He asked with a concerned voice.

“I just need you.” I babbled. 

“You’re so sweet, doll” He put his hand on my chin and pulled my face in front of his and I couldn’t help but smile and seal his lips with mine. “You know I just need you too, right?” I nodded, still smiling. “I love you.”

“I love you too, babe.” This time he was the one smiling. He pulled me into a quick but passionate kiss, and as soon as we stopped it I returned to rest my head on his shoulder and took a deep breath.

“Eh… You know, I said a just need you but I may also need ice cream.”

“I knew it!” He chuckled. “I’ll get it for you.” 


Alright, enough is enough. Pretty much everyone was upset with the past day’s events. That’s agreeable. And I think the reason I was the most upset was because how this all happened today, the fact that Rowan actually posted about it. Because if you recall, this, in reality, happens a lot and has definitely happened before.
But today I got really mad about it.
Rowan is contantly being given the short end of the stick. All the time. There’s people contantly harassing her about things even as small as not remembering to tag peyton in a tweet, not making it out to a baseball game, yesterday there was this whole frenzy on twitter about this group of people who spent an hour ridiculing everything about her appearance. This is every single day. She never gets a break. Never. This exact scenario even, the rumours thing, it is known to me that this has happened at least 3 times this year.
Rowan really takes a lot. And not even just on this aspect, in her actual life, and with the whole disney promo thing, and just - absolutely everywhere.
So if you think, the fact that she actually talked about this particular thing is really upsetting.
I’ve said it before, but going down this path this whole mess of a fandom seems to be, you really are going to break these kids.

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I got cut off, but I meant fake, as in hiding what you really are and how you want to act. I have heard of gay couple who are pressured to act like "just friends" in public, or more flamboyant queers being told to "tone it down" fi they want to be accepted, and it's all bullshit. My relationship is real and loving and I am not going to be fake just for someone else to be ok with what I do.

okay but it is not cool for you to compare yr straight relationship to the queer struggle

at all


and as several people pointed out, yeah okay yr relationship can be real and loving but people being uncomfortable with the dynamic that you and yr partner display is NOT the same as people being uncomfortable with queer people bc they’re queerphobic

and i am really not liking yr tone rn so if you’re gonna stay on this track of comparing yr STRAIGHT relationship to the oppression queer people face i’m gonna have to ask you to pack up yr shit and get the hell out of my ask box

Thank you Glee cast for everything. And I mean everything. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you and your characters. Of course there is one person in particular who had shaped me into this person more than the others, and it’ll never be too late to thank him.

But honestly, I may complain and it may make me mad and upset more than half the time now, but I wouldn’t change the early days for all the tea in China.

Thank you Glee Cast. It’s been special.