everything is just so pretty with colouring in this game

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Thank you bbycakes, I love these things <3

Rules: Tag as many people as you want

Relationship status: Single, pretty much out of the mingling game. Unless you count Bucky. 

Favorite colour (s): oh man, uhhh…this kinda changes every six months or so. Right now I’m into everything that’s like…holographic? Greyed and iridescent versions of colors like blue and red. Or just iridescent grey. Black, always.

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick.

Last song you listened to: “Blame” by Bastille. Their new album is wild.

Last movie watched: the Monster. It was actually a really decent indie horror flick

Top three characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff (but also Sam Wilson and Clint Barton)

Top 3 ships: Steve/Natasha, Karen/Frank (Daredevil), Gregg/Angus (Night in the Woods)

Books I’m currently reading: The Little Book of String Theory by Steven S. Gubser, and the Perfect Theory: a Century of Geniuses and the Battle over General Relativity by Pedro G. Ferreira. 

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Jordanimate’s Commissions

So hey guys! I finally realised that my life is gonna need to depend on money for University soon, so I really need to start earning some now before I get there ;u;

Everything above is pretty much it, but in case anybody gets confused, here’s some extra help:

- No Living things such as humans or animals

- OFF fangame maps are large and take up a lot of time, and they should only be OFF fangame maps, not any RPG maker game maps.

- Small objects classify as collectibles, maybe a weapon in Homestuck, anything with basic colours as I do not want to be doing any UV mapping yet…

- Clay Render is just grey, soft shadows and lighting. It doesn’t require textures, so I deduce 30% of the price~
E.g. £5 Object would become £3.50 etc.

- Cel-shading requires more time fixing materials and lighting, so I add 50% to the price~
E.g. £5 Object would become £7.50

- Low Poly Islands come with my own lighting and I’ll apply the spacey background, and the max amount of islands you can have is 4 uvu
You need to specify what is in it (No animals or people unless I can make them really low-poly) including any kind of lighting, biome, items etc.

- A 3D rotation is simply just the model spinning once, but I can loop it in Video or GIF format, you specify. The extra cost is for the render times (It can take a lot of my spare time out)

- Rigging and Weighting is if you already have a 3D character model or something similar that you’d like me to rig & weight, but as I have shown it will be basic (So no fingers or jaw movement, when I get to those I’ll still keep the price the same, I won’t raise it)

- The bouncing character animation is just a character of your choice doing this:

(I’ll add colour if requested)

- The drawing is exactly how it looks. I can change the facial expression and position of the arms, but the body will only go down that far. 

Thanks for your time!! And if you could reblog this, that would really, really help me ;u; <3