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I actually wish to talk to you more and be friends with you. But I'm quite shy. (/u\) Is it okay to just say hi to you through chat?



Message me, anon.

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PS: when i talk in ALLCAPS pls think of it as me yelling enthusiastically and not like i’m about to lead an army of bloodthirsty orcs to war, pls do not be afraid


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Monsta X Reaction to their wife going into labor

Shownu - He would want to make sure everything was fine and you get there safe. He would try to look calm on the outside but HE WOULD BE FREAKING OUT inside. Our leader would want to calm you down and assure you everything would be fine, yet he would be more concerned than you and would be the one needing some help XD. Shownu thought he was ready, but as soon as you tell him it’s finally happening, he would be so worried and nervous that would even start stuttering. He would grab you by the arm as he held your purse in the other hand, helping you to get in the car, while sweating like crazy and tripping over everything. (omg so cute)

“Just breathe, Yeobo, everything will be ok!”  *super nervous*

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Wonho - He would be pretty effective. He was already keen in that aspect and you two knew it was going to happen soon, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise, it was more excitement. When you woke up in the middle of the night, and felt that the baby was comming, you would ask for his help, waking him up as well. Wonho would be really confused at first, and as soon as he understood what you were telling him, he would kiss your head and calm you with his sweet words as he helped you get out of the bed, jumping in hapiness. Wonho would be so happy at the idea that he was so close to hold his baby in his arms that he would be smilling the entire time. He would be asking you ALL THE TIME how you were feeling and make sure everything was perfect til you got to the hospital. Once he got there with you and they made him wait as they took you to a different room, he would just sit down, looking at that white boring wall, smiling the entire time, waiting for the big news.

“It’s now? It’s comming? I love you so much, Y/N.” (Jooheon is so excited)

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Minhyuk - Oh c’mon it’s pretty obvious at this time xD this boy would be the loudest. He would want to remain calm (like Shownu) but would fail as soon as you asked him to take you to the hospital, since the baby was ready to greet the world. Minhyuk thought he was ready, he made his research and had everything ready for that moment, but he forgot about his nerves… bags were ready, car gas was ready, but he wasn’t XD. He would be shaking like crazy, worrying about everything, thinking the worst, and would just calm down when he saw you safe and holding in your arms the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

“WHAT? Now? Like… right now? But I thought it would be next week!”

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Kihyun- You would be facetiming you when you told him that you were ready. He would be really calm at first, asking you if you were sure about it, since you have had some false alarms. When you told him you were sure it was it, he would get up instantely and start walking nervously in circles. He would ask you several questions as he grabed his jacket to meet you in the hospital. He would keep a stright face on, but his mind would be on places that it never went before. Thinking how much his life was about to change and how much he wanted it to happen. It was a big surprise, after so much time waiting for this moment, to come like this, without a warning. And you wanna know more? I feel like Kihyun would cry a little when he saw his baby for the first time. (kill me this is so cute)

“This is not a joke is it? I will meet you in the hospital, please be careful!”

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Hyungwon - He would be the happiest about it. Not that the others weren’t happy, but they would be so worried that their happiness wouldn’t show as much as with Hyungwon, who as soon as he the staff told him you were heading to the hospital, got so happy that had to call everyone, telling the news as he made his way to the hospital to meet you there. He would be somehow scared about the whole thing and the changes that would come with the baby, but he was more happy than scared or concearned. Hyungwon just wanted to get there, kiss your forhead and greet the most important thing of his life, that just came to the world. 

*calling his familly* “Yeah it’s comming! I just knew and I am heading to the hospital right now!”

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Jooheon - He would freeze the instant those words left your mouth. He was in the dance practice and got a phone call of yours, saying it was the big day. Jooheon would fall asleep in his thoughts as you called his name several times with no response, and when he got back to earth, he would get up instantly, warning the boys he had to leave, because something big was happening. He would be in a hurry to get to you, and when he did, he would kiss you, showing you his dimples and caressing your belly softly as he took you to the hospital. Jooheon would be mostly nervous about it, but he would be super ready for it. He has been imagining this day since you told him you were pregnant, so he was more than ready and couldn’t wait to see his everything for the first time.

“(…)Yes I am listening, baby! Just stay where you are, I am going to meet you in a second!”

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I.M - He wouldn’t know what to do…laugh? cry? call someone? He would just follow your orders to make sure he wouldn’t mess everything. It seemed like it all happened really fast and that he just knew yesterday about being a daddy. It was all changing too fast. Changkyun wouldn’t belive this was happening to him, that soon there would be a little I.M sleeping next to you two… it was such a perfect thought that it just couldn’t be real. HE WOULD BE SO NERVOUS! He would leave it all to you and do everything that people told him to, but he would just relax when he knew you were safe and the baby was alright. He would find your baby the most beautiful thing and I actually think he would be the sweetest father and would spoil his kid so much xD

“We are having the baby now?!”

(I think I found the perfect gif XD just ignore the camption)

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Pearl/welding is my new Steven Universe OTP, second only to Pearl/space.

  • *a female and male celebrity hang out together one time*
  • Media: Uh oh!1!!!! Do we smell a new romance?!!?
  • *two female celebrities kiss in public and literally grab each others boobs*
  • Media: Aw! They're such good friends!

Since we’ve been a couple on the show for some time, do you think that our comfort level is good or that it needs work? Oh, shut up. See? That’s me being comfortable.