everything is heartbreaking and beautiful


A stunning new westallen vid by the lovely @idontownemotion

Watch it if you haven’t. It will literally shake your world.


I can’t stop thinking about her. You know when you meet someone, and you get that flutter, that rush? And it feels like you know them and they know you, and you think to yourself, “I could stare at this person’s face forever”?

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Danny and Ryan smashed it tonight! Out of the park! How utterly amazing they both are! I don't know why any of us worry about anything because I swear they just kill it everytime!

Danny and Ryan were sensational! You literally felt everything they were feeling. It was so intense and raw and heartbreaking and beautiful. Both of them were outstanding. I cannot believe how lucky we are to have Ryan and Danny. Robron just wouldn’t be the same without them.

They killed every single scene and they killed us as well!! Brilliant performances!!

  • People tell you "stop being so dramatic and get over it." Don't listen to them. You have the right to feel how you feel. Don't let people tell you that you're not allowed to be upset about things.

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Quinn totally looks like Franny's dad in that 6.04 breakfast picture. Looks like it's her mug he's holding. Aww. We'll cherish these scenes like we cherish those happy moments in 4.12 because surely everything will be bleak. But even in heartbreak there's beauty (like 'I'm waiting for you' or the glass scene in 5.10) so maybe there're still powerful moments ahead of us.

He is totally the closest thing to a father figure Franny will have. Carrie might have been with Yawnas for a while but his relationship with Franny was so insignificant, the writers barely let him share screen time with her, and we never saw them interact properly. We already know of at least two Franny and Quinn scenes, and there are probably more to come. The writers are really giving us some amazing stuff, even if it will be ripped from us soon. We should definitely enjoy these moments of family happiness!

Without you, I never would have become who I am today… I hate you for that.
—  Momoinparadise
everything about him is beautiful from the way he blinks extra fast when he’s around you and the way he leans in so close to you it looks like he might fall but the only falling he’s gonna do is straight into you and he’s gonna collide into you like meteors into earths ground and he’s gonna leave marks on your heart like its nothing but solid ground and he’s gonna apologize for imprinting your heart but you’re not gonna be sorry at all because you’d let him tattoo his name all over you so the world would know that you are his because he’s all yours and somehow you got lucky enough to be all his. and it’s amazing how love works because I mean he loves you a lot, I can see it in the way he looks at you and it’s gonna be such a fairy tail that you’ll be sure to swoon and I promise you that he’ll text you “I love you” every night and he’ll always win those “I love you more” fights and he’s always gonna be there for you so please let him collide into you and I’ll make a wish on him because he’s the brightest star collapsing into a complex world like you and I’ll wish it all works out because all I want is him to be happy and I’ve never seen him as happy as he is when he’s with you.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write // ig writingmyself
Everything is more strikingly beautiful when it is temporary. Is that why I fooled myself into loving you?
—  M.C.E, We were always destined to end up here
You can go back to Season 3, or you can go back to Season 1 and watch and you might pick up on it. Not a lot of people are gonna be concerned about who A is, it’s about why A is. And it’s so heartbreaking, tragically beautiful and sad. And it explains everything and people are going to be throttled by it because it’s a bigger storyline than you can imagine.
—  Keegan Allen on the A reveal [X]

Thomas: You’re not a victim. Don’t let them make you into one.
Edward: You know when you talk like that, I almost believe you.
Thomas: Well you should believe me. All my life they’re pushed me around, just cause I’m different.
Edward: How? Why are you different?
Thomas: Never mind. Look, I don’t know if you’re going to see again or not. But I do know that you have to fight back.


Margaret Hale: It offends me that you should speak to me as if it were your duty to rescue my reputation!
John Thornton: I spoke to you about my feelings because I love you! I had no thought for your reputation.
Margaret Hale: You think that because you are rich and my father is in reduced circumstances, that you can have me for your possession. Well, I suppose I should expect no less from someone in trade!
John Thornton: I don’t want to possess you! I wish to marry you because I love you.
- favourite scenes [4] | North and South (2004)