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Barb will not be forgotten. We’ll make sure there’s some justice for Barb. People get very frustrated, understandably, that the town doesn’t seem to really be dealing with Barb. That stuff is all happening, we’re just not spending any screen time on it. It’s not like her parents are like ‘Oh, Barb left.  She died!’ Season 1 actually takes place over the course of six or seven days - it’s a really short period of time. So part of what we want to do in the hypothetical Season 2 is to explore the repercussions of everything that happened. Everything was left a bit of a mess in that there’s a little bit of clean-up to be done. It was so messy that it’s impossible to completely clean that up so a lot of it bubbles to the surface in Season 2.
Okay here’s the thing

If you’re writing drama in a story and it can be solved easily if the characters just sit down and talk to each other, you’re not writing good drama and you are going to annoy your readers more than anything.

It’s fine if miscommunication happens. Happens all the time in real life. But don’t make that your plot or the most important thing going on in your book and pad it out for 300 pages as that’s boring and frustrating. 

Good, heartfelt drama comes from actual disagreement based on morals, from someone doing something bad and maybe not regretting it, hurting someone, making a huge mistake, saying something that can’t be taken back. And the list goes on. Something that can’t be healed in a single conversation or revelation. 

If the main drama to your story can be healed within a few pages at the end of your book because your characters finally sat down and talked to each other, you need to go back and do some editing. 


I didn’t achive the grades I needed to get into my first choice university. I was absolutely heartbroken because I’d worked as hard as I possibly could, gave it my all, and it still wasn’t enough. I had spent the last two years dreaming about achieving the best grades I could and going off to study clinical psychology at Exeter on the best course in the country. I pretty much put everything (including relationships and my health) on hold to study so I could get into my first choice. But unfortunately now that’s not going to happen.

I’ve taken some time to think about it and maybe that’s okay. Of course I’m still devastated but considering how hard I had to push myself at A level just to try to get onto that course perhaps it would have been too much for me anyway. So for now I accept that the chance to study at my first choice is gone, but the chance to study and eventually practice as a clinical psychologist is not.

So if anyone is studying at Anglia Ruskin in September let me know x

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Mark joking about this doesnt lighten the mood for me. I read his tweets and felt as if my worry and fear for tyler weren't valid and as if my distress was up to be made fun of. There are times and places for humor this wasnt one of them

You’re completely justified in being worried and upset, everyone is upset about what happened tonight and it is most definitely not okay how the crowd treated Tyler in the pit. But having said that Tyler has literally liked all the joke tweets on Twitter, he’s completely fine with them Mark is trying to make light of the situation to stop people worrying unnecessarily.  

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i really think taehyung and jungkook didn't notice the recording camera and when taehyung did, he decided to ask jungkook what is he doing there. and is it just me, but taekook moments would happen in the most random times. it's like they'd get all touchy when they think no one is looking. LIKE WHEN TAE KISSED KOOKIE'S ARM AND DO YOU REMEMBER THAT MOMENT WHEN TAE KISSED JUNGKOOK'S EAR? i think he thought they would cut the scene out during editing.

They are so natural and spontaneous. I feel very blessed to be able to see their relationship :’)

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I liked how chul said your husband is like a cheap man, how can he do that to his wife etc. it makes me feel like he knows it wasn't the best decision and there were consequences that he couldn't foresee. It shows that he knows he will be a better husband for yeon joo and possibly feels bad for letting her grieve and suffer like that

I think, our boy has had a month to think about everything. He’s reread the comic a million times, sat alone thinking about what to do. If there’s a way out of this current mess, and with all that time he realised that he needs to do better. To be better. Not only for Yeon Joo but in general. Because he’s seen what his mistakes have done, and I don’t think he wants a repeat of it. You know? 

Which TBH is exactly what I was hoping for. I needed to see Chul face the consequences of his decision to reset the comic, which is exactly whats happening now. He’s seeing the mistakes he made before, what his decision to reset the comic has meant. And now he wants to work with Yeon Joo to fix it. He wants to fight together with her this time, and my hope is he doesn’t do any self sacrificing any time soon. I hope. Because I really need to see Chul fight and raise hell to stay alive and stay at Yeon Joo’s side because he loves her. I don’t want this nonsense about them being a part because he has to sacrifice himself. I want to see Chul be selfish and protect Yeon Joo at all costs. Because he damn well deserves to be selfish right now after everything he’s been put through. 

And I agree that he feels bad for the suffering Yeon Joo had to go through now that he knows, which is why he was taking the time to do all these romantic things for her. Because it wasn’t just for “hints” or to be able to bring up comic and his self awareness more smoothly, but it was also just because. She saved his life even when he only saw her as a thief and a stranger, and many times before then. She loved him and understood him when no one else did, and I think he understands that much. So he’s sweet and kind and wants to get her back, get his memories back. Because this is the woman who fought like hell for him just to be alive, and fought equally hard, sacrificed, to give him the happy ending he so desperately craves.

NEVER THE SAME {part 3; Hobi}

I could see everything happening. I had been running out the door, my entire life was a spectacle of me being late, but as I ran to the office, I noticed something out of the ordinary. There was this guy, lurking in the shadows, he had his head down and his hoodie up, it was a simple gesture, but enough to make me think ahead. I tried to act as normal as possible, but also keep a sense of where he was at all times. Then as I passed him, he left the shadows and began following me. Everything seemed to make sense. This wasn’t going to be a good morning for me. A culmination of actions put me in this spot. I admonished myself as I tried to keep my emotions in check. I should have gotten up earlier or left with Hobi. Then it all happened. The guy acting shady, him wielding a knife, the woman screaming, turning my head, then pain. I gripped my purse as I looked into his eyes. The man looked terrified. He didn’t mean to stab me, he was scared. I fell to the ground. 

I woke up from the same memory. I scolded myself for the nth time, when I heard voices. Hobi’s interrogation voice rang through the empty room. I asked when she would be released. Why is no one answering me? From the hesitation of the nurses, I could sense they were intimidated. Hobi had a certain fearful air when he wanted, but instead of letting the nurses piss themselves, I cleared my throat and groaned. His tone immediately changed as he came over to my side. Hey, how are you feeling? I opened my eyes to him being simply centimeters away. His gaze full of tenderness and I could see the nurses behind him visibly relax. 

I’m fine, just trying to get up. What are you doing here so early? I looked at the clock. 6am. Eh, I thought I would see how you were doing. Are you feeling alright, do you need help sitting up? He continued to ask questions as I hoisted my body up with my arms. Hey, bee, can you stop asking so many questions? I’m getting a headache. 

Hobi stopped and smiled. It had been a while since you used his childhood nickname. His fighting skills stung like a bee. He had asked you to stop calling him that when he got older, but for some reason, he felt a surge of emotion when he heard the simple nickname. Looking at you, he saw someone completely different than the little girl that used to hide behind her dad when she saw him. He saw someone who was strong and independent, someone he always wanted to protect. 

The hospital released you later on that day with some strict guidelines. Bed rest, bandage changing, low levels of stress. Ugh. Hobi looked over from the driver’s seat as you flipped through the stack of paperwork that the doctor had given you. What’s up, kiddo? … They don’t get that I’m a mob boss. I can’t just sit in bed all day and be completely relaxed. Hobi snickered. It was weird thinking of you as the boss, but you were and you were pissed that you couldn’t be sitting behind your desk. Well Jin said he’ll pick up a lot of the work, you got me and the rest of the guys to lean on, so just let us be there for you. … Thank god for you and Jin. … Why us two? … Could you really see me leaving the reigns to Jimin, Tae, and Kook? The entire club would fall apart in a matter of days. Hobi let out a hearty laugh as you giggled next to him. The two of you were able to speak candidly as if no years of distance had come between you, but Hobi saw a bit of hesitation in your eyes. 

I wanted to believe that me and Hobi would be great friends. That we would be able to move past all the years of not talking, of avoiding the obvious, but sometimes there will always be a barrier. I looked out the window as we sped down the highway. These moments would fly away, Hobi will go back to closing himself off, we can never be the same. 

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What is the worst thing thats happened to you in the sugar bowl?

One time a POT wanted to buy nudes from me and everything was going smoothly, he sent the money to my paypal and I sent him the nudes. After I sent them he told me he wanted one of my ass and I told him he could pay for one. He freaked out saying he wanted one all along and I was scamming him. When I refused to send one for free he told me he was going to post the ones I already sent on Facebook and porn sites if I didn’t send one of my ass. Of course I don’t use my real name and my face wasn’t in the nudes so it didn’t really matter even if he did, but it was such a disgusting thing for him to do. I never replied and he messaged me a few more times, but I haven’t heard from him since. This is just yet another instance where it’s very important to keep your personal information private and protect yourself from these horrible men.

So I’ve seen a lot going around about Tom leaving the fandom and everything and like

I’m sorry it happened?? Like, it never should have gotten to that point. Harassing people is literally so shitty I don’t understand how or why people would do it.

But at the same time Tom had already left. He had made that clear as soon as the End came out. His involvement in Eddsworld was over with. He had other things he wanted to do. So I’m not surprised this happened because one way or another, he was moving on. 

So I guess all I can say is I’m still here? I still enjoy Eddsworld and I’m still going to finish my fic. My focuses may shift to things that are more active if this proves to be the death of the community but I’m not going to stop until at least Forget-Me-Not is done. 

in my humble onion as someone who suffers from anxiety due to being very sensitive, i think social media pushes you to feel something about everything and people chastise you if you’re not mad about whatever the flavor of the week is. for my own mental health i cannot push myself to feel mad about everything that happens with celebrities or whatever like … i have my own real life to deal with i don’t come on here to be mad all the time

Listing Bias Tag

Finally doing this xD

I was tagged by the lovely @coup-d-etat ! Thank you so much, darling! I enjoyed this too much <3 

I actually did a similar tag exactly a year ago. (x) I am surprised by how much it has actually changed :3 Okay soo here we go… 

List 10 favorite characters/biases (one per series/fandoms) and tag 10 people. 

1. Park Chanyeol (EXO) - this one still on top … I just .. cannot he is my world, my soul, my everything

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2. Kim Taehying (BTS) - okay idk what happened how he got here, but considering that he was the reason I got into kpop…..it was all foreshadowed look at this little bun I am so overwhelmed

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3. Zelo (B.A.P) - there was time when he was on top for a while….I am giving him this one….. after the concert in Milan I cannot stop thinking abut his Pillowtalk performance

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4. Lay/Yixing (EXO) - this little bun climbed so much my bias list in the last month I am still crushed

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5. Kim Namjoon (BTS) - he has always been so high on my bias list - we are just too similar and I just …. he is my brother from another eomma

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6. CL - she is my guilty love queen

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she is breathtaking

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7. Hwasa (Mamamoo) - she is too awesome for this world, please support her and love her QUEEN

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8. Minho (Shinee) - ultimate husband material 

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9. The rest of the Beagle Line (Baekhyun, Chen - EXO) - okay tbh the whole exo but since I have to put only one  .. here I put two :):):):):):):):)

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10. The rest of the Maknae Line (Jimin, Jungkook - BTS) - same place as the beagle line and the rest of bts and exo  you could see me struggling, this is what happens when you make me choose between all of the buns I am in so much pain

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you might think that they are cool but actually … 

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In your opinion Juvia is really dead? Because I'm reading a lot of comments from people who think Juvia will come back to life, but it is possible that Mashima will do the same thing he did with Gajeel, after a few chapters? It seems to me impossible that in the same arc and a short distance of chapters Mashima repeat himself

Yeah I haven’t even seen how Juvia will look like in the spoilers when she “dies” but I have full faith that she’ll come back to life. She’ll be fine guys! 

Mashima’s probably gonna make Juvia die like Gajeel did to force the so-called “romantic” feelings to “awaken.” Like before Gajeel dying, we never really got a clear statement whether Gajeel felt the same for Levy as she did for him. It’s the fastest way tbh, after all this time Mashima’s been “delaying” for it to happen.

I always knew Gruvia was the kind of ship that needed someone dying before everything’s laid out in the open.Ever since that balcony scene when he said he’d “give her an answer.” He would be forced to give it even before his mission to defeat E.N.D.

Besides, it happened in the GMG arc, remember? Well that was needed so that Lyon sees how much Juvia loves Gray, I guess.

It does seem impossible for him to do that again, but at the same time not really? Mira was almost implied death but she also turned out fine after a few chapters of Gajeel dying. And the Spriggans also revived themselves in the same arc. 

So one more incident of a fake character death doesn’t sound THAT impossible for Mashima to do.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles: Lizzie Borden [ENTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Lizzie handles every major crisis with calm detachment and swift action, guaranteed to produce a desired result – it just so happens that a lot of these methods include murder. She has rational explanations for everything. Her calculated murder of her father and stepmother shows methodical planning, down to the smallest detail. She reasons that her brother’s death, coinciding with the man’s death who is threatening their inheritance, will throw the police off her trail – and it does. When a maid stabs someone who was trying to rape her, Lizzie knows it will bring publicity down on them all, at an inconvenient time – so she just finishes the job.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She foresaw the outcome she wanted (parents dead, she and her sister inherit) and went for it, leaving nothing and no one standing in her way. Lizzie reads people quickly. She sees potential in a former prostitute, and starts training and breaking her in useful ways. Lizzie has a semi-idealistic and unrealistic view of her place in society (she believes people will accept her, and want to be around her, despite her terrible reputation). But she can also accurately predict things. Lizzie refuses to settle for anything less than what she wants…

Extroverted Sensing (Se): … and she wants all the best things life has to offer.  She isn’t happy unless she is throwing the biggest party, in the most expensive house, wearing the finest dress, and brushing shoulders with New York’s most elite stars. Lizzie is also quick to react; she doesn’t hesitate to snatch up a shovel and knock a man out to save a prostitute from being harmed; she is aggressive in her murder methods, often enjoying getting her hands dirty (she literally hacks people to death with an ax, or stabs them with pitchforks, plies them with drink, wraps a noose around their neck, and shoves them from haylofts; she uses seduction to get close enough to stab them with hairpins, etc).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Though Lizzie enjoys notoriety, she has zero interest in anyone’s feelings or wishes outside her own. Her sister is sometimes shocked at the callous, unfeeling remarks Lizzie makes, in public and in private. Her hidden true emotions make her hard to read, and scary to those around her. Yet, on occasion, she makes curious emotional connections to someone she identifies with … but it doesn’t stop her from betraying or harming them, if they don’t do what she wants. Lizzie becomes annoyed by others’ emotional outbursts, and prioritizes remaining calm at all times.

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tfw when you kiss a girl and there's no spark and you think you're a Fake Gay for not feeling anything

it might be because u dont like that one girl. that’s what happened to me the 1st time was with a girl and after that i wondered if i even liked girls lmao. but then i realized that it was bc i didnt like her at all (plus she was my best friend so it was extra weird for me). so i think maybe that’s what’s happening to u?

It All Happened So Fast

I want to fight for you. Everything about you makes me want to keep you safe. The first time you kissed me and when you told me you loved me back still stick to my memory like glue.

I can’t help but turn to memories of you and I. Moments where you were all mine. In various stages of undress. Hesitation melting away as lust took over completely.

I’ve never felt like this before. Is it just me or do we need to get out of here? Go back to my place and get into a little trouble? I’ll strip for you, if you’ll dance for me. Take it all off and give me a show. 

I don’t mean to offend. It’s just, you’re so beautiful and it’s making me go a bit crazy. And your lips… they’re just so kissable. Kiss me. Everywhere. Let’s take time and get to know each other on an intimate and passionate level.

What I want most right now is the feeling of your body on top of mine. I’ll lay back and watch as you go to work. You’re exactly what I want. What I need. You’ve got my attention, there isn’t another soul in this world right now besides yours and mine.

Don’t think I won’t return the favor. Your body will be treated like the precious entity it is. Let me give you everything you’ve been craving. You know I’ll take my time, making sure that you’re beyond satisfied.

When we’re together I feel my heart doing jumping jacks. Everything about you just makes me feel like I’ve found the one. Is that too much? Maybe I should keep this to myself.

I could see myself spending my life with you. I don’t think you understand. I’m sure I’d do anything you asked me to. You’re what I’ve always been dreaming of. My love for you can’t quite be articulated with words alone. I guess I’ll just have to show you.

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Hey Babe How are you!! You realize that you and Liz must talk with each other after you save her and Agnes. Do you ever trust her again even what she did to you. Is you're love for her strong enough to forgive her?

I can forgive Elizabeth. But forgetting? I don’t know about that. Pain can blind us all.

Trust is a difficult thing to determine. As flawed creatures we often trust the wrong people time and time again, or fail to trust those who have our best interests at heart. Considering trust is everything it’s never without it’s risks, and never without it’s mistakes.

I don’t know if I can trust Elizabeth again, just as I don’t know if I can trust @askmisterkaplan again. That will come with time and the opportunity to really focus on what has happened, the reasons why, and it’s repercussions.

me and my boyfriend are visiting the zoo. its the gorilla exhibit. we are having a jolly time, but thats when i see him. i accidentally make eye contact with the alpha gorilla and he takes it as a challenge. he comes up to me, determined. i feel a twinge of fear for the first time in a long time. he balls up a fist full of his own dung, prepared. he throws it at me. im screaming. my boyfriend and i jump up, trying to find cover in the sudden assault of flying gorilla shit. it’s all over me. it’s in my eyes and my mouth. im crying. the gorrilla does not let up, and his companions have decided to join him in lathering our loving outing in feces. thats when it happens. one good throw lands a heap of dung flat on my face, in my hair, everywhere. everything i see is shit. i can no longer tell where the feces begins and i end. no zoo professionals are helping us. i am screaming, screaming, screaming. as clumps of semi-solid feces fall away from my face, that’s when i notice something strange embedded in the excrement on my face. it’s white, folded. i become quite, stunned, as the barrage of dung continues around me. i unfold the piece of paper. written on the semi-digested, wet scrap, were just a few words.

will you marry me?

i look over at my husband, stunned. he was on one knee, partially smeared in shit, smirking and holding out a ring.

the other previously screaming zoo visitors gasped. i took a closer look around at the lugs around me, flung by gorillas, and found they didn’t resemble gorilla shit at all. in fact, they seemed familiar. the same shit i had seen many times in our bathroom when my boyfriend neglected to flush. 

he smiled wider. i began to sob, flinging myself into his arms. of course, of course, i say. of course i will.

the now audience around us cheers and claps at the beautiful site of true love. even the gorillas are holding each other, tearing up. i love him